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I was a member of the Church of Scientology for decades and was married to the President of the Church of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch. Our son was Alexander Jentzsch. When I started to speak out publicly about abuses and horrific on-going violations of human rights within the Church, they retaliated by coercing my son to "disconnect" from me. Within 3 years, in 2012, he subsequently died of neglect while inside the Church. He was only 27 years old. To make matters worse, Church of Scientology executives blockaded me from seeing my own son's body and attending my own son's funeral. David Miscavige who has run the Church of Scientology for three decades is a corrupt evil psychopath responsible for the deaths of many people who, like my own son, succumbed to oppression. This blog has been established to protect the public by blowing a whistle of fire on CoS corruption, exposing their crimes and atrocities. Follow me on Facebook - Follow me on Twitter

Karen de la Carriere Blog
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1 Church of Scientology Spokesman Marty Rathbun 317
2 Tony Ortega: She's back! Leah Remini builds a case for Scientology aggression. Tonight on A&E 1166
3 Jeffrey Augustine interviews Brandon Reisdorf about the Church of Scientology 715
4 Forced abortions, beatings, and sleep deprivation: The FBI on Scientology’s Sea Org 1007
5 Chris Shelton & Jeffrey Augustine Interview - Sensibly Speaking Podcast #88 778
6 Mike Rinder: David Miscavige’s Office At Gold 1168
7 Joe Rogan Experience #947 - Ron Miscavige 1054
8 Church of Scientology is above the law 1174
9 Tom Cruise and Scientology Inc. Documentary ~one of the best made (Part 1) 1487
10 Church of Scientology Inc : There is no such thing as Disconnection! 1139
11 Church of Scientology and Treatment of Children in the RPF Gulag 1184
12 Church of Scientology: Gorilla, Bear, Obscene Dog and Heaven Implants 1132
13 Cult Expert Steven Hassan on the Church of Scientology 1156
14 Ron Miscavige Sr., father of Scientology leader David Miscavige – Part 1 788
15 Church of Scientology and the Computer Kingdom of Chug 999
16 Mike Rinder on Scientology Current Affairs 936
17 Church of Scientology Justifications ~ Frightening Guru Devotion 918
18 Church of Scientology ~~ The Scandal of IRS Tax Exemption Part 1 936
19 Karen de la Carriere Interviewed by Channel 9 in Australia 897
20 Claire Headley -- Escape from Scientology's Int Base Part 2 855
21 Scientology Top Managers In Action 862
22 Scientology Inc and Miscavige stop playing Intelligence 902
23 Church of Scientology in Fear of "External Influences" 787
24 BBC Radio interviews Karen de la Carriere 814
25 NBC's Matt Lauer Today Show interviews Larry Wright (mirrored) 776
26 Church of Scientology: "Culture of Blame" 668
27 Tom Cruise shills for Scientology INC (parody) 825
28 Church of Scientology and the Atlantic Magazine Fiasco 771
29 Karen de la Carriere and Bryan Seymour Interviewed on Sunrise Weekend in Australia 7656
30 Maureen Bolstad My Experience in Scientology's Purification Rundown 712
31 Scientology Inc "I am not auditing you" Confess for punishment 771
32 The sad story of Scientology Inc Godfather Marshall Goldblatt RIP 827
33 'Queen of Scientology' Karen de la Carriere reveals the Church's innermost secrets 2340
34 Mail Online Story on Karen de la Carriere 840
35 There is No God in Scientology Inc (Part 2) 718
36 Marty Rathbun reveals Lisa Mcpherson from inside Scientology Inc 973
37 Camilla Andersson remembers Ann Tidman RIP even though Scientology Inc did not 981
38 Mark Fisher on David Miscavige's Rise to Power in Scientology Inc. Part 2 1014
39 The Church of Scientology leader Miscavige's spiral of violence RAW and detailed 1026
40 There Is No God in Scientology Inc (Part One) 964
41 Scientology Inc investigated by MSNBC Keith Olbermann in "Countdown" 1003
42 Scientology Inc "The War is Over" event Behind the Scenes with Camilla Anderssont 966
43 Mark Fisher on David Miscavige's Rise to Power Part 1 987
44 Church of Scientology LIES~~ How to resolve Middle East crisis ! 893
45 The Church of Scientology, Warfare, Insanity and Criminality 1038
46 Mike Rinder on Why Scientology Inc Must Tell Lies 923
47 Scientology Inc's punishment program "RPF" by German TV 1017
48 Mareka Brousseau and the Loss of Childhood in Scientology Inc's Sea Org 1091
49 Scientology Inc: Putting *Ethics* into this sector of the Universe! 1005
50 Tom Cruise, Scientologist, slams ETHICS "IN" to Top Newsman Peter Overton 1365
51 Scientology INC's David Miscavige sends harrassment team to Fair Game Marty Rathbun (2011) 6699
52 Camilla Anderson in Scientology Inc's Human Trafficking Part 3 934
53 Mat Pesch Revelations on Scientology Inc Money Tactics, Money Game plans (Part 2) 1085
54 Scientology Inc's David Miscavige BBC and CNN media deception 1243
55 Meet Mat Pesch Scientology Sea Org Veteran ~ Part One 1452
56 Scientology Inc. Camilla Andersson part 2: What happens in an accident? 1321
57 Meet Camilla Andersson and hear her Story ~ Part 1 1265
58 Scientology Inc Lawyer private conversation and commitment 1213
59 Tom Cruise asks to clean up this planet with Scientology Cuckoo's nest 4/6 1438
60 Chuck Beatty discusses David Miscavige, Scientology, and Author Services Inc 3643
61 Scientolgy Inc : Tommy Davis screaming Eccelsiastically! Cuckoo's Nest 3/6 1382
62 Tom Cruise knows the history of psychiatry, You don't. Cuckoo's Nest 2/6 1335
63 Scientology Inc : Sea Org Little Facts and Big FICTION 1364
64 Marc Headley: Scientology, Rancid Tacos, and Secret Bases 1235
65 Tanya's journey as a youngster in Scientology Inc 2/4 1125
66 Scientology Inc Warfare: One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest 1/6 1098
67 Scientology Inc and the Obstruction of Justice 1020
68 Pete Griffiths , #1 SP in United Kingdom, former ED of Mission of Kendall, Ireland 1095
69 16 year old South African girl in Sea Org for slave labor 1/4 1465
70 Scientology Inc, Religious Intelligence, Religious Infiltration and Religious Spying? 5063
71 Scientology inc's leader David Miscavige Meglomania 1286
72 Steve Hall's unique journey in and out of Scientology Inc Part 1 1165
73 Church of Scientology "Kidnap Contract" 1023
74 Scientology Inc former Security Chief Jackson *Thriller* edition. 1437
75 The Violence of Scientology Leader David Miscavige and Tommy Davis Lies 1247
76 Did the for- profit arm of Scientology Inc CST sell SOFT PORN? 1362
77 Jackson, Former Int Base Security Chief: The Fire, Razor Fences, and Sniper Rifles! 1180
78 Scientology - OSA Dirty Tricks 1138
79 Scientology Confidential : They are whacko but wealthy 1171
80 Surviving Scientology ~ Breaking News~attack to get videos taken down 1328
81 Tom Cruise at Scientology's INT BASE counselling Marc Headley 1251
82 Scientology Inc: Tom Cruise clip by NBC Rockcenter. As bad as it gets 1490
83 "Church" of Scientology is WINNING AND BOOMING! Law suits prove it 1295
84 Scientology Inc and David Miscavige need 100 more lawyers for Narconon Law suits 2167
85 Scientology Inc: Children beaten with paddles, molestations unreported 1293
86 Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 7 with Chris Shelton 1016
87 Scientology Inc: Sex, Lies and Videotape 1449
88 Inside Scientology Lawrence Wright reveals some important truths 1462
89 Scientology Inc Celebrities ~~ The Spin, the Hype and Schmollywood Scientologists 1349
90 Jefferson Hawkins survives INT Base life for 35 years 1371
91 Jillian Schlesinger 5/6 Inside the "Sea Organization" Scientology Clergy 1161
92 Litigants vs Scientology Inc ~~ The Law suits 1239
93 Scientology Inc Look behind the glamor and gliitter by Tiziano and Jamie Lugli 1508
94 Marc Headley – Part 2 Int Base Musical Chairs and more ! 9664
95 Scientology Inc. View from Taiwan. No Taiwainese Fluency required 1419
96 The Church of Scientology Does Not Like Its Tax Documents Online! 1562
97 Marc Headley, more revelations of ABUSE at the TOP where masterbation is a crime and assault is OK 1783
98 Scientology Inc Tax free to pollute and harm staff and the environment. 1756
99 Claire Headley reveals what happens at the pinaccle of Radical official Scientology 4389
100 Scientology Inc ~ Secrets and Dark Secrets 1540
101 Scientologists ATTACK THE ATTACKER! Revised edition 1379
102 Claire Headley Part 1 Revealing Truths. Truth will OUT ! 1299
103 Steve Mango: Celebrity Center of Scientology Inc lures in by false claims 1649
104 Scientology Inc's David Miscavige Management by violence 1548
105 Scientology Inc and its pride and glory ~~Narconon ~ more than the hype 1518
106 Vivien Born into Scientology and Consequences 2/4 1523
107 "What are your crimes?" Scientology Inc, routinely screams..Mark Bunker offers gift 2242
108 Scientology, its wealth and assets and its TAX documents ~~ Truth revealed 1637
109 The most Amazing *RELIGIOUS* and *ECCLESIASTICAL* anecdotes of Sea Org life. 2022
110 Meet Vivien, born into Scientology and Consquences 1/4 1753
111 Survivng Scientology Radio: Mike Rinder Interview 1533
112 Jillian Schlesinger Explains the Prison of Belief 4/6 1521
113 Scientology Inc's Tom Cruise by Amy Scobee, Sea Org escapee 1928
114 Scientology Inc WAR On Psychiatry ~~ let's examine this more 1799
115 Scientology Inc ~~ the Ugly Face of, screaming "Nazi, go home" 1656
116 David Miscavige appeals to not appear in deposition ~ in Court 9th April 2014 1852
117 Scientology Dictator David Miscavige -- Garbage In, Garbage out. 2156
118 Scientology Inc wealth amassed, actual TAX documents *ADDED* Mike Rinder analysis 2168
119 David Miscavige emissary John Allender "OT 8" acts out, Scientology Ambassador 1891
120 Scientology Inc: How far will they go beyond boundaries and limits? Jillian 3/6 3301
121 Debbie Cook reveals Sadism in the Church of Scientology, licking bathroom floors with tongue 6591
122 Scientology Inc Conduct :Kidnap, Hostage, Held Against Will, Lockdown 2523
123 "Too late to have an abortion?" asks senior Scientology Inc high official (RTC) 1509
124 Long Awaited Scientology Inc documentary, almost done 1846
125 Texas Judge Rules Scientology is a Business 14 March 2014 2426
126 Surviving Scientology YouTube Channel 1 Year Anniversary 2177
127 Scientology Inc extorted megabucks from Jason Beghe, Actor, now an Ex-Scientologist 4/4 3191
128 *2nd Video* Jillian Schlesinger, 2nd generation Ex Sea Org, just escaped 2/6 1923
129 Meet Jillian Schlesinger, 2nd generation Ex Sea Org, just escaped 1/6 3078
130 Scientology Inc meets Global Capitalism HQ JohnP's boss 1631
131 Tampa Bay Times :: Shush and Be Quiet. There is no such thing as Disconnection 1942
132 Scientology Inc ~ultimate truth given out every 10 seconds, I am Impacted! 1487
133 The "Church" of Scientology tried to manipulate GOOGLE ~~Clueless 2018
134 Oh my Goodness. Did the *Church* brace for IMPACT ? 1934
135 Scientology Inc Money extortion for selling books, Jumping Jacks PENALTY 2502
136 Jason Beghe continues his journey, sharing his very personal ups and downs Part 3/7 2627
137 Scientology Inc demands non-disparagement even if you are obliged to cover up CRIMES. 4011
138 Scientology Inc, enforced abortion,escape and minimum security and maximum security imprisonment. 6256
139 Jason Beghe, Actor continues talking from the heart -- RAW. In and out of Scientology Inc 2/7 2005
140 Jason Beghe, Actor tells his story in and out of Scientology Inc part one 1/7 2217
141 Scientology Inc. the CHURCH of family destruction ~ Ginger Sugarman Part 2/6 2289
142 Scientology Inc Jason Beghe the 1st celebrity to depart the "Church" makes fun 2639
143 What's happening in Los Angeles? 10,000 coming ? re-re-re-opening of Ideal Pacifica Bridge 2224
144 Scientology Inc. Espionage by providing "best friend" to report to David Miscavige 1831
145 Priest-Penitent Privilege in Scientology Inc 1518
146 Church of Scientology~~ Masturbation is monetized and considered a *CRIME* Chris Shelton speaks 2179
147 Scientology Inc: Spying, Infiltration, Duplicity, Deception, Betrayal, Mark Fisher Part 2 2189
148 Jenna Miscavige talks to ABC Nightline about growing up in Scientology 1820
149 Scientology Inc RITUALS, RELIGION and CELEBRITY. Parts 1 and 2 of 6 parts. 1846
150 Meet Mark Fisher, In Part one of his series, he explains a corporate sham and Miscavige violence 2616
151 Scientology Inc chilling propaganda tape that was entered into evidence. Listen. 3634
152 "Church" of Scientology History of Violence CNN. More episodes 2104
153 The Church of Scientology and the Clearwater Police ~ a very unhealthy relationship 2807
154 Meet Ramana ~~A Current Affair exposes her "held against will" on prison ship FREEWINDS 5554
155 Texas Judge Orders Deposition of Scientology Supreme Leader David Miscavige 2032
156 Gary Weber, former Sea Org tells the story of fleeing of Church of Scientology Florida 3094
157 Mark Bunker on Scientology Injunction 1656
158 Chris Shelton ~~ Scientology Inc Ideal Org swindle Part 2. Money extortion for empty buildings 3095
159 Meet Chris Shelton. In this opener he explains the Scientology Inc Ideal Org swindle 2373
160 Scientology Inc ~ The priority of Real Estate acquisition but no humanity, staff pay or toilet paper 3778
161 Monique Rathbun v David Miscavige and Scientology Inc 3 Feb 2014 1975
162 The "Church" of Scientology believes in GANG BANG activity. What is GANG BANG ? 2377
163 Church of Scientology Fund Raising for Los Angeles Valley Org. Promotional video 2461
164 Scientology Inc is firewalled and protected by a glut of attorneys. The money extortion rackets exto 11795
165 Church of Scientology, History of Violence cont'd Part 2a 2b and 1c 1556
166 Church of Scierntology fund raising. This is a promotional video for money 1749
167 Scientology Inc Maximum extortion of your $$$, ecclesiastical 1st amendment rights ! 1825
168 Meet Ginger Sugarman and learn about The Way to Happiness ~~ scam for new new Cash 4025
169 Scientology punishment and humiliating GULAG "Rehabilitation Project Force" 2389
170 Come Up to date with what is going on Legally in the Texas Courtroom~ an overview 1693
171 Scientology Inc" The Gulag "RPF" punishment for getting pregnant, Rice and Beans diet. 3636
172 Monique Rathbun v David Miscavige and Scientology hearing 22 Jan 2014 2007
173 Meet Cynthia Fagen (Sindy Fagen) of Chicago, IL who worked as the IAS reg for 20 years 2315
174 Meet Steve Mango. This is a Celebrity Centre Trailer of a forthcoming series on this Channel 1971
175 The Church of Scientology A History of Violence Part 1-A 1917
176 Scientology Inc policy "Attack the attacker" Warfare, War Chests, Battle plans 3211
177 Church of Scientology is above the law 2383
178 Scientology Inc Lawyers talk in private and want to get going to play GOLF 1586
179 Meet Gary Weber, Former Guardian's Office staff who has come forward 1940
180 Tommy Davis former Scientology Inc spokesman describing VIOLENCE in the "Church" Part 2 2230
181 Monique Rathbun vs David Miscavige and Scientology, 16 Church Lawyers for overwhelm 2192
182 Mike Riinder Affidavit posted by Daily Mail, London 3082
183 Scientology Inc abusive "Rehabilitation Project Force" 1/2 Medieval Punishment and Confinement. 3104
184 Scientology Inc's Flagship : The Freewinds, Lawrence Woodcraft, Architect and the Asbestos story 2061
185 Listen to Tommy Davis proclaiming "Religiosity" and exuding HATE as Scientology Inc spokesman 2225
186 The "Church" of Scientology needs Ethical Lawyers with impeccable Life histories 1362
187 Scientology Inc Legal and hired Lawyer review the *THREATS* to media, critics and journalists 1770
188 Lawyers do you want to make money religiously with Scientology Inc? 3367
189 Scientology Inc head to head with Debbie Cook in a Court of a Law 2050
190 Lawyers, Shady Lawyers, the Church of Scientology Needs You! 2124
191 Church of Scientology Ethics 101 1276
192 Kidnapped on FREEWINDS, Scientology Prison Ship and Valiant Escape 2273
193 Scientology Inc recurring stories of pets being killed and Pauline revelations to Riverside Council 5713
194 "Church" of Scientology ~~The Religion of Celebrities, REALLY ? 1729
195 Mark Bunker in Clearwater tells the Council about "Church" trying to evict him (and mentions me) 2080
196 Scientology Inc "WE WANT YOIR MONEY !" 1738
197 Quentin Hubbard 1954 -1976. Death of L Ron Hubbard's son. My story. 2398
198 Texas Judge Orders Deposition of Scientology Leader David Miscavige 2517
199 Growing Up in Scientology Inc. A young girl depicts how children are indoctrinated 2212
200 Full Version. Texas Court Monique Rathbun vs David Mscavige et al. 2019
201 Monique Rathbun v David Miscavige and Scientology 11 Dec 2013 Back in Court 1951
202 David Miscavige Explains Scientology's Tax Exemption - a video by J. Swift 2182
203 Scientology Inc runs an "Ideal Org" scam, money extortion for INT Landlord Office and CSI 2734
204 Lisa Mcpherson (RIP) is remembered. Mark Bunker briefs the City of Clearwater 2049
205 A young girl tells about her Life and Exit from Scientology ~threats of "Suppressive person" declare 4580
206 Mike Rinder Texas Declaration 3 Dec 2013 4972
207 Scientology Inc, a David Miscavige assault and battery revealed in depth. Marty Rathbun departs 1569
208 The Church of Scientology is homophobic and Anti-Gay but accepts Gay Money for counselling 2458
209 Where is Shelly Miscavige ? (Airplane message) Missing wife of David Miscavige of Scientology Inc. 3019
210 Scientology Inc staff beat an Anon Protestor. INT Base style, SP hole style 1906
211 Mark Bunker on This and That and Knowledge Report on Scientology Inc 1994
212 Scientology Inc Octopus Tentacles engulf departees of the Sea Organization - Jeff Hawkins 2396
213 Tom Cruise and Scientology Inc Documentary Rarest footage (Part 2) 2439
214 Tom Cruise and Scientology Inc. Documentary ~one of the best made (Part 1) 2392
215 Scientology Inc :Tampa Bay Times in THE TRUTH RUNDOWN. Int Base Musical Chairs 2515
216 Scientology Inc: Lawyers and Legal. Money is not an issue. Deep pockets. 1835
217 Scientology Inc Registrar Hy Levy (RIP) Unburdens his conscience 5298
218 The "Church" of Scientology vs Valeska, 17, imprisoned on Freewinds for 12 years 1651
219 Helicopter footage Mike Rinder, Mike Bennitt over SuperPower Event in Cl;earwater 2407
220 Scientology Inc, and the $20,000 Orange E-Meter and GAT II 2422
221 Scientology Inc ~~The Nightmare of Sea Org Life Part one. Jefferson Hawkins 1844
222 Scientology Inc ambushes and stalks Marty Rathbun at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) 2774
223 Scientology Inc Legal and hired Lawyer review the THREATS to media, critics and journalists 4125
224 Mike Rinder and Bryan Seymour Part 2 Scientology Inc stalks Senator Xenophon 2413
225 Jeff Hawkins and The Wicked Witches of Scientology Inc 1993
226 Mike Rinder is questioned by Brian Seymour on the Today/Tonight Show 2180
227 Mark Bunker tells the story of Anonymous vs. Church of Scientology 1948
228 Scientology Inc. enforces the break up familes, ABORTIONS FOR 25 YEARS 1778
229 Mark Bunker debuts on this Channel - The story of the Lisa Mcpherson 2180
230 Jefferson Hawkins, 35 years in Scientology Inc "Sea Org" Part 1 2817
231 Scientology Inc vs Lori Hodgson, a Mom - Hospital visit to son denied 1703
232 Church of Scientology Ethics: The Facebook Police 2380
233 Super Power has been promised since 1978. Scientology Inc Fundraising 1915
234 Church of Scientology Handed a Legal Defeat in Laura DeCrescenzo Forced Abortion Lawsuit 3707
235 What Scientology extorted money buys. Private Investigators, Stalking, Lawyers, Warfare. 2448
236 Scientology Inc Lawyers admit to 199-day intimidation of the Rathbuns "Free Speech" 2476
237 Scientology Inc Sea Org Member meets with Church Lawyer for instructions 1784
238 Public Message to Tom Cruise - Please Forward 2580
239 Office of Special Affairs (OSA) in cahoots with Priesthood of Punishment 6/6 2140
240 Scientology Inc baby slaughter enforced for 25 years 2568
241 Brian Culkin Part 4/4 of this Series, after one year in Scientolgy Inc , he felt suicidal. 3067
242 Child snatchers part 2. Your children belong to the "Church". You DARE not say NO 1749
243 Leah Remini and Tommy Davis will be deposed. Court hearing October 8th 2013 4176
244 Jeff Hawkins, 35 years on staff, Sea Org, explains the THEM vs US in Scentology Inc. 2104
245 Scientology Inc. Financial Fraud, Thuggery, Pushing the envelope. OSA plays 5/6 2942
246 Federal Judge denies Scientology Inc motion in Garcia Lawsuit 2216
247 Scientology Inc."Office of Special Affairs and the Church's Financial Irregularities 4/6 2391
248 Brian Culkin explains the money exortion and how this makes the Org toxic 3/4 1976
249 Brian Culkin in Clearwater "Everyday, everyday, no less than 7 people asking me for money" 2/4 2817
250 What happened to Brian Culkin in one year in Scientology Inc Part 1/4 2739
251 Waiting for SuperPower and Miscavology Fund raising Funnies 2346
252 Mike Rinder on Indoctrination and Survival 1782
253 Scientology Inc's highest level of completion, OT VIII George Baille displays grace and savoir-faire 7861
254 Lori Hodgson story continued. Scientology Inc - Child snatchers Part One 2322
255 Scientology Inc. the Relentless Pursuit of Money and More Money 2404
256 Day 2 In the Courtroom PURE RAY JEFFREY Part 2 AND 3 2233
257 Day 2 In the Courtroom Monique Rathbun vs David Miscavige and CSI Part One 1/3 2804
258 Monique Rathbun vs David Miscavige and the "church" of Scientology - Part 5 2181
259 Monique Rathbun vs David Miscavige and the "church" of Scientology - Part 4 2037
260 Monique Rathbun vs David Miscavige and the "church" of Scientology - Part 3 2177
261 Monique Rathbun vs David Miscavige and the "church" of Scientology - Part 2 1915
262 Monique Rathbun vs David Miscavige and the "church" of Scientology - Part 1 3465
263 Scientology Inc treatment of HIV virus ~ Chiropracter for Barter 2262
264 The "Church" of Scientology's Obsession with Money 2555
265 Mike Rinder talks to Tony Ortega about Life at Int Base and SP HOLE 2627
266 The "Church" of Scientology trying to manipulate GOOGLE :Clueless 2863
267 Scientology Inc's ship Freewinds. Misconduct. Maltreatment Employer Malfeasance 3583
268 Dancer Manuela ~ the Intervention to RESCUE from Sea Org 2721
269 Scientology Inc Department of Lying and Fair Game OSA 2/6 1805
270 The "Church" of Scientology Tax Scam 2333
271 A Romeo Juliet love story 2168
272 Scientology Inc recruits 15 year old to help the World and save the Planet 3179
273 The Most Dangerous Job in the Church of Scientology 2971
274 Scientology Inc ~~Spy, Stalk, Fair Game. Office of Special Affairs 2408
275 Lori/Hodgson 2/6 A Christian's view of the Church of Scientology 2886
276 Lori Hodgson ~~ A Mother's Heartache 1/6 2264
277 Scott Campbell -- Nightmare in New Mexico 6610
278 How Scientology Knows All About You 3183
279 Surviving Scientolog Video 3287

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Massive Ponzi Scheme

"So, on the model of an elaborate Ponzi scheme, Scientologists are coerced to 'invest' in the dissemination of Scientology... The Cob makes a show of carrying through, but in reality he pulls the funding..."  Learn More...

$70 Million Fraud

"The money is still coming in (approximately $70 million so far). The bank interest is about $200,000 per month and there is still over $200,000 in new donations per month... so you can see the strategy here..."  Learn More...

$100 Million Swindle

"The total amount spent to build his own office building (for Little Dickie and the few staff he has remaining) was right around $70 million... He spent another $30 million on the house next door (which is unoccupied)..."  Learn More...



"Specifically, on four separate occasions The Cob physically assaulted and violently battered individuals in my presence, sending a strong message that anyone in the room was likely to be next. Three other times he threw heavy objects at me or at my staff..."  Learn More...


"Assaulting staff members at the Int base became routine with many individuals being physically attacked over and over and over again. We are talking about repeated blows to the face, choking, dragging to the ground, ripping clothes, hitting with heavy objects and so forth..."  Learn More...

Human Trafficking


"Only when you see the history as well as the present will you see the whole picture, the fingerprints, the moving force behind it all and its sheer madness..."  Learn More...


"staff are "off-loaded" to far flung areas to work in "small, failing" organizations, bereft of their spouses and families..." Learn More...


"Little Dickie in his twisted sociopath mind sees normal, productive people as “threatening” and therefore sees a need to destroy them..."  Learn More...


"According to David Miscavige, demonstrated by his own actual statistics, 98% of the population is suppressive..."  Learn More...


Climate of Fear - Reign of Terror

"Ever-increasing savage actions created a climate of fear. You could be screamed at, ridiculed, spat on, embarrassed, threatened ferociously or beaten. You could lose Scientology, your friends, family, parents, split off from your spouse, no money, no job, cast out into the world penniless and alone if you ever dream of defying The Cob" Learn More...


"For example, through his destructive policies Miscavige forced hundreds of female Sea Org members at International Management to get abortions when they got pregnant. When the media started to investigate that, he came up with the solution: he ordered that husbands and wives at International Management get divorced...."  Learn More...


Shaking Down Scientologists for Cash

"Through his programs and subverted staff he extorts Scientologists into 'donating' huge sums of money, forcing thousands into debt. It's a protection racket no different from thugs 'shaking down' local business owners for cash. His specialty is crushing people..."  Learn More...

How Church Financials Really Work

"It's a lot more viable to chase down millionaires who will donate $10 million for a hand shake, some applause and a metal pin. It's not a matter of saving the planet and all the poor suffering people... it's 'Where's the BIG, FAT, EASY MONEY?' -- that's what we're talking about!..."  Learn More...


Tax Exemption by Blackmail

"Miscavige bragged that he collared the IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg in the hallway outside his IRS office and threatened to expose him. Private investigators hired by Miscavige had caught Fred in some unethical activity. Miscavige told Fred if he didn’t cooperate, he’d immediately ruin him with full-page ads in USA Today..."  Learn More...

Extortion of a Federal Official

"He also bragged to a number of staff who were close to him about how he illegally obtained information which he was able to use to blackmail the IRS official who granted the church tax exemption..."  Learn More...


Annie Tidman: Imprisoned for 2 Years

"Annie Broeker Tidman, Hubbard's personal assistant right up to the time of his death, realized that Miscavige was systematically and forcefully taking over the church. She attempted to escape to rejoin her husband but was caught and brought back to California, isolated and kept under guard on a remote property for over 2 years..."  Learn More...

Sadism in the SP Hall

"His most infamous sadistic moment was when he told them they were going to play 'musical chairs' and only the last person to get a chair would stay and the rest would vanish without even a chance to say good-bye to friends and family, husbands or wives. The game went on for hours as staff wept bitter tears. This delighted The Cob."  Learn More...


Lisa McPherson's Demise

"Miscavige said he knew what was wrong and proceeded to write three paragraphs on what was to be said to this girl. The staff wondered how The Cob was even qualified to supervise auditing and even if he was, why hadn't he studied the folders first? The girl's name was Lisa McPherson and you know the rest."  Learn More...

Night of the Living Dead

"Moments later came a wail of inhuman agony unlike anything I have every heard in my lifetime, before or since. The screams were so incredibly loud. Louder than any sounds I could imagine a human could make. They filled the sky and the valley and my lonely office. 20 or 30 minutes they lasted..."  Learn More...



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The Pertinent Manifesto"Scientology has been taken over by a self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige, who has turned the Creed of the Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member on their heads and instituted the virtual practice of Reverse (Black) Dianetics..."  Learn More...

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