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Tuesday, 20 September 2011 08:32

by Thoughtful


Well, we struck a blow to David Miscavige’s empire of slavery and fascism and got out without a single casualty. Nice.

I arrived moments before Marty’s press conference started and videoed the whole thing. Videos below.

entranceI also took photos, which are included here.

The German people are incredibly friendly and the country is story-book beautiful. I love Dallas, but looking down on DFW before we landed, where — due to having one of the hottest and parched summers on record — most of the ground is the color of hay, whereas Germany was cool, lush and green.

The Meeting

We had 19 attendees which was three times the expected number of attendees and extra tables and refreshments had to be brought in, generously hosted by the Department of the Interior of Germany. Nations represented were Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, UK and the US.

The spirit was high and the conversation was buzzing. Each person introduced themselves and gave a short story of their history in the Church and how they came to leave. Marty talked and people asked questions. After the meeting, we all went for lunch and then walked down to Hamburg Harbor and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the company of friends.

On the way home the next day I received an email from someone who obviously hadn’t blown all the false data he’d been implanted with over the years from the CoS. So perhaps I should summarize what seems to have happened in Germany over the last two decades.

Summary of a group engram

From what I have seen from my experience at the Int management level, the antagonism that exists in Europe toward the Church of Scientology was created by David Miscavige.

The Church’s crimes are many and one of them was that for many years, Sea Org personnel in WISE — instead of helping people improve with Scientology — ordered public Scientologists to mine confidential employment records (in the companies where they worked) for data that could be used to find their “ruins” and using that as intelligence, bring people into the Church. One by one, victims were contacted and pushed to make donations to the IAS or Ideal Orgs, etc.


This flagrantly-criminal project wasn’t about helping people or getting them up the Bridge. It was about money, but the perpetrators believed they were above the law so it never occurred to them that they were doing anything wrong.

hamburg-city-hallHowever, the rest of the country saw things more clearly. They saw covert corporate espionage as a violation of their right to privacy, their civil rights, their religious freedom, and existing laws regarding confidential employment records. A lot of people not used to vulture-culture high-pressure sales tactics were separated from their money. Later, they complained to the German government who was obliged to do something about the abuse because Germans are all about taking responsibility. Taxes are high in Germany and citizens expect help from their government.

When a key government representative (Ursula Caberta) looked into the matter to see what was going on, she found herself personally under attack. Her neighbors were contacted. Protesters showed up in her neighborhood; it was unjust, yet it went on for years.

fountain-detailAnd it wasn’t just the German government that felt the outrage. Employees and business owners who were victimized by the Church of Scientology were also provoked repeatedly, and they rightfully reacted with hostility toward David Miscavige’s outlaw church by banning members.

In an incredibly underhanded move, Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other American actors were recruited as subversives for the Church of Scientology, and given the task to influence the US State Department and even Tony Blair who in turn put pressure on the German government to leave the Church alone.

Meanwhile there were also huge real-estate scams being run by outlaw “Scientologists”  which in turn funneled millions of dollars into the Church (and the IAS, etc.).  They were bilking credit card companies, the government and citizens.


At the very least, David Miscavige turned a blind eye. In the mid 1990s, the ED Hamburg was removed from post, brought to the USA, forced to “join” the Sea Org or be declared, and promptly vanished into the RPF at Happy Valley in the foothills of Mt San Jacinto, California. Meanwhile, a new puppet executive, Mark Yager (CO CMO Int), was put on post to run the Hamburg org. And within a week, he was flooded with orders from Miscavige and it was right back to business as usual — financial criminality.

hamburg-streetI mean come on: David Miscavige was not about to walk away from free money.

True suppressives are incapable of learning from their “mistakes” since such “mistakes” were intentional in the first place. Thus the CoS criminality in Europe continued for YEARS and YEARS. And finally in self-defense German companies implemented deep filters to weed out job applicants who were Scientologists.

In retaliation and instead of conforming with the law, David Miscavige directed OSA to spread propaganda that the German government wanted “to crush Scientology” a TOTAL LIE on all counts. But the Church didn’t stop there.

hamburg-courtyardSo malignant and vicious was David Miscavige, that he had his OSA branch implement a propaganda campaign to stigmatize the German government as Nazis. Talk about a low blow! That is what the “Church” of Scientology did in Europe and is still doing today.


It’s easy to characterize Church-supporters as “machine men with machine minds” as Charles Chaplain described the Nazis. Stripped of their personal integrity, incapable of genuine observation and the ability to think for themselves, they see only what they are told to see and believe they are operating “above” mortal issues such as law and human rights.

Yet are they really any different from someone who is bent on breaking into your house and stealing your car?

The average criminal is just as unthinking, just as oblivious to right and wrong, just as sure he is above the law. So in dealing with supporters of the Church of Scientology it helps to realize you are simply dealing with criminals.

The German government is not concerned with beliefs. They are concerned with actions.  And supporters of the Church of Scientology have proven themselves to be incapable of trust.

Yet it goes even deeper. The comparison to thieves is apt.

hamburg-hauptbahnhofThroughout this entire period of strife in Germany, David Miscavige is benefiting as a true Merchant of Chaos. If you recall, a merchant of chaos makes money from chaos. Painting a grand conspiracy theory David Miscavige, secretly running the IAS, used Germany to CON millions of pounds, euros and dollars from Scientologists. Responsible German agencies were portrayed to Scientologists as reincarnated Nazis and a massive scare campaign was used to persuade Scientologists in the UK and elsewhere to give every last cent to the IAS as if the future of the world was hanging in the balance. In reality, all that was hanging in the balance was a new motor home for Tom Cruise and lots of new cars and a rock star lifestyle for David Miscavige who controls every last penny the IAS rakes in.

All of that money went straight into David Miscavige’s grasping arms.


hamburg-railingIs there a solution for all this? Yes.

Exposure of DM’s crimes. Accountability. Transparency. Discipline. Ethics. Audits. Law enforcement. And jail. Every Scientologist needs to get involved and help any way they can.

What this means for European Scientologists

Some European Scientologists have been so conned by slick black PR (propaganda) that it may be hard for them to grasp. Here is the text of an email I received when I was on my way home.

“Germany is not safe for Scientologists as you claim. Mrs. Caberta helped to establish so many hurdles for believers in the tech. Why are still sect filters in place in Germany which not only target the Church but the religion/belief. Being a Scientologist in Germany, unless you are very prominent and like in your case their guest is quite difficult. Get a grip on reality and address that in your talks with her! You are used by her as a PR pawn and she will not change her stripes because you ask nicely. Germany wants to outlaw Scientology and the Church and they will not stop until they have successfully done so. With best regards, (name)”

hamburg1I think he wrote this because the DM criminality created so much mistrust from the authorities, it is going to take some time for the government and the business community and the general population to change their attitudes. Cultural lag.

Yet it’s an individual thing. Here’s how I handle this. In a nut shell, I don’t say, “Hi, I am a Scientologist.” I say, “Have you ever heard of the Church of Scientology? Well, I run a pretty large whistle-blowing website to expose their crimes, abuse and corruption. They really don’t like me.” I am now welcomed anywhere and everywhere; in other words, do the right thing in life and the rewards are acceptance, respect, freedom and support.

LRH said if a person fails to assign and enforce a condition, he will eventually be assigned the condition himself. The treacherous Church of Scientology has betrayed the trust of the human race.


Have you done anything to enforce that condition on the Church? Your answer to that question will determine how trustworthy you are as a “Scientologist” in the eyes of Germany and the world.

I can assure you that I am welcomed anywhere I go because I speak out against David Miscavige and for the last three years have worked tirelessly to expose his racket.

You can’t blame decent people

hamburg-ferriesBy harming others “in the name of Scientology” David Miscavige and his outlaw “church” have created antagonism for the philosophy and driven people away from it. With each new crime, they are actually falsely incriminating the philosophy. Miscavige is a criminal, not a Scientologist.

But how is anyone outside of Scientology to know that unless we (you) tell them?

Criminal actions falsely committed in the name of Scientology make people think the philosophy is evil. Your role as an independent Scientologist would ideally include helping to expose DM’s crimes. In that way you can also be free yourself from the “contamination” and move forward freely as an Independent Scientologist.


hamburg-street1Our meeting in Germany was actually momentous. LRH said problems end where communication begins. There is power in our communication lines because they are theta lines. Every attendee was elated, except two likely OSA informants who, after being questioned by Ursula Caberta, left suddenly before the actual meeting got underway. It was funny that everyone in the group had already spotted them long before they left.

Over the years the CoS has made many enemies of people who intend the philosophy no harm. That includes most of Anonymous and lawyer Graham Berry who was invited to the meeting by Ursula Caberta. Graham’s business was destroyed in 1998 by the Church. The even sabotaged the sale of his home and forced him into bankruptcy.

old-saltThis is a 4th dynamic thing. People are coming together on the subject of the CoS and networking and sharing resources. By standing up as Scientologists against the Church, we are sorting out for everyone what the real problem is and who is at fault.

We are pulling together and starting to pull in unison. Like a starfish opening a clam, we are exposing the secrets of David Miscavige’s corrupt empire. He cannot last much longer because as powerful as the Church is, the 4th dynamic is infinitely stronger. By comparison, the CoS is only a paper shell.

David Miscavige is going down and buried in the pile of flaming wreckage will be washed up insiders like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Ann Archer as well as Miscavige’s OSA Gestapo and his codpiece Tommy Davis. These guys have waited too long to get out, and now it is too late for them.  

By going to Germany and clearing up misconceptions on the 4th dynamic, we are wearing the real hat of any Scientologist which is to create higher levels of understanding in the world. LRH said that moving in the direction of understanding is the only direction in life that has absolutely no liability connected to it. He stresses again and again there is NO LIABILITY connected with moving toward understanding. Understanding helps everyone.

This was the great secret of LRH’s success. Knowing this gives anyone a solution for which way to go.


Having spent 17 years at Int management I witnessed a lot of strife concerning “Germany.” So when I heard about this meeting, a lot of things fell into place.

iron-lightWe each have a stake in this world. For me, going to Germany was worth whatever it cost. So I just did it. I had no sponsor. I wasn’t even invited.

Least the CoS say I was “paid” to go there, I spent $1,713.10 on my trip to Germany (see update below) not including the cost of taking a week off from work. Pretty cheap for a 5-day trip.  My expenses were,

Airfare: $1,472.30
Lodging: $166.00
Food & transportation: $116.80
Total cost of my trip $1,755.10

Since my trip, nine people so far contributed a total of $711 to help with the expenses (thank you!), which brings my cost down to $1,044.10. I’m kind of hoping someone else will pitch in to help share the expenses and lighten my load. (If you can find it in your pocket book to help, I have a PayPal button for donations on the right column of this page. If anyone else pitches in, I will update this expense account accordingly.) ...UPDATE 9/24/11: Two more generous people have now contributed enough to cover ALL my remaining travel expenses plus a little more which helped cover the cost of taking a week off from work. I am thrilled that the whole trip evolution was so effortless. It is a tribute to the power, integrity and coherence of our group — Scientologists who are not busy dying from a toxic connection — and it is also a statement on the subject of OT.

However, one thing I am sure of: the human race never forgets a favor. They always repay help and will enrich your life in so many ways. They really deserve support. To me, they are the only team that matters.

This one is just to show how many news agencies were there — I didn't count them, but it was probably 25-30 journalists.


In this video, Marty really goes into exposing the psychosis of David Miscavige.











# Anonymous 2011-09-20 11:21
I really like your description of Tommy Davis. Good work in Germany. Thank you.
+1 # Dan Koon 2011-09-20 14:55
Wonderful debrief, Steve. Great photos and videos. I guess this makes you an official news outlet. You have covered in a depth that no other media source has. Well done!
+1 # Another Layer 2011-09-20 16:41
Thank you for your excellent summation and documentation of the manufactured "situation" in Germany. When the false propaganda foundation was being laid in the 80's, I was public and thought that the church's attack/protest about Scientology in Germany was excessive, especially in light of what I'd heard in previous years from Germans vacationing in the United States (and my limited knowledge of Germany's history). I could relate to the need for the Berlin wall to come down, but TOTALLY missed the wall of false pr created by my own "church." At the time, I would not have believed that the "church" could do such a thing. Naive me. Thanks again for all of your work as a whistle-blower.
# Karen#1 2011-09-20 22:11
Thank you Steve.
This was a superb debrief.

In country after country of the world, the sheer criminality of Miscavology is exposed.

The financial irregularities and the rape of Parishioner money, the internal sadism and ABUSE, getting slaves to work long long hours under the pretext of "religion".

I honestly believe RTC and OSA commit crimes far worse than the old Guardian's office.

Fair game actions against enemies are in full bloom, Sea Org members are in lockdown at GOLD Base, assaults, beatings, have continued for years.... enemies, spying, harassing investigations and litigation, abuse of confidential communications in parishioner files.

This site is truthfully called "CULT"
# the oracle 2011-09-20 23:44
Thanks for the reports and photos and all of the work. Dono sent.
# Thoughtful 2011-09-21 07:36
Thank you for helping me with the expenses, I'm keeping track of donations in real time by updating the article. I know a lot of people wanted to go who couldn't make it, so I wanted to share the photos and videos so everyone benefits. I am surprised at how much PTSness there is — people think they are PTS to the German government, but that is a wrong item. The correct item is David Miscavige (suppressive person) and OSA (suppressive group).
# Eileen Clark 2011-09-21 00:20
Steve, You are a stellar example of what honor and integrity produces. Thank you for your analysis of what really happened in Germany. How behind the scenes manipulations that were orchestrated from the top created such a distorted and despicable smear campaign. The ugly truths keep being brought into the light.
# Maurice 2011-09-21 02:54
Beautiful job, Steve.
# Simple 2011-09-21 11:49
Thanks Steve. Great pictures. Dono sent.
# petermarkowski 2011-09-21 20:01
I'm one of the attendees of this meeting and have to say how impressed I am to have met so many so great, lovely and assertive (opposite of submissive) individuals gathered in one room - wow !
# Wagner Rita 2011-09-22 02:42
Hi Peter, absolutly agreed! I'm one of them too!
Thank you so much Steve for your work and this report!!
I used to be Registrar in Germany, 1988-1993 and 1995 to 1996 at FLAG! 'At the time, I would not have believed that the "church" could do such a thing. Naive me.'... This are exactly the words ... (Thanks Another Layer) But now we know the truth!!!
# Kirsi 2011-09-22 08:05
Very well written as per usual. Thank you Thoughtful Steve.
We are very fortunate that you survived those 17 years at Int, threw away the "church" straightjacket to blow the whistle in a big way and paving the way for others to travel safely up the road. K.
# Laura Ann 2011-09-23 06:04
Thank you as always for educating me and raising my confront of evil just that much more. Bless them, recently on an Italian blog someone posted that Mike and I are rich. This was what the regges in the church thought. The truth is, we just paid off our credit cards this year. I had to max them out when Mike was on the ship in 2006. So many people have been harmed in so many ways. This was never the purpose of Scientology. Thank you for helping to help others to differentiate. ml Laura
# Chuck Beatty 2011-09-24 08:19
Great Videos!

Ursula Caberta and Hamburg citizens, who have their own unique history of tolerance, contrary to Scientology's anti Germany propaganda, what you say about them is so true.

When BBC John Sweeney was doing his first show, they were working on that show all through 2007, it came out finally in May-ish 2008, one of the BBC helpers was a German lady.

I asked her could she do me a favor and introduce Ursula Caberta to me.

I was born in Germany, of US parents, I speak passable German, and I wanted to communicate to and thank Ursula for her years of hosting all the earlier "old guard" critics of Scientology.

Ursula for years has hosted a LOT of Americans to come speak at times in Germany.

There's a whole longer range history.

While the independents have built a group for themselves, there has been a lot of footwork, by a lot of people, in the years before, leading up to this climate the independents find themselves within.

I'm so wishy-washy reasonable, that to me, on a good day, I think LRH would like to resolve all this long term splintering of his movement.

In a perfect future world, I'd hire a number of the smartest independents into the top ranks of the movement, and let there be a 3-5 year research project how to longrange fix the whole movement, and then let all this make-wrong crap disappear.

LRH invested a lot of his life in the organizational structures, and some of those structures are wrong and need reform (like OSA needs to be retired as a major first step).

But there is a huge amount of accumulated MEST that official Scientology is responsible for, and their members, even while there are a lot of defections, more so now, with this climate of it being okay to be a Scientologist in the freezone and independent community, and with even recognition from a group that official Scientology has propagandized as a hate group, this Hamburg government official recognition of the rights of independent Scientologists to practice Scientology (minus the totalitarianism).

What to do with the MEST church, I still think that the MEST official church has a very powerful life of its own, despite all the reform happening outside the MEST official church. (LRH talks in policy about how the administrative form of a group takes on a life of its own.)

I hope, still, that the reform independent freezone Scientologists have a say or impact at causing official Scientology's reform internally, so that the whole movement is a single movement.

So, I always favor smoothly reforming the official MEST church of Scientology so that ultimately Scientology is just one tolerant movement of all it's splinter factions.

But maybe that is just so contrary to human history, this idea of a tolerant movement of splintered factions, maybe history shows that over really longer periods of times, what happens is splinter groups settle into a respectful impasse status quo.

Thanks for your history accounting!

I hope academics interested in ongoing Scientology movement history call you from time to time Steve! I'll definitely be referring them to you for your input into ongoing history!

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