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Sunday, 27 February 2011 20:19
FBI TAKE NOTE: Another damning eyewitness account of kidnapping and human trafficking by David Miscavige, Captain Mike Napier, Lurie Belotte and Sue Price. ~ Thoughtful

The Prisonwinds

Some may wonder whatever happened to Colm McLaughlin. Some may never have heard of Colm…. Colm is the husband of Janet Mc Laughlin, (Janet Light) the Ex-President of the IASA. He was posted as the Finance Director IASA when Janet was President. Colm was taken out by DM at the same time as his wife Janet, as well as all of the then Execs of IASA. Karleen Desimone, Nina Light, Melissa Deness, Lise Cohee etc…

In late 2006, around October to be more precise, Janet McLaughlin, the then President IASA was taken off post by David Miscavige as well as all of the other IASA Execs. Janet went to Int to be “handled” as well as Lise Cohee and a few others that stayed in LA. Colm, her husband was sent to the Ship with Karleen Desimone, Melissa Deness, Nina Light, Callie Lekas, Bart Vanloocke.  All of IASA was taken off post and sent to the Engine Room, they were put under Capt Mike Napier who was running the Org. Lurie Belotte and Sue Price also jumped on them like vultures. All of IASA had to write all reports on Janet and any other “out ethics” they had observed in IASA. Most of IASA on the Ship went back on post after about a week but were still being run by Mike Napier, they were ALL put through the Truth Rundown to “handle” any “black PR” bad thoughts or opinions they had mainly on DM and of course… Tom Cruise. The people I named above were not so lucky, they were put in the engine room for about 6 months full time to work except for when they went in session on their Truth Rundown’s. They were being run by Lurie Belotte and Sue Price who would get copies of reports that were written on them on a daily basis after their sessions. Another Freewinds staff member named Stefane Kundert who had previously been in IASA also ended up in the engine room with the rest of the IASA execs simply because he wrote a report on the Capt for being prevented from getting married… writing a report on Capt Napier was a big no no so off he went to the Engine Room with the rest of them and in he went for the Truth Rundown. He was mid his Objective processing but that didn’t matter.

After about 6 months of auditing and being in the Engine Room Karleen was posted as a Cabin Cleaner, Nina as the busser in the Public Restaurant, Callie as the Public Restaurant dishwasher, Melissa as the crew Pot Washer and Colm as a Wiper in the Engine Room. Now there is one thing about Colm and that is that he did not crack no matter what Lurie and Sue said to him. He was a real problem and they just labelled him crazy and suppressive because he would not submit to their suppression. He was told that he needed to divorce his wife as she was a Suppressive Person, he was pressured to send her divorce papers but he would not yield, she was his wife and he was going to stick with her. He also did not agree to the way he and the rest of IASA had been handled and was not going to change his mind about that no matter how much Truth Rundown they dished out and how much they tried to suppress, oppress and brainwash him, he was not going to give.

Colm had a hard time being sessionable on quite a few occasions as he was not getting enough sleep. Lurie’s solution was to have his auditor give him ethics interviews where the auditor would interrogate him and get mad at him. On a couple of occasions she even hit the table with her fist to try get him to spit his crimes. It even got to the point where Lurie walked into the room in the middle of the ethics interview and was yelling at him as well… so there he was getting yelled at by his auditor Lurie, the RTC Rep. Colm felt this was off the rails and made it known. Lurie was trying to convince Colm that what she had done was right… she didn’t get very far. Colm wanted a Comm Ev to review his handling. Lurie Belotte and Sue Price already had it figured out… if he got a Comm Ev he would get declared. You see they  believed themselves to be above the  law and they decided what would happen to a person before the Comm Ev went through. They had already done it on several other staff members so the Comm Ev would just be paper work and a means for them to hide behind making it look like the people doing the Comm Ev’s had come to the decisions that were issued.

In early 2008 I guess Colm had had enough of this treatment, he was posted in the Engine Room and had been there for over a year now, ( not a very nice place to work to say the least), so Colm decided to take off. He escaped off the Ship when food was being brought on the Ship, this was in the middle of dry dock and there were a lot of locals working on the Ship at this time, unfortunately for Colm he did not get past the Dock, he was caught by security and put up a real fight! Colm was literally man handled onto the Diana, a small Sailing Boat owned by the Freewinds and that would be his home for the next couple of months, of course under full time watch. The dock workers obviously noticed the commotion and when inquiring into what was going on they were skilfully told that Colm was drunk and this is why he was handled in this manner. Not very good public relations for the Ship as you are not allowed to get drunk in this environment and the workers made it known that this was not ok… of course they were handled by the Port Capt and told that this would not happen again, little did they know that Colm was not drunk at all, in fact he was 100% sober but the Port Capt couldn’t very well tell them the truth… Colm was being held prisoner on the Ship against his will!

Now you may wonder why Colm stayed on the Diana instead of going back to the Ship. Well, he took off right before Maiden Voyage when DM came on Board and Lurie and Sue decided that it would be better to keep Colm away from the “wonderful” DM, so Colm stayed on the Diana until DM left the Ship at which point a bunch of Engineer’s and Security Guards were sent in the early crack of dawn to the Diana and escorted Colm back on Board the Freewinds, his new prison. And of course it was done in the early crack of dawn when no one was there to witness their criminality.

Colm was then posted in the Decks Division where he still works today… As far as I know he still disagrees and still loves his wife and plans on staying faithful to her.  She of course would be kept in the dark on all of this. So for anyone reading this who knows or can contact Janet… please let her know…..    

From the Engine Room
Valeska Guider



+1 # Fellow Traveller 2011-02-28 16:04
This is fascinating history. Thank you.

I remember back in '98 or '99 I think it was, some Dallas public were returning from trips to the Freewinds and describing ship tours that included the engine room. About 1-2 years later, I get the opportunity to make a trip. So this is now 2000. Guess what- no ship tours, no engine room. I asked why. My answer: Safety violations of some kind or other. I guess so. It was no longer safe for certain staff of the Freewinds to have public in a position to observe what had started to happen.

Bruce Pratt
+3 # David LaCroix 2011-02-28 16:05
Thank you Valeska, This is the kind of testimony needed by the FBI...and I can only wish they would stop sitting on their thumbs and take some ACTION.
# Mickey 2011-03-01 02:26
"...they were skilfully told that Colm was drunk and this is why he was handled in this manner."

Question: Would this be considered a "shore story" per the LRH written policy on the subject? If so, aren't such stories given to the shore,then outright lies?
+2 # Karen#1 2011-03-02 18:02

Thanks so much for telling this story. It deserves wide reading and I will be sure to send it on.

Very Well Done !
+3 # JB 2011-03-02 21:04
I can corroborate this story and add a bit too.

When Janet McLaughlin (President of the IAS) and the rest of the IASA execs were getting nailed, she and Colm secretly decided to blow. They nearly made it. The had their stuff packed up and everything and had a plan in the works.


They got caught.

That's why Janet is STILL to this day at the Int base, in the hole and her husband, Colm, is at the Freewinds.

DM wants them apart. Probably forever. He knows they are less likely to blow separately if they are not allowed to see each other or be in communication.

You see, if Janet and/or Colm were to leave and join OUR ranks, they know far too much and DM will do everything he can to keep them under his control.

Some other additional information is that Colm remained on the Diana for many months after that 2007 Maiden Voyage. He refused to go back aboard the Freewinds. But as the Diana was in the ABC islands and the Freewinds was about to sail off to Colombia for several months, Lurie, Sue and Mike Napier got frantic about getting him back on board as they feared that if left on the Diana with maybe one other person as his watch he would surely blow. So, a handful of decks and engine room guys headed up by the First Mate, Rory went and manhandled him back on board.

I believe he is currently posted in the Engine Room, as a wiper, not the Decks division. That is what he was doing when I was last there in August 2009.

+3 # Valeska Guider 2011-03-04 05:55
Thanks JB for the additional data. You're totally right on DM wanting them apart. If either of them left it would be a real mess for the "Church". I hope he gets out of there soon, he was definetely no there on his own will!
+1 # giorgio serra 2011-11-24 19:45
Hi, Valeska this is giorgio serra get in touch with me soon.
# valeska guider 2011-11-28 23:59
Hi Giorgio, only just saw this! Would love to get in contact with you. How can I reach you?
# Gd 2011-06-11 17:28

The Colm McLaughlin mentioned in your post above - Is this Colm McLaughlin from Co.Tyrone N.Ireland.


# NSY 2011-09-23 12:45
Yes, It is Colm McLaughlin from Drumquinn in Tyrone. The same.
# Jewel 2011-03-04 19:34
Why don' those of you who know Colm and his wife, write a report to the FBI and to a newspaper saying that they are being kept against their will, or just say you have been trying to reach them and can not get into communication and that you are concerned. There must be a report that can be filed and enough attention placed on this situation so that someone will be willing to poke around. If someone from the outside demands to see a friend or relative wouldn't this spur an investigation?
# Carol 2011-03-05 15:19
This is so sick....I cannot stand it.This is slavery period. I agree with writing to the FBI...I will.
# Gd 2011-06-11 16:07

The Colm McLaughlin mentioned in your post above - Is this Colm McLaughlin from Co.Tyrone N.Ireland.



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