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Friday, 29 May 2009 08:13

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.”  THOMAS PAINE, 1776

Portrait of Thomas PaineI walked into a Scientology organization back in the 70s and for very little money bought a book and a course and still had change left over. The book and course altered my life greatly and I never looked back. Later, I asked if I could help and I was welcomed onto staff.

I soon ran into laws like: “What’s true for you is true for you.” And though L. Ron Hubbard went to great lengths to state that he was no god, just a man, I realized that he was the greatest free thinking man I had ever heard of or come across in years of searching. Thirty years later my opinion has not changed.


Clearly, one of Ron Hubbard’s “secrets” was that he did not accept as gospel anything assumed by his peers and those that had gone before him. As a free thinker he had begun research where others left off or observed areas of life others neglected. In doing so he made discoveries many others could have but didn’t because they had been constrained by their fixed ideas or social convention. Thus Dianetics and Scientology were discovered and developed as a means of helping man and the world at large.

It was clear from my start in Scientology that Ron Hubbard didn’t want anyone blindly accepting the subject. That would be just another form of slavery and there were already enough of those in the world. He wanted people studying Scientology or working within it because they wanted to, because they saw for themselves the value of it. Scientology was a movement of free thinkers started by the greatest free thinker of them all.

And at no time, from my first step into the organization did anyone demand that I hand over my personal wealth or brow beat me into joining staff or insist I purchase multiple packages of books. Nor did anyone imply my ethics were not what they should be if I didn’t do A, B or C or hand over wads of cash. My phone didn’t ring off the hook with calls from staff terminals vying with each other to get their hands on what remained of my bank balance or credit line. No one insisted that I go into ever increasing amounts of debt under the pretext of buying a building, a sec check I mysteriously seemed to need every six months, a dissemination campaign I never witnessed, Super Power that never arrived or yet another but larger donation to the IAS to fund a never ending list of projects. There was no crush-sell back then.

The rare person that did take it upon themselves to act with crush-sell, there were a few, was corrected or gotten off the line until they saw the error of their ways. Such sell, sell, sell, activity was not tolerated back then. Why? Well, the Worldwide Executive Council Network (early management body) had pushed gross income harder than other function in the late 60s and had crashed Scientology internationally as a result. As LRH points out in HCO PL 31 August 1971 THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL NETWORK DISBANDED, you can’t push income like that simply because it’s the easy thing to do (you don’t need a great many resources). It screws up the scene. The Paid Completions concept was born as a solution and the Worldwide Exec Council Network was disbanded.

No Propaganda

And there was no incessant parade of international events back then. About once a year the Flag World Tour would roll into town and there was a buzz of excitement. I remember the auditorium; it was packed as a natural consequence of interest from the public. The public just showed up, there was no series of won’t- take-no-for-an-answer phone calls until you gave in and confirmed your attendance to be followed up by re-confirm and re-re-confirm calls if someone wanted to be really really sure of your arrival.

The reason there was no such parade of events is the fact that L Ron Hubbard would not allow them. They were found by him to be counter productive.  Events take a phenomenal amount of effort and finance on the part of orgs and their staff which have better things to do. If LRH wanted the Scientology world to know something he wrote a communication and issued it or recorded a message and simply had it played in orgs. They were called Ron’s Journals.

Plus it was Green-on-White and Red-on-White campaigns all the way back then. Why re-invent the wheel when L Ron Hubbard had spent years perfecting it? Be self determined and show initiative for sure but don’t go changing tech and policy, they worked. And of course I didn’t totally believe that at first, not until I’d made enough of my own mistakes that my experience taught me the wisdom of it.

Chairman Miscavige

But nowadays it is not whether something is per Green-on-White or Red-on-White that counts. These campaigns are no longer mentioned. The key thin nowadays is whether you conform to the dictates of “Chairman” Miscavige, of the corporate board.  If you query his intentions you are instantly labeled “disaffected”, “grossly out-ethics” or worse. A simple “Can you show me the policy?” is enough to get you into a world of trouble these days – so much for freedom of thought.

Look it, I wish it wasn’t true. I wish we still had Scientology as it used to exist. I wish it hadn’t been turned into some strange dysfunctional version, a cross between Hollywood and corporate America. But it has, with “Chairman” Miscavige the star of the show or rather the star of more than one hundred shows because that’s how many illegal events he’s starred in so he could project and perfect his public persona.  He’s a great speaker, a natural. But so was Adolph Hitler. And like Hitler, I can assure you “Chairman” Miscavige’s personality off stage is very much different to the one he uses when under the gaze of the public and cameras. Ask anyone who knows him.

And what is portrayed at these dog and pony show events with scripts often written by “Chairman” Miscavige himself? Accomplishments exaggerated and puffed up beyond belief; whole countries saved, wars ended, communities cleared, devastated areas rehabilitated, ad infinitum. Do I wish they were true? Yes, absolutely. Is Scientology capable of such things? Yes, unmistakably. Are they true? No, if you laid out all these Hollywood-scripted accomplishments as relayed to us by Miscavige over the last twenty plus years and joined up all the dots, the drug scourge would not exist in our cities, every child would know how to study, greedy bankers wouldn’t have been allowed to ruin the economy, and society would be on the up. But the grim truth is society is worse off, the education system has hit rock bottom, babies are now being given anti-depressants and the world cries out for answers (which we have but they don’t know it). We are not impinging.

The Real Crime

Now the real crime here is that we should be impinging on society and these things should be being achieved. If you read your LRH policy (field section of OEC Volume 6) and look at the organizing board of a Scientology org you will soon realize that all the Clears and OTs we have made over the years should be working on programs of their own choosing, special zone plans, gung-ho groups and the like, pushing down and out into society bringing Scientology to the world at large. They should have the power of choice and freedom of thought to dream up their own plans and splurge on them and build a better world, a new civilization.

Instead the OTs have been hijacked by “Chairman” Miscavige and kept busy on his Hollywood-scripted-corporate America projects (lured on by the promise of OT 9 and 10) in some perverted attempt to keep Scientology afloat after he has managed to scuttle it. After all, Scientology failing would seriously dent his image.

How and why did he do this, you may well ask? Well, I’ll tell you.


LRH spent years perfecting the long-distance management tech of Scientology. The Organization Executive Course (OEC) and Management volumes are part of it but other than the green volumes the Scientology public at large is not aware of this incredible technology because it is a body of work that belongs to the Sea Org. Even lower level Sea Org staffs are not conversant with it. But I assure you it exists. It’s a true OT tech of how to run things over long distance communication lines and handle matters that are taking place half way round the world. And the management structure, who handles what function, is an integral part of it. Meaning, the vital units set up by LRH have to exist for it to work. Units like Watchdog Committee, CMO International, Executive Director and his Executive Strata, Flag Bureau, etc.

These units existed and were at their zenith in the late 80s. Though LRH had left us, internationally things were rolling along and the stats were going up. Scientology was truly in good hands. Many of the leaders in these units were Watch Messengers, people who had stood duty watches with LRH and assisted him, stellar people.

Unfortunately, once LRH had left, “Chairman” Miscavige grabbed the Scientology throne, after removing any immediate rival. A thrown to which he had no right. And it’s certain the stellar people and units mentioned above would have wised up at some point. Eventually, they would have said “hold on, who do you think you are?” There would have been a fight and “Chairman” Miscavige would have lost. So he had to be clever, and he was.


The first steps he took were to impose strange arbitraries on the personnel lines of these units so they could not regenerate themselves. After a while, no longer able to get staff directly, they couldn’t function properly and began to make errors. This was the very late 80s going into the 90s and this caused the international crash of the early 90s which is infamous on management lines. Yes, that’s right the stats have been going down internationally since the early 90s (not long after “Chairman” Miscavige came to power).

“Chairman” Miscavige then used his bogus ecclesiastical position to point out the statistic crash and used that as a justification to utterly destroy these units, step by step, person by person, and section by section. And all Watch Messengers were toppled with them, one by one they were gotten rid of or utterly nullified. And of course, now tied up with their own troubles, it didn’t occur to anyone that “Chairman” Miscavige  had caused the crash in the first place.

This process of destruction continued over the years and he took down units like Central Marketing which now no longer exists. It also included the complete nullification of middle management (Flag Bureau) which was easy for “Chairman” Miscavige. All he had to do while he was out and about in the continents is brief local executives that he was running the show because “management had failed”. Do you think they listened to what remained of middle management after that? No way man, no way.

And believe me he made those statements which is amazing in itself and a huge admission of failure on his part because it was his job to make sure management was there and functioning.

And the real joker in the pack is the fact that you can’t run the Scientology network, you can’t manage Scientology internationally without these units and without this LRH tech in place.  It would be like to trying to audit with a bowl of fruit for a meter while the pc holds a couple of bananas.

Smoke and Mirrors

So things have continued to worsen for Scientology as a whole and “Chairman” Miscavige has become increasingly desperate. In real trouble, he finally turned to the OTs to help him out. They became his last ditch execution arm. But it’s a tough job because they have to substitute for the lack of an entire management structure – the one “Chairman” Miscavige dismantled. So the OTs have to raise all the money for Super Power, the IAS, new buildings and multi-million dollar renovation jobs, join staff and man the orgs where needed, buy countless packages of materials per person to make it look like we sold a lot, pay for endless six monthly checks and anything else “Chairman” Miscavige demands of them. And the pressure on them is huge because the “top man” is bypassing every single line in Scientology and running them directly. Its totally squirrel, but he has to do it.

The reason he has to do it comes down to this: because of his sabotage, Scientology has been failing internationally and he’s in a trap of his own making. He has to make it look like its succeeding otherwise people will start asking questions. And the one thing he needs to stay alive is money. With money he can buy the odd new building and wow us with the glittering renovations at a cost of many millions. With money he can fund and continue the parade of events, he’ll have to exaggerate the achievements more and more but that comes easy, he’s had a great deal of practice. And with money he can thrill us with new release after new release. He’s figured out that the above is all he needs to keep everyone dazzled.

And part of this is the fact that he’s got us all bamboozled into thinking the correct target is that we have to build gigantic buildings more glittering and sumptuous than ever before. But that’s crazy, false data. What’s the point of empty buildings no matter how shiny?

Monolithic Buildings

In the reference The Ideal Org which “Chairman” Miscavige loves to quote so much, LRH says:

“It would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public.”

There is no way the renovation and furnishings need cost five, six and now seven million hard-earned dollars of anyone’s money. When LRH took Flag ashore and settled into the Fort Harrison in Clearwater, do you think he did a multi million dollar renovation job? No he didn’t. When LRH bought the complex in Los Angeles and established various Scientology orgs there, do you think he spent millions on upgrades? No he didn’t. In fact, policy states that if an org is not expanding well, under its own steam, any such investment would be a criminal waste of money. Check out HCO Policy 19 May 1971, BEAN THEORY FINANCE AS A COMMODITY, in which LRH states:

“Finance allocates against proven production …”

And in the same reference LRH goes on to state two third dynamic axioms:




“Chairman” Miscavige wiped out Scientology management to protect his own power base and crashed Scientology. Now he demands extraordinary solutions from the OTs trying desperately to work a bail out.

And all the while, the OTs are not doing what they are supposed to be doing (field projects bringing Scientology to planet earth). Do you think there is some penalty we will pay for denying this tech to the world at large? Well, we are already paying it; as LRH predicts with such situations, the penalty is attacks and we are being attacked despite being told by “Chairman” Miscavige that “the war is over.”

If the war is over why are we being attacked from a number of directions? And if the war is over why is the IAS demanding and collecting more funds than ever before? Believe me the creation of the IAS was just a bright idea to fill a war chest so we could win the battle. It’s been 15 years since the win. Since then, why has the IAS gone from grasping strength to grasping strength? Because they need to feed the demand from “Chairman” Miscavige for dazzling event after dazzling event, expensive stunt after expensive stunt.

There is a great deal “Chairman” Miscavige can do with money alone but it’s still a squirrel short circuit and a PR stunt, and it won’t work because it will never replace the standard management of Scientology internationally. It will never replace real expansion, building strong orgs from the bottom up. No amount of plush surroundings, expensive panels and DVD players will replace the need for an army of interested, able and extrovert PE & Registration qualified staff in our public divisions, all able and willing to apply the dissemination drill. That’s the LRH way. It’s never been done any other way and it never will.

Last Stop

Miscavige thinks if you put up a load of expensive panels the jobs done. But he’s never worked in an org or mission, he isn’t as trained as you think (doesn’t study) and he doesn’t know what it takes to make and expand orgs. Want proof? Go look at Buffalo org and compare what you see with what Miscavige has spouted at his events. Same goes for some of the other orgs he has droned on about. Look, I wish the staff in Buffalo and these other orgs all the success in the world, my point is Miscavige is squirreling; he’s pulling short term stunts. The only orgs that are making it are the few that were already moving along under their own steam and even then his interference has hampered them because he’s cut across their successful actions. Most of the rest of the orgs are still small and/or failing. You would be shocked, utterly shocked if you were to survey the state of Scientology internationally

People are not stepping forward to join staff at these orgs. “Chairman” Miscavige’s cronies (run directly by him) have been desperately trying to man the latest batch of orgs by stealing the tech staff of other orgs that were in training at Flag. But anyone that has worked in an org and has read LRH policy knows two things about that. Firstly, it is utterly forbidden by LRH. Secondly, it’s a morale crusher and a heart breaker for the orgs that lose their staff. It’s actually a High Crime in Scientology.

Believe me Miscavige is desperate and the above shows just how desperate he is. He’s gotten rid of thousands of fine staff, single handedly destroyed Scientology management and now there’s just him, a handful of his cronies at the top and the field OTs. He’s close to the end with nowhere to go. Its time we put an end to his squirreling and clean up the mess before someone else does it for us.


But as you read this, if you agree with any part of it, and find yourself becoming worried, nervous or concerned at such thoughts, realize too that George Orwell’s 1984 with its Thought Police has finally come to pass. Not from the quarter in which we expected it – some fascist, oppressive government, but from a dictator sitting atop and astride the only group in the world that has the technology to monitor and deal with thought. And if you also realize that Scientology was never intended for such use then you see at once that what we have here is Black (reverse) Scientology.

And if you find yourself wringing your hands and wondering how such a state of affairs could have been allowed, realize too that it’s because you and I didn’t prevent it. We didn’t stop it even though, with hindsight at least, it was utterly predictable. Think about it, once LRH was gone; of all the groups in this world Scientology was the most prone to dictatorial take over. We of all people believe in non-violence. We believe in a certain amount of self sacrifice for the broader purpose, we believe in seeing the good in people. Having mastered the reactive mind we are not suspicious or fearful and our tendency is to withdraw and shy away from entheta (anger, aggression and evil) and so fall prone to it. My friends we were utterly ripe for dictatorship and a push over for a bully like “Chairman” Miscavige.

And Miscavige could not have pulled it off in any other group on the planet; he would have been out muscled, out bullied or out gunned by even bigger, badder SPs. He saw this as his only chance and he took it and we cheered and applauded.


So what can be done? What should be done? Well, first you have to realize that you have complete freedom of thought and power of choice. Then you have to decide what you are willing and able to do. Maybe it is something as simple as not buying into his scams. Deny him money and his power shrivels. And after all, your money is your money, it belongs to you. Stop buying the line that it belongs to him (remember to SPs nobody ever really owns anything).

But whatever you decide to do, it’s your decision.

And when we have rid Scientology of his influence we must make very sure it never happens again. Not just for our sake but for the sake of the world at large. The one thing LRH fought his whole life to prevent was Scientology falling under the control of oppression or vested interest.

“The work was free. Keep it so.” L. Ron Hubbard.

At this point in time we have failed LRH, all of us.

But it’s not too late.

Written by T. Paine



-1 # STARSAWAIT 2009-10-04 19:20
T. Paine, I've just read all your articles. You're the most convincing writer on our side, with your emphasis on policy and your writing style. Keep it up!

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