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Saturday, 24 April 2010 11:18

We lost our Church and it lost us. Thousands of Scientologists went through this rather tragic and thoroughly bewildering experience. When I got out, just as most of the rest of us, I was thoroughly introverted and confused as to WHAT the hell happened, the WHY and the WHO. I was also some 800-900 hours overrun on FPRD and sick as a proverbial dog with at least a dozen maladies pestering me, ranging from trivial to life-threatening. Being a complete mess, I barely managed to even start a successful business, get married and buy a house—all within eight months after blowing the RPF. But seriously, humiliation and utter unreality of the Int Base, walking off post, the humiliation of PAC RPF, blowing and being declared, all the guilt, PTSness and confusion, losing Scientology—those were really difficult times.

Then Steve put out his web site for all of us and for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and said “This is the session!”  We are the PCs but we are also the auditors. We are auditing entire Scientology and even the entire world on the subject of Scientology.  We are progressing collectively through our Third Dynamic (hanging heavily into the Fourth Dynamic) session collectively and we have come a long way.

We know now that we are betrayed by the person who had been held beyond reproach for almost thirty years. We know now that David Miscavige, COB RTC, is systematically destroying Scientology, utterly unabated till recently, by cross-ordering the entire Scientology onto Int Events, by his Idle Org program that channeled hundreds of millions of dollars away from the Bridge, by closing the Bridge with the Golden Age of Tech (unbelievable that most of us accepted a “blind leading the blind” enemy line regarding LRH training as per DM’s eval as the real WHY), by alienating the world  and excommunicating THOUSANDS of true Scientologists. The discoveries are often unpalatable, such as mandatory abortions and divorces by the hundred, disconnections that were previously cancelled by LRH, absolutely abhorring humiliation and beatings of Sea Org members and even embezzlement of hundreds of thousand or millions of dollars.

I know the WHAT, the WHY and the WHO now.

This is the session. DM’s withholds are being pulled in front of the world, the 3D (third dynamic) implant installed by his SPD 28 (Scientology Policy Directive #28 from David Miscavige) is being run out not only among us, Independents, but also within the Church itself, the 4D withholds and lack of auditing are being aired out. The tides are changing, a pretty good size swell is rolling towards the Int Base. I heard they are even fitting the “Star of California” with a keel now!  

This session could be the best thing that happened in Scientology since about 1978. That makes having the materials of this session available in other languages a matter of utmost importance. We have to start translating these articles into as many European languages as possible.



This is the Translations Call to Arms. Let’s bring this session to non-English speaking thetans too.

Here is the Independent Scientologists’ Production  Line for web site articles:

STEP 1: Translate.

STEP 2: Send to me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for publication on an appropriate web site(s) that are being set up.

That is the entire line, the proverbial  1-2. If you feel you can competently translate, DO IT!

The EP of this session is WE GET OUR CHURCH BACK!

Written by Misha Priv



# Li Po 2010-04-24 08:59
Oups! Not sure my answer went through! Anyway, thanks Misha,the right man always at the right place (I mean, everywhere in EU :-) )
# Misha 2010-04-24 16:06
Thank you, Li Po. What language do you speak?
# Joe Howard 2010-04-25 04:16
Misha! Love this plan of yours. Not too complex (only two steps). Not too simple (two steps, not one step). And it seems fantastically workable! I'm sure that DM would . . . would . . . would. . . disapprove it and send you to the decks via ethics! In other words, WELL DONE!
# Stefan Tunedal 2010-04-25 06:26
Hi Misha,
I respect your work.
This is not what you asked for but I still want to tell you: Much of the data shown here is presented in Swedish on www.kswsverige.org
It is a swedish website but of course we take an interest in what's happening and what has happened in CoS all over the planet.
kswsverige.org has been operating now for three months and we welcome any swedish material that you may want to deliver to us.
# Misha 2010-04-26 12:06
Hi Stefan, great! I know about your web site, I received a request from one of your contributors to post this web site's materials translated into Swedish on it. I checked on that and it is totally fine but you should give credit to this web site, i.e. include a note at the end, such as "translated from www.scientology-cult.com" or something like that. Good luck!
# Dave 2010-04-25 09:08
Дорогой Миша,

Я вам послал емаил. I read, write and speak Russian. Feel free to call on me if you require help in this project.

# Li Po 2010-04-25 12:23
If you want to show it, here is the SPD:
it says at the end:"The above is unequivocal Church Policy." Very strange stuff, indeed, even for an Old Timer.




13 August 1982



REF: HCO PL 16 May 80 II


"A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON or GROUP is one that actively seeks,
by action or statement, to suppress or damage Scientology or a
Scientologist by Suppressive Acts.

"SUPPRESSIVE ACTS are acts calculated to impede or destroy
Scientology or a Scientologist in his studies or counselling, or
to affect adversely his well-being." (HCO PL 16 May 80 II)

It is a SUPPRESSIVE ACT to deal with a Declared SUPPRESSIVE
PERSON unless you are the named terminal to deal with the SP
(i.e. Sea Org MAA). Per the above referenced PL, " continued
adherence to a person or group accurately pronounced a Suppressive
Person or Group by HCO" is a Suppressive Act.

To maintain a line with, offer support to, or in any way
grant credance to such a person indicates nothing more than
agreement with that person's destructive intentions and acts.
Such dealings in fact act as a covert or overt attempt to under-
mine and negate the ethics and justice strengths of our ecclesias-
tical structure.

Standard on-policy lines exist should a Declared SP seek
to set things right and make up for damage caused.

So labeled and declared, a person claiming injustice has
the right to request a Committee of Evidence via their nearest

However, unless you are the named authorized terminal to
deal with the Suppressive Person, to deal with one constitutes
no less than a Suppressive Act. Such an act is cause to have
levied against you the same per policy Church justice procedures
afforded any Suppressive Person. Full ethics penalties will
be applied.

Where the matter concerns family relations or where a Scien-
tologist is in the position of being closely associated to a
person found to be Suppressive the materials covering Potential
Trouble Sources apply. There is no practice of " disconnection"
allowed in the Church of Scientology and these materials cover
completely how one may use proper lines and procedures to handle
a PTS condition.

One does not however use a false excuse of "handling my PTS
condition" to covertly maintain a line of supportful dealings
and agreements with an SP. If you wish to maintain such a line,
do so outside of current and future membership in the Church.

SPD 28 -2-
To deal with a Suppressive is a Suppressive Act.

The above is unequivocal Church Policy.


for the


# Misha 2010-04-26 12:11
Hi Li, this was written as a part of the Mission Holders "handling" by DM long after LRH cancelled disconnections.
# Karen 2010-04-25 16:13

This is an excellent idea! Now I wish I was bilingual!
# Misha 2010-04-26 12:09
Hi Karen,
Thanks, I am sure you can help in other ways.
# Ed 2010-04-25 16:37
Howling mad Miscavage is converting LRH's estate into his own. And that is the whole story. Sure, he had to murder a few people along the way, but he was having fun until anonymous showed up. What we need here is inspector Columbo, to publicly investigate DM and miss his withholds.
# Misha 2010-04-26 12:14
I agree except why miss withholds? I am all for pulling them out. Even DM can benefit from the Tech. Just one problem: how would we go about publicly investigating DM? CNN 360 was a good start but it only touched on physical abuse.
# OnceUponaTime 2010-04-26 05:52

Great project. Too bad I only speak one.

Your comment about "We lost our church and it lost us." struck a chord with me.

"Life is in you today, and you make your own tomorrow." (Or close.) But your religion is also in you today and you do with it tomorrow what you wish.

Your religion is not in the church. Any church is merely a convenient meeting place to learn and be inspired. When a church fails to do this, you go elsewhere, but you take your religion with you.

Auditing doesn't give you more theta; it merely frees up the theta you already have. You return to native state awareness, but it was always there waiting. And when we leave the church, sometimes broken and confused, our religion, though obscured, goes with us and is always there.

Maybe less apparent, but still there.

A lot has been written about religious beliefs and religious practice, but both are down the scale of a thetan's religion. Look at the Know To Mystery Scale. You can get rid of all the beliefs and practices you've ever encountered and your religion is still there. The virtue of Scientology and auditing is they help you find that religion.

In the end, religion is knowing. And one day, either in session or walking down the street or sitting with a good book, we pause, think, "ah-ha!" and know we've found our religion.

And from thence, nothing can shake it loose. And, at that point, it becomes easy to stand up straighter and look any detractor or manipulator in the eyes and say, "Fuck you!" and, if you choose, walk away.

Or, if you choose, stay and help others find theirs. As you, my dear Misha, are so nobly doing.

Much love,

# Misha 2010-04-26 12:22
Thank you for the true theta look at the 8th Dynamic. That is what we are all about, aren't we? Of course you are right that a Comm Ev or a goldenrod issue cannot strip one of his religion or, if it can, then it wasn't really his religion to begin with. Thank you for formulating it so clearly. Church, on the other hand, as an organization full of people, is a different matter and we did lose it and it lost us, at least for now. That is a huge blessing at this point but also a loss because some of us left friends, wifes, brothers, mothers, etc. It does not necessarily present a problem on the 8th Dynamic but it may on other dynamics, unfortunately.
# Misha 2010-04-26 09:41
Thank you, Joe! Actually translations was Steve's idea but I agree with it. Have to keep on tightening the noose till ethics goes in!
# OnceUponaTime 2010-04-26 09:49

You're right. Because I've been out so long I conveniently forget how painful those losses can be.

Much love,
# mm 2010-04-26 20:28
hi. I speak Fluent Spanish. I want to help
+1 # LO 2010-04-28 04:23
Well done on the german texts.
But after some days they'll disappear from the frontpage.
I suggest that there is a Link on the frontpage
in the appropiate Languages and so the people can find them. Something like:
Deutsche Texte.

# eman 2010-06-30 07:30
Hello everyone,

Do you need translation ? I am french and I think I can do something ok on this to help you.

Contact me.
# Valkov 2010-09-07 19:41
I want to pass along this information: Translations can be speeded up by initially using Google Translator, then proof reading the results. Google is the best I've seen of the free online translators, but it still makes mistakes which need to be corrected, so proof reading is necessary. But it is 100% faster than translating from scratch.

You can type a url into Google Translator, select your from/to languages, and it will translate an entire multi-page site instantly with a high degree of accuracy.

A very handy tool!
# Valkov 2010-09-07 19:55
Here,for example, is a link of Scientology-cult translated into Russian by iGoogle translator:

# Valkov 2010-09-07 21:11
It might be worth considering to put the link to Google Translate on our sites. The translations are not perfect, but they are mostly understandable, and will make the sites available in 50 languages, until better translations can be done.

Here is the link:

Click on the little "Translate homepage" link, type in the url of the site you want translated, enter the desired "from/to" languages, and away you go!

It will translate all pages of a multipage site like this one, free!

Sorry, but you do not have the right to post comments.

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