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Friday, 04 September 2009 11:21
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3. The Implant

In HCOB 11 April 1982, Sec Checking Implants, LRH describes the different forms of implants. Of one type he states:

"BRAINWASHING: This is the wrong-use term to describe implanting by deprivation and physical and mental duress. It is said to be based on the Pavlov dog experiments (but it was not developed by Pavlov). The theory is that when a victim is subjected to enough punishment, he will forget his former allegiances and can be 're-educated' politically."

In the same reference LRH also talks of another effective method called imposing silence, the “you mustn’t tell” implant and remarks on how damaging it is.

And in Scientology 8-80, when talking of implants, LRH states: "The object was slavery, a compulsion to be good and obedient…"

Now there is no doubt that behavior modification comprised the most major use of implanting by Miscavige but it was not his only use of implants.

How about sudden physical attacks on people, in which he used the element of surprise and followed up with physical blows while screaming commands?

Why do most of the experiences we read on the Internet talk of Miscavige pouncing suddenly, without warning, leaping on someone from across the conference table or flying at them, fists flailing, or hitting them, open palmed across the ear? Why do most observers or recipients of the abuse report the fact that they did not see it coming? The answer: He used the element of surprise to amplify the shock factor and reinforce the intensity of the incident upon his victim.

Why is one of his favorite phrases: “You know what you did wrong. You know what you did.” Or some similar statement said over and over again to the victim who usually has no idea what he’s talking about? Well, my friends, if you want to stick someone in an incident, throw in a big fat mystery, that will stick them in it but good.

And you can’t explain it all away by saying: “Miscavige just got mad.” These were timed and contrived incidents, sometimes elaborately set up, not momentary, spontaneous anger. Miscavige intentionally went at people when they were unawares. And it wasn’t about putting anyone in the hospital, it was all about the control, all about the implant.

And it wasn’t just physical attacks. He used the factors of surprise and mystery to heavy effect when put together with verbal/emotional attacks, intentionally restimulating (means “creating profound mental, spiritual and emotional agitation to”) his victim and using that restim in place of a physical beating. Below is a recent report from a Sea Org executive about an incident that took place in the mid 80s.

"I was alone in my office. It was so quiet I could hear the muffled sounds of traffic and people going about their business beyond the walls and windows as I worked on my reports, alternatively reading and then typing.

"I was deep in thought when the telephone to the outside line rang. I put the receiver to my ear but immediately had to move it away as a screaming, growling, snarling, voice on the other end of the line immediately launched into a string of obscenities so full of hate and loathing for me that even to this day I cannot bring myself to tell anyone the words that were actually used. But what was clear that I can relay, the words were directed at me with total venom and the caller left me in no doubt that he thought me total SP.

"The frothing, fanatical, obscene tirade continued non-stop for something like twenty minutes and included every possible cuss word and profanity, yet suddenly it was over as quickly as it had begun. Without any signal the line clicked dead and I was once again alone in the stillness of my office.

"The caller did not say what prompted the call, what I had done to bring it on or what caused it. But the caller repeatedly asserted that I knew the cause. I did not, and I have spent the last twenty plus years trying to figure it out. Sometimes I wished I could just say “it didn’t happen” or “it was just a bad dream.” But then I remember the unmistakable voice of David Miscavige at the other end of the line, an incredibly senior executive within Scientology and then I tell myself that, sadly, it did happen.

"Apart from writing this report I have only managed to bring myself to tell one person of it, my wife, and that quite some years after the fact and even then I included no details. I felt on a withhold. How was I supposed to explain to anyone that David Miscavige, a leader in Scientology had launched into a twenty minute insane rant against me? They might think me a liar or worse. Besides, maybe it was me, maybe there was something wrong with me that had brought this attack about. And even though I had done nothing wrong I felt I had to withhold it at least until I could figure out why it had occurred – but I never could so I held onto it and said nothing as if, in some weird way, I had committed an offense. I carried it like a burden.

"I thought it was only I who had experienced this type of incident with David Miscavige, until I read reports of similar incidents on the Internet which were in many cases far worse than the one I’d experienced. Only then did I gain some relief in the knowledge that whatever it was that was wrong with David Miscavige, it was not my doing."

Even by telephone Miscavige was able to deliver a devastating effect.

And again this report shows that he has been using these techniques from the start and to punch home my point I refer you to the incident similar to the one above that took place in the van right after Miscavige smashed the public telephone with a tire iron as reported by Gang of 5. That was thirty years ago.

I believe I am justified in thinking that a far greater number of both physical and emotional attacks (attempts to implant) have taken place at the hands of Miscavige than generally thought. Not simply because he has been doing it for thirty years, but because just as with the ex Sea Org executive above, I don’t think everyone has come forward and I believe many incidents took place with few or no witnesses.

And it wasn’t just with Sea Org members and it wasn’t just on men. I personally know of an attack Miscavige made on a female executive of a Class V org, pinning her against a wall while he yelled at her. And I witnessed another incident where Miscavige was rude, aggressive and threatening to a pregnant women which included the mystery sandwich of the unanswerable question just to stick her in the incident. Further, I know of another incident where Miscavige poked a woman so hard with his bony finger in the Int Landlord Office of the Int Base that she fell down. He had to return later and do a contact assist to reduce the pain and injury he caused by physically assaulting this WOMAN.  

So the mathematician in me tells me that if I take the number of incidents I know of, and extrapolated that across thirty years, and thousands of Sea Org members, thousands of staff in other orgs and hundreds upon hundreds of visits, tours and inspections carried out by Miscavige, it all adds up to thousands of these incidents. In other words not just ten or a dozen or fifty spectacularly vicious attacks at Int but a widespread effect upon the sanity of our staff and all the collateral damage that that implies.



+1 # yourfriend 2009-10-13 05:21
Thank you for all you explain here. This is clear to me now. I wondered for a while where was the SP, as I saw strange things happening at Flag, me as a public. I had family in the Sea Org and the way they were abused was totally outside the bounds of Scn Tech. This clears my mind and all makes sense.
+1 # Liana Hathaway 2009-10-15 18:06
Two years ago in Clearwater I was speaking to some fellow Scientologists and commented that there's some suppression going on in the church. I could FEEL it! They said too that they had noticed that people and staff didn't look happy anymore. I've been disconnected and out for a year now and thank you for this site which explains what I was picking up! It all makes total sense now!
-1 # XSO 2009-11-26 12:35
I worked with Cheryl, Arthur (also removed) and Tom at CMO CW. Tom in general was a really good guy and had a lot of respect from his juniors, peers and seniors. That is who DM attacks, people with respect - DM gets no respect, it is only fear. Incidentally - Cheryl and Tom are no longer in the SO, Tom is even in the St. Pete Times.
-1 # L 2009-12-04 18:05
Thank you for this article. I have for some time wondered why the SO didn't rise up and crush this little tyrant. Now I understand.

However, I dispute "It’s a fact that most Scientologists and most staff (including Sea Org) would forgive Miscavige anything, any level of destructiveness, if the purpose of Scientology was being achieved." This is one OT that won't. There is a pond at the Int Base waiting for Miscavige until the end of time. Maybe then, and only after all good beings have been set free, can he apply for readmission to the group.

Clive Rabey D/CO FLAG AO reported via email on 9/26/2009:
5,000 VIIS & VIIIS
Rabey claims 5000, not the 6000 in your article.

+3 # maraofacoma 2009-12-24 04:02
Thank you for this awesome piece of information. I was in scientology for about two years and I could see and feel so much truth in the words of hubbard and even being new i could see it was suppressed.It is so easy to create false stats you can send out 1 billion flyers from peoples donations and say look we have reached all these people the only stats that really matter are how many clears are being created and how many auditors are being made.
# Salvatore Angius 2010-01-05 07:42
After the 4th OTVII ep check I knew that suppression was there all over, that I was not progressing and enjoying my auditing anymore.
That my previous C/S Matteo has disappeared, that my following C/S Mark Campbel got almost blind. That the ep check was weird and getting nowhere. After I left, I realized getting informed on internet that I was right. But anyway I completed OTVII, OTVIII, L11, L12,L10 out of the church, because Scientology works and is to bekept alive.
+3 # Flatjet 2010-03-01 07:13
What do you figure CST's role is?!
I think Miscavige is a puppet as all leaders and presidents are to the NWO.
+2 # haydn 2010-04-13 15:45
CST's role was supposed to be the ultimate in checks and balances with the power to pull RTC's teeth but Miscavige had that all worked out in advance and nullified any overseer function CST had by sheer force and force of personality.

I have no idea if Miscavige is working for anyone else. His destruction is of such an intensity and depth that it could be pure espionage -- he qualifies as an enemy agent under every point of HCO PL Counterespionage.

But in any event, the main target to achieve is his removal.
+1 # Songbird 2010-04-22 23:31
People are easy to manipulate, scare, harass...most people are in a hypnotic state. It takes a BIG being to stand up to a Hitler or a DM. I could tell you many stories of how my children and I stood up to suppression, not just to crazy SO terminals but to insanity in the normal world but I won't go into that now. Unfortunately, people like Hitler and DM know inherently the meaner and crueler you are, the more compliance you get. I even saw it with my own kids, sometimes. I could get instant compliance by being a jerk, but I didn't want to raise them like that...because in the end, they'd just pretend to do what you wanted them to do. I didn't want to raise scared little robots...So, I used the tech to get in comm with them about their considerations, etc. Hey, it WORKED! I ended up with kids who can actually think for themselves, even if they sometimes made the wrong choices at first. I especially love using "You Can Be Right". Works like a freakin' charm!
# Guest 2010-04-26 13:09
here's one thing I've noticed - dianetics was a clear and distinct entity separate from scientology and presumably the main way of dissemination - it was dianetics that "brought me into the fold" and had I known it was scientology I doubt I would've looked into it at any length - certainly not enough to understand it - since I have been on lines I have noticed that that demarkation has been erradicated - something that I believe has contributed massively to the loss of stats or membership - per what I have read LRH never advertised SCN but rather advertised Dianetics as the "before" marketing - once a person became interested they then got the "during" and "after" marketing of SCN - Miscavige has totally removed this tech of dissemination and the front runner out of the gate is now SCN - had LRH considered that a smart move he would've done the same and I don't think he did that
+2 # Me 2010-05-18 03:46
Thoughtful, I have read the references you gave me regarding how DM took over. What happened to Ded, Janadiar, Ingber, Marguies and the others? Are they out?

I know you don't know me and I understand the concept of "loose lips sink ships," but I am hoping you have a great plan to get rid of DM soon!

I have never been an admin person and even though I was on staff in the late 80's for 2 1/2 years, I don't really understand the terms for upper management, really had no interest in learning. For someone like me, this is hard to follow on who is who, like what is CO IXU? I was only doing my internship on staff at that time and wasn't involved with management in the Org.

What really got my attention while I was surfing the web was the data on "Friends of LRH" but it looks like there is not much more going on with that site. I totally understood it because that is where my interest lies, in the tech.

Your site is very informative. Another problem I have with reading some of the articles is that it seems like the writers are writing to ex-SO. So when names come up, it seems like we are to know who these people are, which of course a public has no idea.

But, as a reader will I still get the underlying facts, which of course are very upsetting to find out. DM is more than a sociopath, this is a term I would use for a wog with this type of behavior. For someone who lied his way to the top of Scientology, got rid of anyone he thought would be in his way, destroy Scientology Missions, caved in SO members with gang bang sec checking, destroy case gain and making a cases worst and degrading members of the SO by reading their auditing sessions out loud to other SO members, perverting tech... just to name a few of his deeds, is more than a sociopath.

He's solving a present time problem which hasn't in actual fact existed for the last many trillenia in most cases, and yet he is taking the actions in present time which solve that problem. The guy's totally stuck in present time, that is the whole anatomy of psychosis. (SH Spec 61. 6505C18)

Does this justify his behavior...of course not, he needs to be taken out fast. He is blocking our road out, is that the problem he is trying to solve, how to stop Being from taking the road out? Maybe, or maybe it is more sinister than that.

If someone on your site is interested in writing an article addressed to public Scientologist with buttons that would make one think, please do so and I will take it from there. The buttons would have to be hard hitting. Please make it printable for distributing.

+1 # Friend 2011-02-15 00:02
All this formerly suppressed data, which is now avalanching on to the internet, would seem to indicate that David Miscavige has been working since 1982 or 1983 with no less a purpose than the total destruction of the Church of Scientology.
Whether this is due to influences from outside his own insanity, he is bringing disgrace to the whole subject.
The internet will be his undoing and I commend you on your work. I don't think he'll make it to the end of this year.
But what about the hopes for mankind?

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