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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 16:23

As covered in articles in this website and others, Hubbard FORBADE the solicitation of direct donations. Our writers have exposed the reasons why David Miscavige intentionally set up entitles directed to bypass the normal principles of exchange, and seeking straight nonrefundable donations from parishioners instead of paying for books, training and processing which since 1950 has always been 100% refundable. 

Like a crack junkie, Miscavige can't get enough of that FREE money -- money he has squandered and utterly wasted to the tune of $300 or $400 MILLION. The IAS, the "Super Power Project," and "Ideal Orgs" not to mention 10% tithes from Scientologist-owned businesses for which WISE delivers virtually zero exchange, and many more such arrangements that have flourished under the dirty hands of David Miscavige... such are utterly illegal and degrade the reputation of Scientology.

LRH finance policy tells Scientologists never to go into debt to purchase anything. In the early 1980s, membership in the Church cost a mere pittance. Why? Because Hubbard wanted Scientologists to use their resources to get themselves and their families up The Bridge. The point wasn't to achieve a "status" it was to achieve higher levels of spiritual freedom and wisdom. And if you can show me some parasite who has corrupted and perverted even that lofty purpose, then I can show you the classic example of TOTAL FAILURE.  

The purpose of organizations was to sell and deliver materials and service and to get in people to sell and deliver to.

What should be done with the money which has been collected so far, provided Miscavige doesn't burn it all before he is caught and sent to jail?

What should we do about the illegal practices of bilking Scientologists for free money in the absence of any exchange?

-- Written by Thoughtful

Freedom of Knowledge PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Tuesday, 29 September 2009 15:32

The world has changed drastically since the 1990s and one big reason for that is freedom of information. You are reading this now directly because people decided to make information free. No one would really argue that the world has not benefited from the achievement.

As a comparative, Tesla wanted to make energy free to everyone. He had the technology to do it. Edison wanted to meter it out and sell it for money. And so you set the thermostat to shave money off that monthly electricity bill. Where would we be today, however, if a century ago unlimited energy would have been available to everyone for free?

Today we stand at a crossroads in history. Scientology is comprised of profound yet practical discoveries which would benefit all mankind. The original genus of Scientology was as an answer to genocide and the possible annihilation of the human race by his own hands. Now indeed there are a number of environmental threats any of which could change life as we know it on earth as swiftly as nuclear war: global warming, asteroid or comet impact, the return of an ice ages, super volcanoes as Yellowstone, pollution, pandemics.

If the purpose of Scientology is to put the tools for better living into the hands of anyone who wants them, and if there is even a slight chance that our days on earth are potentially numbered, then WHY are we hording the technology?

In 1989 I had global responsibility for marketing Dianetics worldwide. I found that the price of the Dianetics book in many nations was above the average wage-earner's monthly income. When I tried to change this, to make books affordable to people all over the world, I ran directly into David Miscavige who forbade any consideration. It was hard to accept at the time that anyone calling himself a Scientologist could be so utterly devoid of care for his fellowman, but in retrospect the facts of the case are as clear as a knife in the back: David Miscavige didn't care what happened to some father down in São Paulo trying to save his daughter's life. What he cared about was money #1. And image #2.

Hubbard introduced a sometimes misunderstood concept called "clearing the planet" based on his observation that if only about 20% happy, decent people were mixed into a defeated or criminal group, the whole group gained a new outlook on life. Applying that principle to the planet at large in the aftermath of World War II, the looming threat of atomic destruction, and the grief that occasioned some 13 million murdered at the hands of the Nazis... he began to broadcast his discoveries as an answer to the doubt and shadows into which the culture as a whole had sunk.

If only some 20% were to regain their potentialities, it would be enough to rap the planet's proverbial "clear" button (borrowing from the analogy of the calculator where the button marked "C" for "Clear" erases all past additions and confusions so that correct and logical answers can be obtained). 

The objective was to regain for humankind their collective ability to lift ourselves to higher and better places instead of lowering down the stairs to our own destruction.

Why can't we align Scientology and bring it into agreement with it's basic purposes? The books, lectures and greater knowledge of Scientology could be freely available online. Organizations could still manufacture and sell books of all qualities, expensive for people who want them. Hardbacks. Paperbacks. And for those of us who don't care about paper, the technology could be had. 

By making the technology that L. Ron Hubbard originally intended as a gift to mankind actually free to everyone, Scientology would be taking a giant step toward shedding it's cult image. 

Should Scientology knowledge be free?

-- Written by Thoughtful

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 13:34

David Miscavige makes an obnoxious and gaudy show of "fighting for human rights" while privately he butchers the rights of staff working for the Church. The facts are now available on numerous articles on this website, as well as Marty Rathbun's blog and the Leaving Scientology website. Use the search function on this website to find articles covering this subject if you haven't seen them already. Since our writers are continually adding to our library, I am not going to list recommended references. But rest assured this website does not have ANY superfluous documents.

Staff at all levels have been abused including but not limited to violations of employment laws regarding the payment of minimum wage, illegal attempts to collect "freeloader's debts" which are in fact not debts at all but just criminality, torture by sleep deprivation, Reverse Scientology through the assignment of incorrect conditions, violations of human trafficking, forced abortions in the Sea Org, denial and invalidation of the opportunity to live on all 8 dynamics, verbal abuse (yelling and screaming), sexual harassment, denial and cancellation of liberties (even American slaves got one day off every week), and more.

What thoughts can you contribute on the subject of staff member?

-- Written by Thoughtful

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 10:06

Welcome to the discussion area. Please suggest subjects you would like to discuss pertaining to a new business model for Scientology. 

The lines are open. You may provide your opinion. Thoughtful and Joe Howard have volunteered to be your moderators.

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