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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 16:09

venusWelcome to Venus

If you haven’t read Marty’s post entitled “45 Days in the Hole” you simply have to see it to believe it.

Not that any comment from me is needed, but all of Marty’s posts are consistent with everything I know not only about DM, but especially regarding Lisa Schroer -- from my own observations and experiences, up close and personal. There is no one she wouldn’t knowingly throw under the bus to remain in good standing with DM -- meaning what she said about Marc and Guillaume, and what she did to Debbie thoroughly ring true.

In fact, throwing each other under the bus was the expected convention up there. That’s how the successful executives survive.

The technique of double speak, guilt is innocence/innocence is guilt -- Lisa began practicing decades earlier. And by the time she became DM's little pet it was polished to a high luster. She used to stand every day at muster and denounce staff in the same exact way.

On a slightly lesser scale, what went on in the hole went on every day at Gold muster, Cine product conference, and weekly at Gold staff meeting. The times I heard Lisa lie about people in just this way were numerous. I realized clearly in 2000 that this was the reason she survived, i.e., she embellished everything to worsen it. She never passed on any news without embellishing it. And of course being the "commanding officer" she made life miserable for those she targeted, since her own flock of sycophants, like voracious and blind grub worms sensing vibration in the soil, would go in that direction hopeful for a meal.

These are service facsimiles. A situation that can’t be itsa’ed, requires the creation of a computation (service fac) -- a non-sensical computation that something or someone has to be in a certain condition in order to survive.

"The whole Service Facsimile can be summed up by just this one word—solution. A Service Facsimile is a solution." -- L. Ron Hubbard, P.A.B. No. 126, 15 December 1957, PROBLEMS: HANDLING AND RUNNING

It doesn’t make good sense. That’s because the pc adopted it where, in extreme cases, he or she felt endangered by something but could not Itsa it. Hence it’s illogical. Because it is senseless, really, the computation escapes casual inspection and makes for aberrated behavior." -- L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB of 1 SEP 1963, ROUTINE THREE SC

"The computation technically is that aberrated evaluation and postulate that one must be consistently in a certain state in order to succeed. The computation thus may mean that one must entertain in order to be alive or that one must be dignified in order to succeed or that one must own much in order to live. A computation is simply stated. It is always aberrated ...These include "I have to be late to be early", "I have to be angry to people to be liked." They are contradictory."
-- L. Ron Hubbard, Advanced Procedure and Axioms

In a little shop of horrors where to survive everyone either dramatizes a service fac by choice (or is forced to) like, “You have to throw your friends under the bus to survive” or “The only way to survive is to worsen everything” or my own which was, “To survive you have to make a criminal (DM) look good” nothing decent can last long.

It’s like hanging out on Venus, where the atmosphere is sulfuric acid, the temperature is 860 degrees and the pressure is 92 times greater than on Earth. 

The direct result of that was the rapid destruction of any decent product. Anything good was “food” to the ravenous staff desperate to report something that looked good was “...actually out-ethics, Sir!” because that’s what DM rewarded. So Marc and Guillaume become “homosexuals”; Debbie, the Captain FSO for 17 years, becomes a “lesbo.” And so many others went that exact same route including myself. Ron Norton was similarly destroyed. Mike Rinder. It’s a list hundreds long. Below the top level hundreds of daily injustices rained down by all those who survived by being a Miscavige Mini Me, hence the constant prattle of “so and so was out ethics,” “so and so is CI” etc.

By 2000, it became obvious to me, that even an OT in that environment could get NOTHING done. I found I could survive -- not happily -- but I found out I was unkillable and that was interesting. I could keep going no matter what. There was a point where further penalties didn’t compress you down any lower. 

And I found as an OT, I could sometimes sway things this way or that. I could live in that quagmire, but the immediate question was “Why?”  Once created, there was no way to protect any product. The wolf pack descended on products, not just people, and found all manner of things wrong with anything that anyone produced.

So the interesting thing was -- like staff, like product. In the same way that DM, Lisa Schroer, Angie, Jenny (plus about 100 other evil Nazis) visited destruction on the human cargo of Scientology, the were doing the same thing to any and all decent products. A good ad campaign became a “dangerous” ad campaign. A good script became a “suppressive” script. A brilliant eval or solution became a “counter intention” or “an intentional effort to undermine Command Intention.” Even one’s personal belongings were rapidly attacked and eroded by the acidic climate. I remember when Ronnie Miscavige was attacked by DM because he had a BMW. The car was German, so Ronnie was suppressive for supporting Germans. Ronnie was put under house arrest, forbid from leaving the base and forced to get rid of his car.

Thirdly, in additions to people and products, actions also faced the same corrosive winds. Anything you did was rapidly redressed as “suppressive” “destructive” “counter intention,” etc.

Miscavige always characterized mistakes as “intentional!” (something I heard over and over from him).

In other words, here under the most violent attack were all three forms of existence: beingness, doingness and havingness.

The only “products” allowed to survive were actually destructive products, e.g. DM’s event videos and stinking-awful marketing campaigns like Golden Age of Tech, which DM said many times was his own marketing campaign. Same with New Era or Management, Golden Age of OT, Golden Age of Knowledge, and Golden Age of Blubbering Idiocy all of which (except the last) were DM’s own pet marketing campaigns that he used as clubs to beat real marketing people senseless because only HE could do real marketing. Of course DM never said in his speeches that Golden Age of Tech was just a marketing campaign.

With out even the slenderest hope of producing anything positive or beneficial for the world from that location I routed out in 2004. 


My first impression of Lisa Schroer when I met her 20 years before at CMO Int. Within a few hours I concluded she was suppressive. I even managed to run her as a terminal on a PTS Rundown I received in 1990. I would have liked to run some others, but would have been pushing my luck.

About Lisa Schroer I can recommend her as ruthless and morally vacuous as they come. I predict some day she will read these words... and feel nothing. She is an empty husk of a black hole locked in orbit around an even darker void: David Miscavige. And for all her ilk, all I can offer is a small ironic smile that hell on earth is alive and well.

That brings me to another subject. A mildly interesting film I saw recently was called “The Secretary” staring James Spader. I’m no psychoanalyst, but the couple in the film are into sadomasochism. He tortures her, hurts her, humiliates her and they both get off on it. Sound familiar to anyone?

Furthermore, they engage in what looked to me almost like role playing, except they weren’t playing. He gets very angry, she gets very submissive. He punishes her. She cries out. And begs for more.

For an outsider like me, a film about the world of S&M was strange to say the least. Except something unexpected happened. While watching it, a few old dots were finally connected by a very straight line.

Connecting Old Dots

A strange site confronted me years ago. I’d written a script in 1994 that Miscavige was reviewing. I think it was a year or two before I wrote the first “Destination OT” tour video for the FSO. Miscavige called me up to his office and it was like watching a Punch and Judy puppet show. Miscavige was both puppeteer and puppet.

When I walked in, he was sitting down at the RTC Conference room table flanked by his secretary Lou on one side and Shelly on the other; they were standing. As I recall, it was just us four.

As he read each page, he ripped it violently from of the three-ring binder and threw it up over his shoulder. Depending on which way he threw it, either Lou or Shelly picked it up off the floor.

I thought, how incredibly demeaning that he would humiliate his own wife and secretary in front of me. And how degrading that both Lou and Shelly willingly submitted to this runty little schmo. It was like they were role playing. But this was no game and they weren’t smiling... just like in the film.

No, Miscavige was not smiling, but it was obvious he was getting off on his power trip and taking pleasure in humiliating his submissive wife and secretary Lou.

Debbie Cook’s victimization is another link in a long chain. You’ll remember the story of Musical Chairs first made public by Marc Headley (which you can read about on this website). That story was true, including the part about David Miscavige laughing while staff fought like animals over the chairs.

I’d also seen David Miscavige order his secretary Lou to punch people in the face (he said she was a Black Belt). She went over the victim, feigned a shot at his nose, the victim recoiled in horror, and David Miscavige busted out in laughter. Mirth!

Sadism means “the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.”

Sadism is at -23 on the scale of Awareness Characteristics and aligns to the Sub-Zero Tone Scale to aspects such as "Punishing Other Bodies," "Responsibility as Blame," and "Owning Bodies." As LRH explained, "Below zero on the tone Scale is applicable only to a thetan. It has been quite commonly observed that there are two positions for any individual on the Tone Scale. This occurs because there is a position for the composite of the thetan plus his MEST body, operating in a state of unknowingess that he is now a MEST body and behaving according to social patterns which give him some semblance of sanity. The other position on the tone Scale is the position of the thetan himself and it is necessary for us to demonstrate a negative scale in order to find the thetan at all."

A sociopath is “a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.”

In addition to being sociopath, David Miscavige is a sadist. The point isn’t to criticize. It is to find data of comparable magnitude to who and what stands at the helm of the Scientology religion.

Written by Thoughtful



# Flourish 2010-02-02 16:16
Thoughtful, your depiction of that Schroer chick is amazing. If I met her one on one and she dared lay a hand on my beloved child, she would be mince meat, I'd tear her apart, in other words she is nothing to me. But due to the confines of the establishment she has been given the power to commit atrocities along with the midget. Really sick, never heard of her as I've been out so long, what is her post now? Someone should post a pic of the B___ so we can all know what we are dealing with when we see her cold hearted soul.
# Thoughtful 2010-02-03 01:17
I've never seen her photo used. For some reason, Miscavige keeps her out of the public eye. If anyone has a photo of Lisa Schroer please send it in.
+1 # Guest 2010-02-02 17:37

After reading Marty's blog last night, a friend and I were talking about it. We came to the conclusion that the leader of the Church of Scientology was, indeed, at the tone level of punishing bodies.

It was almost unbelievable, even though we're well aware by now that dm is both a criminal and a psychopath. Marty's post and now yours,confirm it. What a sick puppy.

The question I keep asking myself and the one for which I don't expect anyone has an answer, is
"How much longer?" It boggles my mind.
+1 # Thoughtful 2010-02-02 18:41
Hey, it's funny but it seems to be a function of this group auditing -- all of us thinking along the same lines. I had been considering an article covering the aspect of "sadism" for several days. When Marty's article came out (I was working last night so just saw it today) I realized "Okay, time to bat this one out." In an earlier article I noted that from my experience, and I've done my share of obnosis drills (for non-Scientologists, "obnosis" refers to a drill that polishes a person's ability to "observe the obvious") DM's emotional tone is Hate. Same as Hitler. Look at him when he's not smiling. Anyone can smile or be cordial when they want to be. But look at them and what is the emotion the being is putting out? With DM, it's quite odd and I was not able to put my finger on it for a long time. He's got that hardened, stony or steely exterior. Finally I realized what it was -- he emits hate.
+1 # maraofacoma 2010-02-02 17:22
reactive mind A=A=A=A=A=A mmmmmmmmm........
Germans=bmw=suppressive ha this guy is a walking reactive mind!!!!!!!!
and is that not a suppressive characteristic speaks in generalities ALL Germans are bad!!!!!!!
Thoughtful a good peace you could write is go through the 12 characteristics of a suppressive
and match them to actions davie has done backed by times dates and witnesses.That would be very powerful in a committee of evidence
+1 # Thoughtful 2010-02-03 00:44
I agree, that's a great idea. I'll try to put it together in the coming weeks! :-) Thanks for the great idea.
+1 # Barney Rubble 2010-02-02 19:32
I'd like to see an invest/blog on how many deaths DM caused directly or indirectly. I am sure it's running at about 75-100. I knew personally 5 of them myself. Look at how many people got cancer connected to him.
+1 # Thoughtful 2010-02-03 01:16
I think the whole cancer thing is truly a gigantic crime and likely traces back to gross out-tech ("six month checks" violating the No Interference Zone PL), and severe PTSness to David Miscavige and the groups he has subverted and turned into suppressive groups. One of those groups would be HCO... the misapplication of ethics technology has been one of the primary weapons in the DM arsenal. Maybe I sound harsh, but I would consider the death of even one person a serious, lifelong burden if I were the cause or even complicit in the cause. How some tech staff can go on, year after year, knowing people are dying from out tech and the squirrel application of ethics boggles my mind. Obviously some people are going to die because everyone eventually does. But I suspect the actual mortality rate for OTs is not what it should be. If anyone has any information on that subject, please contact me.
+1 # TheEmperorIsNaked 2010-02-03 00:16
OK. This is a good line:

"She is an empty husk of a black hole locked in orbit around an even darker void: David Miscavige."

I feel guilty for laughing in the middle of such awful and sad posts, but I just can't stop.

Thanks too for the ser fac references. It is wierd how this has worked its way down to the lowest staff members. It is an odd mechanism and it trumps Policy. I would expect Policy to be a stable datum and be hard to trump, but I am not finding that to be true as I pursue attempts to enlighten staff on off-Policy situations. The ser facs kick in. The word "gobbledegook" really captured some of what I've seen. The Policy is too hard to see through the gobbledegook.

Thanks for your great writing and posts.
+2 # Thoughtful 2010-02-03 02:29
I'm glad you appreciate my sense of humor, and you're welcomed for the references! Isn't it strange that people so quickly trade in LRH, policy and their own integrity to to put their stock in DM. I feel like I'm learning what LRH was describing in KSW when he said how eagerly the mob will follow unworkable tech. We're seeing it happen right before our eyes. "I know what a group of people will do and how insane they will go in accepting unworkable 'technology.'" - LRH, KSW

This whole situation is literally the KSW PL unfolding right before our eyes.
+1 # Kirsi 2010-02-03 09:43
This is so true Thoughtful. Damn, exactly right!

Sending you a separate comm about personal knowledge I have on cancer victims.
+1 # Lise 2010-02-03 05:44
When I would watch DM on events, I used to think his eyes never matched his smile. His eyes always had a cold hard icy look about them but I would wash that aside telling myself I was imagining things and I like most others would sing his accolades.

I'm glad you wrote this because I really saw that hate is exactly what his eyes are. A total ridge. I cannot believe that I never even thought to really look at his chronic tone level. I guess we all just fully trusted him and that he was doing the right thing.

Thank god for the internet because without it us down at class V or public level would still be in complete darkness and thinking all the bad things that happened actually originated from the immediate Org or middle management level and DM was so busy he was unaware of what was happening.
# RJ 2010-02-03 15:39

Good article!

I'm glad your otta there and can share your unique viewpoint on the scene.
# barney rubble 2010-02-03 21:13

Re: Cancer,etc

I think I can help you with some historical info on that. Yes there are some casualties as in any cases, but the pattern is far too frequent over a period of two or more decades.
# Örnen har landat 2010-02-04 13:28
I wrote a letter today, addressed to Heber, asking him how he is and if there is anything I can do for him.
# freespirit 2010-02-04 13:28
Marquis de David!
# NCT 2010-02-06 11:36
Oh my God. How have any of your survived? Thank you for this site. It is truly what I had thought. This man needs to be hung in a town square along with those who protect him, He needs to go through what he put all of you through. He is pure evil. I am truly not sure that most public don't think that something is truly off and has been for a very long time. I have seen people take out mortgages on their homes and business to give to him for their so-called Ideal Orgs that have no public in them. This and more done just to keep these people off of their backs. This is a travesty.
+1 # maraofacoma 2010-02-07 17:24
Tom Cruize Quote"Hitler..... I can't understand why someone did not stop him"

Can any one else see the irony?
# imominous 2011-01-23 12:55
...she made life miserable for those she targeted, since her own flock of sycophants, like voracious and blind grub worms sensing vibration in the soil, would go in that direction hopeful for a meal.
Damn. I wish I'd written that!

Were you there when Stacy Moxon had her accident? I was...outside the fence, with a sign that said SCIENTOLOGY KILLS.

Poor old Ken Hoden and Muriel DuFresne tried so hard to get rid of us that day!
# Thoughtful 2011-01-23 13:14
Thanks. It's an apt description, and we owe you a debt of gratitude for having the guts to stand up to a criminal organization that operates above the law. As for Stacy, it was a Sunday morning when she had her "accident." As I recall, I was at berthing -- the Kirby Gardens apartments in Hemet. I heard about Stacy during lunch after I arrived at the base. On Sunday we came in about noon.

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