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Sunday, 21 September 2014 12:30

Here's another hilarious ditty from singer, composter and social activist Spike Robinson about everyone's favorite vicious little rat fink.


You can visit her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9JWCbFLEsjFzqTI4M4rCwQ

Super Epic Superstar David Miscavige PDF Print E-mail
Blogs - Thoughtful
Sunday, 08 September 2013 05:27

This article is a sober rebuttal of Mike Rinder’s recent criticism of Mr. David Miscavige’s super epic super production of GAG II. When someone does something right you should give them credit, not take cheap shots. Actually there’s plenty of precedents throughout history for what Mr. Miscavige is doing. And it is high time we recognized every inch of rightness he’s got. Let me explain.

First there was the release of the Grade Chart in the 1960s by LRH. Then came GAG. And now here comes GAG II.


As you can tell from the art and also the words if you aren't smart, this was the most suspenseful showdown ever filmed. (The only more suspenseful showdown was when Evel Knievel attempted his longest jump Caesars Palace in 1967 whilst battling the curse of a tainted Philly cheese-steak: severe constipation and diarrhea at he same time. At the apex of his 141 foot attempt, the consequent weightlessness unbalanced his bowels and... well you saw the crash. But the suspensful showdown in the doctor's office was never filmed, hence Battle Apes wins.) David Miscavige was an extra in this greatest of all ape films, an experience that taught him everything he knows about Superstar Scientology Management which the ape (pictured) is demonstrating. The film also served as inspiration for Battlefield Earth, The Movie, which David Miscavige secretly produced, directed and edited from inside John Travolta's codpiece (that's why they were so big).


Precedent #1: Well, in the same way, there was PLANET OF THE APES in 1968, then in 1973 came BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES with incredible memorable ape scenes and radioactive humans planning a race war. Now this one is very precedential to what Mr. Miscavige is doing—a total precedent but just slightly more hairy. Okay a lot more hairy, but radioactive humans in a room planning stuff—exactly the same! Because in BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, they really had something there but then it got streamlined to remove any kind of plot, message, good sense, and anything interesting—in precisely the same way Mr. Miscavige streamlined Scientology down to GAG, and then streamlined GAG to to give us GAG II. So what we got left is 100% PURE DISTILLED ape with bad lines who couldn’t say their lines right anyway. Just like GAG II. True amazing fact: Danny Sherman wrote the script for BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES when he was only 16 while wearing an ape suit, just like how He will write the speeches for Mr. David “Jonnie Good-Orangutan-Boy” Miscavige’s new GAG II covered in extra hair, insofar as given that notwithstanding and that is to say.

But there are more precedents, hm-kay? so hold onto yourself as best you can until I can finish cause this is not easy and all of it is rock-hard important, hm-kay?

Precedent #2 is DIRTY DANCING, and then later, came DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS where it has nothing whatsoever to do with the original story because it’s all different people and takes place in a different setting too (Cuba), meaning a place that’s run by a DICTATOR who’s breath smells of cigar tobacco and bourbon… and TC’s lil’ peppy—just exactly like er ah... Manwife-you-know-who in GAG II.

Now for Precedent #3: First there was FRIDAY THE 13TH. Then, even better—no, much, much better: we got FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VIII: JASON TAKES MANHATTAN. Cause if you think about it, GAG II which is orders of magnitude better than original GAG comes on the heals of at least VIII of Mr. Miscavige’s most frightening slasher films each one filmed in full Tech?nocolor by tiny hidden video cameras which are everywhere:

I. The shower scene in Psycho at McBates Motel when old "Mother Miscavige" caught Mary Sue Hubbard naked and vulnerable. But instead of using a giant butcher knife, he just bit out her jugular vein spattering blood ALL OVER the shower walls! Now THAT's horror! A++ Take that Alfred Hitchcock.

II. Maniac at the Mission Holder's Conference: Decapitating head after head at the mission network in the famous 1981 GENOCIDAL BLOOD-FEST-A-GO-GO of verbal declares and Finance Police!!! Nobody made it out of that one alive but they were all just extras anyway so who cares?

III. Nightmare on Bridge Street where sly ole’ Miscavige chain sawed out the brains of Scientology by removing OT levels IV, V, VI, VII & VIII — Give ‘em the juice, McCulloch’s on the loose!

IV. My Bloody Valentine, David Miscavige’s quintessential 1986 standing order that all babies of Sea Org members get their spines snipped in half with scissors or just pluck their heads off—his most genius program of all time—wildly popular! Amazing!!! Why have children when you can kill them? Wherever possible, KILL! Whenever possible, KILL! Besides, what sociopath doesn't have sweet childhood memories of killing small animals? Keep up the tradition! HAPPY HALLOWEEN LADIES (insert insane laughter)!! This one was just MAGIC because when you find out your own ex-wife Sue Turton (MAA Golden Era Productions) did it by order of RTC without telling you, the name changes to The Day The Earth Stood Still. Surreal!!!

V. Massacre Canyon Int Base where Mr. Miscavige perfected brutality through Reverse Ethics! Twitching corpses everywhere!!!! Zombies eating their own bodies! Can I get a witness? Or do I need the witness protection program?

VI. Freddy and Jason vs. Management: Hacking out the jugular vein of Scientology with New Age of Machete-Management! Cool, drool, Chinese school! So much for Flag Management. Evals and IMEC.

VII. Night of the Living IAS Dead with zombies EATING HUMAN FLESH!! Hot gore-on-gore action! Gang-bang registration!! Sizzling XXX loan deals!!!

VIII. Triple feature at the Drive-In where no one drives out! Golden AIDS of Ethics where everyone succumbs to bloody wrong conditions and wrong indications that make people’s eyes absolutely POP OUT with blood gushing out of their noses like when an elephant steps on a tube of Close-Up toothpaste!!! PLUS, Golden AIDS of OT with new EPs (end phenomena) for New OT VII (terminal cancer) and New OT VIII (super suicide)!!! PLUS PLUS, Golden AIDS of Tech where virulent killer diseases take over the body after they get f**ked in the ASS by Diseased McChucky himself!! At the end of this one, you see the special Director's Cut put together by talking horse Mitchel Brisker where Miscavige comes out in lingerie, gets killed on stage by lovers-in-love Marion Pouw and Mike Stutter (who turn out to be brother and sister the whole time!) and the entire Int base turns out to be a space ship (who knew?) and blasts off for their home planet of Transsexual which unfortunatately collapses into a Black Hole as soon as they arrive. But that's nothing new. That place was a black hole from the beginning. HEAVY GRAVITY.

Then there is Precedent #4: First we had LEPRECHAUN, then we got LEPRECHAUN: BACK 2 THA' HOOD! And why not? Here, in GAG II we got a little short snot with a pot full o’ (1.5 billion in TAX-FREE IAS) gold, is big on rottin’ attitude! Pullin’ cards. Poppin’ caps. Gettin’ in mah kool aid. Makin’ his wife disappear.

Precedent #5: First we had CADDYSHACK where the star of the show eats a floater while everyone else clears out of the pool. Then we got CADDYSHACK II. This film had no memorable scenes or lines. EXACTLY LIKE GAG II!

Precedent #6: SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER which was followed by its super strong sequel, STAYING ALIVE, i.e. the movie responsible for flushing the career of secret man-whore loving John Travolta down into the toilet for the next 11 years until he was able to play the part of a feeble-minded deranged homicidal killer. Soooo GAG II, it isn’t funny in every way. In STAYING ALIVE, John plays a hot-n-sweaty, silky-scarf wearin,’ stage prancin', ballet stretchin,’ SUPER STAR without anything good to say. SOOOOO GAG II it isn’t funny, right? It’s precedentiacilious.

Precedent #7: The WORM that transforms itself into a MOTH! Flying high into the porch light! Then came MOTHRA the giant flying moth that destroyed everything in its wake of hot air. Totally GAG II you know it.

Precedent #8: First, there was CAPTAIN KANGAROO. Then YO GABBA GABBA with DJ Lance, Muno, Plex, Foofa, Toodee, and Brobee in Gabba Land featuring a special appearance by Super Martian Robot Girl. And right on the money we’ve got DJ McTinyfists, with Ceeohbee, David, DeeEmm, DingLing and Satan in Grabass Land with a special appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 by Super Robot Martian Girl Jenny Linson, i.e. GAG II in a mod orange jumpsuit all the way! YO GRABBA GRABBA!

Precedent #9: First there was WWI with Mustard Gas. Then came WWII with Zyclon B where they exterminated way more people. Can GAG II exterminate the soul of everyone in the CoS while Gold Member looks on? Right in the Kanickies!

And finally there is Precedent #10: First we had the DINOSAURS. Then a burning flaming meteor of asteroid Napalm hit that was like maybe the size of the moon, right? So the dinos were all surrounded by rivers of molten lava and they just like looked around and said, "Dude, this is bogus! We need some cool rules or we're going to be FOSSILS." With GAG II, we have the same thing. But with even fewer cool rules than the rivers of hot molten lava provide. See? Precedent city. Wham bam thank you ‘Nam.

FREE BONUS Precedent #11: First we got HERE COMES THE SUN by George Harrison going on about a "long cold lonely winter." Then we got HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO. If that is not GAG II, I don’t know what is. The only differences is, Honey Boo Boo is taller than Mr. David Miscavige. But don't tell him I said that because he will get really mad and maybe point dozens of new cameras at random women like Mosie, Christie and Michelle Obaba. I don't know why he does that, but you how how he HATES WOMEN! And Texas!

I hope this sets the record straight for all who want nothing more than to welcome GAG II with stiff arms, an open mouth and dead staring eyes. With flies on them.

by Thoughtful

Indie Celebration 2012 PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 12 July 2012 17:50

About half of the attendees before we embarked on a Sunday-afternoon boat ride.

We held the 3rd annual Indie Celebration on the 7th and 8th of July, 2012 on the shores of Gull Lake at Cragun's Resort in beautiful, lush Minnesota. I wanted to do a little review for those who could not attend so everyone can share the experience, hear what it was like and possibly attend next year.

The event was organized by Christie Colbrand and Natalie Hagemo.

Cragun’s is located in Brainerd, about 2 hours northwest of Minneapolis for anyone that might have seen the movie Fargo. Green rolling hills full of trees under a beautiful blue sky, Minneapolis is the closet large city, and in case you are wondering what mni means, it is the Dakota word for "water" and there is plenty of that in the land of 10,000 lakes which is actually 5,000 short of the true figure.

Lucky us — David Miscavige did not send any of his brain-fried dolts with cameras on their head. It’s always great to be anywhere they are not.

We had a very special guest who was the center of attention: 3-month-old Jack Rinder, Mike and Christie’s son. Photogenic and well behaved, he was by far the most photographed personage at the event.

About 60 Indie Scientologists where in attendance. Plus journalists from NBC and a local pod caster formerly a news anchor in Minneapolis. I could be wrong, but I believe Dallas had the most attendees of any city (7) and Texas had the most attendees from any state with at least 15. If I missed anyone, or if another location had more, please let me know.

whats-wrong-with-scientologyWe had our own banquet room and outdoor patio right on the beachfront. Activities included golfing, swimming along Cragun’s mile-long sandy beach, fishing, boating, laughing and telling stories, dining, and karoke. There were plenty of other activities, but mostly people wanted to visit with each other and one thing more: get Marty to autograph copies of his new book, What is Wrong with Scientology. This book, better than any other source, explains from a technical perspective precisely how David Miscavige has altered the subject at every level to corrupt and destroy Scientology's workability. If you haven't read a copy of this book yet, you really should do so. It is a must read for anyone with any connection to the subject.

On Saturday Marty organized a special video conference with the staff of the new Dror Center in Israel, the first mission to leave the Church intact and declare their independence! The history-making conference was filmed by NBC.

Craguns has a karoke bar and attendees sang from 9 pm to 12:30 am on both Saturday and Sunday night.

Temperatures varied from the upper ‘60s to the lower ‘80s — perfect, with no rain. And the lake was the perfect temp for a refreshing dip.

As a private party, attendance was open to anyone who had publicly declared their independence and/or departure from corporate Scientology. Some faces were missed, but overall it helped make it a safe, distraction-free environment that added up to a very relaxed non-PTS atmosphere throughout the party.

On Sunday everyone had breakfast and dinner together and the food was delicious.

What this party was really all about was friendship — something that doesn’t exist in Dave Miscavige’s corporation.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s event. Hope to see you there.

Christie and Jack
Relaxing on our private party patio overlooking the beach
Lana, Natalie, Marty and Mosey
Sleepy time
Free boat rides touring the lake.
Dueling cameras...
Plane prepares for take off.
Exploring nearby Excelsior on Monday
Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior
Mike and Tony by Lake Minnetonka

These photos don't show everyone. There are lots more photos on facebook!


What is an Independent Scientologist? PDF Print E-mail
Blogs - Thoughtful
Friday, 09 September 2011 08:01

It has come to my attention that there are still a few Scientologists in Germany who are afraid to attend the meeting because they feel if anyone found out they are a Scientologist, they might lose their job.

The point is not to come out as a "Scientologist" -- The CoS is a suppressive group to say the least and so if you say you are one of them, YES you certainly may be shunned.

But an Independent Scientologist is not the same thing. So that brings up the issue, what IS an Independent Scientologist?

An Independent Scientologist is a Scientologist who PUBLICALLY condemns the criminality and corruption of David Miscavige and his supporters. One has to actually DO something to PUBLICALLY expose the conspiracy within the CoS to ruin lives for the sake of money and power.

If one refuses to do that, then naturally in the publical eye one still retains the color of an enemy. No one is going to trust you and you will be viewed at best as a coward. Why? Because you are condoning the violation of human rights.

To be an Independent Scientologist, you have to stand up against the Church. Sorry, but there is no other way because there IS a condition running. The CoS has blood on their hands.

Independent Scientologists wherever they are, need to throw off this suppression of years and stand up for what is right. All good things will come to you if you do this. I don't like to hear that people are still allowing themselves to be cowed by SPs (the CoS).

The reason Scientologists in Europe (or anywhere) have a hard time is because they refuse to come out against the Church. Thus they are actually condoning criminality and that gives them a bad name.

The CoS is criminal and corrupt. If it is not OUR job as Independent Scientologists to do something about it, then whose job is it?

The tremendous ARC you can see on the Markus Lanz TV show (you can see it on Marty's blog) is the result of someone publically taking a stand as a Scientologist against the Church. Independent Scientologists are accepted by everyone. That's how it goes in America and Europe and anywhere. People who strike a blow against enslavement are universally loved and respected. They become instant VIPs. Everywhere we go Germans open their hearts to us. That is the light every Independent Scientologist must go to. Go into that light. Joy will fill your heart and wash away the despair.

By striking a blow publically to expose the corporate conspiracy inside the Church of Scientology, you will personally move UP a little higher and the 4th dynamic will support you because they WANT people like us around. They see clearly that we are protecting the public and setting a spectacular example of courage, honor, moral fiber and personal integrity.

The concept of the knight who roams freely standing up for freedom and truth is not dead. It is NOT a thing of the past. It is as alive as the heart beating in your chest. Why not be that knight? LRH defined Prime thought as the decision TO BE.

Decide TO BE and feel the life flowing back into your soul.

As Mike Rinder pointed out to me, the LRH handling for a suppressive group is to disband them. It is up to us to cut the head off the fire-breathing dragon.

Well, on the day we disband David Miscavige's mafia-church and his Stasi-like OSA, we can all take back the name of Scientologist. Until then, it is only honorable to be an Independent Scientologist. And that is a title you have to earn. But it is easy and fun and even joyous to do so. Taking action against the Church puts you instantly into a suit of gleaming armor.

Get your knight on.


Reconciliation in Hamburg PDF Print E-mail
Blogs - Thoughtful
Thursday, 08 September 2011 14:12
For decades Miscavige and the Office of Special Affairs has been running an extensive fifth column campaign to create chaos for Scientologists, Europen government officials, and key nations as a whole including Germany, France, Belgium and the UK.  The more trouble, the more cash David Miscavige receives in the form of donations plundered from duped Scientologists into the IAS's "war chest." Without a war, there can't be a war chest. That's why the Church IS at war.

It is a corporate conspiracy in the name of profit against multiple governments and I hinted at some of the details yesterday involving Miscavige's recruiting of film actors like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Ann Archer (Tommy Davis's mother) to pressure the US State Department to disrupt government operations. The details are truly rotten and that is one of the topics to be revealed by Marty on Saturday to any Independent Scientologist who wishes to attend our free meeting in Hamburg. Helping to organize THIS meeting is why I bought a plane ticket to Germany. Marty could have done it himself, but he's been a bit busy, so I volunteered.

Speaking of Marty, today he was on the Markus Lanz talk show with Ursula Caberta. The show is to air immediately and you can see it on Markus Lanz's website. Together they reveal some blistering facts about Miscavige's Stasi-like Office of Special Affairs and David Miscavige.


(Note: I believe English subtitles will be available soon on the video. Right now it is only in German)

-- Hey, tip to Mr Cruise and OSA: the Hammer of Thor is coming down. Don't be under it. You guys are on the wrong side of history. Just like the Stasi. Either wake up and get out now (with evidence against Miscavige) or soon it will be too late.

So the meeting will be at the Department of the Interior, 4 Johanniswall by Altstadterstrasse, starting at 10:30 AM in the heart of Hamburg. Bring your German ID or if you are not German, bring your passport -- you will need it to get into the building. If you arrive on time, you will also get to meet Ursula Caberta -- a genuine leader of enormous insight who since years has suffered every dirty trick in the OSA play book. What Marty is experiencing now, she also endured.

And as for the numerous CoS hate websites attempting to malign and stigmatize Ursula Caberta as a "religious bigot" -- FAIL. She never was. And now that she's proving the point, the CoS websites suddenly took down that lie and replaced it with a new one. Just hours ago! Miscavige operates on the insane idea if he repeats a line (even though it's false) enough times for enough years, one day everyone will believe it. I'm not making this up. It is actually what he professes, and is why OSA tells such blatant lies about Marty, Mike, Ursula, me, Amy, Marc, and the hundreds of others who stand by truth.

European Scientologists need to know what has really been going on so they can jetisson the false data. For example, OSA operatives and IAS registrars have been telling people since the 1990s that the German government "kicks Scientology children out of public school." it is a lie. The German government doesn't care what people believe and they want kids to go to school. Like anyone else, they only care what people DO. And when repressive individuals start discriminating against others, forcing them to give money, disconnect from parents or change religions, the government's job is to do something when people are being harmed. In response, the Church made up lies.

For years WISE pressured Scientologists to use confidential employee records to recruit people into Scientology. It is illegal to do that. Victims turned to the government for help. And when the government told the Church to knock it off, the Church spread a lie that "if the government finds out you are a Scientologist you will lose your job." No, breaking the law and harming people is what gets people fired because that's just how life works. The only people who ever lost their jobs were fired because they comitted crimes that harmed people. It was NOT "religious persecution."

To prove the point, the govenment is hosting and providing their own facilities for a meeting of Independent Scientologists.

The government has no problem with us at all. On the contrary, they respect what we are doing and they know the Church is retaliating against us in various ways, especially if your name is Marty or Mosey Rathbun. Yet this "open arms" approach is nothing new. This has been their attitude all along. It was only the CoS that claimed the government was all bad. And it wasn't just the government that OSA lied about. They also claimed problems in Germany traced back to the Lutheran Church. Hogwash!

What David Miscavige does best: make powerful enemies with long memories.

I also said yesterday the Church had blood on their hands. And Hamburg attendees will learn more on that score too, including tragic deaths by suicide of leading European Scientologists, forced into such heavy debt by the CoS there seemed no other way out than to abandon life itself.

So, if you can arrange to be at this historic meeting, please be there. In fact this meeting symbolizes a mending of relations and a healing from the damage done to a very important part of the world by the most toxic individual I have ever known.

Marty said his purpose in coming to Europe was to "clean up the mess" made by David Miscavige.

- Thoughtful

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