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Friday, 11 December 2009 13:35

The Chinese have a saying: when a wooden door closes an iron door opens.

David Miscavige and his supporters have closed one hell of a big wooden door in the faces of all who would use LRH’s discoveries for their intended purpose: to enable people to rehabilitate their spiritual abilities and understand life more deeply.

Photo of an iron doorDavid, Tommy and a few others have stooped so low as to physically block the road and, Lord, it doesn’t take a seismologist to predict the coming kaboom. As LRH explained in “An Essay On Management” (9 January 1951), “Management that tampers with these lines in any way will destroy itself. These actually have tension and explosion in them. It is as inevitable as nightfall that these lines will explode, when tampered with, at the exact point of the tampering. This is a natural law of communication lines.”

Yet even with cracks running up the walls, the Church of Miscavige is just too fixated in the hostilities and sufferings of life to feel the ground moving beneath its feet.

Thousands of people have written applicable KRs (knowledge reports, i.e., a report on some non-optimum situation). And where did they go? Ultimately, they went to David Miscavige. No one has really held the post of “Tech Reports Off RTC” for years. It’s a post in name only. In actuality, the reports go into a computer system that only David Miscavige has access to. And thereby he knows who to torpedo next -- the person who wrote the report!

For all their trouble, misguided as they were, thinking they were “Keeping Scientology Working,” in actual fact they were simply pasting a bulls-eye on their forehead. And in that I can speak from personal experience.

I spoke out a number of times during my tenure at Int and took my share of hits. Punishments included being assigned to the RPF, being held prisoner for two months in a trailer at the Int base, countless public humiliations and forced confessions before jeering crowds, and finally, being banished to some far outpost in violation of human trafficking laws.

Acting under authority of David Miscavige, an RTC staff member intervened to arrange for my wife to divorce me even before I had a chance to speak with her about the matter. You’ve heard of "arranged marriages;" Miscavige does the flipside: arranged divorces. So after 16 years, my marriage was over and I had no say about it. In America.

The problem is not what I lost (the ex-wife -- I'm over that), it is what the corporation did: engaging in human trafficking and robbing me of my civil and human rights.


Brace yourself: it’s coming. And David Miscavige is sitting right on top. But that’s not really the point of this article.

David Miscavige and his merry band of renegades closed a heavy wooden door on thousands of well-meaning Scientologists. How many babies were aborted because of his orders that would have otherwise been born to deserving parents? How many lives ruined? How many families destroyed? How many friends disconnected? How many bank accounts drained? How many trusting people were betrayed?

David Miscavige has shut a wide wooden door across the Scientology path. He bolted it shut and hammered nails into the edge. Then he pilled up dead and not-quite-dead bodies from the inside and performed every other trick to block that wooden door and keep it blocked forever.

Meanwhile in a place where no one even realized an opening existed, a far larger iron door opened silently, ponderously, on hinges 7 feet thick.

Some have yet to notice. They’re still looking at the wooden door.


Photo by Belgian painter, Ben HeineMiscavige and his slaves at the Int base have been trying desperately to figure out what the strategy is and who is behind it. They’re looking for a CONSPIRACY. This is truly a case of the donkey looking for his own tail and never finding it. The conspiracy is inside and they’re part of it. It’s themselves!

The strategy we have made known from the start: to get in ethics. As LRH said, “A true group must have a management which deals in affinity, reality and communication and any group is totally within its rights, when a full and reasonable examination discloses management in fault of perverting or cutting ARC, of slaughtering, exiling or suspending that management. ARC is sacred.”

The real truth of the matter is there’s nothing on the other side of that wooden door that anyone would want. All the good things are laying around on the ground in plain view just outside the wooden door.


In 1986, while I was Solo I/C FSO putting others through the Wall of Fire while also auditing myself through OT III, at one point it seemed like my whole life was falling apart. I couldn’t understand why this was happening and it made me very unhappy for about 2 months. None of my goals were happening.

Then in the space of one week my goals came true. In short, I got a car, a ski boat, a motorcycle, a girlfriend, and I went into the part time TTC to become an auditor. From out of nowhere I suddenly had everything I wanted.

And I thought what just happened? I’d been thinking everything was going wrong because things were changing. And when I looked back I saw clearly that everything that had happened in the past two months, was necessary in order for my postulates to work.

After that, I decided to hold off on drawing negative conclusions. I decided it would be more beneficial to try and see the big picture. Since I had just learned that the worst events could actually be good fortune misunderstood. See where this is going?


Do you want to do your OT levels?

With the exception of New OT VIII, all the OT materials are available online. Free.

You need to be well-trained as an auditor to make it to OT. And you need to be ethical. And you need to have audited all the previous levels well to make it. I was the Solo I/C FSO for three years. I’ve helped hundreds make it through the Wall of Fire and I can tell you these things are true according to everything I saw with my own two eyes. I’ve seen OT phenomena that stood my hair on end. I’ve seen things that were terrifying. I’ve seen people turn on pneumonia and start to go insane. Don’t buy any alterations of the tech. And by having the materials yourself you will be in a position to make sure when the time comes for you to read and do those levels, you can make sure the tech you receive is standard because you’ll have your own personal copy of it.

I’m not saying someone might get into trouble if you quickie or squirrel (misuse) the OT levels. I’m flat out guaranteeing that you will definitely get into severe life-threatening trouble if you squirrel. My own personal opinion is that you will most likely wind up dead if you squirrel (fail to follow the exact procedure). I don’t mean “in trouble” I mean deceased. I’ve seen it happen several times.

On the other hand, if you do all the lower levels standardly (meaning ARC Straightwire, Grades O-IV, Clear, etc.) which isn’t that hard outside the Church of Miscavige; and if you are responsible and ethical; and if you are particularly well trained as an auditor; the OT levels are a breeze!

Here’s how I guarantee you CANNOT make it to OT: sell out your integrity to the Church of Miscavige and audit at Flag with all their six-month interruptions of the No Interference Zone. Six month checks are Miscavige’s favorite cash cow bringing in about $30,000 per OT per annum. It has nothing to do with your case gain.

I’ll say it again: You need to be trained to make it to OT. But getting trained isn’t hard. There are plenty of people around who can teach you TRs and metering. What’s more, if you do your Bridge outside the Church of Miscavige, you can do it without becoming heavily PTS and selling out your integrity.

I do NOT recommending anyone read the OT materials before they are ready to audit the levels. That’s just idiocy. Why mess up your own case? There’s no lifeguard on duty so you swim at your own risk. It is AUDITING the levels that produces gain. You aren’t going to get ANY gain from just reading the materials. So there’s nothing to gain and only something to lose (potentially restimulating yourself).

I don’t know how they got there, but anyone can download the “New” OT levels from OT I to OT VII, plus the “Old” OT Levels from OT I to VIII, from wikileaks.org.  Apparently the materials have been there for some time. Just go to wikileaks.org and search for “Scientology.” The tech on SuperPower and OT VIII is crap--it's not the LRH materials; don’t bother with it. But you can have the rest of the valid LRH tech right now. Free.

In addition, there too are the “old” OT levels from IV through VIII, which are just as valid and powerful today as they ever were. Also there are repair lists.

In short, you won’t need to get your eligibility from David Miscavige. Not if you have the tech yourself.

There is no shortcut to OT. You just flat out can’t get there unless you are well trained, ethical and have all your earlier grades in place.  

The OT levels are beautiful if you behold them properly. Like the Grand Canyon. But if you step off the path, it’s a long way down. And when you hit bottom you WON’T be getting up.

But the other side of the coin is the Church of Miscavige is already misusing these materials and has been doing so for many years. Every wonder why so many OTs have died of cancer? That’s why.

Personally, I think it is less risky for you to have the materials yourself than to depend on an organization with blood all over their hands, faces and red roof, too. People were dying of cancer back in the 1980s.  

On the plus side there is something very de-PTSing about knowing you have your own copy of the OT levels.

Speaking of the “Old” OT Levels, those were real OT levels. At the very worst, you can do the entire Bridge up to New OT VII completion, and then you can do the Old OT Levels, too. Also you can do the Ls with a really good Class XII auditor like Ignazio Tidu, for example, if he decided to start auditing again.


Here’s a little bonus to help you when you get to the Solo levels.

As the Solo I/C FSO, I was the last port of call for all bugged Solo auditors from AOs around the world. So I received several people who had done OT II about 10 years earlier and never moved on to OT III. The first died while on an extended ethics handling. Considering ethics is the tech of survival, that ethics handling didn’t seem to be very “ethical” to me.

Three others had done OT II years earlier and never gone on to OT III. One had terminal cancer. Another caught a rare disease and all his hair fell out.

So the rule is, get properly set up as a case and trained as an auditor, then DON’T STOP.

Okay, besides that, I was also auditing myself on those levels. So I had the unique experience of having to debug not only my own auditing on a daily auditing, but everyone else.

And after handling about 100 people I discovered something.

On Solo, it was fairly routine for solo auditors to audit over out ruds or violate the Auditor’s Code by getting angry in session when something didn’t go right. My predecessors had hat write ups about cramming Solo auditors on either Solo  C/S Series 1 or the Auditor’s Code. I noticed that this usually did not solve the problem. And I even experienced the same thing in my own sessions. Ruds would go out and pretty soon the Auditor’s Code was out.

I found the solution and when I did, I was able from then on to crack ANY solo auditor, no matter how terrible. One proviso: on R6EW, the Clearing Course and OT II especially there are technical procedures you must know. But short of that, the prime error is basic auditing: TRs (drills initially called "Training Regimens" enhance one's skill and ability to communicate).

It all comes down to mistaking a pc origination as a “thought of the auditor.” In Solo, the auditor doesn’t have any thoughts. All thoughts are actually pc originations. Here is an example:

Solo auditor is going along in the session and all of a sudden the meter does something unexpected. He thinks, “What was that?” Assuming that was a thought of the auditor (which it was not) the auditor just shrugs because he has no idea, and tries to go on with the session.

Actually it was a pc origination. In the Tech dictionary, LRH gives the definition of an origination: “in TR-4 all originations concern the coach, his ideas, reactions, or difficulties, none concern the auditor. By originate is meant a statement referring to the state of the coach or fancied case.” (from HCOB 16 Aug 71 II)

Can you imagine in a regular session the pc said, “What was that?” and the auditor just shrugged and went on with the session? Now the rudiments go out. And after that, the Auditor’s Code goes out. 1, 2, 3.

So to solve this, I would simply have solo auditors write down 10 examples of each kind of origination: ideas, reactions or difficulties. Then drill handling each one.

Result: any Solo auditor was able to audit smoothly from that point on. Not to crow to loudly, but my staff and I lived up the standard set by LRH for Flag of being able to crack anyone. As a result, our area boomed. We went from 30  bodies in the shop up to 90 and I literally had to start knocking down walls to make room for all the people.

Don’t get me wrong however: this was just the magic debug. In addition, learning how to Solo audit requires many hours of drilling on exact procedures and on metering. At Flag we had perhaps the most crack team of solo supervisors the world has ever known. We had instituted a brutal internal policy that every time a solo auditor messed up in session, the Course Supervisor was also sent to the cramming department for correction. As a result, those supervisors knew every potential flub and man, they were the real stars at Flag. Not me.


Something else you will find at Wikileaks is an LRH screen play called Revolt in the Stars. LRH intended to release the OT III story to the world in the form of a feature film. His intention was to destimulate the incident. I’m not saying it’s true or it’s not true. There’s nothing in Scientology that says anyone has to believe anything. Scientology is NOT A BELIEF SYSTEM.

I do know however the OT materials have power beyond anything in this world. If you want to mess with it, may you rest in peace. But that doesn’t mean all the story is confidential.

Revolt in the Stars is non confidential. In the late 1970s my friends had copies of the script and they thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Revolt in the Stars is said to tell the tale of our own civilization and our own evil ruler Xenu who turned out to be a mass murderer. Funny, but when you read LRH’s description of Xenu, you can’t help but notice it fits David Miscavige in every single, specific detail...

One reason Revolt in the Stars was not made into a movie because Star Wars beat it to the punch and even used some of the basic ideas in it.


Truth is like tooth paste. Once squeezed out, forget trying to get it back in the tube. Two years ago when I started looking at the web and saw Marc Headley had posted the entire story of David Miscavige’s infamous Musical Chairs incident (which really happened exactly as Marc laid out), I knew it was a watershed event. It made me very angry, not at Marc, but at the stupidity of David Miscavige thinking he could abuse and destroy people’s lives with impunity. Typical of his infinite arrogance.

Marc did a great thing by taking responsibility and in so doing he has changed the future of Scientology.

The Internet is only about 14 years old. Once the truth is exposed online, there is no turning back.

Now the reference to apply comes from one of LRH’s Dianetics Jingles that he published in the early 1950s: “Motion comes in, use and win.” We would have to use the motion Marc Headley had begun.


Basically tech can't go in until ethics is in. So once we get ethics in, tech will be free to go in, meaning people will be freer than ever to move up the Bridge inside orgs, outside orgs.

There will naturally have to be an amnesty since at least 98% of the declares over the last 3 decades were done maliciously to silence dissent, plus it's just wrong on the face of it for a church to be running a Big Brother-style political system that mandates who people can and can't be friends with. Furthermore, the policy of disconnection violates the heart of tolerance and "freedom of religion" upon which it depends. And if that’s not enough, LRH himself cancelled disconnection. Miscavige put it back in.

Scientology can't be allowed to fold back in on itself. It has to act in keeping with its own philosophy.


My goal has always been to disseminate. I’m a marketing person. That’s what I do. I thought being in the Sea Org was necessary to make that happen. Well, today it’s not required.

You don’t have to have before you can do.

You can do anything you want to do in Scientology. If you want to audit? You can. If you want to tell others about it, you can. You can do whatever you want.   

You don’t need to sign a billion year contract. You don’t need anyone’s approval. You just need to care, to have some love for the human race.

So another applicable reference to our situation today is HCO PL “The Supreme Test.” When you start from point A with the intention of arriving at point B... and Person C attempts to stop or divert you, what do you do?

LRH recommends shoving Person C out of the way and going straight on toward your goal.

It isn't necessary to give up on any of your goals in Scientology. It isn’t necessary to be on staff to do anything you want in Scientology. It's a movement, not the military.

However in PT, the subject can't even be disseminated because the kiss of death is upon it, meaning the Church of Miscavige has fouled their own diapers so badly no one wants to go near them. Man, they stink!  Nevertheless, all that can be cleaned up, especially by removing you-know-who.

When I left staff in 2004 after David Miscavige started beating up other people when he was really angry at me (an SP always picks the wrong target), and after he ordered that I be sent off to some far outpost bereft of my own wife (human trafficking), I decided it was not going to give up on my goals for Scientology.

Instead of thinking I was getting ejected from my own purpose line (wooden door) instead I found myself now having a dream job. Able to introduce people to Scientology from the comfort of my own happy home. And I don’t have to get David Miscavige’s approval for anything I want to do. Or take any of his BS. I disconnected from him and from his band of deeply criminal boot lickers. Of course any of those boot lickers can redeem themselves by just grabbing up a bunch of evidence and turning it over to the human race so Justice can more easily take its course.

Getting all declares cancelled is not our objective, but it IS a necessary and unavoidable byproduct of getting in Ethics. So it will happen without a doubt. If you are declared now, take heart: that goldenrod will become a gold medal marking you as one of the brave.


My own declare order is remarkable in that it doesn't list a single High Crime. There weren't any. Just a bunch of silly generalities.

Photo of illegal SP Declare from Church of MiscavigeHere it is. You can read it yourself. Let’s dissect it line by line:

“Steve was given the privilege to write copy and scripts for dissemination of LRH products.”
I was in Power as the Senior Writer CMU in 1997 when David Miscavige personally transferred me into Cine after I mentioned to him that I was receiving fan mail from staff and public because of the ads and campaigns I had created. In Cine my approval terminal for everything I wrote was David Miscavige himself. I was forced to write according to the lousy crap ideas of David Miscavige with his ranting AM radio DJ announcer event videos, which are all off policy every single one because LRH outlawed all future “International events” in 1978 after a big event in 1976 crashed International statistics.

When Battlefield Earth came out Miscavige made me (along with everyone else at the Int base) watch the film 4 times in a row because in his words, it was one of the best films ever made. My favorite part are the giant codpieces on the aliens. Need I say anything more?

Miscavige personally worked on all aspects of that film. Miscavige also personally edited the 10 minute Tom Cruise video that is the laughing stock of the Internet. His ideas on video and film scriptwriting are so whacked that they are guaranteed to make most people run.

His Int event videos area also filled with outright lies. I know, I was the Scriptwriting I/C! The way it worked is you write what happened, and Miscavige goes thermonuclear because you “didn’t write the script” or “didn’t tell the story.” You are now ordered to “go write the story and you have to have it done before you can sleep." Two days later, you are able to sleep for a few hours.

Still from Battlefield Codpiece secretly created by David Miscavige
Battlefield Earth, Miscavige's secret mastercodpiece.
As only Miscavige put it, "Now THAT is a movie!"

By this process, a woman who went to Indonesia to visit her sister (the real story), eventually becomes “Indonesia: ground zero on the Pacific Ring of Fire and ground zero for volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods. With every disaster that takes its toll in human life and that’s why what’s-her-name set out on to quell the dangerous environment on a mission to reach a nation in the name of LRH tech!”

That’s not a quote, but you get the idea: this is UNREALITY and the worst kind of chest-thumping, brag-and-boast crap writing anyone can imagine. Let’s continue with Gold Conditions Order 2692:

“However, what he did write very often could only result in a degraded image, lower repute and act to cut dissemination if allowed to go out.” I would never deny that I was PTS to David Miscavige. But when David Miscavige is the sole approval terminal, and he hates what I write, might that be because the man is so backwards and inverted on right and wrong he wouldn’t know good writing if it bit him in the ass?

“He would not follow standard advices and workable procedures.” Yes, the author left off the rest of the sentence: “as laid out by David Miscavige.” He is literally talking about me refusing to follow David Miscavige’s corrupt orders. Do you have a problem with that? I don’t.

“Steve found himself unpopular with productive staff.” First of all, I was hugely popular with productive staff. My fellow staff who are now out of the Sea Org (most everyone with any backbone left Int) love me like a brother. Go ahead and ask them. The only people who I was unpopular with were David Miscavige and his boot lickers. Oh, and few other informants (plants) working for the Church of Miscavige to stir up trouble in the field with a lame attempt to use the Third Party Law in reverse.

“He got into conflicts as he would not follow instructions or duplicate orders.” Fair enough. I got into many conflicts with David Miscavige and his robotic enforcers because, I would not follow David Miscavige’s off-policy instructions. And his orders were impossible for anyone to duplicate since to cover his ass, Miscavige used the clever artifice of always ordering someone to both do and not do something in the same transcript. That way, no matter what you did, he could still (and did) blame it on you.

“He also tried to convince others that he had a hidden data line which was really a gross alteration and violation of policy.” My “hidden data line” was LRH policy. I listened to all the LRH OT lectures (more than 1,000 lectures) and started to use what I learned to write scripts. Note, I did write about 30 ads on the Tech Films (all the cool ones), plus 37 TV spots (including the ads for Scientology 8-8008 which were never used), plus 125 more films and videos. I held the post of scriptwriting for 6 years only leaving when Miscavige turned to hard-core violence.

“He already has been given chances to sort himself out but has continued to advocate unethical conduct and not avail himself of standard ethics.” Every time I submitted a script to David Miscavige that he didn’t like, he would tell the whole base that I was the “most out ethics person in Scientology history.” He said the same about a lot of other people. But what that meant was from 1998 onward, I was in continual lower conditions approximately 360 days of the year.

“He has a history of self-auditing and messing around with his mind, running processes on himself.” Okay, let’s look at the facts: I did New OT IV in 1986. I returned to Int management (after a brief stint there in 1984) in 1987. And in the next 17 years I never was allowed to take one single step forward on the Bridge. Starting in 2003, David Miscavige instead put me along with many others back at the start of the Bridge, making me repeat the Purif, Scientology DRD and HRD -- all of which I’d already done. Photo of Freeloader Statement issued Feb 20, 2006Besides that, it was just sec checks, sec checks, and more sec checks followed by... some sec checks. And for good measure here and there he threw in some extra sec checks. I don’t even know what the writer was referring to here, unless it was the time I got in trouble for participating in LRH’s lectures on Group Auditing in the mid 1990s. I showed the security guard who did my ethics handling the LRH reference where LRH said people could get audited from LRH in tapes, since the processing is from LRH -- just like in the book Self Analysis where LRH says it is not self processing: the reader is being processed by the author who happens to be LRH.

Perhaps I’m one of the first people to be declared because I enjoyed being audited by LRH and found it beneficial. I’m not sure what High Crime that is. Oh, yes, that’s the unwritten High Crime of “doing Scientology” which is a High Crime in the Church of Miscavige.

Plus giving the Church 20 years of my life and one aborted child that I would have kept had I ever been consulted. That part made me a "Freeloader." So according to David Miscavige, I still owe Golden Era Productions $82,191. Tommy Davis invited me to come out to LA which I did at my own expense last March. There, he offered to reduce it to only $14,000. I told him I wasn't going to pay one penny, because I am not a Freeloader.


What we are doing today is using Scientology to fix Scientology. In our case, we are engaging in group auditing, running out a 30-year group engram. When done, we should have the organization in present time for the first time in a long time.

Someone will no doubt set a match to all of DM's goldenrod and suddenly the philosophy will start to mean something again -- like it used to when you first got in, and even better than then. But who will be Scientology’s future leaders?

Photo of David Miscavige amid the Styrofoam
Golden Styrofoam columns
don't make a leader

As far as the "leaders" of Scientology are concerned, those who ARE leading are those who have the power to lead. Leading is not requisite on post titles or anything else. Those are just decorations. A person can have all the decorations, bars and stripes, and even surround himself with 75-foot styrofoam columns and still be irrelevant. That’s just a beingness.

Leadership is a doingness, not a beingness.

The future leaders of Scientology are the people who ARE leading. Don’t expect anyone to go back on staff. I doubt they would do that for all the tea in China.

Today, together, a few people have decided to stand up and lead Scientology out of the darkness. You too can be one of them if you aren’t already.

Some of us have come a long way and finally made it to the top. Together, we are leading for real and we never have to set foot on the Int base to do it. We don’t need four or even five commander bars like Shorty.

We got something else. It’s called, being OT.

OT is about knowing and willing Cause. I know what I want to cause. And I know you do, too.


So just look away from the wooden door. Look around. Notice the gigantic Iron Door that has opened.

You can move up the Bridge today, for a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to be PTS, give away all your money, attend horrendous events, be degraded and used. You don’t have to swallow out-tech on your case. You don’t have to worship David Miscavige any more if you ever did.

You are free to take back your most precious belonging: your own integrity. You are free to observe what you observe and have the courage to say what you observe. You are free to counter, utter or write your own opinion or counter, utter or write upon the opinions of others.

You can find auditors, find training. You can train auditors if you want to do that. You can help introduce new people to the Scientology philosophy and not have to worry if IAS registrars will blow them off in the first 5 minutes.

To your friends who object hotly to Scientology being a religion tell them “It’s not a religion. It’s a spiritual philosophy. The organization itself is a criminal activity ‘based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard’ -- it’s not the real thing. So actually it has nothing to do with the philosophy.” That blows charge and after you repeat it several times, it usually results in the person saying, “Well what’s it all about anyway.” That’s the Dissem Drill in action: actually handling the person’s real objection. And as a result he will reach for the tech.

It’s kind of like 1950 again when there weren’t any organizations. You have to take more responsibility to get yourself trained and audited, but besides that, there are no stops.

You can get trained. You can write about Scientology to your friends.

David Miscavige’s declares, disconnections and illegal orders will all be canceled when his regime finally falls from grace.


So what really is that Iron Door. Just think about what you are witnessing. You’re here, right here and right now at a new beginning for Scientology, the Phoenix rising from the flames and ashes.

And today Scientology has a chance to become so much more than it has ever been. With your watchful eyes upon them, Scientology management will not have the chance to repeat their criminal offenses. Not in an age when one individual can communicate his observations and experiences to millions within minutes after something happening.

We are embarking into a new age for Scientology: of accountability, transparency and integrity.

Miscavige will be looked upon as just an engram that got audited out in the early days of Scientology after decent Scientologists rose up and threw him out.

No more than a growing pain as we as a group erred in trusting an authority instead of ourselves.

Scientology management must answer to us, the human race.  

I urge you to ask yourself what were the things about Scientology that originally drew you to the subject. Those are the important aspects to which Scientology must align.

Scientology is going to mean something. It’s going to mean what it should have meant all along.

We have a very darn good thing coming our way. A new life for Scientology.

It’s one thing for the individual to conquer the endless cycle of life and death. Many have already been there, done that.

But it’s quite another for Scientology as a group to do it.

What does it mean to conquer the endless cycle of life and death on the third dynamic?

I don’t know, but the thought fills me with joy.

Written by Thoughtful




# OldAuditor 2009-12-11 10:54
Absolutely spot on!

Scientology will rise from the ashes because of the free beings in the field.

If there is anything I can do to assist you in this regard, please let me know.

Old Auditor
# victor sandino ruiz 2009-12-11 14:56
Looking for basic training and auditing in the washington DC metropolitan area and surrounding states?

Call me at (717) 504 8346 !
# MANFRED MAYER 2009-12-27 12:49

Since discovering this site I have regained renewed sense of cause. I did not realize that my intuitions re. DM and the church were shared at all.

I am relocating to Silver Springs, MD mid January.

Can we get in direct comm. via email?
# Guest 2009-12-11 14:56
Thank you for writing such a beautiful article. It will help many people. You have my full support. We are going to win this time.
# because8008 2009-12-11 20:00
Wow, I concur. Very helpful and well written. I'm in and working at getting people to use the tech and policy for the benefit of our fellow man, not our self aggrandizement of pretty mest buildings. I hope change will be upon us soon while we still have our millions un-spent. That would make for a nice reserve account.
# Louis 2009-12-11 20:37
Massive and important. A landmark piece in the reform movement on tech & renaissance.
# RJ 2009-12-12 02:32
Wow Thoughtful Steve!

Very cool and totally awesome, Dude!

What you write my friend is so sooth!

Thanks for the rehab, I owe ya one :-)
# OTB 2009-12-12 04:02
Excellently written. All I can say is that ONCE you see the truth of what is and has been going on in Scientology - you must act - if only to open other people's eyes. This article by Thoughtful puts another crack in the dam that has been put on the road of Scientology expansion. We need more cracks, more voices, and more holes and eventually the dam will burst.
# Eldon Braun 2009-12-12 04:33
"Miscavige personally worked on all aspects of [Battlefield Earth]. Miscavige also personally edited the 10 minute Tom Cruise video that is the laughing stock of the Internet. His ideas on video and film scriptwriting are so whacked that they are guaranteed to make most people run.

I didn't know he was so involved in those two disasters. Poor Travolta and Cruise! Poor LRH, for that matter.
# Knew it all along 2009-12-12 04:58
Looked at the Wikileaks and could not locate any valid OT auditing materials that were viewable or downloadable. There was an altered something for OT7. Am I missing something?
# Thoughtful 2009-12-12 14:54
You go to wikileaks.org and do a search for "Scientology" and you'll find a ton of stuff some of which you'll have to weed through. There is a 600+ page document (PDF) entitled on it's cover page, "The OT Levels." And there are other copies of things.

Make sure you have virus software on your computer before you open. On the SHSBC Transcripts there were 4 viruses which I noticed today.

There's all kinds of stuff in there.

Swim at your own risk (which is still a lot better than trusting the Church of Miscavige). Look for a new article later today, from me, entitled "Revolt in the Stars."
# Inky 2009-12-12 08:14
Thank you my friend. It's a wonderful article.

"We are embarking into a new age for Scientology: of accountability, transparency and integrity. " QFT
+1 # Gone Down 2009-12-12 10:47
- As a movie buff I was very embarrassed over Battlefield Earth, didn't realize the disaster was due to Miscavige.
- That Guider guy looks like death warmed over, very low toned.
- Your declare is a joke (as an X MAA) specifics were always required. SP's speak in generalities & the SP is displaying himself so obviously (Miscavige). God he must think we are dumb in that we can't spot the outpoints. The person who wrote it should be declared for messing with my mind.
- There have been so many incorrect SP declares, that they've ceased to have any ethics presence. Never thought I would talk to a "Declared" but have, and found them to be the same wonderful people they always were.
- Thanks for the wikileaks "candy". Maybe there is some hope after all. Going up the Bridge has become something only the rich do. And since the rich are being required to give all their money to endless dono campaigns, not even their family/associate are going up the Bridge.
# OnceUponaTime 2009-12-12 10:48
I feel a great change coming. Force is not a visible thing in MEST. Only theta can perceive force. What we mistake as force is energy manifested not the underlying force created by theta. Steve, I feel your KRC in play. I feel your awareness (Knowledge) and force (Responsibility) bring about change (Control). "Old" OT 7 was all about intention. And speaking of OT3, the pre-OT would move from OT3 directly to OT 7 to gain OT intention and then move back to OT3 expanded. An examination of intention is an examination of KRC, of "Knowing Cause" starting, changing or stopping a condition or conditions. Leadership would be directing third dynamic KRC toward a goal -- third dynamic intention. Do you feel it? Theta perception? No wonder DM is confused about what you are doing -- all of this is happening beyond his ability to perceive. So, "Come Senators and Congressmen throughout the land...for the times they are a changin"
# Mark Fisher 2009-12-12 12:42
Thanks for posting this information Steve.

Wow, you were charged $704 per hour for auditing by Qual Gold??? The same Qual that DM routinely made degrading comments about how they were ruining the staff and the staff were making no case gain???

$704 an hour for that??? They should be paying you for putting up with all their out tech based on DM's opinion of the place!
# Karyl 2009-12-12 13:35
OMG what a wonderful piece of writing. You are an awesome author, certainly one I would pick up. Wow so many need to know the truth but you know I want for everyone who reads this to get out of it what I did....that being we as a being are truly okay and all the self inval and eval are so gone. What a gift all I can say is thank you and God Bless.
# Thoughtful 2009-12-12 15:29
Thank you so much, it's a pleasure and an honor.
# You are opening the Iron door! 2009-12-12 14:33
Great post Steve. Thank you! :-)

You are a true definition of KRC. I am honored to know you in our team.
# civicus 2009-12-12 14:34
Such a tremendous job of further detailing the trap of Miscavige Mestology compared to the reality of an actual scientology field emerging before us...
# P. Henry 2009-12-12 14:59
I very much appreciate this post of yours Thoughtful. Indeed, I consider it to be rather profound and enormously helpful!

Thank you.

Your account of how much involved DM was in the movie, Battlefield Earth, confirmed (as if I needed it) that this guy is quite mad and is most definitely a bonafide SP. B-E, the book, was an incredible piece of SciFi. B-E, the movie, was worse than a dog's breakfast! After watching the movie I recall thinking that Senior Scn Mgmt must be going nuts at what a pathetic representation this was of LRH's phenomenal book. I've been wondering for years how in the hell could this have happened! Now I know. Thanks Thoughtful. Another comm lag handled.

As a side note: you know, one of the many things the thousands (and numbers obviously growing) of independent scientologists could do, is start a movie production company that is set up as a cooperative. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the necessary talent, skill and know-how is extant (in abundance) to do such a thing. And, boy oh boy, could we ever turn out some powerful movies!

Oh yeah, Tom Cruise...I thought the guy had himself a psychotic break or some other kind of case melt-down, had gone renegade and started his personal crusade to disseminate Scn in the most counter productive way possible. I couldn't understand why he wasn't being reined in and handled ASAP. DM strikes again!! Man, finally finding out the truth sure makes things start to make sense.

Years ago a good friend of mine who had completed the FEBC (Flag Executive Briefing Course) told me that on one of Ron's tapes he had listened to on the course there was a person in the audience who asked Ron a question about the whole track. And LRH answered something to the effect that scifi writer and author of The Lensmen Series, E.E. Doc Smith, had a pretty good memory. Well, in 84' I finally came across a person who had The Lensmen Series (seven books written in 1926) and they loaned them to me to read. Now this may sound odd, but in reading this series of books two things occurred that I was not at all expecting. The first thing that I noticed after reading the books was that I had a much expanded view and understanding of Scn. I had gotten the "long view." The second thing that I experienced was that for about three months or so, I had regained telepathic abilities as well as the ability to 'BE' in places where my body wasn't and view what was going on in real time.

Anyway, my point in going anecdotal is that what is happening in and with Scn at this time, lines right up with this "long view" that I experienced after reading The Lensmen Series (that, so far, has been a stable gain). What is occurring now with our religion, is NOT a bad thing. It actually has the potential to be a very good thing. Whether or not the "potential" good will become realized is totally dependent upon how we respond to the circumstances at hand. In other words, what the Iron Door opens into is completely up to us.

I totally understand your point in your postulate story Thoughtful.

In 77' when I purchased DMSMH and read it, my future changed (in a big way!). A couple of weeks ago when I happened upon this site and began reading one article after another and then went on to other related sites to read some more...my future again changed (in a big way!). I'm diggin it. :-)

BTW, the world really does need the scientologist. And we have so much that we can do for the world. We actually CAN better conditions. I'm working on that in my local community.
# Barney Rubble 2009-12-12 16:50
That Declare issue is a joke. I almost threw up on my keyboard.

Looks like it was written by a 12 year old. The generalities in it are outrageous. Count this as another "lost Tech". What happened to the good old days when we had Time, Place, Form and Event golden rods, with real facts. Been about 20 years, I think.
# jim logan 2009-12-12 17:05
NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!! Brilliant article. Just superb!
# Tom 2009-12-12 18:39
You have no idea how it pleases me to see articles like this, telling ALL within a framework of personal integrity. This is the group dynamic I wanted oh so very much.

I also appreciate the fact of validting the OT materials, and your comments about your experiences getting others through them. I did mine "in the field" and have had major life changing wins. I am extremely thankful that I was allowed to "take as long as it takes" on OT II, with no pressure to complete. As a result, OT III literally "fell in to my lap" and was a very smooth level to audit. Can you imagine a world were being who wanted to, could avail themselves of this technology when and where they were ready to?

That is what I see on the future track. But as always, we must pay the price for this freedom: constant vigilence and constant willingness to fight back.

Thanks again.
# Observer 2009-12-12 22:36
Wow! That SP declare is a shame. Bunch of generalities. This coming from RTC? What kind of messed up sleazeball would write such non-sense?

Also, I had no clue that You-Know-Who was involved in the production of BE. The amount of outpoints that are coming up in connection with DM and RTC are mind boggling.

The movie was a big disappointment. I was upset after I saw it because it was a total alteration of the story and a degrade of LRH.

Thanks Steve, you're doing a wonderful job in running out the 3rd dynamic engram. I feel really refreshed since discovering your site.

BTW: I too, had to sit through and watch BE 4 times because our entire base was ordered to see it over and over. Now I know why! At least I got some sleep in the last 2 showings.
# Idle Org 2009-12-12 23:37
Just finished reading. Perhaps the biggest slice of hope I've seen yet! Apathy about my Bridge is transforming to excitement I haven't felt in maybe 15 years. You and your bad-ass, white Corvette ROCK Steve!!!
Thanks so much for this one.
Damn.....I'm still smiling. Could just be a good future yet for Scn and the human race.
Idle Org
# Thought provoking 2009-12-13 12:55
Excellent communiation! It gave me the specific answers to the questions I had and raised a few more. There is so much to communicate about as more and more Scientologists become independent. So far, everyone has been very helpful and as new questions arise, another article surfaces with answers. I will continue to read as I suspect my current questions will be answered soon.

I can't help but marvel at all of the Scientologists out there who have been inactive, who are suddenly being allowed to communicate (for reals) about Scientology. If they are half as happy about it as I am, then the world has had quite an increase in theta these past few months. Now that IS therapeutic for all!
# Sinar 2009-12-13 18:21

You've outdone yourself over and again! Great article - it frees everyone from the oppressive monopoly of "eternity" which are only empty promises of the CoM.

The recall on having to watch Battlefield Earth multiple times evoked some mixed emotions for me. On one hand it was great to have a movie outing - on the other hand, I and many of us watched other movies and didn't have to comply to that ridiculous "order" as we went with DM to watch it.

I think this tech which comes from Terl of "Leverage" is still being used in dealings with CoM currently. Tommy, Jessica and Kirsten just didn't have enough to turn you back into the fold and gag you. Not sure if the current trio is going to have more...

Please continue!
+1 # L 2009-12-15 08:40
I remember, T. I am so happy I dropped by this morning. I read a brilliant KR and a stupid Declare. Before I stumbled onto this website, I could see the Church was never going to Clear the planet. Now I can see US actually doing it. I guess I'm in big trouble now for hanging out with you guys. I am laughing out loud!
# Kirsi Ojamo 2009-12-19 06:37
Thoughtful I am so very happy you are there and communicating. Your Short Story section here especially makes me melt, but before vanishing let me give you a big hug. This gets me going so better watch out!
# Unity 2009-12-26 03:48
I think you need to offer some "proof" of people dying from the OTIII levels - seriously that's an absurd claim to make without offering one iota of proof. You are calling out the CoS for all their claims without proof - yet here you are doing the same. Don't fall into that trap, you're better than that. Hundreds of thousands of people have read the OTIII levels with no ill effects whatsoever. I myself have read them all and I'm perfectly fine. The fact is you are merely propagating a scare tactic meant to keep people from getting the "info" or "tech" for free. There's no reason to do that anymore since you yourself point out their availability. It's fine if you want to tell those who believe in Scieno that reading them will mess up their "case" but please don't keep spreading the absurd propaganda about dying simply from reading words on a page. It's a bunch of rancid BS and anyone who believes it should have their head examined. (Or offer one single instance of real proof - we have hundreds of thousands of healthy humans who have read the OT levels to prove its a false claim)
# Thoughtful 2009-12-26 11:53
Unity, I took up this very point in my next article -- "Revolt in the Stars." Read that one and see what you think.
+1 # TheEmperorIsNaked 2010-02-03 23:50
Wow, wow, wow! You are a great writer. This post is so uplifting and forward looking and just plain OT I am almost speechless.

Please keep this on the front page. Everyone must see this. This is the one post I tell people who are out to go look at. If they are not sure, I send them to friendsoflrh.org. If they are sure, this is the post.

Wow. Thank you so much.
# robert earle 2011-05-16 23:36
I'm sure glad DM got rid of you off his lines. If he hadn't we wouldn't be so fortunate as to have you creating these web sites and writing such stellar pieces as this one.This is one time I can truely and honestly say "Thank you David Miscavige."

You truely are a great writer and this is a really good article.(A-R-C in abundance) Bob
# solal 2011-07-10 09:31
HI Thoughtfull
I would like more data on how you sovled ots flubbing. after i read IRON DOOR and you and your team being the best sounds wonderful. we want to help more ots in our area and your successfull actions would be appreciated.
pls get in comm with me.
+1 # Watchful Navigator 2011-11-02 13:09
Awesome! I come back to this article more than a year after it got me (and my dynamics) going in such a positive direction. It is absolutely my favorite all-in-one article for handling failed purposes in Scientology. So inspiring! I am going to keep directing my friends to it because it is simply brilliant in the way it "covers all the bases" (especially "Int Base" - hahaha!). Powerful and winning ideas here. Thank you so much for your hard work and service for all of us, Steve.
+1 # Les Warren 2012-06-28 13:16
Hi Steve,
Just re-read this brilliant post. Now that I've completed the NOTs case (new OT VII) I took a little vacation to do L12 with Trey and decided to get going on original OT IV. You know, the one LRH wrote. The one that "proofs up a being against any chance of being implanted in the future."
What a friggin trip this level is. With the NOTs case out of the way and the real OT levels available, true spiritual freedom is at hand.
I've been off on a persistent F/N for nearly 4 weeks now (with no insane pressure to keep auditing in violation of the HCOB on Persistent F/N) and I get more and more strength, ARC and cogs every day as the F/N continues to widen.
I can see why miscavige disappeared these OT levels. He wants implanted beings. The levels ensure he will never reach his goal.

See you soon.
+1 # Thoughtful 2012-06-28 14:28
Les, that is so heartening to read. You are truly blazing the trail for the rest of us to follow.

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