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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 09:46

Raped in 1996 at the "Friendliest Place in the World"

Exposing (yet another) David Miscavige cover-up


Heber Jentzsch and baby Alexander

From the many red flags now being raised about the death of Alexander Jentzsch, the son of the President of the Church of Scientology, 77-year old Heber Jentzsch (who is currently in lock down in the Hole, suffering from a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome and elder abuse) this case threatens to become as significant and newsworthy as the death of Trayvon Martin. In fact, this is actually a MUCH bigger story than Katie Homles daring escape from Tom Cruise, the narcissistic monster, who allows human slaves at Scientology's international headquarters to toil away on gifts for him like an airplane hanger and custom vehicles.

Investigation is what is called for now and I'm glad the LAPD is on it because the circumstances around Alexander's death are highly suspicious. Someone is lying or covering up because the "facts" as reported to date are completely screwy.

To recap briefly, per Radar Online and Tony Ortega, the Coroner says that Alexander's wife is not cooperating, not returning his phone calls. There are red flags all over the place. So this is not the time to fold our hands and offer condolences to the poor bereaved in laws or his black widow of a wife who refuses to cooperate with the coroner and who barred Alexander's own mother Karen de la Carriere (the woman who bore this child in her womb) from even seeing his body one last time before he was cremated. If you remember, the initial story was that 27-year old Alexander went to bed with a "high fever" and in the morning was found dead. That doesn't make much sense. Does it.

Now, it is being reported that actually Alexander went to bed on Sunday night. Per Tony Ortega, "On Monday, July 2, the in-laws had noticed Jentzsch still in bed at about 9 am when they left their house. Twelve hours later, when they returned, Jentzsch had not moved, but they did not check on him. The next morning, on July 3, when they saw that Jentzsch was still in the same position, the father-in-law checked on him and found him unresponsive. At that point, Karen says Winter told her, the father-in-law then took a child to school and only after he returned and still found Jentzsch unresponsive did he call 9-1-1."

Now lemme get this straight. Alexander goes to bed on Sunday night with a "high fever." On Monday morning no one checks on him except to notice the position he was in. Twelve hours later they come home and he's still in bed, in the same position, but they "don't check on him." Why check on someone who has a "high fever," right? Let 12, 24, 36 hours go by. That's Sunday night, Monday all day, Monday night... and then finally on Tuesday after noticing he hadn't changed positions the father-in-law checks on him. Oh dang it, he's dead. Well, got to get the kids off to school!

Hey, life goes on, right? I mean whenever I stumble upon a dead body in my house, I always wrap up whatever I was doing first — putting away the groceries, you know... especially when it's the 27-year old son of the President of the Church of Scientology.

I checked with an attorney and his immediate comment was "the father-in-law could minimally face charges of manslaughter." Meanwhile a little bird outside my window is chirping "negligent homicide, negligent homicide, raaaaaaerk."

And as for what really happened during all that time, having worked with David Miscavige for 17 years, here is one purely theoretical scenario:

Father-in-law found Alexander dead on Monday morning and called Kirsten Caetano, External Security Chief in the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) to impart the bad news. She in turn would need to submit the news up to David Miscavige. Being in the middle of "handling" the Tom & Katie split, Miscavige was probably very busy screaming at all those people who failed to catch Katie Holmes before she launched her divorce maneuvers. When someone finally did get the nerve to tell Miscavige about Alexander's death, he would have lit the dispatch on fire and send it back to Kirstin demanding a full program to handle. Then would have ensued an emergency meeting with attorneys and a medical expert. Particulars concerning the death would have to be gotten and the in laws interrogated. A plan would have been created laying out what to say to the authorities, what to say to the media, i.e. "throw Alexander under a bus by framing him up as a "drug addict" who was also drinking heavily." (In case anyone hasn't noticed, Scientologists are prohibited from taking drugs). Action items to quickly cremate the body. Hold no memorial. Don't tell the boy's mother — hush up the death like they did with Anne Tidman last summer (for 6 months). That program would have been submitted to Miscavige for approval and he would have likely rejected it once or twice sending it back to the sender (so in case it fails, he will always have someone to blame). All that could have easily delayed the call to 911 by hours. Finally, 24 hours later, Kirstin would have called the father-in-law back and screaming "You didn't call 911 yet?" even though she told him not to do anything.

Surely all this must be wrong. It's just a theory. Yet when Karen sent a friend to Andrea home to deliver a letter, the friend was turned away with the message, "All communication goes through the Office of Special Affairs." Even a call to 911?

The LAPD would be well advised to check phone records to and from any nearby telephones the father-in-law could have used.

Alexander's rape by a child predator and consequent coverup

In Scientology Inc., the reputation of David Miscavige comes before all else. Which was also seen in the tragic loss of Lisa McPherson who, while she lay dying, was driven to a hospital 45 minutes away — no doubt to put some distance between her and the Flag Land Base where she had been neglected, while Morton Plant Hospital was only blocks away in the other direction. But of course putting PR first is just another way of saying "cover up."

And on that theme, Alexander had already fallen into a well-worn groove. Behold, Alexander Jentzsch was the victim of a child predator inside the Church of Scientology when he was 12 years old. The incident was covered up the Church of Scientology executives and neither the boy's father nor mother were ever told about it by the Church. Yet you can bet David Miscavige KNEW ALL ABOUT IT. He receives info on ALL potential legal liabilities. Karen only found out on July 2010 when multiple former executives from the area where Alexander was working contacted Karen and told her what had happened to her son. Here's what they said:

Witness #1:

I was a member of the Sea Organization from August 1989 till August 2007. It was when I worked in the Office of Special Affairs Flag Land Base, that I learned about the rape of Alexander Jentzsch, then a 12 or 13 years son of Karen De La Carriere and Heber Jentzsch. I started working in OSA in January 1997 and it was during that year when I learned about the rape through my then co-worker Annie Mora, who had been assigned to keep an eye on Alexander from the point of time he was received at the Flag Land Base.

The rape incident involved a female FSO Dept 5 staff Marie Warren, seducing Alex to have sex with her in one of the crew berthing apartments. Once this incident became known by Annie Mora she was executing the immediate handling which included making sure the knowledge of the rape isn´t spreading not only inside the church but to the outside; it would have been devastating to the image of the church to have this crime become general knowledge. Another action was to transfer Alexander and Marie out of Florida to California to help cover it up from the Authorities. Needless to say Alexander´s rape was a huge flap and would be the kind of incident OSA staff would automatically deal with, hence my knowledge of it.

Witnesses #2 and Witness #3:

"I have some additional information on the transfer of Alexander from Clearwater to L.A... when he cleaned the Fort Harrison toilets and lobby with no schooling when he was 11 and 12 years old for well over a year.

"While Alexander was a minor living at the QI (Quality Inn - where the S.O. children lived) he was the victim of what is termed statutory rape, legally. A woman named Marie Warren who was about 40 years old and who worked as a Dept 5 FSO Letter Registrar took Alexander, still a child and had sexual intercourse in the bathroom of her QI dorm while her 2 roommates were asleep. His mother Karen was in Los Angeles. Heber was up lines at Int base. This was 1996.

"The authorities were not informed and both parties were immediately gotten out of the state of Florida.

"Mary was sent to the RPF in Los Angeles and was subsequently found unfit for the Sea Org and dismissed. Alexander was transferred to California to work for the church there...

"The OSA drill for this sort of thing goes something like this:

  1. Convince both parties that they are responsible and grossly out ethics, they have put the church at risk and they need to withhold what happened. 'For the great good...cover up anything that might not be good "PR" for the Church"'
  2. Get both parties immediately out of the state, in this case Florida.
  3. Follow up to keep the "flap" secret and/or make it go away.

"Marie Warren went to the PAC RPF and after things settled down she was Fitness Boarded out of the Sea Org. The above gives additional data on why Alexander was moved to L.A. There are many reasons why OSA is currently showing Alexander such "love" per Karen's post on Marty's web site: He is the son of Heber, he experienced child labor law violations, he experienced the "abortion drill" and he experienced the "OSA drill" for children that are sexually abused. All of these abuses have recently been being exposed by Marty, Mike and others. Because he was the son of the President, Church of Scientology International and had just been raped by a 40 year old, I was asked to come up with the money for plane fare IMMEDIATELY to get him out of Florida, and out of the jurisdiction of the crime. The above also might be an additional aspect to Heber and Alexander being kept apart for 6 years."

Witness #4

"Marie Warren was a Letter Registrar in the same office where I was, she sat a few desks down from me.

"Marie and her three daughters lived at the QI (Quality Inn) several miles away, where families lived. I lived at the Hacienda Gardens apartment complex for staff, three miles away.

"Marie said she needed to get some extra rest during the day and I offered to have her use my apartment to do that. It was closer and easier to get to during the afternoon. I took her there one day to get her oriented and set up, on the other days she went by herself.

"At this same time, Alexander Jentzsch, the son of Heber Jentzsch and Karen De La Carriere, was at the Flag Land Base without either of his parents. I did not have any information as to why he was there alone. He did not attend school, although of school age, and did not attend staff study. Annie Mora, who worked in OSA FLB, was meant to be keeping an eye on him. On one occasion, when Alexander was helping out in my department, he told me that he had not seen his father for quite some time and that he had the idea his father somehow disapproved of him and didn't want to see him; as the reason he did not get to spend much time with him. I said that sometimes Heber had quite a lot on his plate and there are
rough patches between parents and children, especially as young people change and grow and become more independent. He agreed, and said, "I love my father very much and I know he loves me, I just wish I could see him more." Alexander was about 12 or 13 years old at the time. He would frequently come into our area and volunteer to help out. He amused us with his stories and songs. There were several women who worked in Dept 5 and we all sort of looked after him, after a fashion. I didn’t think anything about Marie taking him about with her as she had a daughter his age and two younger ones.

"One day, in Dept 5 there was a bit of a blow up with Marie and the Dir I & R
(Director of Inspections and Reports, the person in a Scientology organization who is responsible for ethics and internal investigations), Annalisa, was called in to help handle it and she took Marie away to find out what was going on. Later, the Dir I & R told me, based on what Marie had told her, that on at least one of the occasions she had used my apartment, she had been there alone with Alexander. I was told that she had seduced him in my apartment and that it had also occurred in her family berthing at the QI. Marie was around 38 or 40 years old while Alexander was barely 12 or 13 and a minor in the eyes of the law.

"Within 24 hours, Alexander was flown to Los Angeles. Marie was removed from post and assigned to the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force), a short time later she also was sent to Los Angeles and put on the RPF there, from which she was routed out of the Sea Org. There were no charges brought against Marie Warren at the time nor since. The rape was not reported to law enforcement .

"The entire incident was kept hushed up and only key people at Flag Land Base knew what had happened."

When Karen found out, she wanted to publish it the facts on this website, but the Church threatened her with legal action if she made the crime known. Now Alexander is dead. My answer to them, "go ahead and make my day child molesters."

Is it really any wonder that Alexander, in the grip of that kind of organization run by David Miscavige, was found dead just 15 years after being raped by a 40-year old?

Vultures of a feather

Sure you've heard the old saying. But let's explore it. What does it really take to kill someone? Here's a recipe: child abuse, slave labor, rape, disconnection and rip off. So let me tell you about the last element. Rip off.

Alexander Jentzsch and Jazz great, Chick Corea

When Alexander left the Sea Org and was subsequently forced by OSA to disconnect from his own mother, he was given money by the Church and they even helped him land a job in the outside world with one of the best donators to the David Miscavige regime, David Melrose. Melrose was a "Scientologist" and a particular pet of David Miscavige because of his propensity to give large sums to the Church. Alexander met David Melrose a few years ago when Alexander was flown out to Dallas to pick up a check from David for $350,000, a donation for a new Church building in Dallas. And how was Melrose getting his money? He stole it from his own employees, of course.

As the owner of Dallas Home Loans, Melrose systematically stole monies from employees by enacting policies that allowed him to fire loan officers prior to payout for closed loans. In other words, loan officers would normally be paid in the weeks following a loan's closing and funding. Employees reported that they were instead released by the company at the end of a given month, just before the loans closed. Melrose allegedly allowed the loan officers to shepherd their loans across the finish line, but then fired them prior to the loans actually funding, thereby keeping thousands and thousands of dollars, which, apparently, he allegedly diverted to David Miscavige's program, like buying a new "Ideal Org" building in Dallas.

And so when Alexander lost his job, he had no money and no where to go having been forced to disconnect from his mother. Alexander Jentzsch meet Rock Bottom. And thereby was weaved a web of deceit and betrayal that perhaps took another life.


And finally there's something more that perhaps comes from that OSA playbook I theorized about. All history and all record online of Alexander Jentzsch having existed is quickly vanishing. His facebook account, data about him on various websites, all going, going, gone. And if that's not creepy, please leave a comment and let me know what is.



+5 # Eileen Clark 2012-07-18 17:24
Haven't even read this article yet, but wanted to at least say that I am so glad that this is coming to light finally after all these years. At the time, it was devastating and appalling that the person responsible was allowed to get away with it, no legal action taken. I am blowing down on this. Now, I am ready to read it.
+7 # Eileen Clark 2012-07-18 17:39
OMG. This was hard to read, it brought everything back. Thank you for publishing this. You are so correct, now that he is dead at 27 yrs of age, after all the cover ups, it is time to blow the lid off this one. It is so ugly.
+4 # Yvonne Schick 2012-07-18 18:00
Steve, Thank you for telling the rest of the story. I'm better for knowing all of it.
+4 # Transporter 2012-07-18 20:00
Marie Warren was my letter Reg and I had contact with her several times a week. One day she was suddenly gone and I never got a straight answer as to where and why. Now it all makes sense. Thank you!
+2 # Bruce Pratt 2012-07-18 20:45
Steve --
Thank you for putting into words what some of us feel, but don't have the data to substantiate, hence feel encumbered, perhaps suppressed.

You are to be saluted, sir.
+2 # Isabelle Prunkl 2012-07-18 23:01
Steve thanks for posting this - It is stirring some things I have supected have been going on and it is revolting. Not sure where to go from here but will figure it out. Thank you for being there and communicating - sure is appreciated
+1 # Thoughtful 2012-07-18 23:15
Isabelle, Putting this information on the line is part of running out the third dynamic engram Scientology has received. Exposing the withholds, explaining what really happened, who did it and why, all bring about understanding and transparency. And that is the only chance the Church has to blow the SP valence they've adopted, return to sanity and stop betraying people in the name of help. Understanding is really the key to everything. Negative facts, if true, are not "entheta." So this bad news is still positive because it is truth. And in terms of getting in Ethics, the correct handling is a noisy investigation. That is what is happening.
+2 # Robin 2012-07-19 00:09

I knew Alexander from back at ASHO when I was on my VI (Un)Certainty Course there.

Out of all the people on staff then he was one of the few people I liked and had a good comm line with.

He really got a kick out of a bullbait session that I did on Eric Horworka (Eric I hope you're reading this and have left that den of vipers) and would ask me about his father which I felt was quite strange because I barely knew Heber and had only met him a few times.

Anyway despite the fact that he was in the Sea Org we got along well since he wasn't the cold hard steely type robot that many Sea Org members had become under the encouragement of the coup.

In fact he seemed lost and out of place trying to swim with sharks.

It's too bad the sharks finally got him.

This is very sad.

Very tragic.

And very WRONG!!!

Melrose represents the new type of "public" on lines these days.

People like him and people like Miscavige and others are parasites that feed off the subject of Scientology and who use it to suppress others.

I've worked for people like him in these oh so "ethical" WISE companies that use their staff as slaves or indentured serfs.

Many of them have deep dark dirty connections to other forms of organized crime other than what the "Church" has become.

One must ask oneself why Alexander died under the "care" of one of these bottom feeders?

Had a fever so high that it allegedly killed him?

Why a staff member was allowed rape a child and get away with it?

All these things are suppressive acts committed by suppressive people who have been allowed to corrupt the organization.

The 2 1/2% that are taking the organization to a very dark place.

That's all I wanted to say Steve.

Other than I will miss Alexander very much.
# Garry 2012-07-19 22:37
Eric Howorka & wife Patti are still in the cult. He owns a construction business in the LA area. Patti is working on OT V.
+1 # Robin 2012-07-20 17:26
Thanks for the update Garry.

Who knows.

Maybe he'll come to his senses at some point.
+1 # Karen de la Carriere 2012-07-19 03:03
ABC Eye Witness News Channel 7 in Los Angeles. 18th July 2012

Alexander's death the 2nd most important story right at the top of the news.
Great images and all the question marks. I was interviewed.
The camera crew rushed over at 9pm and it aired 11pm

Can anyone put it on You Tube ?

The Coroner said (taped by ABC TV as he spoke.)

"He was in bed at 9am when the in laws went to work July 2nd.
When they returned at 9pm, he was still in bed. They did not check up on him
The next morning at 9am they find him unresponsive and the father in law says he took his kid to school and then called 911. We are fully investigating"

No more is ABC TV intimidated by their threatening legal letters. Shoot the film and on the air.

Media Tsunami
+1 # Karen de la Carriere 2012-07-19 03:06
Office of Special Affairs, the Intelligence/Media/Legal branch of the Church can't keep their story straight.
They can't even keep their story straight.
"history of over-self medicating" the in-laws are coached by OSA to tell the coroner.
Then the Church puffpiece, approved of by OSA is ~~
Death by one single reaction to a prescribed  pain killer.

Today Mike Rinder made me realize deeply that the  tragedy  of Alexander clearly demonstrates the utter lack of humanity displayed by the Church of Scientology.  

Alexander life is spinning out of control, no job, wife seperated, Heber incarcerated,
Mother must be disconnected from and shunned, no money, no job, but even though he called Kirstin Caetano, External Security Chief OSA INT and told her all this, no contact permitted to me his MOM who could have turned his life around.

The Church would rather someone DIE than talk to a declared Suppressive person.
David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology have displayed over and over that normal civilized behavior takes a backseat to the Church PR needs.

No compassion, no mercy, no exceptions for humanitarian needs.
On the other hand ~~~ the order of the day is ~~

Heavy draconian punishments, sleep deprivation, beatings, punchings, slappings, RPF gulag sentences for years, Sadistic punishments and  domination and mind control.

And all this is a TAX FREE 501C 3  from the US Government to give a free pass to such conduct and to help stockpile monies they are now refusing to refund to those who request refunds even though this was part of the deal with the IRS granting 501C3 (refunds done on request)

I always loved that Robert Kennedy quote:

"Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves.
What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law
enforcement it insists on."

Where oh where is Law Enforcement in all of this ?
+1 # Karen de la Carriere 2012-07-19 03:19
Steve ~~
Thank you very much for this page.
What can we do ?
We can expose The CULT's dirty little secrets.
I wanted to repost this important blurb posted by
I wanted to post a little of Karen's own details from June 16, 2011 over on Why We Protest Dot Kom regarding this Marie Warren person who is noted as the person involved in the alledged statutory rape because it offers another clue into the sci spider web:

"Marie Warren-Bossio
is the President of STABLE (Sunland-Tujunga Association for a Better
Living Environment), a San Fernando Valley front group for the cult.
STABLE is currently teaming up with the LAPD to help handle drugs and
crime in our area, according to Bossio.

She is also one of 4 Scilons on the board of FABA, the support group for the Foothill Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. The other Scilons are Danny Chadwell, Mitch Hermann & Peggy Howard.

Marie is also on the fundraising team for the Political Action Committee
of pro-Scilon Congressman Buck McKeon. McKeon recently toured the
Delphi Academy in Tujunga and, according to Marie, was extremely
impressed with what he saw at Delphi, saying “the problem with the
Congress is a skipped gradient” after viewing the 3 Barriers to Study.

Allegedly, McKeon wants to chair the House Education Committee so he can introduced Scientology programs into our public school systems.

U.S. Congressman Buck McKeon – 25th District of California

Marie Warren-Bossio

Sunland-Tujunga Association for a Better Living Environment"

Scientology is not just Worse than you Think. The Holes that Don't Exist are darker and deeper than you think.
# CB 2012-08-07 12:54
I was looking for the site referenced, Why We Protest Dot Kom, but was not able to find it or figure out what it might be code for.

One really wonders what the political scenario is here that's playing out between the LAPD and coroner's office. Nothing since that ABC story that I know of. Does anyone have any updates on this investigation?

It's a terrible, terrible thing and in my headline-writing job I covered this every time there was a development. Unfortunately I won't be doing that anymore as I've been given other work now. But I am still really curious and, actually, horrified by what seems to have gone down here. I don't think it's common for people to die from an overdose of pain meds, but I might be wrong. I know the acetaminophen in some pain meds can be very toxic. But the business with waiting to call authorities is, as Winter said, worthy of investigation. My heart goes out to you Karen, for what you've been through and are going through.
+1 # worsel 2012-07-19 12:42
No wonder they did everything possible to prevent contact between him and Karen!
# yuliya keaton 2012-07-19 13:42
a person can not really delete a facebook account, olny de activate it. Is it possible for investigators to reactivate Alexander's and Andrea's accounts? I bet she deleted all messages and from e mails too
-1 # phil pipeiri 2012-07-20 00:40
I thought the death of Lisa McPhearhson was bad. I thought it couldn't get worse than the killing of Roxanne Friend( see her live attestation, google he on Sally Jesse Raphael show youtube).
BUT, this is worse.A kid can't fend for himself! These hypocrites can't see see the damage they do while pursing their ends. At the very least a health department social worker should have a hotline at every staff quarters and do regular inspections to watch for irregularities and human rights abuses.
# Cara Voca 2012-07-20 09:09
I believe it is high time for a BPI issue- "David Miscavige- Story of a Squirrel". Anyone who wants to help me compose, I welcome you.
# Robin 2012-07-20 17:25

I can help you out if you want.

Email me at archangel88(AT)hushmail(DOT)com.

# Jean-François Genest 2012-07-21 14:05
Good point!
There are several books out right now about how bad the Church of Scientology Incorporated is. There is not one book about David Miscavidge.
# Robin 2012-07-22 10:31
Personally I don't believe Miscavige is worth a book.

Maybe a footnote.
+1 # Gail Donnelly 2012-07-20 10:24
Disgusting!! I was molested by a Scientologist in 1963, and he is now top management in Scientology. They protect child molesters.
+2 # Thoughtful 2012-07-20 11:39
Gail, Did the Church coerce you to cover it up? Is it not possible to reveal the particulars and exposed the predator?
+1 # SomeoneElse 2012-07-21 05:54
Quoting Gail Donnelly:
Disgusting!! I was molested by a Scientologist in 1963, and he is now top management in Scientology. They protect child molesters.

My advice? Speak out. Cult abuses are a hot topic right now (You're not an Aussie are you?); Even if the Statute of Limitations is past, you can still add to the shitstorm, and perhaps gain some sense of justice.
# Mick 2012-07-20 17:14
Why is scientology not open to anti-terrorism laws in the U.S.A.? Too much money at stake? Families are being sacrificied.
-1 # Mick 2012-07-20 17:35
soul destroyers. when the day of reckoning comes .. the parents and followers of scientologists better run.
The god of molestation,seduction and mental robbery is your legacy and anyone associated with that name will pay the ultimate price.
# Mick 2012-07-20 17:39
The u.s government cannot take action on a subsersive movement that originated from their own country but they can take action on Syria, IraQ , Jordan
# Robin 2012-07-21 12:55
Quoting Mick:
The u.s government cannot take action on a subsersive movement that originated from their own country but they can take action on Syria, IraQ , Jordan

Oh Please!

Do you consider the RCC to be a "subsersive movement" as well?

Scientology is not the only Religion that has been marred by perverts.
# Ags 2012-07-23 09:35
Will this ever get exposed and stopped?
I beieved that it would but after reading the history on IRS and Scientology and finding out Clinton endorsed it, who is going to expose it if the Presidential team doesn't see it.
Read Forbes artiles on IRS and Scientology and check out the other deaths releated to Narconon which is based on Scientology. This is a nation in the making and if not stopped will backfire at the rest.

Sorry, but you do not have the right to post comments.

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"He also bragged to a number of staff who were close to him about how he illegally obtained information which he was able to use to blackmail the IRS official who granted the church tax exemption..."  Learn More...


Annie Tidman: Imprisoned for 2 Years

"Annie Broeker Tidman, Hubbard's personal assistant right up to the time of his death, realized that Miscavige was systematically and forcefully taking over the church. She attempted to escape to rejoin her husband but was caught and brought back to California, isolated and kept under guard on a remote property for over 2 years..."  Learn More...

Sadism in the SP Hall

"His most infamous sadistic moment was when he told them they were going to play 'musical chairs' and only the last person to get a chair would stay and the rest would vanish without even a chance to say good-bye to friends and family, husbands or wives. The game went on for hours as staff wept bitter tears. This delighted The Cob."  Learn More...


Lisa McPherson's Demise

"Miscavige said he knew what was wrong and proceeded to write three paragraphs on what was to be said to this girl. The staff wondered how The Cob was even qualified to supervise auditing and even if he was, why hadn't he studied the folders first? The girl's name was Lisa McPherson and you know the rest."  Learn More...

Night of the Living Dead

"Moments later came a wail of inhuman agony unlike anything I have every heard in my lifetime, before or since. The screams were so incredibly loud. Louder than any sounds I could imagine a human could make. They filled the sky and the valley and my lonely office. 20 or 30 minutes they lasted..."  Learn More...



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31 Factors for Scientologists to Consider

The Pertinent Manifesto"Scientology has been taken over by a self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige, who has turned the Creed of the Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member on their heads and instituted the virtual practice of Reverse (Black) Dianetics..."  Learn More...

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