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Sunday, 24 January 2010 11:53

(Caution: this is a rant).

The ethics of DM and is "Church" continue to reach new lows. As a result, they have become a vacuum for trouble and that's putting it extra-super mildly.

On December 30th, OT VII, Rex Fowler, a minister of David Miscavige's Church allegedly pumped three 9mm rounds into the head of his ex-business partner, killing him, who had resigned on November 23rd apparently after Rex was persuaded to "donate" $200,000 to the Church of Scientology or an associated charity -- surely this was the result of illegal crush regging. I'm sorry, but this has David Miscavige/IAS fingerprints all over it. The company had not been doing well the previous year. The ex-business partner who was not a Scientologist stopped in December 30th to collect his severance, a paltry $9,900, and was allegedlymurdered instead.

This is what burns me up. Out-ethics has consequences. People ARE dying and have been dying for decades due to what David Miscavige is doing. How many OTs have died from cancer due to out-tech "HCO-style sec checks" which LRH forbid in HCO PL, SECURITY CHECKS FORBIDDEN, not to mention violations of Policy and Ethics?

Stacy Moxon committed suicide in 2000 after being held captive at Int along with all the rest of us for 2 months. She was brand new, still in her teens (as I recall) and just couldn't take it. She had just gotten married prior to coming up to the Int base, and had not been allowed to see her new husband. Desparing, she committed suicide Sunday morning June 25, 2000. The crone, Marion "Wichiepoo" Pouw, a real termagant if there every was one, destroyed Stacy's suicide note per my inside source. And it certainly makes sense of the story and all the circumstances. Her father KENDRICK MOXON is an attorney who works for David Miscavige, the man who's orders resulted in the death of his own daughter. Kendrick -- maybe it's time for you to stop being a Miscavologist and start being a Scientologist and a father. How many more people have to die because in your confusion, you continue to follow the herd instead of your heart. Where is your knowingness? No doubt it is screaming in the pit of your soul. Can you not hear it because you have fogotten how to listen? Or can you not hear it because you refuse to hear?

In fact Stacy's death was one of many that had occurred at the Int base. Another was a 16-year-old girl who was decapitated when she ran into a front end loader hired by Int base execs to frantically clean up road at 11 PM because David Miscavige was suddenly on his way up to Int and heads would roll if the road was not beautified. A third was Joe Harrison, long-time Scientologist, Sea Org member and carpenter from LA who lost his life in 2003 while working on Building 50 -- David Miscavige’s $70 million private office/monument to greed and egomania -- as a direct result of Miscavige’s trademark policy of sleep deprivation (classified by the CIA as torture).

Yesterday, the St Petersburg Times ran the story of actor Larry Anderson who has resigned from Scientology due to out-tech in his auditing, lies from David Miscavige and DM's gross mismanagement. The article included audio recordings of Tommy Davis and Jessica Flashback -- his

Hearing about these things fills any real Scientologist with outrage. The loss of life, the blighting of hope, the lies and deceit emanating from Tommy Davis and his contemptous shrew-of-a-harpy side kick, Jessica Flashback in their utterly misguided love affair with David Miscavige are bringing the avalanche. Tommy Davis had the audacity to call Larry Anderson a liar -- caught on tape! While Jessica the Harpy (a rapacious bird of prey with a woman's face) tried her claws by asking Larry Anderson, "Are you, like, broke?"

OTs and Scientologists are running into the safety and sanity of the Independent movement. The damn is bursting. The tipping point is being reached.

Please step up your efforts to put in order.

And speaking of putting in order, as a Primary Target, may I suggest you get Twitter on your phone? It's free. Social networking gives us the power to alert YOU instantly to breaking news as the battle for freedom and truth rages on.

Written by Thoughtful


David Miscavige: Suppressing LRH Books PDF Print E-mail
Blogs - Thoughtful
Sunday, 17 January 2010 15:08

A reader on Joe Howard's (Dan Koon's) new blog on www.RediscoverScientology.com which was launched last night (click to visit) asked about the 10% price increases instituted by LRH in the 1980s. Instead of stopping once Church prices had been correctly adjusted for inflation, the Church continued to increase prices affecting not only services, but even the price of books.

In 1989, after learning the ropes in marketing as a project manager for two years, I took over as the "Dianetics Route Marketing Officer" in Central Marketing Unit, responsible for all marketing relating to the Dianetics Route internationally.  One of my first self-determined actions after getting on post was to review the prices of LRH's Dianetics books internationally because they had somehow been allowed to spiral upward out of control.

I confronted an unbelievably suppressive situation. At the time I thought the situation "had somehow been allowed to happen" and must have been due to oversight and neglect. In some of the poorer nations the price of a Dianetics book was higher than the average wages for an entire month! Can you imagine a normal book made of paper costing over $1,000 today? Well, that's what it was like for people living in other countries where normal wages in US dollars were as I recall less than two bucks a day.

Even a small hardback book like Advanced Procedures and Axioms was priced at $36 in the US. So no one was buying them. DMSMH was bigger, but more important, so it had somehow been given a special "low" price of only $32 each. Tack on shipping and taxes, and by the time these books reached Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Eastern Europe, the Far East or anywhere in Africa the prices were astronomical. No one could afford to buy one. Even in the US the prices were way, way, way, way, way, way, way out of line.

My investigation found there was absolutely no valid reason for the prices to be so high. Books didn't even cost that much to produce! The LRH pricing formula and policies were not being applied. "Someone" had continued the 10% price increase that started in 1980 until book prices were astronomical.

BEI (Books Exec Int, who's name was Sandy) told me she had tried to adjust the prices of books about two years earlier, and got herself flattened. After that, she gave up.

Undeterred, I submitted my solution. It was a huge proposal, fully researched, which I spent a couple of feverish months working on... only to have it resoundingly rejected by guess who?  

You guessed it: Adolf Hit... I mean, David Miscavige. The submission was forwarded through CO CMU, Bill Dendiu, and Marketing Exec Int, Ronnie Miscavige, (they both approved it). Both were driven out of the Church long ago by David Miscavige. Ronnie took my pricing submission "up the hill" and personally presented it to David Miscavige. Well, Hitler went atomic and said "No way are we going to degrade LRH's books" -- which was a non-sequitur smoke screen since no one was suggesting to do anything except what LRH advised, which was make his books affordable.

When Ronnie brought the submission back to me he looked shell shocked. He was apologetic and didn't have much to say about it. I could tell he had gotten blasted because he, being on-Source, had supported the handling.

That was proof that the suppressive book pricing -- i.e. denying LRH tech to millions of people -- was NOT an accident that "had somehow been allowed to happen" as I thought originally. Clearly Scientology was being suppressed from the very highest level: David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board RTC was counter intending dissemination, personally stopping people from buying LRH books on an international scale by making them so expensive no one could afford them.

Anyone attempting to handle this was branded for "intending to degrade LRH books" -- a total lie, of course. And within a year I was inexplicably assigned to the RPF. Today I know I had put the bullseye on my own forehead by spotting DM.

If you are on the fence about David Miscavige, think about the people in places like Haiti who were reaching for the tech but couldn't afford a book. Miscavige has zero compassion, zero interest in helping others, zero interest in the humanitarian mission of Scientology. And he's made anything to do with Scientology abhorrent to the world at large. How would you feel about an organization that offered "freedom, only $1,000 a book."

At the 1989 SMI Mission Holder's Conference, about 200 people came representing "pioneer areas." They asked myself and MEI about the prices saying, "No one can afford to buy even one book!" Instead they would pool their money to buy one book, then pass it around until the pages were tattered and worn. All because of one man's insatiable avarice... or worse. 

LRH said "Books are Dissemination" so when you strike at books, you are striking at the very heart of Scientology and that's what David Miscavige has done.

If you were around then, I'm sure you remember the prices. There was no reason for it. In fact, the orgs were absolutely LOADED up with book stocks, which was another Miscavige ploy in the early 1980s to get the book sales (stats) out the roof to trick LRH into trusting Miscavige.

The guy is so foul there ought to be a picture of him in every urinal. You could replace the skull and cross bones on toxic waste with a photo of David Miscavige and have a warning that was truly appropriate.

Miscavige didn't want people reading LRH books. He never gave a DAMN about the poor, or helping people to create a better future for themselves. Where would some of these countries like Haiti be today if only they had been allowed to buy LRH books in the 1980s when they originally wanted them?

The situation was so suppressive it made me sick for a few weeks. But I never gave up, because giving up on the human race is not an option. I know you feel the same way or you wouldn't be reading this now.

Today we know what to do and we're doing it. We're saying NO! to suppression. Independent Scientologists together are greater than David Miscavige. It is a group situation and even a 4th dynamic situation and you are helping to make it go right.

Written by Thoughtful


New Website Announced PDF Print E-mail
Blogs - Thoughtful
Friday, 25 December 2009 13:24
For sometime I've been planning to bring online another website. The purpose of this new second website was to help get Scientology back on course by acting as a compass pointing to Scientology's philosophic core.

Additionally, many independent Scientologists have expressed a need for a website without the word "cult" in its domain name, where they could send their "dependent" Scientologist friends who were still under the thought-control of the Church of Miscavology. The first person to suggest this was one of our writers, Flur Fornow. Additionally, FriendsofLRH.org is back online, bigger and better than ever.

The new website is still under construction by SteveHallCreative.com, but it's usable now.

Christmas is all about the joy of giving, and so I wanted to give it to you.

The Iron Door of Scientology is opening; 2010 is going to be one hell of a year.

Introducing: www.rediscoverscientology.com

Again, this website was just born today -- Christmas Day, 2009 -- so it is going to grow. You simply won't believe one of it's features (soon to be released). In short, that feature alone is going to rock the Scientology world (in a good way).

Scientology-cult.com is all about whistle blowing: Using the technology of third-dynamic auditing to audit our group engram with the objective of returning the Church to sanity.

RediscoverScientology.com website is all about re-alignment: Reestablishing the core of our philosophy, replanting our roots so they can grow.

Scientology-cult.com is about rehabilitating a criminal organization: the Church.

RediscoverScientology.com is about enabling the Phoenix of Scientology to rise from the ashes.

Thank you for all YOU have done this year to open the Iron Door that has been closed for so long.

Please look over the new website and feel free to comment here with any ideas you have.

Written by Thoughtful

Who's Tough? PDF Print E-mail
Blogs - Thoughtful
Thursday, 26 November 2009 09:47

Photo of firemen fighting a fireThere have been times and places when being in the Sea Org was fun. There was purpose and even honor. Those days are long gone. Now it's more like being a prison guard (or prisoner) in a 1984-style prison system. Harsh ethics has become pervasive, trademark Miscavige; pointlessly so, unnecessarily so, arbitrarily so. Sea Org members were tough by design. They had to be because there was a big job to do and few to do it. But this is the crashing misunderstood word: toughness is NOT the same thing as harshness.

The only people who think so are the WEAK and criminally-minded people of the world. The truly TOUGH person is kind and able to love. They are so TOUGH they are able to take it all, handle it all, overcome anything, and yet they are still able to love people, laugh easily, and inspire others to do the same.

When I think about "tough," I think about LRH in the early days. I think "tough" and "character" go hand in hand. "Tough" and "compassion" go hand in hand. "Tough" and "wisdom" go hand in hand. "Tough" and "faith" go hand in hand.

"Harsh" -- that is the province of weak and the stupid. It is their misunderstanding. It is as close as they can come to "tough" since they have no way to comprehend what "tough" is really all about.

Here's who I think are really TOUGH: those individuals who have seen what's going on and who are now standing up and doing something about it against all odds, with zero funding... and winning. And all with zero harsh ethics, musters, justice actions, physical assaults, HCO Summonses, disconnections, rumor campaigns, black PR, lies, entheta, Severe Reality Adjustments, stat graphs, condition assignments, multimillion A/V systems, million-dollar events, written programs, projects, orders, and confidential COB Transcripts marked, "Not to leave the base."

It has taken a lot of hard work and even a few all-nighters, but even those were fun. :-)

Instead of all the wholly unnecessary idiocies, our efforts are characterized by honesty and intense friendships on every hand. Because the camaraderie is so high, we naturally have each other's back. Without enforcing a single aspect, we are the very definition of an OT team.

Instead of written programs, projects and orders we have initiative. We act in concert without a single product conference or planning session.

One of us starts something only to find that someone else started the exact thing needed to complement those actions. It's exactly like this: one of us decides to build a door and starts. Then he or she notices someone else is building a roof and someone else is building a wall and someone else is building a path.

Every one one of us is wearing a hat and doing a job and doing it for free because we care. Included in that are all the people who comment and lend their voice in support and defense.

I think some people believe there is a group of beings watching over the human race. I think even this idea is a romantically-stupid misunderstanding. The actual truth is far better than this fairy tale misconception.

The heroic beings exist. That’s a fact. But they aren’t “watching over” the human race... like angelic firemen in white gowns laying around on Cloud 9 until they are needed, then coming down to intervene.

We aren’t “watching over” the human race or “looking down upon” the human race.

We ARE the human race!

The human race is something special. Membership in our group is entirely open-ended and voluntary. Anyone can belong to that group who wants to belong because it's a matter of character.

Some of them joined the Sea Org. Many more never heard of Scientology. These beings live and work throughout the world and are called collectively the human race or in Scientology we call them the "4th dynamic."

David Miscavige thought he could subjugate them, "take them over" and make them follow his gibberish orders. I call that the incredible arrogance of a criminal imbecile.

He can label us “suppressive persons” or spread false rumors. He isn't going to crush the 4th dynamic. Not now, not ever.

With kindness, we are doing something about him. 

Written by Thoughtful


Real State of the Int Base PDF Print E-mail
Blogs - Thoughtful
Wednesday, 25 November 2009 16:31

Today, Robin posted this comment after reading T Paine’s “Common Sense”:

“Please clarify, are you speaking figuratively or literally when you say: ‘And organizationally there’s just him now, there’s no CMO Int, no Watchdog Committee, no Exec Strata, a neutered upper middle management and very confused organizations out in the continents.’  I really want to know. I have been off lines for some time, and this stuns me. You've got to be speaking figuratively. Wikipedia still lists those entities. Oh God, I hope so. If DM has actually physically done away with them then there truly is no hope for reform from within.”

Photo of razor spikes to prevent blowsWell, Robin this is a great question. However the reality gap is enormous!

To clarify, we mean literally, those entities DO NOT EXIST. That's why we're working so hard to sound the alarm. They only exist on paper. Let me repeat, they only exist on paper. Actually, not even that: they only exist in spoken word, i.e., DM's words during his speeches. In the physical universe, there is nothing. The buildings are there, but the Int Base consists of a skeleton crew of about 300 to 350 people mostly posted in Gold producing CDs and books.

The rest of Int management consists of a bunch of random broken down staff members who have been busted off post since the year 2000 or earlier. Sometimes they might have a post for a day or a week, by verbal order from COB. Then boom, just like that, they're off post again. Mainly he says, someone is now "WDC for Basics" or some idiocy, and that's really just for an event. So much animosity that has built up on DM's side against all the terminals of the Int base that he can't even stand to be in their space for more than a few minutes. Because of that reason, he rarely even goes to the Int base, but spends most of his time at the Freewinds, Flag, LA or somewhere else like DC (for a building opening).

DM has so many missed withholds he DESPISES all the Int execs. We aren't exaggerating when we have said over and over again that physical violence became the order of the day at the Int base. If you can image that kind of hatred, that kind of animosity, then you can image the kind of trust that accompanies that level of no affinity. You got it: zero trust.

Miscavige has zero... actually below zero trust for every single Int base exec. They have clashed so consistently and for so many years, that he 100% expects they will mess up, destroy or otherwise RUIN any project he gives them.

Couple that with the fact that he himself overtly cross orders and sabotages every project he gives them, OR else he interprets anything they do as 100% suppressive even when they do something right, and you get how hopeless the situation is.

Hence, he gives them NOTHING to do, except print CDs and books. All their comm lines are cut and have been cut for years. There is no telex lines, no phone lines, no evals, nothing coming into or out of the Int base. It is locked down and has been locked down for years.

All they produce are products for his events.

Now the reason all this went so wrong is not because the base is populated by SPs. It's because DM is an SP himself. So he is surrounded by conflict. But to bring it to a sharper point: The reason DM hates all of Int management is because they implemented his programs and orders, such as the “New Era of Management” (see New Era of Mismanagement by Outside the Box for a perspective from Flag Management of what this program meant to Scientology). All those programs and evals and orders from DM crashed Scientology. DM, being an SP, then does what SPs do: kick the cat (selects the wrong target). He should be kicking himself: it was his own crap programs and orders that destroyed Scientology, like stopping the Dianetics book campaign in 1990 because it was cutting across the Key to Life evolution when in fact it was supporting all of Scientology. It’s all idiocy.

The Int base does not operate on programs, projects, evals. There are no fixed posts above Gold. And many in Gold aren’t even fixed.  They operate on PT verbal orders only from DM’s mouth which are recorded and transcribed and issued as a “transcript” which everyone must word clear. Whatever he happens to say that day is put into effect immediately. If you don’t understand it, you have MUs (misunderstood words). If you don’t have MUs, you are “CI” (counter intention, meaning you have destructive intentions, e.g. you “want to destroy Scientology”).

Okay, here are some example: In 1998 Miscavige declared there were hundreds of hats on his plate. He set up a huge wall with baseball hats and on every hat was embroidered someone’s hat he had on his plate. I had just taken over the post as Scriptwriting I/C and I was one of the few to get their hats back. No one else ever did. That was just a minor story in the scheme of thing, but now let that situation rot and fester for another 8 years.

In 2006 DM took a walk through RTC. RTC was never a large org to begin with. In one day he busted 18 people out of RTC including Claire Headley and sent them down to expedite in CMO Int. There is not “RTC” staff (or maybe only a couple) at Int; just “COB’s Office.” RTC still has their RTC Reps probably, but those people just do what DM tells them to do (terrorize the lower orgs and push Tech out with DM’s squirrel programs like redefining instant read and F/N).

But “CMO Int” just consists entirely of a mob of people none of whom have any posts. They’re all expeditors.

When was the last time you heard of any Exec Ints doing anything? You didn’t because there aren’t any real Exec Ints on post. Ronnie Miscavige blew in 2000. He was one of the last and even he was not really qualified to head up marketing. Ronnie would have done much better had his brother (David) not constantly cross ordered, bypassed, uprooted, taken off post, and micro-managed marketing straight into the ground.

Also that year (2006) DM said that HCO and Qual Gold weren’t accomplishing anything. The only ones who accomplished anything that DM wanted was Cine and Audio. So immediately everyone in Qual and HCO Gold were reposted into Cine. Sue Turton, who has been an MAA in Gold since 1989, became a video editor. That’s what she does not. Others were reposted in Sets and Props, or in Audio.

Most all the movers and shakers left. There was a huge exodus from the Int Base. Mike Rinder is out. Zillions of people are out.

People who send reports to “Reports Off RTC” -- there hasn’t been anyone on that post for years. That’s why no one answers. Instead the reports go into a electronic format that DM can see. He uses it as intelligence so he knows who to target -- anyone criticizing his programs.

That is the state of the nation as best I know.

Nothing is going to happen from within. Nothing. It’s a matter of bringing to bear public pressure from outside the Church to force a reformation and end DM’s long history of criminality, barbarity and toxic programs.

Written by Thoughtful

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