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Sunday, 01 August 2010 20:18
It’s pretty obvious to us all by now that the Church of Scientology has been hijacked and is being methodically demolished by David Miscavige.

Abundant documentation has revealed that Miscavige is brutal and abusive: he has been physically assaulting his own staff for three decades.  In fact Miscavige’s tirades and psychotic breaks are just episodes in his program of unrelenting invalidation and nullification of those individuals who sacrificed their lives to help create a better world (Miscavige operated with the misconception that these staff worked for him when in fact they dedicated their lives to helping mankind).  

It is documented that Miscavige has broken up hundreds of families, caused strain and suffering in lives of ex-staff, caused/allowed hundreds of abortions (murder of babies) and caused scores of staffs to die horribly because proper medical care was denied when staff they needed it.

Next is Miscavige’s alterations of the tech with his “three swings” of the needle as the definition of a floating needle, illegal reinstatement and execution of the disconnection policy, mandated 1,000 hours on objectives and sweeping invalidation of Clears – just to name a few.  Miscavige “knows better” than LRH and in fact re-writes LRH policy and Tech with impunity and will continue to do so as long as he can get away with it.

Then there is Miscavige’s opulent and out-ethics lifestyle ala "Tony Montana" of Scarface.

All of this is known and has been freely and generously disseminated to every possible outlet on this planet.

Yet DM still sits at the top of the Church, still squirreling, still stealing money, still living the life. His IAS staff are taking over the Church just like the old Finance Office did in the 80’s. DM always liked to have an army of thugs working for him and protecting him.

LRH said that the amount of effort to get something done is directly proportional to the counter-effort to getting it done.  The Indies are working overtime on the removal of David Miscavige from the Church.  That much effort? Is DM stronger than those thetans? No. Not at all.  In fact, he’s not a match for any one of them.

L Ron Hubbard said that the only power an SP has is the power to enturbulate. The power DM has over Scientologists and that keeps at bay is the “power” to declare them SP and inflict disconnection. That’s all.  

It is really just one man telling us all we will lose our friends and family if we try to remove him or even speak against him. But that only works if you cower down in agreement.

So where does DM’s power actually come from? It comes from those who are accept his threats instead of rejecting them.  As long as Scientologists remain subservient and afraid of being declared and being disconnected, DM stays in control.  If you are afraid of being declared SP you are connected to DM and are the effect of him.  Simple as that.

If each person on this blog decided to stop being a victim and take FULL responsibility for the situation in the Church, we would have it back fast. But the trick in being responsible is that we have to DO SOMETHING.  If we want our Church back we have to FIGHT for it.  We actually have to do things to be at cause over this scene. Otherwise, we remain as part of the problem.  Fear is the source of DM’s power.

If you have any doubts, go to your local org and look at what is going on there.  Do you see delivery happening in any kind of volume?  I already know, I’ve been to several orgs and missions in the last month and delivery is WORSE THAN EVER.  But go look for yourself.  See what is being done there.

To take responsibility for this situation we have to openly reject DM’s propaganda, lies and threats.  Not just to our spouses or to a few close friends.  We need to disseminate to everyone we know that this is a real situation and needs to be handled now.  We need to vote with our actions and walk out the door of the Church and tell them we’ll be back when the monster is gone. Show IMB 116R to the ED and DSA of your org and to your friends and neighbors and get them to see that what is going on in the Church is squirrel.  

We have to fight hard to get our Church back. We need a dedicated effort and now is the time. If thousands vote with their actions the SP declares and disconnection will end and a gaping pit will open under Miscavige.

“The price of freedom? Constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back.  There is no other price.”  

Let’s take control starting NOW!
  1. Do a doubt formula.
  2. If you are still on lines, or kind of on lines, walk into your org, give the ED and DSA a copy of your doubt formula.
  3. Send a copy of your doubt formula to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to be posted online.
  4. Give the org execs and your friends copies of IMB 116R (download pdf here) (I used it and got 3 people out of 3 tries to come across). It really is easy.
  5. Get two more people to do their doubt formula and steps 2-5.
I will help you as needed.

Written by Tom Martiniano


# kathy gold 2010-08-01 22:12
tony, you have a valid point. just for arguments sake, let's say, dm loses, he either routes out, blows, goes to jail etc. he's out. ok, now who's going to take over and run the place? has anyone thought that through? who's gonna be top dude once dm is gone?
# Thoughtful 2010-08-02 00:05
Your question is irrelevant, like asking "Who is going to take over and run the place when Al Capone is taken out?"

Here's the answer: Whoever takes over is going to start obeying the law, common decency, human and civil rights. And if they don't, they will have us to answer to and we will be blowing the whistle on them.
# Virgil 2010-08-02 10:42
Hi Kathy. This is unknown and LRH policy is being reviewed to see exactly how the organization is to be done. ML Tom
# Virgil 2010-08-02 10:45
Policy is being reviewed on how the re-organiation would take place. But you are asking how we are going to re-org a dead religion.
# Kathy Gold 2010-08-03 21:52
Quoting Virgil:
Policy is being reviewed on how the re-organiation would take place. But you are asking how we are going to re-org a dead religion.

lol, ok i take it you are sith lol, may the force be with you dude, i'll see you on the dark side of the moon :)
-1 # Sinar 2010-08-03 17:51
Quoting kathy gold:
tony, you have a valid point. just for arguments sake, let's say, dm loses, he either routes out, blows, goes to jail etc. he's out. ok, now who's going to take over and run the place? has anyone thought that through? who's gonna be top dude once dm is gone?


It really does not matter. One does not have to look for "personalities" who are "interesting". David Miscavige is NOT Scientology, nor is he anointed or the Pope of Scn. His and such a post does not exist and not created by LRH.

The personality has always been LRH. Thus anyone who is best at restoring the LRH and not "works based on..." will do, who can apply the true LRH Ethics, Tech and Admin - prior to DM's Golden Ages.
# Conny Lundberg 2010-08-02 10:10
A great and real straight post that if applied should change the scene considerably!!! VWD!
Conny Lundberg
# Ex-GEM 2010-08-02 11:28
The historic precedent re "leadership" is well documented in the document called The Declaration Of Arbroath

Found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declaration_of_Arbroath

I include the relevant portion as regards "who's gonna be the top dude once DM is gone."

The Declaration made a number of much-debated rhetorical points... That the independence of Scotland was the prerogative of the Scots people, rather than the King of Scots. In fact it stated that the nobility would choose someone else to be king if the current one did anything to threaten Scotland's independence.

The Declaration made a number of much-debated rhetorical points: that Scotland had always been independent, indeed for longer than England; that Edward I of England had unjustly attacked Scotland and perpetrated atrocities; that Robert the Bruce had delivered the Scottish nation from this peril; and, most controversially, that the independence of Scotland was the prerogative of the Scots people, rather than the King of Scots. In fact it stated that the nobility would choose someone else to be king if the current one did anything to threaten Scotland's independence.

While this last point is often interpreted as an early expression of 'popular sovereignty' – that kings could be chosen by the population rather than by God alone – it can also be argued to have been a means of passing the responsibility for disobeying papal commands from the king to the people. In other words, Robert I was arguing that he was forced to fight an illegal war (as far as the Pope was concerned, since they were meant to be fighting against the Infidel, not each other[3]) or face being deposed. However, the context suggests that this claim was made to bolster Bruce’s position as the legitimate ruler of Scotland. A justification had to be given for the rejection of King John in whose name William Wallace and Andrew de Moray rebelled in 1297. The reason given in the Declaration is that Bruce was able to defend Scotland from English aggression whereas, by implication, King John could not [4].
# David LaCroix 2010-08-02 16:16
Great post Tom. Couldn't agree more. I cross posted it here: http://freeheber.com/index.php?title=Tom_Martiniano
Got you on page 2 google through already through some mad SEO skills.
# PlainOldThetan 2010-08-02 18:52
I was reading this and wondering how many of those who receive direct threats from DM have read LRH's book Final Blackout.

Or if those people understand what "Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life." actually means.
# hadley 2010-08-03 14:34
I think if we could get availability of a line into those love ones under DM's wing it would help but without address direct / or emails direct to named person does not at all help, otherwise one would
# Fucati 2010-09-15 16:03
Fucking wow!! fancy meeting you here. Can't say in BPI who I am now - I have a Danger Condition to handle first - but you helped me with a problem with my little brother years ago. Would love to talk. Please contact Steve Hall to get my phone number and call me - I have lots of news about some old friends.

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