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Monday, 20 April 2009 21:49

ANOTHER BED-TIME STORY (Little Dickie Series #2)

Dad, I really liked your story. Tell me more about Little Dickie. I'm really curious.

Okay but realize, like I said in my first story, this is just a made up fictional story and all names used are just names of fictional people. Don't think that any of this is true just because I worked as an executive in the church for well over 20 years.

I understand, go on, go on.

Okay. Even as a very young boy, Little Dickie was a bully and was enturbulating to those around him. He seemed to always be blowing up about something or threatening someone. His family had many non-flattering names for him, such as "Eureka Entheta". As a young teenager, he dropped out of school and went to work as a full-time staff member for the church. He worked his way up the rank & file and became a messenger for the Founder. He was just a little squirt but he strutted around trying to convince himself and others of his importance. As could be expected he continued to be enturbulating to those around him. He could be counted upon to conceive of, exaggerate and announce dramatically the wrong in others while doing just the opposite regarding himself.

I remember a funny story I'll quickly throw in. Little Dickie had run a unit that sends out "missions" to handle various situations in the church. After doing this for a few years, another staff member named Paul took over the unit for the next 5 years. Little Dickie loved to stop by and brag to Paul and his staff about how when he ran the unit, it ran not only the most missions ever, but the most successful. Yack, yack, yack.... Little Dickie has always been a legend in his own mind. One day Paul and his staff pulled out the log books that listed every mission ever sent out and whether or not it had been successful based on statistics. They put all the information on graphs and guess what? Little Dickie had run less than half the rate of missions and the success rate was much lower than theirs - just over 60%. They sent the data to Little Dickie who never responded and nor did he ever stop by their office again to toot his horn.

Little Dickie has a real knack at being able to act nice and befriend others and using them to his advantage which always involves bringing them down and then eventually turning on and destroying the lives of those who supported him. He is the master of this. Look at Steve, Marty, Ray, Norman, Heber, Marc, Pat,Mike, Janet, Ronnie .......

I know his brother disowns him but where does his father stand?

First of all you need to realize his father is indebted to him.

How's that?

Hmmm. You're a little young to hear this story so I'll keep it as basic as possible. His father was arrested for raping a girl and was in real trouble. Little Dickie used church resources which included staff and its top dollar PI's and lawyers to get the whole thing not only covered up, but effectively "erased". His father was brought to the international church base where he was given counseling regarding the rape. A report from the counseling went to Little Dickie who read it and then destroyed it. Not wanting his "loose cannon" of a dad creating more situations, he told his dad that he was going to stay at the international base as a full time staff member and work as one of the musicians. Little Dickie's mom was brought to the base and because she didn't want to join staff she was told she had to divorce her husband of over 30 years. She was very upset and screamed and called Little Dickie - "Little Hitler" but she went through with the divorce anyway. I talked to other staff musicians who said that his dad openly acknowledged to them that he had committed the rape but that he felt he had been "baited" into it, whatever that means.

Was his mother a member of the church?

Yes. She had actually attested to the highest spiritual counseling available which was supposed to make a person cause over life itself. Like many, many others who had achieved "cause over life" she soon died of cancer. This is an embarrassing fact that the church has worked hard to cover up.

Just as a note. I remember a few years back when the medical bills for the staff at the Flag Land Base were just sky-rocketing. Although tens of thousands of dollars were being allocated per week for staff medical in Clearwater, there was always a screaming waiting line of staff who needed medical attention. One day an executive named Janet started to do a little evaluation of the situation. When she started pulling the data apart she found that although less than 20% of the staff had gotten upper level counseling (aka auditing), these staff made up over 80% of the medical costs. While she wasn't able to determine the reason for this (and thus a solution), the fact remained.

I do know that in the earlier days when the Founder released lower levels of auditing he stated that any auditing was better than no auditing. In later years when more advanced levels of auditing were released he said that this datum was not true in relation to the more powerful upper levels. If they were done incorrectly there could be serious negative effects. I know that a lot of the upper materials were written up by staff who studied notes, advices and write-ups of auditing done by the founder. I know Little Dickie put his spin on it. I know there is no limit to the people and things blamed for the trouble  created.

Besides diseases, I have seen other odd manifestations like a top technical middle-aged staff member named Peter slowly regress to a confused, disbursed, child-like person that couldn't hold the most simple job in life. He is kept at the Hacienda Garden Apartment complex, away from public view and will remain there because his state is so out PR. Another outness is that in order to have gotten to the upper levels you would have to be very dedicated toward that goal. Most likely the person would have spent many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars getting there. They would have had to prove they were very ethical, trustworthy and dedicated in order to be allowed to even see the materials. Approximately 3,000 of these pre-screened parishioners made the grade. Then why is it that almost a third of these people then decided to not continue with auditing and in many cases left the church altogether? How is it that hundreds of these parishioners were labeled "suppressive persons" and cut off from all other members of the church, including their immediate families?

Something isn't right and yes, I feel concern for those that venture into these upper levels at this time.

Tell me more about Little Dickie and his claim to fame.

The thing he likes to brag about the most is probably getting tax exemption for the church. If he had a dollar for every time he pointed this out to other staff, he would be the richest man in the world. Unfortunately he also bragged to a number of staff who were close to him (past tense) about how he illegally obtained information which he was able to use to blackmail the IRS official who granted the church tax exemption. Not good. Other government officials have already gotten suspicious about the events leading to the tax exemption. If they are smart they will offer the retired government official full pardon and protection for his cooperation in the investigation. Little Dickie's "great accomplishment" could put him in jail and result in back taxes needing to be paid by the church and its parishioners.

Crime doesn't pay in the long run.

Next I guess would have to be the brilliant new way to train. Funny enough, per two unfortunate women who were responsible for Little Dickie's study time, not only did he refuse any kind of auditing, he also refused to study with other students in the staff course room for at least the past 15 years. He didn't want to do official courses but preferred to just listen to random taped lectures. While listening to one of the most famous lectures that covers a talk on the basic actions of the training (Qualifications) division, Little Dickie came up with the brilliant idea of having students memorize and say back to a wall much of the materials they were reading. Now you would think that if the founder who had personally supervised training for over 40 years had wanted such a thing added to training he would have done it himself. But no. Little Dickie came up with this idea and was so proud of it, not only did he change every course to include it but he said that all the training tha t others had done previously, even if personally certified by the founder, were canceled.

Of course the many arbitraries introduced by Little Dickie greatly reduced public training. Little Dickie had an idea on how to pad the statistics to make it seem like his creation was a success. Churches around the world were ordered and pressured into sending trainees to Clearwater for full time training. The majority of the students sent had not even belonged to the church for very long and were very very "green". No problem. The church in Clearwater would house, feed and train the hundreds of students sent and bear the cost of it for the next few years. Any courses they did were used to pad the international training statistics. Wheeeeeeee. Of the limited number of students that ever finished their training and returned to their churches, most couldn't survive as staff in their financially insolvent and struggling churches and left in short order anyway.

The Founder left an organized executive structure in place with laid out, detailed policy to follow. Little Dickie stated repeatedly that he thought the executive structure was just filled with suppressive people and he proceeded to remove and declare them as such. Along the way he degraded them in ways that could fill a book.

As just one example he had top executives live in pup tents behind a building on the international base in the California desert. They were well guarded and for work they chipped away at a concrete wall with little hammers. For weeks they washed themselves and their clothes with a garden hose in the open yard. When they needed to go to the bathroom they had a little plastic camping stool that held a replaceable plastic bag. This was also in the open yard. Little Dickie would ride his little motor bike up to where these staff members were in order to ridicule them. This is not made up. This is not exaggerated. Like I said, this is one example. His means of degrading others could fill a book by itself. Amongst other personality traits, he is a sadistic little sucker and he really gets off on it. A "religious leader"? How about little dramatizations like taking a blown up picture of a long term staff member and drummer named Fernando and using it on his personal little shooting range for target practice.

Daddy, you're scaring me!

I'm sorry. Let me continue in a little less graphic terms. Okay, I already covered in my last story the basic concept of how he destroyed the executive structure that had been left in place. I also explained that he wrote "one size fits all" programs that all churches were ordered to follow. This was done instead of individual tailor made programs written for each church based on data files and proper evaluation. Orders like "post the next 15 recruits as auditors" may be workable for the largest church that has hundreds of staff but it's a disaster for most of the churches which have less than 30 staff. No, Little Dickie's administrative brain storms were more like brain farts.

The founder had utilized a game and program to get churches to expand to the size of an earlier successful church in Sussex England called Saint Hill. There had even been a special executive unit put in place to assist all churches to play the game. After Little Dickie tore that executive structure apart, he figured out how to "cheat" on the game for PR reasons so he could announce that churches were still expanding to Saint Hill size, even if they weren't. Then he just decided to create a new game to make "ideal churches". Instead of having to make a church grow in staff and its delivery to public, why not just ask public today to make large donations to buy big beautiful church buildings? In doing so, public thought they were helping the local struggling staff and never realized that the local church didn't own its building. The building is owned by the mother church who then rents it back to the small local church. Except now the building is much larger and more expensive to run and maintain and because the staff and its delivery didn't grow at the same time, it became a large burden. At the same time, the local and limited public gave their money for the building purchase/renovations instead of for service which puts a further burden on the local church. It looks great in the international PR videos though.

I remember the first "ideal church" created in Tampa. In addition to fixing up the original church building a whole new huge building was purchased and fixed up just for courses for all the new members who would be joining. When the grand opening video was made, staff and public were transported in from Clearwater to make the place look full and busy. Wheeeeeeee! Everyone was so impressed. Little Dickie was a genius. Let's play his new game with all the churches.

Well, I continued to visit that church in Tampa for the months following the event and I saw the truth. The only course ever delivered in the big, new building was a free course given to people in the neighborhood on how to speak English. The building sat empty with no new public and no staff to deliver courses even if there were public. Of course the building still needed to have the air conditioning turned on, etc. I guess if you rounded up all the public in the church and brought the camera crew back you could have made a bathroom look busy, if it was a small bathroom. PR, PR, PR.

Of course the Founder had written policy on exactly why you wouldn't just give a big, beautiful building to every church, but he must have been wrong. I mean wasn't Little Dickie announcing at international events that he was finding things that even the founder had missed? Didn't people see his video of Tampa? Didn't they see the video of his "couch jumping celebrity buddy" stating that Little Dickie was the greatest leader in the world and that he knew because he had met them all!?! Didn't they see Little Dickie and Couch Jumper standing straight up on their platform shoes saluting each other while seeing who could get their nose the furthest up the other's butt?!!!!

People like Little Dickie love to cling onto artists and celebrities. A few years ago Little Dickie threw an elaborate birthday party for Couch Jumper on the church's ship in the Caribbean using parishioner donations. Per staff who worked on the logistics, the cost was around $150,000 and even included flying in the staff of Couch Jumper's favorite sushi restaurant in L.A. Couch Jumper's family have even received well over $100,000 in free auditing in Clearwater.

Little Dickie has a loooonnnggg history of being very free with the spending of parishioner monies. That's a separate story in itself.

Daddy, does Little Dickie have a wife?

Photo of David Miscavige getting married to his wife Shelly
David Miscavige's marriage to wife Shelly
Marriage photo of David Miscavige and Shelly

He married a girl over 25 years ago. She worked as his assistant and was very loyal to him. Like many others who believed in and supported Little Dickie, as he went further and further off the rails they found themselves on the wrong side of the fence. When Little Dickie would throw fits and break things in his office or when he would lose his mind and dive on another staff member and start hurting them, it would be his wife who would try to get him back under control. She tried to help him with nutrition. She tried to head off situations and worked very hard to lighten his work load. Several years ago she confided in a friend that she had been so busy helping Little Dickie that she hadn't even gone to study for over 2 years. Eventually Little Dickie had gone too far even for her. A few years back, Little Dickie had her sent off to a small highly confidential, highly secure location in New Mexico where church materials are hidden in an underground vault. She was seen recently attending her father's funeral in L.A. Little Dickie didn't attend but he made sure she had lots of "buddies" to escort her -- for her own good, of course.

Wow! Let me get this straight. Little Dickie has refused auditing or even to study standardly for over 15 years. He has revised upper level auditing materials that he isn't even qualified to read. He not only changed how training is done but he also canceled all earlier certs and proceeded to eliminate things like the Universe Corps. He tore apart management and entered his goofy programs instead of following established policy. He canceled raw public dissemination campaigns and almost completely eliminated the 50 man Central Marketing Unit. When he isn't physically attacking other staff he goes out of his way to degrade and/or declare them. He got tax exempt status through illegal means. He has gross financial crimes. He contributed to the Lisa McPherson demise. International statistics have been on a steep decline since the end of 1988. Direct registration of donations for ideal churches and the super power building are not only a PR smoke screen but they are helping to combat the declining international church reserves and the situation with public paying hundreds of thousands of dollars PER WEEK more than the value of service delivered which is well on its way to a BILLION DOLLARS internationally.

That means that the person who is in complete control of the church not only doesn't practice the religion himself, but he is a statistic crashing criminal, sociopath, suppressive person and a squirrel. He's like a cancer destroying the church from the head on down.

Okay stop crying. Remember this is only a fictional story.

But how is the story going to end? How can Little Dickie be stopped?

Actually he could be stopped as simply as passing on the truth to staff and public. As a truth, it will make sense to them and they will recognize the PR and lies for what they are. As soon as Little Dickie is found out and people will no longer applaud him, he will run for the hills. Maybe with a lot of work the church and the religion itself could be salvaged and utilized to make saner and happier individuals, families and groups as was originally intended. Just maybe, but what a mess.

But Dad, so many people were deceived. How can I recognize such a thing in life?

Well here are some sure-fire indicators:

A person or group that continuously asks you to donate your hard-earned money for numerous, random and ever-increasing "vital" campaigns, rather than for service they would actually have to deliver to you.

A person or group that spends the majority of its money PRing itself and paying for expensive PIs and lawyers to protect it from enemies it creates -- the majority of which were originally its friends and supporters.

A person or group that is so afraid that you might hear a negative opinion about them that they insist that you not look at the communication lines of the world. They even covertly program your computer so you couldn't look at a negative opinion if you wanted to. All communication to you is screened "for your own good".

A person or group that tells you that family and friends (which you know to be good and honest people) are so bad and evil that they order you not to communicate or have anything to do with that person ever again. It doesn't matter if it's your parent, child, brother, sister, wife or husband. The person or group works to blackmail, threaten and control your life for their own benefit. That person or group thinks nothing of cutting the lines to the only meaningful thing you'll ever really have in life - the support and love between real friends and family.

Nothing and no one will ever come between us, Daddy.

I know. I love you son. Sleep well.



+2 # Reader 2010-01-04 15:40
Quoted from your story:

"... I have seen other odd manifestations like a top technical middle-aged staff member named Peter slowly regress to a confused, disbursed, child-like person that couldn't hold the most simple job in life. He is kept at the Hacienda Garden Apartment complex, away from public view and will remain there because his state is so out PR."

Could this possibly be an undiagnosed medical condition? Has Peter been given any real medical testing?

It sounds like he can no longer fend for himself. Is the Church of Scientology at Flag his legal guardian at this point, or are they just "keeping him"...?
+2 # Anonymous 2010-03-08 03:27
So, I ask you. What do you call somebody who intimidates people, beats people,and orders whole-scale abortions in order to save money?
A pimp!
David Miscavage is Scientology's Pimp!
That doesn't sound right.
OK. Try this.
David Miscavage, COB of the cult of Pimptology.
About the same.
+2 # Overdriver 2010-03-10 09:03
Please, tell me: If this was true: "Even as a very young boy, Little Dickie was a bully and was enturbulating to those around him." And so on... How could it be that LRH made him to become a messenger? Was not LRH able to spot a sociopath?
+2 # Anna DeMedici 2010-08-24 09:13
Quoting Overdriver:
Please, tell me: If this was true: "Even as a very young boy, Little Dickie was a bully and was enturbulating to those around him." And so on... How could it be that LRH made him to become a messenger? Was not LRH able to spot a sociopath?

The biography of L. Ron Hubbard shows a man who was incapable of telling the truth: a pathological liar who hated and despise humanity; a sociopath caught between the conflicting desires to earn the admiration of humanity, and his desire to inflict great pain and misery upon those who ignored him and refused him his self-perceived due measure of honor and reverie (which was and is 99.999% of his fellow human beings).

You tell me... IMO, it takes one to spot one (and use him.)
+2 # Anonymous 2010-03-28 17:05
David Miscavage is about the right age to be first generation "Project Talent" under the umbrella MK Ultra. Ron must have pissed off the CIA psychs in MK Ultra when he publically exposed their game of PDH in the early Dianetics days. I remember reading that Dianetics can undo anything done to the mind by psychiatry. Apparently not. Maybe an x ray would expose the micro chip implanted in D. M.'s brain.
+2 # Howard Roark 2011-06-15 14:19
"Unfortunately he also bragged to a number of staff who were close to him (past tense) about how he illegally obtained information which he was able to use to blackmail the IRS official who granted the church tax exemption."
This explains why Marty and Mike are Prime targets. The whole house of cards is at risk. Little Dickie will stop at nothing to get them. This is getting dangerous.
+2 # Bernard 2011-09-21 15:53
Question: Do you know where DM is on the bridge?
+1 # William Dupree 2014-05-11 11:03
When I first was exposed to Scientology the first realization was the eye opening fact I was a thetan and not a meat body. This altered my behavior into treating others with compassion. But when I was exposed to the fact the feeling was not reciprocal and the group was actually causing an adverse environment of the things I wanted handled then I had to depart. That was the day I graduated from the Lil Davy school of altered tech and suffering for all. Happier, wiser but still nursing my wounds. Thanks to those ahead of me who paved the way to compassion and knowledge. ARC and Love. Bill Dupree

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