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Monday, 20 April 2009 21:44
Disclaimer: This is a continuation of the Little Dickie Series, the first of which was posted on the internet in November 2007. While it might be assumed by some that "Little Dickie" is actually referring to the head of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, and that the character called Couch Jumper is referring to Tom Cruise, I would like to assure all readers that this is not the case. This is simply a fictional bed time story. No names in this story are intended to represent real people. Having been an executive in Scientology for over 20 years, I would hate to have this point misunderstood and cause even more work to church PIs, "PRs", lawyers and general hired goons. Lord knows they already have enough to do these days!

ANOTHER BED-TIME STORY (Little Dickie Series #3)

Daddy, tell me another story before I go to sleep.

Okay - how about The Three Little Pigs?

No, no. I want to hear more about Little Dickie. Has Little Dickie and the "church" he dictates really broken up the families of tens of thousands of people like the kids at school are saying? How could this be done? I'm scared, daddy. Will you ever be taken away from me?!? Could someone really wash your brain and make you agree to stay away from me?!?

Calm down. Here, sit next to me. Don't worry. I promise no person, no belief, no cult will ever come between us. All cults follow the same basic pattern. Some day when you get your homework done early, you can look up on the internet a very informative video on how a cult works (search for "Mind Control Made Easy" by Carey Burtt). It's hard to trick a person once they really understand how something works.

Let me start tonight's story with this. The reason you are probably hearing about Scientology's crimes against the family structure is because a new best-selling book was just released by a world famous author that is about Couch Jumper -- but it also talks about some evil acts of Little Dickie and the "church" he dictates over. One of the points made in the book is the fact that when a member no longer wants to be a staff member or no longer wants to participate in the church they are declared to be a Suppressive Person, also known as an "SP". At that point these people are discriminated against and no other church member is allowed to associate with them in any way. This includes immediate family members. Not only are members not allowed to associate with these "SPs" but a church policy called "Fair Game" encourages members to trick, sue, lie to or destroy these people. This policy has adversely effected thousands of families around the world. Threatened loss of family connect ion is a popular form of blackmail used by this "church" to try to keep their members in check. And because families are the foundation of society and top priority in most peoples lives, this is highly destructive and a very, very severe and horrifying human rights violation which must be stopped at all cost.

I always thought churches brought people closer together. This is really creepy. What's being done about it, daddy?

Like I was telling you, the new book was just released, which exposes some of it. In my opinion, the book is actually very well researched and accurate. Of course the "church" does what it always does when someone states a truth about them that they don't like. They screamed about the source being an evil liar, while they (with a well drilled straight face) tell the most blatant lies. The problem is that church officials have been caught in so many outright lies and under-handed actions that no one believes what they say now. It has even gotten worse for the church. Since Mike Rinder defected last year, they really don't have anyone left for Little Dickie to throw in front of the cameras to tell the lies for him anymore. So when this book came out, the church wrote a disclaimer and posted it on the internet. The disclaimer was packed with lies, so blatant that it would be like President Bush claiming he had never been to the United States.

When the disclaimer took up this point regarding breaking up families, it said the allegation was not only false but the opposite is what the "church" believes and practices. Actually what they should have said is that the author failed to fully cover and expose the full extent of their crimes and outright inhumane destruction of the family unit because there's so much more to it. For example:

1. Not only do members have to disconnect from people (including immediate family members) who are declared SP, but they have to disconnect from anyone who is connected to that person. Let's say that your mother is declared a suppressive person and your grandmother (who is not part of the church and
has no interest in it) still talks to your mother. In this case, the "church" demands disconnection from your grandmother as well.

2. In addition to individuals being labeled SP, the church classifies numerous GROUPS as suppressive as well, such as all psychiatrists, psychologists, the IRS, FBI, etc. So now you get into situations where church members are told that they have to disconnect from their immediate families because an in-law (who has never spoken out against Scientology) is a psychiatrist, or their dad who is a retired social worker used to refer some people to a psychiatrist, or their dad who used to be an accountant picked up part time work 5 years earlier with the IRS. (These are actual first-hand examples I am giving here.)

3. The highest level of staff member dedicates their life to the "church" similar to a nun or priest. Within organized Scientology, there are many distinct parts of the church. One part might make films, another might deliver courses and another might act as managers. During a staff member's tenure with the "church" he will most likely change what area he is asked to work in many times. Several of these different areas will even share the same property. Little Dickie came up with the idea that married couples (even those with children) who worked in different parts of the church (even if on the same property) should get divorced as his way of handling what he called a "co-mingling problem". There were so many staff members forced to get a divorce because of this at the International headquarters in Hemet that an effort was made by their internal legal department to get divorcees to file in different counties because the high divorce rate coming from the Hemet Scientology compoun d was drawing so much attention. When Little Dickie started getting legal advice to back off this action, he went one step further and canceled new relationships and new marriages at the international base altogether.

4. In 1986, when the founder of the church died and Little Dickie took control, a policy went into effect that no staff members in the "Sea Organization" were allowed to have children. When staff get such little pay and the financial planning is tight, this leaves little to no money allocated for birth control. You don't have to look too hard to find female staff members who ended up getting abortions, much to their sorrow.

5. Here's another common situation. At the top level of the "church" they have a rehabilitation program (called the Rehabilitation Project Force or "RPF") for members determined to need extensive correction. This is roughly 10% of the total number of staff or about 350 people. In recent years, this program has been taking between 2-10 years to complete, with the average being above 5 years. Members enrolled on the RPF are kept separate from those not on the program. This includes their spouses and immediate families. Understand, these people are guarded 24/7, are given 1/4 pay (about $11 per week), have no personal time off and to even listen to a radio or look at a non-church magazine would be considered a violation of their program. Letters can be written to family members but they are all censored. Special approval can be gotten to call family on Christmas, if not doing so could result in a problem for the church. In that case, the staff member is drilled on what they can say, the conversation is listened in on and kept as brief as possible.

6. While policy entitles a staff member to 3 weeks annual leave, the truth is it's almost impossible to get an LOA authorized and at the upper levels of the church, the concept is all but canceled. As this is an international church, one could estimate that over 75% of the upper level staff work 1,000 miles or more from where their families live. I would estimate that less than 5% of the staff take a leave in a year, well over 75% haven't gone home in 5 years and over 50% haven't gone home in over 10 years. Even if ones mother or father dies, the staff member still has to go through security checks, get post coverage, a list of approvals, etc. to attend the funeral. If you jump through all the hoops and somehow had the flight money saved up, you are doing good to get home before the burial. That's if you were lucky enough to get the phone message passed on to you at all.

This is how it is year in and year out. The concern and compassion for individual staff members and their families is an embarrassment to the human race in my opinion. It reminds me of how Stalin had posters put up all over Russia of him holding children in his arms showing how much he loved families and children. PR, PR, PR. I wonder if during the Inquisition and the Holy Wars, some church official said "Oh no, we don't do that... see right here our policy says 'Thou shalt not kill' and 'Love thy neighbor'."

Did Little Dickie write the disclaimer that was posted on the internet?

No one signed their name to it, but you can safely assume that if Little Dickie didn't personally write it, he at least approved it -- especially since the book concerned him personally and his pet project, Couch Jumper. The light of truth is slowly being turned up on Little Dickie. Even the niece of Little Dickie (Jenna) is posting how the book is factual and the disclaimer is a flat-out lie. She points out that the direct family of Little Dickie and the connected families through marriage have been torn apart through the disconnection policies of this "church". She asks how can the church deny the stories of disconnection when even the leader's family is in shambles because of it.
While I could easily list hundreds of families torn apart by the "church", I will keep this short so you can get a full night sleep. I'll just quickly comment on some of the families of a few very prominent members to make my point.

Little Dickie - covered in detail in the posting by his niece. Even the sister of Little Dickie's wife was declared an SP and offloaded to New Orleans with absolutely no notification to their father at the time, who didn't know where his youngest daughter was and if she was safe, had any money to survive on or not.

Mike Rinder - when he escaped from the church last year after growing tired of Little Dickie's constant mental and physical abuse, his wife, 2 children, parents and brother all had to disconnect.

Marc Yager - when his mom left staff in the early 70's, Marc was about 13 years old and stayed behind on his own. He's had no connection with his family ever since.
Mark & Liz Ingber - Liz and her sister Nettie (both working at the Int headquarters) have been disconnected from their parents and sister Mazz for years. Their brother Andrew apparently left some time last year and no one in the family knows where he is. Their parents are in their 80s now, asking about how their children are doing but can get no answers.

Roanne Hubbard Horwich - L.Ron Hubbard's granddaughter -- the daughter of Diana Hubbard and Jonathan Horwich. Jonathan left staff after over 30 years of service when he realized that the damage Little Dickie was doing to the very core and purpose of the church was irreversible. That father/daughter connection has been broken. Jonathan's brother who is also a parishioner was also forced to disconnect.

Ray Mithoff - Ray disconnected from his brother, Bob and his wife when they left staff and were declared in the early 80s.

Guillaume Leserve - his two children have been trying to locate anyone with recent information about their dad, such as how he's doing, what he looks like now, if he ever mentions them, etc.

Pablo Lobato - he was declared an SP along with several other staff members because the New York org renovations weren't being done on time (though he hadn't even worked on that project for a year). He was forced to leave and sever his connection to his children, who are still on staff. Pablo had no idea until recently that his daughter had been transfered to Australia while his son is now working at the Scientology complex in LA.

Greg & Debbie Hughes - They joined the highest structure of the church with their 3 children, Lindsay, Becky and Greg Jr. Both Lindsay and Becky are no longer in good standing because they chose to leave staff and therefore are prohibited from communicating with their parents.

Annie Broeker Tidman - the founder's personal assistant right up to the time of his death. A few years later, Annie realized that Little Dickie was systematically and forcefully taking over the church as a tyrannical dictator. She attempted an escape with the intention of reuniting with her then husband (Jim Logan) but got delayed by snow in an airport in Boston. This gave church officials time to catch up with her and bring her back to California. She was kept under guard and isolated on a remote property for over 2 years. She was given security checks every day and was made to reread all the churches books when she wasn't doing manual labor. She eventually agreed to cooperate and stay. She divorced her husband and was given an administrative post. (Note: Please don't associate this with brain washing or deprogramming as the "church" would find this very insulting.)

Daddy, why do you think so many people are finally speaking out now against Little Dickie?

There are a few reasons. The first and by far the most important reason is the fact that Little Dickie is breaking up families. In the past when staff and public left the church, no matter what personal, financial, physical or spiritual disagreements they may have had, they could more easily just put it behind them and get on with life. But now with cruel arbitraries put in place by Little Dickie that keep loved ones divided, there is no way they can just walk away. They are forced into a situation where they need to take action. Like the niece of Little Dickie they feel compelled to speak out in an effort to force a change.

The next reason is the open communication lines of the internet. It allows people to connect up and it allows them to easily communicate. Little Dickie and his "church" are all about controlling, cutting and manipulating communication. The internet blows that apart.

The next reason is that back-up is available for people who are willing to speak out. There are now lawyers who will provide their services free to anyone being attacked by the church for speaking out.

The next reason is that there is strength in numbers. It is no longer a matter of just one person stating that they witnessed a crime committed by Little Dickie. Now there are multiple witnesses willing to come forth. I know for a fact that since the book was released, many ex-staff who have first hand details and accounts of what is only being brushed upon in the book are contacting the author and are willing to give more information. What was written in that book is only the first layer of the onion. Another book will be released in the near future that will go much deeper into the crimes of Little Dickie and his "church".

There is an old saying - "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword". I think it is correct to say that Little Dickie has become FAIR GAME.

Good night son. Remember, always be true to yourself and your own reality. Never give it up for another's reality because of their real or imagined position or status. Remember, I've always got your back.

And I'll always have yours, daddy. Good night.



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