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Sunday, 24 January 2010 11:53

(Caution: this is a rant).

The ethics of DM and is "Church" continue to reach new lows. As a result, they have become a vacuum for trouble and that's putting it extra-super mildly.

On December 30th, OT VII, Rex Fowler, a minister of David Miscavige's Church allegedly pumped three 9mm rounds into the head of his ex-business partner, killing him, who had resigned on November 23rd apparently after Rex was persuaded to "donate" $200,000 to the Church of Scientology or an associated charity -- surely this was the result of illegal crush regging. I'm sorry, but this has David Miscavige/IAS fingerprints all over it. The company had not been doing well the previous year. The ex-business partner who was not a Scientologist stopped in December 30th to collect his severance, a paltry $9,900, and was allegedlymurdered instead.

This is what burns me up. Out-ethics has consequences. People ARE dying and have been dying for decades due to what David Miscavige is doing. How many OTs have died from cancer due to out-tech "HCO-style sec checks" which LRH forbid in HCO PL, SECURITY CHECKS FORBIDDEN, not to mention violations of Policy and Ethics?

Stacy Moxon committed suicide in 2000 after being held captive at Int along with all the rest of us for 2 months. She was brand new, still in her teens (as I recall) and just couldn't take it. She had just gotten married prior to coming up to the Int base, and had not been allowed to see her new husband. Desparing, she committed suicide Sunday morning June 25, 2000. The crone, Marion "Wichiepoo" Pouw, a real termagant if there every was one, destroyed Stacy's suicide note per my inside source. And it certainly makes sense of the story and all the circumstances. Her father KENDRICK MOXON is an attorney who works for David Miscavige, the man who's orders resulted in the death of his own daughter. Kendrick -- maybe it's time for you to stop being a Miscavologist and start being a Scientologist and a father. How many more people have to die because in your confusion, you continue to follow the herd instead of your heart. Where is your knowingness? No doubt it is screaming in the pit of your soul. Can you not hear it because you have fogotten how to listen? Or can you not hear it because you refuse to hear?

In fact Stacy's death was one of many that had occurred at the Int base. Another was a 16-year-old girl who was decapitated when she ran into a front end loader hired by Int base execs to frantically clean up road at 11 PM because David Miscavige was suddenly on his way up to Int and heads would roll if the road was not beautified. A third was Joe Harrison, long-time Scientologist, Sea Org member and carpenter from LA who lost his life in 2003 while working on Building 50 -- David Miscavige’s $70 million private office/monument to greed and egomania -- as a direct result of Miscavige’s trademark policy of sleep deprivation (classified by the CIA as torture).

Yesterday, the St Petersburg Times ran the story of actor Larry Anderson who has resigned from Scientology due to out-tech in his auditing, lies from David Miscavige and DM's gross mismanagement. The article included audio recordings of Tommy Davis and Jessica Flashback -- his

Hearing about these things fills any real Scientologist with outrage. The loss of life, the blighting of hope, the lies and deceit emanating from Tommy Davis and his contemptous shrew-of-a-harpy side kick, Jessica Flashback in their utterly misguided love affair with David Miscavige are bringing the avalanche. Tommy Davis had the audacity to call Larry Anderson a liar -- caught on tape! While Jessica the Harpy (a rapacious bird of prey with a woman's face) tried her claws by asking Larry Anderson, "Are you, like, broke?"

OTs and Scientologists are running into the safety and sanity of the Independent movement. The damn is bursting. The tipping point is being reached.

Please step up your efforts to put in order.

And speaking of putting in order, as a Primary Target, may I suggest you get Twitter on your phone? It's free. Social networking gives us the power to alert YOU instantly to breaking news as the battle for freedom and truth rages on.

Written by Thoughtful




# DragonFly 2010-01-24 13:16
Dear Steve:

It breaks my heart to hear of these stories. It breaks my heart to hear of the pain and suffering of SO members being tortured, enslaved, etc. I have to do something! Amnesty International?? I'm a member. Call whom?? I have no back off when it comes to abuse in any shape or form. If it had been my daughter who had been decapitated, trust me...hell hath no fury when my 2D is being destroyed. ~
# idle org 2010-01-24 18:02

I can feel the frustration, anger and flat-out disbelief at the current situation in your hard-hitting, power-house of words above. I too share in it. After listening to the blatant inval and 1.1 of TD and JF, and the frustration, yet sanity, of Larry Anderson, I'm disgusted in a new unit of time! Larry caught-on to the big picture even before the Truth Rundown hit the net. Well done, Larry!

When you ask Kendrick if he can hear the screaming at the pit of his soul, you touch upon the exact thing we are fighting....massive ethics blind spots! Even suppressive reasonableness per its true definition.

Regarding Twitter, you may have already addressed this but can you inform us if this is a safe comm line? Many of us Indie's don't want to come out yet for personal reasons but would definitely like the instantaneous updates. I welcome your advice to us all on this because it could be a powerful tool.

And, as always, Thanks for what you're doing!
With respect,
Idle Org
# Thoughtful 2010-01-24 20:15
IO, Your viewpoint is appreciated as always. You're exactly right about suppressive reasonableness. I feel badly about this man who was murdered because his partner buckled under DM's heavy suppression. Now the murderer is going to go to jail for the rest of his life. But what about the people who regged him for that 200K? Who was that? An investigation needs to go there as well because no doubt those persons contributed to an innocent man's death, as did David Miscavige. Maybe someone closer to the scene can investigate this. To where did the $200K go? Who was the reg/MAAs on the cycle?

Regarding Twitter, great observations. In fact, it's like facebook or anything else: you don't have to put your real name if you need your identity to remain confidential. People can simply make up an identity and keep it confidential.

Thank you, and to all independents. The respect is mutual!
# Thoughtful 2010-01-24 20:31
Dragonfly, thanks for your comm. I've always thought this situation was a group situation that only the group could solve, each one of us bearing part of the full responsibility. My hat is put these websites here, but there are so many more hats available to be worn. If you were to start a dialogue with Amnesty International, I think that would be a spectacularly commendable use of your time and efforts. Maybe that's the role you are chosen for. I don't know if they can help us or not, but the only way to find out is to start a dialog and begin to learn.

I think there is a collective soul in any group. And therefore a collective intuition and knowingness. I think if we simply pay attention, we will be able to see the iron doors opening, and hear our thoughts urging us in the correct direction.
# BC Boy 2010-01-24 21:03
I totally agreed about the number of hats that need to be worn. This is a dynamic group, maybe soon an org.

I think it's clear the Havingness everyone agrees on as the result of all this. The beingness has been put forth by all the blogs and the contributers.

I think more discussion needs to occur about the doingness to bring this about. I am not talking about stuff that Marty and others, including you are doing through your blogs and behind the scene.

I for one would like a bigger part in the change that is sure to come and I expect others do as well. My one sit demands that I stay underground for a while but I would like to see some sidebar on the blogs with quotes, references that we could use to assemble and start sending info packs to.
# RJ 2010-01-25 01:03

The evidence suggests, so far as reported by the 'Denver Post', that it was a murder and attempted suicide but then we don't have all the facts, like in the case of Stacy's "accidental" death by electrocution. Not to mention Edward McBride's similar demise in Australia. As far as high profile cases going. Not counting the "accidental" deaths of Joe Harrison or the girl doing road work.

Lest we forget Lisa McPherson and the mysterious death of Flo Barrnett ruled as a suicide despite the fact that she was shot several times.

I'd say the body count is getting high around Miscavige. He is not only a corrupting influence but an angel of death!
# Trey Lotz 2010-01-25 02:20
Termagants, shrews, harpies, crones!

Great words! They very aptly describes a certain
management type that I've run into a few times
over the years.

I think of them as 'Warlords In A Female Body.'
# DragonFly 2010-01-26 14:49

Thank you for your comm back. I will call them and at least it's a start. Then take it from there, but will keep you abreast of the data I receive from them. My viewpoint: Every minute I wait, there's one more SO member suffering, one more high crime being committed. One more minute DM is in action. I don't want to have to answer for this type of crap anymore in session. I have enough past OW's to clean up...:-) It's not like we can call on CCHR to help. The SP Times knows about this stuff, and they haven't called anyone to help.(that I have heard about)Maybe this will be the beginning of our OSA. All I know is standing by being idle, reading of travesties makes me cringe when I am not doing. ~
# Guest 2010-01-27 21:56
I am a personal friend of Rex Fowler and knew him to be a great man of integrity. I too have been following the news reports about his alleged murder of Mr. Ciancio.

The word alleged is important, because the truth is we don't know at this point. We only have the Merchants of Chaos version of the events, and the fact that he has been charged with murder.

If he did indeed commit this crime I think justice needs to be served, but your rumor mongering, and statement of what he did without proof seems to lump you in the Merchants of Chaos at least in this instance.

Please keep your information to statements of fact, like the other respected posters on this site.
# Archer 2010-01-28 07:02
Hey, Anonymous if you are actually a friend to Rex Fowler, and if you cared about Thomas Ciancio and his survivors at all, why don't you find out who regged Rex for the $200K instead of just being a spectator. Who regged him? Was it IAS? Who were the regs? Did they twist his arm or serve him an HCO Summons? What drove him to such depths of desperation? Why don't you get off your ass and HELP YOUR FRIEND if you're such a personal friend?

Sorry for the HE&R, but one man is dead and "your personal friend" is facing murder charges and you're just sitting on your ass "following the news reports." I for one find that pathetic.
# Thoughtful 2010-01-28 14:00
Actually I phoned his company and asked who regged Rex for the $200K but the receptionist was withholding the answer. Heartfelt condolences to Thomas Ciancio's family.
# Thoughtful 2010-01-28 12:21
Okay, I put in "allegedly." But I think you're seizing on a lesser important detail and missing the whole point of the blog: If true, there is a good chance that Rex Fowler was driven to desperation (murder/suicide) by being forced to make illegal donations to the Church. This is really extortion and the Church is using coercion to get their money. I say that because I've seen numerous others driven to suicide attempts, both attempted and accomplished.
# Virgil Samms 2010-01-28 00:12
If the cause of cancer is suppression on the 2d - then add these to your lists:

Alan Hubbard - died of brain cancer. Wanted kids but wasn't going to happen this LT.

My dear friend David Roussou. Died of cancer. wanted to leave the Sea Org and have a family and was stopped by DM. He died shortly after.

Kathy True almost died. She wanted kids.

There are more. My memory fails me. But this is due to DMs aberrated policies on the 2D.

I was at the Int Base when John Travolta came there for the first time in 1984. He was given the tour and at the end he addressed the entire base: "I've just taken a tour of your beautiful base, saw all of the nice buildings and landscaping, but I have one question: where are the kids? Why aren't there any kids? It is not okay to leave kids out of this. Please someone explain this to me." He was then ushered off of the stage.

It started the spark in me. Don't think JT doesn't have eyes, he does. He would be easy to swing over.

# Thoughtful 2010-01-28 12:26
Wow, that is fascinating Virgil. What a great story! What a great thing for John Travolta to do.
# barbz 2010-01-30 05:12
I was outside the gates of Gold, protesting the decapitation death of Ashley Shaner, at the very moment Stacy Moxon was down in the vault.

Ken Hoden came out to try and lure us into town with an offer of breakfast at Dennys and an opportunity to discuss our differences.

I heard he got sent to the RPF over that whole flap. Then Muriel DuFresne came out with a fake limp, begging us to slow down our walk so she could keep up. She tried to entice us into the dining hall by pretending to smell delicious food cooking. I can smell food. There was no food.

We were down by the main gate with Muriel and some guy named Robert when a news crew pulled up. My sign said, 'SCIENTOLOGY KILLS.' When I saw the news van pull up, I turned to Muriel and said, "Here, take this." She almost took my sign.

Weird times. We picketed Gold Base damn near every weekend that summer.
# Sharon 2010-02-02 10:13
As a father, how does Moxon still remain under DM's clutches? This is beyond my comprehension.
# Thoughtful 2010-02-03 22:55
He probably doesn't know his daughter committed suicide. More to come...
# NCT 2010-02-05 16:29
Enough! this sickens me and while all of this comes out and the truth is known this little ass needs to go to prison. There is no statute of limitatin on murder and to me this whole thing smells of it.
# Alice Smith 2013-08-30 12:11
Does anyone know what happened to Sea Org member Donna Bischoff? She was promoted, I think to RTC, a few years ago.

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