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Friday, 19 February 2010 22:01

Plain Old Thetan, the author of this condition assignment, is a Scientologist nearing the end of his body's lifespan. He created this condition assignment as something of a parting shot to help make things go right. It is obviously the result of a great deal of study and an honest look into the situation we face today. As LRH (and many others throughout history) have pointed out, each of us inherits tomorrow what we create today. Plain Old Thetan is doing his part to ensure LRH's legacy will still be here tomorrow for the people who want it -- not the hellish corrpution wrought by David Miscavige that no one in their right mind would want. We look forward to continued contributions from Plain Old Thetan throughout the centuries to come. - Thoughtful

31 January 2009



“Treason (below Enemy) is defined as betrayal after trust.” -- HCO PL 14 March 1968

David Miscavige is hereby assigned the condition of Treason. The trust placed in him by the loyal parishioners of the Church of Scientology has been betrayed. Per LRH:



Ethical failure, at the top or just below it, can destroy an organization and make it downstat.

Historical examples are many.


The charge in any such case for a staff member or executive is FAILURE TO UPHOLD OR SET AN EXAMPLE OF HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS.

Such offenses are composed of:
  2. Use of false statements to cover up a situation.
  3. Representing a scene to be different that it actually is to cover up crimes and escape discipline.
  4. Irregular 2D connections and practices.
  5. Drug or alcoholic addiction.
  6. Encouraging out-ethics.
  7. Condoning or failing to effectively handle an out-ethics situation in self or others as an in-charge, officer, or executive.


Ron says in the same issue:

People with out-ethics withholds cannot see.


Out-ethics people go rapidly into Treason against the group.

The particulars of this condition assignment are:

1) Out-tech, altering tech. 

Specifically, while David Miscavige has been posted as Chairman of the Board, the definition of Floating Needle has been altered so as to keep parishioners on auditing actions overlong, overrunning F/Ns and requiring lengthy unnecessary correction lists. 

An altered definition of “change of characteristic” was put into the Book Of E-Meter Essentials that, in practice, was the only acceptable definition, when an experienced, meter-trained auditor had no problem understanding and actually using the original 1961 definition of “change of characteristic”.

The button “Misunderstood” has been redefined as a “Left-hand button” with no LRH written or recorded reference to back it up. When “Misunderstood” was redefined as a “Left-hand button” the Golden Age of Tech Drills incorporated this and auditors are now being instructed to take up a question if “Misunderstood” reads, instead of handling the read as per the L3RH instructions. 

This is especially the case on the CLEANING A READ drill, where the auditor is forced, over and over, to take up “Misunderstood” as if the question itself had read. This alteration intentionally migrated into HCOB CONFESSIONAL PROCEDURE which then allows a Confessional question to be hammered into the parishioner resulting in missed withholds of nothing and unnecessary, time-consuming correction lists. Taking up an auditing question because it read on “Misunderstood” also leads to violating Auditor’s Code clause “19. I promise not to let a preclear run a wrongly understood command.”

An LCRE drill was issued on the GAT that has the auditor drill a handling for a question on the LCRE that is contrary to the LCRE instructions for that question and in violation of the C/S instructions for the drill.

The drill for ARC BREAK RUDIMENT does not allow the auditor to ask for Suppress, even though C/S Series 1 specifically says it’s expected. 

The Happiness Rundown drill is so littered with errors that it would best be written from scratch rather than “corrected”.

Five years ago, one org had a collection of corrections (issued from uplines) to the GAT drills carefully organized in binders for students’ use, anticipating updates to the drills, but those binders have since been “ordered removed” by executives not posted at that org, yet the GAT drill corrections never materialized. 

The Treason formula has been abused in actual use on public by intentional misapplication to force public to do things that are not ethical (i.e., not the greatest good for the parishioner’s dynamics). 

Numerous queries about out-tech in the GAT drills have been written to the address noted in the front of the drill packs, and have gone unresponded-to and uncorrected in the drills packs for over ten years. This is paradoxical because when parishioners were being regged to do the Golden Age of Tech, the reg would use the question “Don’t you want to be perfect?”, when, in fact, the GAT drills are not perfect. 

Additionally, the definition of the Second Dynamic has been wildly altered from the definition as given in Dianetics to one where it is “creativity”. Besides making no sense, this definition confuses parishioners into doing things they wouldn’t otherwise do. This alteration conflicts with LRH lecture material stating that CREATION must occur on all dynamics (Ref: Lecture 7  April  1959 THE DYNAMICS). 

Also, editing the HCO PL on ETHICS, JUSTICE, AND THE DYNAMICS to remove culturally-incorrect material. The new version of the policy then migrated into the Basics text Introduction to Scientology Ethics. In the current OEC volume, the policy letter ETHICS, JUSTICE, AND THE DYNAMICS has no notation in its header to say that is was modified, when, why and by whom. 

"If it isn't in an HCOB or an HCO Pol Ltr or recorded on tape in my voice, it isn't tech or policy." — L. Ron Hubbard, HCO PL 16 April AD 15, THE "HIDDEN DATA LINE”.

2) Degrading tech, altering tech.

Specifically, altering the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar and Hubbard Dianetics Auditor’s Course in 1988 to remove the utilization of repeater technique and adding the directive “Locate an incident that you feel you can comfortably face.”, which apparently is not based on an LRH reference, but was a fabrication inserted in the HDA/HDS course packs. This observably had the effect of making Book One auditing an unusable technology, and caused many Scientologists to lose confidence in it. While some of this was corrected in the 2009 revision of the course, the public was never told it was an error, who introduced it, who authorized it, and why.

3) Off-policy altering of tech, re-directing students off-source.

Scientologists have been learning data from the “Golden Age of Tech” Drill Packs, rather than from original works. Notably, Scientologists who have done the PTS Tech drills end up with information that is not on their course; when they try to cite this information as LRH data to another Scientologist and that Scientologist wants a reference, the reference cannot be provided because the drill pack is not in Bozeman, Montana and isn’t allowed to be sent there.

In other words, Scientologists are learning “LRH Data” without learning the data from LRH. They are instead learning it from the drill pack. This violates SCIENTOLOGY: CLEAR PROCEDURE, ISSUE ONE (“Look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original works, not offshoots.”).

This has gotten so twisted around that when the Senior C/S WUS was asked “What is the LRH reference for this (mis)handling of the Misunderstood button?”, the Senior C/S WUS replied “The reference is the drill.” What we see from this is that even senior tech terminals aren’t learning from LRH, they’re learning from the drill packs, which, as stated above, have serious departures and alterations from actual Source.

4) Especially frustrating, the instructions in the front of GAT drill packs state “If you encounter an apparent conflict between one of these drills and any LRH book, bulletin, policy letter, lecture or other LRH reference then it is resolved in favor of the LRH reference(s) in every case. If you should have a query on a drill, complete that drill per its instructions to a full pass and then apply HCOB 9 February 79R II, HOW TO DEFEAT VERBAL TECH CHECKLIST. If after doing these steps you still feel the query is valid then write a report via the Course Supervisor to LRH Technical Research and Compilations for review.” This is idiotic, as the student with a query is forced to finish a drill he feels conflicts with actual LRH source materials, and then goes on, with the mystery suspended in time and space, to do other drills.

Additionally, the student who follows the query procedure is completed on the course without waiting for the response or resolution to his query, and doing any corrected drill. Which is to say, the “product” of GAT courses is very often NOT a product because the person bypassed something he didn’t agree with or understand.

5) Lying.

Specifically and most irritatingly, David Miscavige baldly stated at the release of the Basics event that not one word of Dianetics had been changed. In this specific example, the section titled “Dianetic Don’ts” was moved from its location in the 1950 printing of Dianetics to another location in the book. Axiom 36 clearly states that A lie is a statement that a particle having moved did not move, or a statement that a particle, not having moved, did move. Just one example of such a lie introduces uncertainty into a statement like “THIS IS SCIENTOLOGY, THE SCIENCE OF CERTAINTY” (Journal of Scientology 1 June 1953 16-G). Thus is called into question the veracity of any statement made by David Miscavige.

6) Setting up public for losses.

Specifically, flooding the orgs with unreal targets, extreme programs, and orders to staff to sell exorbitantly-priced materials and excessive coursework that distracts parishioners from going up The Bridge. This leads to parishioners feeling overwhelmed about their eternities when HCO PL THE REASON FOR ORGS is very specific about what org functions are and should be. It therefore demands that staff members ignore LRH’s specific advice as found in Lecture 7 March 1963 WHEN FACED WITH THE UNUSUAL DO THE USUAL.

7) Ripping pre-Clears off The Bridge and condoning the routing of pre-Clears to Flag for grades, whereas the LRH grade chart states that is the job of the local field auditor, mission, or org. Failure to substantiate with time, place, form and event (i.e. actual stats) that any identifiable person has actually done their grades in 75 hours and 3 weeks’ elapsed time at Flag. Employing pre-Expanded Grades promo (altering or omitting time) to misestimate for the parishioner how long it actually takes to do Expanded Grades completely, is a betrayal of trust.

8) Effectively destroying field auditing as a profession by not including Field Auditors in the IRS settlement.

This is further demonstrable because I-HELP members holding valid auditor certificates are not supplied with Senior C/S Int bulletins addressed to “All auditors”, nor are they allowed to be supplied with such. Additionally, certified auditors were “told” that their I-HELP licenses to deliver services were being cancelled unless they did the Golden Age of Tech training (see #1, above). In other words, field auditors were threatened with license cancellation if they did not participate in the out-tech of the Golden Age of Tech.

9) Allowing formerly upstat Scientology parishioners to flounder and fail in the Mission network, which is supposedly “Scientology’s spearhead into society”. (LRH ED 340R INT 1982/83 MISSION BIRTHDAY GAME).

Mission Holders have been unable to accomplish their goals and forced to shrink to nothing or close entirely. This crashed stat has been camouflaged by SMI not allowing Missions to be reported as closed and hence artificially propping up an unreal statistic. This collapse accompanied a “reorganization” at the SMI level where Missions were to depend on their nearest org for administrative, technical, and ethics help, yet the orgs were not prepared to supply this assistance and have uniformly failed to supply the help needed by the Missions, further aiding the collapse.

10) Creation of Mission Holder agreements that notably do not include the procedure to be followed when or if the Mission Holder wishes to cease being a Mission Holder.

If a Mission Holder wishes to quit being a Mission Holder, he is suppressively addressed with altered Ethics Tech. The Mission Network is set up to allow people to get in, but never get out. According to LRH in lecture 14 July 1958 OPENING LECTURE, helping and helping and helping someone until they’re trapped is a mechanism of entrapment. Also lecture 28 March 1963 THE GPM says that the trap of the mest universe includes the inability to leave. 

11) Creation of an unreal “Mission Stages of Expansion” program designed to assist a Mission Holder in failing as a Mission Holder. Notably, the Mission Holder is allowed to open a Mission without having at least one Course Supervisor, one Ethics officer, one meter-trained Auditor, and one minimally Class IV C/S. Without these personnel, especially in a frontier area, a Mission Holder is guaranteed to fail.

12) Creation of a Mission Holder “internship program”, where, when the candidate Mission Holder has completed the internship, cannot produce any of the products required of a Mission Holder. Without actually producing these products on his internship, and seeing the LRH policy on such matters works, a Mission Holder is guaranteed to squirrel and fail.

13) Enforcing that orgs and Missions purchase exorbitantly-priced Materials Enlightenment systems that, by actual observation, do not result in more materials being purchased. This provable because in every org or Mission randomly visited, the Enlightenment system wasn’t even powered on or was not even visible. In other words, the Enlightenment System concept was obviously someone’s bright idea that was not piloted or streamlined in order to prove that it actually worked.

14) Ordering, encouraging, or not noticing that Ethics was being used suppressively on the Church’s parishioners.

Notably, issuing KRs on parishioners who did not show up at Int events or who would not accept enforced tickets for Int events, performing rollbacks and enforced ethics actions on parishioners who would not make exorbitant “donations” to the IAS. This also includes the forceful use of Treason Condition technology to make a parishioner do something that was NOT the greatest good for the parishioner’s dynamics, which clearly violates LRH tech on optimum solutions, as ethics are a personal matter, not a group (justice) matter. Also, using Ethics in this fashion invokes the oldest overt on the track: making someone guilty of overt acts. This is not destimulative, but restimulative. (Ref: Lecture 1 January 1960 RESPONSIBILITY)

It is further worsened when the parishioner hasn’t actually committed an overt, thus creating a situation where a MISSED WITHHOLD OF NOTHING exists. People with missed withholds of nothing blow organizations. This results in the person committing overts against the group because he wants to know he actually did something to cause the missed-withhold-ness he is now feeling. (Ref: Lecture of  4 October 1961 MORAL CODES: WHAT IS A WITHHOLD?, HCOB 20 February 1982 OVERTS)

15) Falsifying or obfuscating the statistics and production at “Ideal Orgs” at Int events so as to continue to be able to solicit exorbitant “donations” that do not result in Exchange Condition 3 or Exchange Condition 4 on the part of the parishioner.

16) Establishing and enforcing a Tithes scale for Field Auditors, Missions, and Orgs that artificially forces auditing and course prices higher than they need to be.

17) Establishing and enforcing the pricing of materials and services out of the reach of everyday citizens. Using A=A=A=A thinking when pricing materials; for example, pricing a CD lecture at the same price as a Beatles album, then packaging 40 of them together, without the R that the parishioner will listen to the LRH lectures once or twice, but will listen to a Beatles album many, many times, which changes the parishioner’s viewpoint of value. 

18) Re-pricing the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course so that it was out of the reach of everyday citizens, which resulted in a dramatic drop in the number of public Class VI auditors made. This was evidenced by the plaintive and repetitive entreaties from the new Las Vegas “Ideal Org” regarding their failure to find Class VI auditors and C/Ses.

19) Failing to Keep Scientology Working.

LRH states in HCO PL KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING: The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is "no results." Trouble spots occur only where there are "no results." Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are "no results" or "bad results."

Since the Church is under increasing attack both internally and externally, the only sensible conclusion is that Scientology has been altered to get “no results”. This situation has been allowed to grow under David Miscavige, and therefore constitutes Treason.

20) Establishing and enforcing a standard of perfection on Supervisors-in-training and Auditors-in-training that keeps them overlong on courses and internships and in some cases causes them to cease their training before they can be put in the field, delivering. LRH himself states “It has been found that an absolute is unobtainable.” (Ref: Scientology 8-8008, Chapter One, “Thought”)

This action of wasting the most valuable Scientologists is described in HCO PL 7 August 1965 I SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS, MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF.

21) Tearing up the Church of Scientology’s senior executive strata with psychotic acts and physical violence to the extent that it unmocked the senior executive strata with high-level staff blowing and stories connected with those staff blows that made the St. Petersburg Times and ABC’s Nightline, seriously damaging Scientology’s image.

This action of upsetting the best staff members and destroying an org is described in HCO PL 7 August 1965 I SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS, MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF. One of the most damaging results of this behavior was the departure of a trusted longstanding Church of Scientology spokesman only to fill this post with a poorly-hatted and out-TRs replacement.

22) Encouraging and allowing a Scientology celebrity obviously unhatted and undrilled in PR to be cornered on NBC’s Today Show by Matt Lauer, effectively curtailing that celebrity’s career.

23) Encouraging and compelling Scientology parishioners to go out-ethics on their finances in violation of LRH policy on such.

This keeps parishioners from keeping the 21-Department org board in, in their lives, making the parishioners commit overts that then result in them going out-valence. (Ref: HCO PL 3 May 1972 R ETHICS AND EXECUTIVES) LRH covers this in DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY - A CRUSADE (II:393) when he says: There IS and extreme of charity which neglects the first dynamic.  The auditor must not neglect the first dynamic -- himself.

24) Starting an off-policy and non-LRH “Ideal Org” program supported by out-exchange donation demands that has proven by actual observation to not result in more delivery and more Scientologists up The Bridge. Additionally, the “Ideal Orgs” program is plowing onward like it works, rather than having been piloted and had it proven that – by statistics – it is a correct program, indicating that the whole program is based on “know best” and “idée fixe”. It also appears to violate STEP THIRTEEN of HCO PL 23  March  1972 PRODUCT CLEARING LONG FORM, which warns about a staff member who has to have too much before he can do.

25) Even though the Church touts that the more people are on the higher OT levels, the less enturbulation and entheta exists in the world, this is not borne out by actual observation and it is obvious that the Church prices participation in these upper levels so as to bar more and more Scientologists from being on these levels. If the world became less enturbulated and less entheta-ridden if more people were on the upper levels, then Scientology, in order to perform a hugely desirable humanitarian action, would charge LESS or at least the same for the OT levels as lower levels. Yet this is not done.

26) Failure to recognize and correct a situation where public auditors at the case level OT I and above cannot receive cramming rudiments at their local org. This discourages OTs from training and practicing as org staff auditors and field auditors, contrary to LRH’s desires on the matter.

27) Condoning and allowing the promotion of a “required upgrade” of Mark Super VII meters to Mark Super VII Quantum meters based on a lie. 

“The Hubbard Professional Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter automatically adjusts the sensitivity as the Tone Arm moves in session, thus displaying the true size of a read at any TA position.” (Understanding the E-Meter, Addendum)

This statement is blatantly untrue and easily demonstrated to be untrue by taking a preclear whose wet palms cannot be easily chemically corrected and putting him on the meter. After a half hour on a dating drill, the student preclear’s TA will be around 1.0 and the reads will be artificially small and unreadable as attenuated by the automatic variable sensitivity circuit. So, the reads are NOT kept at the true size; they are instead a false size at low TAs. 

Additionally, the automatic variable sensitivity circuit cannot be manually bypassed by the E-Meter operator, thereby making setting the correct sensitivity on high and low TA cases impossible.

28) Failure to employ or condoning the “ignorance” of HCO PL STAFF STATUS for Mission staff members wishing to takes services at a SH, AO or FLAG at the reduced rates specified by this issue. This has the suppressive side-effect of discouraging OTs to join staff at Missions and orgs.

29) Artificially propping up the stats of the Dallas Ideal Org by funneling WUS Mission trainees there instead of to their local org. Additionally, failing to create productive Mission staff members by keeping them overlong on courses because the facilities, public (twins and pcs) and staff personnel are not in place to deliver what was promised in violation of HCO PL 21 November 1968 I SENIOR POLICY.

30) Condoning or allowing the cessation of television advertising for the Dianetics book. Such advertising proliferated in the late 1980s (a true boom period) but is essentially nonexistent now. According to LRH, recommending ineffective dissemination and finding fault with any being done is a suppressive action. (Ref: HCO PL 7 August 1965 I, SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS, MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF)

31) Condoning or allowing the cessation of the printing of paperback versions of Dianetics for mass markets, and failure to market and get sold such paperback books at volume book outlets such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, etc. According to LRH, recommending ineffective dissemination and finding fault with any being done is a suppressive action. (Ref: HCO PL 7 August 1965 I, SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS, MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF)

32) Demanding that parishioners discard and dispose of their pre-Basics texts, even though thousands of Scientologists were trained and processed using these books and were processed to OT VIII using these books without apparent harm or damage. Additionally, this gives parishioners the idea that their materials purchases can be trashed at any time without warning, discouraging them from getting excited about any new materials releases. This even occurred on the new releases line with the Phoenix Lectures on CD, when new Phoenix lectures were released within 2 years of the original Phoenix Lectures on CD, and the parishioner was expected to trash the “old, invalid” Phoenix Lectures. 

33) Releasing the Basics texts and demanding that parishioners pay exorbitant prices for them as well as demanding that parishioners trash their pre-Basics texts, rather than creating a trade-in or recycling program that would allow parishioners to think they weren’t getting charged twice for the same material. The Phoenix Lectures overt product was another instance where a trade-up program was merited (the mistake in the materials wasn’t the parishioner’s, after all).

34) Failing to deliver the updated dictionary promised at an event over ten years ago, while failing to reprint the existing Tech Dictionary on the claim that “the new dictionary is coming out”.

35) Starting a Research and Discovery volume publishing program that demanded that older R&D volumes be trashed, and then failing to deliver on the promised publishing schedule for the updated R&D volumes.

36) Demanding in print in an IMEC ED that staff members lie to parishioners by telling them to come into an org or Mission under the pretense of picking up event tickets but with the real intention of selling them materials and services under duress.

37) Applying A=A=A=A thinking to programs in the Church. 

This is evidenced because every Scientologist was expected to do the Scientology Volunteer Minister’s course and then was put on a list as a volunteer without his permission. Everyone’s E-Meter had to be upgraded to a Mark VII Quantum.  Every parishioner had to do the PTS/SP course…again. Everyone had to do the Professional Metering Course. Every Scientologist had to study the basics and congresses. Every auditor had to participate in the Golden Age of Tech.

These actions were assigned, without inspecting to see if they were actually applicable to an individual. Courses were not structured to allow for the possibility that the person had some intelligence or skill, always evaluatively putting it there that the person was known to be doing it wrong because “he learned it on the old checksheet” or some such think. This violates the Scientology principle that “correction before inspection” is a bad thing. (Ref: HCO PL 6 February 1968 ORGANIZATION - THE FLAW) It is also invalidative and evaluative of the parishioner if he doesn’t actually need the course, with the attendant bad effects (Ref: Lecture 13 December 1954 CONDUCT OF THE AUDITOR.) 

38) Off-policy and out-ethnic sharing of CF and bookbuyer lists between orgs so that a parishioner gets called by 3, 4, or 5 orgs to find out his progress on the Basics, when he didn’t buy the Basics from any of those orgs. Additionally, sharing the e-mail addresses of parishioners and badgering them via e-mail, sometimes in violation of laws prohibiting the bulk e-mailing of promotion to people requesting it not occur. Also, with several orgs sending promo to an individual, most of the promo is simply tossed, creating a waste situation for orgs sending such promo.

39) Telling or covertly advocating that staff tell parishioners not to use money already on account for exorbitantly priced new releases despite specific LRH policy to the contrary. Then, allowing staff to discourage the use of prepayments for materials with some obviously fabricated story about “org solvency”.

40) Encouraging or advocating or requesting that WISE member companies lie on-camera as a PR stunt. Specifically, Diskeeper Corporation CEO Craig Jensen and New OT VIII appeared on-camera in the 2010 New Year’s event video claiming that other companies were jealous at how much WISE companies flourished and prospered. Yet the Diskeeper Corporation just went through a major layoff and is being sued by two non-Scientologist employees for utilizing LRH tech in running the company. Somehow, the 2010 New Year’s Event video didn’t mention these facts which would have opened people’s eyes as to the efficacy of using LRH tech in running their company.

41) Ordering or advocating the ordering of staff members to call parishioners multiple times and harass them about buying the new releases even though they are not wanted by the person, thus invoking the definition of enforced overt have (Ref: HCO PL 12 May 1972 R PTS PERSONNEL AND FINANCE). Per HCOB PTS RUNDOWN, FINAL STEP, running enforced overt haves on people constitutes suppression.

42) Creation of artificial emergencies to add volume to exorbitantly-priced materials sales. These “emergencies” are artificial in that they’re only put in place to boost sales, or they’re genuine emergencies whose nature has not been candidly communicated to parishioners. In either case, a lie is present.

43) Establishment of a new “network” of so-called “Materials Consultants”, whose purpose, by actual observation, is to vex, harass, harangue, accuse, badger, lie to and pursue parishioners; to drive them downtone by invalidation and evaluation; to wear down the parishioner to the point where the only perceived avenue of escape from the harassment is to buy something the parishioner doesn’t want with money he doesn’t have.

Such “Materials Consultants” have actually stalked parishioners, sitting in front of their homes for all hours, in hopes of getting a sale. This activity is at least out-ethnic, if not outright criminal. This behavior certainly does not create goodwill for the Church of Scientology in the eyes of Scientologists and nonScientologists. 

Such “Materials Consults” apparently have been told that things have been surveyed when they haven’t, or were only “surveyed” with 20 or 30 people and presented with survey results as though “everyone” was surveyed to be in agreement with over-voluminous materials releases and/or overpriced materials releases. The ill will generated by these “Materials Consultants” has gotten so extreme in some cases that parishioners have taken to calling them “Materials Insultants”. 

44) Forbidding orgs and missions from using Field Auditors to get auditing accomplished, when LRH says it can and should be done in lecture 23 January 1971 THE ORG OFFICER AND HIS RESOURCES Part II (FEBC #7), and further enforcing this off-policy activity by not programming accommodation for hiring Field Auditors into the Finance Computer System.

45) Disallowing the trading of bookstocks between orgs and Missions and field groups, when it is obvious per Operational Bulletin 3 January 1956 11 "NOW THAT THE HAPPY HOLIDAYS ARE OVER. . ." that this was an activity endorsed by LRH and there is NO LRH policy or lecture specifically forbidding it.

This off-policy action is further enforced because booktrades are not programmed into the Finance Computer System, which also tracks book inventory. This sticks orgs and missions with unusable bookstocks, gathering dust, not being sold (i.e. not being actually disseminated), and distorting the booksales/production statistics.

46) Failure to publish the statistics of the Church of Scientology on a worldwide, continental and local basis so that a parishioner attempting to apply the Doubt Formula to his participation in the Church of Scientology is thwarted in his attempt to apply the tech.

47) Canceling booksales commissions for Sea Org members in violation of policy. (Ref: LRH BOOKSALES TELEX, “00. Give your staff members sales commissions for selling books.”) This essentially turns Sea Org members into slaves when assigned to off-hat sales duties.

48) Demanding that Sea Org members forego sleep and food in order to meet unreal sales quotas, in violation of Lecture 13 December 1954 CONDUCT OF THE AUDITOR. In many cases the Sea Org members have gotten NO sleep on the night after an Int event because of this. Besides, UNREAL TARGETS are listed clearly in HCO PL 27 January 1969 DEV-T SUMMARY LIST.

49) Changing the emphasis on auditor training and processing up the Bridge by putting the apparent emphasis of Scientology on the creation of empty Ideal Orgs and the promotion of David Miscavige personally. This has gone to the extreme extent of using “The COB spent the last 30 years getting out these releases” as a sales phrase, and not using LRH’s name anywhere in the sales pitch. This underscores that the Source of Scientology is not LRH, but David Miscavige.

The promotion of LRH personally that does occur is especially disconcerting when the LRH Biographer dramatizes so many out-valence characteristics when he speaks at Int Events.

50) Alteration of LRH policy on graduations by getting students out of course rooms on Friday nights for one or two hours because, as the PAC LRH PRO said, “we don’t do so-called graduations any more; we use ‘graduation’ as an opportunity for a weekly PR event”. This is also a violation of HCO PL THE REASON FOR ORGS, as well as the policy on graduations.

51) Ordering or encouraging or not noticing that HCO PL RELIGION is being ignored in orgs, specifically, auditors trained to any level are not wearing clerical garb.

52) Ordering or encouraging or not noticing that auditors were being issued certificates and licenses without holding a valid Minister’s Certificate, in violation of HCO PL 24 September 1973RA ALL AUDITORS – MINISTERS, MINISTERIAL BOARD OF REVIEW.

53) Ordering via program that Missions are to deliver “Free Intro Sessions” as part of the implementation of the Book One Dianetics line, even though no LRH policy says to do this, and which violates HCO PL 27 November 1971 III FREE SERVICES = FREE FALL, and  the only mention of free sessions in the HCO PLs is in HCO  PL 17  May  1965 III FREE SCIENTOLOGY CENTER, which specifically says that only students are employed in such free auditing. 

54) Holding International Events at which parishioners don’t pay attention to the event, but instead are asking themselves, with each sentence uttered by David Miscavige and others: “Is that a lie?” “Can I independently verify that?” “What can I do about it if it isn’t true?”

55) Failure to recognize and correct the situation that new Missions were not supplied with film systems when established, and subsequent failure to supply the promised DVD-based replacement system for the past ten years. This is even more frustrating when the routing forms for a brand-new public requires the person see the “Orientation” film, but the film/video is not available.

56) Failure to recognize and correct the situation that Missions are not routinely supplied with comprehensive, usable, unified service and materials price lists.

57) Failure to recognize and correct the situation that Missions are operating on inadequate and outdated “Pilot” routing forms.

58) Violating the Creed of the Church of Scientology by ham-handedly dealing with parishioners who, in accordance with the Creed, believe “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

This is done in addition to ignoring or misapplying the Ethics Gradients documented by LRH in HCO PL ETHICS, REVIEW. Basically, the Church quashes individuals who want to find out things and make decisions for themselves. This quashing action is in direct conflict with LRH’s directives on the matter: “The goal of the auditor is to rehabilitate the self-determinism of his preclear, to bring back his hope and power, to get his preclear up to where the preclear, all of his own, KNOWS.” (Ref: Scientology 8-80, Chapter One) 

59) Falsifying or obfuscating the statistics of Scientology and presenting the statistics of Scientology as “exploding”, when the statistics presented at Int events routinely only show that the stat “12x’d” without presenting the quantity, quality and viability. After all, if a statistic was at 1-hour in one year, and went to 12-hours the next year, all you have to do is say that the stat 12x’d. It is certainly not viable for any org to expand its auditing hours from 1 to 12. This has been such a flagrant practice that at an Int event the year after the student points for reading a page of material was raised from 5 points to 10 points, David Miscavige proudly showed a graph that proved that the “Student Points doubled” in the past year. Duh.

60) Continuing to falsify and obfuscate the membership statistics of Scientology, inflating the statistics to present a false picture of Scientology’s membership rolls. 

At one Int event in the past twenty years, the “FSM of the year” was presented with the award based on his report that he’d given an introductory Dianetics lecture to several auditoriums of students at a South American university. This FSM was praised because of the “2000 New Scientologists Made”, but not one shred of evidence was presented that any of these people joined the IAS, or did a second (non-free) service. By this measure, everyone taking a “stress test” at a book booth should be counted as a “New Scientologist Made”. And it would still be a lie.

61) Under David Miscavige, PAC Int Events were promoted as starting at a certain time “sharp” and often started a half hour or hour late. 

This is ironic, because if a parishioner is one second late for course, he is sent to Ethics. This got so bad that parishioners started and maintained a sotto voce joke that Scientology Int events were not scheduled according to EST or PST (Eastern Standard Time or Pacific Standard Time) and instead were run on SST (Scientology Substandard Time). Not starting events at the publicized time violates HCO PL REWARDS AND PENALTIES, because the upstats (the parishioners who showed up on time) had their lives and schedules disrupted by the downstats (those arriving late). The actions also violate HCO PL 21 November 1968 I SENIOR POLICY. Additionally, at PAC Events at the Shrine, parishioners were not allowed to sit where they wanted, instead being crowded into seating so that, according to one event usher, “attendance would look better for the cameras”.

Also, parishioners were not allowed to leave the event through the theater exits, instead being funneled, by force, into a side hall where the parishioners would have to run a gauntlet of quota’d salesmen in order to leave the event. This is out-ethnic, and may even violate Fire Codes.

62) Violation of his Sea Org contract.

Specifically, the Sea Org contract states that the purpose of the Sea Org is "get ethics in on the planet". Instead of doing this for himself and seeing to it that all Sea Org members do this, he has used his position to the detriment of The Church of Scientology, Scientology, and Scientologists, and has coerced or convinced other members of the Sea Org that his off-policy, out-tech, and financial excesses are rational. This is by definition Treason. 

63) Turning the Church of Scientology’s parishioners into broken game pieces instead of game players, as L. Ron Hubbard describes in Lecture 12 December 1952 GAME PROCESSING:

Now, the "caste system of games" consists of this: "The maker of games—he has no rules, he runs by no rules; the player of the games — rules known but he obeys them; and the assistant players merely obey the players; and the pieces obey rules as dictated by players, but they don't know the rules." And then, what do you know — there's broken pieces. And they aren't even in the game but they're still in the game. And they're in a terrible maybe — am I in a game or am I not in a game? 

Now — "How to make a piece." This is how to make a piece. First: "Deny there is the game." Second: "Hide the rules from them." Three: "Give them all penalties and no wins." Four: "Remove all goals" Enforce their playing. Inhibit their enjoying. Make them look like but forbid their being like players" — look like God but you can't be God.

"To make a piece continue to be a piece, permit it to associate only with pieces and deny the existence of players" — never let the pieces find out that there are players.

64) Turning Scientology into a different game than that specified by L. Ron Hubbard. By doing this, David Miscavige violated power point 2 in HCO PL THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF LEADERS:

2. When the game or the show is over, there must be a new game or a new show. And if there isn't, somebody else is jolly well going to start one, and if you won't let anyone do it, the game will become "getting you."

So David Miscavige should not be surprised that he is “suddenly” under fire.

65) Creation and perpetuation of an environment inside the Church organizations where parishioners don’t feel safe. Salesmen, registrars, IAS representatives, and recruiters swarm all over every parishioner to see what they can get out of them. This clearly violates LRH policy and intention on such. (Ref: HCO PL 5 April 1965 III SCIENTOLOGY MAKES A SAFE ENVIRONMENT)

In at least one case, an org staff member asked a parishioner “How did you like the event?”, and, thinking that the staff member was asking what might be improved about the event, answered honestly. The staff member wrote a KR on the parishioner as though the staff member hadn’t tricked and trapped the parishioner into getting ordered to be Sec Checked at their own expense.

66) Embodying A=A=A=A thinking by treating parishioners as though they’d signed a Sea Org contract and agreed to comply with “command intention”. However, most Scientology parishioners have not agreed to this as find it odd and disorienting when treated like this. This is another example of out-ethnics.

67) Ordering, encouraging, or not doing anything about situations where org sales personnel deliberately don’t duplicate a parishioner who doesn’t want to buy the exorbitantly priced new release, intentionally violating Scientology’s key Axiom 28, leaving the parishioner ARC broken and befuddled. This also has the malevolent side-effect of dropping the parishioner’s Havingness through the floor, which only turns the sales cycle into a clash of efforts. (Ref: Lecture 13 December 1954 CONDUCT OF THE AUDITOR, Ref: Lecture 29 October 1958 TYPES OF PICTURES, QUESTION AND ANSWER PERIOD) 

68) Creating and perpetuating an environment which puts long-term loyal parishioners into an untenable and awkward situation with their families, friends, and selectees who notice the continuing and uncorrected outpoints and ask “If there’s written policy, and Scientologists are supposed to follow it, why don’t Sea Org members and Senior Church Executives follow it?”; and “If there’s no case on post, why do Senior Church Executives beat each other up?”; and “If lying is an overt, why are there so many lies told at Int events and by Senior Church Executives?” This of course violates The Way To Happiness clause 6: “Set a good example”.

69) Advocating and promoting derivative works of the original works of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, that omit key information, or alter it to render it unrecognizable to long-time Scientologists. The three most heinous examples of this are The Scientology Handbook, What Is Scientology?, and The Background, Ministry, Ceremonies, and Sermons of the Scientology Religion. These books are all based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, a datum which is hidden in the Ceremonies book, and where pure LRH is present, the actual reference — the book, HCOB, HCO PL, or lecture — is omitted from the text. This makes it conveniently impossible for a parishioner to look at REAL SOURCE for something found in these books.  These same observations apply to the 1988 Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course and the Scientology Life Improvement Courses. "The public wants Scientology Ron's brand and they don't buy other brands." HCO PL 27 December 1963, THE "MAGIC" OF GOOD MANAGEMENT. "The field or public must not be led to believe that I have written or issued things I have not." HCO PL 21 June 1959, SIGNATURES ON BULLETINS, POLICY LETTERS, AND SEC EDs.


As this list of particulars shows, what is going on in the Church of Scientology at this point in time is NOT Scientology as codified by L. Ron Hubbard. Because he has allowed this to occur for his own clandestine reasons, because it has occurred during his tenure as Chairman of the Board, because he has altered Scientology for his own ends, David Miscavige is being assigned a condition of Treason. The writer of this assignment is not in Treason to Scientology; he is only in violent disagreement with the unnecessary alterations made to Scientology, especially for purposes concealed. The writer of this assignment is writing it to demonstrate he has NOT departed the group of people who study, duplicate and apply the writings and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard to improve conditions on this planet.

The recommended actions to handle this condition assignment are:

1) Removal of David Miscavige from the post of Chairman of the Board, RTC, IMMEDIATELY, by Urgent Directive. He should be assigned to the RPF immediately.

2) IMMEDIATE Internet posting of the past 25 years of Church of Scientology statistics so that parishioners can do truthful and effective Doubt Formulas.

3) Cancellation and revocation (in writing) of all alterations made to LRH in the past 25 years that cannot be traced to exact LRH directives.

4) If any book, bulletin, or lecture has been modified illegally, parishioners are to be provided, FREE OF CHARGE, with replacement materials.

5) The mere existence of the Golden Age of Tech Drills should be reviewed against LRH materials to see if such drills are allowed to exist per the writings of LRH and Scientology.

6) If the existence of the GAT drills is deemed to be proper, get a project underway to correct all outnesses in the Golden Age of Tech Drills. The corrected drills should be piloted thoroughly before their use is put in, in orgs worldwide. This would best be done by creating teams of two auditors, trained and certified prior to 1995, in different locations in the world, who can make changes to the drills based on exact LRH materials. The different teams’ inputs should be incorporated into the official drills after a final board determines their correctness.

7) Corrections to the GAT drills should then be printed and distributed to all orgs and Missions.

8) Every parishioner and staff member who was mistrained on the GAT should be covered under a Tech Amnesty and any Out-Tech chits in their Ethics files should be shredded.

9) Every parishioner and staff member who was mistrained on the GAT should be granted a FREE retread of their GAT (if they want it) to get them trained correctly.

10) A project should be instituted to put LRH lectures, in electronic form, on Church-funded servers, to which parishioners in good standing can subscribe to listen to the lectures for a very affordable fee, such as $2 or $5 per lecture. No parishioner should have to store hundreds of pounds of DVDs and CDs in their homes when the society has the technology to provide people with the INFORMATION without the MEST.

11) Publicly-available materials (books, HCOBs, HCO PLs, bulletins, lecture transcripts) should be assembled into a searchable database that parishioners in good standing can subscribe to in order to locate exact LRH references online.

12) Transcripts and supplemental materials for lecture series should be made available to parishioners for a very affordable fee, such as $20 for the transcripts and supplemental materials for one binder’s worth of lecture material.

13) Ethics files in every org should be culled for suppressive KRs and purged of such.

14) The mailing list policies of LRH should be actually implemented, including e-mail addresses in the implementation. Parishioners should be able to specify that they not receive bulk E-mailings of promotional material via e-mail. Church bulk-emailing systems should be set up so that bulk e-mailings from the Church don’t violate the law.

15) Any Ideal Orgs currently underway and not currently completed should be completed. No new Ideal Org project should be initiated. Orgs should strive, however possible within policy and ethnics, to create their own space and crews.

16) Dissemination programs present 1985-1995 should be reviewed for effectiveness and if found to be workable, reinstated.

17) The lies of the Church of Scientology, and who told them, and when, should be made known to parishioners. 

18) David Miscavige should do his lower conditions under the watch of actually trusted staff members. This includes doing a TRUE Treason formula, not the glib, brush-off, patty-cake Treason formula that he has seen done during his tenure.

19) Ethics Officers and Estos worldwide should be cleaned up on the misuse of Treason Condition tech. This includes all WISE member organizations. Organizations should review any Treason Condition done in the last 20 years with an eye as to whether it was done correctly, or robotically.

20) A program should be instituted with honest surveying to determine what the Church of Scientology needs to do in order to restore trust with the parishioners and non-Scientology citizens.

21) That program should be DONE, DONE, DONE.


Loyal practitioners and followers of L. Ron Hubbard’s works and the Scientology applied religious philosophy should avail themselves of actual Scientology and follow the Ethics Gradients as described in HCO PL 29 Apr 1965 III ETHICS, REVIEW and write reports on the outpoints they see in the Church of Scientology. If no relief materializes, each faithful Scientologist should…no, MUST write and publish a treason assignment for the person they see is causing the downfall of the practice of standard Scientology. THAT IS standard Scientology. 

As Scientologists, you have LRH’s advice to keep the 21-department org board operational in your lives. (Ref: Lecture 6 April 1965 ORG BOARD AND LIVINGNESS) This means that you have an HCO. This means you have the right and privilege of assigning a Lower Condition to someone who is degrading and diminishing you and your philosophy. Do it.  BE CAUSE, NOT EFFECT. “Thus when one can do anything about it, it is less suppressive.” (HCO PL 26 Dec 66).

Written by Plain Old Thetan



# Guest 2010-02-20 03:07
This needs to be shared with everyone. We need to print and send or email this to as many people as we can, both onlines and on the fence.
# lunamoth 2010-02-20 06:09
What a spectacular job, Plain Old Thetan. Thank you for the many many hours you must have put into compiling such a thorough and well written

I think each of us reading this can do something to see that this is read far and wide.
# LMG 2010-02-20 06:15
This is, in essence, the Scientology version of Luther's "The Ninety-Five Theses".

Great post...
# Thoughtful 2010-02-20 10:09
Don't miss Helmut's written SP Declare Order also issued yesterday: http://www.scientology-cult.com/helmut-flasch/263-david-miscavige-declared-suppressive.html

~ Thoughtful
+1 # RJ 2010-02-20 17:20

Personally I think Miscavige is lower than treason, like government informant and agent.
# well its been an adventure 2012-07-21 11:56
No, "government informant and agent" would be an example of Treason. Betrayal after trust.
# Old Auditor 2010-02-20 19:32
I am glad to see that you are using your skills to help scientology outside the church. I think you will find that there is greater recognition of your value from the Independent Scientologists than from inside the CofS.

One of the reasons our mission held together as long as it did was the strong technical support you provided.

I hope that you find the freedom of life outside the church as rewarding as I have.
# KSW 2010-02-21 06:53
This is the best summation I have read and it needs to be published as widely as possible.
# NCT 2010-02-21 14:41
Very well written piece. Written with much care and knowlege of the situation. Well done and thank you.
# Pancakes4breakfast 2010-02-21 17:59
I'll part ways with you on the dogmatic homophobia.
# Thoughtful 2010-02-21 11:42
I found two mentions of homosexuality in the article above and deleted them both. I'm thinking Plain Old Thetan will not mind. As editor of this website, I apologize for missing those two offensive bits.

While the opinions expressed by our writers are simply their own opinions, I do retain final editorial authority. My personal opinion is that the ideal scientologists must aspire to is embodied in the Auditor's Code. As long as no one is being harmed, sexual orientation and other highly personal realities (such as one's ideas about the supreme being) are purely the domain of individual choice; others have no right to mandate, legislate or evaluate what is "normal," right or wrong since it comes down to personal opinion.

LRH lived in a different age, and if anyone doubts this, just open an old Life magazine like I did yesterday. A few things were the same. Most things were vastly different.

On the whole, society is evolving from a barbarism to a more civilized state. Ideas change. Scientology as to keep pace with with cultural values. The world has come a long way in terms of women's rights, minority rights, etc., and where Scientology teachings fall short of the cultural standard, the wrong thing to do is live in the past and refuse to improve.

Sanity depends on the ability to Start, Change and Stop. While there will never be a need to change the TECH, concepts that would otherwise ostracize or marginalize well-meaning people are simply wrong.

LRH always said Scientology was not perfect. The keynote of Scientology is improvement. Ideals where they would violate human rights must be discarded. That's called living in present time.

As far as I'm concerned, everyone is welcome in Scientology.

~ Thoughtful
# Margaret 2010-02-23 21:05
Thank you Thoughtful. I have to say that I was pretty taken aback by the anti-gay statements in that Treason Assignment. It ruined the whole thing for me. But I'm glad to see that it's been edited.
# LMG 2010-02-24 10:32
I read the original version, and although I completely disagree with the homophobic statements, I think that you should have left it as is because the document is too important to do otherwise. Besides, I think that this "ethics" is part of the original vision of LRH (I'm not a Scientologist, so I'm not certain of this). Such "reformation" (i.e. anti-homophobia) should be left for the post-Miscavige era.
# Pancakes4breakfast 2010-02-21 18:51
I appreciate that, and I agree with what you said.
# Guest 2010-02-21 22:26
I had more wins from reading that then from L11.

No kidding.
# Plain Old Thetan 2010-02-22 02:46
...because that's why I wrote it.
# Tatiana Baklanova 2010-02-22 03:21
Dear Author,
You are engaging yourself in a kind of a battle that can not be fought from the "hide". That is too low on the tone scale to begin with. You have to take off your mask and have the integrity and courage to then state what you believe to be true and hold on to it, like Mr Helmut did! That would make your condition assignment a real value.
As for now in that communication the source terminal is missing, what kind of communication is that???!!!
With best wishes,
Tatiana Baklanova,
Class V.
# Plain Old Thetan 2010-02-23 12:37
I have chosen to keep my full identity obscured for the time being, simply to protect my friends from DM and his hired henchmen. There's no reason to subject them to Declares and unnecessary sec-checks at their own expense simply because I'm choosing to exercise my Personal Integrity.

I look forward to reading your SP Declare of DM or Condition Assignment of DM. Put the web address here; I'll read it!
# Tatiana Baklanova 2010-03-11 15:32
Well, I am sure you have handful of justifications for not exercising your Personal Integrity, that LRH, by the way, considered to be more valuable, that one's life. I see this as a very key point why and how things go wrong in the Church. When people excuse themselves from "exercising own Personal Integrity" they go blind to the tech alterations and unable to act. They become robot, following the orders. I see it as nothing else, but an overt of omission.

I think all you are protecting here by hiding your name is your own comfort. If you were to protect your friends, you would do anything possible to get them out - to be audited by highly trained FREE auditors, who are plenty around here, in the Free Zone. The ones who are not afraid to exercise there Personal Integrity. And who would charge your friends a reasonable price, if you cared about their expenses.

So you may go ahead and keep hiding, keep making new excuses and explanations, or dare to get out of the hole, start exercising your Personal Integrity and do enjoy the life for real, which I strongly wish you do.

About DM you'll never see my SP Declare of him, as I don't think he is the one. I see him as a PTS, who went into agreement with real SP to protect the Church financially and officially, but made a wrong move. Now he is connected to the real SPs, who control him financially, creating trouble for the Church.
# well its been an adventure 2012-07-21 12:12
Kindness, Tatiana, Please!

I don't give my real name because I can't handle COS intervention in my life right now - of any sort.

I won't give details. Please just assume Plain Old Thetan has some very real concerns.

But I tell you, I DO have SO MUCH awe and respect for those ( such as you) who have the strength and confront to come forward as themselves!

The ARC and KRC in Plain Old Thetan's work is enough.
# Throughsoul 2010-02-24 01:48
Another point that should be done, done, done, is a review of SP Declares to determine if ethics and justice policies were violated and if so to correct using the proper policies.
# well its been an adventure 2012-07-21 12:25
Yes, and an amnesty that specifically forgives all for blowing, messy blowing, and any of those things we do in the field due to having blown such as talking to other disaffecteds, training and auditing int the field.
# Anonymous 2010-03-01 14:51
Well done, Plain Old Thetan. I think it is time that ALL Scientologists (and all would-be Scientologists) write up a KR on David Miscavage ... because that might be all we can do to rid ourselves of the SP who has destroyed the church... and post that KR on the internet.
# Gary 2010-03-01 22:14
i am a liberty activist, 911 truther, etc have a real aversion to dancing with the devil (aka asking the government for "help")
but can't we all get in touch with our local DA's and demand arrest of Miscavige along with the KR's and stuff to substantiate the accusations?
Seems to me that since Scn is international and certainly crosses all state borders,that any DA could take on the case and have it be within his jurisdiction. Or any sheriff for that matter. Would just need to have a few independent Scientologists within their constituency.
# Plain Old Thetan 2010-03-08 06:48
Gary: I suspect that the thing to do is that persons now out from under the thumb of DM swear out FEDERAL complaints about criminal acts, kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault, fraud, etc. against DM. Then ask a Federal prosecutor to investigate any RICO statute violations in addition to addressing the complaints filed by the witnesses to the acts.
# maria spencer 2010-04-25 04:15
Excellent write up, this needs to be wide spread it was written in 1980's but little or no support,This needs support to disestablish the current management and Miscavige removal. Myself serving 20 years or more as staff and further 20 outside, I will support.
# plainoldthetan 2010-04-29 16:52
In order to afford DM the decency he is not affording others, while I was on a road trip this week, I dropped into a randon Post Office and mailed PHYSICAL copies of this declare on goldenrod paper to DM at Flag, Int Base, ASHO, AOLA, Freewinds, and the HGB.

DM may be handling Marty and David St Lawrence with "secret declare documents" and I didn't want DM to think he'd get away with being able to claim "I never got it in writing."
# well its been an adventure 2012-07-21 12:31
He'll never get it in writing.

If there is anyone left in that mail dept, they wouldn't dare deliver it.

If DM is handling that dept (along with every other dept) he will never get around to opening it.

Maybe you should hve written "Check enclosed" on the envelope? :)
# well its been an adventure 2012-07-20 19:30
Can someone please refer me to a definition for "righ hand button" ,"left hand button".

Thanks very much!

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