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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 15:20

Is the Church of Scientology dead?

Some have speculated if the CoS is dead. Actually the Church of Scientology is below death. Observe and you will see the tone level of the CoS is "-3.0 Owning Bodies." Just consider the tone level and crazy reaction of the four Stepford ex-wives on CNN — "owning bodies" or pretty darn close. They even twice made statements like, "I know every inch his body...."

The tone level of the Squirrel Busters was even lower: -3.5 Approval from Bodies — David Miscavige being the body they were seeking approval from.

The tone level of Int base as a whole: even lower, -6.0 Sacrifice.

DM's tone level currently: even lower, -8.0 Hiding, bordering into -10.0 Being Objects (the COB).

As for the CoS's chance for resurrection, the CoS would have to recant and come to its senses. The steps they must follow are laid out in Steps A to E of the Scientology Ethics book — the steps to be taken by a suppressive person or group. There is no such thing as a problem that cannot be handled.  We'd see a public announcement going out on all lines — on talk shows, world wide, etc. until hundreds of millions of people knew of it — to the effect that they realize their actions were ignorant and unfounded and stating where possible the influences and motivations which caused them to attempt to destroy their own philosophy. And you'd see that announcement calculated to expose DM's little conspiracy. We'd see the correct Who's all thrown into the slammer after which we'd throw away the key.

We'd see the CoS paying off all debts to parishioners and governments — that means all the money they stole would have to be returned to everyone who wanted it back. Massive, massive amounts of money.

We'd see a planetary amends project of a magnitude and scale the like of which no one has ever heard of. That amends project would surely include but in no way be limited to, the complete review of all Scientology and Sea Org "policy" and cancellation of all destructive policies implemented by DM (like enforced abortions and prohibitions blocking Sea Org members from having children); or issues LRH himself cancelled (like disconnection); or which violate the laws, or the spirit of human rights as it continues to evolve around the world; or which stand at odds with the fundamental principles of Scientology itself, e.g. the ideals of compassion, ARC and the goal of understanding.

The Church of Scientology would have to rediscover it’s purpose (since it is grossly off purpose). It would have to suffer on up through the conditions.

We'd see all staff, supporters, Scientologists who failed to blow the whistle and thus condoned this disaster suffering along with it, re-training from the bottom up. With the correct Why in place and with the correct Who's indicated, using real Scientology, many of these people could recover I believe. Some would probably not make it.

Is the CoS likely to direct that kind of recovery from within? Not an ice cube's chance in hell — the chance for that is already gone!  The Church of Scientology missed their chance the day we set upon the Why that opened the door to a handling. That day came and passed in December 2008.

We're already reforming the CoS from without and they aren't likely to take the hat anytime soon because they are nothing but badly broken pieces. They are certainly not players, nor even pieces.

Is reform the correct thing to push for? No — the correct thing to push for is getting in ethics meanwhile bypassing the broken lines and terminals of the CoS and getting delivery going anyway we can. In short, putting in order. If the CoS comes around, great. If they don't, it won’t matter anyway. In the end, the truth is going to prevail.

In my opinion, history (e.g. the reformation of past churches) do not provide a proper comparison for one big reason: they lacked the technology of Scientology. However, there is one part of history we can look to with validity: within Scientology's own time track.

Originally LRH created the HDRF (Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation) to get the show on the road. They failed. So LRH created a new organization: the HASI. (These are just broad strokes). Later, they failed. And so LRH created World Wide. World Wide failed and so he created the Church of Scientology of California. Then they failed. But these are just the names of corporations — bodies on the third dynamic that live, survive for a time, and die.

LRH is no longer here to create a new group to get the show on the road.

So we already did exactly what he would have expected us to do: take the hat and act decisively.

A new Scientology already formed somewhat spontaneously. We are it: the responsible.

LRH drew an allusion of responsibility to a pair of Boots in the Sky — always there, just waiting for someone to put on the boots and walk. This is what Scientology is all about ultimately. Moving people up a Bridge until they can put on the boots and help lead the rest to genuine understanding. We are doing it like never before. We have reached a new plateau and Independent Scientologists are the first to step foot upon this green pasture.

While not that much auditing and training are happening yet in the independent field, we are rich in understanding like none before us. As a group, we have left the band of other-determinism and finally come full circle where infinity and zero meet: that point is where you realize what LRH meant when he said, what is true in Scientology is what is true for YOU.

Ethics is a tech that runs very deep. It's ramifications are far reaching to say the least.

What was once called the "Church of Scientology" went south, died and kept going down. But Scientology has risen from the ashes. It is going on as we speak. The real custodians of the Bridge are those who move upon it and arrive to the other side.

It's not a matter of gold braid. Or who people listen to. Or who has 1.5 billion dollars stashed in his Battlefield-Earth-the-movie basketball-sized codpiece.

Who is willing to put on the Boots in the Sky? They are the custodians of Scientology.

“What is the essential difference between what I’m doing in Scientology and other people? It is because I’m brighter? No, no. Huh-uh. It is because I know more? Nah. No, there’s really only one thing, is I recognize that it’s my job. I recognize anybody has this job. You see, anybody has this job. and there was this great big pair of boots and they were sitting right in the middle of this universe and they were awfully big boots and you could get down amongst them with telescopes. You could look the length and breath of them and find absolutely nothing inhabiting them.

“And it says— in these boots, it just simply said, “These are the boots which go down a road which leads out of this joint.” Other people had been driving spaceships through them and playing hopscotch in them and so on, which they ever did see them and so on. They were sitting right there.

“They sat on the doorstep of every door that has ever been covered with crepe. They sat on the doorstep of every bank that ever reneged on a pledged agreement or refused a loan to somebody who was desperate. They sat on the doorstep of every church which itself was pretending to take vast responsibility. They fell across every single boulevard and progress that Man ever thought he could make. He could go ahead and take responsibility for destroying culture, but not for helping a single individual in it. Ho! fascinating!

“Why, those boots—though you look at those boots and they weren’t even big boots. They were little boots, little kids’ boots—wasn’t anything to them. And what’d you do? You just threw some space out that big, that’s all. And then you narrowed the space down to the universe of one man and you found out he was a highly representative man and then you took a look. The boots were very wearable.

“And they’re very, very simple boots. But what do you know? These boots have a catch to them. They aren’t just one man’s boots. They were every man’s boots. And because I essayed to take a few steps in them and square them around and find out where the road was and what leather they were made out of, didn’t absolve a single individual who cared to benefit from those boots, from wearing them. And that is the grimmest joke of all.

“A person has to come up the scale so that he can take responsibility for himself and all of his fellows and the whole cockeyed, condemned universe before he can walk down that road out. Isn’t that fascinating?

“… these boots are called responsibility.” — LRH, 11 Dec 1952

Broadly speaking, an Independent Scientologist is someone who has, for the first time, put on those boots of responsibility instead of assuming an organization can do it for you. In that regard, perhaps the death of the Church was the best thing to ever happen to us.

You and I, we’ve experienced years and years of intentional mis-application of Ethics tech — Scientology being used in reverse to introvert, degrade and enslave. DM's attempt to destroy us failed because within Scientology, we also had the antidote thanks to LRH.

We’ve also seen a false reformation in 1981 where the old bad Guardian’s Office, the largest private intelligence organization in the world, was “disbanded” and "reformed." But who ran that “reformation”? A leopard that never really changed his spots: David Miscavige.

Just because you saw the tech used wrongly, doesn’t mean the tech doesn’t work. Just because you saw a reformation that failed doesn't mean an organization can't be reformed particularly with what we know.

As I’ve said many times, Scientology is like a pump. A pump can be used to get water out of your basement in a flood; used in reverse, it can flood a home and drown everyone.

Properly used, Scientology makes free beings. Used in reverse it makes degraded slaves.

Any technology is like that. Technology can be used sensibly for good. Or it can be used for evil. A cell phone can bring you the freedom of mobility. Or it can be used to locate you for an ambush. Iron bars, motion detectors, cameras, razor wire and security guards can be used for protection. Or they can be used to keep Scientology staff at the Int base from escaping. A car can bring you greater freedom. Or it can be used to kidnap.

If someone wants to turn their back on Scientology technology because it was used harmfully, why not also include all the technology that David Miscavige uses to harm others — iron bars, cell phones, cameras, razor wire, cars, computers, uniforms, buildings, the legal system, money… the list goes on.

Can the Church be brought back from the dead? Are you kidding? Of course. If the right person (or really, it would take a group) were in charge... i.e., someone who possessed the keynote of wisdom.

Scientology is the first subject to map the entire route from -40.0 Total Failure to 40.0 Serenity of Beingness. All the tech, every process, all the Grades, Levels, books, courses, Policy, the Org Board, every scale, model session, pc indicators, the communication formula, ARC, KRC, the Eight Dynamics, NOTs, Creative Processing, Ethics, Conditions formulas, “OT Orgs” Policy, Third Dynamic De-aberration, and even the steps that a suppressive person or group must take should they come to their senses and recant — it’s all there. We have EVERYTHING necessary.

Properly used, what does Scientology do if not bring the dead back to life?

Open your eyes.

Don’t you see how this will play out? Look forward for a moment. By bringing this malignant, criminally insane, organizational tumor back from far beyond death, we will also demonstrate (the best kind of advertising) for the entire world the power of the tech to revive the living dead. It will be the biggest single dissemination event in Scientology’s history.

Remember the old salesman’s challenge: if it’s so good let's see you drink some first.

Well, if Scientology really works, let’s see you transform your own Church since they’re about as bad and damaged as any group could be.

Are you up to the task? It’s a big challenge. But the bigger the challenge, the bigger the prize.

By forcing the Church to get honest and straight (and that means GIVE THE MONEY BACK) (and once that begins, once people see ethics change, not everyone will even want their money back), to make amends on a worldwide scale using all the resources at its disposal, bringing all of its assets and prices into alignment with the overarching purpose of HELPING human beings, human beings will reciprocate by welcoming the new Scientology and everything it stands for.

But it even goes further than that. The other day on Marty's blog I posted a note about the difference between religion and spirituality. “Religion is for people who fear death. Spirituality is for people who have already been there.” You are going to see a transformation in the beingness of the Church of Scientology. While it may still legally be a religion, it will come into its own as a truly transformative spiritual entity — think generous instead of greedy, magnanimous instead of condemning, giving instead of taking, patient instead of hysterical, courageous instead of cowardly, wise instead of blind.

Human beings are not stupid. When they see the Church transformed before their eyes, after 30 years of deplorable madness (and that means the Church must fully, fully, fully make far-reaching amends for all the harm it has caused), why the world will know the Church is worthy of trust and it will welcome Scientologists with open arms because they will have seen not only what we really stand for but what the tech can do.

But here’s the kicker. I misled you slightly. When I said “don’t you see how it will play out” and when I mentioned if only the right group “were” in charge… well, I used the wrong verb tense.

The scenario I described already IS playing out. The right people ARE in charge — it’s you and me and Marty and Mike and all the many others both inside Scientology and out who are playing a part in bringing the Church to task. "He who holds the power of an organisation is that person who holds its communication lines and who is a crossroad of the comunications." — LRH (from How to Live Though an Executive) Everyone may play any role they are capable of playing. We have the rapt attention of the world. People are fascinated!

That doesn’t mean any of us would ever be willing go back to the Int base and put on a uniform (an emeny line from David Miscavige). No, no, no.  Are you kidding? Been there, done that and got the scar tissue. I think I speak for all of us when I say, we all plan to keep our lives the way they are. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t in charge. Those "in charge" in the Church have never done anything but play “I’m David Miscavige’s prisoner” inside those Boots in the Sky.

The Church of Scientology is not dead. Good lord, it’s far worse than that!  

But we have everything we need to bring it back to life. We are fixing it right now and you are playing a part.

That is where we are.




# Just Me 2012-02-14 15:51
Steve, you said: "Can the Church be brought back from the dead? Are you kidding? Of course. If the right person (or really, it would take a group) were in charge... i.e., someone who possessed the keynote of de."

I don't get what that means. Is there a typo in that paragraph? If not, would you please take another stab at explaining this?


# Thoughtful 2012-02-14 15:58
Yes, sorry that was a typo. "de" was supposed to be "wisdom" now corrected.
+1 # Bluebonnet 2012-02-14 16:20
"keynote of de"
I have no reference for this. Please define.

Thank you for the post. It's a good one.

My thoughts go to the SO and staff that have been busting their butts trying to keep the show on the road, unaware of what was really going on. The ones that grew up in the church. My kid for example, that I haven't been allowed to see for years.
+2 # Thoughtful 2012-02-14 16:39
Hi Bluebonnet, Yes it was a typo. Fixed now. Sorry for the confusion.

Regarding all the people who worked so hard to support and expand Scientology, we all have a brutal life lesson to learn about violating personal integrity. For each one of us, before the nightmare overcame us, there were multiple points where we knew something was wrong, but we kept going anyway. We are learning the hard way, the only place blind faith leads, is to victim hood. It is up to every being to be on watch and listen to their own voice first in matters of right and wrong. It doesn't matter who says "this is right" if you say it is wrong. The thing to do is stand up and say what you have observed. All the people who've suffered actually put themselves in harm's way in the first place by listening when they should have been looking, trusting when they should have been investigating, and avoiding when they should have been attacking. Deep down you and everyone else KNEW something was wrong. Lesson learned. We still have to go after DM because he is harming people, but not because "we were victimized."
+2 # Bluebonnet 2012-02-14 17:11
Thank you. You have wonderful ARC.

Yes! Please, lets get Mr. David Miscavige seen for what he is, the personification of the Abberative Personality! He IS harming people, especially those of Good Will!

I got shot a long time ago for saying what I observed. I just didn't know the big picture.

Again, thanks for the response and also for what you are doing 'for the cause'.

+1 # Just Me 2012-02-14 16:27
Thanks for that correction, Steve.

Now, on to your post. I think the odds of the church reforming itself (with anyone's help) are about one in a bazillion. And my desire to see the church reform itself is about a bazillionth of that.

There's something really wrong about the nature of the church itself that I don't ever want to see replicated. There's something inherently evil about its structure and regimentation that is completely at odds with the goals and nature of Scientology's goals.

In fact, the Church of Scientology and Scientology (taken together) are (to me) like saying, "Want freedom? Super. Now put these handcuffs on." Sorry I'm not more coherent about it than that.

I don't think freedom has anything to do with being inside an organization. To be free, you must be free, able to move at will, able to accept or reject, able to join or leave.

Just one woman's opinion.

# Thoughtful 2012-02-14 16:57
Honestly, the Church was already off the rails when I started in 1979. But not nearly so off the rails as later.

I believe the problem was the CoS and LRH were under a legitimate attack for decades since the whole idea of Scientology apparently cut across the best laid plans of the Rockefellers, etc. They mobilized the APA and the media that they controlled to launch an all-out attack to stop Scientology in their tracks. I saw a newspaper article calling Dianetics a cult in 1950 (written by a psychiatrist).

Part of the plan called for auditors (Scientology counselors) to have to be certified by the government as "psychologists." That meant the psychologists could then direct what Scientology counselors were to be trained on, i.e., unworkable psych bullshit. As a defensive strategy, Scientology was made into a "religion" (rather than a science, which is what it started out as) because that protected the subject from external interference. It's not merely a religion, although legally it definitely qualifies as one because it deals with the human spirit, it is a spiritual philosophy — something much more broad than a religion.

Anyway, throughout the '50s and '60s, stories about Scientology being a sham came out simultaneously in multiple countries, indicating that the campaign to destroy the Church was international in scope. Eventually LRH created what became the largest private intelligence agency in the world — the Guardian's Office — to deal with the threat. They researched and eventually uncovered who was behind the entire attack all those years — approximately six men, all international financiers.

While the attackers were unsuccessful in killing Scientology, the Church did get some scars and bad wounds. In my opinion, they went PTS. LRH and the Church became more and more militant. Just compare LRH's writings in the early 1950s to his treatment of people in the late '60s early '70s. Students were embarrassed and thrown overboard on the Apollo. The on-going threat resulted in an atmosphere of constant danger which in turn bred a culture of "us vs. them," secrecy and emergency necessitating blind obedience and HARSH ethics. The Church made definite mistakes — in the presence of suppression, that is what happens. That's what I see.

The continuous attacks also affected LRH. He had a bad motorcycle accident followed by a series of strokes in the mid to late 1970s and that messed him up.

Hubbard was a very decent person, but he was not without faults. Like anyone else he was just a man and no one is perfect. David Miscavige, who took over through a coup after LRH died in 1986, was an altogether different sort of breed. He was and is a sociopath with no feelings for others. A genuine toxic calculating psychopath of the worst kind ala Al Capone or Adolf Hitler.

What was born here was the perfect storm.

Into the culture of "us vs. them" came a sociopath who took advantage of the mind set and set it to work upon itself. Over the years he turned the largest private intelligence network in the world into his own secret police force and started using it to terrorize any critics and silence whistle blowers, meanwhile he fed church members a steady diet of false reports as to all the good work he was accomplishing in the name of LRH, and also fed them continuous false reports (lies) about how the Church was under attack. The Church people think they are fighting in the trenches when in reality the enemy has long gone home.

In the old days, everything was paid for with the money paid for services — all intelligence, all defense, all operations, everything. Prices were in the main high, but I see that as also due to the emergency mentality I described earlier, or perhaps it was just a personality fault of LRH. In this regard, the Church had already strayed from it's original mission of bringing help to the world. Now it was bringing help mainly to those who could afford services. And prices were kind of high for many.

Since that time, Miscavige sent the prices up through the roof and beyond the moon and somewhere out to Pluto. As well, he instituted practices akin only to a crime mob busting into homes and businesses and demanding money "for protection." If they don't pay, they get turned over to Miscavige's ethics bullies who lean on the offender.

The most incredible thing is that under all this insanity there is some incredibly worthwhile information (discoveries) and methods to help people that have not their equal anywhere else. And the good thing is that now all that is available outside the Church and for a fraction of the cost. There are some very good auditors (counselors) available, and training for anyone who wants it. And of course all the books are available to anyone that wants to learn what LRH discovered.

In the old days, they had a monopoly and coldly shut the door in anyone's face that couldn't pay. That attitude is being left behind quickly and what we have now is much more akin to LRH's original intention for Scientology — to make available his discoveries and methods by which people could help each other.

One other handling for the Church I didn't mention is to break their monopoly forever. If there is a choice about where they can go for services, that will help keep them on the straight and narrow. Competition in this wise is it's own positive force for good. Altered Scientology produces a confusion instead of a positive result, so people are naturally going to go where they can get true results.
# WhatWall 2012-02-14 17:44
It's hard to reconcile the Tech and the fact of LRH dying alone and out of comm, but it makes more sense in light of the PTSness beginning years earlier. It still puzzles me a little that the man who invented the PTS tech eventually succumbed to a PTS situation. However, I haven't found anything like the body of knowledge known as "the Tech" in any other religion or philosophy. Even the bottom of the Bridge (the Grades) was miraculous for me. As more truth is known about LRH's life, I hope to gain an understanding of the parts that still puzzle me.
# Thoughtful 2012-02-14 18:12
Yes, I know what you mean. I think in part, the puzzlement comes from people like DM who write a subtext into everything about LRH that he was perfect when he was not; and into descriptions of Scientology that it can guarantee nothing bad ever happens to one whereas the truth is Scientology consists of tools that if you know and use them, can markedly improve your experiences. LRH confronted a formidable array of suppression the like of which boggles the mind. So great that he personally created the largest private intelligence organization in the world just to deal with it. I know he got a lot further than anyone before him and left us the entire legacy of the tech. Many people are inclined to judge the tech based upon what happened to LRH whereas the only yardstick for validity is its own workability. We all die eventually so who's to say he died before his time? Maybe he had somewhere to go. Maybe he knew everything would turn out alright.
# WhatWall 2012-02-14 19:43
You said: "Many people are inclined to judge the tech based upon what happened to LRH whereas the only yardstick for validity is its own workability." Yes, that is a key point.
Also the point you made about tools is very well taken. By the time I found Scientology, I already knew that I'm responsible for my condition, so I didn't want it to "save" me. I initially perceived Scientology as scientific Buddhism.

Thank you for your blog and your willingness to look & discuss. Your articles have helped to enlighten me and my family members on the source of the CoS decline.
# Just Me 2012-02-14 18:46
Steve, I joined the Church of Scientology in 1972 and am familiar with much of the Church’s pre-history and history.

For instance, I can understand why someone who was in the Sea Org for decades might hate to see the Church wasted and want it reformed and preserved. It’s a beloved alma mater, an organization they sweated and bled for and, unfortunately, a few died for – from accidents, mistakes, abuse, neglect, and exhaustion.

I think Centurion makes a great point (below) that the next hundred years will not be Church-friendly (for any churches). My take is that churches are increasingly viewed as out-moded. The last thing future generations will require are religious institutions that broker their spirituality and awareness.

Which brings me back to your post (as I understand it) and my major question: Why does there HAVE to be a Church of Scientology? What indispensable functions does it provide that other structures or individuals cannot?

# Thoughtful 2012-02-14 19:14
Well, yes, great point. There is no value in having a "church" just for the sake of having it. The only valid reason for preserving the organization is to make training and auditing broadly available. It really does require a full organization.
+1 # Thoughtful 2012-02-14 19:24
DM has associated the Church with morbid sadism and criminality of the worst sort. Before he showed up, orgs were fun place, a wonderful place where everyone wanted to hang out and did just that. You have to remember or imagine what the organization would be like when not bent to an evil purpose.
# Centurion 2012-02-14 16:33
Excellent article. Well done.

I agree totally that the independent field will be where we will make the largest inroads in the coming century. The concept of a "church" will not survive well into the the next hundred years. But, Scientology, which needs no structure to exist, will continue nomatter what form it takes as to how it is presented. As long as it is 100% as LRH wrote it and applied it, it will work.

Long Live LHR and the Tech.
# Captain Bob 2012-02-15 21:27
If you re listen to the Money Tape lectures on cassette form, in PT, copyright 1956 & 1978,,,,,time line thingie,,,you will realize LRH is talking to auditors in the field doing field auditing and auditing by setting up their practice as field auditors, so to make money and not as IHELP in PT. Big difference here as under DM's IHELP.
# Les Warren 2012-02-14 16:37
Brilliant Steve. Very well put.

As we mosey along toward a brighter future, I have two stable data that I believe will hold up over the long haul:

"Don't ever think a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It's not safe. It's not safe for man: it's not safe for this universe."

"Scientology belongs to those who can use it."

The future looks very bright.

# Greta Alexander 2012-02-14 18:55
Awesome Steve!
This will greatly help to get these boots filled.
Years ago I read this issue which would be distributed to staff (S.O.) from time to time. Now I just looked in the red volumes AND the green volumes and could not find it. What kind of issue is the "BOOTS IN THE SKY"?
# Thoughtful 2012-02-14 19:14
It's from a PDC Lecture called "The DEI Scale."
# Worsel 2012-02-14 22:50
brilliant use of the tone scale.
Brilliant application of ethics tech.
Brilliant overview and presentation of the current state.
Brilliant answer to Just Me above.
Just brilliantly dead on. Love it.
# AlexGaddy 2012-02-14 22:58
Well done Mr. Hall. :) I have to say that I felt a sense of peace and a bleeding of tension and charge when I finished reading this. As for what equals adequate compensation for wrongs received, this society tends to define that in "loss of an intangible = compensation in massive amounts". What I seek in compensation cannot be paid for in amounts of money. Can they reverse time and give my father a chance to be a father to me? Without enforcing a disconnection on my family upon my mother leaving the Sea Org after my birth? No. Can they soothe wounds that never seem to fully heal from years and years of doubt and subsequent formation of wild inabilities and insecurities that came as a result of wondering if I was ever truly wanted by my parents? No, I wouldn't trust anyone who sits in the chair with a meter in any organization that claims to follow "Standard Tech" as it is practiced today. (People who were adopted live just fine with these very same questions, without ever hearing the words in tone 40, "This is the session." I'll survive.) Can they adjust the flow of events so that I have a chance, while thriving on staff to reach out to my younger siblings and help them escape a truly toxic environment and get them to safety before the harm done is serious and life altering? Rather than telling me, in writing mind you, "Your siblings maintain a connection to a suppressive declared person, if you stay in touch with them, then a connection to an SP still exists." Not a chance. I didn't pay vast sums of money to the CoS. I came in as a fresh teenager with a binder of good deeds done for CCHR and a suitcase of clothes. My older brother had offered to support me financially while on staff, so that I could study full time in the Technical Training Corps and not worry about having to moonlight. In the fervor of an IAS fundraising event, I asked my brother to take that money that was set aside for me to live off of, and donate it towards my level of Sponsor. I lived off of very little in that time, but I was happy to do it. It felt right to offer a sacrifice of blood sweat and tears for the cause. And I had many like minded people. This turned out to be very difficult in actual practice, but damn it sounded good and it made me proud! Personally, I feel that correct compensation in my case, would be the return of monies that were meant to assist my survival. My contribution to the IAS, to raise me to the rank of Sponsor. No more, and no less. Is there error in this line of thought? Am I still acting in the mode of "sacrifice to the machine for the good of all"?
+1 # Thoughtful 2012-02-14 23:27
The entirety of the IAS is a criminal enterprise not based on any LRH policy. I was there at the Int base in 1984 when DM and company were putting together the issues that formed the IAS. In the late 1970s, LRH banned any straight donation campaigns because they are simply a rip off. LRH specifically directed that Scientology Churches earn their income. Contrary to DM propaganda, the IAS was not formed spontaneously, but upon DM's order. He ordered "representatives" (nothing more than actors) gathered up from each continent and shipped to St Hill to sign the document "forming" the IAS symbolic of the Declaration of Independence, Magna Carta, etc. It was all 100% fake. Your money was taken on false pretenses. The IAS claims to be "funding dissemination campaigns," etc. all over the planet. In reality, not a single dollar of the principal has ever been spent. Only interest on what amounts to $1.5 billion. That is fraud. There is nothing to justify taking money with no exchange. The reference is HCO PL Exchange. 100% of it should go back to you.
# AlexGaddy 2012-02-15 03:13
Thank you for addressing this question for me. It's a cold bucket of water in the face to realize that you volunteered for what is essentially "symbolic suffering" like flagellation or some such nonsense. I ate eggs, cooked in a microwave and toast for days on end..trying to get through all the hoops I needed to get through. And it was for nothing. I'm actually laughing about that now. Thank you for your candor, and continued vigilance.
# Captain Bob 2012-02-15 21:30
The promo on Orgs walls is 25 or 24 people set up the IAS, but it doesn't state who the people are.............?

Question to ask. Who are these people?
# Thoughtful 2012-02-15 21:40
They were just random staff ordered to appear for a staged PR event. The promo doesn't say who they were because they were nothing more than warm bodies for a photo shoot. This staged event has been re-staged a zillion times for IAS videos — close ups of hands signing with a quill, feet walking up steps, etc. 100% smoke and mirrors. I know — for six years I was forced to write DM's stinking IAS videos — I hated them and said so many times, but I could not get off the post. I had to leave the entire Sea Org to get out of that hell hole. The videos are a pack of lies including the IAS Winner Videos, and more. Basically everything DM shows at his events. Propaganda.
# Captain Bob 2012-02-15 22:15
I can concur, having done one at local mission a year ago. Totally staged, and yet I saw it at an event... and everybody there claps, like it is showing real expansion and motion. But, nobody was at the mission, just old timers and no new public, total stat push on video.

If you watch CNBC stock markets on TV — my wife says see hates watching that. It's so much commotion. I say, yes, it's done on purpose to create motion, to create action. Let me tell you, I traded stocks full time at my home, and it is boring, watching the stock price tick up or down, and figuring out how to make money doing this. And I have read many books on the subject. From warren buffet to peter lynch to day trading books to jesse livermore. I have to tell you why I did this, so I could make a lot of money to go up the bridge. But anyways...

The whole stock market is a legalized gambling market on total BS.

But, the idea I am saying, the concept, is that yes the church is into creating motion, expansion when there is none. It is all false stats. Really sad but the constant promo one receives gets you think and believe expansion is occurring, and the constant success stories make's one believe in the next level will handle one's problem or ruin or blockage from success. One thinks I just need to do the next level, that will handle it, I can make it go right......and so on and son one thinks,,all under the guise the next level will handle it, the money to do the bridge, the next level, and so on one goes up the bridge, little by little, the next level will do it....and more and more money, and the constant promo on how great it is, and constant promo on success stories,,,,,,,,,,,,

And little does one know the tech has been altered so you don't quite get the gains,,,,,,,,,so you must do the next level,,,,,,,and the next level is expensive, and so on and so on.

Here are my stats. Believe it or not. I know probably 20 OT VIIs in debt, and now on new OT VII, and in debt, and I don't see anything. I am Grade 0. Something wrong with this picture.

I ain't saying they are not OT VII. I am saying they redoing OT VII is not producing a result. Big difference.

My research has shown me that the tech has been so altered it is UNBELIEVABLE. And I am saying this just from a viewpoint of really seeing my wife be competent, and now not so much. And yet on New OT VII. Houston, we have a problem. I'm just talk'in. You just observe.
# Captain Bob 2012-02-15 21:49
Do you realize org staff are wearing IAS shirts while on post? The shirts are saying they are relentless.

The IAS is promoted big time. This has nothing to do with our donating to getting up the bridge. Every penny we donate to the IAS, Narconan, Way to Happiness, Able, etc does not get anyone up the bridge, but in fact lessons our ability to go up the bridge because we did not contribute to our advanced payment to our own auditing or training. By not donating for one's own auditing and training, and donating instead to all these other efforts we are in fact stopping ourselves from getting up the bridge. It is by design by DM, and not by LRH. Look up some references and you will see.

Per Problems of Work, the worker, who wishes to get ahead, make a living, move forward in life, get more able... why on earth would one who makes a living donate to something like the IAS, Narconon, WTH, when you can donate to your own bridge to become more able? You clear the planet by getting yourself clear, not the masses receiving the way to happiness.

Here's the kicker, the tech is being slowly altered.
+1 # LO 2012-02-15 03:33
Dear Steve,

I was standing outside, smoking a cigarette reflecting over your post, suddenly all the bells of the city were ringing and I said to myself "That is it !".
Your post reminde me of the song from Alice Cooper: " School out forever !" and the words of Pink Floyd in The Wall: " Teachers let the kids alone !"

The wall is really falling apart !

LRH's foremost purpose was to build a bridge and this he achieved. The solutions he applied to the weird circumstances he was in created new problems, he solved it with a new solution which became again a problem etc.

Nevertheless David Miscavige is a product of him. DM applies KSW ruthlessly word for word. He thinks the group can't achieve anything, only him as an Individual knows the tech and he's pushing in 1-10 for what he thinks is the tech and wanting Scientologist rather dead then not following his tech. He'll stick to those ideals as described in KSW until he dies !
He is only following policy !
An eye opener was for me a recent experience I had with my son of 30 years age.Even he wa raised in our Scientology family and we applied child dianetic and any relevant Scientology tech in his raising he never was interested in becoming a Scientologist, also we never pushed it on him. He mostly meant when I showed him LRH references: "this is common sense, any normal intelligent person would lookt at life in this fashion or handle it like this".
He is a highly trained scientist and a genious in sciences, key out and has no rpoblems in life and a very kind person, caring about his friends and envrionment.
Some weeks ago my wife gave him KSW to read. He was totally out of his mind and just crying (I never have seen him crying) for over half an hour and telling to me:
" I didn't know that it was so weird and you believe what is written in this policy, that only LRH can develop technology and if you can't agree with him you don't understand and are not intelligent and the rest of mankind is a mob and wrong tech or false tech has to be eradicated. This is weirder than Stalin or Hitler as we you agree with it you'll not think foryourselve and invalidate any ideas you have. He repeated it over and over: " Hammering out of existence any other tech !" Those are fascist ideas !"
I was totally flabbergasted and confused, didn't know what to answer and realised this is exactly what DM, The C.O.S and the blind Scientologists are doing.
Their credo is: "Hammering out of existence anything that isn't in agreement with their thinking", as the individuals don't count they are just bank or a mob and mankind didn't achieve anything than destructive technology and we are the Elite, the only ones that know. Finest Nazi ideology !

Sorry for critisizing holy scripture but this indication opened my eyes. In my whole Scientology career I was confused about that I didn't see the same things as my fellow Scientologist saw in KSW. I interpreted it like this: " This is an appeal of LRH to deliver good training and boy the guy was really upset when he wrote it ! I couldn't see any more in it.

Nevertheless the auditing I got from Marty Rathbun was the best I ever had.

# Thoughtful 2012-02-15 08:59
Hi LO, thanks so much for this. You bring up some very good points and I'm so glad you mentioned these issues, particularly your son's take on KSW.

I think if you really examine it, you will find that DM only pretends to push KSW ruthlessly. Actually, he's simply ruthless. In reality he is very selective about what policies he pushes. For example, LRH wrote a CBO in 1978 that explicitly forbade "international events" because they crash stats due to knocking everyone's hat off (e.g. instead of doing vital routine functions of their post, they are preparing for the event. If routine functions don't get done, stats crash). Miscavige also blames the crimes he commits on LRH — which is the source of world wide black PR against the philosophy. An example of that is his continual declarations that everyone around him is "out ethics" which is not even vaguely true. DM physically attacks staff members and says that is what "LRH says to do" although if you read the Auditors Code, which LRH says should be the code of every person, or any of the other codes of Scientology, nowhere does LRH say to punch, hit, choke, slap, kick, staff who have volunteered their lives in the selfless service of Scientology. Nor does LRH say to confine people for years in a "hole." He also does not say to automatically declare everyone who wants to leave staff from the Int base. LRH cancelled the disconnection policy — but DM put it back in and calls that "Keeping Scientology Working"??? Then he used it as a political weapon to tear thousands of families apart. That is not the ruthless enforcement of KSW, it's just plain viciousness. Another example is the IAS — every bit of that activity and organization is off policy. There isn't a single shred of LRH policy to support it. Yet Miscavige propagandizes as KSW.

Really, it is only natural for Scientologists to find it difficult to think with the idea that Miscavige does NOT enforce KSW -- and you may remember that when a person can't think with a datum it is because they have been given false data on the subject. So my question would be, "Have you been given any false data regarding David Miscavige applying KSW ruthlessly?" Trace it back — when and where you got the idea David Miscavige applies KSW and see if you can't blow the false datum.

Regarding KSW being fascist, you are correct in that this was a violent departure from LRH's earlier attitude. He was angry, no doubt. Quickie Grades had entered in and in just a few years had almost destroyed orgs — everything LRH had built. Out in the field, there is a significant amount of squirreling going on. I have heard that some massive idiots are running stuff from OT III on non-Clears. That is crazy IMO. I ran the Solo — OT III line at Flag and that those levels are not something to monkey with. Yet people do it. So there is a propensity to squirrel processes. In the realm of the tech, I don't think it is intelligent. If you study the tech as I have — studied more than 1,000 LRH lectures mostly from the 1950s, plus read every LRH book multiple times, etc., you learn the principles behind the processes and you also learn how many versions of each process LRH already tried before he released them to the public!

An example is the key process now used in ARC Straightwire: "Recall a time that is really real to you." The process doesn't work if you leave off "to you." LRH tried all different versions of every process — you can also hear this in the ACCs (Advanced Clinical Courses) which were much more focused on the development of processes.

My take on KSW is the same as Marty — LRH was definitely pissed when he wrote it, but what he is basically saying is "don't fix it if it ain't broke."

At the same time, I do NOT agree with the CoS "going after people" to "stamp out incorrect technology" since that is impossible to do on a world-wide scale and it does create a fascist organization. People are naturally going to take bits and mess with it as LRH said.

I opened a book — I think it was Dr. Phil or Wayne Dyer. In there he's talking about beingness, as-isness — Scientology concepts and nomenclature. He didn't give any credit to LRH. People are naturally going to do that and actually, we want Scientology concepts to infuse into society. It's been happening for 62 years and it's helping to make a better world. So let it roll.

Probably if DM hadn't been committing crimes in the name of LRH and thus making the entire subject so offensive to people, perhaps then Dr. Phil or whoever would have given credit to LRH.

We do need central orgs where the workable technology is available and as with LRH's design for the Mission network, they can always go to the org to get fixed up if they receive faulty tech in the field. My attitude is based on the Dianetics Jingle, "Motion comes in, use and win." Hope that helps.

Love, Steve
+1 # Captain Bob 2012-02-15 20:33
When I first read KSW I was totally blown away. I could see immediately how tech from religious organizations or any philosophy or anything could get altered and taken over for own purposes from the original. I can also see now how one can change the tech, it is all over time, just subtle changes here and there, all the while the old keepers die away or fade away. Then have new people trained on the new, but call it re-discovered old tech.........all so subtle. This is being done in PT with money. From barter, to gold/silver exchange, to pieces of paper in lieu of the gold or silver coins, to debt instruments called federal reserve notes. To credit cards...........on and on, slowly over time, pretty soon no cash, just debit cards and credit cards.....all hidden under ease of usage vs carry cash around. It ain't safe, you can get robbed. Total BS of course, but slowly and slowly.

The same with SCN under DM, slowly new stuff gets entered into the system, and slowly the old die away.
# Thoughtful 2012-02-15 20:39
Great comment Captain Bob — yeah, that's really what KSW is all about.
# Captain Bob 2012-02-15 20:51
I suppose Time is the single arbitrary or whatever the axiom or logic or whatever, I forget w/o having to look it up. You know it, but the concept comes thru if one has studied.
# Worsel 2012-02-16 00:21
LO, it looks like your son had lost out of sight what L. Ron Hubbard was talking about in this policy letter, about KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING. In order to keep Scientology working it is mandatory to "Hammer out of existence any other tech." This sentence relates to the subject LRH talks about here. There are many OTHER fields of tech - see HCO PL "Your Post and Life" - but in order to keep Scientology working, it must be kept clean from other influences or it wouldn't be Scientology anymore (and wouldn't be working anymore).
Even Coca-Cola would insist on keeping its original formula to remain "Coca-Cola". Only when taken out of that context this statement becomes strange.
One example: Scientology-Tech requires an auditor to follow the Auditor's Code and not audit a process after its end phenomena. There are very valid reasons for that.
Another "Tech" was introduced, contrary to the Auditor's Code: Processes, like Objectives or even entire sections of the Bridge containing many processes were ordered to be run after that point of their EP. THIS IS OTHER TECH! It comes from the subject of how do do someone in, the "Tech" of how to invalidate by overrunning. It does not restore any self-determinism to the preclear. And in order to keep Scientology working, I agree fully, it MUST be hammered out of existence.
# Brian Radio FKA RJ 2012-02-16 14:54
I thought I'd jump in on this debate relating to KSW.

KSW is organizational policy.

It applies to organizations that call themselves Scientology organizations.

The reason the policy exists as policy is to ensure that if they call themselves Scientology orgs that they deliver Scientology and not something else like for instance "the Golden Age of Tech".

The org actually pretends to apply KSW while doing something else entirely.

It's like if you went to a Harley Davidson dealership expecting to get a Harley and ended up being sold a Honda.

Like asking for a Coca Cola and ending up with a "New" Coke.

The policy doesn't apply to Field Auditors. They can do what they want.

In fact the Ol'man admonished against a militant org attitude against the field and Franchises in a policy entitled Ethics and Franchise.

That said.

As now as then.

The successful Field Auditors that I have known are the ones who apply standard tech and the ones who aren't don't.

And the main reason that the org is failing is because it doesn't!

In other words in the field applying KSW is totally discretionary and a personal choice.

A choice that many of us in the Field chose to make.

Those who would rather do or invent something else are free to do so like Galusha and Goldstein, Erhart, Horner and Miscavige and RTRC.

Me I prefer STANDARD TECH which is the reason I left the abomination calling itself the "Church of Scientology".

Because I couldn't get it or practice it there.

Another thing.

A minor point Thoughtful Steve but one I felt compelled to mention.

Actually the Church of Scientology of California was the first Church of Scientology incorporated in Feb 1954 by Burton Farber and became the "Mother Church".

Ron personally had nothing to do with establishing the organizational structure other than recommending and advising how it should be structured.

He left that to others.

Others who created the Byzantine autocratic and authoritarian top down pyramid structure that exists today with a faux "leader" like a cherry on top.

If you look at the actual policies. In particular LRH Relationship to Orgs he never promoted any such succession of leadership.

So they not only squirreled the tech but the admin as well!

Thus when someone says they doing what the Ol'man says or applying KSW ....

My usual rejoinder is...

# Thoughtful 2012-02-16 15:10
Great post Brian
# LO 2012-02-16 15:57
Well written !
# CaptainBob 2012-03-03 21:19
I get it. Thanks.

It is so well hidden. No newbie will figure it out. It being the alter is.
# LO 2012-02-16 12:58
Hi Steve,

Thanks for your thoughtful answer and understanding about what I was talking about. I can agree with your viewpoint and for myself I know the Tech is working and have no problem to get it to work, as it is simplicity in itself.

Just to give a better understanding of that subject I would like to tell about an experience I had;

I started a business about 13 years ago and didn't have enough capital (I thought so) and employed cheap people, thinking they were thetans, I can key them out, train them and basicly they are able etc.

The result was that I had to work day and night and control those people nearly in every single move they did, so that they weren't squirreling or dreaming up funny ideas about how to get products. Until I let them all go and restarted by zero.

This time I only employed qualified people with the right schooling and university training, boy are they expensive ! But you know what happened ? I had to withdraw myself to not control them but let them do as they want ! They come up with good ideas for improvements and they produce about 2-5 times more then the cheap guys.

The lesson I learned was that if I just take willing people but they don't have all quals for the job, I become a dictator and am upset about the foolish ideas they produce and propably would have written a KSW policy to keep them under control.

On the other hand If I employ real qualified people work becomes easy and they even improve my own ideas or come up with totally new ideas and I've expansion.

The simplicity of it is hard to confront and I don't need anymore to dream up all kind of policies as those people have a very good common sense and can formulate their own policies or propose them and are good teamplayers as they know they are pro's !

In my time in the C.O.S I had about 30 different auditors (400-600 hours of auditing), about 90 % of them very nice and willing people, but (now it comes)I only can recall about 10 auditors where the auditing was normal auditing and the rest were doing strange things I didn't understand exactly what was in their mind and today with the experience I've I wouldn't dare to go into session with them again!!!!!!

I hope that in the future the lessons we learned are applied and they will be no need by anybody to again formulate policies similar to KSW and that only really qualified people become auditors or supervisors and are certified as a pros !

In 1974 I read a policy about that an auditor must have at least an IQ of 125 or he wouldn't qualify, but I never have seen that policy being applied. In the contrary ! Even before the reign of DM. Stat is stat !

Thanks Steve for listening and a thank you to the other people commenting on my remark.
# Thoughtful 2012-02-16 13:07
Wow, what a great story! In my own business experiences over the years, I've also experienced the problems with cheap people — lord, it's a miracle they didn't burn the place down — and the freedoms and successes that competent people can bring. I think you are onto something here. Thanks for enlightening us!
# LO 2012-02-16 15:13
Yeah, and the guy who nearly burnt down the place was me in the end ! LOL

What I want to get over is:
that if KSW becomes again a holy Scripture by the independents and is not understood as what problem LRH wanted to solve with it Scientology would die as it wouldn't be able to evolve anymore.

Nothing remains static in this universe !

Scientology has to be applied in all kind of fields as:
Sciences, Economy, Education, Politics etc.and new applications have to be developped to those fields and also text books have to be written about it.

If you take Dianetics for example. There is no book that describes New Era Dianetics. There are many things in DMSMH that later changed dramatically. I can't understand why Scientologists still are teaching DOS and ask from their students to understand DOS and have to work with DOS before at all they are aloud to work with Windows7.

Sciences have today all the wherewithwals to prove any statement made in Dianetics, they even could measure thetans leaving the body etc.- or the independent field could create together with some scientifics (perhaps psychologists) a database over the internet where all auditors report their sessions results(Anonymous)and those data can be then evaluated in all kind of ways. It would prove the effectiveness of processing and one could develop all kind of applications out of it.
The possibilities would be endless...if KSW is understood in the right context, when not it stops any expansion !

Recently I was dealing with a psychologist and observing how she was handling a total pts person over several weeks and basicly she made a "Dangerous environment" handling with that person to full EP, as any good Scientologist would have done. We told her that we recently left the C.O.S, her instant reaction was: "but there is also much good stuff in Scientology". She is flying weekly to an University in GB to teach there !

Scientology has to catch up with the modern world or at the end we'll be like the amish, living in centuries long time gone !
# Brian Radio FKA RJ 2012-02-17 13:38
Dear LO,

You can not compare Dianetics to DOS.

To understand why every Scientologist should read DMSMH you should read HCOB C/S Series 2, HCOPL Books Make Booms and a few others.

Also I refer you to the Scientology axioms regarding truth being static.

Scientology technology is actually years ahead of its time.

This is covered in the HCOB about Cultural Comm Lag.

To assert that any of it is "old" is actually a Tech Degrade and is basically one of the key reasons why we are where we are right now.

The Golden Age of Tech was actually an effort to "modernize" the training of auditors which was a total failure.

Besides what should measure the value of technology is not how hip and trendy it is but whether it is workable and achieves a specific definable RESULT.

Also what they call "Science" these days hasn't really advanced to the degree that it can actually measure the capability of the spirit since it exists in an entirely different universe.

That of MEST.

Even so.

Science has actually to an extent proven the workability of Scientology technology in a project known as "Biofield Research" originally sponsored by CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology and continued under the auspices of INSCOM and later DIA.

In fact you can contact CIA and ask for the declassified documents known as Stargate that proves conclusively that the use of Scientology can create Psychic Spies AKA Remote Viewers.

This was achieved by using the "Old" no longer used OT Levels which for some reason are no longer on the current grade chart.

Ergo I don't buy the idea that Scientology needs any modernization or improvement.

It just needs to be applied.

Another thing.

Back in the early '80's the Ol'man had developed computer technology that would have made all the Tech available to anyone with a computer known as CIR (Central Information Retrieval) and one that would have sped up a students or PC's progress up the grade chart known as Streamlines that was never implemented after the coup took over.

Not only that but the Ol'man was researching how to use computers to assist production and expand organizations back in the late '60's which were implemented when INCOM was brought on line back in the early '80's which again was unmocked by the current regime.

No the problem is not that the technology is out of date.

It is that it is not applied.
# LO 2012-02-21 05:22
Dear Steve,
Thank you ver y much for taking the time to answer to my post.
After 38 years it’s the first time I’m discussing KSW with others. That’s quite interesting and a learning process. It was kind of a subject one doesn’t discuss but just praise it. I can’t express myself as eloquently as others do, but I hope I can say what I want to say.
You are totally right about that a truth is a truth (static) as the ultimate truth is a static.
But technology is something different. Per my own opinion technology is the application of truths to known problems, to resolve them. Dos is a technology that is functioning very well, when applied the right way you get the expected results as well as the technology of Scientology when applied the right way . It is a natural truth, and any intelligent person on this planet will agree with that functioning technology has to be teached the right way in order one gets the expected results ! Universities across the planet are doing this on a daily basis and they do it mostly well or our very complex modern society would fall apart, but the big difference to Scientology Academies is that they only accept qualified students and they have to work hard to get their degrees.
This never was the case in the Church of Scientology, anybody that had done a little course was called an auditor and aloud to mess with cases. I’d the experience many not really trained admin staffs doing personal interviews and trying to solve their problems by applying a kind of auditing tech- to be honest I did that too, sometimes- and so were squirelling.
As LRH says squirelling occurs when people do not understand. This is obvious in any technology. But one fact is also squirreling occurs when people are not well trained or aren’t really qualified for the training they afterwards are certified for.
Imagine unqualified people getting the certs for Rocket Scientist because of a stat push or because they paid for it. They’ll for sure will blow the place apart. Recently there was an earthquake in turkey which wasn’t too dangerous, but the houses fell apart and many people died as any idiot was aloud to build houses there. Purest squirreling !
This is also, per my own understanding the main reason that any Org, that was once was big fell apart, as there wasn’t any real substance staffwise, but mainly some strong overworked thetans holding everything together, the same with Saint Hill, as soon as LRH left it fell apart and never recovered fully since then.
LRH was mainly working on putting a bridge there –it was an impossibility for him to care about anything- and this he achieved.
But any technology that ever has been developed by mankind was in a dynamic process and evolving continuously or it get lost or outdated. Imagine the factors applied to physical sciences or the data series and pts tech to politics for sure new applications (or technology) would evolve out of it.
I still think it would be a great idea if somebody writes a book about NED like Dmsmh was written, but includes past lifes, the time track bulletins and the technology that is used today, including the e-meter, definition of thetan, between life areas , implants, clear, why the grades and the purif have to be done before it etc, with lots of examples.. It could be it creates the biggest boom ever experienced.
Last but not least, I found this remark by Marty on his blog which states exactly what I wanted to convey but didn’t find the words for it:
I think Dean Fox has a wonderful reply for you – I’ve copied it from a reply he made to another’s comment:
The joining up is part of the problem with all religions.
Simon Blackburn in his study of Plato’s Republic said that religions were fossilized philosophies.
For L Ron Hubbard scientology was a philosophy because it evolved as he learned. Others followed it and it became a religion, especially once he died.
If you aspire to follow in Hubbard’s footsteps then it’s your own personal journey. Actually follow is the wrong word because the whole point is not to follow but to forge your own path.
Sure directions are great but always make your own way, never blindly follow directions. Why do you think Hubbard developed self auditing?
Sure you can share you experiences but don’t assume they’re a mandate to direct others because they work for you. Each journey is going to be different.
Use scientology and indeed any other belief system as an inspiration or guide but don’t fall in to the trap of joining a group that proscribes set beliefs and practises.
Never accept there is “one true way”. Life would be incredibly dull if it were just a matter of following the instructions.
Have a nice Day !
# LO 2012-02-22 11:07
Uups , I didn't see it's not Steve answering ! It's Brian Radio FKA R
Sorry for that.
Thanks for your answer Brian Radio FKA R.
Just found an excerpt of a HCOB of LRH on Old Auditors website where LRH is thinking along the same line:
" Standard technology is contained in HCOBs. It actually isn’t contained in any of the books of Dianetics and Scientology. Did you ever realize that? Modern technology is not contained in any of the hardcover books, or any of the other books. It’s contained in HCOBs, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletins, and there they just run off one after the other. And one of these fine days I suppose we will roll up our sleeves and publish them all in consecutive order, all corrected so that nothing ever corrects anything in the bulletins and make it very, very easy. But we will have to put them probably in about seven or eight or ten different volumes, because there are quite a few of them. But that’s standard technology. They’re on white paper printed with red ink. If I haven’t signed it, it isn’t true. And that’s standard technology. — (SHSBC 434 The Classification Chart and Auditing 26 July 66)"
# Lars Asplund 2012-02-15 06:23
Thanks Steve,
Lots of agreements on your thoughts of what has happened and why
plus what we can look forward to. However, how are we to keep the
independents in line without an org there to back them up (qual.
et al)? Ron is very specific on the importance of the org and it's
full compliment. Of course if they become large and can fill all the
main hats it would work - but then we also need the umbrella organizations that the SO was providing with the universe corps
Another point of contention is your conspiracy thoughts. Having
read all LRH books, majority of the red vols (Class VI), some
conspiracy books, many Think tanks issues (Rand Corp) and
having a brother who used to be in a think tank and having
morphed through some stages re Scientology after having
read close to all the books and dissertations on Scio and LRH
which are critical or very critical of the subject and Ron, I have
come out the other end still totally believing the Founder being
a genius and the Tech works wonderfully. However that he was
hounded by CIA, FBI or some very powerful bankers is not in my
vocabulary. That he was wanted by the "authorities" in his later
years, OK, but that was because of the justice machinery had been
set in motion because of actual transgressions perpetrated by
the church.
Just some thoughts.
By the way, love your write up and imagery of the church doing
lower conditions with consequent restitution of all the atrocities it
has committed.
# Thoughtful 2012-02-15 08:09
Hi Lars, I ran an HGC at Flag so I know a full compliment of hats is absolutely necessary. I also audited in the Case Cracking Unit at Flag during my Class IV Internship (I was in the Sea Org at the time — this was back in the 1980s). So you are right, for sure an org needs all the hats to really get people audited in volume and that is what LRH says. Obviously one auditor in the field can wear every hat, but it limits his hours in the chair. I don't think there is any contention here.

It's good to get your take on the conspiracy thoughts. What I wrote about above was not from me, but what LRH said happened in Ron's Journal '67. I know LRH became more militant — you can see that in his own words and attitudes when you compare his outlook in the 1950s to his outlook in the late 1960s and 1970s. I've studied 1004 LRH lectures — mostly through the 1950s, and also read the Flag Orders he wrote during the formation of the Sea Org. There is some interesting background on the change here: http://www.scientology-cult.com/turning-willingness-to-despair.html

I agree about the justice machinery being set into motion not being part of the conspiracy. In other words, there was rightness on both sides. But there was more to it — you might remember his son Nibs was involved into trying to cash a forged $2 million dollar check on LRH's account, then he tried to pull LRH into court which LRH was very adverse to. I don't have the full details, but Marty does and Mike, too. There was also some crooked cops in the the LA CID as I recall who were involved in an scheme. Anyway, it was a messy era.
Thanks Lars!
# Lars Asplund 2012-02-15 13:50
Thanks Steve., you are a bright one!
It's so very good to have a comm line in this forum without getting
your head chopped off.
Was auditing in the field and a mission as a cl VI for 10 years and
then in the SO for 20 years. After that sitting outside and wondering
what happened to that rebel who was so willing to do anything to
help man and change the world. 45 years now in Scientology. Oh,
I am not complaining, made sure I kept all the fantastic gains and
OT abilities and am now enjoying life tremendously. But feel a bit
gypped on my postulates and predictions of having helped to
create a better world. And on top of it all now DM has set us back
30 years. Pretty maddening. Anyway, I am still disseming but tell
them the whole truth which is actually so much easier now as there
is no need for false PR, "shore stories", lies, cover ups or explaining
away outnesses and boy does it work. I can just be myself and no
fumbling for words to make the black look white.
You don't know how much I appreciate you being there and being
real - oh you probably do but thanks!
# Thoughtful 2012-02-15 14:27
The feeling is mutual, Lars. I know what you mean about DM setting us back 30 years. On the bright side, he has brought us to a place where we were finally forced to start thinking for ourselves and each one of us recovered our personal integrity. You know LRH said without integrity a being has "lost everything" and I tend to agree. So while the set back has been enormous, at least this aspect has advanced to a new height and with it, we have "found everything." I believe that Scientology now has the missing piece of the puzzle that could enable it to take off like nothing in our past... I mean, the same ease of dissemination you have found, not having to turn black into white but simply tell the truth, will soon be had by the group as a whole. That is an enormous stumbling block to expansion being moved out of our way. Perhaps in a few years we could catch up and even surpass that point where the CoS might have gotten to if DM had never been born.
# Richard Kaminski 2012-02-15 09:00
Brilliant essay, Steve. Top marks. Also, your answers to the commenters here, again, superb.
Thank you for this great site and your thoughts.
There is a lot more to be said and revealed about LRH, but his determination to provide the tech and supply the rationale behind it, despite the odds, is breathtaking. And that's not lost on you or me or on our many friends. If there was no resistance to Scientology, or to beings such as LRH, then we'd have solved our problems long ago. No-one else managed it, though many have made inroads to enable this moment - epoch - to occur.
Yes, Boots in the Sky: it smacks you right between the eyes!
Richard Kaminski
+1 # Thoughtful 2012-02-15 13:05
Richard, You summed it up so well. Breathtaking — yes.
# Li Po 2012-02-15 12:58
Yes Steve, a great, brillant, intelligent essay, and great answers to the blog's posters!
We have still a long way to go, but we are more and more mature and responsible. What will make the difference : auditing, communicating,using this tech, not entering into stupid games conditions.
I am so happy indeed to be part of this 3D I was looking for, the first time I started in scientology. Same old friends, same old game, and rekindled purpose!
# Thoughtful 2012-02-15 13:07
Li Po, Yes, we still have a long way to go, but we are definitely getting there. The events of the past week down in San Antonio... we may be upon the tipping point. We are going to win, with disconnection outlawed and all the trimmings.
# Captain Bob 2012-02-15 20:41
it's funny, three days ago I told my wife I was giving up Clearing the Planet. I said, it ain't gonna happen in our lifetime. She says, wait a minute, but you are by being on auditing, because you are going towards clear. I said yes, exactly my point. I ain't gonna worry about clearing the planet, I just want me clear and thus the planet will go clear to that degree. HAHAHAHA. She donna know what I know here on this site. But she will soon enough. Always gotta have a plan.
# Simple 2012-02-15 20:36

Thank you for this. I love all the frank and open communication and the information you have provided. The ongoing removal of mysteries is so helpful.
# Captain Bob 2012-02-15 21:09
Know to Mystery Scale. I'm agreeing, getting my timelines in in in in. Questions I ask nyself: The CO$ doesn't want me to Know timelines. Why is that? Don't look at the internet for data, why it's entheta. I'm thinKing? Timelines are important. Why we do meter drills on dating incidents. Why if you have an engram run on you, something BAD happened to you, so you run it out.

I have maybe have had lots of bad things happen to me,

And I run these things out in session.

Lots of bad things.

Why, you research the internet, and my god, bad things are being said about scientolgy, really crazy things. Oh my god, I can be enturbulated, the church doesn't want me to look or read these things. Hey, no physical harm was done to me by reading, thus no engram.

So the church now says Listen to us, but don't look, is the new motto. Welcome to getting a new self determinism, or shall we call it other-determinism, group determinism?
# Edgar 2012-02-17 09:47
What about the OT Levels 9-15 ? Will they be delivered IF they exist?
And what about SuperPower?
Is the Tech available outside the CO$?
The questions are essential for me, because if I do not come further than 8
I will miss total freedom (OT15)

# Thoughtful 2012-02-17 10:26
Edgar, There is a lot of data you are missing which you can fill in by reading more on this website and also on Marty's website (Marty Rathbun).

First, SuperPower was announced by LRH in 1978 in an LRH ED. It is for staff only. The idea was to help staff who had not had much auditing or training. It is not a do-all, end-all. It basically improves a beings ability to communicate along 57 perception (sense) channels (sight, sound, touch, gravity, emotion, visio, olfactory, temperature, etc.). If it were truly vital for everyone LRH would have made it for everyone. David Miscavige simply turned this into a money-making scam, and has been regging free money (in violation of numerous LRH policies) since 1985. Contrary to DM propaganda, you don't need a special building or even equipment for the auditing. After all, it's just auditing. The extravagant building and equipment is nothing more than a justification for regging so much money.

OT Levels: If you think you can move up to OT within the CoS you are fooling yourself. You can't make gains if you are connected to a suppressive person or group. And guess who is a suppressive group? The CoS. You can turn a blind eye to everything the Church is doing: ripping off millions from parishioners, defrauding the government, breaking up families and marriages by the thousands. And you can turn a blind eye to everything the Church is NOT doing: making auditors, Clears, OTs, free beings, and broadly disseminating Scientology and helping human beings move up the Bridge. You can forget about the thousands of forced abortions of the Sea Org members have tragically suffered — the very people helping you get up to "OT". And if you really want to attempt to forget about all that there is one thing you probably won't be able to forget about: the train that is heading down the track you are sitting on. Cancer? Some other kind of disaster? It will be heading your way as surely as the sun comes up. Why? The answer is right in the senior triangle of Scientology: K-R-C. Knowledge, Responsibility and Control all expand together (or not). The OT levels will boost your knowledge and control out the roof. If you don't also increase your responsibility, then you know what you are doing is wrong. And you will put in ethics on yourself. So don't be foolish.

Regarding the upper OT levels above 8, they don't really exist. There are plans "to put something together" from LRH's own auditing folders, but nothing has been done. If anything is put together on that, guess who is going to oversee it: David Miscavige. I wouldn't let that guy pour me a glass of water, much less create an OT level for me to run.

No, look: 1985 was when the "new" OT levels were released. New OT IV, V, VI and VII followed by VIII. Those were all bran new services (before that NOTs was simply a rundown, not an OT Level. LRH reclassified these new services "Pre-OT levels." But the actual OT levels they "replaced" are still available — you can download them from wikileaks and do them (all the tech up through New OT VII is available for download). That would be original OT IV, V, VI, VII and VIII. That's 5 real OT levels you haven't even heard of since 1986. Plus there is creative processing and much more. Creative processing — which you can learn all about in the PDC Lectures — was dropped in the 1950s because on some pcs who were not yet Clear, the processing had a liability: it strengthened the pc's ability to create but at the same time it beefed up the pc's engram bank (so his engrams got stronger and more vivid). Well, on a Clear that shouldn't be a problem. So there you go.

Creative processing can theoretically take you all the way into moving objects with your mind if you really care about that. However, I think that last goal is a silly idea since in the game we are playing, the rules prohibit that. Your own goodness prohibits cheating, especially as you move higher up in Knowledge, Responsibility and Control. A real OT doesn't need or want to cheat — it defeats the purpose of being here in the first place, which is to play. As soon as a being cheats, he is no longer playing. Fact.

Furthermore there is this little fact: LRH said when a being has lost his personal integrity you have lost everything. He was not kidding. Do the right thing regardless of consequences and you gain one little thing: personal integrity.

And when you regain that, you regain everything. No kidding. That IS how it works.

By the way, the Ls are also available outside the CoS and also training up to Class XII.

Good luck Edgar. Make the right decision and you won't end up as another Miscavige casualty.
# Conan 2012-02-18 11:07
Great anlysis and write up. Owning and punishing bodies it is really where this disgusting cult has been stuck for a long time indeed!

I have a question on the original OT levels: Did LRH temporarily postoned them or did he replaced them with the new pre-ot levels? If so, does he has any advice on going back and doing the original OT levels after been done with the new lineup? I'm really confused about this.
I totally got what you said about the PDC & creative processing. I did alot of those processes and ended up finding my "Home Universe" what a beauty!!!
# Thoughtful 2012-02-18 13:20
Hi Conan, I never saw anything that cancelled the original OT levels — from what I've heard, they are much more aligned to OT rather than ridding an OT of additives (per HCOB Nature of a Being) which are what the "Pre-OT" levels deal with. I haven't yet studied the Original OT levels myself, but I believe they deal with things like increasing intention. If we don't have the Church fixed by then, once I finish New OT VII, I intend to look over the original OT levels — the sequence they were delivered in was not numerical, as I recall — and to evaluate in light of what NOTs deals with, what would be sensible. Plus one can do creative processing and the Ls outside the CoS. Thousands of people got great gains on the Original OT levels. Perhaps a higher-trained tech terminal will chip in. The main point is that one can attain very high states outside the CoS, if one is diligent in making sure he or she only receives Standard Tech (which would be enhanced by being well trained oneself), and in having one's personal integrity fully in. As anyone who has finally made the jump to Independence can attest, doing so shatters any PTSness (and consequent loss of gains) due to being connected to currently suppressive personalities within the CoS. DM is of course the key SP, but so pervasive is his influence that the entire Church has likewise gone into his valence (because they are executing his policies) and that has made the CoS into a suppressive group.

To be crystal clear, by the way, the point isn't to condemn the Church. It is to help the Church by forcing it to confront what it has become whence it can blow the valence and recover it's true beingness of help, compassion, ARC, KRC and beauty.
# Brian Radio FKA RJ 2012-02-18 20:03
The original OT Levels are actual OT levels.

They basically deal with rehabilitating a thetan's ability to operate exterior of the body and project his intention.
# Edgar 2012-02-20 09:07
ok, thanks. I already resigned the Co$. The next few month I intened to get a little bit distance, then I will decide
where and when and how to move up the bridge...I live in Europe.
ML Edgar
# CaptainBob 2012-03-03 21:26
"First, SuperPower was announced by LRH in 1978 in an LRH ED. It is for staff only. The idea was to help staff who had not had much auditing or training. It is not a do-all, end-all. It basically improves a beings ability to communicate along 57 perception (sense) channels (sight, sound, touch, gravity, emotion, visio, olfactory, temperature, etc.). If it were truly vital for everyone LRH would have made it for everyone. David Miscavige simply turned this into a money-making scam, and has been regging free money (in violation of numerous LRH policies) since 1985. Contrary to DM propaganda, you don't need a special building or even equipment for the auditing. After all, it's just auditing. The extravagant building and equipment is nothing more than a justification for regging so much money."

I really get what you saying now. The title Super Power makes it sound so wonderful, a carrot on stick for everybody.

Just like when I did the Havingness rundown, so as to make more money to go up the bridge and handle life. I did it. Nothing changed for me regards money. I realize it was just a money maker for the Church, a side trip off the bridge, so as to do the bridge. Oh boy. what a scam the current church is. The route is the bridge and nothing else, and doing it standard.
# Conan 2012-02-18 20:47
Thank you. I'll concentrate on doing my ot levels as they are, and I hope that we will talk in the future about your research into the original ot levels.
Your integrity observation is dead on, it seems to be the way out for me, and defenitely the cult will be hearing more from me in the future.
For a while I really thought that I was living in a nightmare inside the movie "They Live" all my friends and aquaintances transformed into David Miscavage drones pretending to be scientologists.Pffts...!!
# SKM 2012-03-14 14:29
Hello Steve,

great article.

Love it.
You got it right.

I am commenting the first time on your blog (lexicon?), but not the last time, for sure.

Sorry, but you do not have the right to post comments.

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