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Saturday, 13 February 2010 01:05

Special thanks goes to Tommy Davis for leaving the Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter designs laying around. It's only natural he would make mistakes. ~ FreeSpirit

Hello to all Independent Scientologists.

Maybe you’ve heard rumors of a new e-meter. Here is the story.

During the evolution to create the Mark Super VII Quantum, the idea began to create a new E-meter using digital technology. In 2000 a project was launched to get this going.

mark-viii-emeter-14Some of the goals for this new design included,

1) Make it cost 1/10 of the current Quantum Mark Super VII to produce.

2) Vastly upgrade/improve the existing design which is somewhat heavy and clunky with its snap-on shield.

3) Give it at least ten times the precision of the current E-Meter as far as the reads and F/Ns are concerned.

4) Set the retail price under $1,000.

5) Make it possible to update its software via the Internet like an iPod so sending in the meter every two years for a new “Silver Certificate” are unnecessary.

mark-viii-emeter-106) Include a set of high-tech ultra-light cans with an open top so the preclear’s hands do not sweat while in session (responsible for creating false TA).

7) Would include a newly re-designed Remote Tone Arm.

8) Would include newly re-designed light-weight spacers for solo auditing.

9) Make it so that the meter could also digitally record and play back reads.

10) Ergonomics of the meter case were redesigned and upgraded to make it more comfortable to use with smoother and less distracting (to the pc) operation.

To push this project through to completion, Miscavige brought in CST executives who had proven themselves among the most capable of all Sea Org members for tasks that required highly technical electronic or manufacturing science or engineering.

This was in fact the same crew members who had created the,

  • Church’s new clamshell CD's binders (not that CDs are even needed, since there is no reason except profit that the world can’t download LRH tech like iTunes),
  • Preservation archive of the LRH Tech (including acid-free archival paper and ink made of hyper-durable linen and flax fibers tested to last ten thousand years; all written materials re-produced as stainless steel metal plates encased in titanium cases, sealed in nitrogen, encased in flame resistant covers, buried in underground vaults; plus phonographic discs made of pure nickel, of LRH’s recorded lectures which can play back using a solar-powered amplifier; plus much more)
  • Design of the CD player and amplifier,
  • All the new gadgetry that DM wanted for Super Power delivery (not that any of this was actually needed, since LRH basically created the Super Power Rundown in 1978 -- long before any of his gadgets even existed! DM needed and still does need an excuse as to why, since 1978, Super Power has not been released).

mark-viii-emeter-12That crew included,
Russ Bellin – CO CST
Tom Vorm – D/CO Prod CST
Tom Willis – Dir R&D CST
Michele Wheelis – O/O CST
Bert Trussell – Int Project 3rd CST
Reiko Abo Morrison – private pro designer

After nearly two years of very hard work, research and very little sleep (2002), this CST team developed the final product called the "New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter."  Getting there required hundreds of prototypes, designed, produced, and tested by auditors at the Int base.

Notwithstanding the fact that nearly everyone receiving auditing at the Int base were receiving DM’s personal executive C/Sing (grossly out tech per LRH), the tests using the E-meters themselves were deemed a resounding success. HGC auditors at the Int base promptly refused to use any other meter. (2002)

It is also of interest that during those two years several “flaps” came to light at the Int base. 1) The Silver Certificate requirements were completely unnecessary, but were a primary income source to Gold... a cash cow. So have been allowed to continue. 2) The Quantum was grossly overpriced. But again, at $4,000 the money was too good to pass up.

The performance of this new E-meter was so advanced that DM decided to give a prototype to his “best friend forever” Tom Cruise so Tom could use it for his solo auditing. (2002)

mark-viii-emeter-11The guts of every Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter in use by Flag auditors were secretly swapped out for the electronics of the Mark VIIIs. Ever since, Flag auditors have been using Mark VIIIs in the Mark VII shell.

The final product was finalized and produced... not at Golden Era Productions but in Japan to cut production cost and improve profitability (2004). 

Over 20,000 of the New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meters were manufactured (all with silver color) and shipped to the United States where they have been sitting in Bridge Publications warehouse since 2004.

Six years after the final production of those New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meters, they still sit on the shelf.

And what happened to those top-notch SO members after DM got what he wanted? He crushed their creativity and integrity and send them all into the SP hall. None of them survived on their post and all have been suppressed in the extreme.

mark-viii-emeter-13Throughout 2003, DM extolled the primary virtue of his “grand marketing plan” to re-release all the books and materials as the Golden Age of Knowledge, including the “Basics,” “Congresses” and “ACC lectures”... culminating in the release of the new Mark VIII. The primary virtue was how to maximize profits and how to milk each release for all it was worth.

Miscavige has not released his great new Mark VIII meter but instead has continued selling the Quantum for roughly $4000 each (way over priced) for the same reason he hasn’t released Super Power since 1978, or even completed his empty Super Power cathedral (even though he broke ground in 1998 -- twelve years ago). Most importantly, he hasn’t released the actual OT Levels (yet he launched the Freewinds in 1986 expressly for that purpose). Obviously there is a pattern here.

mark-viii-emeter-15It seems that DM is going for the money with the current Mark Super VII E-Meter sold to public for over $4000. If he was not he would have released the Ultra Mark VIII a long time ago.

Written by FreeSpirit




+1 # Wallflower 2010-02-13 10:12
There's an app for that. And, less than $200 (US)
+4 # Luana 2010-02-13 10:30
I am sad to know that the e-meters were 4 x overcharged. I had met people from Spain who were auditing, and could not afford the e-meter certification. I had to let them use mine. This proves that money is above every thing. If there was really an intention to clear the planet, the e-meter would have an realistic price based on costs to produce it.
# John Doe 2010-02-13 16:37
Thanks SO much for this article. It's an area I've heard rumors about, and the answers here are very complete.

Except...ya know...one thing that hasn't been discussed is: is the meter accurate? Who can we trust to say the meter is up to LRH standards?
-2 # L 2010-02-13 17:20
I first came across the Mark VIII in 2007:

Here's another curious piece of e-meter history (warning--colorful language):
It seems that for twenty years (1981-2001), Frank Zurn, one-time President of Applied Scholastics and self-proclaimed Nazi*, was the assignee on an e-meter patent. I wonder why.

[*That's what he once said to me. Frank was the guy who wrote and enforced the non-LRH policy that extorted 10% of your GI if you were a Scio running a private school. Pay or no bridge was Frank's way.]

Look for Davy's new Ultra coming soon to an event near you. $5K, IAS.
+3 # thought provoking 2010-02-13 17:41
It's funny that non Scientologists often can spot the profitability factor way before Scientologists. I guess that's because they are extroverted from the church and the
ka-ching can be heard clearly as you drive by the orgs.

The whole preservation of the tech project is phenomenal! I went on the tour during an APS convention and was completely blown out. Just curious...who funded that?
# RJ 2010-02-13 22:36
Actually some auditors I've talked to including myself prefer the Mk VI or even the V over the VII and Quantum which both have problems with the needle itself not having enough weight and therefore momentum to sustain an F/N for any length of time. Also they are severely affected by static discharge from the glass over the dial that they "audit" themselves and continue to give a false R/S even when unplugged!

(I believe Ron talks about having a meter that can be too sensitive in the original E-meter books)

Personally, I can't imagine the Mk Ultra (how appropiate, for what the Church has become!) being that much of an improvement over the original wheatstone bridge design.

First, you want a meter that is rugged and works well under any operating circumstances.

Secondly, it has to be portable.

Thirdly and most importantly it has to measure the mental responses of the preclear and not the electromagnetic fluctuations of the next Galaxy!

Also $4000.00 for all of this is just way too much money! Even at just under a grand is way too much!

Especially when you can get an automotive voltmeter which if tuned up can do basically the same thing for under 200 bucks!

Which I'm sure is the last thing Miscavige's enthralled and entranced public who seem to be hung up on the "newest and the latest" would like to read.

Me I'll stick with what works and my Mk VI works fine for me.
# Boyd H 2010-02-14 15:52
For me the big fat problem here is Miscavige is insisting people use the closed top cans knowing it creates false TA for the last 8 years. I assume the open-top cans were developed in 2002 along with the rest of it.

"3) Give it at least ten times the precision of the current E-Meter as far as the reads and F/Ns are concerned."

What does that actually mean? It's a needle on the same old dial. 1/10th of the instant reads were caught by auditors before this or what? Seems impossible. Is this something different than sensitivity setting? How different could the needle possibly look like with this new setup? Maybe there's lots more to it if people at Int love it but then where's it been all this time, on an 8 year pilot?

Also this read playback option doesn't seem like it'd be a good thing. If you provide a permanent crutch it makes it so skill level doesn't have to come up to par, and playing it back in session takes attention off the pc. I doubt Class VIII's and LRH have had a handicap this whole time is all. They never needed playback. I'm guessing playback is to confirm same-sized-read?
-1 # Ron Minor 2010-02-14 22:34
It’s all about the money.

I wonder how it will be explained to the current GAOT auditors that these new meters have been available for many years now but withheld from them because the marketing time wasn’t right.

For the few maybe this will help them to see the light (finally), for the others it will be just another (you name it) age of tech. (my guess it would be marketed as a new High Definition Meter)
# Guest 2010-02-14 23:50
My guess is that the playback option would be for qual.
-1 # ramonkhessel 2010-02-14 23:56
Sometime when you have time,
Take a walk and play a game,
It's a question and answer,
Between you and the world,
That you've always almost played,
Locate an item and ask it's function,
And like clockwork listen if you want to learn something,
Find something else and ask the same thing,
Now repeat this over and over and over again,
And as the world changes form you'll see,
That form is incidental,
It's only that it happens to perform functions,
And that's what let's it be.
-2 # ramonkhessel 2010-02-14 23:58
Q) What's something you can do?

A) Umm... I can speak.

Q) How about something else?

A) Well, I guess I can eat.

Q) Again, what's something else you can do?

A) I can talk. I could probably ramble for hours and hours while taking a walk.

Q) And again, if you had to come up with something else what would it be?

A) That I can remember a dream I had once when I was three.
-1 # ramonkhessel 2010-02-18 04:02
Take a rectangle,
Make it gray,
And change your perspective,
Look from low,
To see it high,
Now multiply it to create others,
Vary their size,
Give them space and dimension,
Now move up above to see below,
And plot their locations,
Duplicate all this with random variation,
And place them side by side,
Joined in combination,
Fill all the bottom space,
To join the bases together,
Make blue the up above,
And a circle of brightness,
At it's center.

"How To Make A City"
# Lotus Miyamoto 2010-02-18 20:02
This is horrible! I am so shocked that I am speechless.
# Guest 2010-03-07 03:23
The new e-meter is manufactured for NPI, a Columbus, OH company, by a company in China. NPI sells the e-meter to the Church.
# Guest 2010-06-02 23:03
Emeter are vastly overrated. There are many models in the Freezone, reasonably priced, and work better than the church cash cows. In particular, the russian meters use missile chip technology.
+1 # angel 2012-03-12 10:29
The following is a fact, observable by hundreds of hours of being audited and also delivering auditing : The new E meters have a LOUSY distraction in that the e - meter "Shield" is a joke. It barely shields anything. The PC can and does see a great many things that end up being an obvious distraction. (I would, with no effort at all, see at least half of what the auditor wrote in the worksheets, what color of pen, if a read was marked or not, if my words were written down, etc.)

I percieve it to be a nifty preppy item that DM himself came up with. Just take off the little cover and use it as a "shield". Can't even put a book on it(for PC viewing a reference) without it falling off. What a joke !!!

Let's PLEEEEEESE get back to the original wide wooden shield that really was a shield, and the auditor could use to also show several references to the PC on.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see what I'm saying here. Just someone with a little experience, and who is not a robot.
# Ralph Hilton 2013-05-05 12:36
Just one correction and clarification. I wrote the original issue on silver certing. It was an excuse to recall thousands of meters that contained substandard components. Given the quality of meter components at that time silver certing was needed in my opinion.
Also to answer RJ,I use a much lighter needle than the CofS in my meters and they show F/Ns much more clearly.
# George Philip 2014-02-16 08:41
Well, I have always been using the Mark V that LRH used in the good old days at AOSHUK and never needed any next.
# Jesse St.James 2014-08-23 19:00
I've been on OT7 now a while and when the Mk 8 came out Flag had this big push to sell everyone an 8. The Mk 7 was suddenly "old hat". It was insinuated one couldn't finish OT 7 without a new MK8 as one now had to do an "upgrade" Solo course which could only be done with the new MK8-(which you personally owned! I understand that criteria has since been dropped.) Suddenly the 7s went from "OK as a backup" to "we won't silver cert them after Nov. 2014.

Needless to say, "Me thinks I protested to much" but I did escape my last refresher without purchasing one although I had to take on half the Org. to do it! So I got back to L.A. and ran into the same hard sell. Some nice guy from Pubs. or whatever it's called now even lent me one for a month.

I'm a trained auditor out of the old days but with almost 0 hours in the chair. My sum total experience has been Soloing. The 8 is noticeably different but I couldn't say better. The needle doesn't "wander" as much. It seems to read, F/N, or just sit there. I have to use wrist straps, always an issue, but with the 8 more so. Sometimes I would get ticks exactly matching my heart beat both on cans and straps with a proper sensitivity set. The F/Ns seemed to be slower than I was accustomed to seeing but other than that I just couldn't tell a difference.

Now that could just be me so I talked to a staff member who has been on the level along time and has use of an 8 all day when auditing others. Response, "Well yea I like it. It's like this. I got a Toyota and it gets me where I need to go in auditing. I'm not buying a Maserati." That person recently completed 7 so I guess it is now a mute point to them.

So there is one man's opinion. At Flag I heard mixed reviews from others on OT7. One thought it was, "absolutely saving my bacon on the level", 3 thought it would make a noticeable difference, 8-10 couldn't tell a difference.

In 3 weeks I will no doubt get to revisit the subject on my upcoming refresher. I've noticed being right doesn't necessarily mean you win. Let you know how it turns out.

Sorry, but you do not have the right to post comments.

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