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Tuesday, 17 November 2009 23:36

David Miscavige has enlisted three of his long-time partners in crime, Marion Pouw, Mike Sutter and Hansuli Stahli. If you’ve read about some of David Miscavige’s criminal activities, you’ve probably seen their names. Each one of them is an expert at justifying anything Miscavige orders, no matter how criminal. In fact, they’re so good at this kind of justification, so fast, it has become a substitute for having their own viewpoint. And when a person has lost their own viewpoint they can no longer as-is anything. So, they survive, machine-like, according to aberrated computations like "David Miscavige is always right" or "Nothing matters but expansion." Hence the term robot.

Whereas the purpose of Scientology is to bring a person up to the point he or she is capable of having his or her own viewpoint, “always observing to observe,” these people have honed the ability of seeing everything through the viewpoint of Miscavige. They never question anything he orders, they never see any shades of gray or gradients of right or wrong. They only see in stark black and white: anything Miscavige orders is white, is right. ANYONE who stands in his way is dark, is wrong.

If you have ever met any of them, chances are the words “condescending,” “arrogant” and “out of valence” will bring a smile to your lips. Who else would want to be a Miscavige crony?

These are some of the RTC staff who are willing to accept grossly inflated bonuses and pay for years to make David Miscavige’s weekly take of parishioner booty seem less excessive in the eyes of the IRS. They are Sea Org members BOUGHT and SOLD... weaned on a steady diet of favors, gifts, travel, nights out at the movies, ski trips and cash -- all based on false stats. RTC’s stats are based on property value. So they hire someone who does nothing but tour property full time and illegally inflate property value. Thus RTC’s stats are always up as long as the buildings look good! Who cares about the staff or actual Scientologists.

You’re going to hear more about their betrayals and abuses of public trust.

But suffice it to say, these are junkies so hooked on lies they can’t stop suckling the teat even though they swallow the blood of Scientology parishioners, i.e., YOUR money. Personally, I thought that money was supposed to go to bringing more people into the religion. But with all DM’s crimes, all the money in the world won’t bring people in. Meanwhile, most of the money is wasted on real estate to keep RTC’s stats up so the fat keep getting fatter with more bonuses and rewards.

Crossing the line

Well, as I said Miscavige has sent them on a special project of damage control. One by one they are contacting Scientologists and ex-staff and trying to “handle them” by showing them videos of all the new buildings. That the buildings are empty is no matter. "Expansion" has been redefined to mean "real estate."

Photo of Yael Lustgarten, Scientology's moral poster child
Tommy Davis's poster child for "Scientologists for Miscavige," Yael
Lustgarten, (right) joins Marion Pouw, Mike Sutter, Hansuli Stahli
and others who will do anything to please David Miscavige.

(Yes, t
his is a genuine photo.) For more on Yael Lustargen,
read this article by The Scarlet Pumpernickel.

So far, out of all the hundreds of staff who have left the Int base in protest over abuses there, they’ve only gotten a tiny handful of solid converts willing to sell their soul. Leading the way is Yael Lustgarten who only cares about herself and reconnecting with her wealthy Scientology family (after years of disconnection). Bringing about justice, doing what is right... "That's not my problem," she told me. Those, like Yael, under the Miscavige thumb are now being prodded to reach out to other ex-staff they haven’t spoken to for years (and thus never really cared about).

Yael borrowed $700 from one person and only after heavy intervention did she repay... part of it. Still owes $150. Classy.

So here's what to expect when the buzzards start to circle: After a bit of introduction, and “Gosh, remember when...” and “I heard you are married now...” they tell their own sanitized story. Then they bring up the people who are “attacking the church.”

To an out-of-valence justification machine like Marion Pouw, blowing the whistle on abuse, violence and crime = "attacking the church." Strange, but I don’t think human rights organizations around the world... I don’t think media outlets around the world... I don’t think the world itself would agree with that equation.

Next comes “logic” like “Why turn around and attack the thing we supported for all those years?” Why indeed?

Here are some possible answers: duh... because human trafficking is a crime? Because blackmail, extortion, racketeering, assault, torture are wrong? Because forcing thousands of abortions and hundreds of divorces is wrong? Because breaking up families through disconnection is wrong? Because embezzlement is wrong? Because soliciting millions in donations for one thing, but spending the money on something else is wrong? Because harming people to the point that some have committed suicide is wrong? Because using Reverse Scientology is wrong? Because making Scientology into a farce is wrong?

But why even wait for an answer? Instead Yael and her crony buzzards rush onward from inane rhetorical questions to naming key whistle blowers. Then they level the final condemnation.

The word from David Miscavige, filtered through Marion Pouw, Mike Sutter and Hansuli Stahli, through Yael Sherlock, Wolfi Frank and Neel Smed is that these leaders “only say they are pulling David Miscavige’s withholds, but it’s not true. They are hurting Scientology.” Are we really, now?

3rd-dynamic auditors

When I was six years old, I tried to do a back flip off a fence and broke my right arm just above the wrist. It was a compound fracture, but I didn’t cry. My parents rushed me to the hospital. After X-rays, the doctors told me they had to set the bones and when they did it was “going to hurt.”

It did.

But the bones healed and I got my arm back. The pain was over soon enough. 3rd-dynamic auditing is like that. Honesty can be a bitter pill. Miscavige is trying hard to spit it out. He’ll throw anyone under the bus. Me, you, any of us.

Ultimately, what all this shows is that “the tone arm is moving;” we are making progress.

Yes, I'm sure confronting the truth hurts. David Miscavige blew session in the early 1990s and has not been back in session since. No one has ever pulled his withholds, that's a big part of the problem. So we are doing it; and we're thorough.

Good for the soul

Expect the patient to howl and squirm. The medicine is bitter but lord it's needed. And what is that medicine? Ethics; transparency; accountability.

We haven’t spread any lies that I know of. We have exposed many crimes, however.

If there had been no flagrant criminality, no shocking abuses, no financial irregularities, no human rights violations, none of this would even be happening.

We aren't damaging Scientology. Those who committed the crimes are responsible for that. Did David Miscavige think he could commit all manner of crimes and never be held accountable for that? How arrogant.

Years ago, I wrote a slogan for film called, "The Married Couple": Can honesty restore what secrets destroyed?

I say yes. What about you?

Written by Thoughtful



+3 # TRUTH 2009-11-19 00:09
Thank you Thoughtful for this post. You are absolutely right! Honesty and Truth definitely can restore what DM's crimes and secrets has destroyed.

DM needed some major auditing since he hasn't had any session since early 90s. We are definitely pulling more of his withholds and as a result he is showing more and more of his hidden agenda which public Scientologists and world can clearly see.
Lets keep it up and stiffen the Ethics gradient on DM.
# RJ 2009-11-20 01:19
Wow Thoughtful Steve, I see that you've kicked off the expose on the elite deviants aka David Miscavige supporters and cheer leaders (I suppose the girl pictured in the background is one of those) and other dark forces that make him so special :-)
# Thoughtful 2009-11-20 12:15
Yes, David Miscavige has several of his own skeletons in Las Vegas closets! Stay tuned...
# Alex 2009-11-21 16:24
I can't wait to here what you are up to. With your fertile mind it has to be reeeaaall goood!!

Oh, by the way, the guy in Australia that is exposing abuses said that LRH has policies basically making it ok for DM to operate the way he is and lots of other Sea Org members did that stuff too. He says that DM is just enforcing the LRH Sea Org policies that are kept secret from the public. Your take?
# Thoughtful 2009-11-22 00:14
Crimes are crimes. IMHO, it doesn't matter who said it was okay.
-1 # Guest 2009-11-22 16:06
Thanks Thoughtful. I agree. I guess what I really wanted to know is if you know that these LRH advices actually exist or not? Because if they do , even if we get rid of DM maybe the next one will not be any better, if they play the game of applying ONLY what LRH says and have no judgement of their own.
# Thoughtful 2009-11-23 11:40
I'm glad you brought that up. It's a common concern but not a valid concern. If you don't mind me saying so, you are making the same mistake as Miscavige in not recognizing that it is the WORLD that has changed. The separation between private and public are GONE. When more responsible people can share their experiences, thoughts, photographs and video documentation by spraying it all over the Internet within minutes after they happen, the days of organizations being able to trick and lie without serious repercussions are OVER. How dumb is it that Scientology, which has the technology on how to stay in present time, is one of the most out-or-present-time organizations on Earth.
+1 # G. Schutte 2009-11-21 16:27
I'm staying tuned and hope DM is shatting in his pants and may he dig the dried up shit he forced Int staff to do with their bare hands (per reports from Headley's book).
+1 # gone down 2009-11-20 02:27
r u frickin kidding, that biatch next to her is semi naked, can that be real? Speaks volumes.
+2 # Thoughtful 2009-11-20 12:10
This photo is legit. Yael Lustgarten went to Las Vegas and sent this photo in an email. People and the media need to know the statements supporting David Miscavige as attributed to her by Tommy Davis are unreliable. In private she told me the Church altered her affidavit and she has made no bones about the fact that the Church will not let her see her family unless she plays ball. Some might call that blackmail.

My recommendation is that Yael step forward and clear her name quickly while she still can.

When confronted by criminality, one either blows the whistle on it, or one condones it and thereby becomes a party to it.

One problem with the Church people under Miscavige is they do not understand that lying in the name of Scientology is wrong. They think "anything goes" regardless of the law.

The days of the all-powerful corrupt monopoly operating above the law are over. We are making sure of that.
+1 # Alex 2009-11-20 05:11
Hi Thoughtful. I missed your communications. This was funny and spot on as usual. Your communications are very creative and true and at spirit of play, I love them!!
Hope all is well for you and continue to flourish and prosper.
Highest ARC,
+1 # Thoughtful 2009-11-20 12:13
Oh yeah, I've been working on something big... woo-hoo. Sorry for being off the radar for a bit.
# RJ 2009-11-20 19:48
I guess "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" isn't the guiding rule any longer.

Las Vegas has a dark history in Scientology. I'm glad your shinning some light on the scene.

As always Thoughtful I've got your back :-)
# TRUTH 2009-11-21 16:21
Steve, Do you have a picture of each of these guys? Marion Pouw, Mike Sutter, Hansuli Stahli
+1 # Thoughtful 2009-11-21 23:54
All of them have been pictured in various publications over the years. Readers are encouraged to send in photos and written evidence for eventual publication.

As 3rd Dynamic auditors, our goal is to restore sanity to the Church of Scientology through transparency and accountability (pulling withholds). The ideal scene per LRH is the dynamics in communication.
# eyesopened 2009-11-21 16:23
Wow! Can't wait to see your new DM release in Vegas. I'll be staying tuned.
+1 # Boyd Hutchins 2009-11-22 23:41
Another great one Steve. Yael will find she is answerable to life and the future. Can't run from those no matter how much false protection her group gives her.
# Thoughtful 2009-11-23 11:19
Boyd, you really summed up a huge concept in a few words. This is what everyone on DM's side seems continually to miss: that every being is ultimately answerable to life and the future.

Just today I heard our good friend Roberto in Mexico has experienced huge gains since he put on the boots of reason, truth and responsibility.

Everyone who dons those boots has experienced significant gains in personal freedom and well being. Others report greater abilities -- increased sphere of control, postulates and considerations working better, increased beingness, doingness and havingness, higher intelligence, better health, better resistance to disease -- all these are a product of actions to accept responsibility and be cause over suppression. It's that upper triangle in action: Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.

These are the GOOD INDICATORS present for someone of integrity.

Every being is answerable to life and the future. When one stands up for what is right, life and the future ANSWERS with so many good things all of which make us happy and restore beauty to the world as it moves by.

Life definitely answers, immediately!
# Panther 2009-11-23 06:30
Right on the money as usual Thoughtful. This article makes even more sense when read together with Scarlet Pumpernickle's. One doesn't know whether to pity or despise people like Yael. The main enemy line used against public going independent or asking pertinent questions of the current scene is that one could "lose one's eternity" for "attacking scientology". This is very insidious and my FSM said exactly that to me just a few months ago. Yet how can one go free while at the same time denying one's own knowingness and integrity? Can't be done. Plenty of new OT VIII completions are adequate testimony to that. Yael has as much chance of spiritual eternity as my jack russell of bringing me breakfast in bed while chanting Handel's Messiah (ie. not very much). As for attacking scientology, it is precisely the lies and treachery of people like Yael who have put personal gain before truth and integrity that makes scientology look immoral and soulless to the general public. People aren't stupid and when they see dozens of coherent and reasoned ex-staff come forward with detailed accurate accounts of abuse and inhumanity and see the likes of Tommy Davis shrieking "It's all lies" they will come to only one conclusion - the Church of Scientology under DM is corrupt, dishonest and quite sinister. I am just happy to be on the "right" side of the argument finally. I think OT powers are even being rehabbed - a new OT VIII who I haven't spoken to for years just this minute called out of the blue and is coming to talk soon!
# Thoughtful 2009-11-23 11:27
Panther, You are so right. DM has made it almost a "bad word" to talk about "OT Abilities" -- now if that's not sheer suppression, I don't know what is. Absolutely, as I just mentioned in response to Boyd's remark, definitely OT powers can ONLY be on the side of a being who is on the road to truth... not David Miscavige's version of "truth" or Tommy Davis's shreiking "truths", but real truth. God damn, whatever happened to "reality" in A-R-C? Tommy Davis is a character right out of Harry Potter.
+1 # John Doe Lurker 2009-11-23 19:48
Looks like Yael is shopping at a fashion outlet store, where much of the clothing is half off...

Less flippantly, keep up the good work.

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