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Thursday, 01 April 2010 13:35
Viktor Frankl

Some have wondered if maybe the leaders of the Church who we’ve been watching debate CNN’s Anderson Cooper were possibly not that evil and so not deserving of harsh words.

With all due respect, most of you don't know these individuals who are standing up for David Miscavige. You don’t know how vicious some of them have become.

Viktor Frankl in his book, "Man's Search for Meaning" talked insightfully about those people who ran the Nazi death camps. Prior to their role as Nazi soldiers and prison guards, they were ordinary students, bakers, accountants... the next thing they are murdering people by the millions. Some were brutal to their fellows. Others were secretly kind to the prisoners... smuggled in medicine to them at great personal risk.

All beings are basically good and that is a fact as LRH discovered. If it weren't true, people wouldn't do themselves in when they go out ethics. And as we can see, every time Tommy, Jenny, any of these people open their mouths they are doing themselves in and actively hastening their demise.  That is their basic goodness coming through, that is the part of them that DOES know what they are doing is wrong, and they are ACTIVELY working with us on that. That is a fact.

However, you can't just pat these people on the head, "Nice doggy." They will bite your arm off up to the shoulder and then tear out your throat. So in my opinion, they do NOT deserve any sentimental treatment until they individually decide to stop being wild wolves.

It all comes down to... and this was the point Viktor Frankl made in his book... it all comes down to how people decide to react to a brutal circumstances.

We can’t always control bad circumstances. Sometimes the situation was not even created by us. In the case of the Church, the situation was created by David Miscavige. What each individual CAN control however, what is utterly within their own control, is how to react to that bad situation.

Would you become like them, a wild beast eating the innards of children? Or would you refuse to become a beast and eventually choose to escape?

These people found themselves in a horrible situation and decided to become demonic themselves. Others, no matter how bad it gets, REFUSE to become a Death’s Deputy.

These scorpions you see on CNN: Jenny Devocht, Anne whatever her name is, Kathy Rinder, Cathrine (Jeff's ex), Norman Starkey, GL, Monique Yingling and especially, especially, especially Tommy Davis -- everyone of these micro-mental midgets have decided to react to the bad situation by growing fangs, claws and transforming themselves into ruthless and vicious predatory wolves while pretending (only to themselves) that they are still nice people.

The things they have done and condoned are vicious beyond imagination.

If anyone ordered you to disown your husband, wife or child, would you do it? It reminds me of the Bible story where God ordered Abraham to murder his own son. Jackass Abraham who qualified as total scumb, took out a knife and was going to murder the child. To me, that’s not sane.

That story does not illustrate “faith” -- it’s a total perversion of the word. It illustrates madness. It illustrates one man’s willingness to become a monster.

My own ex gave me every provocation to disown. I never did. I was ordered to disconnect from my parents. I refused. My spouse refused to come with me when I left... and I only left when my own destruction was looming like slow bolt of lightning half way down its stroke.

So I do have principles and here is what I believe in: integrity.

These icy creatures have no integrity. Their only "truth" is whatever David Miscavige says at the moment. They have forsaken every grip they ever had on reality, forfeit themselves, their husbands, wives and daughters, they forfeit their pledge to help mankind... not for Scientology, not for any “greater good,” but to save their own skin from midget monster David Miscavige.

I'm telling you Jenny Devocht was so vicious if I had to lie down next to her or a slavering rabid dog, I'd choose Old Yeller.

Veritas, has it right. Rage is not necessarily vicious at all.

People have died because of David Miscavige and those who support him. There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of horror stories just as bad -- and these are the craven scarecrows who did it.

Personally, I draw the hard line. I never beat anyone. I never subscribed to DM's pain drive theory, i.e., using ARC in REVERSE to fill people with fear so they will obey.

They have done that. They are still doing it today and they refuse to stop.

Sure, they weren't like that when Marty, Mike, Tom and Jeff married them. They weren't in the DM circumstance yet. But then they entered that bad situation and found themselves in the talons of David Miscavige.

How they decided to react to that predicament was entirely up to them. They decided to throw away all of Scientology and become themselves demons in DM’s image. They went willingly into his thrall and they knowingly became vicious and evil.

This sequence is really the anatomy of how a service facsimile is created -- first cousin to an evil purpose. When faced with a threatening situation you can't itsa (meaning it’s so complex and twisted you can’t just spot "Oh, it's a _____!"), you have no choice but to invent a computation that will enable you to somehow survive. "To survive, you have to die" or whatever. Lots of people DO elect to die prematurely in Scientology and that's why. This accounts for the high OT mortality rate. People move up the Bridge, come face to face with suppression from the Church, and bail out.

These traitorous idiots like Jenny and Anne and Cathy and Tommy Boy made a different computation. They decided to the only way to survive was to become like DM and do whatever he does, treat people the way he says to treat them.

In other words, surrounded by SPs, they decided to become SPs themselves.

So today, we have a true battle of good against evil.

The Independent Scientologists are those who refused to become themselves a suppressive person.

The Church of Scientology has been subverted and converted by David Miscavige into a factory that creates suppressive anti-social people.

And if that is not hitting the nail on the head, nothing is.

I have spoken. :-)




# NCT 2010-04-01 10:10
Well done article. I have been trying to figure out how in the world one person could have so much control over so many. At some point you would think a person would take a good hard look and decide that they did not want to be a part of something that causes others so much pain. The excuses will run out. there are so many who defend this type of behavior that you really have to wonder about their wiring.
# Ceileen 2010-04-01 10:27
Well. That certainly summed it up nicely. I blew some more charge reading that. Thanks.
# Fellow Traveller 2010-04-01 11:52
as the arrow flies to the target and pierces the bulls-eye.

Yes, you have most definitely spoken. Thank you for what you did so speak when you spoke.
# Archer 2010-04-01 18:01
Thanks for the acks!
# Plain Old Thetan 2010-04-01 11:53

You said "In other words, surrounded by SPs, they decided to become SPs themselves."

This totally aligns with lecture 12 November 1959 THE RULE OF THE WEAK VALENCE.

It's why the only way to help the situation is to harbor and assist those who have managed to extract themselves from under the thumb of Mi$cavige.
# Archer 2010-04-01 17:56
You're right. I had forgotten about that. That is an amazing piece of tech. Perhaps, if you have the reference handy, you can quote it here for everyone. I think it would prove very insightful.
# Plain Old Thetan 2010-04-08 15:48
Archer: I went over the transcript again and couldn't find a one-paragraph or one-sentence quote that I thought would fill the bill. The lecture (on cassette) is in the Responsibility and State of OT lecture series; It's in the 1st Melbourne ACC CD series.
# Marta 2010-04-01 14:08
Hallaleuh and Amen.
# Marta 2010-04-01 14:14
We will not condone. We will not support.
# nina bobi 2010-04-01 14:33
You are so right!!!!
# Theo Sismanides 2010-04-01 15:15
Archer, true, they made that computation to adapt to the envronment. Well, there they are now. Totally blind "with a lead role in a cage" (from an old Pink Floyd song, just to keep their role and keep their consience "calm", they take the DM tranquilizer.
# War and Peace 2010-04-01 15:35
Archer ~~
Beautifully written.
The Viktor Frankl position is so right on !
What makes us different from animals is that we can think and analyze and compute and do not have to REACT with stimulus-response.
That little window of time when something bad is occurring on Flow 1 towards us, we have that window of time to DECIDE and CONTROL how we respond.
These DM bots decided to LIE LIE LIE to cover up abhorrent conduct and protect the evil life style of the INT base.
You are right on. They have become SPs themselves.
# DragonFly 2010-04-04 15:36
"What element is necessary in order to bring about slavery? The element necessary is unwilling and unknowing. You could call those two elements but they go hand in hand: Unknowing and unwilling service to the state.

You become adventurous in the field of slavery when you accept something that is unwillingly given; you have then become a partner to this deadly dwindling spiral. You have an instinctive reaction along this line..."

# jewel 2010-08-25 03:26
Excellent post! We can never get away from ourselves, now can we. The choice to do good or to do evil is always ours to make.
I can't feel sorry for those who support DM because they have no courage. They are cowards who are afraid of getting in trouble, or being sent to the hole, or whatever it is they fear. I have no respect for anyone who watches and participates in degradation of others and lets it happen. All those people who watched DM hit and abuse...and they just watched..wow! I'm a woman but I absolutely would jump on DM if he started hitting whomever. It is so hard to believe that these big management guys never kicked this little Hitler's ass. Unbelievable, but then, that is ptsness and cowardness for you.
# Bob Pike 2012-08-25 20:41
To Archer,

You knocked my socks off. I had spotted that Miscavige was Joseph Goebbels. Thanks for the next step, the earlier similar connection that we as a group have.

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