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Tuesday, 21 April 2009 10:22

Two buildings representing $100 million of parisioner funds wasted by David Miscavige We are a think tank of loyal Scientologists formed around the recognition that Scientology’s problems trace directly to the hidden corruption and criminality of David Miscavige, the self-appointed dictator who subverted Scientology.

Our purpose is to provide transparency to all sides and thereby bring Scientology out of its own Dark Age and into present time where it belongs.

Non-violent, non-corporate and non-commercial, our only pledge is to observe and state what we have observed, do what we can to help and support those abused by Miscavige and bring about a reformation of the subject to its real purpose -- giving people greater freedom in their lives.

Meet the Untouchables

Dozens of us who ran afoul of Miscavige due to his criminal actions resigned in protest. Though virtually everyone tried, It was not possible to correct the Church from within since Miscavige subverted HCO and RTC for his purposes. A knowledge report sent to the correct posts for handling simply went to Miscavige and marked you for trouble. In most cases, those of us who quit lost everything and emerged from the Church penniless, jobless, bereft of friends, family and even our spouses. Miscavige made sure we were stripped bare. No money, no belongings, no 401K, no retirement, no insurance, no place to live. He made it as difficult for us as he could but we came back.

Ironically, having nothing else to lose has become the very source of our strength; that, along with intimate knowledge of David Miscavige's criminal activities. Like the original Untouchables who brought down Al Capone in the early 1930s, we too can't be bought off, blackmailed, threatened or stopped. We are the ones Miscavige could not corrupt, bend or break. We are not attacking Scientology, we seek only transparency to clean up criminality.

Smearing Reputations

Years ago Hubbard pointed out psychiatrists who rape their patients have the perfect alibi should victims go to the police. "She's insane!" David Miscavige uses the same trick. Information gained through Church confessionals is twisted to discredit the person and distributed to their member organizations. More on exactly how Miscavige obtains the "evidence" he uses to discredit whistle blowers may be found here.

Not a coup

One of the old ploys David Miscavige uses is to accuse any whistle blower of engineering a coup. In fact, Chairman Miscavige has already used this a number of times including in response to recent St Pete Times articles. This tactic feels natural to him because he obtained his own position by coup in the early 1980s.

Over the past 2 1/2 decades, David Miscavige has turned Scientology into a criminal organization that emits phony PR to cover up criminality. The world is taking action to expose his criminality and thereby bring reform, not because anyone is staging a coup, but because PEOPLE ARE BEING HARMED! Duh.


Because Miscavige's policy calls for the harassment and attack of critics (regardless of the truth) to silence them by any means, the authors of this website have chosen to remain confidential for the moment. However, that also limits what we can disclose to only those facts that will not also reveal our identity. Because of that, most of what we know, the exact time, place, form and event, what was written, what was said and done, has yet to be revealed.

Should the Church take any action to harass, threaten or otherwise persecute us for exercising our freedom of speech under the 1st Amendment, be assured facts will be revealed in far greater detail.

This website has been backed up on multiple servers, and is overseen by multiple administrators.

Written by Thoughtful

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 April 2010 08:41


# max 2009-10-03 11:16
FINALLY there's a group dedicated to expose and host out (I hope so!) evil DM, please let me know when you are going to come up with a website of your own, or something similar. With ARC, Max (ex-Sea Org Member)
-1 # Thoughtful 2009-10-03 18:27
Thanks Max. This is a website of our own. But of course, we have more; check the "Website Links" at the bottom of this page. More to come...
+3 # Condition changer 2009-10-14 02:30

This is all very interesting - a sort of Martin Luther King event horizon for the CoS. A good thing, for sure.

My question is: according to much of the data presented here - human trafficking, terrorism, fraud, abuse, and so on - how are you different from the critics, who for so many years, have pointed out the same things?

How are you different from old time people like Vaughn Young, for instance, who spoke of the very same things, yet back then, they were considered by many of you to be Suppressive, and some of you were directly involved in doing the very same things to them? (PI's, black PR, etc).

I would really appreciate an answer to this, as I believe a clear, succinct differentiation would help many to understand better.

Thank you.
-2 # Thoughtful 2009-10-14 12:07
This a great question, thanks for asking. The short answer is I never knew Vaughn Young so can't answer your question. However in several articles we have explained that what happened to us was no different than what happened to many others in the past, for example the Mission Holders in 1982 who were verbally declared by David Miscavige. You will find an article on that here:


Dean Stokes' mission in Dallas was booming in those days. The receptionist sat at a folding card table, but they got in from 5 to 10 new people every night like clockwork. Well, now those days are all gone. The Dallas Org has a beautiful reception desk, and the rest of the building is empty. No one dares walk in because anyone who sets foot in there is swarmed by IAS regs. Sick.

There are several articles by others on this website who left years and years before I did.

One of them is the article by Gang of Five entitled The Secret History of David Miscavige:


Another is Under a Dark Cloud by Eric Knutson.


The church has made a lame attempt to stigmatize whistle blowers as "critics of Scientology." What we actually are, is something else entirely: third dynamic auditors. We're in session, steadily auditing the Church of Scientology, with the intention of bringing a rather stone-dead pc back to life (if possible).

The long answer is now a new article entitled, "What Makes Us Different." It was such a good question, you sparked an entire article. Thank you!

-3 # maraofacoma 2009-12-24 04:03
You probably already know this but what separates you from other critics is your ability to see truth. You are using LRH tech to see what is stopping Scientology from expanding the critics are attacking LRH tech and hubbard himself.

I only hope this planet has enough time left for you to bring Scientology back to life.
-4 # Condition changer 2009-10-15 05:28
Thank you very much for the answer, and the clarity. And regarding the question - you're welcome, it needed to be asked, and your answer both here and in the article sparked has provided great clarity on your (and the others') purpose.

Keep up the wonderful work!
-1 # william burdwood 2009-11-06 08:57
YEEEEEEHAW!!!! Howdy. The Birdman of Velcrotraz popping in. Cl IV HGDS, trained in SF 1971-2, SSA FCDC 1972-4 over 2000 WDAH, former brother-in-law of Greg Wilhere, who will not 2WC with me and made a significant contribution to the wrongful death of my firstborn son. Forgive him Lord he knew not what the fuck he was doing. And those are my bona fides in seeking your respect and trust. Personnally, to begin with IMHO you should quit whining about Captain Deutschemark. I dont want his job and I dont want to storm the Bastille. But. Yeah, buddies, let us do something. Let us do something BIG! Yeah, I got a couple ideas. Thirtyfive years to think about it? Yeah, I got a couple ideas. Snail mail me at p.o.box 390154 Cambridge MA 02139. ARC bird
# RH 2010-03-20 15:37
Nice to see you're around. ;-)
-1 # Anthony A 2010-03-09 22:59
New to this site. You are doing well to make the distinction between the technology, which is fundamentally helpful, and the organization, which is sociopathic.

But I think there is a mistake here, too. Miscavige—a name I learned just today—did not subvert Scientology. He is only continuing the tradition of subverting it, a process which has been going on for 50 years.

I was a senior Sea Org officer (reporting directly to LRH) for a short time in the early 1970's. Almost all the complaints I'm reading about on your site are old news, and had already been going on for years, even then.

I was new to the game when John McMasters —"the world's first CLear!"—resigned; I was somewhat shocked. Other staff members who had been around for a few years were not shocked; it was business as usual, even then. That was only the first of many problems that disillusioned me.

After a couple of years in the Sea Org, it turned out that I still had a "case." That made it possible for the org to label me SP and bump me out with a big "freeloader" bill. I later learned that the "case" came from over-auditing that then-current bulletins required. When it became fashionable to correct these overruns, it was too late for me. I should count myself lucky I didn't waste more years in that org.

The story of Scientology is one of the great tragedies of our time: a discovery which could have made the world so much better, subverted and discredited, not so much by its enemies as by its self-styled defenders. I wish you all the best, but if you are still mad at the current despot, you have not gotten to "basic."
-1 # Lady Lancelot 2010-04-23 00:11
New to this site also and I would have to agree with Anthony. I've been in SCN a long time, since 1978 and even back then I saw some pretty insane, paranoid behavior, even at Flag in 1980. This was before DM took over.
I have no explanation.
My conclusion is, however, the same as Anthony's. DM is just continuing a tradition. He is may be worse, but the tradition started before he took over. I don't like to think this but it seems to me LRH must have known about the abuses.
I know I am supposed to be specific, so here is an examle. How could LRH not have know that his wife, Mary Sue, was framing Paulette Cooper.
I mean no disrespect by this. I think the Tech is amazing. Just some things don't add up and if someone could explain it to me, I would appreciate it. Thank you
# Jonathan Doe 2012-02-09 07:22
I am a critic, but this is an important realisation you have made here. Of course Hubbard knew what his wife was doing. It would be incredibly naive of anyone to think that he didn't. Make no mistake, Hubbard would have known of everything going on within scientology. This should tell you something about his true character. Good luck with the website and taking down the cult of scientology, independant scientology is more preferable to the abusive system of the so called "church". Please do all you can to stop scientologists within the church from being harmed and their lives destroyed by the evil dwarf miscavige.
# David St Lawrence 2010-04-26 16:04
With 33 years of scientology under my belt, I have certainty that the tech I applied worked miracles when properly applied under the Auditor's Code.

I also have certainty that those who are only interested in looking at the actions of David Miscavige and ignoring all other sources of error will come a cropper at some point.

It takes a LOT of confront to look at the real history of scientology and who actually developed the technology, and how LRH went from a position of power to a degraded and unfortunate end.

I have two websites devoted to uncovering what worked and what didn't in scientology and why.

Using basic scientology relationships like the KRC triangle and basic precepts, it is quite possible to trace the decline and fall of scientology to the creation of a militant priesthood (the SO) and the imposition of oppressive justice policies on productive and independent scientology organizations.

If anyone wishes to declare an area or individual off limits to investigation, that person is helping to hide secrets. The future of the technology depends on all involved coming clean and applying the proper steps to come up through the conditions.

We have absolute gems of wisdom to salvage, but we must be able to separate fact from fiction. Deifying LRH does not solve anything. The truth revealed will make it possible for us to salvage the technology and those who support it.
+2 # Thomas Dannecker 2011-02-18 14:50
Very good! Keep up the great work! This is sorely needed! I have written an essay entitled "The Tragedy of the Church of Scientology" about my recent experiences with the Church of Scientology here in LA. The essay is for new people, and I believe any new person who reads it will not join the Church of Scientology, which is my purpose at this time. I also sent a copy to OSA, since they're mentioned a lot in my essay, and not in a good way! I'm not afraid in the least of the Church, and they really don't want to go to court; way too much evidence against them. I got my repayment from AOLA and also my wife's and the total amount, which they didn't want to give. My essay also gives references to back up my experiences and the Church can't do a thing about it. It feels good!
-2 # Michael Davis 2011-11-06 09:14
I didn't know that you existed. After studying Scientlogy for 6 years I was excommuncated in 1993 because of legal issues and deemed Black PR to Scientlogy. LRH had great tech but it was so corrupted and perverted by the present individuals in power not sure will survive.
# Eternal Mom 2012-10-05 07:00
I am married to a scientologist at the moment and have come to know of all the inter workings of the organization. I am in awe of the manipulaton of this institution. There are many great technologies but there is so much that I see I do not agree with. Your website is helping me tremendously as I am beginning to understand more and more what I am dealing with being married to an extreme believer in Scientology. I do not understand why the corruption in Scientology is not more exposed to the world. I wish I could unveil the church to my husband and show him what you are saying but it is as if he is brainwashed.

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