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Thursday, 10 June 2010 23:10

The story of a Scientologist from The Netherlands

by Viking

henk-van-den-dorpelWhen I recently decided to leave the church after 17 years, I didn't have a clue about the abuses occurring at the top.

For several years I had observed that David Miscavige was incompetent as a manager (one only needs to take a look at org statistics), but I had never expected him to be the pathetic dictator he really is.

When I first heard detailed accounts from those who worked closely with him, I couldn't believe it. But, after more reading and comparing the data with my own experiences in the church, I concluded that the stories must be true.

I left the church because I realized I would not be able to continue on my Bridge there.

After all, how can one possibly move up the Bridge in a Scientology organization if one has observed that the IAS is a suppressive group?

How can someone make progress within the church if he thinks the Ideal Org strategy is beyond silly?

And what if one has the "weird" notion that orgs exist to help people live better lives, rather than thoroughly messing up their finances?

For many years I had been studying Ron's lectures, practically on a daily basis. The more I studied, the more I became convinced that things were awfully wrong in Scientology organizations.

The first time I realized that something was really going wrong within the church was with the release of the Golden Age of Tech.

I distinctly remember sitting at the event while people all around me were cheering and clapping as David Miscavige explained how wrong things had been in the past and that the real WHY had now been found! And, he assured us that, from now on, everything would be "perfect".

I was very upset! I knew it was untrue.

First, it just so happened that only a year prior I had received the Grades and NED and had attested to Clear, with tons of wins! My auditor had been an old-time OTVII with a lot of experience. (She later got cancer while being a staff auditor, which I thought was quite an alarming outpoint.)

Second, I had never had any doubt about whether I could become a competent auditor or not, prior to GAT and I had plans to start my training soon. I thought it would be a nice game. I also knew I would be very proud to achieve the status of Competent Auditor. After all, auditors were a small group of the most intelligent and competent people on the planet.

And now we were being told by DM that any old hillbilly could become an auditor. Not just an auditor, but a perfect one!

Well, beside the fact that I already knew absolutes are unobtainable in this universe, I also knew that this whole story of the "real why" was false.

Despite my limited knowledge of policy, I knew that a good solution for down-statistics could never be a bunch of new ideas and drills which completely invalidated the existing study technology developed by LRH.

What upset me most, however, is that I seemed to be the only one who saw the outpoints.

I felt very much alone.

In the years following, I had more and more questions and disagreements, particularly with the way public were being treated.

I observed that Scientologists were not doing well in life, and that almost every one I knew had heavy debts, including myself.

The org was not the "safe place" it was supposed to be. It was a place were you had to be continually on guard, because the slightest weakness could cost you money, which you didn't have anyway.

Being in the org meant you would inevitably run into someone who would pressure you to do something you didn't want to do. Someone who would pressure you to spend time doing things you didn't want to spend time on. Or someone who would pressure you to spend money for something you didn't need or want.

And most dangerous of all were those individuals who had helped you somehow with something or other in the past, because it was much more difficult to say "no" to them.

That was the typical org atmosphere.  

In the meantime my progress on the Bridge had been halted. Suddenly, out of the blue, my Clear status was cancelled and I was ordered to redo my CCRD.

I used up 4 intensives of auditing on this. A massive waste of time and money.

Then came the "Basics", again with the same DM lies about how bad things had been before their existence. He followed this up by bragging about how thoroughly-researched things were now, and how, for the first time ever, we had the "real" tech in our hands.

How eternally grateful we should be to our great leader, David Miscavige, Savior of Mankind!

Even the Dianetics book itself had apparently "never been published correctly." A whole prefix had been missing for all those years! But, thank God, this very important prefix had now been found and placed where it belonged.

Dianetics had been in circulation since 1950. I had to wonder, during all that time, had Ron never looked in his own book and said, "Hey, where's my prefix?"

And if he had found his prefix missing, wouldn't he have arranged for it to be corrected in the next reprint?

I'm certain he would have.

So, if this "improvement" was so obviously wrong, what was I supposed to think about the "improvements" in all the other books...?

Then came the Ideal Org strategy, once again announced by David Miscavige. At that point I finally became  sure that the man was utterly incompetent in his post.

The Ideal Org strategy was so obviously wrong, I don't even feel the need to comment on it here.

During my 17 years in Scientology I seldom went to events because I hated them. My final one was LRH's Birthday, last March. I hadn't been to an event for several years prior and I wanted to evaluate things "in a new unit of time."

After all, I was studying Ron's lectures regularly and I felt I had made very good progress, spiritually. Lot's of changes, lot's of new ideas, etc. So, perhaps my viewpoint on events would have changed, too.

Well, as it turns out, that was not to be the case.

The LRH Birthday event unfortunately included an Ideal Org fund-raising session, and there were less attendees there that night than I'd ever witnessed before.

On the way back home I realized that there would be no way for me to move up the Bridge within the Church.

If I had purchased a couple of intensives and had gotten some auditing, my disagreements would've soon become a "problem" and I'm sure I would've wound up in front of the Ethics Officer, who would've had the ugly task of  "handling" me.

I was never big on being "handled".

I trust myself and my own observations a little too much for that, and so buying more auditing would've been an expensive waste of time.

I finally decided to search the internet and geeeee... was I happy to find out there were so many Scientologists outside the church!!! And that all the Bridge materials were available outside the church!

I worked out a very clear Doubt Condition and sent it off to the org.

I haven't heard anything since.

Actually, I'm a bit disappointed about that. I had expected to receive reports, phone calls and handlings, finally resulting in an SP declare.

Having read so many things on the internet and having understood how many good and competent people have been declared, I would be proud to receive such a certificate!

Can anyone offer up some advice on how to go about obtaining one....?

from Viking



# TheEmperorIsNaked 2010-06-10 18:44
Great story Henk!

Sorry dude, your confront is way too high on the SP declare. Try to mock up being unable to confront it at all - then, no space and it will collapse right in on you. :-)
# Tony DePhillips 2010-06-10 18:45
Hi Henk!!

That was a very funny letter and very well done for being ahead of the curve.

I have one of those elusive SP Declares and if you want one I can tell you how to do it. Start getting in comm with other Scientologists in your area and ask them if they are willing to get briefed on what is going on in the church. If you keep doing that they will hang you pretty quick so as to "dead agent you." It is all pretty funny and corny, but if you want to see true insanity in the works, do it, you will be amazed at how aberrated people can be.

Anyways, well done to you and I look forward to hearing more from you.

# one of those who see 2010-06-11 07:17
Hi Henk!

Great write up.

This Part:
"Being in the org meant you would inevitably run into someone who would pressure you to do something you didn't want to do. Someone who would pressure you to spend time doing things you didn't want to spend time on. Or someone who would pressure you to spend money for something you didn't need or want."
Very Very Very Well Said! I think you are the first to put it exactly that way.
# Henck 2010-06-11 08:23
This is wonderful write-up. I can see in your writing the calmness and the clarity of observation that allowed you to see from an early point that things were not as they should be in the church.

And no, you certainly don't have to go into all
that is wrong with the Ideal Org Program. Brother!

How many scientologists would you say there are in the Netherlands, Henck? And were you aware of Geir Isene's Doubt announcement a few years ago, and if so, did that have any effect on you?

# Henk 2010-06-11 08:46
Thank you Lunamoth.

There are about 150 to 200 Scientologists in the Netherlands.
And in the last 17 years there has been no expansion.

I wasn't aware of Geir Isene's Doubt announcement.
As a "good Scientologist" you're not supposed to read any critical information about the church, you know.
Also, I thought that any group of Scientologists outside the church would be a squirrel group.

Only after I concluded that there would be no possibility for me to move on up the Bridge, I started to look around on the internet and at that time I found amongst other valuable articles the Doubt announcement of Geir Isene.
That one was certainly helpful.

# Li Po 2010-06-11 15:32
@lunamoth, Geir Isene is from Norway, not the Netherlands. The Independent movement is relatively new in Europe, but it will change soon.
# Li Po 2010-06-11 15:27
Congratulation, and greetings from Belgium!
# David St Lawrence 2010-06-12 04:59
Hi Henk!

Welcome to Independent Scientology!

I can give you an easy solution to getting an official declare. Ask for all of your unused money back from your account. :-)

I have coached several people through this cycle and they have all gotten their money back and have been declared.

Unfortunately, it is a Secret Declare that they keep under lock and key in the orgs. You don't get a copy, they use it to show people who ask about you and where you have gone.

Actually, you write very well and should probably launch a blog where you can share your observations about the decline and fall of the church.There are not enough independent sites with your blend of fact and humor.

We need more insouciant blogs to raise the tone level of those who are tracking what we are doing.
# Songbird 2010-06-13 23:28
Hi Henk,

I came to many of the same conclusions you did over the years and wondered, am I really the only one that can see these outpoints? Even though I have not officially, 'come out' (some familial connections have to be sorted out), I can truthfully say I have more true friends in the Independent Scientology community than ever.

And, interestingly enough, a good friend, still on lines, went to the MAA at AOLA to ask if I'd been declared for 'friending' so-called SP's on FB. I was kind of disappointed to find out I hadn't been declared (yet) either. Oh well, can't have everything!


P.S. Are you on Facebook? Couldn't find you if you are...let me know how you're listed. I get kind of a kick out of having more Facebook friends now than ever even after 'losing' several hundred Scn. 'friends'. Hah!

# Magnolia 2010-06-14 17:38
Henk, thanks so much for your fantastic write-up. You have a great writing style and we'd love to hear more from you. ( I missed your write-up earlier...I think it got lost amongst a lot of other things going on at the same time.) I'm sure we'd all love more of your observations.

And to Steve, I haven't posted here before but I've been meaning to thank you for your hard work in putting up such an organized and informative site. Yours was the first one I found that was sane and had amazing amounts of vital info on the current scene. I really, really appreciate the time you've obviously put in to help make things right. You're awesome.
# Thoughtful 2010-06-15 00:22
Thanks very much. The message of Scientology-cult is very exact. It was intended to inspire people to come forward, state what they have observed and one by one, to recover their personal integrity. And in so doing, we have brought into being a group that is fully aligned to Scientology's own fundamentals: including "ARC" (the philosophic principle that understanding itself is composed of three things: affinity, reality and communication) qualities that are totally missing in David Miscavige's new church of hatred, unreality and propaganda. It continues to be a lot of hard work, but it is a job that HAS TO BE DONE.

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