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Monday, 26 July 2010 03:14
Home on the range: my shack in Dallas

Since the Church of Scientology under the boot heel of David Miscavige has drifted about as far off course as it can get, there is no other choice but to stand up to the monster it has become.

For many decades, LRH and the Church of Scientology were attacked relentlessly through black propaganda campaigns. You can learn about black PR in the book Black Boomerang by Sefton Delmer (1962). Delmer was the real deal and dealt the Nazi’s some withering blows in WWII.

For years and years the anti-Scientology black PR campaigns went on. Many dirty tricks were played on Church leaders. But through “constant alertness and willingness to fight back,” the Church persevered. And eventually LRH learned the attacker’s plan and launched an organization to beat them at their own game: the Guardian’s Office, headed by Mary Sue.

As LRH wrote in HCO PL 16 FEBRUARY 1969, Confidential, TARGETS, DEFENSE,

We do not have a Utopian dream or a planned society.  We are trying to survive.  Our theory is that if individuals become more honest and less harassed they will be capable of building a better society.

The fact is we would have gone along happily minding our own business.  But these fantastic and continuing attacks have pushed us more and more into developing a technology and direction of defense.

The Scientologists fought back. They fought hard. They fought rough. And eventually, they began to fight dirty.  

And that was the beginning of the end.

Once they began to violate their own principles and ethical codes, they corrupted the subject and planted seeds of ruin.

Sefton Delmar broadcasting to Germany
(Courtesy of the Delmer estate)

Jeff posted a very applicable biblical quote on Marty’s blog the other day: “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight. What you have whispered to someone behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftops.”

Add into the mix a genuine sociopath and what you have is the perfect storm: An organization under siege, conditioned into a no-holds-barred fight, now directed by a man of profound evil.

Designer Jeff Hawkins

My friend and colleague Jeff Hawkins was the first person to point out to me that Miscavige is a sociopath. I was astonished to discover the definition of “sociopath” fit Miscavige like fingerprints on a bloody knife. As Jeff wrote just days ago, “Sociopaths do not recognize the individuality or rights of others, and so there are no checks on their behavior.  They only see two types of people, suckers and sinners. People are either enemies or tools to be used. The sociopath discharges powerful feelings of terror and rage by humiliating and dominating others. Anyone who has met with Miscavige knows that this is an accurate description of the man’s actions.”

If you haven’t already read it, you should read Jeff’s article in which he gives a full description of a sociopath.

But my purpose in this article is to cover the subject of black propaganda. For in destroying the integrity of Scientology, the Church became the enemy it once fought. As LRH said, what you resist, you become. Material originally intended to handle genuine high-level enemies, are now used against ordinary Scientologists, whistleblowers and virtually anyone that David Miscavige sees as a threat.

LRH defined the subject of black propaganda or “black PR” as it’s known in HCO Policy Letter 21 Nov 1972, HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA, RUMORS AND WHISPERING CAMPAIGNS:

"Black propaganda" (black = bad or derogatory, propaganda = pushing out statements or ideas) is the term used to destroy reputation or public belief in persons, companies or nations.

It is a common tool of agencies who are seeking to destroy real or fancied enemies or seek dominance in some field.

The technique seeks to bring a reputation so low that the person, company or nation is denied any rights whatever by "general agreement." It is then possible to destroy the person, company or nation with a minor attack if the black propaganda itself has not already accomplished this.

When the Church was fighting for its life, LRH wrote many confidential issues for the Guardian’s Office. These issues are now available through Wikileaks (click on "File" to download). Today, by subverting the Office of Special Affairs to his own personal agenda, David Miscavige uses these same directives to discredit and hopefully, he believes, to destroy -- not real enemies, but decent people -- anyone who dares to blow the whistle on his criminal actions.

And it’s really not the Office of Special Affairs who is behind the dirty tricks and black propaganda. The actual command structure of OSA is:

DM and Lou (Laurisse)
Office of COB  (only 5 people left according to JB who left only weeks ago)
RTC only 12 staff left.  These are headed by Warren McShane as "Legal Director"
RTC Rep in the ILO building -- Tracy Danilovitch
OSA Int (Linda Hamel Commanding Officer, with Kerstin operating directly on a bypass from Tracy)
The rest of OSA are lowly puppets.

Miscavige follows intelligence actions per HCO PL 25 Apr 1968, Intelligence Actions:

The maxim is... “when under attack... attack.” The point is... even if you don’t have enough data to win the case... still attack... LOUDLY.  Reason is, it is only those people that have crimes that will attack us, and they will soon back off for fear of being found out when attacked back.

Now the dumb thing is, the motivating factor is not our crimes, but his. And those crimes are not minor. But let’s go more deeply into the subject of black propaganda. LRH wrote another previously secret issue on 12 Jan 1972 (which is also now available on Wikileaks):


Black propaganda is a covert communication of false data intended to injure, impede or destroy the activity or life of another person, group or nation, usually issued from a false or removed source from the actual instigator.

It is used heavily in “psychological warfare.”

It is a specialized technology of its own.

It relies chiefly on the technique of “classification” of another or a group or a nation as undesirable or evil.

It has many counter weapons and is itself essentially fragile because it is false. Dianetics, Scientology and myself for a very long time have been subjected to a very standard black propaganda campaign instigated by trained persons - the AMA in the US, the British Psychological Association in Australia, the National Association of Mental Health in England and internationally.

What is being attempted by black propagandists is to classify us firmly in the public mind by constant repetition of certain words like “cult.” The more we let such propagandists do this, the more chance we give them, the more opportunity they have.

A black artist has to be carefully trained to do this and I am suddenly quite interested in such fellows. It isn’t just “the way things are written.” Such are well trained intelligence pros in the field of psychological warfare.

Psychiatry today advises advertising and propaganda and designed of course this campaign we have experienced.

The subject is even touched on by Dr. Thomas Szasz as a psychiatric technique in his book Ideology and Insanity, page 49, chapter 4, page 53 section IV, page 67 section IX and his whole article “Psychiatric Classification as Personal Restraint,” page 190 of the same book. Of these, page 53 section IV is the most interesting in application to this subject of classification.

“Classification is a social act. The classification of individuals or groups entails the participation of at least three different types of persons: Classifier, Classified, and a public called upon to accept or reject a particular classification.”

While Szasz is not using it as it applies to psychological warfare (black propaganda) or advertising, it is nevertheless a key point in psychiatric planning of any campaign.

The AMA counts on this utterly.

So this is their one trick.

To cancel an enemy’s chief weapon is in itself a part of victory.

To cease to be the effect of classification and become in our turn the cause of it, the classifier, is to win the propaganda game.

Our propaganda is dirty but it is not black because it is true. Black propaganda is essentially false.

We can do this trick by survey and attack. As what is attacked is already popularly evil, we become re-classified as attackers and the enemy as bad hats as they’re for the evil if they attack us.

We won’t be running a black campaign as we deal in truth.

Black campaigns ARC break [upset] people since they depend on false reports and are thus out-reality. Hence your dead agent actions work.

We just run propaganda campaigns.

The objective is to be identified as attackers of popularly considered evils. This de-classifies us from former labels. It re-classifies our attackers as evil people. Which they are.

In the book Black Boomerang by Sefton Delmer (1962) published by Secker and Warburg, London, Delmer gives various formulas of black propaganda used in WW II. They used intelligence to get enough facts to run a convincing but fake “German radio station” from England.

Since WW II psychiatry has moved its techniques into advertising and propaganda and the think of these is in the Szasz references above.

So we

(1) Seek to avoid opportunities for the enemy to classify us.
(2) Contest or expose any previous classification as false (dead agentry, etc.)
(3) Engage in a series of campaigns which confuse past classification.
(4) Achieve for ourselves a dominance in classifying ourselves and others.

Out of this strategic planning can come operating policies and campaigns.


Number of People Declared

Many of the individuals who have stood up to blow the whistle on illegal acts being done by the Church are being targeted one way or another with black PR. Number one on the list is to declare any whistleblower a “suppressive person.” With that declaration, goes the rule that if any Scientologist fails to sever relations with the newly declared person, they will be declared suppressive themselves. That is pretty brutal, especially considering that LRH cancelled the practice of disconnection in the 1970s due to abuse.

David Miscavige reinstated it in the ‘80s without LRH’s approval and has since that time used it as a political bludgeon to wreak havoc.

But let’s put that into real terms. In 6 or 7 years of operation LRH only found ONE real suppressive person and he wasn’t even sure about him:

But you don’t have somebody that’s been around three years and [...] turn up suddenly to be an SP.
. . .

In all the time we’ve been around here we’ve only had one SP that I know of… Now whether he was an SP or PTS I’ve not made up my mind to this date because I haven’t investigated the case enough.

-- L. Ron Hubbard, LRH Recorded Lecture "About Rhodesia," July 18, 1966

David Miscavige hides the information on how many people he and his people have declared, it wasn’t always such a closely guarded secret. In Flag ED 2830, of 10 Sep 1991 there was a list of people who had been declared. The list was 34 pages with 140 people per page. That is 4,760 people declared suppressive by the Miscavige regime as of 1991, a mere fraction of what it must be now.

While in terms of impact, if you figure each one of those people had at least 10 friends or family members who were forced to disconnect from them, that means Miscavige has destroyed nearly 50,000 friendships and relationships by 1991, twenty years ago. It is safe to say that number is more than all the active Scientologists in the Church today.

So even in terms of Valuable Final Products, David Miscavige is running Scientology in reverse. Instead of making people free, he shakes them down and eventually declares them a “suppressive person” disconnected from friends and family.

An example

But if declare and disconnection don’t keep the person quiet, he or she may eventually be attacked by black PR which can be pretty devastating if you aren’t accustomed to dealing with it.

Once they set on a particular line of black propaganda, they keep repeating it in each new utterance until enough doubt grows to undermine public trust.

In my case, I think they went way over the top. Because I was once cast to play the part of Jesus in a 1992 picture story published in the book What is Scientology? the Church of Miscavige has published in their Freedom magazine and elsewhere that I claim that to be “Jesus, God and Buddha” which is misinformation (false). wis_pic_1992I was cast for the part because I had a beard. Everyone liked the photograph and for a short while Steve Young (our photographer) and a few others would sometimes call me Jesus but it was all in fun. I have no idea why he threw in Buddha, too. One thing is for sure, everything OSA publishes is verbatim DM spin.

is-75x250I’m really just illustrating a real-life example of the Church’s black PR antics. The Church also says I “barely eek out a living picking up doggie droppings.” As for my profession, I own Steve Hall Creative, LLC. I am a freelance advertising creative who specializes in website design, copy, photography, video, logos, branding and SEO (search engine optimization).  If anyone questions my marketing skills, consider what I’ve done for Independent Scientologists through this website against a corrupt organization. This website was designed to take over the second highest search term on the subject of “Scientology”: the phrase “scientology cult.”  We are now #1 out of more than 6.4 million search results on Google.

I also own a guerrilla marketing company called Break Thru Designs, LLC and another company that is helping to clean up the environment, Sgt Poopers, LLC. All three companies are successful.

There has been more black PR from the Church but it’s all just as silly. Like them saying I am the “webmaster” for Marty and Mike. Marty is totally capable and built his own website, and Mike doesn’t have a website.

The view from my neighborhood:  Half a block away is White Rock Lake, the largest urban lake in America.
Completed in 1911, it contains miles of woodland, natural prairie and parks. Laced by trails, bike paths,
picnic areas,
playgrounds and bird sancturaries, there's even a dog park across the bridge at right.

The point is, contrary to LRH’s directives, David Miscavige is dealing today in black PR (lies) and because of that he has completely destroyed his own credibility. “Black campaigns ARC break [upset] people since they depend on false reports and are thus out-reality.”

More secrecy revealed

And he is using another issue that used to be confidential but now is available on Wikileaks. The full issue is also available here. HCO PL  16 Feb 1969, Confidential, TARGETS, DEFENSE:

The vital targets on which we must invest most of our time are:

1.  Depopularizing the enemy to a point of total obliteration.

2.  Taking over the control or allegiance of the heads or proprietors of all news media.

3.  Taking over the control or allegiance of key political figures.

4.  Taking over the control or allegiance of those who monitor international finance and shifting them to a less precarious finance standard.

5.  Generally revitalizing the societies in which we are operating.

6.  Winning overwhelming public support.

7.  Use all other similar groups as allies.

Unfortunately, because David Miscavige is using lies rather than truth, instead of “Winning overwhelming public support” he is winning overwhelming public condemnation. And loathing.

Dirty Tricks

Miscavige has been responsible for a lot of dirty tricks in the past. You’ve heard about some of these being played on Marty and Mike. Dirty tricks include posting false advertisements in Craig’s list and placing anonymous “tips” on hot lines to get people into trouble with the authorities. Another dirty trick is sending private investigators to do noisy investigations of neighbors and doing anything possible to get the target to lose their source of income as was done with Haydn James and many others.

A stock in trade is to use the Third Party Law in reverse to stir up dissension. This is also used heavily against any media to stop them from publishing anything negative about the Church or David Miscavige.

His dirty tricks won’t work on us because we are armed with knowledge and we can fight back thanks to the Internet.

Miscavige: Epic fail

Spike, who is not a Scientologist, wrote a
song for us entitled "Pour it on"

Miscavige is failing to accomplish targets 1 through 7 (above) because he is trying to do them underhandedly. Independent Scientologists with zero budget and no official organization are making huge strides because we are truthful.

Yet the targets listed above in themselves are not bad. In fact, we actually are accomplishing all these targets ourselves not only because we are honest but because we are remaining true to the core of Scientology philosophy.

1. We are depopularizing Miscavige by exposing his rapacious crimes.

2. We have gained trust with the media because the truth makes sense and blows Miscavige’s lies away.

3. Key political figures like Senator Nick Xenophon are on our side because we are exposing abuse, secrecy, and crime -- everything people hate.

4. On the subject of finances, we are hopefully helping those concerned to pull strings on misappropriation of Church funds and false promises.

5. In so doing we have created a new beginning for Scientology and have revitalized many priorly disillusioned Scientologists who were victimized by the Miscavige regime.

6. We are winning public support with non-Scientologists who are finding inspiration in our efforts. Several have even become Scientologists just from reading Scientology-cult.

7. We are completely allied with similar groups such as the Freezone communities who practice Scientology outside the reach of David Miscavige.

In short, we are doing what LRH said to do, “We won’t be running a black campaign as we deal in truth.”


LRH said in “Black Propaganda” above,

(1) Seek to avoid opportunities for the enemy to classify us.
(2) Contest or expose any previous classification as false (dead agentry, etc.)
(3) Engage in a series of campaigns which confuse past classification.
(4) Achieve for ourselves a dominance in classifying ourselves and others.

(1) We have avoided opportunities for the enemy to classify us. For example, they have tried several times to involve me and others in commercial activities so we can be pigeonholed as “profit motivated.” One guy in Clearwater advised me to “start my own church.” Others have offered commissions all of which I’ve turned down. William Harper who posts under Marty’s blog as “Bunkai” suggested I start selling old LRH books “to my followers” and even sent me four old LRH books as a “starter package.” James Koch said he was a not a Scientologist but "really wanted to help" and in so many words attempted to get me to invite him to infiltrate the Flag Land Base, a likely setup intended to backfire on me. Who knows for sure, but all he'd have to do is go into Flag and scratch someone or break something then say "Steve Hall sent me" at which point the Church would have perhaps tried to classify me as a "terrorist." Those kinds of "dirty ops" ARE part of what OSA does. I mean Miscavige has classified their Internet pranksters -- mostly kids pulling pranks for laughs -- as "cyber terrorists." Meanwhile the Church itself as been known to phone themselves and send themselves various threats to classify themselves as "victims." 

They try to appear to only play defense. But in secret, they attack whistleblowers relentlessly.

(2) I have just exposed several previous classifications as false, most notably I’ve shown that David Miscavige is intentionally spreading false information.

(3) We have taken on Miscavige’s key assertions and exposed them. Namely, (a) that Dave Miscavige is the “pope” of Scientology. Can there be a more offensive idea?  (b) That Dave Miscavige “equals” Scientology whereas the only correct equation is Dave Miscavige = sociopath. (c) That the Church of Miscavige equals the spiritual philosophy of Scientology when they are opposites. (d) That no one can practice Scientology outside the Church or without authorization. (e) That whistle blowers are “apostates” (commonly defined as “a person who abandons or renounces their religious beliefs or principles”). We are Scientologists who are using Scientology to expose the corruption and abuse within the Church.

(4) We have already achieved a dominance in classifying ourselves and others because our classifications are done in the spirit of tolerance, compassion and personal integrity. For example, many people who have left the Church are no longer Scientologists. But they are still friends with Independent Scientologists. We don’t exclude, we include... except for people like Dave Miscavige, Tommy Davis, Jenny De Vocht... they classify as criminals.

So it isn’t the LRH policies or issues that are wrong. It is in the intent of the person using those orders. One can either carry out LRH’s orders in the spirit in which they were intended or with malice.

Alleged affair

Jenny Linson-DeVocht

By the way, I mentioned some weeks ago that allegedly Jenny De Vocht had an affair with Dave. There are two sources for that information: Shelly Miscavige and Tom DeVocht. Both knew about the affair, but were powerless inside the Church to stop it. Shelly went to Tom and demanded he do something about (1) the ongoing affair and (2) the fact that Dave was coming unglued... what LRH called “Type III” i.e., Dave ranting about buried treasure, trying to “ground out” mental energy by grasping thick copper cables, imagining himself surrounded by enemies, claiming to be the “pope” of Scientology, and drinking heavily. When Dave found out Shelly had spoken to Tom she vanished.

Anyway, this helps to explain why the Church continues to react soooo heavily against CNN and Anderson Cooper in particular. Secrets. Plus he wants to take over "the control or allegiance of the heads or proprietors of all news media" by basically beating them into submission.

Yesterday, Googling Tom’s name yesterday brought up this harebrained “ad” -- black PR from the Office of Special Affairs:

Goofy Church attempt at black PR:
A Liar is a Coward
A Perjurer is a Criminal And Anderson Cooper Didn’t Care.

That ad is so badly written it begs for banjo accompaniment.

The real problem with the Miscavige skeleton crew is they have committed crimes. Thus they continue to work for Miscavige. Like Marion Pouw. Pouw destroyed Stacy Moxon’s suicide note just before the police arrived. Another ex-RTC staff member, Bitty Miscavige, wife of Ronnie Miscavige saw the note and she told her son Justin about it, and the secret slipped out as secrets normally do.

Incidentally, Stacy’s father is Kendrick Moxon, a lead attorney for the Miscavige clan.

Q: What kind of man can lose his own daughter to the man he works for, and keep quiet about it?

A: No man would do that.

Written by Thoughtful



+2 # Jim Logan 2010-07-26 06:25
Excellent, brilliant article. This and Connecting the Dots are laser precise.

For the fans of this site, including especially OSA and other staff and public not announcing themselves, the last bit here, on DM's actual activities may seem to be 'incredible'.

I understand a reticence to credit for example the idea of David 'grounding' out 'charge' he's picking up from the SPs that surround him. I myself had to question this closely. I had to confront the veracity of the report in the end of that questioning. It was not easy to face up to this degree of squirrelling with DM.

The facts are hard to confront but here they are: DM has hooked up, in complete 'secrecy' a copper wire leading to an electrode, single handed and made of the finest materials available, a 'grounding' handle. He holds on to it, solo, and 'bleeds' the 'charge' he's picked up from SPs at the Base and elsewhere.

Lest you grant this has some sort of LRH Hidden Data Line, take note, way back when, in 53 LRH mentions grounding a pc, on the PDC's. This was early research on the electro-magnetic-gravitic laws as relates to the composite being. Like the notion of a 'one-shot clear' ( able to be effected with a single 'shot', like the idea of one needle with the 'clearing formula' in it) it was not pursued. In this case, 'grounding', the reason is apparent, theta/thought is at a much higher 'wavelength' than electrons. As covered in the 1st ACC tapes, it ISN'T 'electrons' that comprise the fields around a being, but theta pictures, facsimiles, impressions of the physical universe. They are composed of attention units/theta 'quanta' if you will and are handled with the techniques of auditing. 'Grounding' out 'charge' from myriad SPs surrounding him, David Miscavige is at the grossest level of MEST, way, way below theta and has in fact put together a completely ineffective new 'tech' that may or may not work on a Chevrolet or lawntractor, but it has NOTHING to do with a being.

As hard as this may be to accept, it is nonetheless true, DM is utterly mad - the 'grounding' line exists and he has it for use. This is the direction he's taking you - into his madness.

Go ahead, ask about the 'grounding' line. Try it yourselves, every house has one, and you tell us the results of holding on to it. Hell, go get a piece of copper pipe, stick it in the ground and hold on to it. Do you find the SPs surrounding you lessening in the charge they put out towards you? If so, then you and Dave are 'one'. Not a good place to be I dare say.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-26 08:58
Yeah, he was fanatical about the purity of the copper cables and having them grounded deeply into the ground. He held onto them in meetings when his rage became too much for him. I never saw him use them personally, but I heard about them when I was there from the electricians who were working on installing them, and then later from someone who was in a meeting when he had to grab his cables.

Then there was the time when he played "Can We Ever Be Friends?" for the whole Int base collectively -- a tape which was intended for a new Scientologist to play for his suppressive parents so they would stop attacking him. When that happened, my thought was he's giving this to everybody? That's Type III -- when the person's attackers become "everybody."

Another of his tricks was to put himself on an e-meter to see if he had a dirty needle. Then after screaming at and invalidating the crap out of others in the room, he would put them on the meter to see if they had a "dirty needle" -- a meter phenomena that shows if a person is withholding something. However, as ANY auditor knows, this meter phenomena is produced also by violating the communication cycle as by chopping the person's communication, not letting him answer, answering for him, invalidating his answers, interrupting his answers, ignoring his answers, accusing him, glaring at him, etc. So the test was rigged but DM always pretended not to know.

# Sinar 2010-07-26 12:33
Good points Jim & Steve,

I could not initially believe these accounts of DM and grounding, but through the multiple viewpoint system realized it was true.

While I was an electrician, I installed grounding rods at the audio building to Martin Reid's overspecced plan for the set up. He had 5 rods and they were each 3 ten foot lengths of copper coated steel rods which I had to drive into the ground using a jackhammer, bonded together (chemically welded) to thick copper wire, very much more than what the electrical code called for. All the electrical panels, receptacles and fixtures in the building were tied to this ground. I imagine the set up at the Cine conference room and DM's office are similar, but with custom DM handles or grab bars.

Had read somewhere whereby LRH mentioned that the power of an electrical motor depended on how well it was grounded? Not sure if you guys - Jim- have seen the reference. Perhaps DM thinks he's an electrical motor being dynamo of entheta.

# Jim Logan 2010-07-26 13:30
This grounding is totally different than the grounding for the studios, audio/visual. This is 'personal' grounding on a well, I don't know what to call this as it's simply so far off any chart I'm familiar with.

LRH started to realize with a two-terminal universe, such as represented in an electric motor on a a gross, effort level, MEST plane,that something had to hold the terminals in proximity but apart. That was the 'base'. Without a base, no energy flow can occur as the terminals just snap together. From there he extrapolated that the fundamental 'base' of all the two-terminals in this universe is theta. That's what holds all this stuff apart.

This is covered in the PDC's and various lectures and 8-80 and 8-8008 among other places.

Still, this is NOT what DM is doing. What he is doing is 'grounding' out 'charge' he gets from 'SPs'. It's utterly squirrel and useless to boot. In fact, it is very much a 'Type III' sort of delusion we're looking at here. He's not with us on this time-track as it moves along.
# Sinar 2010-07-26 15:24

Thanks MOQ, that was the correct reference, it was in the PDCs which I recall.

Geez, someone better call out the ambulance with the guys having the straightjackets (shot in black and white). As you say - pretty serious type 3 stuff.
# Me 2010-07-26 14:18
Oh my!

If anyone from OSA is reading this, you have to be secretly asking yourself...IS THIS TRUE, "GROUNDING" OUT "CHARGE"? A "Grounding Handle"? "Bleeds" the "Charge" he's picked up from SP's at the Base and elsewhere? ALL DONE IN SECRECY, WHY IN SECRECY?

I am not ex-so, just a regular trained, reel to reel, public who knows the tech works. I have always found that most people in the SO are intelligent and good people and I have always been thankful for their dedication in helping me up the Bridge.

There are more people looking on these sites who are also public that I know of personally who do not post. They came to these sites because they knew something was not right in the Church anymore.

If the public can see something is wrong, you must have some indication something is not right. I admire loyalty, but is your loyalty to the Tech or to a man who alters Tech. Isn't it time to save what un-altered Tech there is left? Is the next new "lost tech" going to be holding onto a pole and bleeding the charge out? What is the next "lost tech" we all are going to have to do and how come we never get to see the LRH hand written references on the "lost" tech?

Help preserve LRH's Tech, remember Source. This is not David Miscavige's Church, nor his he Source. Did you ever see a Hat turnover from Ron to Miscavige giving Miscavige the right to change or alter the Bridge?

This is not me against you, it is me asking you to please help.

# Guest 2010-07-27 18:40
Sorry, but if anyone from OSA is reading this, all they are thinking is, "Gee, where can I get one of those?"
+1 # Me 2010-07-26 06:41
Thank you for pointing out what LRH was doing with references you mentioned in this post. As a business owner, I understood what LRH was doing. The pressures I have had from government and competition was nothing compared to what Ron had to deal with in saving Scientology. It is very hard to point things out to people with so much BPC from being degraded with altered policy or tech because they look at those policies and tech from the viewpoint of how it was used on them or others. This is understandable.

You have done an excellent job of pointing out what the actual intentions were and how DM and others altered it.

I love this: "It relies chiefly on the technique of "classification" of another or a group or a nation as undesirable or evil". Boy you can look at history and see the events where this has gone on and it still continues today on planet earth.

Thank you for your efforts in making the truth known. You seem like a very sane person.
# Sinar 2010-07-26 07:10

Absolutely great article!

How can you be Buddha too? Steve Young took photos of me in orange robes at in the nearby mountains to the base at sunset which was published on WIS.

Also spent hours in make up while Sherry (Jackson's ex) put on a bald cap on my head and along with more orange robes became a battered monk for the very same book.

Perhaps DM has proven himself to be the Pope by selling indulgences through the IAS. He's probably got a program at Incomm to keep track of all those tens of thousands of Apostates and SPs in a database or something.

I believe it was in the late 90's where all staff had to get meter checks weekly on Fridays at or after staff meetings. Those with dirty needles ended up at OGH for weeks for handling.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-26 13:24
Hey Sinar,

I forgot you were Buddha! That is hilarious. I had to wear a woman's wig. Sherry in Make Up created these gory spikes sticking out of my hands with blood running down. Looked very realistic. The cross was at an angle so I could just lay down on it. You are right about Pope Miscavige and the meter checks. Everyone had to get a meter check on Friday and spent the rest of the week stressing if you'd pass the next time.
+1 # Fellow Traveller 2010-07-26 12:00
Dude! Wicked sharp. Wicked insight.

There is also this from the the Targets, Defense PL --
A. Our best defense is that we are sincere, that we are effective and that we commit no crimes.
B. Our next best defense line was being sure the public knew we were a Church.
C. Our next best was being quick and able and using very fast comm lines.
And we must reinforce A, B and C.

From 1969, LRH saw the value in religiosity which does cast some interesting light on the cloaking work Larry Brennan speaks of.

More importantly, LRH put it there that Scientologists should not snap terminals with the law breakers but should continue and enforce that they (we) break no laws.
We've been on the high road; stay on the high road is what that says to me. Fight hard yes, but clean.

Now one more interesting observation on this matter in general. Who actually classified what as restricted information? Most of the OSA Network Orders are based on LRH advices or some other written correspondence. Was this restriction add to or emphasized by the Church terminals in doing these issues? As LRH points out the sociopath has this obsession with secrecy.....

Glad to be on your team, Steve (et al).

Bruce Pratt
+1 # Thoughtful 2010-07-28 22:46
Hey Bruce, Good question on the imposed restriction of issues relating to the GO. I don't know the answer, so perhaps someone else will.

BTW, Bruce reminded me that the old comment system had a glitch in that the links in the emailed comments did not work. I have upgraded our comment system to this one, and I hope it works better and that everyone likes it. - Steve
# Leonore 2010-07-31 04:50
[quote name="Thoughtful"]Hey Bruce, Good question on the imposed restriction of issues relating to the GO. I don't know the answer, so perhaps someone else will.

I would presume LRH labelled himself these HCO PLs "confidential." They are HCO PLs, after all.

As a former GO staff - fully hatted and M9'd on just about every issue and most of the key directives LRH wrote for the GO - my interpretation as to why they were confidential is that it was an extension of the effort to keep entheta off the lines of public so they could get on with the business of auditing and training. The issues would have been out-reality for most public at the time they were written. One just would not want to distract parishioners and public with the entheta that the GO dealt with. The goal was to get more and more people moving up the bridge, after all! It was more expeditious to have a small, vetted cadre of staff tending to the entheta and attacks, and allow the broader public a smoother ride on the road to total freedom, so to speak. It was a need to know system focused on keeping suppression off public lines. (All LRH issues I ever saw had a specified distribution).

In the context of the whole of the GO Bureaux hat(s) and the issues LRH wrote, it is clear that LRH's intent was purely to fend off attacks and black PR, to increase acceptances of Scientology, and thus allow Ethics, Tech, Admin to go in on the 3rd and 4th dynamics. It was to hold suppression (from within and without) at bay while Scientology became more indispensible to beings on earth, and the Aims accomplished. The intention was to do so legally, using an understanding of Tech and the human condition coupled with an understanding of black pr and intelligence tactics. It was believed that the attacks on LRH were quite well orchestrated by others who used these techniques.

The "Snow White" program which became a pejorative, was simply to root out the false reports and sources of suppression on Scientology and handle such. Hence, "snow white." In the context of those times (1970s) citizen whistleblowing against various perceived government wrongs was accepted widely. (eg. Pentagon Papers, FBI Cointelpro operations, and others). Getting government documents that exposed wrongs was not such a bad thing, and if government files had evidence of efforts to suppress Scientology, we should have been entitled to know! Unfortunately, those who proposed and ran the operations that ended in prosecutions made mistakes and then tried to cover-up which led - as cover-ups almost always do - to disaster. (There has been a lot of exaggeration about things purportedly done, by the way).

It hss always bugged me that one of the first things done on the current downslide of Scientology was the dismantling of the GO as an autonomous network. It was getting itself cleaned up after the raid. Putting the GO UNDER the Sea Org management rendered it impotent for internal security purposes. What we have now is a form of infiltration the GO would have been on the scent of and in a position to do something about - a sociopathic reptillian at the highest level. OSA is useless for this job and way misdirected.

Things look so bleak now, I do almost think the Church is beyond repair. I probably wouldn't write here if Ididn't think so. What intelligent thetaful, energentic 20 year-old who might be a future mover or shaker would want to or even dare enter a Church of Scientology today? Scientology is literally reviled by a huge percentage of people - I've seen surveys saying so and observed it first hand.

I just hope in decades to come that the Ethics/Tech/Admin of LRH won't be outlawed, and that there will be enough application of correct tech to stave off world-wide suppression. Revenimus!

Thanks for an interesting post.
# Fellow Traveller 2010-08-02 13:02
Thanks Leonore. The HCO PL being confidential is not my question. But almost all the OSA NW orders are based on GO advices or some other comm most specifically not a PL. By that very distinction, their distribution would be limited.

As far as out reality being a basis for secrecy, we could have a heck of a lively discussion on certain Scientology principles regarding out reality and public acceptance.

Then there is the possibility that the reissue of the orders was in fact an alter is of some minute to large degree. Does a "GO only" issue correlate to a confidential issue to OSA? You hit a very salient point on GO vs OSA. Not the same organization at all although the behavior may have been similar in some circumstances.

A lot of this is added inapplicable significance on my part, no doubt. But having read most of the OSA NW issues, I missed where LRH authorized criminal activity. I did see how these could be used to throw LRH under the bus and justify criminal activity. A fine distinction perhaps, but judgment has always been a crucial aspect for me to correctly apply what LRH wrote.

My 2 cents worth anyhow.

Bruce Pratt
# Leonore 2010-08-07 02:42

1. I wrote about why LRH PLs and LRG EDs had restricted distribution because I thought that's what you were asking. If that isn't what you asked, sorry, but I didn't understand your question. If you have read the original LRH materials (online or wherever) you will see they are actually quite socially informative.
2. I never saw an issue from LRH ordering or authorizing or even encouraging illegal or criminal activity - quite the contrary.
3. The Admin scale must be kept in mind - LRH articulated goals, purpose, policy, and occasionally gave the goal for a broad program - always with intention of protecting Scientology with truth and exposees of suppression and with increasing the acceptance and value of Scientology in society with workable technology. Others down the org board issued more specific programs, projects, orders.
4. I can't speak for OSA or its orders. I can only observe that OSA is not the autonomous network that LRH established in policy. OSA is now run by the Sea Org and ultimately by David Miscavige. Strikes me that OSA is mostly used as a tool to "sic" on the ever growing field of former or questioning Scientologists - way off-purpose and profoundly wasteful and destructive.
# Karen#1 2010-07-26 15:06
The "Church" tried a Dirty Ops on me.
As soon as law enforcement found out I was a whistleblower against the the Church of Scientology it was all over in 15 mins. And they are "crying WOLF" one too many times

Have you been the victum of a Dirty Ops by the "Church?"

Tell me your story ~~

+1 # thought provoking 2010-07-26 16:05

Great article. Thank you for the references on the original intent on handling attacks. I'm familiar with the black PR handlings but this took it well above my earlier understandings.

Great comments and references guys, very useful info all around.

+1 # veritas 2010-07-26 16:06
This article is excellent, positively brilliant with incisive analysis and very handy info.

Fab, spot on succinct definition:
Black propaganda is a covert communication of false data intended to injure, impede or destroy the activity or life of another person, group or nation, usually issued from a false or removed source from the actual instigator.

And your description of the OSA harebrained slander "ad": That ad is so badly written it begs for banjo accompaniment. LOL! true! It's amazing and pathetic to watch the OSA and Miscavige corruption increasing disconnection with reality.

Thanks for a very worthwhile and socially important article.
-1 # Thoughtful 2010-07-26 22:39
You know there is one thing Miscavige really doesn't get: the entire crux of Scientology is not buildings and not MEST. The world is full of buildings already. Buildings and MEST are not what the world looks to Scientology for.

The gift of Scientology -- and this is really what Miscavige has NEVER understood -- is ARC. Affinity, Reality and Communication.

I can guarantee people would rather have real ARC and a folding card table, than no ARC in a multi-million dollar Ultra Org Maximus building. How obvious is that? Doesn't every Scientologist on earth actually know that already?

What the world is lacking is terminals (auditors). Not marble lobbies. If a marble lobby could set people free, we could all just rush downtown into the nearest office building and soak up those good vibes from polished marble slabs and emerge in a new higher state. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

In the early 1990s Miscavige was confounded why no one wanted to live at the Int base. It was a no-ARC hell hole, but he said "I gave you the most beautiful base in Scientology and you don't want it." It had an exercise track and playing fields... none of which anyone was allowed to use. There was no time allotted in the schedule to exercise.

Somehow in his virus-nano-brain all he can compute is that if you plant grass staff will flock into the place and cry tears of joy while you beat them senseless, humiliate, degrade and torture them in every way. He thinks that because he personally has never experienced ANY case gain from Scientology.

On a scale of 1-10 the pain level was always set around 15. Miscavige thought people were just supposed to accept that as their lot, and worship him for planting a meadow in the distance they are never allowed to walk on, while being surrounded by razor wire, motion sensors, hidden microphones, video cameras and a security guard with a telescope on the mountain side who could track activity for 10 miles in all directions.

He is a sociopath and a modern-day slave master -- for real, keeping human slaves. His biggest mystery is why the slaves are not content in their beautiful prison.
# Thought provoking 2010-07-27 05:13
"The gift of Scientology -- and this is really what Miscavige has NEVER understood -- is ARC. Affinity, Reality and Communication.

I can guarantee people would rather have real ARC and a folding card table, than no ARC in a multi-million dollar Ultra Org Maximus building. How obvious is that? Doesn't every Scientologist on earth actually know that already?

What the world is lacking is terminals (auditors). Not marble lobbies."

Exactly, Steve!
# Maurice 2010-07-27 03:02
Great article, Steve. Very enlightening.
# Hugh T. 2010-07-27 05:14
Thank you for this most insightful post.

Vernon Howard wrote in one of his little booklets, "50 Ways to Escape Cruel People":

"Some foolish people try to please Cruelians. Such senseless people think they will be loved for being idiots. When pleasing a vicious person: a. You agree with and increase your own spiritual weakness. b. You incredibly declare that cruelty is worth worshipping. c. You supply the Cruelian with the encouragement to continue his destructive ways. Instead, please Truth! Truth is a champion who will take your side every time, every place. And it will win for you every time."

Also from the same booklet: "A Cruelian has a thousand excuses for his brutalities. He has a right to attack, he is only defending himself, others provoke him. When he justifies he lies. Worse, his cruelian cronies support his hypocrisy. Worse yet, his very victims often see him as a liberator. No doubt the victims of Jack the Ripper described him as charming, though a bit rough. This is self-deceiving, self-cruelty, which must be studied until ended."

One more, "I am never required to cooperate with evil to my own destruction."

Thanks again for this website !!! Hugh
# Me 2010-07-27 05:16
"People would rather have ARC and a folding card table".....boy isn't that the truth! When I first came into Scientology in 1985, I studied in an Org that was in an old building, no air conditioner or central heating and folding tables and chairs in the Academy. The auditing rooms were downstairs in little brick holes with doors.

I loved it there! The Academy was full, people co-auditing and on study. The Div 6 course room always had people in it. Everyone had high ARC for each other....and then I started to see a slow decline in ARC over the next 3 years. Something didn't feel right anymore...I kept in touch, but never really came in anymore.

Maybe David Miscavige is building these Orgs because he thinks they will attract wealthy people. They are easy to reg and can give big donations. Why bother with people who have little money, it's too much time and trouble?

What he doesn't realize is that people with money are not coming into a Scientology building for nice MEST. Having nice MEST is a 1st [/b]Dynamic activity! Some like to play that game on the 1st Dynamic and some don't, it is a personal think.

I remember in 2006 we purchased a property to flip in an old Historical District and got stuck with it for a few years. It was in a lower income neighborhood but the people who lived there were neighborly, friendly, and very happy family people. When someone had a birthday party for their child, the whole neighborhood got invited, including us. I was there a few times a week working and people always would stop and talk or bring me something to drink or eat. As a group they were at about 3.5 on the Tone Scale.

I have lived in my beautiful neighborhood for 24 years and the people here mostly keep to themselves and the tone level is about 2.8.

People like David Miscavige and others (esp. our government) thinks they "know best" on what makes a group happy...It not nice MEST on the 3rd Dynamic that people are attracted to, it's the Tone Level of the group first and foremost.
+2 # Karen#1 2010-07-27 14:18
For some time a number of ex-SO
have been blowing the whistle on DM's abuses. Marty and Mike have taken the BRUNT of their dirty tricks.

After the scandal of Enron a law called Sarbannes-Oxley was passed. Two provisions of that law apply to nonprofit organizations. This law particularly applies to a 501c3 "tax exempt" organization.

One has to do with the destruction of documents, the other prohibits retaliation against whistleblowers.

The triggering event is when the nonprofit knows or has reason to suspect a federal investigation.

From that point forward any retaliatory action is a felony with very stiff penalties including prison.

They cannot harass without stiff penalties.

Here's the support group~~

You can also tell this SUPPORT GROUP what the "Church" did in applying OSA Network #15 (ABOVE)

Report your Dirty Ops from the Church to me

# Thoughtful 2010-07-26 15:53
Laws against retaliation on whistleblowers and an entire organization dedicated to protecting them? Who knew???? Where has this info been all our lives?

I see they have an online form and tons of helpful information!

Again, this is huge!
+1 # Concerned Visitor 2010-07-27 17:34
I'm not a scientologist, nor do I think much of scientology itself, but I support what you are doing with this site. Whatever I think of Scientology is my concern and mine alone; people ought to be able to practice whatever religion they like without harming anyone. When a corrupt institution destroys the lives of people who speak out against it and the leader of that institution commits violent crime against its members, then it becomes a matter of public interest, so bravo to everyone here for all that you are doing to expose David Miscavige and his corrupt hierarchy.

On a side note, someone ought to edit Stacy Moxon's wikipedia page, which has no trace of any story involving a suicide note or allegations of one. Somebody with more knowledge of the situation than myself should edit the page to reflect this additional information.
# War and Peace 2010-07-28 00:39
But my purpose in this article is to cover the subject of black propaganda. For in destroying the integrity of Scientology, the Church became the enemy it once fought.

"When you become like your Enemy, he has won"

The Cult of David Miscavige has become the criminals they were fighting.

Years ago, to shut up Paulette Cooper who was writing a book unfavorable to the Church, the then "Guardian's Office" the former incarnation of OSA, tried to set up Paulette cooper

Paulette subsequently the target not only of litigation but a harassment campaign known as Operation Freakout, the goal of which was to deter Cooper from criticism of Scientology by having her "incarcerated in a mental institution or jail or at least to hit her so hard that she drops her attacks". Members of the church sent itself forged bomb threats, purportedly from Cooper, using her typewriter and paper with her fingerprints on it; further plans included bomb threats to be sent to Henry Kissinger. The Church's campaign was discovered when the FBI raided Scientology offices in 1977 and recovered documents relating to the operation.

As Dirty as it gets. OSA Network Series #15
in implementation
# Thoughtful 2010-07-28 22:57
What the GO did to Paulette Cooper was definitely suppressive. It's no different from a criminal who sees nothing wrong in the commission of crimes. The GO and definitely DM sees nothing wrong in the commission of crimes. They think crime is wrong for everyone else, but okay for them since "we have to do it to survive" or "because we have to follow policy" or whatever. It's all crap. They don't have ANY moral compass or a lick of sense.
# Theo Sismanides 2010-07-29 08:41

I have one objection here about why Miscavige thinks crime is okay for him. If you read the PDCs (lecture Desire, Enforce, Inhibit) you will see that someone may think he has a God given right to do it.

This God Given Right (GGR) is what DM is using. The only thing is that WE NOW are taking away this GGR from him because we are now many doubting his GGR whereas this was not the case before. Reality (any reality) is agreement of the many. Now, the many, do not agree anymore DM has a GGR to do what he does. THIS IS A BIG CHANGE!!! Before nobody would question that GGR of his. He is not Mr. Right anymore! Let's keep on.

However, I believe, and I would like to let you know specifically on this, that if we are going to succeed we are going to have an Org Board, a 7 Div Org Board. I am calling this to your attention since I believe this is our next echelon, Organization.
# Theo Sismanides 2010-07-28 16:31
Hi Steve, and thanks. A great article. The black propaganda is continued by DM, nevertheless we have managed to gain a lot of good will amongst Society as independents.

Your analysis is very good on how the church came to do exactly the things they were supposed to prevent society from doing. Interesting!
# Thoughtful 2010-07-28 22:40
I have just installed this new comment system since the old one was a bit faulty in that the links it sent to people's emails did not work. I'm hoping this one will work better.

- Steve
# Independent Scientologist 2010-07-29 19:57
I'm glad that websites like this one are exposing DM for what he is - a raving SP - but I am not optimistic that the CofS will be "fixed" if he is removed or simply blows. How did Personal Integrity and KSW #1 go so out the window with so many Scientologists (including me!) with DM in charge? It's hard not to conclude that the vast majority of folks still in the church are in a condition of treason or lower on at least one dynamic. Makes me thing the only real hope for Scientology IS the independent movement.
# hadley 2010-07-31 09:24
Encourage others to tel others of the real situation in the church and the mis-use goings on. Word of mouth Also ecourage them to investigate themselves and look on websites of videos related to evidence given already and read up on the Australia case Senator exposing whats happened in Australia that is the best one I actually have seenand requesting its Tax status be investigated and the criminal , abuse taking place .Its not a church in reality all data needs to get out there.
# Karen#1 2010-08-01 16:14
The Church of David Miscavige tried a dirty Ops on me, real dirty. But they paid for it dearly. The Ops did NOTHING to harm me, the case was closed in 15 mins, the co-ordination of law enforcement behind the scenes was swift and incredible.

But , being the good and intelligent whistleblower that I am, I sent the link of all the OSA Network Orders to Law enforcement for them to understand the mind set and mentality and the endemic culture of what OSA and Office of COB and RTC operate on. I merely sent them the link.


(Takes a while to download)

OSA Network Orders are pages 112-114 through to 148

Probably the GO raid in 1977 confiscated the earlier Guardian order versions ~ but that was in 1977 and these are newer generation law enforcement and they needed to read them.

It would never have even occurred to me to do this until they tried the latest Dirty Ops.

I had actually warned them to not raise the ante on me.
Because of the extreme ammunition in my back pocket due to the deluge of Emails to , they have absolutely no idea what levels I can take this to.

Per Sun Tsu “the Art of War”, I pick my battles, I don’t just blab indiscriminately.

Now the atrocities of what they did to former vets who left and spoke out is quite something.

I have studied previous Dirty Ops in depth from David Mayo, Stacey and Vaughn Young, Jesse Prince, Tory Christman and the extreme hate pages on Marty, Mike and so on and so on.

The “Church” got away with their Dirty Ops for many decades and think that that modus operandi is workable.

But the world changed. Digital communication goes viral in 5 minutes…..

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” Napoleon Bonaparte
# Leonore 2010-08-08 03:47
I just read the OSA NW orders at the link cited by Karen. The citations for the OSA orders are listed on the issues. Most of the issues were originally LRH PLs or LRH EDs or Guardian Orders.

Two key LRH statements in the Black Propaganda issue (now OSA NW Order 15) are:

1. "Our propaganda is dirty BUT IT IS NOT BLACK BECAUSE IT IS TRUE. Black propaganda is essentially false." (caps my emphasis)

2. "We won't be running a black campaign as we deal in truth."

At the time these issues were written the GO was mainly focused on and dealing with an external conspiracies against Scientology and LRH. These were documented, and they crossed government, medical, psychiatric, financial and other lines. The issues trained GO staff to understand the mechanisms of black propaganda (negative ad campaigns if you wish) so that we would recognize them. The issues also instructed GO staff how to use investigation and TRUTH to expose conspirators and back them off their attacks. It was all about how to investigate and counter black PR!
As I said above,it seems to me that OSA, now that it is under the control of David Miscavige, is more focused on covering up David Miscavige's abuses and in going after whistleblowers than it is fulfilling the mission LRH set forth. =Off-purpose; Wrong target.

Re Paulette Cooper, mentioned by others - an overt and OFF-POLICY operation committed by a few specific GO staff. (LRH said our campaigns had to be based on TRUTH, remember). One of the principals who designed and ran that op died young of brain cancer - sad, coincidental justice - long before the raid. Paulette tried to make a name for herself as an investigative writer with her not very well researched, sensationalized book on Scientology.

False reports and conspiracies that threatened LRH and Scientology DID happen. Paulette was just kind of a mouthpiece for some of that.

If one has had case gain, wins, and life-changing cognitions in Scientology, then that person would understand why people would be passionate to fend of threats to the existence of Scientology (in the ethical way LRH described). On the other hand, if a person has had no wins or has never had good service, all this would seem to be a crazy, evil scam.

Best wishes to all,
# Thoughtful 2010-08-08 11:51
That nails it Leonore.
# KD 2010-10-30 16:42
id LOVE to know where those earth rods are..... id re-route them to the mains.
# Jay 2012-08-19 21:59
Great article. Very true. One correction I'd like to make is the quote is "What you resist you become if you lose." LRH They began to lose the moment they diverted from the policy.

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