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Thursday, 22 July 2010 09:16

is-50x167Following our first annual Independent's Day celebration at Mike's house in Florida, Mike went to Australia for this eye-opening interview in two parts on Today/Tonight. Host Bryan Seymore who refused to be intimidated by mercenary videographers hired by the Church of Scientology.

Discussed are varioius crimes of David Miscavige including Miscavige's violation of fiduciary trust, his outrageous narcissistic promotion of himself as the "pope" of Scientology, Miscavige's misuse of money (embezzlement), his "unnaturally extremely close" relationship with Tom Cruise and more. 

Here is part 1:


Here is part 2:


Marty's comments (from his blog)

I just read the 12 page response signed by Tommy Davis. It indicates that Mike Rinder has David Miscavige rolling the marbles. It is the biggest crock of unadulterated bullshit they have produced to date. Notice the Miscavige propaganda, now referring to the Church as something LRH “inspired.” He’s clearly positioning the church as a creation of Miscavige. Well, it is accurate as far as the black dianetics it peddles day in and day out now. But, I noticed – they are steadily writing LRH out of the church’s history. Aside from the barrage of FALSE statistics, notice what statistic they are citing. 10 of the 12 pages are about PROPITIATION/PUBLIC RELATIONS programs the chuch is allegedly running. Very little about the church itself. The letter is very telling, it describes a PR outfit covering for the very activity Mike Rinder so articulately described.



# Misha 2010-07-22 04:40
Justice is going in! It is a natural phenomenon and a monumental development. DM is a part of all kinds of third dynamics and the 4th dynamic that are putting his ethics in with Mike's and all our help.

I loved the professionalism of this program. Mike did an excellent job. However, I wish he'd drive a bigger wedge between Scientology and DM's Church of Scientology and pumped up Scientology a little more.
# T Paine 2010-07-22 12:17

Mike did just that by superbly answering a long list of well constructed questions over interviews that lasted some hours. His answers left no doubt about the who for Scientology's troubles. The problem, if you can call it that, came about when the producers had to edit hours of footage down to eleven minutes or so. All in all I think they did a good job.

Hopefully the TV station now uses the rest of the footage and airs a full length show dedicated to this subject. I had the honour to sit and observe these interviews in Oz and I tell you, if they would just play them back as they are with minimal editing they would have a fantastic show and a great deal of truth would finally be told.

+1 # Paul Adams 2010-07-22 08:23
If Mike Rinder wants to finally tell a great deal of truth, there is nothing stopping him. He can write it all out and Marty or Steve would happily publish it on their blogs. Or he can sit in front of a camcorder and talk to his heart's content and put it all on YouTube.

There is *nothing* really stopping him repeating what he said to Bryan Seymour, is there? And saying lots of other stuff too. In fact it would be a great idea to document what he can in that way ASAP, just in case he accidentally cuts his throat shaving or something.

I understand he may be restricted in what he can say if there is some police investigation going on, but you said he had a lot to say to Bryan so there is obviously a lot of material he is able to detail. He could even go on some Indy's radio show and be interviewed there and have people call in. There is certainly no shortage of internet media outlets these days.

+2 # Thoughtful 2010-07-22 14:40
Hey Paul, I had the same idea and have written to Mike. We'll see what he thinks. Scientology-cult is currently #1 for it's search term of "scientology cult" out of 6.4 million search results. The next mountain to climb is "scientology" itself. We are currently within the top ten pages of Google and continuing to gain ground.

We have actually become our own media source.
# Misha 2010-07-22 13:47
I got it now, Haydn, thank you for clarifying.
+1 # George 2010-07-22 12:04
It would be interesting to have this 12 page response, signed by Tommy Davis available for download. Then each of us can make up has his/her own mind about it (not that I doubt that it is BS but the best is to have one's own viewpoint).
# George 2010-07-22 14:18
Sorry folks - but I'm the best person to answer this (my very own) question/suggestion. At the very end of the 2nd video it says where to find Scientology's response (i.e. the 12-page reply from Tommy Davis). For whatever reason I didn't find it immediately on the TV station's website so below is the link for those who want to read it and didn't find it:


I shouldn't end without saying that I agree with Marty's summary. I think it is spot on. The first 10 pages are actually sleep-inducing boring "event style" hype - very verbose, no meat to it, hot air. Then come 2 pages of "Stats" - not real stats but bragging "claims".

Actually, Tommy Davis, thank you - for at least you gave a few numbers. For so many I personally KNOW them to be false (in the meaning of "I've PERSONALLY SEEN them to be different).

I just happen to have a strong interest in exposing and documenting that Fraud is committed intentionally by DM & Co. (I prefer this abbreviation over your so very humble - is it boot licking? - long version, namely: "... ecclesiastical leader of the religion, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center (RTC), Mr. David Miscavige").

My first attempt is on this site and is called "83% Whopper".


Yes, I do continue along this line - thanks for asking.

My intention is to expose this fraud based on C of M data so public, staff and SO can and will look at it. So, thanks for a few more and so many repeated "numbers".

# Thoughtful 2010-07-22 14:37
If anyone has any trouble using the links, just copy them into your browser and remove the space. For some reason, my comment client inserts a space in long links.
# Paul Adams 2010-07-22 17:13
Great, thanks Haydn. I would be very interested in what Mike has to say about the idea. I would be more interested in him just doing it, of course, but I'll take what I can get.

+1 # JLSeagull 2010-07-23 01:28
To some of us here in Australia it was a good sign that Mike Rinder had the courage to speak his mind.

From his interview it was plain to see that Mike Rinder did care about the future of Scientology while working within the Church and continues to do so now.

Mike Rinder has pointed a finger at himself for having been drawn into abuse of others while now trying to get things corrected. How more responsible can he be?

If every person who had knowledge of crimes committed went public or went to the authorities then people like Mike would not be expected to do more.

There are many many 'exes' who don't post anywhere but still carry the hope that the Churches get corrected. These people are watching events and who is saying what.

If Mike Rinder has success in his attempts to correct things then maybe others will come out of the woodwork. Or maybe others will realise
that their own tacit agreement about things "done" or those deeds of their own they are "not so proud of" is no reason to sit back and watch Mike Rinder with a critical eye.

So good on ya Mike Rinder.

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