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Monday, 10 August 2009 18:33
To truly understand the scene in Scientology today, you first have to get passed the idea that Miscavige is a savior; that he’s an “expert in all things” or that he was preordained to run Scientology, and you have to overcome the concept that he is in some way qualified or fit to lead the church, because nothing could be further from the truth.


After only weeks on staff at Philly Org in 1975, Miscavige joined the Sea Org in Clearwater and while still inexperienced he went to California where he helped to make some of the early films and did odd jobs (per his own testimony). From there he became an Ops or operator of projects and missions. Per his legal testimony, many of these projects were merely logistical. Note: he lacked seniority as well as experience; he didn’t have under his belt the years of working directly with LRH on the ship that a number of his peers had (termed Watch Messengers because they were approved to stand and had stood watches with LRH), so even though he was now a member of the CMO, he was junior in rank.

Despite this, despite no real training and the fact that he’d only been on staff for 5 years or so, his big chance arrived.  A CMO executive appointed him the head of a small CMO project relating to external affairs.  The CMO needed to look into legal and other external matters that were affecting LRH. This was brand-new territory for the CMO because at that time all external matters were being handled by the Guardian’s Office, an autonomous network.

Now, being somewhat of a misfit among the Messengers of CMO International because he wasn’t a Watch Messenger there was no way he was ever going to compare favorably, and because of this his ladder to the top was barred, there was a long list of better qualified, more experienced and more trusted people ahead of him in the pecking order. He would have to find another way.


Miscavige cleverly used his involvement with the external project along with misinformation as a means of increasing his influence and power. He did it by removing any rivals to what he had in mind while absorbing their power for himself, decreasing the power of his enemies while continuously increasing his own.

Through scare tactics and misinformation he wiped out the Guardian’s Office claiming with loud attacks that they had been “infiltrated by the enemy” and “couldn’t be trusted.” And of course, that created a vacuum. Who would fill the void now left? Miscavige of course. He was now no longer in charge of just a small project; he was now in charge of external affairs for the whole of Scientology. Though internal church affairs and external matters had been dealt with by completely different organizations since the dissolution of Worldwide a decade earlier, a junior executive of an internal facing organization (CMO) now ran the whole external scene and all that that involved. Now he had real power.

For his next power-gaining trick, Miscavige cleverly expanded his external responsibilities to include vast areas of internal affairs. He used the same tactic of misinformation.

He toppled the big Mission holders claiming loudly they had been “suborned by enemy agents” and were “going to split off from Scientology” which were bald-faced lies. LRH had actually called for an evaluation to deal with the whole mission scene but it was never done. Though the Missions had fared well up to that point, enjoying a certain freedom and autonomy, with the powerful mission holders out of the way or brought to heel, Miscavige was able to reorganize the set up so became just a part of the new corporate pile he planned to sit on top of. Miscavige was of course in charge of the corporate reorganization of the church as part of his external duties and he used this to consolidate his position.

You might ask what the hell were Miscavige’s fingerprints doing all over the crime scene when those big missions were smashed to bits back in the early 80s, since his responsibilities were external? I am sure people asked that question at the time too, but only silently, the question was not voiced. Even in the beginning, way back then, anyone who questioned Miscavige was characterized as “working for the enemy.” Ingenious when you think about it, it made him unstoppable. For him it was a win-win situation. Any resistance was just more enemies of the church uncovered by the blossoming “hero of the revolution,” Miscavige’s revolution.

Next came the removal of a long list of rivals and their supporters at the Int Base because they were “US government plants” and David Mayo because he “worked for the CIA” (there was never any evidence of such), all in a short space of time. These internal areas had absolutely nothing to do with Miscavige, but he cunningly made them his “legitimate” business. These highly trained and skillful people, many of whom had served Scientology with distinction, were treated disgracefully by Miscavige, partly as a means of degrading them in the eyes of others and partly as an example of what would become of anyone who opposed Miscavige.  All the bystanders missing the point of course that anyone that degrades others is evil, and that Miscavige was and is a Joker & Degrader. Perhaps they’d already fallen prey to his tactic and the misconception: an enemy of Miscavige = an enemy of Scientology.

And that time period set the scene for a woeful trend of fear and the failure to intervene against Miscavige and his actions on the part of Int base staff and others elsewhere in the Scientology world, identical to the one described by a German pastor in the Nazi era and I have re-written it, and it goes like this:

“When Miscavige went after the Guardian’s Office and its leaders I did not speak up because I wasn’t Guardian’s Office staff. And when he went after the mission holders, screaming they were this and that, I did not speak out against his intention to destroy them so relieved was I that he had not come for me and besides, I wasn’t mission staff. When Miscavige went after many of my friends and colleagues at the Int Base, I thought about speaking out in their defense, but thought better of it, so relieved was I that it wasn’t me he’d accused of being a government plant. And when he went after Pat Broeker and anyone who supported him, I wanted to speak out ... but I didn’t, after all it was a power struggle and none of my business. But by the time Miscavige finally came after me there was no one left who could speak in my defense.”

And for my own part, there is not a day goes by I don’t kick myself for never acting, for not stopping him while he was weak and on the way up, for allowing an evil bully, barely trained in anything, hardly experienced, to put enough doubt in my mind that I didn’t act.

Misconduct & Misdeeds

The truth is Miscavige was a failure. The actual purpose of the project he was handed way back then was to make it safe for LRH to come out of hiding and return to Scientology lines.  Miscavige failed miserably and never achieved it, the one product he was supposed to get.  In fact, with his crazy actions he added years to the cycle. He had no intention of achieving it because he had more power and better opportunities with LRH in enforced seclusion. An example of this was the fact that security was under external affairs so he also controlled the flow of data to and from the secluded Founder, and that was crucial to expanding his power. He screened and influenced what data went to LRH and any orders that came back. Since those orders were not signed by LRH who’s to say which orders were LRH’s and which were Misacavige’s? That’s how Miscavige manipulated the scene.

LRH was getting on in years and in hiding. A number of grand juries were still live and scores of civil suits sought to drag him into court.  He wanted to be able to come out of seclusion, complete his tech research and finish an entire legacy of dissemination and tech films, among other things. It wasn’t too difficult for Miscavige to create the image that it wasn’t safe for LRH and to scare monger that the enemy had infiltrated the Guardian’s Office, the field, even the Int Base. That’s how we got that early 80s advice, supposedly from LRH, which said that anyone leaving the Int Base should be declared. Either it was forged or LRH did write it based on false reports from Miscavige. Reports that the place was crawling with enemy agents who were now likely to jump ship because Miscavige was “onto them” and anyone who did jump (leave) should be declared so they couldn’t go to some other org, pick up where they left off and cause further mayhem. That Miscavige created that advice and used it to declare everyone that left the Int base for the following three decades was criminal. But he used it as an effective means of silencing potential dissenters or casting anyone who defied him into Scientology oblivion where they would cause him no further trouble (or so he mistakenly thought).

And yes, Miscavige could have handled the external scene and made it safe for LRH to return but he clearly didn’t want that. The main thrust of the attack was being fueled by the civil suits, led by attorney Michael Flynn and the alleged wrongs they represented. Miscavige could have settled those suits and made them go away years earlier but he wouldn’t despite the fact that the church was spending millions of dollars per month in legal defense. Oh no, it was against Miscavige’s principles to settle those cases, settling was “out of the question, there’s no way we’re settling with Flynn, ever, ever, ever!” So the cases rumbled on for four to five more years and LRH never got to come back and died in virtual captivity. And I find it very strange that it wasn’t against Miscavige’s principles to pay 2.7 million dollars to Micahel Flynn to settle those suits the moment LRH was dead. And it wasn’t against his principles to pay Pat Breoker to disappear, or settle the case with Vicky Aznaran, pay millions of dollars to settle the case with David Mayo, settle with Wollershiem for millions, and pay even greater sums to the IRS. Where were his principles then? The simple truth is Miscavige is a man without principles.

When LRH was most vulnerable and needed Miscavige the most, Miscavige stabbed him in the heart. There was no way he was ever going to let LRH come back. Miscavige’s crimes would have been discovered and he couldn’t let that happen.


And when LRH died, who was there to dominate the entire scene? Yes, you guessed it, Miscavige. The whole thing was an utter miscarriage that only benefited Miscavige. I am not sure how he got away with it.

First there is the evidence that Miscavige boasted he could forge LRH’s signature with ease and  the sudden revision of LRH’s will the day before he died despite the fact that LRH seemed to be incapacitated by then. Then there is Miscavige’s despicable treatment of LRH’s family, greatly reducing the inheritance they were entitled to and the gross disrespect they were shown. Those were not the acts of a decent man. Mary Sue Hubbard got a hundred thousand dollars and each of the three kids got fifty thousand. Are you telling me that LRH’s personal non-Scientology writing fortune was a paltry quarter of a million? That’s not possible. So if you feel cheated by Miscavige, as I do, realize you are in very good company because he cheated the Hubbards too, big time.

Miscavige made sure that all LRH’s money and assets stayed “in the system,” a system utterly controlled by Miscavige and which he used to enrich himself while you and I lived on crumbs or in poverty. And the whole thing stinks of fraud.  Miscavige controlled everything from LRH’s death scene, the entire procedure that followed; the only lawyers involved, the changing of the will, missing parts of the earlier will, the “handling” of LRH’s dependents, even the person chosen and appointed as the executor of LRH’s estate (Norman Starkey –  a 100 percent Miscavige man). Remember, Miscavige was senior to and controlled the Executive Director of Author Services (Norman Starkey) so when he became the executor of LRH’s estate, Miscavige effectively controlled it all.

Author Services were merely the agent for LRH as an author. Miscavige organized it so the agent (and their related corporations) managed to take over their client’s entire fortune and assets, shoving the relatives out of the picture. Talk about the tail wagging the dog. I’m amazed he got away with it. But there is still time, the crime is still ongoing, Miscavige is still drawing down his big fat pay check so perhaps no statute of limitations and there is time for Uncle Sam to wake up and throw Miscavige in jail.


And with LRH gone in 1986, Miscavige completed his leap from lord over external matters to lord over all. And when he ruled over the whole domain do you think he changed tactics? Not one little bit. He used internally, on his own people, ever piece of underhanded skill, every trick, every tactic he’d tested during those years on external lines and then some because that’s all he knew. Being the opposite of Scientology these techniques are of course reverse Scientology, as they are the battle for dominance over the minds  and wills of people to ensure they bend the right way rather than an attempt to set them free.

Being Machiavellian and vicious did not equip Miscavige to be the supreme leader of Scientology, even if you think there should be such a thing as a supreme leader, which I don’t. And for that we’ve all paid a terrible price.

And if he was such a disaster and failure on external lines (Miscavige’s so called area of responsibility) imagine the level of destruction he’s managed to wreck on the rest of Scientology in the last two decades because his pattern of operation certainly has not changed.

Quite in addition to being a roaring SP, I don’t know of a person less qualified to run Scientology. Having set himself up as a one man management band, Miscavige demonstrates no administrative ability to manage orgs. His actions are destructive.

Do you know how easy it is to manage orgs and guide them on the road to expansion?  LRH had a long history of successfully running and managing orgs and taped the whole thing making it as easy as painting by numbers. If an org has registration trouble you carry out LRH ED 236; training problems are solved by running LRH ED 258; if the org is small and starting out or shrunk its LRH’s Org Program No.1; major discrepancies between income and delivery are handled by applicable use of LRH ED 246; an org that is limping along is either out-tech, off-policy or mis-located and there are LRH programs and solutions to solve each. If it’s none of the above you get a program, policy or an evaluation from Exec Strata. Oh I’m sorry, you can’t, Miscavige destroyed the eval corp along with the rest of Exec Strata and management so orgs get no guidance and no evals. Instead orgs that can’t even carry out basic expansion activities are given the suppressive, move-the-mountain target by Miscavige of creating  massive “ideal” orgs with incredibly expensive buildings, many of which are mis-located in their cities because they sit nowhere near body traffic so they are still going to limp along even if the renovations are finished.

It’s ridiculous to think that spending a few weeks in Philly Org or any org, would give anyone the necessary experience and training to manage Scientology. As LRH says it takes years to make a Scientology executive. Miscavige never did the training and he never gained the experience.

Mis-audit & Misapplication

And look at the Golden Age of Tech “Eval” he did and announced to the world with great fanfare. I’m sorry but this is a case of the emperor’s clothes and in this instance the emperor is butt naked, because ANY self respecting evaluator will tell you Miscavige’s eval is hopelessly flawed and would never have passed issue authority in days gone by, except that Miscavige is now issue authority and nobody dare go against him so I guess he can issue whatever he likes. But it still doesn’t make his assessment of the tech scene true or accurate. His “Why” is actually a “SITUATION” so the eval has no “Why.” In fact it is a rather amateur effort, designed more to build his ego than truly handle anything. It’s an act of public relations.

And he has no right whatsoever dabbling with tech. It’s a well known fact that to become an expert in LRH tech you have to place your butt in an academy chair and put in the hours, days, weeks, months, even years sweating through the material and drills. You have to do the hard yards; you can’t just read a few HCOBs and hope to know it. You can’t gain the knowledge and skill through some form of osmosis. Well, I can assure you, Miscavige has not done this training, he’s never done the hard time, not in the last 30 years, ask anyone who knows him or worked with him. How could he have, he loves to tell anyone who will listen how busy and overworked he is. So he does not have the certificates. And no matter who you are, there is one thing you must have in Scientology if you want to work around, deal with or even talk about the tech and that’s certs. When it comes to the tech he who has the highest certificate is boss. Factually, when it comes to the tech Miscavige is junior to most of us. That’s per LRH, not me, I’m just pointing out the obvious fact.

But let me show Miscavige’s devastating influence on our tech another way -- he has turned the No-Interference zone for those on OT VII into a heavy interference area.

In an HCOB on the subject, LRH says:

“Pre-OTs in the area between the beginning of New OT VI (Solo NOTs Auditing Course) and the completion of New OT VII (Solo NOTs) may not receive any other auditing, with the exception of those services allowed in the No-Interference Area (between the start of New OT I and the completion of OT III) for Pre-OTs who are stalled or moving slowly.”

Earlier in the same reference LRH clarifies this by stating: “Pre-OTs progressing well in the No-Interference Area should not be interfered with by Sec Checking or anything else.”

So if you and I can understand this, rather easily, to mean you would only give someone on OT VII a Sec Check if they were in real trouble and it was the appropriate remedy then why can’t Miscavige understand it? Well, what you have to realize is that the enforced Sec Checks every six months for those on OT VII are part of his security perimeter, his early warning system. If anything comes up in those Sec Checks which threatens his world, he gets to hear about it immediately. The money they bring is also badly needed. And for those reasons he blatantly commits gross out tech on Scientologists. And others, who know better, go along with it out of fear or under the misconception that Miscavige has some kind of divine right, or both.

If LRH forbid interfering with Pre-OTs, can you imagine the bypassed charge Miscavige’s actions are creating? The out-tech coupled with the suppression caused by their lives being under a continuous microscope, their every move and every thought questioned suspiciously by the “Thought Police.” I would be amazed if the OT VIIs are any kind of product at all.

But when some portion of LRH’s very robust tech actually does shine through in spite of Miscavige’s misapplications and suppression, guess who’s there to take full credit, prancing in the limelight? You guessed it. But make no mistake the full gains are not being made and many other potential gains lay buried and hidden under a weight of suppression.


You would think that the qualifications inherent in a candidate to lead Scientology would have to include OEC, FEBC and some valid technical certificates, at least Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, and org as well as management experience in which one learned the ropes for both, as a minimum.

Well, Miscavige has none of the above. He’s not an expertly trained administrator, he’s not OEC and FEBC, he has no valid technical certificates, he’s not a trained C/S, has no org experience to speak of and has never successfully managed anything. And his product, or lack of it, and the destruction tell the tale.

Miscavige is in no way qualified or fit to lead.

To oppose him in no way opposes Scientology, quite the opposite.

I have long since gotten over the misconception that Miscavige is fit. I hope you have too.

Written by T. Paine


# Arnie Lerma 2009-11-10 22:28
"Miscavige made sure that all LRH’s money and assets stayed “in the system,” a system utterly controlled by Miscavige and which he used to enrich himself while you and I lived on crumbs or in poverty."

You might want to read the CST IRS filings

http://www.lermanet.com/CST/ (scoll down a bit)

To gain tax exemption for CST, Miscavige brought 500 million dollars of Luxembourg and Lichtenstien SOR money BACK onto the books.

However, there is some evidence that perhaps he did not bring it all back...leaving a large portion off the books..perhaps another 500 million? which as far as I can see, was unreported to the IRS.

The FLB and many other scientology facilities have big mortgages. If you had unreported income of 1/2 billion dollars overseas, you would want to get that dough, right?

Those big mortgages are held by a Geneva, Switzerland mortgage corporation. The director of which happens to be John Carmichael's ex-wife.

What a plan! Buy historic buildings that would be very expensive to remodel, unless of course, you could use slave labor to get it done for very little...then take out a huge mortgage from your own overseas stash of unreported cash!

Who would ever figure this it out?

warmest regards

Arnie Lerma
Lermanet.com Exposing the CON
WE COME BACK for our freinds and family to get them out while they still have their lives.

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