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Monday, 20 April 2009 14:20

ANOTHER BEDTIME STORY (Little Dickie Series #6)

Disclaimer - Although some people have suspected that the "Little Dickie" character in my stories may be referring to David Miscavige, the head of the Church of Scientology, I want to assure you that this is not the case. So to all of the Private Investigators, numerous lawyers, paid minions and exhausted staff of the church, you do not have to be distracted from trying to fight back at the river of truth leaking out about you on so many other channels right now.

Daddy tell me another story about Little Dickie. Have you heard anything new?

It's actually quite amazing -- it seems like there's just a flood of critics about Little Dickie and his "church" pouring forward. For so many years they used every dirty trick in the book to suppress the truth from spilling out. The pressure built and built and with the increased information flow provided by the internet, the whole ugly mess is starting to boil over. I say "starting" because I have a pretty good idea of what is in the pot and where this is going. In tonight's story I'll give just a little glimpse of this.

The following are some indicators that the flow is really starting.

- Thousands of people are now committed to protesting the "church" in cities around the world.

- Per the Scientology video response to Anonymous, in less than 3 weeks, the church received 8,139 harassing phone calls, 3.6 million malicious emails and 141 million hits against church websites.

- There is an overwhelming amount of information coming forward on the internet, in magazines, newspapers, books, TV, radio shows, etc., exposing Little Dickie and his "church" for their abuse and acts against humanity.

- The size of the church is deflating quickly with the fastest contraction being at the top where the truth about Little Dickie is most evident.

- Scientology's financial difficulties are growing by leaps and bounds. Specifics on this will be covered in a separate story.

- The church public relations spokes people have been caught in so many blatant lies that they lower their own repute every time they open their mouths.

- Governments from around the world are responding to the overwhelming outcry from the victims of Scn. Raids, arrests and government rulings have started.

- Former high ranking officials of the church who have defected are now coming forward, willing to testify in a court of law regarding the crimes of Little Dickie and the Office of Sinister Affairs (OSA). This is the key the government has never had in order to put Little Dickie behind bars.

Do you think Little Dickie will really go to go to jail?

It's no longer a question of will he go to jail, but when. Even OJ's legal "dream team" could not have helped him if there were 20 eye-witnesses willing to testify.

Daddy, why are so many people willing to come forward now?

There are actually a lot of factors creating an atmosphere of what could be called "The Perfect Storm" over Little Dickie's head.

I'll name just a few, and realize fueling all of this is Little Dickie's quickly-decreasing mental state, along with an ever-increasing belief in his own godliness and invincibility:

- Much of the key structure of the church and its most competent members have been attacked and destroyed by Little Dickie.

- A never-ending stream of incompetent and destructive orders from Little Dickie is literally financially choking out the individual churches.

- An overwhelming number of ex-staff, ex-members and people who were never members at all, who were victimized by Little Dickie and his "church" are now utilizing the internet and other forms of communication to spread the truth.

- While Little Dickie has many ex-top church officials guarded, locked up and controlled, there are also many who have escaped, are finding out what's really going on and are now able to communicate freely. It takes time for some but "truth" does undo the brainwashing and lies.

- More people hearing the truth are passing the word, making formal complaints and demanding action be taken by their government officials.

- The family disconnection situation is forcing people to speak up or never again see their loved ones.

- Groups like Anonymous are doing an excellent job of getting attention drawn to these situations so the message and truth can not be ignored. Their strength and courage is really impressing those who have been victimized. It was a real wake up call to see so many people willing to stand up and be heard despite the cold, heat, rain and OSA's standard intimidation tactics. These demonstrations have also been key in getting ex-top officials to be willing to come forward.

Again, to Anonymous and those who have joined in demonstrations: Please do NOT under-estimate the effects you are having. With simple, peaceful demonstrations, you are opening up cracks in the wall of lies and allowing truth to shine in.

It's like the sun to Dracula or water to the Wicked Witch of the West. POUR IT ON!

Daddy, tell me some of the new things being found out about Little Dickie.

Well, you've got to go to bed so I'll tell you just a few things and I'll also spare you new explicit details of his physical abuse on staff at the Int base.

- The total amount spent to build his own office building (for Little Dickie and the few staff he has remaining -- less than 10 people) was right around $70 million. There were so many re-do's and practically every inch of that building was made to Little Dickie's custom specifications. Then another $30 million or so was spent on the LRH house right next door (which remains wholly unoccupied). Between these 2 buildings, that's about $100 million of parishioner's money spent on renovations for absolutely no return.

- As Little Dickie gets "overcharged" in meetings with the top church officials, he had copper ground rods installed 12 feet under the ground of various conference rooms at the Int base with bare copper cable running up to the room. When Little Dickie would start getting really mad, he'd hold onto the cable to "ground the restimulated beings that are attached to his body".

- Little Dickie has a drinking problem and routinely drinks over a 1/2 bottle of scotch (Macallan 12) per day.

Wow, daddy. I sure feel sorry for all of the well-intentioned and hard-working people whose trust and support Little Dickie has so badly betrayed.

I do too son, I really do. Thank God it will soon come to an end. Good night.


+1 # Panther 2009-11-30 16:24
Is this 1/2 bottle scotch a day datum verified accurate? This if true = full blown alcoholic.
# T.Sommer 2012-08-03 02:40
Exactly right Panther, I was an alcoholic for 20 years and never drank that much...thats a serious problem if its true. My only doubt is that D.M. seems to function well, even though corrupt.
# Guest 2013-03-09 20:43
$70 million? How do you even spend that much on anything less than an office tower?
# sarah 2013-08-26 21:04
The little man has some expenses. He has parties to throw, spies to pay,and woman to pimp out. However,he does know how to pinch a penny, he has a pool of slave labor.

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