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In addition to the more obvious ones, there are exact mechanisms Miscavige has used and continues to use in order to dominate, control and enslave those around him to the great detriment of our staffs, public, organizations, the PR of Scientology and its forward progress.  

Miscavige has used these mechanisms so well and for so long that he has managed to create for us a completely false Scientology time track, to such an extent that even when those who were there attempt to remember incidents, people or occurrences they tend to remember only the false track, complete with fictitious villains, falsely interpreted incidents, wrong reasons given, altered facts -- an entire fallacious patchwork history woven by Miscavige that clouds the mind and makes it difficult to see what actually took place and absolutely impossible to detect any pattern.

Strong words? Hard to believe? Read on …

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1. The False & Alarming Report

This mechanism is probably his most used; Miscavige has been using it for three decades, that we know of. Read the incredibly detailed account from Gang of Five (The Secret History of David Miscavige) which describes incidents that took place thirty years ago where Miscavige used this very mechanism to undermine and get rid of a series of his superior officers in the Commodore’s Messenger Organization International (CMOI) so he could increase his power.

The exact tactic used by Miscavige is covered by LRH in HCO PL 15 August 1967, DISCIPLINE, SPs AND ADMIN, HOW STATISTICS CRASH. In it he states:

"One of the key ways an SP works to stop an activity or halt an affluence is to pick out key personnel and spread wild, false and alarming stories about them.

"Another way, often used in conjunction with the above, is to pound a key executive with alarming entheta about staff, divisions or activities. This urges the key executive to take uncalled-for action which upsets things and may lead to the dismissal of valuable staff."

LRH gave a rule in the same policy which if used would have countered this mechanism. Disastrously, it became the least used, most violated rule or policy in the history of Scientology. It states:


To return to his early use of this mechanism: As covered by Gang of Five, Miscavige spread wild, false but alarming stories about Dede to one and all (including LRH) and got her shot as CO CMOI.  Later it would be the turn of her sister (Gale) using the same mechanism. Before it was over other experienced Messengers would go down with them.

But by the time he took out Gale, Miscavige was already well on his way in using the technique to devastating effect on other terminals and areas. Note that LRH says this trick may be used against “divisions or activities.” Miscavige had already used it against the Guardian’s Office and the senior Sea Org officer over The Guardian Worldwide (Mary Sue Hubbard -- The Controller) and was driving home his advantage. Soon he would be in full flow against the big Mission Holders. David Mayo would follow and a host of others along with him, including Watch Messengers. Then there would be Vicki Aznaran and her team, plus Pat Broeker and anyone who may have supported him. And I’m not trying to list everyone and that still only covers some of the 80s.

And isn’t it strange that no matter who it was he took down, you always heard wild stories about them, every single one of them, before during and after the fact?  These alarming but false reports still circulate; they replaced fact and became a grim but fictitious folklore for Scientology.

Let’s look at a few examples. Martin Samuels, man I heard some wild and highly critical reports emanating from Miscavige about him. Now, what I didn’t hear was that he’d built four mega missions, to this day the largest missions in the history of Scientology and the first major Scientology school (Delphi), and boy were his stats up, so much so he was about to be awarded Kha-Khan* when Miscavige took him down amid all manner of false and alarming reports. And right out of the policy quoted above, the international stats got into trouble right after Miscavige took down Samuels and other big mission holders.

*(Kha-Khan was the highest status in an ancient army that protected it's owner from internal penalties exactly of the type inflicted by Miscavige to take him out - Thoughtful)

The staff members of Martin Samuel’s missions were briefed on why he’d been kicked into oblivion. An eyewitness account states they were told he had “gone woggy, become MEST oriented and unproductive”, that he now “dressed in fine clothes and liked to go out to restaurants with celebrities”. These were just false and alarming reports, black PR in fact with no mention of his actual worth or accomplishments (that his stats were up and he deserved ethics protection).

And if you fast forward a few years Miscavige said very similar things about Vicki Aznaran (D/Inspector General RTC) who just happen to favor Pat Broeker in the successor to LRH stakes. And when Terry (Executive Director of Author Services Inc.) had had enough of Miscavige’s shenanigans he used the same false and alarming reports to condemn her, stating she had a “fondness for fine shoes and liked to go horse riding.”  Are you serious? If those things are crimes we are all doomed. But somehow Miscavige had the ability to make even mundane things sound heinous, an ability he used to telling effect.

But he also simply lied, an example being the fact that he told CMO Int staff, after Vicki Aznaran was busted that a copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War had been found on her personal bookshelf as if that was something strange and sinister. The truth is Vicki had been heavily involved in external affairs and the Art of War (along with Clausewitz on War) was an LRH-recommended book and Miscavige knew that.

So, was it strange coincidence that a mission holder, D/Inspector General RTC and ED ASI all had the similar “offenses” or was it a repeating pattern, a black propaganda machine churning out cookie-cutter character assassinations? In any event, they were injustices of the worst kind.

"This then is the primary breakdown of any justice system – that it acts on false reports; disciplines before substantiation and fails to confront an accused with the report and his accuser before any discipline is assigned, or which does not weigh the value of the person in general against the alleged crime even when proven." -- LRH, HCO PL 24 Feb 1969, JUSTICE

And if wearing expensive clothes and dining out with celebrities are offenses worthy of instant declare then surely Miscavige should be declared for same. Not to mention the theft of millions of dollars that disappeared from those Mission bank accounts, scooped up by Miscavige’s Finance Police.

Now, I don’t like it but I have to admit, I’m not surprised we all didn’t spot this mechanism at work many years ago. In addition to the false track that was put there, two other factors were in the mix. There was the obvious one: you know, man has trouble confronting evil. But there was another aspect that is much harder to spot: the fact that no one had the whole scene or the whole picture, and I mean no one. I have met ex Sea Org members who had a part of the track that I knew nothing of, and I had parts they didn’t have. They knew things Miscavige did or said concerning me that I never knew and vice versa. It was only through this process of filling in the gaps (by interviewing others) that enough of the picture has been put together.

Let me elaborate. There was a certain Sea Org executive named Tom. He was the Commanding Officer of CMO Clearwater in 1990 and doing a fine job by all factual accounts. But Miscavige, “COB” RTC by then, unbeknownst to Tom, was actively campaigning against him. Not with facts, stats or actual evidence but with complaints characterized as alarming false reports.

An eyewitness account tells of how Miscavige strode into the CO CMO Int’s office one day and nattered about Tom to Marc Yager and Mark Ingber who were sitting there. Ingber was the CO CMO Int but Yager (IG Admin RTC) was holding due to an assigned Danger condition.  Miscavige’s complaint? That Tom had recently had the good manners and decency to personally pick up Miscavige from Tampa airport and be in comm with him during the drive to the church facilities in Clearwater, where Miscavige would be carrying out inspections. How that was cause for carping, critical complaint I do not know. It seems it just as easily could have been that Tom hadn’t picked up Miscavige from the airport, a no-win situation. But the way Miscavige snarled and spat somehow made the “offense” sound like the crime of the century. As I said above, Miscavige seemed to have that ability.

The eyewitness account goes on to describe how Miscavige kept up the critical complaints over time until the order was given to remove Tom. A distraught D/CO Conts CMOI then asked another CMOI staff member: “what am I supposed to tell Tom, he’s removed from post because he picked up COB from the airport?”

Regardless of the pretext given, Tom was removed from his post for no other reason than Miscavige pounded a senior executive with made up entheta, and under pressure the executive acted without looking at stats, hearing only the rumor.

And Tom was far from alone during that time period. Throughout the period of 1988 to 1990 Miscavige was going out into the continents and far flung regions on many inspection tours while management executives were prohibited from doing the same. When he returned from his trips, additional eyewitness accounts describe how Miscavige would hammer away at the CO CMO Int to get rid of the CO CMO of the area he’d been to as well as the corresponding Operations terminal at CMO Int and sometimes the relevant Watch Dog Committee member.

Remember, in this time period the International stats had been running up for years, and per these eyewitness accounts the objections from Miscavige regarding the “offending” persons were not about production or stats but were complaints similar to the entheta dished out about Tom. A case in point was Ginger who was the CO CMO UK. Miscavige’s complaint about her was the opposite of the one given regarding Tom. Per Miscavige Ginger had not been visible enough when he toured St Hill UK. So if she’d picked Miscavige up from Gatwick Airport and talked to him on the drive to St Hill and been in his face she’d have survived? You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Another case in point was Cheryl, the CO CMO IXU -- in charge of Los Angeles CMO operations. On returning from inspections at the complex in LA, Miscavige harped on repeatedly about how he didn’t see any change in FCB (which was just opinion and a prejudiced opinion at that). The fact that the stats were up and the CO CMO IXU had been a very successful and productive CO CMO CW from which post she was promoted seemed to make no difference. Due to continuing pressure from Miscavige of the same kind, Cheryl was removed as CO CMO IXU.

In this way, during 1988 to 1990, we lost the CO CMO CW, CO CMO UK, CO CMO PAC, CO CMO East US and CO CMO IXU. All removed from their posts along with corresponding members of the Operations area at CMO Int, WDC FSO, WDC Gold and most of the Action personnel.

It was not even Miscavige’s hat to meddle in such affairs even if there had been a valid post entitled “COB” RTC, which there wasn’t. It had nothing to do with him but he made it his business, to devastating effect.

With this Miscavige mechanism in play, by May 1990 a great many experienced executives had been lost from the scene.  And May 1990 brings me to Julie Fisher, a Watch Messenger and the Invest & Evaluations Dir CMOI.

Now, you’ve no doubt heard of how Miscavige came to assault Julie’s husband, Mark Fisher, in the garage at Int but there’s more behind that story. Mark Fisher had been working in RTC and had been a favorite of Miscavige right up to the point that Miscavige started to beat the drum for Julie’s removal from CMO Int citing his personal opinion of her (“entheta” per LRH), not facts, stats or production. Mark saw the falsity of it. He expressed his resentment and protested. Julie dug her heels in, refused to leave CMOI, querying any orders to do so, and Miscavige had her sent to the RPF for having the audacity to defy his whim. Mark’s protests became more and more vehement as a result and it all came to a head in the garage. [If you haven’t heard Mark’s story, you can read it in the St Petersburg Times article, entitled, “Strength in Their Numbers”]

Julie was the last of LRH’s original Watch Messengers, when she went to the RPF none were left posted in CMO Int other than Michele Yager (Miscavige had already gotten Michele removed as the LRH Comm CMOI by abolishing the post, so she was not on any production lines; she was now the Port Captain CMO Int). As an aside, every org (organization) in the world had an LRH Comm but Miscavige thought CMO Int shouldn’t have one. Very strange?

Miscavige also got rid of Jon, the Invest & Evals Dir CMO IXU. So by the time we get into June 1990 the CMO executive structure was decimated, very few investigations or evaluations could be done by the CMO, few missions could be fired or run and the previously successful programs area which had been highly effective was now in ruins. Is it any wonder the Int statistics began their long decline in June 1990 and have never recovered?

Few protested because not only had these once proud and effective organizations been eviscerated personnel-wise, their morale had also been destroyed.

"When you indicate the wrong bypassed charge on a case, the case caves in. When you accuse wrongly and punish unjustly, the group caves in." -- LRH, HCO PL INJUSTICE

Another reason the stats never recovered is that the above is still only a third of the way through the story. Miscavige continued to use this mechanism right up to the present with many other destructive acts played out on management and other units, not to mention the public, all very well covered by existing reports on the Internet. So for the sake of brevity I am not going to list here the countless other victims that fell to this mechanism.

But be certain of one thing, Scientology trends are set at the top (Int) and are forwarded from there or drift downward as a natural consequence.  So Miscavige’s own brand of (in)justice (use of false and alarming reports) perverted the justice lines for all as a matter of course.  Today it’s impossible to obtain justice. I challenge anyone to find actual examples of standard Scientology justice. They are impossible to find because they don’t exist. And it all started with Miscavige.

So, okay then, Miscavige fits the LRH reference on how suppressives crash stats, he used alarming and sometimes hidden false reports, he’s an SP, he’s been labeled, that’s it, we can all come out of the PTS fog we’ve been in and move on, right? Well, no that’s just a small part of it. There are a series of other mechanisms Miscavige has used and still uses, read on!



+1 # yourfriend 2009-10-13 05:21
Thank you for all you explain here. This is clear to me now. I wondered for a while where was the SP, as I saw strange things happening at Flag, me as a public. I had family in the Sea Org and the way they were abused was totally outside the bounds of Scn Tech. This clears my mind and all makes sense.
+1 # Liana Hathaway 2009-10-15 18:06
Two years ago in Clearwater I was speaking to some fellow Scientologists and commented that there's some suppression going on in the church. I could FEEL it! They said too that they had noticed that people and staff didn't look happy anymore. I've been disconnected and out for a year now and thank you for this site which explains what I was picking up! It all makes total sense now!
-1 # XSO 2009-11-26 12:35
I worked with Cheryl, Arthur (also removed) and Tom at CMO CW. Tom in general was a really good guy and had a lot of respect from his juniors, peers and seniors. That is who DM attacks, people with respect - DM gets no respect, it is only fear. Incidentally - Cheryl and Tom are no longer in the SO, Tom is even in the St. Pete Times.
-1 # L 2009-12-04 18:05
Thank you for this article. I have for some time wondered why the SO didn't rise up and crush this little tyrant. Now I understand.

However, I dispute "It’s a fact that most Scientologists and most staff (including Sea Org) would forgive Miscavige anything, any level of destructiveness, if the purpose of Scientology was being achieved." This is one OT that won't. There is a pond at the Int Base waiting for Miscavige until the end of time. Maybe then, and only after all good beings have been set free, can he apply for readmission to the group.

Clive Rabey D/CO FLAG AO reported via email on 9/26/2009:
5,000 VIIS & VIIIS
Rabey claims 5000, not the 6000 in your article.

+3 # maraofacoma 2009-12-24 04:02
Thank you for this awesome piece of information. I was in scientology for about two years and I could see and feel so much truth in the words of hubbard and even being new i could see it was suppressed.It is so easy to create false stats you can send out 1 billion flyers from peoples donations and say look we have reached all these people the only stats that really matter are how many clears are being created and how many auditors are being made.
# Salvatore Angius 2010-01-05 07:42
After the 4th OTVII ep check I knew that suppression was there all over, that I was not progressing and enjoying my auditing anymore.
That my previous C/S Matteo has disappeared, that my following C/S Mark Campbel got almost blind. That the ep check was weird and getting nowhere. After I left, I realized getting informed on internet that I was right. But anyway I completed OTVII, OTVIII, L11, L12,L10 out of the church, because Scientology works and is to bekept alive.
+3 # Flatjet 2010-03-01 07:13
What do you figure CST's role is?!
I think Miscavige is a puppet as all leaders and presidents are to the NWO.
+2 # haydn 2010-04-13 15:45
CST's role was supposed to be the ultimate in checks and balances with the power to pull RTC's teeth but Miscavige had that all worked out in advance and nullified any overseer function CST had by sheer force and force of personality.

I have no idea if Miscavige is working for anyone else. His destruction is of such an intensity and depth that it could be pure espionage -- he qualifies as an enemy agent under every point of HCO PL Counterespionage.

But in any event, the main target to achieve is his removal.
+1 # Songbird 2010-04-22 23:31
People are easy to manipulate, scare, harass...most people are in a hypnotic state. It takes a BIG being to stand up to a Hitler or a DM. I could tell you many stories of how my children and I stood up to suppression, not just to crazy SO terminals but to insanity in the normal world but I won't go into that now. Unfortunately, people like Hitler and DM know inherently the meaner and crueler you are, the more compliance you get. I even saw it with my own kids, sometimes. I could get instant compliance by being a jerk, but I didn't want to raise them like that...because in the end, they'd just pretend to do what you wanted them to do. I didn't want to raise scared little robots...So, I used the tech to get in comm with them about their considerations, etc. Hey, it WORKED! I ended up with kids who can actually think for themselves, even if they sometimes made the wrong choices at first. I especially love using "You Can Be Right". Works like a freakin' charm!
# Guest 2010-04-26 13:09
here's one thing I've noticed - dianetics was a clear and distinct entity separate from scientology and presumably the main way of dissemination - it was dianetics that "brought me into the fold" and had I known it was scientology I doubt I would've looked into it at any length - certainly not enough to understand it - since I have been on lines I have noticed that that demarkation has been erradicated - something that I believe has contributed massively to the loss of stats or membership - per what I have read LRH never advertised SCN but rather advertised Dianetics as the "before" marketing - once a person became interested they then got the "during" and "after" marketing of SCN - Miscavige has totally removed this tech of dissemination and the front runner out of the gate is now SCN - had LRH considered that a smart move he would've done the same and I don't think he did that
+2 # Me 2010-05-18 03:46
Thoughtful, I have read the references you gave me regarding how DM took over. What happened to Ded, Janadiar, Ingber, Marguies and the others? Are they out?

I know you don't know me and I understand the concept of "loose lips sink ships," but I am hoping you have a great plan to get rid of DM soon!

I have never been an admin person and even though I was on staff in the late 80's for 2 1/2 years, I don't really understand the terms for upper management, really had no interest in learning. For someone like me, this is hard to follow on who is who, like what is CO IXU? I was only doing my internship on staff at that time and wasn't involved with management in the Org.

What really got my attention while I was surfing the web was the data on "Friends of LRH" but it looks like there is not much more going on with that site. I totally understood it because that is where my interest lies, in the tech.

Your site is very informative. Another problem I have with reading some of the articles is that it seems like the writers are writing to ex-SO. So when names come up, it seems like we are to know who these people are, which of course a public has no idea.

But, as a reader will I still get the underlying facts, which of course are very upsetting to find out. DM is more than a sociopath, this is a term I would use for a wog with this type of behavior. For someone who lied his way to the top of Scientology, got rid of anyone he thought would be in his way, destroy Scientology Missions, caved in SO members with gang bang sec checking, destroy case gain and making a cases worst and degrading members of the SO by reading their auditing sessions out loud to other SO members, perverting tech... just to name a few of his deeds, is more than a sociopath.

He's solving a present time problem which hasn't in actual fact existed for the last many trillenia in most cases, and yet he is taking the actions in present time which solve that problem. The guy's totally stuck in present time, that is the whole anatomy of psychosis. (SH Spec 61. 6505C18)

Does this justify his behavior...of course not, he needs to be taken out fast. He is blocking our road out, is that the problem he is trying to solve, how to stop Being from taking the road out? Maybe, or maybe it is more sinister than that.

If someone on your site is interested in writing an article addressed to public Scientologist with buttons that would make one think, please do so and I will take it from there. The buttons would have to be hard hitting. Please make it printable for distributing.

+1 # Friend 2011-02-15 00:02
All this formerly suppressed data, which is now avalanching on to the internet, would seem to indicate that David Miscavige has been working since 1982 or 1983 with no less a purpose than the total destruction of the Church of Scientology.
Whether this is due to influences from outside his own insanity, he is bringing disgrace to the whole subject.
The internet will be his undoing and I commend you on your work. I don't think he'll make it to the end of this year.
But what about the hopes for mankind?

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