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Wednesday, 13 May 2009 15:22

Scientology was intended to help people. Used correctly, it does just that. David Miscavige has turned it into a massive Ponzi scheme. Here’s how his carefully guarded system works:

International Events

After Hubbard died in 1986, David Miscavige kicked off a schedule of “international” events. Each event is global in scope and all Scientologists are commanded to attend “to get briefed up on the latest wins, news, and new releases.” Per LRH, this is what the various Scientology magazines are for.

In actual fact, Hubbard banned all future international events in 1977 because they knocked everyone off post to prepare for the event instead of doing their routine daily actions which are vital. The Central Bureaux Order (CBO) in which Hubbard issued that order is not well known, but it does exists. Naturally it was suppressed by Miscavige.

The schedule of events repeats throughout the year; the six largest events include,

  • January: New Year’s Event
  • March: LRH’s Birthday Event
  • May: Anniversary of the release of Dianetics
  • June: Anniversary of the Freewinds (ship) Maiden Voyage
  • August: Auditor’s Day
  • October: Founding of the IAS (stands for "International Association of Scientologists")

As you can see, there is a major event roughly every 2 months throughout the year.

Massive boiler rooms were organized and eventually computerized to get the phone numbers of all Scientologists. Scientologists are called and re-called until they confirm their “attendance.” Staff and volunteers in local Churches and Missions are forced to do “call-in” for the event.

Propaganda Machine


The Cob wastes Church funds on the production of elaborate stages for his events
No expense is spared to create a favorable image
of success and forward progress

Miscavige invested millions into the creation of enormous video production facilities at his secret California headquarters and a corresponding proportionately-sized PR machine was built to gather up all possible stories and news from all Scientologists everywhere.

Instead of managing Church affairs, the senior executives of Scientology at the highest (international) levels were put onto continually writing speeches and video scripts throughout the year. If they fail, they are declared suppressive and isolated in their offices for months on end.

Crews were assigned to design and build extravagant stages for each event intended to dazzle spectators and put them into a state of hypnotic awe. With the exception of Hitler, no other ego in history has demanded such extravagant stages, not even the President of the United States! Why, Barack Obama needs nothing more than a microphone to garner support from the entire planet. Why do you think Miscavige requires an event stage large enough to house a 747?

Every available marketing staff member was absorbed into the machine to constantly “repackage” all possible Scientology books and services on an endless treadmill, racing from one event to the next.

Video Shoot Teams were formed and sent out across the world to capture the latest news. And where none exists, they simply manufacture it or exaggerate it all out of proportion. Example: for the opening of a new Scientology group in the Far East, “rent-a-crowds” were hired to populate an otherwise empty building. This is shot on video and voila, “Scientology is expanding!”

Politicians and VIPs are cajoled to say something on camera, and that is edited into positive statements by Miscavige’s master spin doctors and often by Miscavige himself.

Slave Labor

Every year, at the May, June and October events Miscavige announces new “dissemination campaigns” and shows the latest TV ads “to drive massive numbers of people into Scientology organizations.” The ads cost virtually nothing to produce because Miscavige uses his own slave labor to produce them with each laborer making well under minimum wage, about $0.40 an hour. So the beautiful TV ads cost nothing. But they look expensive.

Huge teams of sales people (called registrars or consultants) are assigned to use each event as a tool to demand money from parishioners “for our ongoing dissemination programs and expansion.”

Scientologists know it costs money to put TV ads on the air and consider anything that helps Scientology expand to be an investment in a better world. Remember that word, investment. We will come back to that word in a minute.

Massive Fraud

So they make generous donations to help out. And if they don’t, they are coerced until they do. For example, a Scientologist is hauled in to watch the latest event (on DVD) “so he can get briefed.” The event contains speeches and videos with grossly exaggerated claims and flagrant generalities, such as “reaching some 1 billion people with the message of Source!” What does that mean? It means nothing. Nothing of that magnitude really happened at all.

Miscavige hangs with Tom Cruise July 20, 2008
David Miscavige enjoys the fruits of his Ponzi scheme,
hanging with "best friend" Tom Cruise on July 20, 2008.

So, back to our explanation... Scientologists are made to watch this video, with all these claims and all this expansion and “proof” and they get somewhat excited. At that point the registrars (sales people) simply demand financial help. If the Scientologist doesn’t have the money, he or she is asked what credit cards do you have? Staff promptly make some phone calls, raise their credit limits on their cards and take the money. Etc.

I myself received a phone call from my local organization, from a person who I had never met, and who knew nothing about me whatsoever. I was not at home and so she left a voicemail asking me to please come in and donate $5,000 because “it would really help a lot.” When Scientology staff get to the point they will call up a total stranger and leave a voicemail requesting $5,000, you can imagine what happens to people they already know well whom they can pressure in person. They're getting hit up for 10 and even 100 times that amount.

The Bernie Madoff Hustle

The money, tens of millions of dollars every year, is funneled into the Church where a fat chunk goes to Miscavige every week. With it he buys $500 shirts, cars, motorcycles, suits, homes, buildings, cameras, flat-screen TVs, swimming pools, spy equipment, guns, home theaters... whatever he wants. He builds himself houses, offices, takes vacations, goes to the races and hangs with his millionaire friends like Tom Cruise.

Here’s where the real Ponzi fakery comes in. The “dissemination campaigns” are launched but the TV ads that were shown to the Scientologists play for only a few weeks in spot markets instead of throughout the year as implied in the event. After all, every campaign is hyped up as “our biggest campaign ever!” In this way, the “dissemination programs” announced by Miscavige appear to be happening and Scientology seems to be really moving somewhere! Woo-hoo.


The Cob's rule is that every stage must be the best ever
When this kind of extravagance is required for a
simple briefing, you know something is wrong

But in reality, the car never left the driveway. All Miscavige did was start the engine, rev it up a couple of times and shut it down. In this way, one tank of gas is made to last indefinitely. But Scientologists mistakenly continue to invest money all year long into “the expansion of Scientology” and “IAS Programs” which are all a big fat lie.

Spending a pittance to get a few ads made by slave labor, that’s cheap. Putting a smattering of ads on TV or radio for a few days or weeks, that’s cheap. Miscavige simply keeps all the cash. There is NO accountability for the funds. Not to the IRS because it’s a “church,” not to the SEC, not to anyone.

Bad to the Last Drop

So, on the model of an elaborate Ponzi scheme, Scientologists are coerced to “invest” in the dissemination of Scientology, a subject which they believe will help people. Miscavige makes a show of carrying through, but in reality he only puts up a few ads and then pulls the funding, or cross-orders the program, or transfers the marketing staff member who was running the program. Miscavige has numerous ways of stopping any actual dissemination since it would be expensive. In other words, he promises a river but delivers a drop.

Anyone with rudimentary math skills can understand that the number of ongoing programs would quickly add up. However no extra staff are added into marketing to run the dissemination programs. In fact, the organization responsible for Church marketing has been decimated by Miscavige; they have gone from about 35 staff down to maybe 7 or 8. So there’s no one there to run any programs anyway.

No meaningful investment of parishioner funds is actually allowed by Miscavige. The money goes into bank accounts he personally controls.

Shhhhh, Keep this Part Secret!

But, just between us, you know the one thing a Ponzi man just hates?

Transparency. So before you listen to any whitewashing of this website, how about some transparency? Let Miscavige show us the money or produce the receipts.

Again, this is not criticism of Miscavige.

This is intervention on behalf of the thousands of Scientologists who have been defrauded, and on behalf of a world that deserves to know what the real Scientology is all about -- not a perverted, criminalized version of it!

This website is fully backed up on multiple servers and set so that if anything happens to it, a duplicate website with the same information will go online overnight. We know the kind of person we are dealing with. We're expecting dirty tricks and we're prepared and ready for them.

Bernard Madoff had his $50 billion ponzi scheme exposed. Robert Allen Stanford had his $8 billion ponzi scheme exposed. All we're saying is, "Psssst, look under the white robes of David Miscavige."

We think you’re not going to like what you see.

Written by Thoughtful



+2 # Pete Sagi 2009-10-05 03:38
What the original Ponzi did was come up with a clever story regarding an investment vehicle, and proceeded to induce folks to invest with him. He promised a 50% return on principal within 45 days. He was asking for $300, a lot of money at the time, which was the early 1920's.

The first people that invested made out, he was apparently good on his word, giving back $450 for the initial $300 investment. Some took the money, others begged him to keep their money and roll it over again. Pretty soon, people were lined up to give over their money for Ponzi to invest.

The scam? Ponzi was not investing any money, he was paying his initial investors out of new funds coming in. Of course, this is totally unsound, because, at some point there aren't enough people in the world to make it work.

It worked as long as it did due to greed, most folk wanted to roll their money back into the plan for higher profits, very few accepted the payout. Eventually, there was a crisis in confidence and everybody wanted their money back and Ponzi was nowhere to be found, but found he was and thrown in prison, and eventually deported back to Italy.

-8 # anonymous 2009-10-09 08:13
I read this with interest but was disappointed to see you have your facts wrong. The current marketing campaign has been running since May both online and on television and is still running as I write this. Just type in "scientology" to Google, you'll see the adds. Go to Youtube and type in "scientology" you'll see the ads and official channel. Watch CNN or the Discovery channel and you'll see the TV ads. I'd like to know where you got the impression that the ad campaigns weren't running.

Looking forward to your response. Thank you.
+6 # Thoughtful 2009-10-09 11:53
Dear Anonymous,

You aren't "differing" with me, you are just uninformed.

You aren't even confronting anything beyond one key word: "current" as in "the current marketing campaign has been running..." Your words.

Now first of all, I want to remind you that it is in the nature of being a Scientologist to actually confront life. You will remember there is a drill for that, called TR-0 where people are supposed to learn how to confront.

Plus and I don't mean to be indelicate here, but what about the previous unfulfilled 24 YEARS worth of marketing campaigns -- each promised to be "our biggest ever"? Doesn't that seem like an important detail to you?

Lemme see... after promising Scientologists for 24 years, Miscavige finally decides to run a sustained marketing campaign in the summer of 2009. Gee whiz, I wonder why now? After 24 years of stringing people on, why only now, does he change?

Do you have any idea how many campaigns were put together in those 24 years? How many TV ads that were never used or hardly used at all?

(Ring, ring! Ring, ring!)

Excuse me, it's my dang phone.

"Hello." (Oh, it's Sherlock Holmes!)

"Yes, Mr. Holmes how are you? I thought you were dead?"

(Mr. Holmes wants me to remind everyone that this very article exposing David Miscavige as a Ponzi thief was published on May 13, 2009 right before the ads started. I don't know what that has to do with Miscavige's decision to actually break from his pattern and sustain this particular campaign, but I'm no Sherlock Holmes.)

Anyway, sorry for the interruption. As I was saying, Miscavige has been getting straight donations for "dissemination campaigns" for many years. Regging for the Super Power Project started in 1985.

That's 20-something years that Miscavige has been regging straight donations -- which are totally illegal, off policy and out-ethics.

(Ring, ring! Ring, ring!)

Woops... "Hello? Yes, Mr. Holmes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay, I'll tell them."

Holmes says, the shift in marketing has a technical name: it's called "CYA" which apparently stands for "Cover Your Ass." Yep, since he's been caught out on lying to people for decades, taking their donations specified for one purpose and then spending them on something else. Holmes says that when someone takes donations for the Super Power building and then actually spends the money on the Oaks Hotel, as Miscavige did recently, well, apparently people can go to jail for that.

Wiley E. Miscavige doesn't want to go to jail right off, so maybe he decided to actually sustain a marketing campaign for once. Who knows?

Hey, it's never too late to get honest, right? Right?? I mean, a lot of criminals would say it's okay to steal and lie and destroy people, as long as RIGHT BEFORE THE FBI ARRIVES you change your tune!

Like the Master Racers from Nazi Germany. When the allies came in, boom, what do you know? They got quiet and moved off to South America. Not that Miscavige is going to move off to South America, not when he's got the Freewinds as a hide out... I mean, religious retreat. Besides, I think a lot of people down in South America gave a lot of money for dissemination campaigns and other stuff that never somehow happened... excuse me -- until now, Mr. Sharp-as-a-Tack.

I don't know, but down in Mexico they might mistake him for a piñata. Especially with those oglingly hateful eyes of his (they look like they're glued on, you know).

Anyway, I'm getting way off the subject. I don't even remember what we were talking about.

Oh, yeah, "How to Pull a Fast One and Get Away with it for 24 Years and only in the 25th Year Start to Keep Your Promises" by David Miscavige.

I was just wondering: Are you the kind of person who would look at a convicted child molester, when he was brought into court, and say, "Well, he's not molesting any children right now. So he must be okay!"

Let's journey back for a moment. If you were around in 1998, you may recall we had 2 LRH books become national bestsellers: Fundamentals of Thought and New Slant on Life. The ads are dated now, but they sold books. In fact they sold so many books that both titles became national bestsellers as measured by Ingram's the largest book distributor in the United States. Miscavige let those campaigns run for about 2 months and then pulled the plug. He had one girl, Manu Spencer running the campaigns and they were a total success -- the first time LRH's Scientology books had become so popular. Miscavige pulled all funding for the campaign. Most of the ads never even ran on TV one time.

In 1991, Miscavige pulled all funding for the Dianetics campaign, something that was started by my friend Jeff Hawkins in 1982. It carried forward until it was stopped by Miscavige.

In addition, there were all kinds of other campaigns that never went anywhere because David Miscavige controls the money.

Here's another point to consider. Whether Miscavige delivers ads or not is beside the point: regging straight donations is against LRH policy. But if you're not on LRH's side, you don't care. You've got "New LRH" -- shorter, more hateful, and expensive.

Anyway, it all goes still deeper. I got it that NOW Miscavige is finally running some "ads" in a sustained campaign. But even these ads are a waste of money for two reasons:

1) Per HCO PL 10 Feb 65, Ad and Book Policies, LRH says, "4. Only books may be advertised. Processing, training and services may not be advertised." Try to find what book the current ads are selling. They aren't selling anything. Orgs are empty. But here's the bright side: since the ads don't sell anything, there's no way to measure their success... "or failure" says Sherlock Holmes (he's on speaker).

2) Here's the real doozy. Scientology has somehow, I don't know how, but somehow it's gotten a bad reputation as a cult. Maybe it's because of Miscavige's insane antics on Night Line years ago. Maybe it's because he started wars with people online. Maybe it's because he tries to discredit whistle blowers. Maybe it's because he's stolen and has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars. Maybe it's because of all the forced abortions in the Sea Org which kinda flies in the face of LRH saying there's 8 dynamics. Maybe it's because of the many people in his wake who have died. Maybe it's because of all the marriages in the Sea Org that he's crushed. Or people he's destroyed. Or billing Sea Org veterans who leave for $80,000 each which is illegal due to labor laws. Or maybe it has something to do with decades of human trafficking. Maybe it's because of all the people he's violently assaulted and threatened.

I don't know. I'm not Sherlock Holmes.

Then again, maybe it's because of a few "Scientologists" who seem entirely unable to differentiate the logical from the illogical even when the facts are right in front of their face, thereby helping to convince the world that apparently mindless Zombies really do "Walk Among Us."

I'm sorry I can't be of any more help. But I do know that neither you nor anyone else can disseminate Scientology in the face of being a cult.

So Target #1 on any dissemination campaign would have to be "De-cultify Scientology." But somehow in 24 years, David Miscavige has overlooked the first, most obvious, most essential, most important, most vital target.

Thanks again for letting me know that the current campaign is still running! I'm amazed and astonished as since I live alone in at the bottom of a cave with no outside contact with the world at large, I had no idea Miscavige was running ads in a pathetic attempt to prove he is honest after all, only he put the wrong kind of ads on since (god forbid) he didn't want to really sell any LRH books, but mainly just stay out of prison as long as he can since the authorities are asleep at the wheel. Or are they?

By the way, when this Ponzi thief goes down, you're going to look pretty foolish for having blindly supported a criminal. So I recommend you stay anonymous least you go to jail along with David Miscavige.
+1 # B Man 2009-10-19 21:46
Yes. DM is indeed, finally running some ads because he knows that, due to the hard work of guys like Thoughtful, his ass is going down. Wow! My multi-thousand dollar donations actually went somewhere. Hopefully not to that three hundred grand birthday party for Cruise! Oh....wait....crap.....the ads are off-policy. Damn! There goes LRH making complete sense again. And there goes DM reversing policy again. Geez, you kind of get numb to it after twenty years and start believing in the little bastard. Anyway, thanks for straightening out those with the lower IQ's Thoughtful. You are helping some very dissapointed folks feel there's still a chance to get the real LRH out there. God....I hope!
-3 # Aurelio 2010-02-07 20:18
Thoughtful, you talk as if Miscavige never really promoted Scientology before 2009.

But Miscavige ran a huge advertising campaign for Dianetics in the 1990s, putting Hubbard's book on the best seller list.

You accuse Miscavige of running a Ponzi scheme. Miscavige is a sadist, a tyrant and a crook, but he has not been running a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme targets investors, not donors. Like all cons, it relies on the larceny in the hearts of its victims to work.

To repeat: a Ponzi scheme is one that people enter out of financial self interest, not altruism.
+3 # Here\s what happened 2010-02-06 15:19
No, the campaigns that put Hubbard's book on bestsellers lists happened in the late 1980s. It was shut off by Miscavige (I was there) in 1990. Jeff Hawkins wrote the ads for Dianetics all during the successful 1980 period which expanded Scientology. Jeff Hawkins also originated the entire program. It had nothing to do with Miscavige.

Jeff built up an entire org, called SBMU: Strategic Books Marketing Unit. Located in LA, SBMU had 12 or 15 staff and all they did was market Dianetics under Jeff's direction. Jeff answered to no one but LRH.

About March 1987 SBMU was absorbed into the new CMU (Central Marketing Unit) but left "hands off" so it continued to function. I joined CMU (transferring from FSO) in May 1987. Jeff got Dianetics back on the New York Times bestseller list. Also instrumental in that was Bill Dendiu, who was the D/CO CMU. Bill acted as the product manager for the trade Dianetics campaign. And of course there were others who contributed heavily.

Then in 1988, David Miscavige began to cross order SBMU off it's successful program (Jeff and his unit were in the condition of Power). By 1989 SBMU no longer existed and all staff were re-posted and loaded up with other duties, utterly cross ordering and destroying the entire activity. David Miscavige did that personally.

And in 1990 David Miscavige cancelled the Dianetics campaign and killed all funding.

Starting in 1997, I wrote all the ads for Scientology and Dianetics. DM only pretended to run them broadly. Actually, they were barely run.

I understand that donors are not investors, per se; however, Scientologists DO consider they are investing -- in the welfare of their own 4th dynamic. There money was supposed to be invested by expanding Scientology into and across the world and as a way to create a better, safer, saner world which they will occupy.

The payback is in terms of purchasing a better world. If Miscavige doesn't actually DO the advertising campaign and expand Scientology, then there is NO payback, just as in a Ponzi scheme. He's just using the money to run some token ads, then he spends the rest on "4D program" -- a total lie, which really means he spends the money any way he pleases, like on new clothes for himself, new buildings for himself, vacations for himself, new homes for himself, etc.
# Thoughtful 2010-02-08 03:20
Are you saying that all of Bernie Madoff's victims or any investors have "larceny in their hearts"?

You are missing the point that Scientology donors are NOT just about altruism. An exchange is most definitely expected. In fact, "exchange" is a fundamental principle of Scientology.

So either (A) You don't understand what Scientologists believe, or (B) you are just an OSA plant beating the drum for Miscavige.

If it's "A" then you should know that Scientologists believe they are spiritual beings who will return in a new body next life. So when they donate to 4D programs, it is with an expectation that they are making it better not only for others, but also for themselves NEXT LIFE. If that betterment is not purchased with the dollars they invested, then they were in fact cheated.

If it's "B" then your obvious target is to establish that Scn donors neither expect nor deserve anything in exchange, which lets Miscavige off the hook for having done a bait and switch. This is called "lessening the overt" in Scientology lingo.
# New To This 2010-02-14 05:49
I am actively seeking to join, but not if it's run by a leader that lies, hides, and covers up activities of abuse. But, in response to you definition of Ponzi. With all due respect, you are missing the point, it's not about the word or it's meaning, it's what this man is doing with the money "donated". Is it exactly how LRH wanted it to be used? Or is it another pyramid scheme. Ponzi or not, "Thoughtful" is doing the right thing, however emotional his response. People are not stupid, especially with our current technology and quick access to high speed information. They will investigate, much like myself, before "investing". MISCAVIGE, BE FOREWARNED: If what "Thoughtful" has said is true, your days are numbered, and the true essence of LRH will reveal itself, and in the end, you WILL PAY, and pay dearly. It's never too late to redeem yourself and do the right thing, before it's too late. Help those that once believed in you, pay back what you have taken, and you will benefit in the end. Now Mr. Miscavige, do you have enough foresight to see this? Or, are you really what "Thoughtful" accuses you of being? It's your move...and we are watching.
+1 # Pax Tielman 2012-06-11 01:51
I like your article. I do have to make a correction. Change the CYA - Cover Your Ass into CIA - Criminal(S) In Action. My guess is that he is steared by that group. An infiltrant already when he was young. How could a person with the rank of Messenger become the top in Scientology. There were people of higher rank than he was. Asking questions will reveal the truth sooner or later.
# GB 2009-10-11 12:10
I have looked for some of these ads - they aren't exactly visible. Google search didn't return any, YouTube search 2nd page I found a link to the scientology.org site that shows "ads" that don't sell anything. That's it. I seen nothing on UK TV or papers or mags. In the UK on a shoestring budget in the 80s we got DMSMH ads all over the place. You couldn't open a magazine or paper without seeing ads. The hundreds of millions Dear Leader has collected over the decades could have funded campaigns to sell many millions of books, especially had he had the intelligence to retain talent like Jeff and Nancy, Steve Hall etc.
+1 # Alex 2009-10-13 09:02
Its all "Hollywood" in style. They seem to buy into that. Phony sets and actors making them believe it's all real.

Crazy shit.
# Just a mass 2009-10-19 04:03
I do note the ads appearing on YouTube and Google, but in the wake of Anonymous and the Tom Cruise Video, etc., it seems to me that targeting the two initial entry points for internet inquiries into Scientology. The original posting is correct, and in fact supported by the fact that Miscaivage has begun such a campaign.

First, anyone with business online knows that Google and YouTube have got to be nearly the cheapest way to target your product. Scientology.org ads don't pop up when you Google "France" after all; French hotels, travel packages, etc. do. However, DM must know that when people type "Scientology" into these sites, all that comes up is Anonymous, anti-LRH media reports from the 80's, crazy people filming protesters in Clearwater and LA, and critics' interviews!! Thus, by running these relatively cheap ads, DM can at least water down the negativity that often focuses on his personal CRIMINAL DEEDS. This, unlike actually running Dissem campaigns would fit DM's huge ego and inability to accept legitimate criticism. Like buying motorcylces, etc....

Secondly, in addition to not hyping Dianetics per LRH, the ads serve his Ponzi scheme by (a) not costing alot to produce; (b) not having a tangible measurement of success; and most importantly, (c) STIMULATING 'HITS' ONTO SCIENTOLOGY.ORG THAT MAINLY COME FROM CRITICS, PEOPLE WHO THINK ITS A UFO CULT AND WANT LAUGHS, OR SARCASTIC TEENAGERS WHO SAW SOUTH PARK. No one is really clicking to get on course or even buy a damn single book. But to Scientologists, this can be spun to show how their "internet presence is expanding".

Last, In fact, I think the new campaign shows how DM is spending even less on Dissem. As a marketer, I know the huge difference between, say, internet and local-market cable commercials, and the New York Times, USA Today, ABC, NBC, Billboards, etc. The first time I EVER heard of Dianetics was on a huge billboard with a volcano that was on the side of a freeway in Northern California. Thus, as the originally posted article stated, DM is funneling tens of millions into an internet/cable 'marketing campaign' that is somehow dwarfed by no-name rappers who haven't even gone platinum, small businesses (matress discounters?), or even obscure fashion designers. All of these industries are taxed and have huge overhead. Yet I see them advertised EVERYWHERE. Even with MILLIONS of free dollars, DM can't get a billboard anymore???

DM is the ultimate SP for this quarter-century farce.
+4 # John Le 2009-10-26 17:47
I'm glad I got out of this religion 25 yrs ago. I was young and stupid at that time. I spend $10,000.00 on their courses, which they convinced me to get a bank loan on. That's suppose to make more able as a being. I got out after 5 yrs of indoctrination. I very happy that I'm out then and now.
# Diane 2010-01-09 09:07
I am French and my English isn't very good. I have been harassed by scientologists during 2 years. I was like a prisoner, they violated my private life, they used black propaganda with my friends and they recruited some of them. Spied, followed by cars, my house was excavated, they attacked my son, they listened my phone, they introduced a trojan on my computer, I lost my job etc. found a new job in a firm managed by a scientologist and where the major part of the employees were scientologists.
In France, they use the job like a very persuasive argument to recruit people. They present themselves like a protective organization.
# Horace Jones 2010-04-07 08:06
We have all heard the saying " If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck and walks like a duck---it might be---a duck.

Go to any used car dealer---DO they have flashy watches? act like they know something you don't? seem to be "just like you"? try to be your friend?

Yeah you understand! Miscavige IS Xenu! Now how do you feel? Like you have been raped?
# peter 2010-06-15 03:03
I'm from Australia and have first hand knowledge of the destruction of Scientology here since the takeover in 1983 down here. Miscavige is without doubt the one responsible but he wasn't the only one. He never came down here but the result was the same. Over half the active Scientologists in Australia were kicked out or left and more are still leaving every day. Scientology could and should be huge here if it is handled right. For example LRH said that Perth Western Australia will be the first clear city on the planet. But we have no ad campaign at all.

Our evil demon in Australia was a man named Henderson, a CMO missionaire who was as bad as Miscavige. And what ever happened to Reynolds the infamous "Int Finance Dictator"?

The down under dude.
-1 # Ex-GEM 2010-06-29 11:17
One method used by DM to gain access to the people he wants to control lies in his ability to win their trust and confidence. He dupes very rich and influential people with his hyperbolic presence and these people, easily impressed by such extravagant displays of MEST, shower him with praise and are willing to hand over money to fund the endless special projects and releases he announces and boasts about at his illegal, per L. Ron Hubbard, hyped up PR/Marketing events. He then flaunts those special relationships to the peers of those people in order to safe point himself with them creating potential new converts to his brand of Scientology. Up to this point we could say “VWD DM!” however, from now on things go wildly off the rails because, not knowing how to, he refuses to do the next step of the hat he is wearing, his PRO Hat, which is: finding himself in this position of power he should now be doing all he can to safe-point LRH and Scientology, something he doesn't know how to do. But, he has to do something, so, instead of wearing his hat and safe-pointing LRH and Scientology he does the only thing he knows how to do, he goofs off, bullies people and causes PR flaps. Now, armed with an 8gig ipod of ser-facs that explain for him how his seemingly extreme behavior is actually quite correct, he is totally justified in continuing to use the power at all costs to cover up his PR flaps and guarantee a situation which makes it possible for him to continue to not wear his hat by goofing off, bullying people and causing more PR Flaps, and we have the current scene.
# Han Solo 2010-07-09 00:47
maybe he's taking the last moments he has in office to really goof the floof ... before he gets unelected.
-1 # Rebel 2010-10-04 01:24
Thank you VERY much for writing this Thoughtful. I have had BPC on DM's "must attend events" and KNEW they were all PR (lies) and quit going to them 10 years ago. As an OT it's not difficult to percieve BS when I see it. I have also wondered about the "short term" TV ad's over the years. It always struck me as out-marketing tech. No ad campaign that only runs for a few weeks and then stops has ever been (and never will be) successful. It truly is sad how many SHEEPLE we have in Scn. who listen and follow whatever COB has to say. In other words, how effing STUPID can you possibly get? But I guess he knows it, and therefore continues his ponzi game. But alas, all SP's/crminals want to get caught, and he will be. That is a promise.
# Angela 2012-03-22 07:16
Funny, I know this board is old, but it's so true. Here's one good piece of evidence. Go to www.spyfu.com this is a tool commonly used in website sales to determine how much money a given website may be spending on advertising each day. For the basic website www.scientology.org (BTW enter that into the spyfu search tool to see the money spent) and it shows only a small amount being spent in 2009.
# Antiquarian Bitca 2013-07-06 19:57
A comparison to Ponzi schemers--or at least, run-of-mill corrupt evangelists--is surely among Miscavige's outpoints (am not/never have been a scientologist; is this right term?).

But--& trhis is a bit mean--what amuses me beyond measure are that the massive use of members' $$$ are often spent on such ill-chosen set designs for SCN Rallies/in-person dissemination of lies.

It is not just the costly, tacky eyesores he seems to demand... my giggles come from his complete ignorance of the visual effect.

No crime in being short, but still, it is clear nobody dares tell him those vast, cheesy CB Demille-style sets make him look like a wee sock puppet in the center of Yankee Stadium.

Miscavige's ignorance & meager education may at least help him sleep soundly at night. He has no clue that dictatorial leaders almost inevitably come to a bad end.
# Lesson Learned 2013-09-08 07:41
After 25 years in SCN and I was dismissed from staff last year no written order, no comm ev (I was a TTC) being told a mistake was made 4 years prior when I got hired as I was not qualified. Nevertheless being "unqualified" I was accepted as an OOT at Flag and was told by the chief MAA that I was fully qualified ??????? Anyways, I joined SCN to help people. I now will close down the Church where I was to help people. My goal has not changed: Help people. The Buffalo News wrote an article about my wife and I and is waiting to meet with a Church official before publishing (The newspaper wants their version but they do not respond). The COS Buffalo is the 1st Ideal Org and dear to DM. You people do not know ne. I have been physically threatened more than once in my life as I wrote a program against fraud and also reported major frauds in huge organization. I am still alive and well and will succeed with my new goal. COS Buff closed. I want to create the start of the end... Any help will be greatly appreciated. I do not need funds. I need people to spread the news about what is really SCN. There is a very effective way you can do so and you can even make money by doing it. Contact me if interested , you were a scientologist and your goal is still to help people by making sure they have access the the truth.
# Beryl 2014-09-04 20:10
Cannot anything be done to dethrone this man who has utterly ruined the good in Scientology? I knows there has always been some bad in organized or Corporate Scientology, but at least back in the day a lot of people were being trained and audited. And he destroyed that. I think most of the people who had the knowledge to take over have been kicked out or left. Very sad.
# Thoughtful 2014-09-04 20:55
Yes, it is a sad state of affairs, exactly as you said. However, a lot of people who have left, along with many others who recognize the Church as a vicious, malignant organization are working to end the tyrant's ability to victimize people at will. Few are tyrants in history who were able to lived "happily ever after." Most, like Al Capone, came to a nasty end.

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