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Monday, 30 May 2011 10:40
Jan Eastgate wearing IAS Freedom Medal

Hours ago Sydney police arrested IAS Freedom Medal Winner and high-ranking Miscavige crony, Jan Eastgate, and charged her with "perverting the course of justice."

The charge comes as consequence of Jan's incredibly vicious coercion of a child to lie to police and community services about the sexual abuse she suffered from her stepfather who was a member of the Church of Scientology.

The 11-year-old victim was Carmen Rainer, who made the allegations against Jan last year. As related to ABC News, "She (Eastgate) kept repeating that: 'Just remember you can't tell them. Don't say yes because otherwise you will be taken away from your parents and you will never see your family again'."

For anyone who doesn't know, Jan Eastgate is the current international president of the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights and a key enabler for the David Miscavige, the man responsible for the subversion of the Church of Scientology.  In April 2010, Jan traveled to Corpus Christie along with a handpicked group of DM suck-ups to stop John Brousseau from leaving the Sea Org.

David Miscavige awarded her the IAS Freedom Medal in 1988, three years after she threatened and intimidated Carmen Rainer to give false statements to police to protect the repute of the Church.

Carmen Rainer's story was corroborated by her mother Phoebe: "Jan Eastgate coached both of us, actually," said Phoebe Rainer to ABC News.

"She came with us to the interview and she basically told me what to say and Carmen what to say. She also told Carmen to lie to the police and I lied to the police as well because of that."

But Carmen's mother Phoebe wasn't the only witness. Carmel Underwood, was there as well. And who is Carmel? Well, she's one of the courageous authors who posted two articles on Scientology-cult.com, the earliest in June of 2009. Carmel Underwood is a freedom fighter who NEVER gave up because she's remained steadfastly loyal to the human race.

At the time of the Jan's perversion of justice, Carmel was a senior Scientology executive Australia. "I knew that Carmen was being coached on what to say to the Department of Community Services and to the police," she said. "So I challenged them on that and we had a bit of an argument and I was told it was none of my business and to get out of there. I didn't want to get out of there because I wanted to stop what was going on but I was escorted out of there."

Jan Eastgate declined to be interviewed at the time the allegations first aired on Lateline. In a later email to ABC's Lateline last year she described the allegations by Carmen and Phoebe Rainer as "egregiously false."

Last night ABC sent another email to Jan, but she did not respond. She was granted conditional bail and asked to surrender her passport. She is due to appear in Downing Centre Court on June 16.

If you are still sitting on the fence, perhaps you ought to consider just who's fence that is and who is sitting next to you?

Sharing a fence with child abusers is not a fence anyone should be resting their ass on.  This is the time to get off the fence and do what is right.







Written by Thoughtful



+5 # Karen#1 2011-05-30 12:46
She is a Psych-buster.
But she could not protect the rights of a child that had been molested.
I have some cognitive dissonance here.
Can protect psychiatric victims but not an 11 year old child ?


My son Alexander Jentzsch had the exact same Church cover up.
A command was installed in his head to never talk about it.
It was never reported to Clearwater PD.


Protect, cover up, lie, hide CRIMES and FELONIES from Law Enforcement at all costs for the "Good PR" of the Church.
Internal Policy for decades.
+2 # Howard Roark 2011-05-31 13:13
A command is installed to "not talk about it" when the individual is under duress, sleep deprived and malnourished. This IS brainwashing. The C of $ is highly trained in this. It is honed to an art on well-intentioned individuals who join the Sea Organization with enthusiasm and end up broken, depraved, empty shells. If you have any doubts about this go down to the Starbucks at 433 Cleveland St in Clearwater, FL in the morning or at lunchtime and look for yourself.
+2 # Fat Freddy 2011-06-01 08:48
"Not to talk about it" is an Implant
Per HCOB Types of Implants. Its the first one on the list given in this HCOB.
It has become a usual thing in the church.
MGMT does not trust their parishioneers and staff. Years ago I had to sign a bond
before I got briefed on a ridicules subject.
The text in this bond was like: You are not allowed to talk about the data given in the briefing, nor about anything happened in the past or future.....
I am not joking....crazy shit.
+2 # Karen#1 2011-05-30 13:08
Jeff Hawkins posted this article on Jan Eastgate one year ago.

Jan Eastgate is not a mere psych-pursuing /
psych busting staff member.

She is a David Miscavige enabler.
When John Brousseau fled INT BASE,
(he was a former Internal Security Officer in RTC )
Jan Eastgate was part of the posse sent out by DM and "Office of COB" to capture him back to the base.

Jan Eastgate was not successful.
John Brousseau is OUT.

+3 # Irony 2011-05-30 13:48
It appears that the senior execs of DM's regime are following in his stead that they can get away with anything as DM thinks he can do himself. There were other pedophiles in the S.O. that were protected in the past and the victims routed out.
+2 # Motti 2011-06-01 14:36
Wonder when DM himself is arrested. Wonder what effect it will have on CoS loyals. Any speculation?
+2 # ΘTater/GaryLerner 2011-05-30 16:07
Can there be any doubt that DM's cronies are criminal (they are in his valence, right?)? Now "protecting" David Miscreant by hiding behind a child?

Not-So-Holy Crap!!

Jan, you're DM toilet brush!
+2 # McGins 2011-05-30 17:49
Do you think DM will now take away Jan's Freedom Medal? ........just askin'
+3 # Thoughtful 2011-05-31 07:09
It will be interesting to see what DM does with Jan Eastgate now. His normal reaction would be to throw her under the bus, ruin her and distance himself by having her disappear into the RPF.
+1 # Zhent 2011-05-30 22:49
Various video media coverage so far:

Today Tonight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEohygNzJbk
ABC Lateline: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Goh0oTC7SyA
Seven Sunrise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyPozDgUSF8
Seven Morning Show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58lkZZF9LpY
# Thoughtful 2011-05-31 06:58
Thanks Zhent — I've updated the article to add these videos. — Steve
+1 # Jack UK 2011-05-31 05:23
If true, this is simply disgusting. Another DMologist who wipes their ass on TWTH; another great advert for Miscavige Tech®. Devastating for those decent folk (Scns & non-Scns) who work their guts out for or with CCHR. Jan, you f'king chump. Disgraceful doesn't begin to cover it. Good luck covering your ass with your "buddies". You could always do the right thing, you know. Seek to live with truth and all. You know, apply Scientology?
+1 # Jack Airey 2011-05-31 05:36
I keep asking myself, how many more children have been molested that the COS has covered up.

Is has become crystal clear to me that the COS is a criminal organization on many levels.

Thoughtful is spot on when he writes, "Sharing a fence with child abusers is not a fence anyone should be resting their ass on. This is the time to get off the fence and do what is right."
-2 # Fat Freddy 2011-05-31 11:53
To hell with her. An E-shock case. What fool has approved her to move onto the OT levels?
+1 # Watchful Navigator 2011-05-31 15:36
Jan Eastgate won't be RPF'd since she's not a Sea Org member - in fact, she is not eligible for the S.O. due to being an illegal pc (former psych patient), and so here is our first clue as to what sort of hooks MisSavage has had in her that may have caused her to sacrifice her integrity for the empty illusion DM holds out as, "your eternity".

Jan's illegal pc status was waived somewhere along the line. Whether it was a result of her participation in this criminal cover-up, is not known - ...yet.

It's also worth noting that DM may well have used or even engineered, Eastgate's power push to take over CCHR in the late 80's, involving a weird PR caper in Mexico effectively taking out Dennis Clarke, an earlier Freedom Medal winner who WAS being effective in speaking out publicly against criminal psychiatry as the CCHR Int President.

Although he had his outpoints (he was criticized by some, for "unrestrained" sexism, or womanizing), Dennis was not subject to control like Eastgate was, and this replacement action suited MisSavage just fine (if not originated by DM himself).

This betrayal weakened Dennis' formerly powerful, always on-source PR actions targeting the criminal psychs, pursuing correct social reform targets and promoting LRH. And so after he re-established himself in Florida, another major third-party campaign began to develop against Dennis, who had a very successful radio show going there, which was carried out by a wealthy group of arrogant DM-bots (criminal reg-types - i.e. "key" contributors) who succeeded eventually in running him out of town.

Since MisSavage didn't want a being out there like Dennis, who had a confront of evil far above the typical Scientologist (but unfortunately an enduring blind spot on what DM was really about), who had such an effective radio program, the destruction was easily accomplished with little-to-no ethics protection for Dennis.

The 3P campaign cost Dennis financial support for the show from local Scientologists.

This was despite - or perhaps because of - the fact that the radio show also played direct LRH in its programming.

Eastgate's CCHR, with notable exceptions such as the CCHR Int Industry of Death museum, typified the wrong-target "attack the drugs" approach which ironically enough, still worked in very well with MisSavage's secret settlement with Eli Lily.

In other words, Eastgate's IAS/DM-backed campaigns attacking the drugs had Eli Lily against the wall (all while leaving criminal psychs unmolested and growing in influence) so that DM could squeeze a secret settlement out of Eli Lily for "the church" (himself). Eli Lily, who now had a formidable army of criminal psychs prescribing for them in volume, was able to rapidly recover their settlement losses, with the public awareness campaign exposing prozac murder-suicides effectively muzzled.

Dennis on the other hand, would not let up on the criminal psychs nor Eli Lily.
Dennis uncovered key, unsuspected links between the Reed Slatkin (Earthlink) ponzi scandal, and global SPs George Soros and Mitch Daniels (Eli Lily) as initial backers.

So I think DM has been scared of Dennis a long time - and still is. MisSavage publicly defined power as "how many people will listen to you". Dennis has had quite a few key Scientologists on his lines. Far more than MisSavage could possibly be comfortable with.

Dennis, who is currently PTS and recovering from a stroke, has not awoken to the betrayal that MisSavage covertly wreaked on his universe just yet, but he almost certainly will soon enough. And when he does he will rescue quite a number of key opinion leaders that Dennis has over the years led to think for themselves, out of the grasp of MisSavage's insanity and pointed to the only true spiritual freedom: that which is based in honesty and personal integrity.

Dennis only needs to spot and bring to view, the major SP behind his string of attackers.

Because after all, David Miscavige, George Soros, and Mitch Daniels, while not apparently in communication or coordination, are yet united in their assumed roles of wreaking destruction on the human race.

Eastgate's criminality here is just the first string to pull.

It's great to see Eastgate get served with justice. It's a horrible shame to have to witness the society having to step in and do this for having ethics far superior to DM's criminal enterprises.

We must all work to restore pride and honor to LRH's legacy of Scientology - separated from the corporate takeover and MisSavage's horrible corruption of it.
+1 # RJ 2011-05-31 17:14
Wow WN,

I had no idea this was the background music being played during my short tenure at CCHR Int.

Now I see that Dennis Clarke like Thomas Szasz was being phased out and replaced.

The former by Jan Eastgate and the latter by Bruce Wiseman (who knows as much about the History of Psychiatry as Tom Cruise) both being groomed to take over CCHR and eliminate anyone who was effectively handling Psychiatry which basically what happened.

As they began to claim many of the staff were "unqualified" for having received Psychiatric treatment and others like myself and Bob Kosal my C/S were considered supernumerary because since there were no longer any psyche cases or illegal PCs on board the staff could now get auditing at the Org.

Me at the time since I was just a lowly auditor had no idea of the politics that was going on then but I do remember that there was actually a Black Propaganda as black as the ace of spades campaign going on against Dennis that was originated by a couple of Sea Org members who were supposedly "in the know" which I found kind of odd since at that time he was still considered the President of CCHR.

Another thing I found odd was that Tanya Balboa as ED with the help of many of these former psyche cases had shut down the vast criminal conspiracy known as "National Medical Enterprises".

Yet even though we as in CCHR Int got broad national coverage of this in the media. There was never a mention of this major win internally.

In fact it was all about Jan Eastgate and Chemsford a small psychiatric hospital in Australia.

I wondered wtf was going on?

Until I read your post and an earlier post that said that Jan was a shock case.

A shock case!

Who hypocritically terminated good CCHR Int staff who merely talked to a psychiatrist!

Who happened to be a FOD!

A Friend of Dave who should been awarded the Joseph Stalin Memorial award by SMERSH instead of the Freedom Medal.
+1 # Watchful Navigator 2011-05-31 21:23
Wow RJ - great to have that exchange of viewpoint.

And your data is equally appreciated as more pieces of the puzzle snap together. I had no idea you were CCHR, but it makes sense that one with confront and interest on the 4D would be working on that line.

Which brings me to another observation. Jerry Boswell is another high-toned, high-confront being and Freedom Medal winner. He was instrumental once upon a time, in blowing the whistle on really squirrel seminars in the area back in the day. I wonder if he's looking on the PT activity in his own org and not at least wrinkling a forehead at the current squirreling of the tech, as well as probably by now, working on his own solo VII.

So, there is another example of an extremely well-connected Opinion Leader who is going to lead a massive exodus to freedom when he's decided he's had enough of violating his own integrity.

You're right, that Bruce Wiseman, hard-working as he is, is comparatively tame and shows no signs of waking up to all this. But you never know...

CCHR folks have that exciting potential. Their confront of evil is sharpened by their line of work. But they also enjoy good treatment, are awarded org auditing, and get relative independence from the Int Management insanity being channeled into orgs. And they get to take their frustrations out on plenty of correct and worthy targets.

So be really, really careful Davey, what you do in that area. It could up and hit you in the face. CCHR staff have Internet! And they already have SMERSH partially mapped out. They are within a mouse click of getting the full picture. Better clamp down, buddy!
+1 # RJ 2011-06-01 14:34

Unfortunately Jan Eastgate got rid of any effective staff at CCHR Int.

(Remind you of anyone?)

And basically turned it into a regging pool, very similar to that pool of sharks you see in Thunderball :)

I know Bruce Wiseman.

The guy as far as I'm concerned is a total Neocon who had totally bought into the PNAC BS.

It was Jan Eastgate's "new and improved" CCHR Int that came up with the idiotic conspiracy theory that it was Psychiatry that caused 911.

Had nothing to do with the Government's insane foreign policy and constant meddling in the area.

Nothing to do with CIA funding and arming the Mujahideen in Afghanistan who next to the Soviets considered us their mortal enemy.

Ya know the "Great Satan"?

Or any other of the complex dynamics involved in terrorism.

No it was because OBL's second in Command was a "Psychiatrist"!

When in fact he was a medical doctor.

Yes there are many ills in the world that psychiatry *is* directly responsible for but 911 is not one of them.

However this is just one example of what is left of CCHR's "investigative" skills after the purge.

Published in Freedom shortly before it became Miscavige's personal house organ and propaganda mill.

Now they don't do any investigations at all because they already "know" as in assume like their false leader Ernst Blofeld Miscavige the man from SPECTRE.
+1 # Thoughtful 2011-06-01 16:20
Wow, this is a fascinating thread in the comment section. Jan Eastgate, DM clone-bot, wiped out CCHR of all it's decent staff ala, "an SP gets rid of good staff."
# RJ 2011-06-02 22:22
Exactly Big T :)

Right on the money:

"an SP gets rid of good staff."

That's what I thought of Jan Eastgate when she did her purge at CCHR.

Man this chick's suppressive!

Of course you weren't allowed to think those thoughts in the squirrel group 'cause she was a "good hat".

Yeah right.

Good hats don't cover up for pedophiles.
+1 # Howard Roark 2011-05-31 17:33
Good comment watchful.

I knew Dennis back in the day and thought highly of him.
+1 # Misha 2011-05-31 22:02
The main point for me here is that once again the PRODUCTION is stopped (this time in the area of CCHR) and VFP of that segment of Scientology is shot to hell. All due to DM-think which is a double-think, perverted dynamics think based on great many different justifications, all of them being diametrically opposite to Scientology. Other Independents also picked that up on the paralyzing effect of DM on production and that is how we ended up with a seemingly extreneous string on Dennis Clarke and others who could possibly produce but they are incapacitated by the same SP that is killing Scientology all over the world this very second: DM. I hate that idiot.
+1 # tania 2011-06-01 14:09
My husband, my child, and I went into a prominent CCHR the other day and couldn't believe it !
One person there and that's all. ONE. Just one !

And when we asked what happened to the rest, as we assumed with all the scientologists around town, that there would be many more on staff or at least volunteering, we were given a VERY dirty look. I mentioned that I was concerned and might like to put in a bit of volunteer time. Then the weirdest thing happened. This lady, or should I say - circuit/robot/program software- imediately took out some peculiar "volunteer application form"
and wanted me and all my family to fill this thing out. Info like ss#, car vin #, Driver licence #, car plate # was asked for, along with all kinds of other non sequitor data. I said I simply might want to VOLUNTEER, you know, where I didn't get paid money, or use the company vehicle or any thing like that. She said all this info would be "needed" and this came from up lines in the church. I said no, as did my husband, and I certainly wasn't going to let my kid fill out any of this garbage. I said I could simply be willing to help out now, for a couple of hours, and my husband too, as we were both concerned about the lack of bodies in the building and how any real psych busting could be accomplished.

She then looked VERY seriously worried, as if the 3 of us were all criminals just escaped from Alcatraz. My husband tried to tell her that we're all scientologists and we should be able to TRUST each other, being from the same church for so many years and all. I gave names of several staff we knew, and she could simply call and make some reference requests about us to the org. I added that she could supervise and watch us if she had any concerns. She immediately got even more solid and said if we wanted to stay in the building that we had to fill in the forms (even my kid) right now. And then we'd have to leave and wait until uplines "approval". And only then would we be notified if we could be "allowed" to come back and volunteer. My husband and I could not belive it. We got up and left. On our way out the lady gave us a very rotten look, and picked up the phone, as if to talk to someone about this.

No wonder there was no one else there !

"Church of Paranoidology" seems to be the proper name.
+1 # Thoughtful 2011-06-01 16:26
tania, What CCHR was that with just one staff member left? What a loony, loony, loony, loony, LOONY reaction to the "help" button! As LRH said, "help" becomes "betrayal" in the aberrated person. It's also right out of the SP characteristics: "11. Helping others is an activity which drives the Anti-Social Personality nearly berserk. Activities, however, which destroy in the name of help are closely supported." - LRH
+2 # John Q 2011-06-15 17:14
Analogy - Lady driver sees smoke coming out of hood of car and pulls over. It's a bad neighborhood, and thugs with their pants half way down their butts are staring and slowly walking over like a pack of hyenas. The driver "sees" nothing wrong with this scenario, and continues looking at the smoke but not really knowing what the cause of it is.

Another driver stops and gets out to help. He quickly analyzes the problem and concludes it's a loose radiator hose and starts to fasten it back on for her and tells her he's got a water bottle full of water in his car and will fill her radiator back up and she can quickly be out of this mess and on her way. But she then says - "hey wait. I don't really know you... I'd like you to fill out this form for me..." and she pulls out a "Roadside Volunteer Information form" with all kinds of personal information for him to submit.

He can't believe she came up with this origination, but then notices she has a Scientology logo on her vehicle, and lets her know its OK, as he is also a Scientologist. He lets her know he's had plenty of training and auditing, what his case level is, and even takes out his IAS card to show her to put her at ease. She stares at him coldly and replies - " I got that. I'm a Scientologist too. But sir, I'll still need you to fill out the form... if you wish to help me ..." He then tells her this whole thing seems pretty abberated as she doesn't bat an eyelash at the type of neighborhood she's in or its questionable inhabitants, yet she appears quite suspicious of him and requests special info from a fellow Scientologist. She then gives him a very cross look and tells him she'll need the form filled out and hands it to him. And she adds that it's common church "procedure" now.

He then hands it right back and tells her he doesn't need this garbage just to help her for 5 minutes so she can be on her way out of this bad neighborhood. She asks if he's a racist, or a criminal with withholds. He says no, just someone with a clear view of things and a will to help another. He shakes his head and walks away, leaving her to her own devices. As he drives off, she loudly requests his last name (so she can report him to HCO). He drives off with no response so she tries to get his plate #.

As the thugs smile and move in ...

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