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Tuesday, 11 August 2009 10:19

Photo of a pay phone in the desert

"Miscavige got out a tire jack and... smashed the pay phone
so it wouldn't work. Needless to say this scared the crap out
of Gale. Then he grabbed Gale and forced her into the van."

David Miscavige (known within the Church of Scientology as “DM”) had been at St. Hill, England where he was training to be a Class IV auditor.  In 1976, at the age of 16, he joined the Sea Org at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, and went directly into the Commodore Messengers Org or “CMO.”  LRH had already left Clearwater for Washington, DC, at that time, so DM did not get to meet him then.

DM did the introductory training for the CMO, which is called the Estates Project Force or “EPF.” Like any normal CMO recruit he moved up the ranks to running programs around the Flag Land Base.  He did his first mission at the Flag Land Base with Art Webb. But staff did not like how he treated them. Miscavige was determined to follow his Mission Orders to the letter and gave no consideration to the people he had to deal with or what the real situation was.  He ended up with a failed mission.  In early 1977, Dave was sent "over the rainbow" to work with LRH in La Quinta, California, also known as WHQ ( Winter Headquarters).  Since there was no LRH Personal Communicator located with LRH in La Quinta, the messengers filtered all traffic to LRH.  Dave, shortly after arrival was assigned to be the "Traffic Messenger" with all written traffic to LRH being filtered by him to remove or kick out any irrelevant particles or incomplete proposals.  Though Dave's office was located two offices down from LRH's, he was not a main messenger and rarely did he stand watches directly with LRH.  As far as standing watches and working with LRH as a messenger, Dave's status was Messenger I/T (in training) and later he became a Junior Messenger.  Dave never stood enough watches and did not work with LRH enough to become a Senior Watch Messenger.

Olives building at WHQ where Miscavige lived

"Olives" building at "WHQ" (Winter Headquarters) in
La Quinta, California where Miscavige shared a room
with Pat Broeker in the CMO men's dorm

During this period, Dave lived in the CMO men’s dorm with Pat Broeker, where they became very good friends.  When Dave got in trouble and busted for a car accident and assigned to work on the grounds, it was at the same time Pat happened to have been busted, so the two of them were picking tomatoes together while going through correction programs.

Life at WHQ was pretty laid back in the beginning but as LRH got more involved in projects, the schedule started to get tighter with less free time and more production demands. Civilian clothes were worn, we had lighter work schedules and regular liberty.  The idea was not to attract attention; we needed to blend in and act like normal people.  There was always concern of someone trying to serve LRH with a law suit, so we drilled on how to deal with such. The men let their hair grow and wore jeans most of the time to fit in.  It was a small group, in the summer most of us swam and just hung out at the pool during meal times or played ping pong.  Evenings we would crowd into the small crew lounge and watch "Soap."   Our purpose was to make a safe place for LRH to live - we were not involved in management, and though every now and then LRH would check on what was happening with the FSO and Flag Bureaux (FB), most of his attention and traffic was concerning the WHQ base and editing his tapes and doing voice overs.  Once things got settled at WHQ, LRH had a recruitment mission fired to get trained auditors from the field to join the SO and come train directly under him.  LRH started working with these auditors until the FBI raid in LA, around mid '77, when LRH left with Pat, Claire and Dede for Reno and stayed there until it was "safe" for him to return.

Olives building at WHQ where Miscavige lived

At WHQ, LRH and Mary Sue's home was called "Rifle." The Red door on the far left is the entrance
used by messengers and LRH to enter an open courtyard. Inside this door, to the right (where the
blue window is) was LRH's office. The open doorway in the photo was usually kept locked and opened
to an inner courtyard surrounded by doorways to all the rooms. The interior of the house was square
with an inside open courtyard. You had to go outside to get from most of the rooms to the next.

Mary Sue Hubbard stayed at WHQ and took over running the base. As had been her habit each time she took command, she lightened schedules and would force people to go take their liberties.  She was very good about staff morale and many times over the years would try and get LRH to lighten schedules.

Late  '77, Mary Sue was sent to live in LA so LRH could feel safe returning to WHQ and not have to worry about any raids of the base because of Mary Sue being there.

Palms building at WHQ

"Palms" building at WHQ containing kitchen, dining, course
room and rooms for married staff members which doubled
as auditing rooms.

In January '78, LRH returned to La Quinta and got into shooting training films for Scn.  While LRH was gone, the messengers were training on various fields of Cine.  Dave ended up Deputy/Camera Man and later became Camera Man.  While doing this, he was also the Action Chief and would run missions when not shooting films (an evaluation done in the late ‘80s found that though DM bragged about having run a successful Action Bureaux, the eval found that the Action Bureaux in the late ‘80s had a better success rate than Dave did; this eval never got approved as it would have made Dave look bad). He was a decent Mission Ops and there were many missionaries that liked working for him as he seemed to duplicate what his Missionaries were reporting or when they had trouble but he was always very determined to get things done on a "now" type basis.

Mary Sue was always a calming influence on LRH and when she was around him, he was not as moody. However, with her gone to LA, he had major mood swings.  Those that had not worked with him for long had a hard time confronting these outbursts.  It was during these rough days, though, that Dave Miscavige was around LRH - so he never really experienced what LRH was like when he was not stressed out about his wife and others being tried and jailed.

During the year of  '78, many people including some Messengers were being assigned to the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) as “List One R/Sers” meaning there was supposedly evidence that they harbored an evil purpose toward Scientology. Later the adjudicating criteria turned out to be false.

Stables building at WHQ where LRH stored personal belongings

"The Stables" at WHQ sat closer to the road and shielded
the house from prying eyes. The stables were
used to store LRH's personal belongings.

Anyway, during the shortage of messengers Dave stood a few watches with LRH but the majority of his time was spent behind the camera.  He never had the status of being a Senior Messenger of the Watch and in fact did not spend very much time around LRH in his day to day work.  Early ‘77 to mid ‘77 as Traffic Messenger, and then Jan ‘78 to end of ‘78, he was mostly on the camera and not doing much in the way of watches with LRH. In '79 Dave spent little time with LRH as he was "too busy" handling management traffic.  So in all honestly, Miscavige did not have much history of seeing how LRH dealt with orgs and missions on a long term.  The time Dave did spend with LRH was one of the most tumultuous and upsetting periods of LRH's life.

In late ‘78, while making training films, we were out on location using a golf course for one of the films. This was at Gilman Hot Springs. It was found that the place was up for sale, so LRH had it purchased with the intention of using it for summer headquarters and using LaQuinta properties for winter headquarters -- they were only about 90 minutes away from each other. Gilman Hot Springs became the Int/Gold Base outside of Hemet.

Patio at the Olives
Patio at the Olives

Two views of the patio at the Olives

It was during this time we had a breach of security with some staff going to the press about the location of LRH, which made LRH very concerned about being served with legal papers.  

In 1979, we moved from WHQ (La Quinta) to Summer Headquarters (now the Int/Gold Base). LRH was living in Hemet at an apartment complex called “X,” so instead of messengers standing 6-hour watches and creating lots of vehicle traffic to the complex, the messengers would stay at the apartments for a week and would replace each other every week.  Dave and a few other messengers worked it out that the management traffic required too much of their time and they could not be gone for a week, so the rotation was shared between messengers like Claire, Janis, DR, Clarisse, Marc and Shelly. Also, not many messengers enjoyed going to X because LRH was in a very bad mood a lot of the time.  Pat and Annie were living permanently at the apartment complex along with Kima and Michael and a few other staff like Lola and Bert, David Mayo, etc. The handling of LRH's management traffic for him was the start of the Watch Dog Committee or “WDC.” 

About '79, while Miscavige was Action Chief, he coined the phrase "severe reality adjustment" also known as "SRA", which was in store for anyone who raised a question, was hesitant to comply or who just plain disagreed.

LRH would drive to the base, almost daily to shoot the training films, he also on occasion would meet Mary Sue there - the last time he saw her was at Bonnie View (LRH’s house at the base) where he took photos of her to document how she looked before going to prison and to say goodbye.  Whenever they were apart, during the time periods I was with LRH, LRH and Mary Sue made it a point to write each other daily -- after he left in Jan 80, I don't know how often he wrote her.  These letters were usually dictated to a messenger at a typewriter.

During the '79 time period, LRH also spent a lot of  time in his audio recording studio set up at the apartments and worked on remixing his lectures and editing them. We would also sometimes go for drives where he would take photos of the scenery or go for walks in strip malls/supermarkets just to get out of the apartment. 

In Jan ‘80, LRH left again. It had already been worked out between the messengers that if LRH had to go, Pat and Annie would automatically go since they were the only messengers that were a couple, the rest were either married to staff at the base or single and did not wish to disappear for an unknown amount of time.

CMO moved to LA in Jan ‘80 to run international management. During this time Dave was Action Chief and also WDC Sea Org and started getting more cocky when dealing with other messengers.

We returned to the base at the end of summer.  It was late 1980 when Dave had a major asthma attack. He was barely able to breath so Paul Grady took him to the hospital emergency room. Dave survived and when he came back he told Gale and Paul that he had a huge realization when he was in the hospital. He said, "Power is assumed."  Gale and Paul thought nothing of this. Dede Voegeding, was CO CMO at the time.  Gale was D/CO CMO Internal. Anyway, he proceeded with his post as Action Chief.  He also would usually drive Dede and Gale or just Dede to meet with Pat Broeker at a secret location away from Gilman Hot Springs on the way to LA.  Since most of these meetings were at night, it was thought it would be safer to have a male with them, so Dave or Marc Yager would go. The meeting place was usually near the airport but sometimes in Riverside area.

Dave and Pat were very chummy on at these meetings and behind Dede's back, DM managed to get Pat's support in having LRH remove Dede from CO CMO Int and to replace her with Gale and post him as Special Ops directly under LRH/Pat and outside of CMO command.  Dede was removed for several things which were all based off reports from DM to Pat Broeker and relayed to LRH.

Omar Garrison came out to Gilman (completely sanctioned) to interview a number of people for the LRH biography he was hired to write.  Omar interviewed Dede for a number of hours where she gave a fairly detailed LRH history from 1971 forward.  She was a little too specific as to how LRH had taken off at different periods; going to different locations with a few messengers (or others, Jim Din and Paul Preston to NY with him in 1972/73), etc.  It was reported that Dede had told Omar where Hubbard was…but since she didn't have a clue where that was, that was certainly incorrect.

The other reasons for Dede's bust were: 1) her attitude toward MSH; “too weak.”  When LRH ordered Mary Sue removed as she needed to concentrate on her own legal defense, Dede wanted to remove her from post in such a way so Mary Sue could save face. Dede argued with DM and Pat about their wanting to make an example of her and destroy her publicly.  Dede disagreed – she was still Hubbard’s wife and she had also done time for following his orders.  2) the lowering of the prices based on a WDC eval.  WDC did the eval that showed we were pricing ourselves into oblivion.  Dave hated the fact that Dede didn’t want to cream Mary Sue.  He was disgusting in his constant descriptions of what he wanted to do to her.

With the removal of Dede, DM started reporting directly to LRH through Pat and his traffic was no longer being seen by anyone else.  This was the start of the destruction of the Mission Network and LRH getting reports through Pat from DM about the missions being external influences in the orgs.  Mary Sue used to filter the bad news before it got to LRH or would get it addressed. With DM now directly involved in the church's legal matters, he was passing all the bad news onto LRH and forcing him further into isolation.

Gale, as the CO CMO and having to head up international management, was too busy trying to work and didn't have time to spend hours chatting with Pat, when there were mail pick ups, so she let DM meet with Pat without her a few times. Gale also went a few times but could sense a different attitude.  Gale sensed there was something happening. But being involved in the "work" of CO, she let DM go alone and lost the "comm-line" with the power! DM started getting very unruly and bossy and saying some very mean things about MSH and other messengers such as Melanie Murray, who had worked very closely with LRH on his tech breakthroughs. Dave's mouth was also getting trashier and trashier to the point of being just outright vulgar when mentioning certain messengers or staff.  During the removal of MSH and the GO execs, he was extremely non-compassionate and downright cruel. Gale saw this and also that his attitude toward her was changing.  She got with David Mayo, who was the Snr CS Int and set it up for David to get DM in for a sec check to find out what was going on with him. Dave refused to be sec checked and when Gale confronted him about this, he physically tackled her and knocked her over - through a door opening onto the floor and even put his fist in a wall. Gale was shocked and realized he was crazy and told him so.  Gale decided she needed to get to Pat and let him know that DM was off his rocker and should be immediately removed from any power position.  Gale knew she had to get to Pat that night.

She got John Brouseau and had him drive her to the Riverside phone booth and sent the call out to Pat to have him call her at the Riverside phone booth so she could set up a meeting with him. John drove her there and she waited for Pat to return her call.  Meanwhile DM was looking for Gale and found out she was on her way to contact Pat.  He drove with Janadiar, Yager, Ingber, Marlowe in the famous black van (it had been LRH's van that he travelled in between the apartments in Hemet and the base which the messengers took over to do the runs to meet with Pat).  DM sped into the gas station.  Gale saw him get out of the driver's seat and go to the back of the van.  Miscavige got out a tire jack and went over the pay phone where Pat was waiting to call and smashed the public pay phone so it wouldn't work.  Needless to say this scared the crap out of Gale.  Then he grabbed Gale and forced her into the van.  The "group" of people proceeded to tell her (mostly DM while the rest watched) how bad she was. Literally over and over again.  The support group for DM later told Gale they didn't really know how bad she was, they just knew what DM had said.  Gale was told she was no longer CO. Truthfully, Gale breathed a sigh of relief after recovering from being physically ill from being screamed at for about an hour about what she had done.

Gale was busted in Dec ‘81.  DM announced that Gale was removed for false reporting to LRH about the international stats and had tried to make the reports look better than what was really going on. The Mission Network was crashed stemming from DM doing Mission Holder Conferences, gang sec checking the Mission Holders and forming up the Finance Police who went out and destroyed this feeder line to orgs.  It was totally contrary to all LRH policy and how LRH dealt with Mission Holders in the past.  However, these orders which destroyed the Mission Network did come from LRH based off false reports that were being sent up by DM.  DM, in order to remove Gale and her executives, which included Marc Yager as her D/CO, reported to LRH through Pat that they were covering up crashed stats and had been false reporting to him, making LRH feel he could not longer trust his Senior Messengers that had served him for years.  DM was also reporting about how there were external influences affecting management and the orgs. DM had also reported to Pat that Gale had gone over the edge and was unstable mentally.  With Gale removed, DM needed to get another CO CMO Int posted, though Marc Yager was a better exec and more respected, DM picked John Nelson who had been a Mission Ops under him for several years and later replaced DM as Action Chief CMO Int.  DM's reason to not post Yager as CO CMO Int was because he was involved in covering up the crashed stats with Gale in the reports to LRH - there was no cover up, the crashed stats were a result of the destruction of the Mission Network.

With John Nelson talking over CO CMO Int, messengers from CMO Clearwater, who had never worked directly with LRH, were pulled up to CMO Int to start going on missions into the GO or fill missing posts at CMO Int where one by one, senior messengers were being removed based on reports from Dave to LRH, Annie and Pat.  There was no recourse as all communication to LRH, Annie or Pat went through Dave.

After being comm eved, LRH, using information from DM, then ordered Dede, who was already busted and on the decks, and her sister-in-law, Lois Reisdorf, who had been Chf Officer CMO Int, along with Gale and their husbands to Clearwater where they were to be posted as swampers in the estates orgs and never to be promoted - they were made to stand before all the crew and apologize for their actions.  Their parents were to be offloaded out of the SO despite having been in Scn since the early 50s and the SO since the early 70s.

During this time period Senior Messengers who had been with LRH for years dating back to the ship were Claire and David Rossouw, Janis Gillham-Grady, Gale and Dede Voegeding,  Lois Jory-Reisdorf, Clarisse Barnett and Marc Yager.  All had been targeted by Dave and removed from post and from being on LRH's lines -- several climbed back up while others continued to be mistreated but none were ever able to communicate directly with LRH again with all communications going through Dave to LRH, Annie and Pat.

Written by the Gang of Five



+6 # Joseph 2009-12-03 10:27
Thank you "Gang of Five" for this "de-brief". There ARE several points on "THE CODE OF HONOR" that were not at all applied to get the desired results for us all. One is "NEVER FEAR TO HURT ANOTHER IN A JUST CAUSE". Two, "YOUR SELF-DETERMINISM AND YOUR HONOR ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR IMMEDIATE LIFE" and there are more. But having "grown up" partly "on the streets" in gangs long before I got into Scientology there was a saying in the street and in jail. If someone attempts to hurt you, you fight back even if you get your face kicked in, you fight! It is called "having heart". That shows the punks that you are not worried at all by getting killed but that you will, if at all possible, will, at LEAST BITE THEM ON THE WAY DOWN! Hell, you are only talking about the fate of yourself and others. When Marty and Mike wrote about that little c...sucker, hitting them they should have just hit the little prick with a bat. While I was on staff in the FSO from 1978 to 1980 helping to run the first 3 N/OTs Divs there were just a couple of punks like DM who actually tried to stop us from delivering service. I only had to beat one of them up because he thought that he could push me around. The other one stayed far away from me after that.So, I don't get it. Here is this little s/p bullying everyone and no one takes him out but just blows. Do you think there is is any justification for that??
+3 # Illumination 2009-12-21 01:52
Here is this little s/p bullying everyone and no one takes him out but just blows. Do you think there is any justification for that??
+6 # ApocalypseThen 2010-04-27 16:43

Why can't somebody just apply policy, and give DM the kicking he deserves? Surely not *everybody* is cowed into submission?
+3 # Terry 2011-10-04 12:07
In this article you mention something here that seems to omit data and strikes my curiousity. What do you think/know happened with this dm chap when he had the asthma attack and went to the hospital ? And his "cognition" about - "Power is assumed".

Yeah, it's a little odd that one has a "cognition" in a hospital. And then decides to go control a whole religion.

Did he go totally out of valence ? Did he get taken over by another thetan, or entity ? That has since controlled his body ?
# giorgio serra 2011-11-26 04:52
Hi, I'm very happy to know these data, I'm doing a litle reserch on LRH death, so if you gang of five could give me some data on it i woul be thankfull.
This is for only personal matter
I am a indipendent Scientologist
# Unbeliever 2012-07-10 13:06
This "cult" is insane and David is a crook. OR this cult is satanic and David is the "anti-christ".
# Backhoedriver 2014-06-23 18:26
Good luck to you as an independent Scientologist. I am not going back even as an independent, but I wish you well. No doubt it is much less expensive without the need for truckloads of money and a big corporate machine to feed.
+3 # Anon 2012-09-04 15:53
This cult is a joke. We all need to stand up and rise to the ocassion. Bring it down. Their beliefs are their own and deserv to be protected. but the masterminds behind the scenes currupting the brainwashed and cohersed people deserve to be destroyed. The human race is being manipulated by these idiots. Lets go everyone do your part to take down this parasitic so called relegion of $cientology.
# jimmy kraktov 2013-07-14 23:29
I worked for a man many years ago who had the same kind of paranoid behavior as Miscarriage. He would threaten his employees, and on occasion he would physically abuse one for not doing his job the way he wanted them to. He thought his competitors were out to get him, when in reality, most didn't even know his name. I was present one day when he shoved a man into a door and then started kicking him. All of a sudden the guy who was just kicked said something like "you've done this for the last time" or something close to that and before anyone in the room realized what had happened this guy was handing the boss one of his eyeballs. The boss was taken to the hospital. Two guys and myself quit on the spot and I never saw the boss again. I heard he left town. Little Davy Miscarriage had better calm down or one day someone will hit back and it'll hurt. These Scientology worms are truly nuts. This is a short version of a longer story but the guy who "eyeballed" the boss ended up being the new boss. Apparently the "big boss" was happy to see that someone had done what he had wanted to do to this little creep for years. Violent people usually get their own back eventually.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-07-15 10:04
That is one hell of a story. I wonder if the loss of an eye reformed the bully in any way? Or if he just continued to bully others in his next town. Either way, hard justice was done and one can't help but admire the sheer courage of the man who put an end to that tyrant's reign of terror.

Obviously someone should have retaliated against DM long ago, considering his crimes include — for example — the forced abortions of probably 1,000 to 3,000 unborn children who otherwise would have been born to happy parents. This is not a pro-life issue, it is an issue of a corporation intervening in the lives of thousands of families to have their unborn children put to death. I consider the man a MURDERER, nothing less. And all the people who protected DM and facilitated DM and enabled DM were every bit as guilty and still are guilty today. Everyone of them is a murderer.

I think the only thing that prevented a few strong individuals from pulling Miscavige apart was the fact of his being constantly surrounded by a retinue of like-minded worms who were already inculcated into the practice of lying to protect their "king."

Within 24 hours Miscavige would have had 100 (or more) affidavits from the "top executives and ministers of the Scientology religion" ALL stating that Miscavige was "a benevolent religious leader," "did nothing to provoke the attack," that the assailant just "went crazy" because he had recently been caught (fill in the next 20 pages with defamatory material) and had confessed to (fill in another 20 pages of defamatory material). They would have lied about where the incident took place, lied about the circumstances, and they would have hired the most corrupt and expensive prosecution whores (attorneys) money can buy to bury the assailant and make sure he went to prison for a long time.

It would have been one guy's word against 100 "eyewitnesses" most of whom were not even there. And there would have just been reams and reams of documentation making the assailant appear as a complete crazy, including affidavits from his own wife and any family members who are in the organization.

People do not realize that the moment they step foot upon the soil of the CoS Headquarters outside of Hemet California, they are literally trapped in an incredibly elaborate web. This is really a big reason Scientology-cult.com exists — to warn and protect people.

Miscavige is a criminal of epic portions, but he is incredibly devious especially thanks to those who were so monumentally insane that they spent 20 years protecting him at all costs.

DM and company followed a written program for dealing with their enemies which included getting their enemies "arrested and put in prison by any means possible." That's in writing, I'm sad to say, from LRH. That's why some of the people who could have easily maimed DM decided to just get out rather than to physically retaliate and face an almost certain prison term.

Nevertheless, when I saw that DM wanted to visit violence on me personally, I let it slip out to Claire Headley that if DM laid one finger on me I intended to maim and perhaps kill him with my bare hands. I let that "slip" out to her because I already had discovered that anything told to her was reported straight to DM, actually her room was bugged anyway -- everyone knew that -- so if she didn't report it and someone else happened to be listening in, she would have been toast. So she had no choice but to report that.

As a result, DM never touched me, but instead -- when he was mad at me -- he once beat up Mark Yager and the second time he was mad at me, he bashed Mike Rinder's head against the wall. I left after that.
# AnonIndie 2014-01-24 00:38
Fucken' A Joseph! Agreed!
# AnonIndie 2014-01-24 00:39
Wow, Steve. " if DM laid one finger on me I intended to maim and perhaps kill him with my bare hands." I love that you said that.
+1 # Backhoedriver 2014-06-23 12:09
DM engineered a hostile takeover of Scientology, in that he was not appointed by Hubbard, and that he got people fired for false reporting them. It is too bad that a group of people that might still be Scientologists who perhaps know the real story can't have him overthrown.

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"His most infamous sadistic moment was when he told them they were going to play 'musical chairs' and only the last person to get a chair would stay and the rest would vanish without even a chance to say good-bye to friends and family, husbands or wives. The game went on for hours as staff wept bitter tears. This delighted The Cob."  Learn More...


Lisa McPherson's Demise

"Miscavige said he knew what was wrong and proceeded to write three paragraphs on what was to be said to this girl. The staff wondered how The Cob was even qualified to supervise auditing and even if he was, why hadn't he studied the folders first? The girl's name was Lisa McPherson and you know the rest."  Learn More...

Night of the Living Dead

"Moments later came a wail of inhuman agony unlike anything I have every heard in my lifetime, before or since. The screams were so incredibly loud. Louder than any sounds I could imagine a human could make. They filled the sky and the valley and my lonely office. 20 or 30 minutes they lasted..."  Learn More...



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31 Factors for Scientologists to Consider

The Pertinent Manifesto"Scientology has been taken over by a self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige, who has turned the Creed of the Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member on their heads and instituted the virtual practice of Reverse (Black) Dianetics..."  Learn More...

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