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Saturday, 23 June 2012 02:10

Today Marty published a write up from Karen Hollander that tells what precipitated Diana’s getting into deep shit with David Miscavige in the summer of 2003. As his document explains, she dared to delete a section from an acceptance speech thanking COB and RTC for helping to make CC Paris attain Saint Hill size.

First of all, they didn’t really make Saint Hill size — it was a typical Miscavige stat push, with overwhelming outside intervention. Second of all, anything positive that happened in Scientology for the last three decades happened despite DM. Not because of him.

Since Diana and I spent a great deal of time together from late 1997 until December 2003, I thought I would write up some of what I know.

Through the years we became close friends and I'm not sure if she had any other terminals she could talk to as freely or safely as she could with me since everyone at the Int base was continually indoctrinated to "write up" anyone forwarding "black PR" to them in private — but I openly considered that bullshit. Hence, I was safe.

For those who do not know, Diana Hubbard and I were the two people most involved in writing DM's event videos... besides DM of course who micromanaged every element and issued some 12-14 linear feet of transcripts (instructions) on how to write every single aspect. These videos — degrading trash — along with the event speeches — verbal garbage — were the central means for the dissemination of the Great Miscavige Gospel (read, "propaganda") continually positioning Dear Leader as Top Savior and "New LRH." Ironically, Miscavige shared the same fascination with A/V as Nazi Germany's infamous minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, who earlier used films to soften up the German people for the acceptance of Nazi ideology and genocide.

For our part, Diana and I were what LRH called "captive brains" — unwilling participants enslaved under heavy duress. I made no bones about the fact that I despised everything about event videos and scriptwriting under DM and hated the events because they accomplished nothing. Believe it or not I said that almost continually for six years, and all of it accomplished nothing until I finally added “and so I’m routing out of the Sea Org.”

In the mean time we labored on, two slaves chained to the same oar.

A small window

Scripts mostly got written at night, late at night, after everyone else was gone. That was really the only time it was quiet enough to write. During the day there were constant interruptions, phone calls, interrogations, screaming matches, meetings with COB, visits from his oily snob staff, meter checks, cramming officers, executives, and last but not least ethics officers and sec checkers. So that meant Diana and I (and often Dan Zimmatore) sat side by side at a computer, working our way through it all.

Diana had a small window above her desk. The IMPR office was located in what used to be a small cabana. Diana's office was in what used to be a tiny bathroom. So the small window was located high on the wall... all I could ever see out of it was a bit of tree limb and sky. How many times I saw darkness turn to daylight and all without a bit of sleep. It was a window exactly like that in a old-time prison cell. And when I gazed out I felt exactly like the prisoner I was.

Yet I was also there in the morning in her tiny office when she opened letters and presents sent to her by Mary Sue. I knew and sometimes partook from Diana's secret stash of chocolates she kept in a drawer. Diana ate a little and nibbled a lot… mostly chocolate! I shared her personal grief when Mary Sue died... and not a word was spoken... just so much dust in the wind. To speak up would have brought the house crashing down since Mary Sue was officially declared persona non grata by DM — but it was clear Diana did not share the same opinion of the lady who did more to help LRH nurture and protect Scientology throughout the tumultuous events of the '50s, '60s and '70s. She loved her mother as she loved her father and I loved it when she related a little story perhaps about life at Saint Hill.

Diana could be short tempered when she was tired — I'm the same way I'm sorry to say. We, in the Sea Org, were long on awake hours and always short on sleep. When tempers flared we just brushed it off. It was normal. Miscavige's creation called the "Int base" pitted everyone against everyone else, yet we remained friends despite everything. Time and again after finding ourselves stranded at the Int base at 4 or 5 AM, Dan Zimmatore and I caught a ride with Diana — 9 miles into Hemet.

A great thing about Diana was that there was so much of the Old Man in her. You couldn't help but see LRH's mannerisms and expressions when she talked. But Diana was also valuable because of who she was.

Together we weathered countless DM's shit storms, insane tantrums and nuclear meltdowns. And after the screaming was over and we were alone, it was usual for Diana to say to me "God, I hate this fucking place!" No one else in Int Management ever said anything like that. But with Diana, she said it all the time. I felt the same way of course, but I was pleasantly shocked to hear it coming from her.

Diana Hubbard was a terrible lemming from the get go.

We talked numerous times about her hatred for the "Int Execs" especially GL and MY because they were liars and total patsies to DM who refused to stand up to him. That was really the heart of it.

And if you doubt any of that, ask yourself if it was really an accident Diana Hubbard's office was a tiny bathroom.

Honey Badger Gives a Crap After All

Diana’s expressions of fierce contempt for DM’s patsies and ultimately DM himself built in intensity until that fateful trip to the Freewinds in June of 2003, the year when DM’s stats for violence and abuse were “straight up and vertical” — the only time he had a stat that was.

And then she went too far by cutting the King of Nothing out of his own propaganda piece. Oops. Honey Badger apparently did give a crap about that and so Diana was officially hard busted and that was a big problem for me because she had been my writing partner for six years. I secretly spoke with her in the Garage where she was working only to find out she was not displeased with being out of the hot seat.

Before she was even back on the base I was also pulled in for sec checking and roll backs due to my our close friendship. I was told by my auditor — I think it was Claire Headley — that it was well known we were close friends. We all knew who wrote the questions in our sec checks, who was talking in the auditor’s ear phone, or sending in text messages mid session causing the auditor to abruptly stop and exit for a conference only to resume with a new line of questioning — DM. And so it was little surprise when I found myself being interrogated on the meter to see if Diana and I had been privately plotting to leave together or if there had ever been any "out-2D" between us or even casual flirting or perhaps a friendly back rub? I was specifically asked if I had ever rubbed her shoulders or vice versa. Of course I came up clean. But particularly of interest to DM was if Diana had ever voiced any “black PR on COB” to me. As per usual, everyone was accused in DM's world of forwarding “black PR” on DM and anyone who was important was subjected to unrelenting accusation like having a fire hose sprayed in their face.

With Diana out of the picture the dynamics of my situation changed dramatically. Together, she and I were just able to stay afloat on Mad River Miscavige. Without her, there was no one left to help except DM patsies. It would take a super human effort to keep from going over the falls and by that time I had already been through so many cataclysms and rogue waves I had lost all fear. There is a point where threats and duress inevitably backfire.

Dan Zimmatore had faked suicide by scratching his wrists and privately chuckled about it to me because he had outwitted our jailers and bought a swift ticked off the Int base. I, along with almost every other Clear and OT, had been put back on Dianetics after spending 6 months on the Purif with Amy Scobee (who spent 8 months).

The whole base had been declared in a lower condition to DM for over a year. And of course anyone on scriptwriting or speech writing was never not in lower conditions since now matter what we did it wasn’t good enough for DM. I could go on, but why bother. Someday maybe I’ll write my own book.

Suffice it to say I had realized it was fruitless to stay. I was tired of the continuous multi-layers of punishments, tired of being unmocked at every turn. But most of all, I was dead tired of being prevented from doing anything productive to help people through Scientology. What had once been so easy was rendered utterly impossible under David Miscavige.

Marketing Strikes Back

I stumbled upon a book who’s author said the problem with Earth is it’s populated by victims. HIs message to “stop being a victim and take responsibility for yourself” hit me right between the eyes like a tomahawk. And so while scriptwriting continued without Diana I was spiritually done. I made it my business to disseminate that message to as many others as I could. It was easy to do. I simply told people about "this interesting book I had read" eventually nailing them with that empowering message. I bought extra copies and handled them out.

To replace Diana, Miscavige sent in Danny Sherman. But the previous Spring Danny had also been put through an the wringer by Miscavige and had undergone a nasty valence shift. He went into the only safe valence at the int base: as a Miscavige Mini-me (SP). Danny and I had formerly been friends, but suddenly he was cold, arrogant and entirely distant. He loathed anything not Miscavige and so he loathed me. The subsequent scripting evolution for the IAS winner videos was a blood bath the like of which I had never experienced, and I crawled through it like the living dead.

In October 2003, as we rolled into scripting the many New Years videos DM sent in more reinforcements in the form of Mike Rinder and other execs. But Mike was the only one who could write a script. In early December DM attacked and beat Mike savagely because he made an edit in a video Miscavige didn't like — of course it was not even Mike's hat but mine — if you can think with the idea that my “hat” was to write destructive videos for DM or else (“else” being I’d never see my wife again, be RPFed, lose the OT levels forever, etc.).

From the sec check questions after Diana was busted, I knew she would never again be allowed to open her mouth against Little Hitler. The jig was up and my mind was made up.

Not only that, but all staff were about to be moved from living in Hemet to living on the base inside the razor wire fences, cameras, and motion sensors. I was not the only one who saw the writing on the wall… the Int base was about to become Scientology Alcatraz.

When Miscavige discovered I had been running my own marketing campaign to spread an antidote to his suppression (the antidote being “to stop being a victim and take responsibility for yourself”) I found myself in considerable hot water. I was abruptly taken off post in December 2003 and put on manual labor. But first I had to list out everyone to whom I had spread that horrible idea, which turned out to be 35 key people one of whom was Karen Hollander. Guess the idea didn’t take on her since she’s still being a victim and refusing to take responsibility for herself.

Throughout 2003, Miscavige had been continually threatening to “offload the Int base.” Providence finally shined down on me the Sunday night when a security guard told me to report to HCO, and from there I was directed onto a waiting bus that was soon to remove the first 100 Sea Org veterans for offload to “Happy Valley” — about 16 miles from the Int base in the foothills of Mt San Jacinto. The next morning we were informed that we were all in serious trouble and all slated for permanent offload — it was intended to scare us into being good DMbots. But two out of the 100 people didn’t scare so easily and they calmly informed their keepers that we intended to leave for real.

Silver Lining

Of course I knew it wouldn't be that easy to leave, and so I already had a plan in place for that too — to convince DM that I had never been qualified for Int staff in the first place. As an expert scriptwriter I wrote a script to set myself free. And I’m proud to say DM never saw it coming. I had noted that DM would never accept a denial of wrongdoing, but he would always accept a confession of guilt no matter how far fetched. And so in my daily sec checks I began to methodically “confess” to transgressions all of which had a common denominator — each one was a specific violation of a qualification for the Int base.

Mind control is an interesting subject and I’ve experimented with it quite a lot to learn how to survive it — but only on the receiving end. I discovered there existed a silver lining for those who are being subjected to Black Scientology — the meter reads and FNs based on what is truly the greatest good.

In the worst-case scenario where captors are using Scientology to suppress, entrap and coerce you toward death, you can freely lie to them and the meter will FN. When you need it to read on something that is not charged, it will read. And no matter how many times the auditor checks for a false read, even though it is a false read, it will not register as one. And when you really think about it, it all makes perfect sense.

As Marty has hinted, the whole thrust of Scientology is to heal through understanding. When Scientology technology is used instead to injure through lies you can freely flaunt your suppressors and the tech itself will protect you.

The tech will protect you.

Just as LRH said.

Diana was a fighter. And I predict she will leave.

The only way to help Scientology today is to leave the Church and publicly speak out LOUD and CLEAR against the violence, abuse and criminality. Because despite what David Miscavige would have everyone believe (thanks to the embedded false data contained in his endless propaganda videos and speeches) violence, abuse and criminality have NOTHING to do with healing through understanding.




+5 # Les Warren 2012-06-23 07:53
Hi Steve. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I have a lot of attention on Diana being stuck in that snake pit and for some reason this blows charge.

I can't tell you how much I would love to read your memoirs. I'm sure I'm not alone in that sentiment.

+4 # Thoughtful 2012-06-23 09:33
To people who love LRH and love Scientology Diana as well as all members of the Hubbard family are nothing less than Scientology royalty. It's a despicable crime that the official Church of the Raging Small Penis Syndrome (David Miscavige) denies her existence, keeps her out of the public eye locked down in Scientology Alcatraz. Miscavige of course removes anyone he considers to be a threat, and that basically includes anyone who will not lick his elevator shoes full time. So that most definitely included Diana.
+3 # Margaret 2012-06-24 22:57
I second that motion for your memoirs, Steve. I LOVE your writing style, and your being literally right there in the thick of it all would be an incredible story. Please write your book!
# Robin 2012-06-27 12:40

In my opinion Miscavige was sucked into the vacuum created by deposing Diana's mother like a cockroach caught in the nozzle of an Electrolux.

The strategy and subsequent tragedy of this palace coup was to instill or more accurately implant the illusion that Miscavige was the rightful heir to the throne of the Church of Scientology.

Even though no such "throne" exists in policy or legally.

(See HCOPLs Controller, LRH Relationship to Orgs and the incorporating papers for RTC and CST)

Miscavige and those who support and enable him are in short perpetrating a FRAUD as Chairman of RTC he has no other power than being a member of a board which in fact is junior to the actual Board of Trustees of the Church of Spiritual Technology.

He and his enablers have done nothing but remove anyone they have considered a threat to his absolute arbitrary power ie. Ron's direct family and prevent this Board of Trustees from being formed thus hobbling its effectiveness.

The fact is if there were actual trustees posted at CST per its Charter they would see that the Church of Scientology is no longer "coterminal" with the Religion of Scientology and is being held captive by a hostile force.
# Mike 2012-07-30 20:00
Give my regards to Diana.

I quit Scn. When I read this I knew why I was right in having done so: Interview in Penthouse with Ron DeWolf (= L. Ron Hubbard, Jr). In it you can read how Scientology originated from the Occult. Sure, Scn contains truths, but they're truths mixed with lies. Pure Truth can't be found within Scn. But, it CAN be found. Remember who said: "Seek and you shall find"? The guy LRH denied the existence of. But HE is ALIVE, while LRH is DEAD, very dead.
+3 # Rob Thomas 2012-06-23 10:19
Thoughtful you are! Reading this stuff hurts my heart. I would attend these events never knowing what abuse people - staff - VOLUNTEERS - endured to create them. DM is a VERY rotten soul indeed. I hope to never encounter him.
+3 # Conan 2012-06-23 10:45
Thank you very much for your insight into the madness.
I'll forward your report to as many people as I can.
Your last part on the meter reads, is invaluable, so I guess 1984 won't be possibly with the tech after all. I love it!
+4 # Thoughtful 2012-06-23 11:37
Here's a great comment from Mike Rinder on Marty's blog that I want to post over here as well about Diana. He's totally right:

"Much as some would like to anoint Diana as some super being because of her genes, it’s just not the way thetans work. Diana is a tremendously capable person, and very theta and creative. She had a famous father (many have found this a handicap rather than an advantage) but she still puts her pants on one leg at a time. Diana is well trained administratively and high case level. She isnt a superwoman. There are a LOT of very competent, trained and theta people at the top of Scientology. These days they are acting like cowed lemmings, beaten into submission and going along with insanities that they have convinced themselves are necessary. Sadly, Diana is one of them. Suzette and Arthur both left long ago…"
+2 # Centurion 2012-06-23 13:02

I agree that Diana will leave the SO and speak publicly about DM and his corruptions.

That should increase the exit levels to all time highs. Now is a great time for independent Scientology to gear up for delivery. I think some training is on the menu.
+2 # Lizabeth 2012-06-23 15:54
What a fascinating story. I loved reading it. Thank you so much for telling some of your past with Diana. Yes, a book would be quite interesting too, look forward to it.
+4 # RD 2012-06-23 16:01
One point you said : Miscavige is like Goebbels. God yes! Same small size, same all... almost look like the same being.


+3 # Jewel 2012-06-23 20:33
Thanks for the tidbit of what it is like to work at Int under DM. It is good to know that Diana hates him too. At least that tells me that she can still see what is true. Scientology would be a different org all together if she were running it...actually, if almost anyone but DM were running it!

By the way, did you know or work with Jeff or Christie Mullins? They are at Gold and have been there forever.
# Thoughtful 2012-06-23 22:12
Oh yes, I worked with them. You are talking about Jeff Baker?
+2 # Kool on the block 2012-06-24 02:23
Nice article. I knew Diana well-enough too, and I would say that you encapsulated her qualities very well. She always had a streak of rebel in her and she was her own-thinker, and I too believe that she will reach a point where she gets tired of the Nazi wanna-be, flips him the bird and walks. I hope she does - because that would be the most respectful thing she could do for LRH.
+3 # OT22 2012-06-24 05:28
I saw Diana at the IAS event at St Hill in 2006 (or 2005?) and she did not look happy. She appeared in the entrance to one of the seminar rooms and watched the audience for a short moment. I was rather surprised to see the daughter of LRH as a "lifeless shadow". I had the idea she would emanate theta, happiness, power... One more proof of the EP in the Church. I hope she leaves soon. 

What is the title of the book you are referring to? Would love to read it too! Thanks
+3 # Eileen Clark 2012-06-24 13:02
Steve, I always enjoy your essays, they are so clean and concise, and always seem to be written from the heart. While I have only had brief moments of contact with Diana Hubbard, each one is memorable. Mike Rinder is correct about her not being a goddess anymore than LRH was. However, like her parents, she is uniquely who she is. I have always had great admiration and respect for Her, not because she was their daughter.
Thank you for writing this bit of personal history, it says a great deal about you, not just Diana.
+2 # dlg 2012-06-25 09:57
Thank you so much for telling us your story, very enlightening.
+3 # Bruce 2012-06-25 16:44
Thank you for writing this. WOW oh WOW

Is there a way to get her out? Some way to have people go in and bring her out. What a story she could write? And she could make millions overnight and be able to help get Scn taken from the imposter SPs.

WOW, thanks for this story.
+2 # Thoughtful 2012-06-25 17:16
Bruce, Thanks. For the most part, people get out of the Church once they really decide to get out. In the meantime we have to keep chipping away at the lies by exposing them.
+2 # dlg 2012-06-25 19:41
Would he let her leave?
+1 # Stefan Tunedal 2012-06-26 04:07
Fascinating. I'm speechless.
+5 # Robin 2012-06-26 15:07
Thanks again for posting this Steve.

I'd just like to add to my earlier back channel email that the new management or as I call them the coup that took over have failed in their Orwellian effort to rewrite the past.

Many of us still remember Diana when she was C/S 6 and when her mother was the Controller and how much better off organizationally we were then we are now.

Currently the organization is run by an idiot who thinks that "suicide bombers attacked Pearl Harbor" and evidently is so stupid that he doesn't know that Ron recorded a lecture entitled "Between Lives Implants" and uses punishment drive and propaganda despite what Ron says in "Essay of Management" and what is left of management being so stupidly Robotic that they blindly follow and enforce this moron's insane and destructive orders.

I'm glad to read that Diana is the brave exception.
+4 # Mike Reppen 2012-06-30 19:21
Very well written article Steve on the last remaining survivor Hubbard on the Int Base. Very touching, thanks you. Now with Roanne out, I hope she see's there is no reason for her to stay. From what others tell she is and has been under heavy guard for years. Your writing convinces me more and more that Dear Leader is INSANE.
+3 # dlg 2012-06-30 19:31
Steve is Diana being held against her will there?
+6 # Thoughtful 2012-06-30 20:55
I'm sorry to say it, but the answer is yes and no. Nobody likes it there, but they think it's a necessary evil and stay hoping it will eventually get better or because they think there's no other choice and they don't want to "betray" LRH by leaving. They don't know that there is an independent field and that the Bridge can be done outside the CoS (it's suicide to do them inside the Church due to out tech). Anyway, with Rowanne's departure (Diana's daughter) there is much less reason for Diana to stay. Diana already left once in the early 1980s. So I'm hoping she will see the light and take off. I would be only too happy to see her again.
+2 # Karen B 2012-07-05 12:07
Thank you for this info...ditto on your hopes for a departure!
+1 # Tara pelton 2012-07-06 23:37
Wow. I get it. It was so sad to lose so many beloved friends over these years. I am so grateful so many are speaking out. No spiritual person behaves as this had gone down with such lack of human compassion. I do not ever recall Ron calling himself Souce, do you? Total unbridled abuse of spiritual people, total suppression. God bless us all and set us free
# Robert 2012-07-11 21:09
I have been 'out' for a good number of years but was reminded of these situations by news of the recent celebrity divorce, which whet my curiosity about what has transpired in the meantime.
This article appears to perpetuate the dialectic that fueled the original wave of departures in the early 1980s, that all in the Scn world was basically pure, honorable and good (why just write about anything wrong directly to Ron, and he will fix it) until the evil DM and his minions took control.
That perspective is as uninformed, self-serving, and ultimately based on the same degree of denial, as the position of those who continue to defend it today because of their belief in its long range value to humanity.
# Thoughtful 2012-08-08 19:08
Robert, The Church today is so much worse than it was in the 1980s it isn't even funny. Read more of this website if you don't believe it. The CoS was never perfect — far from it! And neither was LRH. No one is saying he was perfect. The very idea is absurd. But if you evaluate the Church today, most of the outpoints go back to David Miscavige. Getting rid of his brutality and corruption opens the door to a handling the Church which perforce must include bringing the organization (or what's left of it) back into alignment with itself, meaning it has to be true to it's own ideals or it will never be a true representation of the philosophy. By their actions you can know anyone and any organization. If the actions are criminal, then the organization is criminal. As for the tech, I find it works and has always worked for me and it delivers exactly what is promised. If you disagree, that's your opinion and you are entitled to it. As for the wave of departures in the 1980s, who do you think was behind those??? David Miscavige.
+2 # Cara Voca 2012-07-18 01:18
OMG- I always wondered what happened to Karen Hollander and Diana Hubbard. This spurs me on to go public much sooner than later, including going to the Media with my story. I am already in comm with Tony Ortega.
+2 # well its been an adventure 2012-07-21 13:13
I would be willing to accept Diana as the leader in DM's stead. And if she didn't want it, I would be willing to accept her choice of replacement.
+1 # John 2012-08-05 18:54
I wish we could just snap our fingers and Diana would leave and DM be deposed, but, it's not that easy. Those who used to head the church are in the hole. They are so brutally brainwashed, there is no independent thinking--DM controls thoughts there. Who of them could run the church again, after that? I see Scientology morphing into a large field of independent groups who help each other and continue LRH's legacy. I think the Co$ is dead.
# Tom. Houston 2012-08-19 18:59
Thx for article... Interesting .. Love different info an views
+1 # Dan Starr 2012-09-03 20:52
I met Diana at Flag late one night when I was playing piano outside the course room - some of you might just recall the top floor courses! Her instrument was set up in an adjoining room and she asked me if she could play it without me interrupting her. Needless to say she was beautiful and talented and so in comm. I hope she departs soon.
# Troy 2012-09-22 19:32
As the PES for 7 years in Minneapolis I can reasonably say the biggest block for staff production were the Scientology events. We all knew it and would hint at it but would be in lower conditions when said too much. I know it is worse the further up the lines you went but to think the founders daughter was at the top is sad.
But DM don't give a fuck, DM is crazy.
# hadley 2013-05-18 09:49
I read the write up on Diana and yourself
I can dulipicate some of this as had the same treatment on sec checks and having falsely been told rockslamed and it turned out to be wrong meter reading after confessional correction.
I know its 2013 the end of May nearly
but Does any one have any updates of the current situation with Hemet or Roanne Diana Hubbards daugther, or especially Diana.
I understood Roanne is out and working in LA. Would any one know if permission is given for Diana to see her daugther? or receive letters from her. As we are 2013, it doesn't appear Diana has made her mind up about going yet.I just do not understand if she is as its comments suggest held against her will yes/ no and fear invold why on earth outside intervention hasen't taken place.Even with Debbie Cooks scenario, It all appears to have swalloned under ground again.
# Thoughtful 2013-06-13 11:19
Diana is drinking the Kool Aid — still condemning people for leaving and/or speaking out. So she is not any kind of resource for now. Most people commit so many harmful acts upon the orders of DM that they then have to believe DM is right and that what they are doing is right... else they have to confront that they have betrayed the human race which is not so easy for some people to confront. They tend to just throw out the baby with the bath water and say "It's all a con... except for the TRs, data on communication, all the lower Grades, auditing tech, data on ARC, etc., etc."

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"He also bragged to a number of staff who were close to him about how he illegally obtained information which he was able to use to blackmail the IRS official who granted the church tax exemption..."  Learn More...


Annie Tidman: Imprisoned for 2 Years

"Annie Broeker Tidman, Hubbard's personal assistant right up to the time of his death, realized that Miscavige was systematically and forcefully taking over the church. She attempted to escape to rejoin her husband but was caught and brought back to California, isolated and kept under guard on a remote property for over 2 years..."  Learn More...

Sadism in the SP Hall

"His most infamous sadistic moment was when he told them they were going to play 'musical chairs' and only the last person to get a chair would stay and the rest would vanish without even a chance to say good-bye to friends and family, husbands or wives. The game went on for hours as staff wept bitter tears. This delighted The Cob."  Learn More...


Lisa McPherson's Demise

"Miscavige said he knew what was wrong and proceeded to write three paragraphs on what was to be said to this girl. The staff wondered how The Cob was even qualified to supervise auditing and even if he was, why hadn't he studied the folders first? The girl's name was Lisa McPherson and you know the rest."  Learn More...

Night of the Living Dead

"Moments later came a wail of inhuman agony unlike anything I have every heard in my lifetime, before or since. The screams were so incredibly loud. Louder than any sounds I could imagine a human could make. They filled the sky and the valley and my lonely office. 20 or 30 minutes they lasted..."  Learn More...



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31 Factors for Scientologists to Consider

The Pertinent Manifesto"Scientology has been taken over by a self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige, who has turned the Creed of the Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member on their heads and instituted the virtual practice of Reverse (Black) Dianetics..."  Learn More...

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