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Friday, 30 September 2011 23:45
by Outside the Box

It’s worth commenting here, since I did work under Hubbard, not directly (not in the same room) but close enough to get a sense of the man, for over ten years.

Hubbard, was, if anything, a man. He was not a god, and he certainly is not, was not, this image of perfection, this pure crystal which David Miscavige and his PR machine have elevated him to – within the church of Scientology.

Hubbard was brilliant. He was a genius for his scientific and philosophical work in the field of the mind and the human spirit. Was he the greatest man that ever lived? Was he a perfect personality with no character imperfections?  Come on - who cares and why even push people's buttons by trying to make him look like another Jesus!

Hubbard was real. I worked under his direction for ten years. He showed real emotion. He admired people, he praised good work, and he got pissed when things went over the cliff. Like I said, he was a real man.  In spite of the divine image created by the church in the past decade or two, Hubbard would have abhorred what they have done with his name. He would have said, “For Christ sake, tone it down a bit guys.”  Hubbard didn’t have a perfect past. In fact, his wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, ran into a serious legal hassle back in the 1970s because of her involvement with undercover work against a US agency, which went off the rails. But, Mary Sue Hubbard was also probably the strongest anchor in L. Ron Hubbard’s camp during the 1950s and 1960s, and she was absolutely instrumental in helping him to develop the philosophical material called Scientology. Was she remembered for this? No! David Miscavige and his camp, in an effort to wipe Hubbard’s life “clean” and make sure that nothing blotted his “perfect” image, have all but wiped away Mary Sue Hubbard’s name and face from the Scientology books.  Go into any Scientology organization today, where typically speaking they maintain an honorary office for Hubbard, and you will not find photos in most, of his wife.  They used to be there – but no more, because Miscavige has carefully Ajaxed her out of Hubbard’s past, as if she was someone that could embarrass or taint the man’s image. There are even taped lectures, where Hubbard spoke about his wife, which have been edited by Miscavige to remove that commentary.  How revolting!  It’s hardly unbelievable that Hubbard was not aware of his own wife’s activities, in her work to defend him and the Scientology movement back in the 1970s when she and some of her staff stepped over the line, apparently, and broke the law. Let’s be real – he lived with her.  In her defense, and Hubbard’s, what good wife wouldn’t go the distance for her husband, especially when the US government at that time was trying to blot-out Scientology? Not that breaking the law is justifiable, but the point being that Miscavige and his ilk have tried to wipe her existence away from the history books of Scientology. Sad.

The truth is that Hubbard was a great man because he spent some 50 years of his life, carefully looking into mental and spiritual phenomena, wrote books and lectured about his researches and in the end, he helped to open people’s eyes to doors which they could neither see, or previously seemed closed to them. We don’t, as a practice, unless you’ve got nothing worthwhile to do in your life, go around questioning the laws of Newton, or Einstein, or the developments brought about by Alexander Bell or other great minds, just because they had a falling out with their secretary at the time, or they had a mistress or they were Catholic. So Hubbard’s personal life means nothing to anyone, except to people who aren’t sincerely interested in pushing the envelope on their own spiritual enlightenment, but would rather waste everyone’s time by publishing garbage about a man who simply researched and did what he did, to help other people.

Was Hubbard rich? Probably – I mean, he wrote a zillion words in books and tapes.  Did he start Scientology as a religion to make money? Goofy – and the only people who EVER ask that question, or perpetuate that idea, are people who have never bothered to really find out about the merits of studying the subject of Scientology. Whether Scientology should be classified as a religion or not, is really a question about protecting a philosophical movement under the blanket of religiosity – not money. Because the fact is that had they not given Scientology a “religious” spin at the time, the US government would have crapped all over it because various agencies therein, were not interested in a movement of this kind, one which opened up people’s minds, during a period when McCarthyism was busily instilling fear and prejudice into a nation in order to infuse the flames of the Cold War. It is so easy to be an armchair critic. One can easily find like-minded people, who, having nothing particularly positive to offer the rest of society, and who can sit around the campfire and complain about a man who actually DID something.

I worked under this man for a decade. He was true to his word, he did what he wrote. Whether he was the best Eagle Scout in America, or flew planes through barns in the 30’s is about as relevant as “who was on second base during the 5th inning of the baseball game between…?  I mean, who cares.  We don’t challenge the Law of Gravity and Newton’s theories because he had some shady personal issues. Gravity works, and the Law is true. The same goes for Hubbard.

If you want to know the truth about Hubbard, don’t listen to the Church hyperbole about this man because they’ve really gone beyond the beyond, and even Hubbard would gag at it. Go read his books, listen to a few of his recorded lectures, and try the stuff out. Then you can respect him for who he actually was and what his works offer you in terms of personal benefits.



# linda mcginley 2011-10-01 18:15
I was in the LRH Comm network in the mid to late 70's and the cooked up LRH biography was already in the making so it couldn't have been Miscavige who started that. Do you have any idea how/who started the white washing of LRH's life?
# OTB 2011-10-02 01:42
Not sure who would know back then. Maybe Ken Urquhart since he was Pers Comm, he might know who was doing what then.
# linda mcginley 2011-10-03 15:44
Good idea about asking Urq about this. No fight from me about the value of LRH's body of work no matter the truth/content of his personal life! Just sayin' ya can't pin all of this on Miscavige. Not lookin' to defend Miscavige, just curious about where all this manufacturing of LRH's life started and why.
# Li Po 2011-10-03 12:12
It could well be, for sure. Does it invalidate this man's work? He made some errors, but he made some giant work!
# JEWEL 2011-10-06 01:55
Hi Linda,
Totally off topic here but...For some reason I think I know you because your name is familar. Were you ever posted at SFO or around SFO in the 70's.
-1 # linda mcginley 2011-10-06 15:20
Hi Jewel,
get in touch with me:
# Jack Airey 2011-10-01 21:17
Thanks, OTB for your LRH overview...I agree he is a great man. I have read his books and I have listened to over 1000 hours of his tapes.

At the end of the day, I love L. Ron Hubbard's contribution to make this a better world to live in.
# RJ 2011-10-01 22:25
Well written OT B !!!!
# JUDGE 2011-10-04 11:05
I totally agree guys. Yes it is startling to find some of his faults, but when you look at the proper evaluation of importance, you've got to give him a PASS. He didn't have to volunteer to come down here and salvage our asses. In this hell hole of a mess earth. For so many lifetimes. Getting pysically attacked and almost killed on several ocassions.

As a judge I'd say - "well sir, you made a few errors, so I'm going to have to take a couple of your lives away from your Ka - Khan. But since you've done so much to help this shi- hole planet to become a better place, I'm going to have to award you another ten lives. So you now have 18 lives left. Carry on...

P.S. sir, buy the way... It appears that a group of control freaks, from another place, have come down here to control earth, and SCIENTOLOGY. The main super control freak in the church (DM) is actually working now for another one. You know - that other one who was responsible for the mass implantation in this sector a long time ago. The one who you partially mention in RJ67. Yep,he and his boys been down here on earth for quite some time doing his dirty work to infiltrate and control all organisations to make sure they're well controlled and supressed. And they finally stopped most attacks on the church because their boy has got into the control room. Messing things up. Since the 1980's...
# JEWEL 2011-10-06 01:52
# OTB 2011-10-06 11:11
Thanks Jewel.
+4 # Tom M 2011-10-06 22:38
Nothing matters to me what is said or not said about LRH, is he a messiah, or a shyster or whatever. I don't know, to me it is all altered importance. I was one fucked up bunny at the end of the 60's. I has just gotten through a war where I got my ass thoroughly kicked and then upon my arrival home, got my ass kicked ever worse by my friends, my family and strangers in airports. I was a mess and no one wanted or could help me.
I did the comm course, sat down and did 2-hour no-blink TRO and emerged an Operating Thetan. I have that silly little $25 course to thank for my life.

But even more so, what I learned through the years, if you really study and duplicate the tech vols, is LRH's love for mankind. Okay, I'll give you an example: HCOB CLEAN HANDS MAKE A HAPPY LIFE. That is a gift to us. OR how about his entire set of HCOBs on Service Facs. Moving people out of fixed conditions. How about ALLof Grade Zero, helping people to communicate better. All of this is - and much, much more - love for mankind. He wanted us to do better.

So anyone getting stuck in where he was a man or not, go learn how to audit someone on a grade, or on Dianetics and WATCH THE PERSON GET BETTER. No one on this planet has written so much tech to help people. No one. He did, not for himself, which is obvious. He did it for us. And that's the bottom line.

ML Tom
# cooldud 2011-11-01 20:01
Greatly said Tom M.Ron was a great man and understood how deep in shit most of the people on earth are.He did his best to help anyone he wanted.I really think he was one of the very few who were awake enough to understand man,his problem and do something about it just to help,free,just for the pleasure of it,nothing else.That's something!!!
# robert earle 2012-02-22 21:07
Nice article OTB. Also I would like to say I love your earlier article re mismanagement and the practice of bypass.
As a former fully hatted LRHComm I can say that practice was a glaring outpoint on my lines and my efforts to address it wound me up in trouble as well. As did a number of other policy violations pushed from RTC. If posible I would like to contact you by e-mail as there is a related off policy activity which I would like to ask you about. You can reach me at
# free to speak 2012-06-03 23:51
My father was friends with Ron from the late 50's till before he died, they worked with each other out of Scientology. I think he knew after Ron passed and even hinted to us but we didn't catch on. I remember him drilling into my head though ask to see where Ron wrote that when ever in doubt and he stopped pushing me to go into the Org. I saw so many things that were wrong but kept my mouth shut now some 20 years later I can now speak freely with my family as they are now aware what is going on and it's such a blessing. I have never really gone up the bridge as I was always on the fence about Scientology, I felt what Ron wrote made sence but couldn't agree with being a part of What I saw going on at the Org and pretty much thought there's no way I'm getting up my bridge and after my parents devtoting a large part af there lives to staff and not getting farther up there bridge and having no money to pay for it that it was lost to us. Now my parents will be able to pursue their life long dream and I can have a chance to decide how far i want to climb on mine. My father always said Ron would hate the way they worship his picture.
# Thoughtful 2012-06-04 08:05
That freedom to observe what is wrong and to speak up about it, loudly and clearly, IS the very definition of personal integrity. Lacking that, Scientology does not work. You can find a list of Independent auditors and locations for training in Freeandable.com.
# bob 2012-07-25 00:12
I would like to get in com with you.

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