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Thursday, 18 February 2010 16:02

Mike Rinder’s article on the Third Party Law was very timely.

I’ve been on the road since Tuesday. I’ve noted before on this blog that the OSA operatives always come out to play when I hit the road. They have my name wired into their airline agent reservations computer system so know in advance where I am headed. Like clockwork, 48 hours after my reservation was made and 36 hours before my depature the attempt to terrorize me into canceling my plans was launched:

First, a locksmith arrives saying he’s got an order to change all the locks in my home.

Then, the pizza deliveries I never ordered start arriving.

Then, dozens of calls from an internet ad soliciting casual sex put out by OSA with my number.

Then, dozens of calls from an internet ad OSA put out under my name and number offering free computers.

But all this is a distraction for the more insidious ongoing program. That is, COINTELPRO. That was the title of the “counter intelligence” program J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI ran in the sixties to disrupt and destroy anti-war and civil rights groups throughout America. In essence it is a Third Party Campaign run to cause internal dissention, jealousies, and and ultimately betrayals within the targeted groups.

I was informed by two reliable sources in the fall – both of whom were Scientology public recruited for this program – that this was THE main line of attack being invested in by C of M. We have picked up a lot of corroborating evidence since; and even managed to out OSA operatives involved.

The past week has been chock full of anonymous emails arriving with Independents and people who frequent this site directing attention to black PR on myself and other independents. Amongst friends this usually has very little effect when one can rapidly side check facts and rumors with one another. The trolls are fairly easy to spot.

However, having been inundated with a number of projects and not having the time to keep in the close type of comm everybody that I’d like to, I’ve noticed a couple people getting effected by the operations.

One in particular involved an OSA operative phoning the wife of a friend claiming to be a member of “Anoynmous.” The caller enturbulated the wife with a story of how independents had been instructed by Marty to start harrassing members of Anonymous and now this individual was going to make my friend pay somehow.

Of course, as every single independent knows, the story was manufactured. But, the friend – apparently subject to such a targeted barrage of black PR – thought maybe there was something to the story and began to treat me in a weird, distant manner.

Remember, when order goes in, CONFUSION blows off. The CONFUSION in our case is complicated and exacerbated by DM’s troops intentionally creating more, injecting THIRD PARTY from multiple channels, and covertly and overtly harrassing the AUDITOR (who is US).

If you begin to feel the slightest bit alienated with any of your independent friends, I suggest you re-read Mike’s article, The Real Third Party, and look up LRH on the subject of the THIRD PARTY LAW. See if it might have been put into play on you. It is in knowing, forceful application (and as has become the habit of C of M it is being applied in REVERSE to enturbulate, rather than to disenturbulate).

Don’t think that all of this is not a wonderful indicator.   A number of LRH lectures on the confessional process (which some OSA troll accused me yesterday of not knowing or not applying) will tell you that this kicking, screaming confusion is a great indicator to a confessional auditor dealing with a particularly criminally inclined pc.

Wrtiten by Marty Rathbun




# Sinar 2010-02-18 20:58

Thanks very much for the alert on this, I’ve noticed also that Independents have been targeted on Facebook with these type of actions as well.

However, I believe that our actions, along with OSA/Mestology’s desire to do themselves in have resulted in far greater effects as shown in Rebel’s recent great article:
http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2010/02/15/the-silent-revolt/ whereby he mentions that only 61 people out of 800-1000 summoned by Austin Voss showed up!

That’s 8% compliance – which is pretty significant “SRA”(severe reality adjustment) to Mestology.
# ksw 2010-02-21 06:53
I believe this LRH reference explains describes DM's mindset and his actions. To me it also gives a prediction that in the end he will do himself in. In fact he is doing it already, because it
is his actions that have caused all these great beings to band together now into an "independent field" and coalesce more and more into a team:


“When working with the criminal, one can get a very good idea of that person’s mental state by getting him to say what other people want and do or are guilty of.

“It is inconceivable to the criminal that anyone could possibly be decent or do a selfless act. It would do no good whatever to try to convince him, for he KNOWS all men are like himself.

“Thus, one gets another datum:

“Fortunately, there are still a lot of decent people left in the world.”


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