"It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use are superior to that of any other profession. ...The most decent people I have ever known have been auditors. The best hearted people I know are auditors."

~ LRH, from PAB No. 79, 10 April 1956

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Stroke of Genius

Taking the effort out of life


by Thoughtful

Much of Scientology is really directed toward reducing the amount of resistance you run into in trying to get things done. In 1952, LRH described a scale of energy:


In the lower bands people run into counter emotion, counter effort, counter matter. These are the blocks and barriers of living. But higher on the scale, one can move out of the effort band and smoothly get things done. So how does one handle life’s counter effort?

In the 1960s at St Hill, LRH discovered that there were only a handful of factors powerful enough to prevent auditing. Ron dubbed them the “super barriers” since anything strong enough to prevent auditing is strong enough to prevent life...


Who is Joe Howard?

dan-koonIf you have done the Professional TRs Course then you've probably watched the film by the same name produced by LRH in 1978 staring "Joe Howard." Joe was, of course, played by Dan Koon who's own natural TRs were put in by LRH himself to give auditors in training a visual standard for how perfect TRs look and sound. - Thoughtful


by Joe Howard

Jimmy Rebel and I have been working for some time now to make it possible for people to do auditor training outside of the formal Church of Scientology, which many feel has become so weighed down with arbitraries and extraneous demands on their time and bank balances as to make it virtually impossible to learn the subject.

For over 12 years I worked in the LRH Technical Research and Compilations Unit in the Senior C/S International Office in the Sea Org. I was in the unit while LRH was on the lines directing the unit and worked there for an additional 10 years after he passed away...


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Thursday, 30 December 2010 17:02

We have set up, by necessity, an Independent Scientology course room, not affiliated with DM's because we want to practice Scientology and due to DM's 'Unclean Hands' (a doctrine in equity) we have been compelled to do so. We can't get real Scientology from DM's church anymore, because it isn't there and because he prevents us from getting it. So, here we are, with a First Amendment right, to practice our chosen religion, as guaranteed by that First Amendment and also put forth by L. Ron Hubbard himself in the Articles and Bylaws of CST differentiating a Church of Scientology (including RTC) from the 'religion of Scientology'.


John Aaron Williams and Family

My name is John Aaron Williams and I joined the SO in July 1988. With no Scientology Courses done I routed onto the EPF and when completed went directly to the 800 Unit (Dianetics Hotline) in CMU (Central Marketing Unit) where I counseled many thousands of people. In 1992 I went to Bridge Publications and was there till I went to PAC Renos and out in August 1995. When I left I was Clear and had completed OT Eligibility. The Sea Org story is saved for another time.

After leaving it took a while for me to rebuild my life but I did. I started a computer networking consulting business in LA and did pretty well with it.

It was obvious to me that something was very wrong with the church even then but I attributed it to the IAS as I did not know about how far out over the deep end DM had gone. The IAS was most obviously out ethics and off policy. It was so out exchange with the public that it was nothing short of a criminal organization.

I wanted to do something about it and a friend of mine said I couldn’t fight it unless I was in good standing so I decided to pay off my freeloader debt.

In Feb 2008 I paid it off but it then took 8 months to get my CSW approved as I refused to donate as amends as that is a violation of policy. The Senior MAA PAC told me she would not approve my CSW after we had a loud discussion about it in the reg area at CLO WUS. It was approved in Nov. of 2008 with no donations.

Criminal Exchange

I started doing the Basics at the Mission of the Foothills. While on the second Basics course at the mission I went on break and noticed a piece of promo from Valley Org offering me a chance to “Join the $500 Club”. I had a few minutes to kill and so read it. It was offering me the “chance” to give them my money for nothing in exchange except for membership in their club of nothing. I was a bit aggravated and knew I needed to do something about it.

Once I got home I started drafting a “Things That Shouldn’t Be” report (click to view) and sent it off to RTC on the 2nd of Feb. 2009.

Shortly after this was sent off my wife received an email from Dallas Org requesting money for no exchange. I sent another “Things That Shouldn’t be” Report on the 22nd of Feb. 2009 (click to view).

March 26, 2009 I received a response from Reports Officer RTC (click to view in full) which read:


“Thank you for your reports to RTC regarding the fundraising strategy.

“The current fundraising strategy for Ideal Orgs was fully covered in the recent March 13th Event by Chairman of the Board RTC. I advise you watch the event so you understand what has been done thus far and why it is important to contribute to these projects.”

On March 30, 2009 I wrote a KR on Reports Officer RTC (click to view) for her gross violation of KSW1. DM is not Ron and I don’t need him to interpret for Ron for me. I never heard from RTC again. Later a friend told me a couple of CMO Messengers told him RTC had black listed me.



When Steve Hall’s video showed up on the Truth Rundown page of the St Petersburg Times in the beginning of August I finally had someone I knew from CMU. Steve is what he seems from the first time you meet him on. You can see right away that he has a big heart and wants to help. Watching Steve’s video made a difference for me.

I had already written what became my first article called Losing Policy to send out to Scientologists I knew. I offered it to Steve and he published it under the pen name "Jimmy Rebel." Two weeks later I followed it up with the article Restoring Greatness. Let me say thank you to all who read them and gave such excellent comments.

Re-opening the Training Bridge

By this time I had decided that we needed a course room where anyone could come fully learn any material on any subject they brought with them it could even include getting trained to be an auditor, from no where on the bridge to as high as possible.

Separately from the course room was the problem with the GAT checksheets and so began my outreach program to get people to assist in sorting this out. Dan Koon was first on my list as checksheets would be needed for all Independent Scientologist and he knew the ones LRH approved and why. He agreed to assist and thus began the creation of Independent Scientology training checksheets.

In late October I received a call from an individual I had been friendly with in the SO; his name was Mark Pisani. He was called “Pizzo” in PAC Renos and now he was in the WUS Finance Office. He was told to handle me on my difficulties with the current registration policies and “Ideal Orgs” donations.

He brought me about five event DVDs and an “Ideal Orgs” Promo Piece that had a stainless steel engraved front and back. It must have cost (even with SO labor) about $30.00 in materials. He thought it was a great piece and I saw wasted parishioner money and wasted SO member’s time. He asked me to watch the events and check out the promo. I asked for LRH. He said to please look at what he gave me and he would come back in a week. I said okay.

He came back and we had a polite conversation about KSW1. He said to me that Ron’s way wasn’t fast enough and the “Ideal Orgs” route was faster. I disagreed and said I would only follow LRH. He informed me that I was being robotic. I let him know that I would stay that way but that I wished him the best personally. I meant it and still do as we had always been on good terms.

In November I was visited by Kirsten (from OSA) and another fellow who was the MAA from AOLA. They wished to speak with me about what I had seen on the web. I listened as they showed me the declares of Marty and Mary Jo. They even showed me Captain Bill’s. The same calm conversation ensued as with Mark Pisani and was ended and they went on their way.

It is painful to see these people rationalize the application of KSW but getting upset with them will handle nothing. I just tell the truth, offer policy that pertains to the situation and continue to care for them. We can all do at least that.

The Courseroom

The original idea I had for a course room was going to be in Los Angeles because I lived there and it was going to be for onlines public that had bought a course from the church but were tired of going in and getting regged constantly for donations.

It all started one night after my wife was on course at ASHO. When course was over staff were positioned at the doors to let no one leave until they had donated for something or other. This was a last straw for me in believing there were any standard course rooms or sanity left in ASHO.

I started talking to about ten or more friends and they would definitely come if there were no reg’s and it was standard. So I started working out how to do it legally.

Then the St Petersburg Times hit and I knew I was through with the Church and I would have to create a course room elsewhere for all the people who couldn’t go into the Church anymore but would like to go up the Bridge. So let me announce:

The Courseroom opens on the 10th of January, 2011 and is just outside of Tallahassee, Florida. Every one is welcome. If you were declared by the CofS wear it as a badge of honor. As long as you are here to study and assist your fellow students we would enjoy having you.

One thing to know: If you come to train as an auditor you WILL WALK OUT AN AUDITOR. KSW is king here.

The lead Supervisor is Jim Logan. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Things you should understand about keeping the course room open:

1. The Courseroom can not supply you with your Checksheet or Pack as we are not part of the C of S.

There are many ways for you to get these. Check Scientology-cult.com for links to Dan Koon’s Checksheets. They are more standard than those GAT checksheets used in the church. You can even buy a course pack from Bridge or the Church that you can get the references from for your checksheet, you can purchase the 80’s levels course packs off the web or you can just download them.

2. We charge for the course by the length of time on the checksheet.

If our Lead Supervisor approves the checksheet you bring we go by the length of time on the Checksheet to work out the cost of the course. We do not sell courses we sell a place to learn the material and apply it. The price is fixed and paid before you start. We get you through it with standard application of the technology for study as developed by Ron.

Our goal is simple: We want to make auditors who can and do audit pc’s to Clear and Clears who audit themselves to total freedom.

For any who wish to assist you can feel free to do so. You will not be ignored. There is more to be done to make Scientology free of the monopoly and affordable to all. If you wish to assist you are welcome to contact me. Everyone can assist in this endeavor and whatever you can do will be appreciated.

You can contact me through email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You can contact Jim Logan through email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I hope to see you or hear from you soon.

John Aaron Williams
AKA: Jimmy Rebel

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



+4 # Whodat 2010-12-31 15:08
+2 # RJ 2010-12-31 15:31
Awesome dude :)
+2 # David St Lawrence 2010-12-31 17:08

I have been getting queries from my readers and this is the answer to their needs.

We practitioners can hold the fort for only a limited time because the demand for services is growing faster than we can expand.

A training facility that uses standard tech will inspire many stalled auditors to finish their training and start auditing.

Very Well Done!

Will you have a website I can direct people to?

David St Lawrence
+2 # John 2011-01-02 09:29
Hi David.......I am working on getting the courseroom opened and then the website. YOu can direct them to scientology-cult.com where all the data is being published. You can also have them e-mail me directly at and I will be more than happy to give them additional data.
Thanks so much,

John Aaron
# Theo Sismanides 2010-12-31 17:10
Awesome news, thank you Jimmy Rebel, Jim Logan, Joe Howard and Steve Hall! Keep us informed.
# Jonny Rebel 2010-12-31 17:50
+1 # TRUTH 2011-01-01 00:26
Jimmy, Thank you so much for giving us all the best gift to end 2010 and start a new beginning and fruitful one for 2011.

I wish you and your beautiful family a healthy and happy New Year.
# John Aaron 2011-01-02 18:27
Truth, Thank you for your best wishes. It is a pleasure to deliver Ron's Tech to anyone who wishes to have it. If there is any checksheet you wish to do. We would enjoy having you.
# Lisa Hamilton 2011-01-01 10:32
Hi John, Well, I remember you from way back! Glad to see you are doing well and have a ton of personal integrity! To bad that Piso and Tiana (Snr MAA) cannot pull themselves up and out. As long as people like us our out here to support them, there is still hope that they will. Take care, Lisa
# John 2011-01-02 09:25
Lisa, I remeber you well and thank you for the compliment. Any support is appreciated.
# Carol 2011-01-01 11:09
Wow beautiful. Happy New Year may it be the best ever!2vba2
# nancy many 2011-01-01 13:08
First I want to congratualate you on the direction you are going. What you are doing is much needed.
I am also amazed at how quickly you picked up on the IAS scam. Years before IAS, there were Guardian's Organization Staff Members needing money for legal fees. They opened an organization called the "Safe Environment Fund" SEF. At first it simply operated like the IAS, donate out of the goodness of your heart. Then L.R.H. heard about it. WOW -- I had access to and read every telex he wrote on the subject. Janice was with him at the time, and somewhere on this net has her story from watching him. He was furious. Absolutely furious.
"When we need more money, we sell and deliver more Scientology" We are In-exchange. We never ask for money with nothing in exchange!!!" To the public the Safe Environment Fund just disappeared one day. To those of us who had access to LRH's communications, we knew why.

My first reg cycle with an IAS Reg, I asked, didn't you ever read what LRH had to say about the Safe Environment Fund??
And they looked at me blankly. I never became a lifetime member and never pushed it on my selectee's.

When we need money we sell and deliver more tech.
Win- Win ----Exchange!
# John Aaron 2011-01-02 18:33
Nancy, I also had found out about the Safe Environment Fund. I also was fully hatted and in the Finance Network for 3 years in the SO. I only followed Ron and had a few disagreements with Execs. After I was out had taken my wife to go in session at ASHO and an IAS reg asked me in the HGC to give him money. I let him know I did not have it and he asked me to get a loan so I schooled him on policy loudly in the HGC waiting room. There were numerous smiles on numerous faces. I enjoyed it. He didn't.
+1 # Sherb 2011-01-01 15:03
Well, I maybe across the other sise of the planet but my first response to reading your efforts was - gee, how I can arrange to be in the US for awhile. A Standard Academy, WOW! what a dream come true. I hope you do really well and expand like crazy.
A good supervisor is indeed like a jewel.
+1 # John Aaron 2011-01-02 18:35
Sherb, If you ever dicide to come I will keep a light on for you. Every auditor we can make is a one of a kind jewel to Jim and I.
# Moving Forward 2011-01-02 11:30
Bravo, John! I also remember you from 'back in the day' in Pac.

Your reports were spot on and the responses really confirm how far from LRH management has deviated. I also know Piso and he was a great guy, extremely dedicated and really down to earth. It's sad to see how blind he has become. The ideal org strategy 'faster' than LRH's way? Wow. I hate to say that I,too, was duped for a time into believing in the strategy, but no longer. I've been to 3 of these 'ideal orgs' and they were all empty, 2 of them YEARS after they opened.

I also congratulate you on holding to your integrity regarding donations being used for Amends. This is something I've also railed against over the years. Terrible that this is something that's nearly mandatory now.

On the theta side of things, congratulations on opening the training center! That's awesome and good job to all involved!
# John Aaron 2011-01-02 18:47
Thank you for the acknowledgement. My heart broke with Piso said it. I had always liked him. When I asked him what happen to KSW that is when he said I was robotic. My heart sank for him. It was as if someone had stolen my friend and left this drone there.
-1 # Notsaware 2011-01-03 01:43
Great News Aaron. We do need auditors by the ton to make this planet a better place. My best wishes for you and your team. I'm very certain Italy will soon follow. ML Ignazio Tidu.
# Jim Logan 2011-01-04 10:20
For all here, including OSA and especially DM and Ms. Yingling:

We have set up, by necessity, an Independent Scientology course
room, not affiliated with DM's because we want to practice
Scientology and due to DM's 'Unclean Hands' (a doctrine in equity)
we have been compelled to do so.

We can't get real Scientology from DM's church anymore, because it
isn't there and because he prevents us from getting it. So, here we
are, with a First Amendment right, to practice our chosen religion,
as guaranteed by that First Amendment and also put forth by L. Ron
Hubbard himself in the Articles and Bylaws of CST differentiating a
Church of Scientology (including RTC) from the 'religion of
# Ann Howe 2011-01-04 11:16
Well Done guys. Glad to see you providing this much needed service. Standard Training in the field is the answer to the CoS problem.

Thank you
# Tara 2011-01-07 12:20
I am soooo excited!
# Gordon 2011-01-19 23:35
Fantastic news. A BIG THANK YOU to you !
# Alexander Z 2011-02-05 17:08
So pleased to hear about new delivery!

Sorry, but you do not have the right to post comments.


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(229) 465-3360
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Pricing (based on 1970s rates):
2 Week Full Time Course: $750.00
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Life is what you make it.
is where you make it.

This is NOT a paid ad. Independent training is NOT part of the corrupt, stinking mess called the Church of Scientology.

FREE Independent Scientology Training Checksheets

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