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2. Reprogramming (Brainwashing)

(Brainwashing also goes by the names of "behavior modification," "thought reform" and "re-education").

Another key reason there wasn’t some mass uprising against Miscavige during the 1980s (or later) despite the fact that he caused such wanton destruction, was due to the fact that he re-programmed staff and Scientologists to his way of thinking (brainwashing, thought reform, re-education -- whatever you want to call it).

I came across the claim that Miscavige used behavior modification some time ago, made by others and thought “I’m not sure about that.”  And I wasn’t sure, until I’d finished looking into it for myself.

Ever since the Chinese managed to influence so many American POWs and turn them towards Communism during the Korean War a great deal of research has gone into what constitutes brainwashing. Its covered in books and displayed on the Internet in great detail and I invite you to look it up further, but in a nutshell authorities state that for brainwashing to be effective it must contain some or all of the following:
  • Sleep deprivation,
  • Partial sensory deprivation,
  • Psychological harassment,
  • Inculcation of guilt,
  • Group social pressure and,
  • Dehumanizing of individuals (by keeping them in filth)
Pushing aside all leanings for or against, it only required a simple test for me to make up my mind on this score, Miscavige made use of these techniques or he didn’t.

For the sake of continuity and clarity lets stay with the same time period (1980s) and take a look at the Int RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) out at Happy Valley, about 15 minutes drive east of the Int Base in the foothill of Mt. San Jacinto, which was under Miscavige's command and control and to which he sent many of those whose post removal he’d arranged by false report (as covered in the first section) as well as anyone he considered his rival, enemy, a dissenter or rebellious type.

Now the only type that was supposed to go to the RPF were those messing up too much for their own good and the good of the group. It was meant to be a last port of call, a place they could get themselves squared away and return to the group. But during this time period at Int many guiltless persons were assigned to the RPF (as covered above). And a good number of those assigned to the RPF who had committed offenses were still unjustly assigned due to the fact that their overall worth (like their long term production record) was never taken into account.  During this time period some stellar and incredibly able people swelled the ranks of the Int RPF, it reached well over 120 -- representing a sizable portion of the Int Base executive structure.

On the Apollo the RPF might have taken weeks, a few months at most. At Int during this time period Miscavige’s implemented changes to the RPF program which made it take years and you got off when RTC (Miscavige) said you got off.

As I was there I can tell you about the conditions first hand. People were crowded into huts with bunk beds stacked three or four high not unlike a concentration camp in appearance. The latrines and showers were really sheds of corrugated iron similar to those in a POW camp or stockade. You had 2 minutes to take your shower. Keeping personal hygiene in was difficult. The food was leftovers from the day before in most cases. You were meant to get 7 hours of sleep per night but in hot, stuffy and cramped conditions the amount you got was often less and those were the nights you actually got sleep, some nights you worked all night. Sometimes you worked round the clock for a number of days. The work was hard physical labor, often grueling construction work in the blistering heat of the desert, heat exhaustion a constant companion during the day, cold often a companion at night.

You were not allowed to talk or originate to anyone outside the RPF. There were fewer privileges than in any state penitentiary, far fewer – you could rarely smoke, you could not listen to the radio, watch movies or read books. There was no leisure time whatsoever. Instant punishment was meted out for any perceived infraction. Sometimes an entire group was punished for the offenses of one or two to foster the idea that group members should keep up pressure on each other, which of course they did. Gross infraction could get you sent to the RPF’s RPF for round-the-clock work of the vilest kind or it could get you put back to the beginning of the program adding months or years to your program.

When assigned to the RPF, one of the first things you had to do was work out and remedy why you were assigned. As stated above, during this time period (the 1980s, including 1990) a great many were assigned for reasons best known to Miscavige and none that would make any sense. That left people pondering the imponderable. How do you figure out what you did wrong that got you assigned to the RPF when there was no good reason? But you’re not about to be freed unless you come up with one so you invent something that would make sense to Miscavige. But, because you have to “handle” this  with auditing and training over the next so many months or years and because you will remain incarcerated until you do, I can assure you that you very much come to believe in your false failing and you very much come round to Miscavige’s way of thinking. And because you never want to go back onto the RPF, when you finally do get off you will do ANYTHING to agree with Miscavige, thereafter.

Believe me, I’ve been there and done it. By the time you get off the RPF you tell yourself “I’m never going back, no matter what.” Many would do anything to make sure they didn’t return. And despite being elated that you’re off and despite having had auditing while on the RPF, you feel a certain kind of weakness, an odd sort of instability. I didn’t know what that feeling was until later, much later, when I read the following:

"SECURITY: The personal security of the staff member is so valuable to him apparently that when it is undermined (by false accusations and injustice) he becomes less willing and less efficient and is the real reason for a PTS condition." -- LRH, HCO PL 24 Feb 1969

What started out as a re-boot camp that would last weeks on the Apollo, Miscavige turned into something Stalin would have been proud of in terms of re-education, reprogramming and brainwashing because the Int RPF qualified under every point of behavior modification and then some. If you scan down the list of elements that comprise brainwashing and compare those with the Int RPF you will see they are all there.

But the guys in the later 80s got off light if you compare the above with what Miscavige did to David Mayo, John Nelson, Julie Gillespie and others out at Happy Valley in the early 80s. He had them living under similar conditions but each running around separate trees all day long under the desert sun. To their credit they had the guts to tell Miscavige to shove it and they left (though that’s not how he tells it). But my point is this: whatever you do don’t buy the idea that Miscavige came around to the idea of behavior modification gradually, he was doing it in the early 80s and he kept right on doing it and is still doing it.

Of course Miscavige’s influence was not limited to the Int RPF. By the late 80s the RPF in Los Angeles had well over 300 souls on it. The one in Clearwater was sizable too, plus there were RPFs elsewhere. And all RPFs had shades off this and to get off you had to be approved by RTC and I know people who were on for five years, six years or more.

Just as the gulags of the Soviet Union created good little Communists, so the RPFs under Miscavige churned out good little Miscavites.

In the last three decades many hundreds have “completed” the RPF, and many hundreds more were reprieved while sufficiently through their program to be a product of the re-education conveyer belt. All in all, Miscavige’s RPF re-educated well over a thousand (possibly more), all willing to salute him with both hands.

This huge number of reprogrammed and obliging Miscavites represented a heavy percentage of existing Sea Org members. And they all filtered back into their respective organizations over the years telling their tales to anyone who would listen, spreading Miscavige’s message, amplifying the effect, and in the end producing staffs in our organizations who could no longer stand on their own two feet and think freely with policy or tech because they were so willing to do anything for dictator Miscavige, do anything not to get on his wrong side and so avoid a similar fate to their colleagues.

Conditions worsened for all

But behavior modification was not limited to the RPF. Over the years Miscavige made sure conditions for general Sea Org staff worsened, step by step until they came to approximate those of the RPF.

If you talk to LRH’s children, as I have, they will tell you things such as the fact that LRH always intended to make liberty (a day off) an every week affair as opposed to every other week. Miscavige made it so that a day off became a non-existent affair. In 1989 he even cancelled Sea Org Day (the traditional, annual holiday in honor of the formation of the Sea Org) the first time that had ever happened. But it wouldn’t be the last and it became quite common not to hold it, all part of the pattern of creating grim conditions for Sea Org staff.

Let’s look at how things progressed for the staff under Miscavige at the Int Base, his very own fiefdom, the serfs inspected by him on a daily basis, and how this came to affect the Scientology world at large.

Sleep deprivation

Under Miscavige’s dominance liberties became non-existent: no days off. Sleep schedules became crazy and erratic, it was not unusual to get only a few hours sleep a night or have to stay up all night, sometimes night after night. For anyone who was not at Int, the reports and stories on the Internet regarding this point are legion and true. It is absolutely not in doubt. And with RTC Reps ruling the roost in orgs around the world, implementing Miscavige’s detailed orders to the letter, staff in junior Sea Org units and Class V orgs soon felt his whip on their backs and they too went without sleep. Even now I am in touch with staff in different orgs and their stories are full of how little sleep they are getting.

Partial sensory deprivation

Just as with the RPF, at Int it became such that you were not allowed to communicate with seniors, or other staff for that matter, anything that might indicate any unwillingness on your part to follow the party line. Any comments critical of the regime would land you in serious trouble. This situation filtered down and out from Int to other Sea Org units and from there to the public, especially OTs. Any question that queried the policies of the regime or any statement of disagreement would be met with a violent reaction. Do you think the OT VIIs and VIIIs query Miscavige? No way. Along with Sea Org staff they have been conditioned to be good little Miscavites.

Then there’s the heavy stop on communication lines to family and friends of Sea Org members. No cell phones allowed, no personal email, only letters and they are heavily vetted by security. To actually speak with a family member, one has to convince a security guard or MAA to stop whatever he or she is doing and listen in on the phone call. One false word, and you land in trouble.

Psychological harassment

Miscavige may be charming in front of the cameras but in person he is a nightmare. He’s inflicted everything from hazing, ridiculing, attacks (verbal and physical), belittling, SRAs (severe reality adjustments, to use his own made-up term) and more. But the worst form of harassment is the fear you feel when in his presence, not knowing whether it’s your day, the day he pounces on you physically or far worse, the day he becomes a one man judge & jury and sentences you to years of incarceration without trial (RPF), or banishes you to some distant corner of the Earth, or casts you into Scientology oblivion (declared suppressive with all the penalties inherent in fair game and disconnection). These last three are the real weapons he wields and he uses them to telling psychological effect every minute of every day.

[Note: One of the many reforms that must be made within Scientology once Miscavige no longer dominates us is to abolish the idea that one person, any person, can remove a Sea Org member from his post and assign him to the RPF without trial. Currently CMO messengers have that power and Miscavige has proven that such leads to fantastic abuse].

Inculcation of guilt

At Int, Miscavige rode around the place daily, loudly proclaiming peoples’ transgressions called “overt acts” or “overts” in Scientology. Or he’d angrily point out an individual’s offenses to one and all. Or he’d berate entire organizations formed into ranks in front of him, going on for an hour or more, yelling about how much they’d goofed, gesticulating and practically levitating off the ground such was his agitation, most often because a mere one or two in the 450 at attention in front of him had done something or not done something according to his opinion.

And from about 1988 onwards, first the Gold staff meeting and then those of other orgs became places where staff were put on the chopping block: transgressions were fervently pointed out and individuals forced to shamefully confess, often to things that outsiders would be puzzled by (as in what’s the big deal?). All with the result that at present the inculcation of guilt has taken on a life of its own, it’s alive and well as a culture within the Sea Org, certainly for all senior units and orgs, and I know it’s drifted down and out. Try disagreeing with something on the ship or at Flag and you will be immediately thrown on a meter, you’re guilty without doubt, all that remains is to find, “What crimes are you hiding?!”

Group social pressure

And as you can see from the section above, if one person was guilty, all were guilty. The group was regularly punished for the real or imagined crimes of one or two, in violation of Scientology’s Credo of a True Group Member. So the only way out of that trap was to put pressure on your fellow staff members to not goof or not commit overts. But that which you resist, you get, since by assigning attention to that thing, you are in effect granting it life… so the goofs multiplied and consequently the group social pressure rose in intensity until it became insane. And when some became aware of an offense they were quick to rat out the offender to avoid any personal implication which sparked retaliation. It became a dog eat dog war of accusation and counter accusation with the staff fighting each other, no one noticing that the third party* who’d created the witch pit, was now able to sit back and enjoy the melee. All he has to do is occasionally stir the boiling cauldron. The rest of the time he spends going out to movies and baseball games.

*(In Scientology parlance, it is a well-known datum that quarrels are generally started and kept going by a hidden “third party.” Joe tells Beth that her husband Howard is a creep. Then Joe seduces Beth. Joe tells Howard that Beth is a liar and hooks him up with a stripper. Howard and Beth start to fight uncontrollably and the marriage spins out of control. All this can be resolved by getting Beth and Howard to spot the actual instigator through a “Third Party Investigation” which any Scientologist knows how to do. - Thoughtful

Dehumanizing of individuals (by keeping them in filth)

How about keeping people sleeping under desks for months on end like an army of hobos, sneaking showers when they can? Or having staff members live in tents out in the open, with an open-air latrine for a toilet and use of a bucket to try and clean themselves? How about making staff clean out sewage tanks day after day? Or clean garbage dumpsters for hours on end that will be filled with garbage again the next day?  Or making RPFers work around the clock for 2, 3 or more days without a chance to take a shower or even brush their teeth?

How about intentionally keeping hundreds of Sea Org members crammed into a leaking, rotting, stinking hovel of an apartment building, with twenty Sea Org members to every small decrepit bathroom? Well, from first hand reports that’s the condition of the Anthony Building in Los Angeles and per those reports Miscavige has toured the place a number of times, is very aware of the conditions but specifically and clearly ordered that the place not be upgraded, that only minor repairs be done, and that what’s left of Scientology’s middle management be kept living in these conditions.

As stated above, trends are exported or drift down and outward from Int. So all the good little Miscavites now emulate him all over the world (staff and public) to show their leader how much they’ve got the message. Harassment, group social pressure, inculcation of guilt and the rest have come to replace Scientology technology in our orgs today. So don’t be surprised, when you run foul of a terminal in an org, if they don’t pull out and apply a piece of Scientology but instead do something entirely different. Realize that Scientology’s tech is submerged under a weight; they have been behavior modified to do something else.

I challenge anyone; go to an IAS or Org fundraiser or sit in on a fund raising reg cycle. Quite aside from the fact that these shouldn’t be happening at all per LRH, tell me, what do you see? Do you see real ARC being used? Do you see real two way communication? Or do you see thinly veiled harassment, heavy group pressure, an attempt to make you feel guilty, an attempt to get you to just sit there, shut up and listen, into the small hours of the morning when you should be at home sleeping? But you don’t have to answer me because I know you already know the answers.

And how can it be that thousands of our staff members have listened to the entirety of the Congresses, every minute of every hour spent with LRH, only to turn around and fail to apply a single word of those lectures? That’s real Scientology on those CDs, how come they’re not applying it? I have witnessed this phenomenon with hundreds of our staff.  They listen to the lectures and promptly return to their robotic compliance to Miscavige. And same goes for the basic books they’ve all been reading. I do not see the contents of those books being applied in our orgs today.

Now, anyone in Scientology is in it because they love LRH or they love his tech (seen it work) or both. So how much force do you think it took to submerge the tech and strong arm our staff into operating on something else?  It would have taken a great deal of incessant  force to modify their behavior to that degree. And that force has been operating and it’s been part of the scenery for so long no one ever looked for its source, until now.



+1 # yourfriend 2009-10-13 05:21
Thank you for all you explain here. This is clear to me now. I wondered for a while where was the SP, as I saw strange things happening at Flag, me as a public. I had family in the Sea Org and the way they were abused was totally outside the bounds of Scn Tech. This clears my mind and all makes sense.
+1 # Liana Hathaway 2009-10-15 18:06
Two years ago in Clearwater I was speaking to some fellow Scientologists and commented that there's some suppression going on in the church. I could FEEL it! They said too that they had noticed that people and staff didn't look happy anymore. I've been disconnected and out for a year now and thank you for this site which explains what I was picking up! It all makes total sense now!
-1 # XSO 2009-11-26 12:35
I worked with Cheryl, Arthur (also removed) and Tom at CMO CW. Tom in general was a really good guy and had a lot of respect from his juniors, peers and seniors. That is who DM attacks, people with respect - DM gets no respect, it is only fear. Incidentally - Cheryl and Tom are no longer in the SO, Tom is even in the St. Pete Times.
-1 # L 2009-12-04 18:05
Thank you for this article. I have for some time wondered why the SO didn't rise up and crush this little tyrant. Now I understand.

However, I dispute "It’s a fact that most Scientologists and most staff (including Sea Org) would forgive Miscavige anything, any level of destructiveness, if the purpose of Scientology was being achieved." This is one OT that won't. There is a pond at the Int Base waiting for Miscavige until the end of time. Maybe then, and only after all good beings have been set free, can he apply for readmission to the group.

Clive Rabey D/CO FLAG AO reported via email on 9/26/2009:
5,000 VIIS & VIIIS
Rabey claims 5000, not the 6000 in your article.

+3 # maraofacoma 2009-12-24 04:02
Thank you for this awesome piece of information. I was in scientology for about two years and I could see and feel so much truth in the words of hubbard and even being new i could see it was suppressed.It is so easy to create false stats you can send out 1 billion flyers from peoples donations and say look we have reached all these people the only stats that really matter are how many clears are being created and how many auditors are being made.
# Salvatore Angius 2010-01-05 07:42
After the 4th OTVII ep check I knew that suppression was there all over, that I was not progressing and enjoying my auditing anymore.
That my previous C/S Matteo has disappeared, that my following C/S Mark Campbel got almost blind. That the ep check was weird and getting nowhere. After I left, I realized getting informed on internet that I was right. But anyway I completed OTVII, OTVIII, L11, L12,L10 out of the church, because Scientology works and is to bekept alive.
+3 # Flatjet 2010-03-01 07:13
What do you figure CST's role is?!
I think Miscavige is a puppet as all leaders and presidents are to the NWO.
+2 # haydn 2010-04-13 15:45
CST's role was supposed to be the ultimate in checks and balances with the power to pull RTC's teeth but Miscavige had that all worked out in advance and nullified any overseer function CST had by sheer force and force of personality.

I have no idea if Miscavige is working for anyone else. His destruction is of such an intensity and depth that it could be pure espionage -- he qualifies as an enemy agent under every point of HCO PL Counterespionage.

But in any event, the main target to achieve is his removal.
+1 # Songbird 2010-04-22 23:31
People are easy to manipulate, scare, harass...most people are in a hypnotic state. It takes a BIG being to stand up to a Hitler or a DM. I could tell you many stories of how my children and I stood up to suppression, not just to crazy SO terminals but to insanity in the normal world but I won't go into that now. Unfortunately, people like Hitler and DM know inherently the meaner and crueler you are, the more compliance you get. I even saw it with my own kids, sometimes. I could get instant compliance by being a jerk, but I didn't want to raise them like that...because in the end, they'd just pretend to do what you wanted them to do. I didn't want to raise scared little robots...So, I used the tech to get in comm with them about their considerations, etc. Hey, it WORKED! I ended up with kids who can actually think for themselves, even if they sometimes made the wrong choices at first. I especially love using "You Can Be Right". Works like a freakin' charm!
# Guest 2010-04-26 13:09
here's one thing I've noticed - dianetics was a clear and distinct entity separate from scientology and presumably the main way of dissemination - it was dianetics that "brought me into the fold" and had I known it was scientology I doubt I would've looked into it at any length - certainly not enough to understand it - since I have been on lines I have noticed that that demarkation has been erradicated - something that I believe has contributed massively to the loss of stats or membership - per what I have read LRH never advertised SCN but rather advertised Dianetics as the "before" marketing - once a person became interested they then got the "during" and "after" marketing of SCN - Miscavige has totally removed this tech of dissemination and the front runner out of the gate is now SCN - had LRH considered that a smart move he would've done the same and I don't think he did that
+2 # Me 2010-05-18 03:46
Thoughtful, I have read the references you gave me regarding how DM took over. What happened to Ded, Janadiar, Ingber, Marguies and the others? Are they out?

I know you don't know me and I understand the concept of "loose lips sink ships," but I am hoping you have a great plan to get rid of DM soon!

I have never been an admin person and even though I was on staff in the late 80's for 2 1/2 years, I don't really understand the terms for upper management, really had no interest in learning. For someone like me, this is hard to follow on who is who, like what is CO IXU? I was only doing my internship on staff at that time and wasn't involved with management in the Org.

What really got my attention while I was surfing the web was the data on "Friends of LRH" but it looks like there is not much more going on with that site. I totally understood it because that is where my interest lies, in the tech.

Your site is very informative. Another problem I have with reading some of the articles is that it seems like the writers are writing to ex-SO. So when names come up, it seems like we are to know who these people are, which of course a public has no idea.

But, as a reader will I still get the underlying facts, which of course are very upsetting to find out. DM is more than a sociopath, this is a term I would use for a wog with this type of behavior. For someone who lied his way to the top of Scientology, got rid of anyone he thought would be in his way, destroy Scientology Missions, caved in SO members with gang bang sec checking, destroy case gain and making a cases worst and degrading members of the SO by reading their auditing sessions out loud to other SO members, perverting tech... just to name a few of his deeds, is more than a sociopath.

He's solving a present time problem which hasn't in actual fact existed for the last many trillenia in most cases, and yet he is taking the actions in present time which solve that problem. The guy's totally stuck in present time, that is the whole anatomy of psychosis. (SH Spec 61. 6505C18)

Does this justify his behavior...of course not, he needs to be taken out fast. He is blocking our road out, is that the problem he is trying to solve, how to stop Being from taking the road out? Maybe, or maybe it is more sinister than that.

If someone on your site is interested in writing an article addressed to public Scientologist with buttons that would make one think, please do so and I will take it from there. The buttons would have to be hard hitting. Please make it printable for distributing.

+1 # Friend 2011-02-15 00:02
All this formerly suppressed data, which is now avalanching on to the internet, would seem to indicate that David Miscavige has been working since 1982 or 1983 with no less a purpose than the total destruction of the Church of Scientology.
Whether this is due to influences from outside his own insanity, he is bringing disgrace to the whole subject.
The internet will be his undoing and I commend you on your work. I don't think he'll make it to the end of this year.
But what about the hopes for mankind?

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