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Saturday, 01 October 2011 08:04

The Story of Abusive “Leaders”

by Outside the Box

If the normal, average Joe, were to report a historical event, for the most part, he would say it like it happened. Of course, other factors can enter into any narrative, include hyperbole, slants, and prejudice – that is an unfortunate part of the human mentality.

But, that aside, most people would try to say it like it happened. I know this is a moot point, and that some will object, but the fact is that there are so many holes in the history books, omitting those “bits” and “pieces” that would otherwise be condemnable, that it is no wonder that the subject gets a yawn in classrooms. The truth is far more riveting than that pampered, waxed and polished version that is “acceptable” learning.  Honestly, you wouldn’t want your children to know that a certain US institution helped to supply the Nazi war machine, or the details of who, and why, the WW II allies sold out the Polish people and Poland to communist Russia after the Poles did so much to fight for their freedom – in fact, lost so much in defending their land. But alas, this article is about the Church of Scientology, and the above lead-in, though it might stir some mental soup in people, helps to makes a point. History is written and manipulated by people in power, a fact which can be proven many times over. You will not find the sordid details of the Inquisition being taught by the Catholic Church in their books, nor grimy facts surrounding CIA covert operations in SE Asia during the Vietnam war, nor the details of how invading countries took over new lands by pawning off drugs to make drug addicts out of locals, degrading and manipulating them under control. No – we hear the details that people want us to know, and the real truths, typically speaking, are brought to bear and public attention, by individuals who care to dig them up. I’m not pointing fingers, just ramping up to the relevant point of this article.

The Church of Scientology is no different. You will not find publicly recorded and available information which details the fabulous, in fact, heroic works of countless former Sea Org members, who gave everything, to help build the Scientology dream. You won’t read about the fact that Jeff Hawkins actually forged and executed one of the most effective book marketing campaigns in history, with his Dianetics campaign of the early and mid-1980s, one which drove countless thousands through the doors to find out about Dianetics, and a campaign unprecedented in results since then. To the Church of today, if they know anything about Jeff Hawkins at all, it is the fact that he is a “bad person”, he is “attacking the Church”, and other unsavory modifiers. No one, except those of us who were there, will ever know the truth about what Jeff did to change the face of Scientology in those days. Today, Mike Rinder is positioned as the “anti-christ” of Scientology – the “turncoat”, or whatever glossy descriptive terms the church’s media-machine churns out about anyone who stands up against it. Mike Rinder was an anchor, legally, and defensively speaking, keeping the road cleared and paved for years, so that Scientology could get out there and propagate the philosophy.

Today he is relegated to “the enemy” because he no longer agrees with the ways of the church dictator, David Miscavige.  Mike, no doubt, has been written out of the “history” books of Scientology, along with most anyone else who has stepped across the line of defiance – attempting to expose the truth about the current regime, its methods and tactics in controlling, abusing and shutting people up – in short, cutting the freedom speech.

The truth eventually always comes out, and even with the Church of Scientology, when the doors are finally opened up, and the world can look in and see, with transparency, the secrets locked up and hidden by David Miscavige and his camp, well, then on that day, we will have the real Scientology again – and not the fake, edited, rewritten version that is being pawned off to the world now.




# RJ 2011-10-12 22:30
Funny you should mention "history" OTB.

Actually your article gave me the idea or inspiration to write a somewhat abbreviated or brief history of Dianetics and Scientology.
+1 # OTB 2011-10-16 01:12
That should be interesting!
# Karen B 2011-10-23 07:35
Boy is this post real in so many ways. I have watched a lot of documentaries this past year, particularly those of Ken Burns and I was shocked at how much information I never knew about and ultimately incorrectly disseminated.

I had that same phenomenon occur when I read Counterfeit Dreams online several years ago. But to be honest, this one was more devastating. It is one of the most undeniably honest demonstrations of a staff member trying to forward the goals of Scientology resulting in the biggest dissemination campaigns I have ever seen. I was not even on staff during that time and I heard it from the outside, Dianetics was HUGE and the public was interested! And then, to learn how it and Jeff were systematically destroyed with malice and forethought was truly heartbreaking!

One can't help but have a feeling of betrayal yet knowing the truth, however disturbing it may be does as-is the lies and rekindle ones self-determinism.

I would love to hear more about the "history" of Dianetics and Scientology.
# CaptainBob 2012-03-03 21:42
In my studies of money, history of up to present time. And in my studies of Scientology, and now reading stories of ex staff members, ex sea org members. And earning a living now thru the the internet. that is selling to many people all over the world. And somewhat looking into law, legal, and contracts.

What I concluded was that those that I sell to, and deliver to, why they are happy. And I buy from people all over the world as well now thanks to the internet.
And what I concluded, from my studies, was that it is only the leaders that create problems. And they create the problems for their interests. For I concluded the worker in China who buys my goods is happy, it's a fair exchange. And I am happy. It's only the top that wants a cut of everything we people just want to exchange with others. And thus those top people create the problems.
# Dan Starr 2012-07-06 18:44
A wonderful and true post. I was in the Church for 13 years and went from a Mission to LA Foundation Org. I saw a ton of stuff. Ran the Hollywood Testing Center for awhile. Drove some of the "big cheeses" around. I left when I realized there was no way to fulfill my mission in the organization cause it had gone too far astray. A history would help bring needed truth to the situation.

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