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Thursday, 17 December 2009 14:55

Meet Xavier Jarquin

Regarding informants, Marty Rathbun put it best: “The C of Mestology has quite a propaganda campaign underway against Independence and Independents. There are briefings to ‘OTs’ and public going on that DM is under an unprecedented attack by ‘SPs’ and thus Idle orgs and IAS donations are critical. There is a program operating that calls for sending plants into the Independent field stirring up Third Party and doubt. When outed the plants are instructed to create as much noise as possible, accusing Independents of injustice and operating on false reports.”

I’ve said many times that we are 3rd dynamic auditors, auditing the Church of Miscavige to see if we can return it to sanity. I’ve said we are using Scientology to fix Scientology. One of my biggest tools that I use is the Data Series. Therein LRH says that “Sanity is the ability to recognize differences, similarities and identities.” He goes on to enumerate the various aspects of illogic and gives the following list of outpoints (red flags):


Study the Data Series and spies become pretty easy to spot. The purpose of this article is not retribution. A "vendetta" is motivated by a false or evil purpose that has been brought to life and is therefore destructive. The purpose of this article is EDUCATION for you, so you know what to look for and can spot any plants from miles away.

Xavier Jarquin

Photo of alleged informant, Xavier Jarquin
Xavier Jarquin now denies being
David Miscavige's secret spy.

Back in November I wrote an article called “Sex, Lies and Videos.” I got it online about 2:30 AM and almost immediately (about 2 hours later) received an email from Xavier Jarquin, a person who used to work at the Int base. Unlike many of us who left because David Miscavige was an abusive sociopath, Xavier Jarquin was sent to the RPF because he reportedly committed a serious crime which was not reported to the police.

In 2001, Xavier left the RPF and returned to Nicaragua. End of story... until late last January when he showed up in LA in the middle of the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.

Return to Los Angeles

The circumstances surrounding Xavier’s return to LA were sketchy per his emails. As he put it on February 5th, “I just (last week) came back to LA. I'm not at a permanent place yet (believe or not, I'm renting a room from a Scientologist friend -- who obviously doesn't know I'm out) for a month or so, until I find a good place to move to. I've no job yet, and I'm not exactly sure what I'll do.”

Strange it was for someone with no job and no plans to suddenly move to ground zero of the worst economic disaster in recent history. Compounding that, Xavier started to immediate contact ex-staff from the Int base like Jeff Hawkins and myself, although I barely even knew him at Int. Same with Jeff. He never bothered contacting anyone while he was in Nicaragua. But suddenly he was writing to me as if we were old friends, conspicuously calling me “buddy.” 

Hey Kids!!!

I didn’t speak with him again -- had no reason to. But in June, Xavier made a big show of spreading the news about the St Pete Times articles. In his words,

“Subject: In case u haven't gotten a load of this... u might want to!  

“Hey, friends! In case u haven't gotten a load of the St. Pete times articles and videos, u oughta when u get a chance (they reveal a TON, and a lot that has never been out, especially by people who were at the very top of the RTC & CSI hierarchy, like Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Tom DeVocht and Marty Rathbun; these videos are quite loaded!)”

Now besides the painfully false enthusiasm (“Hey, friends!”) and covert invalidation of the article as “a load” he was sending the information to people who already knew about the articles. Nice, safe way to position himself as a fellow whistle blower, while not actually blowing the whistle on anything or anyone.

“I’ve a matter to ask u about”

Months go by; Xavier’s not on my radar at all.

Then out of the blue, at 4:46 AM, 2 hours after I posted “Sex, Lies and Videos” Xavier sent me an email.

Two points: A) It is common knowledge that OSA monitors Scientology-cult.com around the clock. B) Anyone who has ever worked with Miscavige knows if there is a flap, it had better be reported along with a handling already in progress. Hence the frantic urgency to get something going. Here’s the email Xavier sent me at 4:46 AM:

“Subject: Request for u to call me when possible 4 U

“Hey Steve, Hope u're well, buddy. Been keeping up with your site, and also Marty's, and I must complement u on having a very thorough and orderly site, with lots of good stuff, man! I've a matter I want to ask u about by phone whenever possible for u. I'm still on Pacific time (in San Francisco), so give me a ring when possible for u, and if u don't reach me directly, let me know in your message when are the best times for me to call u back (and confirm you're 2 hours forward from me, or whatever it is). In case u didn't have my cell, it is: 310-___-____. Tks. Love, Xavier”

Question: How many outpoints (red flags) can one person stuff into 4 sentences? What I found particularly strange were his,

  • Calling me “buddy” when I barely know him (plus “love” at the end)
  • The time: 4:46 AM tended to indicate urgency
  • The unnecessary withhold of his real question
  • Wanting to talk by phone only. Why?
  • His wanting to know where I am (question about time zone)
  • Strange formalities with best time to call, etc.

Creepy Fishing Expedition

The next day I phoned Xavier to see what he wanted. Instead of taking my call, he said he “wasn’t ready” (huh?) and asked if he could call me back shortly. About 15 minutes later he called and said he was calling in response to the article I’d posted online at 2:30 AM.

As an auditor I am great at taking notes. Here they are:

Main reason for his call: He was SHOCKED, SHOCKED to read about Yael!!! Later he said he didn’t even know her and has never spoken to her. Contrary fact.

Xavier also said the reason he was calling was because he “was going to be seeing Pablo and Yael.” Later I asked him point blank, “So when are you going up to see Pablo and Yael?” and he said he didn’t have any plans to go visit them. What the...?  

He tried hard to get me to tell him who Pumpernickel was (someone who wrote unfavorably about Yael Lustgarten in an article you can read here).

Xavier asked me if we had any “solid evidence” on Miscavige, invalidating the articles as “he says - she says.” The very next day, someone else (not Xavier by the IP Address) posted a comment asking the exact same thing, using the exact same words, i.e., “he says - she says.” I don’t know, but it sounded like Miscavige is very concerned about hard evidence and told OSA to find out.

Photo of Yael Lustgarten dancing with a stripper, December 2007
 Photo of David Miscavige's star witness, Yael Lustgarten,
that enraged Xavier Jarquin when he found out it was real,
"What the fuck was she doing?" -- his words.

Xavier wanted to know if the photo of Yael dancing with a stripper was real or if it was Photoshop. Why does he care? Xavier is not involved except as a potential informant. When I told him it was real, he was angry and asked me “What the fuck was she doing?” as if it messed up his plans he was a part of. Note: everyone else who saw that photo laughed and was happy. Xavier was angry about it. Wrong tone level.  

For about 30 minutes Xavier asked me questions, but when I made any origination it seemed to throw him off. He acted like he did not know how to handle it, as if he was following a script or robotically acting on someone else’s instructions. Half the time he seemed distracted, barely listening to what I was saying as if my answer was not important. Maybe my answers were unimportant... but then why bother asking me in the first place? Under what circumstances does someone ask questions but not listen to any of the answers? Many of his robotic acknowledgments, clearly sounded like he hadn’t been listening or heard a single word I’d said. Distracted, and paying attention only when he asked a question, his behavior was as if someone was passing him notes. Very creepy overall, not at all like a real conversation.  

Midway through the conversation I heard a voice at his end. I didn’t say anything or give any indication I’d heard it, but Xavier originated, “Sorry, my anti-virus talks to me.” Why so careful?

He tried three or four separate times to get me to say that I cut the comm line with Yael, (whereas it was the other way around). Yael disconnected from me, took me off her facebook and refused to return phone calls and emails. Why?

He tried to bait me into saying incriminating things. Example: He said “So, Yael was acting like a whore” and wanted me to confirm his statement which I refused to do.

I asked him point blank if he had spoken with Tommy Davis. Big comm lag. Then he denied it.

I asked him if he had spoken to Marion Pouw, who was mentioned in the very article he said he was calling about, and his answer was “Marion who?” Then I told him again, “Marion Pouw” and he said, “Yeah, I know.”

I told him that I noticed after Hansueli Stahli convinced Neel Smed to return to being PTS, she disconnected from everyone on Facebook except Xavier. I told Xavier that looked very suspicious unless he was secretly cooperating with the Church of Miscavige. I asked him point blank if Tommy Davis was in the room with him; Xavier comm lagged then said, “Noooo” strangely -- like out of a sit comm with the guy is lying and everyone in the audience knows -- and added that he was “in his room in San Francisco” which is non-sequitur (I didn't ask him where he was).

I told him it struck me as odd that he wrote to me at 4 AM to arrange a phone call because he was so confused and shocked, then admitted he’d never even been friends with Yael. He said, “Oh.” He said he studies full time mostly at night... real estate. Who in need of a job in California is going to study real estate at this time? Plus, how’s he paying rent?

He said he decided in 2008 that he didn’t want to be in Scientology any more. If so, then why is asking me all these questions? Nobody else is contacting me at 4 AM for an urgent interrogation/fishing expedition.

I made the point before that Xavier is not a whistle blower at all. He backed this up during our conversation with a statement that “he had given the Church no reason to come after him at all” = he’s hasn’t lifted a finger to support our cause. So why is he so fantastically interested?

I asked him what surprised him about the article. He said, “Nothing much. It just reminded him that he wanted to get in comm.” Huh??? That conflicted with what he said at the start.

At the end he made another attempt to invite me to tell him who else was writing articles on Scientology-cult.com. He said it was amazing how many people. He asked me if David Mayo was one of them. Note: There are hundreds of comments on my website and Xavier has not written a single one of them. Nor did he comment on the substance of any article verbally or in an email. But out of the blue he wants to know who is writing them and is David Mayo on board?

He asked who the Gang of Five was. See their article here entitled, "Secret History of David Miscavige."

He asked what was Marty's strategic plan? He said he knew Marty well enough to know he wasn’t going to release everything on how we got the IRS to grant tax exemption until some other things happened first.

Every time I made a point against Miscavige, Xavier either (A) cut my comm or otherwise interrupted to change the subject, (B) argued against it overtly, (C) covertly invalidated it, or (D) ignored the point.

When I cross interrogated him, Xavier did not object -- as if I had every right to cross interrogate him. Turn about is fair play?


Now please, SOMEONE HELP ME. With Xavier’s impending, URGENT trip that he has no intention of taking to visit someone who is not even his friend, and whom he has NEVER been in communication with in his whole life... oh my god, he’s got to drop everything to write to me super frantically urgently secretly at 4:46 AM to arrange a hush-hush phone call from his time zone to mine with only him in his room which we will refer to as a “matter to discuss.” Because after reading “Sex, Lies and Videos” eyes wide open, such dizzying questions were BUZZING in his ears that not another day could dare pass but we must TALK about them by PHONE -- phone only! Only, only! Much too important to put into an email!!! Not when so urgent a trip is not planned or even on the horizon to someone Xavier doesn’t care a flip about. Is there anything here that makes any sense at all?

Five Dastardly Words of Death

Well, at that point, something went whir click in my own head and I somehow, I can’t place a finger on it, but something somewhere gave me the idea that maybe, just maybe Xavier was an informant working at the behest of the Church of Miscavige, lurking around collecting information, getting busy, busy, busy on everyone’s lines, and asking questions, questions, questions!

So, being a nice person, I quietly told a select few that I thought something was fishy with Xavier. One of them was my long-time friend Dan Koon.

Dan saw fit to pass on five simple words to Marc Headley writing it on Marc’s “wall” on facebook not realizing everyone can read what’s on there, especially OSA: “Xavier is likely a plant.”

Church of Miscavige: Strategy

In case anyone doesn’t know it, we have been saying Miscavige’s whole strategy is Reverse Scientology. And one of the biggest missiles in the arsenal is the Third Party Law in reverse.

The law states for every quarrel there has to be a hidden third party. Find the third party to end the quarrel. But in the Church of Miscavige that becomes: Be the third party to create a quarrel.

Now anyone who has ever worked in OSA can attest to this. This was how they shut down David Mayo. Ray Mithoff’s own brother was sent in as a plant. He went in, made friends, and then started to third-party... not just David Mayo but key subordinates. Thereby create dissension and distrust.

For some inexplicable but highly flattering reason, the Church of Miscavige decided to target me and Dan Koon. Now as anyone who knows the two of us knows that throughout the whole of 2002, Dan and I wrote all the sparkling marketing copy for Scientology, 90% of which was rejected by David Miscavige. So if any two people on the Int base are used to being in trouble together it is Dan Koon and Steve Hall.

See, for us, it’s just like old times back at the Int base. Trouble is, Miscavige's boot lickers don't know when to quit. They don't have any sense. Like when Tommy Davis went psychotic in an interview with St Petersburg Times staff, Tom Tobin and Joe Childs. If you haven't heard it, it's really REALLY crazy. So as a special bonus, I've included the audio just below the comments section. 

Know your PLANTS: A short lesson in botany

Since I first told a few close friends I was about 99% sure Xavier was a plant, several responded asking me how I knew? Well, the above plus what follows is your answer. Here are some of the warning signs:

  • Attempts to set up a special phone call. (Don’t do it, it’s an interrogation).
  • Outpoints (red flags) galore in their communication.
  • Interest in what is going on but personally doing nothing (spectators).
  • When exposed, they make a huge noisy stink and natter like crazy.

Operation: Woopie Cushion

For a while all was strangely quiet. Possibly various campaign elements were being approved. And then when all was ready, suddenly the Church of Miscavige sat down and launched Operation: Woopie Cushion.

And with what Fire and what Brimstone the Woopie didth sound!

Emails, emails, emails to cc’s, cc’s, cc’s, “Xavier” started churning them out and he’s still going. Only the emails don’t even read as written by him.

Oh my gosh, Dan or I or someone uttered the Five Dastardly Words of Death, then said nothing more for weeks. Literally we dropped the subject. I was frankly working on much more urgent projects, like spending Thanksgiving with my family and working on business. Nevertheless, the Five Dastardly Words of Death had marked the two of us, you see, for total condemnation.

Over-Explaining = Missed Withhold

As LRH described in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, one symptom of missed withholds (secret crimes almost discovered) is over explaining...

In response to five words from me, Xavier wrote 1,550 words, none of which explained a thing.

He followed that with more than 15,000 words in the next 7 days alone: an incessant barrage of emails to all corners of the planet decrying  “third partying, falsely accusing, rumor-mongering and vilification.” That’s more than five words right there.  

Luuucy, someone’s got some confessing to do!

In Part II, "Xavier Jarquin: Poison Pen Letters" I have reprinted a selection from the dozens of emails sent out as part of the Church of Miscavige’s Operation Woopie Cushion.  

Suffice it to say, I tipped off a few friends privately. Xavier and company set it on the public stage. So now that it’s there, let’s finish it on the public stage if they can. (I say they can’t and won’t).


LRH says keep the door open a crack so I will. This situation is easy to resolve if Xavier wants to. Answer the following Xavier:

  1. What was so urgent you had to jump on this at 4:46 AM two hours after I wrote the article?
  2. Why were you so alarmed regarding Yael when you don’t even know her and have never been friends with her and have no intention to visit her?
  3. Why did you specifically want to talk to me by phone?
  4. Why do you have so many questions when you aren't even involved but just a spectator?
  5. Why did you want to know if Yael’s photo was real or Photoshop?
  6. Why did it make you angry to learn that Yael's photo was real?
  7. Who was the voice that spoke to you during our conversation?
  8. Why were you asking questions but not paying attention to my answers?
  9. Why did you want to know the identities of Pumpernickel and Gang of Five? (You are the first to ask)
  10. Why did you want to know what solid evidence we had?
  11. Why did you dismiss our website as “he says, she says”?
  12. Why did Neel Smed disconnect from everyone but you?
  13. Why did you pretend not to know who Marion Pouw is yet she’s discussed in the first sentence of the very article you were responding to?
  14. Since you’re aren’t a whistle blower how come you’re so interested in our affairs?
  15. Why did you ask me what Marty’s strategy is?
  16. Why did you ask me if I’m in comm with David Mayo?
  17. Why did you contradict yourself by saying “Nothing much” surprised you about the article yet you started the conversation saying that surprise was the very reason for your call?
  18. Finally, in all your nattery responses, why do you consistently refer to LRH references when you already said you reject Scientology?

I think Dan Koon already answered all of these questions in five words: “Xavier is likely a plant.”

I'll give Xavier twice that: ten words to answer all questions.


Anyone stupid enough to follow suppressive orders is in for a nasty surprise.

I’m not going to clue in Xavier. I'll let him discover the trap for himself. But let me just say I predict that one day soon Xavier and any others who are stupid enough and malicious enough to follow in his footsteps will come begging for heeeelp. And I will be happy to help but under the following circumstances:

For every word written against independence and independents, I will wait one day until I pay any attention to you. Xavier has already written 14,171 words that I know of. That’s 41 years before I will pay any attention to him. Sorry "buddy."

Or if he wants to come entirely clean and spill the actual beans on who put him up to all this monkey business, I will help him out of the trap he's gotten himself into.

In Part II, “Xavier Jarquin: Poison Pen Letters” I have published a small selection (14,171 words) of Xavier’s gibberish in response to the Five Dastardly Words of Death.

Stay watchful my friends. And use the Data Series.

Written by Thoughtful




+2 # Old Auditor 2009-12-18 01:12
A few months ago, after telling an org terminal that I was not planning to return for services in the near future, I received an similar email from someone I was close to years ago.

It didn't push the urgency button but the rest was the same.

1. Big push on being a buddy who wanted to get in comm again

2. Total withhold of real purpose in contacting me

3. Wanting to talk by phone only. Refused to respond to my email questions on where was he living? What was he doing now?

4. His wanting to know where I am, best time to call, etc.

His refusal to tell me anything by email set off an alarm for me. (I thought it was an MLM scam at the time.) I sent him a few more emails and let him know that I handled most traffic by email so I could respond at my convenience.

His response was most uncharacteristic for him and it confirmed that he had some hidden agenda. He said, "Well, you'll know where to contact me if you need to talk."

I think someone has set up a game plan to collect data on those of us who are going or have gone "outside the Church" :-)
+2 # Thoughtful 2009-12-18 08:35
Old Auditor, This is EXACTLY the response I was hoping for. Not a witch burning, but making the pattern clear so these plants suddenly stick out like sore thumbs. "By their actions (and in actions) you will know them."
+2 # RJ 2009-12-18 03:34
Yes very strange indeed 2 May 62 'ARCXs Missed Withholds' as I wrote in an earlier comment would apply to his bombastic, tedious and turgid emails.

You've heard of MICE, Steve?

In espionage MICE stands for Money, Ideology, Compromise, Extortion. If what you say is true about X's prior marital troubles and I have no reason to doubt you ,I'd suspect the latter two.

The fact is Miscavige probably will have something on any of the plants he sends in and uses this fact as a Damocles sword over their heads.

If we were an intel organization, instead of just a group of individuals who want to see actual Scientology tech applied we could use this fact to turn or double them back towards Miscavige.

That is if we were interested in continuing this sick game.

Well another fine job of Counterintel, Steve.

The data series in action.

As Carly Simon sang in James Bond's Spy Who Loved Me, Nobody Does it Better:


Kick back and enjoy it Steve you earned it :-)
+2 # Battering Ram 2009-12-18 08:18
I knew it. Thanks for the hatting on how the Church of Mestology operates. I feel sorry for this poor dupe, but I think exposing him is the right thing. He is so flagrantly a plant it isn't even funny.

Additionally, I don't think from reading his communications that he has read one word of this website or Marty's website. I'd swear he appears unfamiliar with the actual content.
+2 # Tom 2009-12-18 09:33
A "blast from the past" appears and wants to "get in comm" but only via the phone. All efforts to put it "into the record" via email are not so artfully dodged.

This is the modus operandi of below 2.0 control mechanisms. If Miscavige was a true "leader" he would communicate directly to observe the exact ARCX mechanism. Not plot to create more.
+2 # Gone Down 2009-12-18 16:59
Steve, I'm blown away by how spot on and astute you are, u make OSA look like complete idiots. "He said She said" was between 2 people, whereas there are dozens and dozens of people bearing up witness against the greatest SP/Squirrel (David Miscaviage) that the church has ever seen. Thanks for opening my eys, I was sleep walking, hiding and frightened before, well no more.
+1 # Ed Rhett 2009-12-18 18:12
I agree... if it looks lika a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... it just might be a duck (to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy).
On another point, has anyone noticed what the church is actually doing quite well? It really has been making a lot of money and defending itself well ia a court of law. So who controls the intellectual property of LRH? The trust, which is controlled by Ron's lawyer. And who is making a ton of money? The lawyer. And what else is going on? Not much. And what is the outpoint? Not much.
+2 # OnceUponaTime 2009-12-18 18:14
Has anyone else gotten friendly probes from individuals still in the church but selling Scientology materials on ebay? Seems like an obvious contact point for those seeking LRH materials but are operating outside the church. Isn't everyone in the church essentially expected to support the church by purchasing all basic materials from the church? Wouldn't buying and selling LRH materials outside church lines be an overt if you operate on the principle of "supporting the church through purchases and donations?" I don't want to cut a line with someone actually trying to understand and leave the church, but I also don't want to contribute to an enemy line.
ARC give theta understanding. KRC gives theta strength. Handle your friends with ARC and KRC; handle your enemies with KRC.
+2 # Sinar 2009-12-19 06:37

Thanks for the well detailed article. That fully explains the posting on facebook and testament that application of the Data Series is essential for living and life.
+2 # Paolo 2009-12-19 06:38

You're very bright indeed. I liked very much your article. Keep doing well and let the plants eat the poison they're trying to push on us.

+2 # MostlyLurker 2009-12-19 10:23
Interesting that he mentioned David Mayo, like if Mayo is still seen as a menace.
All that Scientologist's money paid to Mayo to gag him; what Mayo may tell that Miscavige doesn't want Scientologists to know?
+2 # Chuck Beatty 2009-12-19 10:27
thanks Steve,

Artificial comm is the hallmark of the spies for, as you say, the church of Miscavigology.

While I'm no Scientologist of any camp these days, I feel that the tactics of covert intelligence gathering are simply unethical.

That covert intell gathering is part of OSA's hat writeup. I agree with you that this should be exposed.

When I did my measly first postings in 2004, I got contacted by about 5 ex Sea Org members, smoozing, brittle unnatural communication, phone calls asking for info, and I listed them publicly, Anna Stilo, Felipe Avilla, I forget the others.

I fear Steve that the intell gathering is part of the OSA org board. Somehow, as history rolls forward, please I hope you and Marty and Mike and Dan and others PLEASE keep to high principles.

You guys are free, well, "freer" than the "Miscavigologists" as you call them, but remember to NOT even fall into any of the pitfalls on irreligious, anti human rights, and low character intell gathering and the assumptions on who are your enemies.

I hope you are able to change history somehow.

But honestly, some of the dark intell stuff, that's unfortunately LRH's allowed repertoire, and it has been there ALL THE LAST 40 plus years since LRH wrote what he wrote for the old GO. One only has to read the OSA Network Orders, to see the source of the stuff. There are a couple of sites with all the raw LRH material out here for years on the internet.

Good luck, I am sure you more ethical Scientologists will make a positive dent in Scientology history.

Best, Chuck Beatty
-1 # raffaella 2009-12-19 16:10
when i read his natter on fb i felt it was so weird..it didn't make any sense!

well..thank you very much for your enlightening data series lesson!
-4 # Barney Rubble 2009-12-20 02:46

You and I knew one another on the RPF. I respected you, but you are going way too far with this as you have the past few years.

I wish you the best of luck.. Please get over your hate to LRH and Scn and move onward and upward with your life.

You obviously have some agenda, and I can see it's not with these websites. Why don't you move on?
+2 # Joseph 2009-12-30 15:23
Great article and excellent use of the Data Series. I had an experience similar to that one. A person who was an operative for OSA wanted to know all about my business and my attitude towards the current church. She even got a job where my wife used to work and questioned her about our activities. Well, we followed the definition of "Security" in the admin dict and only gave pr answers and good roads etc... Later she wanted me to sell her products on my lines without giving me any profit for it. So, I saw this strange request as a major out-point along with all of the other ones and did my own "intell" gathering on her. Long story short she sought to black pr me to my clients and store managers. She trashed me and my products and also and this is a good one, she told one store manager that "HE is a scientologist!" In a very 2.0 manner! the store manager likes me and told her, '"So, he's a scientologist, I don't care". The black pr person then yelled at her and said, "You're probably one too!" and left the store. Later two other managers pointed her out as the one who was black pring me. She is still on the cos lines. They are monitors with instructions that everyone must spy. Shade of KGB! Joseph
+1 # observer 2010-03-16 15:52
Well, well, if it's not Mr. Jarquin. A little info on this chap's past history would help here. Pardon the length of this but this data should be known. And passed along.
In Xavier's early days he took some basic training. During the lecturer's talk about an example of the reactive mind, Xavier broke out into loud fits of laughter. No one else in the audience laughed, but him.(interesting sense of humour - laughing at someone elses' dismay). Ok, no big deal perhaps, but let's continue.

He joined staff as an auditor. He had Horrible TR's. He blurted out the commands loudly in a social tone of monotany, chronic tone of RESENTMENT. Like his PC's were all a bunch of dev-t,and loosers. Very distracting to any PC he had.
After a few weeks, he falsly reported his auditing hours as - over "700 hours", and reseaved an award for his "contribution" as an "auditor".

He could not have possibly audited over 350 hours, by actual scientific observation. The time he started as an auditor, the average hours he audited per day, and the actual duration of days until his receiving the award.

After receiving his award, he was confronted and asked if he had kept a graph of his audting hours (which he did not). He responded with a forced smile and an absurd look on his face (as if this question about his stats were ludicrous), and resentfully replied - "No... didn't NEED to... I probably audited over 1,000 hours... I should have reported 1,000 hours..."

In that time period there was a girl who was on a serious ethics handling. This girl had a long history of out 2D behaviour, and due to this she was not able to make any case gains from her auditing. She couldn't think of ANY auditing gains she had despite being an OT(NCG). She was then told by HCO to knock off with ANY more 2D's for now, until ethics and tech could be gotten in. And she was warned that if she did go and have any 2D whatsoever, then she'd be not allowed to do any more bridge whatsoever.

So what did Xavier do upon hearing this? He went and PURSUED her for a 2D, and suceeded in pulling her into 2D acts with him. Knowing full well her ethics sit and consequences of it. And then turned around and openly and proudly bragged about it. As if this were some big accomplishment of his. This resulted in her continuing out ethics on the 2D. And for several years she got herself and several guys enturbulated and in ethics trouble. She went nowhere on the bridge, ran stops on herself and others on getting up the bridge.

She eventually dropped her body. Well done Xavier, on your "Contribution" to this situation !

Xavier, an org staff member also had a bad re-occurring habit of staying up late at night and drinking heavily. 7 days a week. And as a result he could not make it to post the next day on time. He was constantly persued by HCO and warned to change his routines.

Xavier's way of handling this ? Instead of doing a condition and applying ethics to himself , he ran off from the org (No replacement) and split to join the Sea Org.
He just blew staff. He did this about the same time one of his fellow out ethics drinking buddys also split to take off to the S.O.

A few years later, Xavier - who was well into being an SO member,was observed talking to another of his out ethics friends regarding his drinking buddy that was also still in the SO. He was speaking glowingly and admiringly of him, as if he were Xavier's idol. (birds of a feather)(the criminal mind bands together).

Xavier was then confronted by a person and told that his SO friend had an outstanding debt
from several years ago that was not payed back, and how greatly appreciated it would be if Xavier would let his friend know that the person was STILL waiting to be payed back, as his friend had promised he would do before splitting to the SO.

Xavier's response ?

That the person who made the loan to his friend must be "out ethics" and should find out what they did to "pull it in". And that this person who made the loan should go do the "Introduction to Scientology Ethics", as Xavier had done, to "learn how these things work".

When it was pointed out to Xavier that the out ethics was obviously comming from his SO friend who had borrowed the money, with no intent to pay it back despite continued promisses to the loaner, and how it was a crimal act, Xavier just continued to resentfully argue that it was exclusively the fault of the person who made the loan to his friend in the first place.

So Xavier's friend was exempt from repaying a loan now ? Because of some kind of "overt" from some place, somewhere, somehow, that the person who was nice enough to help his friend out years ago may have ?

Talk about a twist of the tech !

Now, what knid of tone level, ethics level, and personality type does Mr Xavier Jarquin present here ?

Natural attibutes for a spy wouldn't you say ?
Right out of Science of Survival.

How in the world does an individual of THIS ilk
get into the SO and last for as long as he did before finally being detected and gotten off the line ??? And then eventually after molting his skin, slither his way back onto another line while pretending to be a "friend" ?

Don't give this reptile ANY info !!!

What exactly did he do that was criminal, yet not reported to the police ? Let's hear it !!!

Sorry, but you do not have the right to post comments.

Tommy Davis' PR Melt Down

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