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Tuesday, 06 October 2009 08:28

In 2002, at the Int Base, friends from OSA told me that OSA hired private investigators who in turn employ hackers to intercept email traffic of people they were investigating. In this way they always know the plans of their enemies. Their private investigators also use bribery to gain access to telephone records and bank records in almost real time. Use a credit card somewhere, and if the Church is tracking you, they know where you are. Call someone, and the Church knows who you called. ComputerWorld published a great article on how to protect your identity online. Here's the link to the article.

Best Solution

Hands down the best solution is to handle or disconnect from any suppressive person or group. It IS the right choice. You can't go up the Bridge while being PTS! You can't go OT while taking no responsibility for the future of Scientology since "OT" and responsibility go hand in hand. To maintain a connection to an SP group is to court disaster, disease, accidents, worry, etc. Just ask Isaac Hayes, Joe Harrison, or any of the many Scientologists who are now dead.

As Marty Rathbun put it, "We should stop being so confounded worried about being expelled from immoral, rapidly declining communities and start getting busy building ones in which we can be happy and of which we can be proud.

"Several mechanisms are wielded by Miscavology to keep the sheep in the pen and to keep the more adventurous ones in fear of straying too far. The most common weapon is the disconnect card. It is used to keep people in a state of terror of losing their family, friends and livelihoods. Many on-line, or at least in good standing, public and former staff have reached out for advice on how to keep pursuing the truth without losing one or more of what they consider integral parts of their communities."

Your Bridge to OT

If you want to continue with formal auditing, there are some fine independent auditors whose dance cards are not full. And it's incredibly exciting to move up The Bridge in a distraction-free, safe environment such as your own home. Much of the technology is available on Wikileaks (listed under "Scientology"). Basically, it's 1950 all over again. There are no real orgs. But now we have the tech.

I can understand if you "don't want to leave your church" -- but it's not "your church" anymore (identities aren't identical). It's David Miscavige's extortion racket and money laundering scheme. The Scientology you know and love now exists outside the so called "Church."

Protecting Your Income

Labor laws protect a person from being discriminated against in the work place. Contact a lawyer. If your Scientologist boss would fire you if you left Miscavige's "Church," tell him you'll sue and take his whole damn company. Grow some teeth! Fight back and stop selling out our own soul. Your integrity is more valuable than anything else.

By report, there is now an Ethics Org set up in CLO WUS that wears black uniforms (Miscavige's favorite). They are basically the enforcement arm for IAS regges to squeeze money out of people.

What's better: A) Being declared by a rogue organization that has splintered off all of Scientology? Or B) continuing to pay tribute so they won't declare you? (Clue: B = propitiation).

Disconnection from "Friends" and Family

You're on the Titanic. You're either going DOWN with the ship, or you are going to save yourself now. What about your friends? Well, they're on the same ship. Do they not want to live? If not, guess what -- they aren't your friends! When the ship is going down, the last thing you need is an anchor around your neck. Some people just want to be anchors. That's their problem. You can't help them if you don't live.

I walked away from a wife I loved and a 16-year marriage, all my friends, my career, everything, and at 46 started over with NOTHING. Dozens of others did the same thing. Look at us now. We're at Cause! I know several others who stayed and now have CANCER. Many others have died, too blind to pull the vampire bats off their neck.

Mike Rinder faced the same decision. He was faced with disconnection. Monique Yingling (non-Scientologist lawyer who does David Miscavige's dirty work for between $500,000 to $1,000,000 a year income) made it known that she was ready to offer Mike several million dollars AND the comm lines to his wife, mother and brother if he would "stay quiet." He turned them down. Because Mike Rinder has PERSONAL INTEGRITY. Do you? 

Protecting your identity online

Every computer including yours has an identity online called an IP Address. It is a combination of numbers like "" When you send an email, your IP Address is sent along. If you sign up for a gmail account, your IP Address of the computer where you signed up is also recorded. So, if you want to create a gmail account, do it from a public computer, not your own. After that, never use that particular email address for any traffic that can identify who you are. In other words, don't write to a friend and sign it with your name.

Computer software like Anonymizer can enable you to surf the net anonymously. Furthermore, it enables you to send and receive emails with security. Cost is about $30 a year.

Hushmail will encrypt your email traffic to prevent people from being able to read it. They have free memberships if your volume of traffic is going to be very low. For more frequent use, just get a membership for $30.

There are other programs available. A quick Google on these subjects will teach you more.

"Ambush" Metered Interrogations

If for whatever reasons you decide to risk life and limb to stay in bed with our subverted Church, I’m going to brief you on some things so you are prepared for anything. There’s actually little danger of this happening to you, but I am briefing you just the same. To paraphrase LRH’s rule in the Welcome to the Sea Org tapes, if you are are drilled and thus prepared for any crisis or disaster, what would otherwise have turned into a catastrophe is never anything worse than a simple emergency. So don't freak out, there’s no need to. I’d rather give a thorough briefing and have you be prepared, than not mention things and take even a small chance. So the following points are overkill, realize.

Miscavige, in desperation, has started sending out teams to ambush people. They have sent people out even to homes and businesses and try to get people on the meter or set up a time for you to come in. Regardless of what they say, it's an interrogation. So don't buy their phony "PR." My advice is simply to politely or impolitely refuse to participate. Ask them what policy they are operating on and simply hold your ground. If anyone touches you, they can be charged with assault.

There is no hidden data line that makes any kind of ambush sec check on Scientology public or "group sec check" for that matter okay. These are just the suppressive tools of a squirrel (Miscavige). He's been doing these things at the Int Base for years.

I presume you have the confront to be able to hold your ground against a criminal, off-policy effort like that. You don't need to answer questions. They have zero right to ask! This is the United States of America. They are not a private police organization although they act like it. They have no warrant. They have zero ethics presence, because what they are doing is utter out-ethics nonsense. You should get a reality on that. If this is a worry for you, I can tell you more to bolster your confidence.

For example, LRH says to attack, never defend. And in this case, if you get cornered and some nitwit is ordering you to pick up the cans, simply attack! Be antagonistic, not critical. Or, perhaps you can do it all politely. But if politeness fails, get antago. Antagonism = BPC. Natter (critical) = Missed withholds. Ref: C/S Series 1.

That's all you need to do. Do not pick up the cans. Just look them in the eye and demand to see the policy they are operating on, and tell them they are squirrels and LRH would never have put up with this. You're a voluntary parishioner of a church, not an inmate in a prison camp or a gulag! Indicate to them their correct condition is Enemy -- they don't know who they really are.

If you are fierce enough, outraged enough, they will start apologizing and run for the hills. So don't natter, blast away on true charges of out-tech, labor laws, human rights, civil rights, etc. You can even drill handling this if you want with friends or family.

Exporting Suppression from the Int Base

In Mexico, SO Members entered a business and started to put staff on the meter. Such violates labor laws. The owner of the company put up such a fight (writing KRs) that the Miscavige had the CLO send official letters of apology. So hold your ground and make them back off if this happens to you.

Again, I'm not trying to alarm you, just get your confront up, prepared for anything as in, "constant alertness, willingness to fight back is the price of freedom."

If you want any ideas on how you can help without getting declared, and this is how not to be declared.

At Int, staff were put on the meter frequently. Surprise meter checks, ethics interviews, sometimes they were daily. This is a misuse of the E-Meter (it's not a lie detector) so you can get around this if worse comes to worse. But the best idea is not to Q&A with squirrel Gestapo wannabes in the first place if they show up.

Realize any such action is a squirrel last resort of someone who is moving down the CDEI scale: curious, desire, enforce, inhibit. Miscavige is trying to inhibit people from leaving his control.

"Don't Believe the Hype" -- Issac Hayes

One last thing, interrogators can be very persuasive. They will say anything to get you on the cans. "Oh, we just want to talk to you about your Bridge progress!" Don’t go there! Get outraged and make them back off. Tell them Tone 40, BACK OFF! Regarding the persuasion, they will say “Oh, this is just an interview to get you moving on your Basics” (lies). As soon as you pick up the cans, they will attack, “So, have you read anything negative on the Internet? Who are you in comm with? Was it email or phone? Did he contact you or did you contact him? Tell us the truth. Come on, what are you withholding? Look, we're not stupid. Just be straight with us and we'll be straight with you. Have you spoken to _______(name)? It’s okay, we just want to help...” you get the idea.

I know, I flew out to meet with arrogant Tommy Davis in February 2008 and was promptly interrogated by 3 people at once in the OSA conference room at the HGB (off the meter). They said the above plus stuff like, “Hey, you just went BIs. What are you withholding? We can tell when you’re not being straight with us. Just be straight with us and we’ll be straight with you. Really. So who contacted you? Was it _______(name)? What about _______(name)?” Or murder routine (sec checking ploy): “What did you do, talk to the press?”

Reality Check

No one can read your mind. Not even the meter shows what the meter is actually reading on. Could be a false withhold, a disagreement, the thought "No", they don’t really know even though they may say they do. If you've ever done the "Dirty Needle Drill" you will know the meter reads first on the comm cycle (or lack of it). Chopping your comm, failing to acknowledge, asking then answering questions for you instead of letting you speak, staring at the meter, all these things and more produce a dirty needle. David Miscavige trains his interrogators to dirty the needle and then use that as leverage to pry withholds. That is out tech.

Miscavige/Tommy Davis Mind Set

Intensely stupid as this sounds, prior to an important meeting, David Miscavige drills Tommy Davis and cohorts to be the “boss buffalo”. In Miscavige's tiny mind, it's not being right that counts, it's who listens to whom. After any interview, Miscavige asks him, “Who was the alpha male?” Really. So they are psyched up to go after people aggressively, catch them off guard, knock them off balance and maul them. It has nothing to do with Scientology because THEY ARE NOT SCIENTOLOGISTS.

I doubt any of this will ever happen. But if it does, you can easily deflect their efforts. SPs have no real power. All they can do is enturbulate.


Like any secret police, OSA has spies. In the LA area, Wolfie Frank, Gabrielle Allen and Dan Zimmatore are known informants for OSA. Practice “need to know” and stay undercover.

Other people, especially those who have family members still in the Church are vulnerable to blackmail. Remember those people might be put on the meter and questioned about what they know. Threatened. If they tell, your cover is blown.

Virus Protection

Finally, be careful what you email. I’ve been emailing a friend for years. Two days ago I found out he didn’t have any virus protection on is Mac. He actually didn't realize his Mac didn't come with any virus or hacker protection. I helped him buy some. Two hours later, it caught someone trying to hack into his computer! Copies of all my emails to him are copied on his computer available to any hacker.

I bought expensive security software for this website. Six days later it blocked 64 attacks within one 30 minute period by computers in Poland, the Netherlands, etc.  

So you need good hacker and virus protection on your computer, plus on the computers of anyone you send emails to.

Cell phones

Possibly the biggest security holes anywhere are cell phone and PDAs. For most of them (definitely including the iPhone), security is virtually non-existent. It's pretty easy to grab phone numbers, email addresses, etc. However, that sword cuts both ways... As for your own security, there are actions you can take to protect your information. Google the subject.

Okay, that’s the end of my security briefing. Hope it helps.

-- Written by Thoughtful



# RJ 2009-10-07 01:47
Very thorough Thoughtful I'd just like to supplement it with some recommended reading and that is Christopher Felix's (nom de guerre of James McCarger) 'A Short Course in the Secret War' which was required reading for the GO's B1 and probably OSA as well.

-1 # Nicki 2010-03-04 01:34
If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were talking about the US government - not a church!!!
I am not fully gone from the CofS yet, and every time I look around on the internet at "things I'm not supposed to see" regarding Scientology...my computer starts getting weird and slow. I have cleaners and what not and that clears it up, but I have suspected that I may have been hacked once or twice.
I really don't care of someone finds out who I am. It's really only a matter of time, since it's known that I have so many SP comm lines.
This is well written and informative.

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