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Friday, 06 July 2012 04:36

"The boy without a dad"



Those of us who put our lives and reputations on the line to publish articles and information covering David Miscavige’s hostile take over and subversion of the Church of Scientology, warping it to his own vicious ends do so for only one reason: to stop the senseless loss of life and to protect others from harm because that is the right thing to do.

One of the leaders of our movement has been Karen de la Carriere/Jentzsch a woman formerly married to the President of the Church, 77 year old Heber Jentzsch.

Heber, a man beloved by tens of thousands of people worldwide for his kind spirit and willingness to help anyone, was ordered by divorce Karen by David Miscavige. Why? Divide and conquer, DM’s relentless strategy.

Karen was one of the highest trained Scientologists, a Class XII C/S personally trained by L. Ron Hubbard. In fact she was invited to join the Sea Org and work with LRH by Ron himself.

She met Heber when she was working for the Office of Special Affairs (which has since become David Miscavige’s secret police). Heber and Karen married in 1978. Heber became president of the Church in 1982 and in 1984 they had a son, Alexander Jentzsch  

Alexander used to call himself “the boy without a dad” because he rarely even got to see his dad… thanks to David Miscavige.

Miscavige was new on the scene, but every Scientologist knew and loved Heber. He was warm, courageous, funny and compassionate… and therefore a marked man.

When it came time for Miscavige to destroy Heber and end this marriage, he sent one of his henchmen Mike Sutter to LA to summon Karen to the dreaded Int base at Gilman Hot Springs, approximately 90 miles east of LA in the “Inland Empire” (high desert). She was imprisoned against her will and forced to do hard labor in the desert. Heber was sent away to Europe she left the Sea Org in 1990.

As Karen wrote, “I later learned from other sources that the whole 6 months incident was carrying out the DM order to get Heber to divorce me.  Either get the evidence through sec checks (interrogations) that could be used to show him I was a plant or a psych case, or break me and make me act in a psychotic fashion that would prove it to him that way.  Heber was sent to Germany and I was forbidden to use the phone, talk to Heber or talk to anyone other than my ‘handlers.’ Lockdown. Eventually the strategy worked. There was no way of fighting it.”

Karen left the Sea Org.

BECAUSE he was the son of the President of the Church, a man David Miscavige hated — I know because Miscavige practically went into convulsions of hate everytime he spoke of him at the Int base. Miscavige called him “Grampa” with a lurid lear, one of the most kind and genuine Scientologists in history — Alexander was deeply mistreated in the Sea Org.

Alexander was born and raised in the Sea Org. When just 11 years old (he had left the SO with Karen in 1990 when he was 6 and had then been recruited to return to the SO when he was 10), Heber and Karen were both located in Los Angeles and Alexander was in Clearwater.  Karen later discovered that Alexander was being used as a child slave labor at the Fort Harrison, with no schooling or study time – cleaning toilets and floors in the Fort Harrison lobby 10-12 hours a day.  Karen called OSA multiple times to tell them this violated the law.  Finally she threatened that if it was not stopped she would fly to Clearwater and extract him myself. OSA put him on a plane to Los Angeles within 24 hours.

Fast forward to 5 years ago.  Alexander is now married and his wife Andrea is pregnant. Pressure is brought to bear for an abortion. It is done skillfully – no heavy threats, but both are taken off post and made to comply at “the greatest good”.  The message was loud and clear. Alexander called Karen multiple times a day as this went down. All of the while his father, Heber, was unreachable in lockdown in Miscavige’s private prison at the the Church’s international headquarters, called “The Hole.” In the end, Andrea had an abortion and they were returned to post. But she never got over it and felts she had been forced to murder her child.

3 years later Andrea became pregnant again.  She really did want to be a mom. But now, times have changed thanks to whistle blowers, Claire and Mark Headley (my old boss during the last 6 years of my incarceration at the Int base) plus Laura Decrescenzo’s lawsuits, media exposure, Anonymous protests, and the internet which caused David Miscavige to re-think his enforced abortion policy which he put into place in 1986 after LRH died.

This time Alexander and Andrea were allowed to leave the Sea Org with the "love” of Kirsten Caetano, a remarkably callous Miscavige stooge in charge of External Security at OSA. To put fresh lipstick on Miscavige’s pig, she befriended Alexander in an unnatural, unheard of way, arranging for his apartment rent to be paid by the Church. She then helped arrange work for him at a Scientologist-owned company at a very high wage, and gives him lots of sympathy and compassion. By order of David Miscavige she stroked his feathers every way she could.  He was given $3,500 after he signed away his right to reveal any negative information about his life in the Church and oh, yes, he was also forced to disconnect from his own mother.

alexCarrying out this part of the bargain, he called his mother and told her the words he was fed (Karen heard the others in the room telling him what to say), that until she “got her shit together,” he would have nothing to do with her.

After we brewed up a storm about Heber’s horrific incarceration in the Hole, he was allowed to visit his son for rare one evening. That was the last time Alexander saw his father. But Alexander had secretly been reading this website and also Marty’s blog. As Karen recently discovered, at the end of that meeting Alexander looked his father in the eye and said, “Dad, are you sure you want to go back to that? Are you sure you can withstand this life?”

Heber said, “I have to go back, Son. I have done very very bad things in my life and I have to make amends.” That is what is called Stockholm Syndrome, also known as the “beaten spouse syndrome.” Having been abused so violently and viciously by a sociopath, the victim finally comes to idolize the tormentor and believe himself unworthy.

Now Alexander lies in a morgue. And just as Miscavige did with the death of Annie Tidman in the summer of 2011, withholding the brutal fact of Anne's death from her own family for 6 months, Miscavige tried to cover up Alexander's death. Unfortunately for him, word leaked out on facebook. What kind of "church" views human life with such cruel disdain that they withhold the fact of someone's passing from immediate family members?

Katie Holmes did the right thing when she got Suri out of David Miscavige’s death trap.

All Karen has been able to ascertain so far is that Alexander died of a ‘high fever’ in the San Fernando Valley home of the corporate Scientologist parents of Alexander’s wife.

His widow leaked on facebook what had occurred. That news got back to Mike Rinder. Mike verified the report and then contacted Karen to relay to her the horrible news that the boy with no father was not only dead but had been lying in the morgue for 3 days.

As Marty said, the depths of David Miscavige’s (Scientology Inc.’s) disregard for the sanctity of human life and family knows no bounds. It is up to the rest of us to do something about it and stop the senseless loss of life.

One thing is certain, if David Miscavige had not had his Nazi enabler, Kirsten Caetano, force Alexander to disconnect from his own mother, Alexander Jentzsch would still be alive today and living a better life than he had ever known.

I spoke with Karen tonight. She told me that despite the loss of her son, she is determined to carry on to protect other families from a similar fate.

As Robert Amblad said, “Every person who stands-up, puts another crack in DM’s suppressive wall of disconnected families.”

It is a disservice to the memory of Alexander Jentzsch for any Scientologist to remain silent about the abuses and to continue to condone and support the depraved, murderous corporation beget by David Miscavige, best friends for life with Tom Cruise.

People are putting their lives on the line to protect you. Time for you to reciprocate.

The goal is a safe environment.




+2 # AnonLover 2012-07-06 14:01
Thank you for these wonderful insights Thoughtful. My heart goes out to Karen, this tragedy is heinous.
+3 # Tara pelton 2012-07-06 22:38
I am so done. This is unbelievable cruelty. Intolerable. Deranged. This is Nazi. How can you have a spiritual practice that does not teach compassion? How can you have a spiritual practice that promotes hatred as they promote hatred of psychiatry and anyone against them. Have you ever heard of a spiritual teacher who would allow this? Hubbard's direction was for david to act as he would in any situation, as a messenger of the Commodore. On behalf of Hubbard he allows this. This is not religion not spiritual, not compassionate. I do not believe Hubbard wholly lacked compassion because I have seen his orders, letters and have spoken to people who spent a great deal of time with him and told stories of compassion. I also he had his failures. He did not call himself Source, or if he did I do not ever recall this nor do any indications of those who knew him. This is invented. He is not Source for all knowledge. He researched and wrote. Why this power play is beyond comprehension. I bless y'all for making this news known. Thank u I am very grateful.
+1 # Robinh 2012-07-08 16:57
Hello im not a scientologist or as i call them now a scamitologist but i have kept up on the shenighans of the militant mdidget miscavgie what i am is a Dj for a internet web site and have been speaking for years about the blogs and posts put up by those members who refuse to lie down and allow the midget master to run and therefore ruin their lives. I CONGRATULATE each and every one of you for standing up and doing the right thing.in beginning my spiritual journey i researched everything i could find out about all religions and its a good thing i ran across clambake.org and therefore the rest of all of your links i hope and pray you do not allow the midget man to stop you from telling the truth and to ruin what LRH worked so hard to put together..
+3 # Ella 2012-07-09 14:39
Thanks again for another article Thoughtful.

Ok, it's not theta, but it does inform us of the effects of the psychosis controlling corp Sci today.

Yes, we all have a duty to confront and fight this mess in whatever way we can.

My husband and I have heard stories of other Scientologists who worked for OSA and lost their own valence, and/or gotten severly ill.

Orders like - "we need to watch Sally, possible type 3 case here... lets round up volunteers..." (when actually Sally KNOWS too much and objects too much about out ethics off policy occuring) or - "Get the full rundown on Betty, where she lives and works and her home phone and work phone and cell phone, and possibly DNA too, and ... bla bla... so we can send it up lines... very important mission here..." (When Betty merely sees out tech being originated by D.M.)

Yea, one BECOMES the dark force after a while of working for it. Like a bartender who may have started out a good person, but after a while of serving up thousands of drinks, and contributing to ruining livers and cars and drivers licences, one then cannot face the overts and has to natter about the customers who were served drinks, or simply have destroyed their own sense of right/wrong. (Ever try to reg or audit a bartender? Won't work ! )

In this case I think the son had lost a bit of his own code of honor, and alloyed his affinity for his Mom, but probably not totally. He went obviously PTS, and gotten ill enough to drop the body.

Unless he was simply murdered.
+3 # Bill Straass 2012-07-09 19:31
Unfortunately, this is just par for the course in today's Kool=Aid Church. As one who barely made it out of the SO alive I know that we have to do something effective to handle the situation.
Hitler ran his Death Camps for over 10 years without meaningful opposition. I is an overt of omission (and a pretty big one) for anyone to sit back and "hope" that someone else will handle the scene or that DM will grow a heart. It is the same as negotiating with Hitler. It doesn't work and never has. The current "Church is organized, poorly organized, with thugs and death camps and opression to compel compliance, but it is still organized. As LRH said, a group will beat the best individuals any day. (not an exact quote). We need a new "Religious Freedom Crusade" to free our religion from the SP (or SPs) I am ready to do anything possible to achieve this goal. LRH said in KSW "This is a deadly serious activity. And is we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance."

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