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Thursday, 01 October 2009 04:03

I was motivated to write this article after I saw an excellent post by Rebel008 (all his posts are brilliant). Another individual, named “Surprised” posted a comment saying, “any RPF people I ever ran into, in LA, and elsewhere, were always very carefree, I saw them smiling, they looked healthy and not stressed at all, and often sang, or told jokes or stories when working.” Surprised also mentioned they had never seen how RPFers really lived and would like to hear from someone who had been there, done that. So this article is to fill in the blanks a little on the RPF program.

My Sea Org career spanned 20 years. But in 1990, I spent 11 months on the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) in Los Angeles during renovations of the Manor Hotel. I received and delivered a lot of auditing and got a great deal of case gain during that time.

There were also things about the RPF program that were NOT fun at all. I guarantee everyone on the RPF thinks continually about the day when he or she will "get out." Just like any prisoner confined anywhere in the world.

RPFers in the public eye are ordered to smile and to "create a positive image" for the RPF. Believe me, the unhappy ones you never see in public.

Something not commonly understood is that the RPF program under L. Ron Hubbard only took a few weeks. Maybe a month. That's it! Whereas Miscavige perverted the program, adding in so many requirements and conditions that an RPF “correction program” now takes five years or more! FIVE years!

You'd think he was dealing with HARDENED CRIMINALS, not veteran Scientology Sea Org members, i.e. volunteers who have dedicated their entire lives to forwarding the goal of a world without insanity, war and crime.

Just ponder that a moment. Someone volunteers to set aside all their personal goals and ambitions, traveling, vacations, cars, money, friendships, dating, movies, raising a family... they put all that aside and still it takes FIVE YEARS of hard labor to “bring them into line with Command Intention” because they were “CI”? (“CI” stands for "counter intention" and also means someone who harbors a counter intention to another person’s success).

Okay, I’m a little slow here. Let me get this straight. Apparently there are people who want Scientology to fail so badly that they are willing to give up EVERYTHING, get a job working for Scientology, and secretly mess things up (hee-hee-hee) until they get caught, after which it takes 5 years or more of hard labor and counseling so they can tell right from wrong.

I don’t know a lot of criminals, but I think most of them fit more into the category of not caring two cents about Scientology. I can’t think of anyone in my wildest imagination who would be willing to give up everything they own in order to appease some personal vendetta against Scientology. Perhaps the whole concept is...

Ludicrous! As a comparative, just imagine a friend joining the Red Cross. Later, you find out a big boss within management had to assign the person to hard labor for five years because they wouldn’t hand out towels to flood victims? Come on, what kind of circumstances could possible warrant that kind of “rehabilitation” system for someone who volunteers to help others?

Oh, I can hear the conversations in the Red Cross rank and file...

“Geeze, too bad about Fred. He stood up when he was supposed to sit down. Hard labor and serves him right. That’ll teach him how to sit down. Pass the Spam please.”

Five years of hard labor. For what?

Throughout one's tenure on the RPF one has no second dynamic of any kind. Love your spouse?  How'd you like to get sent to the RPF tonight instead of going home and having dinner? Not seeing them again for 5 years? Instead of snuggling in bed, you can sleep tonight in a room full of snoring people on an uncomfortable mattress and borrowed sheets. If you have to go to the bathroom, someone has to stand outside. So you don’t escape. That’s called incarceration. You can read more details about the RPF program here.

Off quota? Get down and do 20 push-ups. Still off quota an hour later? Do 20 more. Personally I love staying fit. But I prefer to workout at a nice fitness center.

You aren't allowed to watch TV or listen to music. They own virtually nothing. That's why they sing. Now when I was in, even singing was banned because "it wasn't supposed to be fun." Go figure. Maybe he received an order on that, I don't know. So we sang under our breath and longed even harder for the day we might be free.

By the way, how’s your sex life? How would you like to have none for the next five years? That’s not the program LRH authorized.

You get exactly 10 minutes at the end of the day for “personal time.” 10 minutes to chat, relax, write a letter. It better be a short letter.  

So what you really have, if you examine Miscavige's version of the RPF program, is a duality of brilliant LRH tech and utterly contemptible perversions of human rights from David Miscavige.

It’s like a great milk shake made with whole milk, delicious ice cream, chocolate syrup, Oreos, yum -- all the things you love -- oh yeah, plus one quart of insecticide poured in.

Blend. Drink.

Actually, the RPF program was not LRH’s invention, but Ken Urquhart’s -- a decent fellow who was deposed by David Miscavige in about 1981. To this day, Ken’s name appears on countless LRH Policy Letters and issues. He was LRH’s right hand man for more than a decade and a real friend to Ron. David Miscavige spat in his face.

Okay, now we're getting down to the nitty gritty of what the RPF program is... in the same way that a ship rolls over and sinks down to the bottom of the sea.

The commercial value of the RPF program is zero. No one has ever paid to "do the RPF program." It's not a program anyone volunteers for. Privately RPFers are faced with problems most people never have to deal with unless they are incarcerated, as in “will I ever see my wife again?" Or "How can I see my children again?" Or "How do I get out of here?"

When RPFers finally get out they feel relief in the same way that prisoners are happy to be reunited with their loved ones. I was only gone 11 months and I wept like a baby when I was finally set free. Who wouldn’t after such an ordeal? And of course, if it weren’t for Time magzine, I would have been there another five years.

While I was on the RPF, I wrote my wife every day. She was at the Int Base (and still is, I have since remarried and happily so) and I was in LA -- another Miscavige trademark: splitting up spouses. If I could have at least seen or spoken to her regularly, perhaps it would have been more bearable.

Miscavige’s practice of splitting up spouses happens a LOT and today it has another name: human trafficking. It’s against the law because it’s inhuman. But David Miscavige never lets an issue like Federal Law interfere when he really wants to break someone.

Now in my case, my wife was so busy, as is typical of everyone at Int, so pinned down by constant flaps and emergencies (all manufactured by Miscavige) she didn't even have the time to open my letters, much less read them. Most of the flaps at Int concerned the next “event.” Speeches, video production and materials scheduled as “a release” for the event. It’s all part of Miscavige’s propaganda machine. As posted elsewhere, 100% of those events are utterly off policy. In 1977 LRH banned ALL international events because they pull staff off post. Magazines were and still are the vehicle by which Scientology’s news was supposed to be gotten out to the field, NOT a constant barrage of PR events where someone can set themselves up as the "New L. Ron Hubbard."

Anyway, not to diverge too far from the main thread, but staff at Int are so pinned down in a frantic but contrived atmosphere of constant DAILY emergencies and flaps, most of them can’t even string two thoughts together concerning their own life. LRH calls that a dangerous environment. As he explained,

“The fact of the matter is, however, that the environment is made to appear much more dangerous than it actually is.

“A great number of people are professional dangerous environment makers. This includes professions which require a dangerous environment for their existence such as the politician, the policeman, the newspaperman, the undertaker and others. These people sell a dangerous environment. That is their mainstay. They feel that if they did not sell people on the idea the environment is dangerous, they would promptly go broke. So it is in their interest to make the environment far more dangerous than it is.”

Now I know decent journalists like Tom Tobin and Joe Childs of the St Petersburg Times who do not fit that generalization. There decent cops and decent undertakers and even decent psychiatrists here and there.

But it’s been theorized that a corrupt dictator who stole his position by force would be the type that would create a dangerous environment among staff to keep them so pinned down they’d never be able to raise their heads long enough to question his supreme authority. But I wouldn’t know anyone like that.

I do know that individuals who specialize in weaving dangerous webs around others have a special name to describe them: spiders.

Anyway, as I was saying, dear reader, if you feel something inching its way up your leg while reading this, perhaps it’s only David Miscavige.

Then again I think a lot of people may be wondering how to tell the difference between Miscavige and a real spider. Well, it’s not that easy. Miscavige is the shorter, nastier one with beady piercing eyes that exude hate. See, spiders are just hungry all the time, but Miscavige wants to harm you.   

Anyway, being at Int is like being pinned down in the thick of war. Bullets and bombs in the form of ethics, ethics, ethics raining down. Condition assignments, group confessions, justice actions convened, demotions, screaming fits, physical confrontations, harsh reprimands, continual sleep deprivation, people getting blown to bits all around you. But the entire war is contrived by David Miscavige to pin those staff down. They have no time for themselves nor for any activity except the group. This is so true that if someone (especially an MAA) were caught reading a letter on post from an RPFer, never mind that it was their spouse, they would be reprimanded.

After post, many staff are so exhausted they simply fall asleep. No time to read.

Against that background, being in the RPF is not fun. Many people today have been in the RFP and done with their program for a year or more. Why are they still in the RPF? Because they have to submit a proposal called a “CSW” (for Completed Staff Work) to get out. The "CSW" is a gigantic formal submission involving numerous banker's boxes containing all their pc folders, all tabbed and referenced, documenting all their handlings, showing evidence of this or that being handled, addressed and corrected. Sometimes it is months before any CSW is looked at (since there are only 9 people on post in RTC) and such submissions often go through cycles involving months or even years of being rejected and resubmitted. Meanwhile you are trapped there on the RFP. And while your folders are up "at Int" waiting for someone in RTC to review, you can't get any auditing because your folders are uplines. So you’re just killing time.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I have a year or two of free time on my hands I’ve always been able to think of better things to do than “nothing.”

But let's say you have some responsibility on the RPF. They have their own executives. And there's a flap. Oops, now you’ll have to get more handling. More auditing. Restudy. Re-do this or that. Conditions. Amends. Then resubmit. Add two more months. Now wait for your CSW to be looked at in Miscavige’s revolving-door madhouse uplines.  

Or let’s say you’re outside one afternoon “on deck” pulling weeds. You’re longing to see your spouse and a public Scientologist happens to walk by and notices you look unhappy. They think, “Wow, something must be wrong” so they write a report. Guess who gets 2 or maybe 3 months added onto their jail time?

So yes, the average RPFer is going to show you a smiling happy face.

Today, the RPF program has actually been turned into a colossal mind control operation by David Miscavige. If you are assigned to the RPF, you will stay on it until you realign yourself with "Command Intention" (meaning David Miscavige). Forget LRH. Forget Scientology. Forget the human race. YOU need to align to David Miscavige.

That is what the RPF is about and I'm not exaggerating.

To understand the current RPF program in its full context, read T Paine's brilliant analysis.

As for myself, it took me years to find out why I was assigned to the RPF in 1990. Yes, you heard that right. I was assigned to the RPF without even knowing why. And in that bewildered state, I was escorted from the Int Base down to the RPF one afternoon with 89 cents in my pocket, no towel, no toothbrush, no bar of soap, no toothpaste, just the cheap polyester uniform on my back. Another RPFer lent me a towel, his soap and shampoo which he had bought himself with his $7.50 weekly pay. I picked some black shorts and a black T-shirt out of a bin of RPF hand-me-downs.

I remember how happy I was weeks later, just to have my own towel.  

Here was my crime: My wife at the time was an Ethics Officer at Gold. I told her in 1989 “The person responsible for turning the Int Base into a hell hole is David Miscavige and his modus operandi is the misapplication of Ethics.” He was also the one, I had found, who forced the price of Dianetics (the book) so high that in some countries the cost of the book was more than a month's wages. So I worked out a handling. New prices, affordable formats, printing overseas.

But when I proposed my handling, Miscavige personally rejected it, stating that he wasn’t going to allow me to “degrade LRH tech.” Huh? I also told my wife about that. She told someone what I’d said and the axe fell.

Furthermore, if you recall, the Dianetics book campaign was roaring in those days. Jeff Hawkins was writing the ads and that entire campaign was his brain child. You can read his story here. Jeff is not as angry today as he was when he wrote that story a year ago, but can anyone blame him for being angry? After putting in 35 years as a Sea Org member, God himself might weep if he knew what Jeff had been put through at the hands of Adolf Miscavige and that’s no joke.

The Dianetics book campaign was costly, but it introduced a lot of people to Dianetics. And it had the statistics of International Scientology soaring for a solid decade. Those were real statistics, with actual numbers that were no secret. David Miscavige pulled the plug on all funding for Dianetics marketing in 1991. And since then Scientology’s statistics have steadily crashed into the basement and below.

Back then, things were booming. The most interested people sent in a little card that came with each book. We called them MICs -- short for “More Information Cards.”

My job in Marketing was to crack the “Dianetics Route,” meaning it was my job to figure out how to move thousands of book buyers into orgs to take their first steps on what Scientologists call “the Bridge” (meaning that chain of services each designed to deliver a precise ability to the person in the exact sequence they must receive them in order to progress to higher levels of awareness).

Well, somewhere along the line I discovered to my dismay that down in LA at Bridge Publications, the publishers of the book had just boxes and boxes full of these little MIC cards. They came in by the hundreds every week. And there was no line set up to deal with all these interested people.

They simply didn’t have the manpower. Some of the cards were sent to orgs. But again, there was no follow up. Ideas on what to do with the cards varied. Some people looked at them as more of a nuisance than anything. They got stuffed into drawers, stuffed into boxes, stuffed under tables and stacked on shelves.

There was the fruit of the Dianetics campaign just rotting on the vine.

Being in charge of cracking marketing for the Dianetics Route, it didn’t take long to grasp that while most orgs were trying to figure out how to get in public, thousands of people -- in the form of these More Information Cards -- were already knocking on the front door. But no one had answered the door.

I did a little analysis to see if anyone had ever found an effective method to follow up on these people and get them in. And sure enough, I found Jeff Hawkins had written a little personalized letter with a coupon offering a free session of Dianetics counseling. Others had sent that letter to some people years before and 7% of the recipients came into the org.

Now that is quite a good response for direct mail. So I updated the coupon, printed 1,000 letters, signed them myself by hand, licked 1,000 stamps and 70 people walked into orgs across the US with the letter I had mailed to them. Seven percent response.

Bingo. I understood the key to Dianetics Route marketing. Prior to that, the Central Marketing Unit had been spending massive amounts on flyers and broadsheets and trying to get seminars going: stupid blind actions that wasted time and money. Average response rates for all other forms of advertising was between: 0.02% and 0.004%. Meaning send out 10,000 pieces and two people might come in. If you were lucky.

Now, instead of spending $10,000 a week on promo that didn’t work, I could spend $500 and get 35,000 times the response.

I’m no rocket scientist, but that math works.

So I pitched my solution to the Int Finance Director (Jono Epstein, who had a secret passion for marketing) and got the money to buy a computer and three HP Laser printers. I got a room in the basement of Bridge Publications. Then I went down to Los Angeles from the Int Base and found someone for the project. I got him assigned to Bridge Publications. And soon my man Jonathan and I started sending out personalized letters, each one hand signed.

People started to come in and staff were ecstatic. The “Dianetics Route” was cracked and it cost next to nothing.

While this was going on, Jonathan and I started to compile lists of book buyers from orgs. Computers were still in their infancy and every list was in a different format. So by hand we started to refine these lists to make one master list we could mail to.

After a few months we started to run low on money. I requested a very nominal amount, $3,000. My little campaign was moving a mountain, but required little more than blank envelopes, ordinary letter head, and stamps. Meanwhile I had put together a much larger roll out and submitted that marketing campaign for approval. For 8 months it was rejected repeatedly. The stated reason: it wasn’t “big think” enough. Those rejections were from Marketing Exec Int who seemed at a loss about the whole thing.

I made it known that cutting that money was a crime. So then I was put onto TRD short for “Truth Rundown.” The auditing was designed to handle “delusional” people. (People who commit too many crimes can become delusional). Well, my sins were stripped away and low and behold it still seemed like a crime to me. And I said so.

Finally I found out who was actually rejecting my Dianetics Campaign; it wasn’t actually Ronnie, it was David Miscavige!

Let’s review: my area was producing 35,000 times the response rate of any other area in marketing. But that wasn’t “big think” enough.

I ran out of money. Week after week my CSWs were disapproved.

Meanwhile Gabrielle Allen who was in charge of PR was being given hundreds of thousands of dollars by David Miscavige so Dianetics could sponsor the “Goodwill Games.” That got virtually no one into orgs, but they made a big splash for Dianetics. Meanwhile, the More Information Cards kept rolling into Bridge Publications. And gathering dust.

I wasn’t just pissed, I was radioactive.

LRH said there was nothing wrong with upbraiding someone if it was for a good cause.

So I got in Gabrielle’s face, and I got in the face of our Financial Planning Committee Chairman, Sharon Hill. The two of them complained that I had upset them. And for that “reason” I was sent 90 miles away to the RPF in January of 1990.

At that point, everything instantly collapsed. I had no replacement. There was no money for toner, envelopes, or stamps. Jonathan had nothing to do. After several months, he vanished.

Those thousands of people who bought Dianetics and sent in More Information Cards never got the information they requested. But David Miscavige bragged it up at events on how Dianetics was “An Official Sponsor of the Goodwill Games!”

The only reason I didn’t leave the Sea Org then was because I had just gotten married the year before. I was assigned to the RPF on November 12. I remember the date because it was my wedding anniversary.

11 months later, when Time magazine published its infamous article stupidly slamming the religion of Scientology (instead of the criminality within its ranks) Miscavige cancelled all RPF assignments.

So to sum up, what you have in the RPF program is an alloy of LRH tech and Miscavige's psychological warfare by which he dominates and destroys the observational powers and ability of staff members to think for themselves. He's subverted the RPF into a behavior modification program.

Off the top of your head, which makes more sense:

A) Five years to break the pesky “false purposes” and “evil intentions” of a person who has already proven his character by selflessly giving up everything to help mankind?


B) Five years to break the integrity of a decent person who signed on to help mankind?

When I was in the RPF, we had a motto that we repeated together each evening: “The RPF is what you make it; the RPF is where you make it.” I wish it were true. In fact, the RPF is what abortion king David Miscavige made it into.

The RPF program, originally started as a humane alternative to firing staff by letting them co-audit for a few weeks so they could make it, has been transformed by David Miscavige into a years-long thought-reform gulag.

And how does Miscavige know when someone has really reformed? It’s the number of years. The longer you stay on, the more likely it is that you have finally swallowed the poison that blinds.


Written by Thoughtful



+3 # Guest 2009-10-02 04:02
I wonder if anyone else reading this is as stunned as I am. Sometimes words fail and this is one of those times.
+1 # michael maylam 2009-10-02 04:03
Well done Thoughtful.
Can you publish samples of the letters you wrote and the cards?
+2 # Thoughtful 2009-10-02 11:27
When I routed out of Gold in 2004 the Security Guards secretly went through all my belongings while Chris Guider had me being interviewed by a super-slimy nervous, sweating attorney, getting me on video to say things like I would never hold the Church responsible for anything that happened, that I would never reveal any information and if I did I'd be have to pay $1,000,000 for every instance. Unfortunately, they neglected to give me a copy of the contract or videos which makes them 100% invalid. All this came just after Chris Guider (a Miscavige bootlicker now living in Sydney, helping to extort funds from Sydney Scientologists for their new Ideal Org, which is totally and utterly off Policy).

I had 1 copy of every single promotional item I'd ever produced for the CoS. Hundreds of brochures, ads, flyers, you name it. All were BPI. But the security guards took it all. Who knows why? You'd have to ask Danny Dunnagin, the Security Chief Gold.

Anyway, the letter itself was nothing fancy. It simply was a letter from the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation addressed to the person, "Dear Jim." It acknowledged the receipt of a card for more information and then invited the person to come in for for a free session of Dianetics auditing. And if gave the phone number for the person to call to set an appointment and address of the HDF.

It was signed from the Executive Director of the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation, with a signature in blue ink (to indicate it was a real signature, not just laser printed).

The point was it was personalized.

The coupon was a strip of paper 3.5" x 8.5" printed on one side only. One the left, it said "Come in for a FREE SESSION of DIANETICS AUDITING." On the right it had the "Hubbard Dianetics Foundation" logo. Maybe there was a button or two, like "Understand why you react the way you do" -- I don't remember. But if so, it wasn't the important part anyway.

Only those two things were in the envelope. The envelope itself used a first-class stamp, put on by hand. Not metered mail. Again, everything was to make it a real communication from a person to another person, NOT "Dear Sir," but "Dear Daniel,"

That's it. Very simple. For every 100 you send out to recent book buyers, 7 people will come into the org for auditing. That's what a Dianetics book buyer wants.

To my knowledge, this letter has not been used since 1990 when Miscavige destroyed my project to get people on the Bridge.
# Navajo Code Talker 2009-10-02 06:42
"To my knowledge, this letter has not been used since 1990 when Miscavige destroyed my project to get people on the Bridge."

Should we laugh or cry?
I think both of them are in order.
+2 # Gene 2009-10-02 07:22
Thank you for your article. I was assigned to the RPF 3 times during my 11 years in the SO, for a total of about a year and a half. I can totally relate to what it was like to be separated from your wife for months at a time, just when you need them most. Like your wife, mine was always right in the middle of the war zone, with all the flaps, bullets and bombs flying, so didn't even have time to worry about me (we are still married, by the way). I especially liked your description of the the environment at Int. When my wife was posted in PAC she had to go to Int every Friday and dreaded it. She described it as being like a big dark cloud as she arrived each week. It was just a feeling of oppression and doom. It was even worse when she was transferred there in 1990. It was her worst nightmare.
+2 # John Doe lurker 2009-10-03 07:07
I was RPFed twice in my 8+ years in the Sea Org (SO).

I was in the SO at the Int base in Hemet, CA. from the late 70s to the early 80s. The first time I was RPFed was a few months after the first major purge of staff at the Int base in the spring of 82. I was sent to the PAC RPF ("PAC" or Pacific base, the famous blue buildings in Los Angeles), because there was no Int RPF at the time.

I was RPFed for "disaffection", and because I had said I was in doubt about staying in the SO. Although to my knowledge, there were no Flag orders stating disaffection was grounds to RPF someone, I took the choice of doing the RPF over leaving and being declared SP. Heck, I hadn't had much enhancement time over the previous few years and I thought I might be able to get sorted out, and it would be nice to get some auditing and to learn to audit my twin.

In my opinion, it isthe people that are on the RPF, the Bosun (foreman) and MAA (Master At Arms, in charge of discipline) particularly, and mostly, the executives that are in charge of overseeing it that determines the experience.

Overall, I'd have to say I had mostly a positive experience on the RPF. And I experienced both a "good" RPF and a "bad" one.

The 1983 PAC RPF was about 100+ strong, and loaded with experienced staff, many recently busted high execs, a huge number of ex-GO staff. A lot of good people that had gotten caught up in the then-recent purges.

The night I arrived in the RPF, I was first sent to the RPF MAA. While waiting to see her, I was terrified, but steeled myself for anything, just as I had learned to do over the intense previous few weeks while undergoing "rollback" sec checking.

The RPF MAA was Reggie Micheal. When I sat down in front of her, one of the first things she asked me was, "how much sleep have you gotten in the last 24 hours?" Of course, the answer was zero, but I misread the intent of the question, and answered with babbled assurances that I could go immediately onto the decks and work or whatever.

She repeated the question, with ARC, and when I answered that I hadn't had any sleep, she told me to go sleep for 7 hours, and then come back to see her.

I couldn't friggin believe it! I was immediately routed to the RPF berthing I/C,(it was very organized), and got a bunk.

Seven or so hours later, I came back to see her, rested and calmed down somewhat. The first thing she had me do was First Dynamic Conditions! Seems that the viewpoint held by many on the RPF at that time was that a major contributing factor that people landed there was because of first dynamic reasons such as not sleeping, not eating right, smoking too much, not going to study, etc.

Again, a rather alien idea. (You mean I hada first dynamic and it was important!?)

Within a few days, I was routed onto the "running program" which I had begun a few months earlier at Gold. The RPF runners did the program full time, in Griffith Park. Notwithstanding the positive spiritual effects of doing the program (some huge and profound), being outdoors in a park every day with a lot of physical activity was very "de-stimulating" (calming).

I had several positive life changing things happen on that RPF and overall, although it was at times very difficult, it was NOT suppressive. People were completing their programs. Later, in the summer of 1983, a huge amnesty was announced and I left the RPF along with the majority of the members.

For the remainder of 1983, I worked on various special projects and fried a few fish (got married)and then fired to Clearwater, Florida on a pointless mission as a special program ops. I hated the mission, hated Clearwater, hated being away from my new bride, and thus failed. In January of 84, I was recalled to PAC, put on the decks and awaited comm-ev.

At least I got to go home to my wife each night. That is, until mid-march, when the comm-ev recommendations sent me back to the RPF and within 24 hours, I was sent to the GOLD RPF, which now had a growing RPF construction force.

The night I arrived at GOLD, I had about 2-3 hours sleep in an unheated garage on a dusty mattress I had to find myself. After I was awakened, and had breakfast, I was assigned to work on a project. I don't remember if I was "routed in" to the RPF there or not. I was given my project orders by Wendall Reynolds, who was pleasant enough, but made it clear that this RPF had to make its targets, etc. I ended up working the entire night with no sleep, on top of only 2-3 hours the night before.

Welcome to hell. It pretty much was like that for the many months I was there. I worked 92 hours straight one "day" (quite the experience I must say; I was just starting to hallucinate towards the end of that.) As for the five hours of study/auditing time, as per the Flag Orders covering the RPF? HA!

We were told that we would be making up all the study time we were missing, full time, when we finished renovating the house on the hill (LRH's house, called Bonnie View). Well indeed, after we finished, study time did go in, but not full time. This lasted about 6 weeks, as I recall, end then, BAM, we were back at it, all-nighters and full time construction.

The RPF member must do his study/auditing program to get released from the RPF. If he cannot do his/her program due to having no allowed study time, the RPF then becomes an indentured work force. It is to that degree, suppressive. When the RPF member cannot even get his 7 hours of sleep a night, despite working 12 hour days for months and months, then it becomes very suppressive.

Shortly after the schedule change, I "blew" (escaped on my own) and a day later, showed up at the PAC RPF, where a few months later, I routed out of the Sea Org.

So there you have it. I experienced both types of RPF. I've sung songs with my fellow RPF members, and have worked with the highest enthusiasm for days at a time, but I've also scraped along the bottom in sleep-deprived despair over what my life had become.

But you know what? I'm glad I experienced both of those RPFs. I would not want it to be only one or the other, as odd as that may sound to some. It is all part of my life's experience.

I hope this helps to explain to some who wonder about the widely divergent experiences reported about the RPF.
# Paolo 2009-10-03 07:12
Dear Thoughtful,

I believe DM is below 2.0 on the tone scale and I side with you on many of the issues you bring up BUT we can't just say the RPF (a degrading experience and a slave camp in my view) was ALL Miscavige's fault.

What about all the Int Execs, the FLO/FCB Execs, the messengers who assigned hundreds if not thousands of people to the RPF? They knew the program was sadistic, they knew it was pure punishment, yet they assigned them to the RPF any way. I remember the 1989 FCB establishment Mission. The then CO FCB made it into a policy to assign one staff member to the RPF every single day and it went on for weeks. She knew what she was doing as she knew where those people would end up. She knew what would happen to their family and to their lives.

Miscavige is off the rails and should be removed but IMO now we are passing the limit. DM was and is the MAIN culprit but, believe me, I was there like you: he was not the ONLY one.

Thoughtful I like very much you viewpoints but, please, lets not brush it all off on Miscavige.

Best Paolo
# Ralph Hilton 2009-10-11 12:10
My own experience of the RPF was at a time when LRH was on the lines back in 1978. I don't recall people finishing it in weeks. It took me 6 months to finish and I was one of the fastest.
We always had sufficient sleep for auditing and outdid the HGC at times in WDAH. The food was the same as the rest of the crew. It wasn't slack but there wasn't any cruelty or heavy injustice involved. Miscavage has certainly destroyed what was a very workable program at one time.
# Axiom 2009-10-11 12:12
Great article that is very revealing and interesting!!! Only someone that has been there could write like you do.
This also explains a lot re the dissemination and how it has been sabotaged!!! When there is good guys like you, Jeff Hawkins and others
and there isn´t a real expansion anyway!!! You got stopped!!! Any decent drive towards clearing has been stopped since this
person took over!!! This piece of information is just another nail in his coffin so to speak!
You´re doing a great job, Steve, and I really admire what you and and the other guys do!!!:-)
I´m sure Ron is smiling too!
# Rob Thomas 2009-10-14 06:16
Thoughtful, to your comment above: super-slimy nervous, sweating attorney, getting me on video to say things like I would never hold the Church responsible for anything that happened, that I would never reveal any information and if I did I'd be have to pay $1,000,000 for every instance.

You did it under duress. Whatever you said on that thing doesn't stand out here.
# Richard La Motta 2009-10-27 07:10
We're talking about slightly different time lines but I sold over 2,000 Dianetics books in 1986 in a six-month span as a New York staff member and I always wondered what ever happened to all those book buyers.

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