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Monday, 20 April 2009 14:05

ANOTHER BEDTIME STORY (Little Dickie Series #7)

(See earlier disclaimers)

Okay, son, tonight I have a few stories for you to choose from:

Could Jonestown be repeated?

Is Scientology the most organized and funded terrorist group in America today?

Was Couch Jumper hood-winked by Little Dickie or is he a bird of the same feather?

Why has church spokeswoman Pat Harney not been allowed to live with her husband (Mike) for the last 5 years and can lying for the church ever help resolve this or should she do what lead spokesman and ex-head of OSA did, leave your spouse, kids, family and everything you have behind and take off to start life over.

Did church officials intentionally work to destroy Lisa Marie Presley's first marriage to Danny Keough as part of a bigger plan to get Michael Jackson into the cult?

Did flushing Isaac Hayes and his career down the toilet actually splash any water on the people at South Park who made fun of poor little Couch Jumper?

They all sound interesting dad and I want to hear each of those stories, but tonight I was hoping you could explain in simple terms how money is brought into Scientology churches around the world.

Wow. Why that story?

Because I just saw the latest strategy video from Anonymous and I was curious about how the church money lines really work.
(Anonymous video link:)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6eNyBrQUKs

That makes sense. I just watched the video too and thought it was excellent. Believe it or not, I have personally participated in obtaining money from thousands of Scientologists over the years and observed what goes into the making of hundreds of millions of dollars for the church.

With this experience, I'll try to describe what actually happens in the world of Scientology on their money-making lines. First of all, let me explain some words and terms, just in case you aren't familiar with them.

Reg - short for registrar, a staff member who has the job of getting money from church members. Example: "Go see the reg."

Reg cycle - 1. verb. The act of getting a Scientologist to pay money to the church. Example: "He was in a reg cycle for 3 hours." 2. adjective. Describes the person as someone who has money and can be gotten to pay. Example: "This guy is a hot reg cycle."

Org - short for organization. That's what a Scientology "church" is called. Example: "They held an event at the org tonight."

SO - short for Sea Organization. These staff members are kind of like what priests and nuns are for the Catholic church. They commit their life to working for the church. They are cared for by the church and given an allowance of $12.50 - $50 per week depending on their status. There are approximately 3,500 members world wide and about 3/4 of these members are in the U.S.A. Example: "He just joined the SO."

Flag - the name for the church in Clearwater Florida which brings in more money and delivers more service than all other churches combined. Also known as "FSO" which stands for Flag Service Organization. Over the last 20 years, this church has had an average income of about $1.75 million per week. Note that there is about another $750,000 per week taken in by other arms of the church working at the Clearwater base that are not officially part of the FSO.

FSM - stands for Field Staff Member. This is actually not a "staff member", but a public Scientologist who brings money into the church for a sales commission. This can be in the form of book sales, sales of courses or counseling, debt collection or raising funds for the never-ending list of straight donation categories (like preserving the technology, books to libraries, new buildings, hiring lawyers and PIs, attacking psychiatry, opening missions, translating materials, etc, etc.). The better FSMs make hundreds of thousands of dollars for themselves a year and the best FSMs make close to a million dollars for themselves a year. Note that when a person pays for a specific service that the church has to deliver like a course, the commission is only paid when the person arrives at Flag. If money is paid as a "straight donation" for something more vague like "the complete annihilation of psychiatry and the pharmaceutical companies" then commissions are paid out within 24 hours of the money being received by the church.

FSC - short for Flag Service Consultant - these are FSO staff members with offices in Scientology orgs around the world. Places like N.Y., L.A., Europe, Africa, ANZO, Canada and Mexico. It's the job of these FSO staff members to get Scientologists in their area to pay for FSO services and arrive at Flag. The small churches where these FSCs operate from are paid money by Flag based on the income and arrivals that come from their local parishioners. This helps prevent the smaller churches from feeling so upset about the fact that their local parishioners and their money is being sucked up by Flag and not going to them.

Flag World Tours - these are three teams of reges that tour the world holding events for Scientologists. Each tour covers a different part of the world. Example EUS and Canada, WUS and Latin America, Europe and ANZO. They arrive in a city and rent a space for the event. They promote the event through mailings, phone and announcements within the local church(es). At the event they show a promotional video that is routinely updated about FSO services and they have a guest speaker from Flag. Their purpose is to create income and arrivals for Flag.

Letter Registrar - a file is kept in alphabetical order of every person who ever bought anything from the church at any time. There are staff who systematically write to each person with the intention of getting them to pay and arrive. A copy of every letter written is kept in the folder as well as the original of any communication received. If the response is by telephone then notes are taken and filed in the folder.

Call In - these are staff members who have the job of calling those public who are fully paid for a service and now need to arrive to do the service. They work full time on scheduling people to arrive.

Big League Sales (BLS) - this is a book of sales techniques written by a very successful used car salesman named Les Dane. This is a sort of "bible" for church sales personnel. When Les was still alive, he used to be paid to give sales workshops at Flag and Scientology reges and FSMs from around the world would attend. The top sales people at Flag literally study and refer to this book on a daily basis.

SCA - stands for "service completion award". When a public completes a course or counseling service they are given back a percentage of what they paid for the service. This rebate is in the form of a check and only the reg can give this check to the public. This ensures that the person goes back to see the registrar so he can be more easily be gotten to pay for additional services.

Promo - short for promotion. There are several promotional actions of the church -- mainly magazines, fliers and letters which are sent out to their mailing list (a list of names and addresses of anyone who has ever bought anything at any time from the church).

FBO - stands for Flag Banking Officer. This is International Management's finance arm on the ground. There is an FBO at each church. All income first goes into the bank account of the FBO and he gives a piece back to the local church and transfers the rest to International Management. (In this way, it's not the big church trying to get its piece from the smaller churches, its the smaller churches trying to get their piece from the big church.)

RTC - stands for Religious Technology Center. This is Little Dickie's parasitic cult within the cult. Like a cancer, it feeds on the energy and strength of the host while it destroys and replaces that which existed with its own mutated structure and function. While it dominates and grows at first, it eventually kills the host if not removed in time and thus itself, dies. Like cancer cells, it lacks the ability to create anything useful or pro-survival.

These definitions are very clear, daddy.

Good. So here is an outline of how it works. I will use Flag in this example. (Note that while all churches rely on donations to some degree in order to survive, you will soon see that Scientology is not a "normal" church.)

You have a large network of FSMs, FSCs, Call-In staff members and Letter Reges working to collect money and schedule public to arrive at Flag.

All "confirmed arrivals" are put on a scheduling board and tracked. Staff are assigned to this function and if the "arrival" does not already have plane reservations then this person will assist them in getting the best price on their airfare and will help them make their reservations. Once the person has paid for their airfare it is harder for them to back out. The FSM is concurrently doing their part to ensure their selectee arrives as they want their commission. The FSM is also feeding personal and finance information regarding their selectee in the hopes that it will help the FSO get more money from the person and thus increase their commission.

At the start of each week, an "arrivals sheet" is printed, listing day by day who will be arriving. This gives prediction to the registrars, the people who pay commissions, the staff who will deliver the expected service, etc.

There is a group of about 10 FSO registrars who have offices at the Clearwater church itself and their main concentration is collecting money from "on board" public. Most of these reges have done the same job for over 20 years and they bring in 2/3rds of the FSO income. Once a public is assigned to a specific reg, it is permanent. The same reg keeps a file on this person in their computer and in some cases an index file.

The arrivals sheet is passed around to the reges and they mark which of the public are theirs from earlier arrivals. This leaves unassigned "new arrivals". The reges have a meeting, which is run by the Director of Registration, to assign a reg to these new arrivals. Each reg is assigned a new arrival in turn. Intelligence data has been gathered on each new arrival concerning their personal finances, problems in life, which of the 5 buyer types they are as laid out in BLS, etc. They are assigned to the reg who is most likely to get the most money from that arrival. Example, let's say the buyer type is an "unattached female" named Miss X. This means that she doesn't have a husband or strong male guiding her and therefore per BLS, she is more likely to listen to a male who she can trust the advice of. The Dir Reg will assign her to an appropriate male reg.

Miss X arrives and is put on a routing form that dictates exactly which terminals she sees and in which order. Realize that there are reges from many other units that have offices at the FSO are but are not part of the FSO -- reges that want "direct donations" as mentioned earlier. They are all anxious to get their shot at Miss X (knowing the average new arrival will donate $50,000 before they leave) but they are not allowed to approach Miss X until the FSO reges have gotten what they could on the arrival line and Miss X has started on service. Miss X thinks she's arriving to the friendliest place in the world where people care for her, yet she will only get as much care and attention as her bank account warrants. Miss X doesn't know it yet but she can best be compared to a piece of meat being moved through a tank of piranha that have a pecking order.

The reg greets Miss X on the way in and establishes some trust. She then gets routed to the technical division (which delivers counseling for $400 - $800 per hour) where she is interviewed and tested to determine what she will need by a "technical expert". Miss X doesn't know it but her reg already determined and wrote up what she will need based on what service the reg thinks she will buy and the amount of money the reg thinks can be gotten. In this case, Miss X has just gotten divorced for the second time and is very upset about failed relationships and she also had a homosexual experience as a teenager. She is told her aberrations can be handled but she'll have to pay another $25,000 for counseling to even start.

Miss X gets routed to the reg and is all upset. She has come all this way and there is no way she can come up with another $25,000. The reg shows her success stories from others who have handled similar problems to hers. She is gotten to talk about her past failed relationships and she starts crying and is convinced she will have a failed life if this isn't handled now. Miss X says all her credit cards are maxed out but agrees that she would use them if they weren't. The reg asks for the cards and proceeds to call the credit card companies and get the limits increased, much to the amazement (or horror) of Miss X. Miss X is given an invoice and routed back to the technical division to begin service. The other reg units now have the green light. Realize also that each reg office has hidden microphones so that the head reg can listen in and take action if the reg is failing to get the additional money.

When a reg makes income he enters it into the log book of the head reg who uses it to monitor total sales. In the book one enters the public's name, the amount they paid and the initials of the reg. The reg knows that when everyone is out of the office for dinner other reg units might sneak in and look in the log book to see who is making big payments for ideas on who they should focus in on. The reg thinks that after a few days he might be able to get more from Miss X so he wants to throw the other units off the scent, so he logs Miss X as "Miss W" instead.

There are tons of sales tricks and acts of coordinated manipulation happening behind the scenes but the end result is that when Miss X leaves Flag, her new problem in life may well be her finances. She could have a second mortgage, an empty retirement fund and bad dreams about credit cards.

Wow. It really sounds like this church is geared and focused on getting the maximum amount of money from its parishioners.

Yeah, and that's never been more true than today. Let's take our FSO example. For almost 20 years the Captain of FSO was a woman named Debbie. Before becoming the Captain, she was one of the orgs best counselors (called auditors) and course supervisors. Before Debbie, a man named Ron Norton was the Captain and he had a similar technical background. It would make sense that the person running an organization whose two products are training and auditing would themselves be trained in these things. This all changed recently when a man named Harvey was made the Captain of FSO. Harvey has been a top church reg for almost 30 years. His specialty is large donations for things the church does not have to deliver. The only thing the public gets out of it is acts of recognition and status and the idea that they helped a good cause (whether true or not). In recent years Harvey has been the head reg for FSO. The founder of the "church" wrote that the essence of salesmanship is pressure not PR. Harvey has always exemplified this. To show you the current mind set of the church, Harvey has been made the Captain of the FSO. He doesn't need to know the technical end of things as a handful of RTC staff are running those lines directly even though corporately that isn't supposed to be happening.

Not surprisingly, every staff member in the FSO has been drilling how to sell things and are chanting the essence of salesmanship. Teams of 5 (made up of staff and public) have been getting sent out to the homes of public to pressure them to make donations. If the public person does not pay the first team of 5 there is likely to be another team of 5 showing up an hour later. Public are reporting these teams of 5 coming to their homes as late as 10:30 PM and when the door isn't answered they walk around the house knocking on windows. This is not an exaggeration. Remember the chant - PRESSURE is the essence of salesmanship.

While it is true that many public are paying in an effort to get the dogs called off, it is also true that many public who moved to Clearwater to be close to the church are now working on moving back away from it.

I guess you could say that the piranha have been training the other fish and they have broken out of their tank. It's desperate actions being taken in desperate times to get enough red meat and blood.

After a reg collects all that money from their parishioners, where does the money go next?

Here's a simple, rough concept of what happens to $2 million weekly FSO income:

$300,000 goes back to FSO for operating expenses.

$900,000 goes directly to the mother church. A lot of this will go toward legal and PI (Private Investigator) expenses, international events promoting Little Dickie and his made up accomplishments and Little Dickie pet projects where he will waste HUGE amounts of money in some sort of insane expression of self importance and power, (which deserves its own story).

$200,000 goes out in refund requests made by public who want their money back even though it means disconnection from other church members.

$250,000 is paid out in commissions and SCAs (rebates).

$200,000 goes into a local account for legal emergencies like the Lisa McPherson trial which completely emptied this account a few years ago

$150,000 payments for royalties, trademark use, the use of training films, etc.

And here is a rough outline on what the FSO does with the $300,000 the FBO transfered back to them to survive on:

$150,000 - used for the printing and mailing of promotion

$32,000 - staff allowance/pay for 800 staff. The staff will use 90% of this for hygiene items, food, drinks, cigarettes and uniform parts

$38,000 - funding for recruit and money making tours (includes hall rentals)

$15,000 - phone costs for sales and call in (arrivals)

$25,000 - medical

$10,000 - immigration handling expenses

$5,000 - the handling of staff who go nuts or otherwise need to be shipped out

$5,000 - security equipment. You can never have too many cameras and hidden microphones

$15,000 - course materials, getting their e-meters certified, etc.

$5,000 - misc things like paper and ink for printing internal issues, mailing out account statements to public, etc.

Boy, that money sure disappears fast. It's amazing that the FSO is only given back about 15% of the gross income to operate with.

Yes, and here's the bad news. In the example I just gave you, the FSO took in $2 million dollars for named services they are supposed to deliver to their public. At the same time they only delivered services valued at $1.5 million. That means that they have a liability remaining of $500,000 except now all the money is gone. This happens week after week and year after year and this liability now amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars. This situation is unique for a "church". Public can ask for their money back if they haven't been given the service they paid for. Of course if you ask for your money back you are kicked out of the church and face disconnection from family and friends. To make matters worse, over $100 million dollars has been taken in by the church in the last 20 years for services (Super Power, OT 9 & 10) that haven't even been developed or released. Lucky for the church, after filing 2,500 law suits against the IRS and individual agents, infiltrating and stealing documents from the IRS, using PIs to dig into the private lives of IRS agents and many other dirty tricks, the "church" was finally given tax exemption. Not only that but the religious schooling of Scientology children is tax deductible which is not true for any other religion who thought they had constitutional rights.

It's hard to imagine that an organization that has 3,500 SO members who are willing to work 80+ hours a week for less than $50 could have money problems.

It all started when Little Dickie took over. Take an asthmatic, psychopath, alcoholic, high school drop-out with a little man complex and make him the absolute dictator of any large and viable company and it WILL eventually fail. To try to make up for their dire financial situation, the church has developed all kinds of things for its public to simply hand over donations for which don't require any service to be exchanged. This concept did not exist before Little Dickie. It fits the definition of a "criminal", which is trying to get something for nothing. The international events that Little Dickie puts on every few months are used to promote himself and to make the public think that their direct donations are being used as intended and are creating huge positive effects in society. I can tell you another whole story on the specifics of this, but that's for another day. There is also going to be a book put out soon describing all the corporate mumbo-jumbo set up to hide the big bucks. This story is only intended to outline the basic inflow of funds.

Dad, what's up with Little Dickie chasing around millionaires?

First of all it helps camouflage his own incompetence and makes people like him feel important when they can tag around with someone "rich and famous".

From a financial viewpoint, realize that you have the church in Clearwater making a few million per week. If you take the remaining SO churches world wide, they make about a million dollars combined on a good week. They have severe financial problems and are lucky to send $400,000 to management a week. Then take all the rest of the churches in the world and they are lucky to average a gross weekly income of $4,000 with a few hundred dollars from each going to management. These small orgs have been in even deeper financial trouble with churches routinely closing. Many cities that had 2 or 3 churches now have 1 or none. Okay take 40 small churches with all their time-consuming problems and they send $50,000 combined in a week to management. This is roughly $2.5 million a year for all that headache. Not very viable. It's a lot more viable and fun to go chase down some millionaires who will donate 5 or even 10 million dollars each a year for a hand shake, some applause and a metal or pin. It's not a matter of saving the planet and all the poor suffering people... it's where's the BIG, FAT, EASY MONEY - that's what we're talking about!

Wow, now I understand why the strategy Anonymous laid out is so important.

Honestly, seeing what Anonymous and the people who support it have been able to accomplish gives me hope for the future of man. I think it's a new age in history when good people around the world can communicate quickly and freely and create peaceful change. They're what real criminals and creators of evil call "terrorists" because Anonymous is putting terror in their black hearts. Look at what the controlled mouth pieces of Scientology are screaming while lying through their teeth about not practicing "disconnection" and the destroying of families. I think it is vital to expose the truth about Scientology internationally as a public service in order to minimize the number of people victimized. Scientology is already a sinking ship and by slowing down the inflow of new staff and paying public it will go down that much faster.

Yeah and now I have a much better idea of how their money machine actually works.

Glad I could shed some light on the matter. Good night, son. I love you.

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