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Tuesday, 22 June 2010 23:39

A pivotal point in the 1978 movie Animal House occurs when Faber College’s Dean of Students plots with the President of the Omega house to bring about the downfall of the Animal House:

Greg Marmalard: But Delta's already on probation.
Dean Vernon Wormer: They are? Then, as of this moment, they're on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!


Dean Wormer (DW) had his approach to dealing with his “minimal workers, maximal managers, artists, geniuses, criminals and perverts”. (Ref: LRH Lecture AUDITING COMM CYCLES SHSBC 320 6308C06).

Dean Wormer placed Delta House on double secret probation as part of an organized operation to get the Deltas off-campus.

David Miscavige (DM) has his own approach to dealing with in-Church nonconformists (Ref: ibid.).

If someone inside the CofS utters some blasphemy, heresy, sacrilege, fails to toe the line or becomes disaffected they are condemned.

Of course, we must define blasphemy and heresy and sacrilege.

Inside the CofS, these terms are now conveniently defined as reading or thinking or speaking anything that finds fault with or is counter to David Miscavige’s misguidance of the Church.  

Heresy, sacrilege, apostasy, and disaffection also include any radical request by the parishioner to be shown an LRH reference that backs up or justifies some “command-intentioned” order, act, program, or campaign.

A parishioner may find himself “summonsed” to see an ethics officer if he’s committed the heinous crime of voicing doubts about the utterances, claims, secrecies, whims and PR of David Miscavige.

A parishioner will certainly find himself dragged up in front of Church officials if he dares suggest that a fellow parishioner look on the Internet for information.

(This is because Church of Scientology parishioners cannot look, or see, or think, or evaluate for themselves. If they’ve started to turn to the Dark Side, it’s obviously because their putty-like minds are subject to the imposed suggestions of the Internet. True parishioners could never question the intentions and actions of David Miscavige based on their own observations or suspicions.)

If the entheta, disruptive, enturbulative parishioner fails to come to his senses and recant, he will be declared a Suppressive Person.

The Church is now pumping out so much goldenrod declaring people suppressive that the printed announcements can’t be pinned to a notice board. (Such notices were pinned to a notice board in HCO twenty years ago.) The Church apparently  can’t risk a cowed parishioner seeing an Ethics notice board three inches deep in suppressive declares.

That would be yet another stat that can’t be communicated to a parishioner.

So the solution that has been invented is this: if someone gets declared for speaking some heresy or blasphemy or sacrilege, or publicly associates with a group critical of DM or current Church malpractices, a declare gets drafted and issued to all orgs and missions.  A cover page is attached to the declare telling the local Dir I&R to not post the declare, but to keep the declare secret “for security purposes”. What “security purposes” are not specified. But it can only be shown to another parishioner if that parishioner specifically requests to view it. Copies may not be made.

As other “outies” have reported, they themselves never receive a copy of the declare…in the best Dean Wormer “double secret probation” tradition.


In-baskets in Ethics sections are becoming overloaded with these “double secret declares”.

The fascinating thing is that these “double secret declares” are so secret that the person is not removed from Church phone lists, mailing lists and CFs. So the Church is STILL COMMUNICATING WITH THE DECLARED SP. The declare never gets routed to Addresso Officer or CF Officer or Dead File Officer.

Isn’t that contrary to DM’s HCOB 10 September 1983 PTSNESS AND DISCONNECTION?

No, the effort that is made is to get OTHER PARISHIONERS to effect their own disconnect from the now declared suppressive person. (No matter what the now-vanished Tommy Davis claims on TV.)

But, if the person is to be disconnected-from, wouldn’t posting the declare on the notice board go some distance to accomplishing that?

Or, as is more likely, would posting the declare on the notice board be an invitation for a now-cowed parishioner to look up the name of the newly-declared suppressive person on the Internet and find out some actual data about the so-called suppressive person’s irresolvable clash with Church officials?

And how many cowed parishioners know about this “double secret declare” procedure? Is it possible that the “double secret declare” procedure has been implemented to make it possible for parishioners with a sense of friendship and loyalty to identify themselves to an Ethics terminal, so they themselves can come under further scrutiny?

Is it possible that DM realizes that “personal contact” is the route by which cowed parishioners see a route to freedom and safety outside the Church? Instead of the fear and loathing to be found inside the Church?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Written by Plain Old Thetan



+1 # War and Peace 2010-06-23 02:38
Sooner or later I will receive mine.
This is a badge of honor.

Nothing bonds us more on the outside than the fellowship and commonality of a SP declare.

Thanks for explaining the ultra covert pathway.
for "security reasons" ROFL !!!!!!!!

Write more "Plain Old Thetan" ! I enjoy your blogs.

War and Peace
# I\m_comin\_out 2010-06-23 11:22
I think some public would realize something was very wrong in the Church to see all the declares as, according to LRH, actual SPs make up only 2.5% of the population (not 2.5% of Scientologists, lol) and it is rare to meet an actual SP. (Many are in prison or mental institutions)
And OTVIIIs declared SP!...either its a false declaration or something is very wrong with the tech. How can an real OTVIII be stuck in an incident?
# GEM 2010-06-23 12:13
May I re-write this "Is it possible that the “double secret declare” procedure has been implemented to make it possible for parishioners with a sense of friendship and loyalty to identify themselves to an Ethics terminal, so they themselves can come under further scrutiny?" as follows: This "seen by request" nature of the “double secret declare” also serves to provide HCO and Ethics with a record of those staff and parishioners they need to keep an eye on since they "requested" to see it. More sick, mind-control.
# Kathy Gold 2010-06-23 12:15
looks like richard is up to his old tricks.

it's pretty 1.1 on the tone scale, wouldn't you agree? i mean, we are suppose to be an open church, etc etc. and as lrh said, by their actions we will know them.

it's the double bang, they want to outflow to you to make you feel bad so to introvert you and get you to come in with bags of money, basically drive you down into apathy and then up to propitiation, it's low on the tone scale.

they think money = uptone lol. forgetting that money is just exchange- can you say reverse scientology.

what else can you expect from this guy.
again, blame, shame and regret bullshit. it's not how the justice cycle is suppose to be handled.

they also don't want it posted to avoid possible lawsuits and upset parishoners this person knows, thus causing entheta and driving them away for the false bullshit.

they are operating in a 1.1 tone band. it's completely covert.

i think richard needs to take responsiblity for the condition he's in and write up his o/w's cause he's operating base is completely off the rails. they are assbackwards in applying ethics and justice.

so the big question is, how does a group get ethics in, when their ethics are soooo far gone?

they are operating on no responsiblity, they as a group have ceased to be at cause.
# Fellow Traveller 2010-06-23 13:41
Thank you for this insight POT.

This is probably the only stat in the CoM that is truly straight up and vertical and can be in fact backed up by physical evidence: Double Secret SP Declares. And of course it is a nonpublished, secret stat.

Time for the indies to have a Toga Party. Wait, I think may be in progress...

Bruce Pratt

# Andrew 2010-06-23 17:19
Heh. "Double Secret Declares." And yet, some Dir I&R (or HFA) somewhere got a copy to you guys.

Miscavige position is based entirely upon agreement, and that agreement is gradually breaking apart beneath him.
# plainoldthetan 2010-06-25 11:40
I was able to get a copy of the cover letter by using a loophole. The letter says the attached declare is not to be copied. It doesn't say the letter itself is not to be copied.

And, as you point out, the person that copied it for me knew the difference between right and wrong *AND* disagreed with the wrong.
# lunamoth 2010-06-23 19:41
Thanks, POT. I was wondering WTH was going on with those bloody "invisible" declares. A good friend recently found out on facebook that he'd been declared but still cannot find anyone to show it to him in writing!

I have to laugh at the utter stupidity of a "secret" declare.

Note to c of m: That's an oxymoron, you morons!
# Axiom38 2010-06-23 22:53
DM can't even apply KSW to SP declares!
Come on OSA....Wake up!
I demand you make my soon to be SP declare BPI!
At least show a little initiative HCO and follow ONE HCOPL !!!!
# Fellow Thetan 2010-06-23 23:31
You made my day! :-)

This is getting so stupid that it is so obvious that management has lost it's marbles.
+1 # Songbird 2010-06-24 12:32
I'm from the south so when I get declared, I want it to be called a "Double-Dog-Dare-You-Secret-Declare " or I'm not gonna to take it seriously, y'all.

If the C of M is going to squirrel and make stuff up as they go along, it should be as amusing as possible. Any other suggestions?

# LDW 2010-06-24 17:10
I think you may find another reason for not posting the declares on their bulletin boards. According to the laws in the state of Florida, the minute these declares are posted for anyone to see, they become subject to all of the laws regarding libel and slander.
Since every declare is rife with false reports and statements designed to alienate the affections of one's friends, any ethics officer posting them, as well as the originator, become subject to criminal and civil prosecution. In other words, they are breaking the laws of the land.
When I pointed out this fact (innocently) to Cara, the Justice chief at Flag, I was quickly notified by Moxon and Moron that all copies of said slanderous declare had been removed from all notice boards.

I'm not certain, but it might even be that their covert "showings" of these false reports could be illegal.

Worth someone looking into.

# Guest 2013-02-02 11:07
If it was printed it is considered published, and showing it to one person, if it is false and defamatory, constitutes libel.
# Ceilee 2010-06-26 01:02
This is too rich. Beyond belief.
This is beyond itsa.

Richard, how could you possibly agree to something this off-policy? You are HCO, please, bring order.

If you don't mail me my copy and make it public, then it is invalid. Don't you get it?

Sheesh. I'm going back into the pool. Have a nice weekend everyone.
+1 # Thought provoking 2010-06-26 08:31
DM who can't duplicate standard Scientology, even alters declare policies. HA!

When I left in mid 2006, I moved out of the area but did a change of address so I could still get my 1st class mail.

The church has to send you your W2s by the end of January (law). I didn't receive mine (they never sent it)so I sent a letter off requesting that I get them for tax purposes.

I finally get the W2s a few months later (after the tax deadline) with my own personal copy of my declare order, freshly printed. Seems that sending out declares has a higher priority than keeping in org legal ruds.

I'll be getting it sent to the framers soon, don't know if it ever got "posted in HCO" or not.

Sorry, but you do not have the right to post comments.

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