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Monday, 12 April 2010 00:44

What David Miscavige Doesn't Want You to Know

by Silvia Kusada

In May ‘09, while routing on at ASHO Day to continue my OEC Vol. 7, I shared with a staff member how fantastic it was to be studying the Admin tech. I asked her if she had done OEC Vol 0. She said she hadn't but was ordered to continue studying right past it.

I saw this bypass as an OUTPOINT. After all, if the staff receive only part of the tech, how can they understand LRH's idea of an ideal scene?

I compare it to the suppressive act of shortening a checksheet. In fact, every single staff member, per LRH, should do the full OEC Vol. 0 as one of the first basic actions.

On the other hand, if staff and public were to study the entire Admin/Data Series, they would gain a full understanding of what an ideal scene is per LRH. One then wonders what would occur if said individuals had enough knowledge to spot DEPARTURES from the ideal scene? Or have the tools at their disposal to discover TRUTH?

Of course, management would lose control and its betrayals and lies would be exposed by the many. (The exception being that there are always people who, resulting from a case/responsibility factor, are unable to spot truth or prefer not to see it).

Therefore, today, staff and public are being intentionally deviated from LRH Admin tech, toward numerous other, off-Grade-Chart activities. Keep the group ignorant and feed them false data…. and here we are!

What DM and some 1.1 antisocial personalities are overlooking is the fact that some beings have high awareness. They have a natural knowingness and enough freedom, integrity and courage to be able to SEE.

This is what makes most Independents special beings.

Now, for those of you who are confused and looking for answers, I did some study and have included a few basic references from the Data Series. I encourage you to read them all. This tech is utterly PRICELESS!

While the Church is trying to control people and protect its lies by forbidding the observation of true data, thereby hindering the application of the Data Series tech, LRH has, nonetheless, laid out a series of steps for us to be able to get CORRECT ANSWERS.

When an MAA tells you that you are "not allowed" to look on the internet or to talk to "disaffected" people, and when the C/S orders or adds to your auditing program a tailor-made Sec Check simply because you spotted and voiced outpoints with the IAS regging and/or Management's money-making campaigns… all they are trying to do is deter you from LOOKING and from FINDING OUT!

This is a flagrant violation of Data Series II, HCO PL 11 May 1970 LOGIC:

It is a wise man who, confronted with conflicting data, realizes that he knows at least one thing—that he doesn’t know. Grasping that, he can then take action to find out.

As well as Data Series 5, HCO PL 15 May 1970, INFORMATION COLLECTION:

Obtaining information is necessary for any analysis of data.

Furthermore, there is HCOB 26 April 1970R Data Series 1R THE ANATOMY OF THOUGHT:


My personal comment: Recognizing differences, similarities and identities is rendered difficult by the huge amount of false data being fed by David Miscavige via current Management to staff and public.

LRH explains, in HCO PL 11 May 1970 Data Series 2 LOGIC:

A population that is unable to think or reason can be manipulated easily by falsehoods and wretched causes. Thus logic has not been a supported subject, rather the opposite. ...


There are 5 primary ways for a relay of information or a situation to become illogical.

1.    Omit a fact.

2.    Change sequence of events.
3.    Drop out time.
4.    Add a falsehood.
5.    Alter importance.

These are the basic things which cause one to have an incorrect idea of a situation. ...



Observation and its communication may contain one of these 5. If so, then any effort to handle the situation will be ineffective in correcting or handling it. ...


Therefore, logic must have several conditions:

1.    All relevant facts must be known.

2.    Events must be in actual sequence.
3.    Time must be properly noted.
4.    The data must be factual, which is to say true or valid.
5.    Relative importances amongst the data must be recognized by comparing the facts with what one is seeking to accomplish or solve. ...

It is a wise man who, confronted with conflicting data, realizes that he knows at least one thing—that he doesn’t know. Grasping that, he can then take action to find out.

If he evaluates the data he does find out against the 5 things above, he can clarify the situation. Then he can reach a logical conclusion. ...

When you can sort out data and become skilled in it, you will become very difficult to fool and you will have taken the first vital step in grasping a correct estimate of any situation

And there is more in HCO PL 12 May 1970, Data Series 3 BREAKTHROUGHS:

Logic concerns obtaining answers. And answers depend on data. Unless you can test and establish the truth and value of the data being used, one cannot attain right answers. ...

DATA ANALYSIS is necessary to ANY logic system and always will be. ...


Thus, if the subject of Data Analysis is neglected or imperfect or unknown or unsuspected as a step, then wild answers to situations and howling catastrophes can occur.

...if we specialize in the subject of DATA ANALYSIS we can assume that a person can attain right answers.

…it is vital that he be able to observe and conclude with minimal error.

Thus, we will not be stressing HOW to think but how to analyze that with which one thinks -- which is DATA.

My personal comment: What the church is doing today, is stressing how to think as opposed to how to analyze. Analysis is considered today a "dangerous" activity amongst public and staff.


The two general steps one has to take to "find out what is really going on” are:

1.    Analyze the data,

2.    Using the data thus analyzed to analyze the situation.

The way to analyze data is to compare it to the 5 primary points and see if any of those appear in the data.

The way to analyze the situation is to put in its smaller areas each of the data analyzed as above. ...


We call these two actions:




SITUATION – The broad general scene on which a body of current data exists.

DATA – Facts, graphs, statements, decisions, actions, descriptions, which are supposedly true.

OUTPOINTS – Any one datum that is offered as true that is in fact found to be illogical when compared to the 5 primary points of illogic.

PLUSPOINT – A datum of truth when found to be true compared to the 5 points.

Further information may be found in HCO PL 15 May 1970, Data Series 5 INFORMATION COLLECTION:

Obtaining information is necessary for any analysis of data. ...




An indicator is a visible manifestation which tells one a situation analysis should be done.

An indicator is the little flag sticking out that shows there is a possible situation underneath that needs attention. ...

The correct sequence, then, is:

1.    Have a normal information flow available.

2.    Observe.
3.    When a bad indicator is seen, become very alert.
4.    Do a data analysis.
5.    Do a situation analysis.
6.    Obtain more data by direct inspection of the area indicated by the situation analysis.
7.    Handle.

An incorrect sequence, bound to get one in deep trouble, is:

1.    See an indicator.

2.    Act to handle.


Sometimes it has to be done over and over, full cycle, to get a full scene purring. ....


What is a “bad indicator” really? ...

It is not “bad news” or “entheta” or a rumor. The “bad news” could easily be a falsehood and is an outpoint because it is false bad news!

"Good” news when it is a falsehood is an outpoint! ...

If three people tell you the same thing, it is not necessarily a fact as they might all have heard the same lie. Three liars don’t make one fact – they make three outpoints. ...

It is odd but all the “facts” you protest in life and ridicule or growl about are all one or another of the outpoints.

HCO PL 18 May 1970 Data Series 7 FAMILIARITY:

The rule is:


If a staff hasn’t got an idea of how a real org should run, then it misses obvious outpoints. ...

Being reasonable" is the chief offender. People dub in a missing piece of a sequence, for instance, instead of seeing that it IS missing. A false datum is imagined to exist because a sequence is wrong or has a missing step.

It is horrifying to behold how easily people buy dub-in. This is because an illogical sequence is uncomfortable. To relieve discomfort they distort their own observation by not-ising the outpoint and concluding something else. ...


First is a means of PERCEPTION whether by remote communication by various comm lines or by direct looking, feeling, experiencing.

Second is an IDEAL of how the scene or area should be.

Third is a FAMILIARITY with how such scenes are when things are going well or poorly.

Fourth is understanding PLUSPOINTS or rightnesses when present.

Fifth is knowing OUTPOINTS (all 5 types) when they appear.

Sixth is rapid ability to ANALYZE DATA.

Seventh is the ability to ANALYZE the SITUATION.

Eighth is the willingness to INSPECT more closely the area of outness. ...

If one is trained to conceive all variations of outpoints (illogics) and studies up to conceive an ideal and gains familiarity with the scene or type of area, his ability to observe and handle things would be considered almost supernatural.

My personal comment: Reverse Scientology, or “believe” and “obey”, as opposed to “knowing how to know”, is being accepted by too many staff and public that have no knowledge of what the Ideal Scene should be. They are not trained and without training they cannot see departures from the tech. Management is keeping them all "too busy" or keeping them too broke for real training and education. Only the few are on full-time study, obtaining said data.

HCO PL 19 May 1970 Data Series 8 SANITY:

An observer has to be sane to sanely observe. ...


Whenever an observer himself has fixed ideas he tends to look at them, not at the information. ...

The strange part of it is that the “idée fixe” they think they have isn’t the one they do have. ...

A fixed idea is something accepted without personal inspection or agreement. It is the perfect “authority knows best.” It is the “reliable source.”...


The reason a fixed idea can get so rooted and so overlooked is that it appears normal or reasonable. ...


Thus one can analyze for a sane ideal by simply asking, "What’s the purpose of the activity?” If the ideal is one that forwards the purpose, it will pass for sane. ...

Morale has its part in any ideal. ...

R (reality) consists of the isness of things. ...

One can also degrade the R by dropping the representation (description) of the scene well below the actual. ...

Both actions of upgrade and downgrade are outpoints when reported as facts. ...

A decline of survival is attended also by outpoints.


...organizations, wild things can and do happen unexpectedly.

HCO PL 6 December 1970 Personnel Series 13 Org Series 18 THIRD DYNAMIC DE-ABERRATION:

The person who is setting random or counter illegal policy is off purpose. He is other-purposed to greater or lesser degree. ...

The first impulse of a hostile being is “to leave” a decent group. What a weird one. ...

Thus all we can do to survive even on the first dynamic is to know how to handle and be part of the third or fourth dynamic and clean it up. ...

Thus, combined with auditing tech, for the first time we can rely wholly on technology to improve and handle group members and the group itself toward desirable and achievable accomplishment with happiness and high morale.

Written by Silvia Kusada
P.O.Box 29761, Los Angeles, CA 90029


+1 # TRUTH 2010-04-12 01:46
Dear Silvia,

This is a GREAT post! You absolutely nailed it and backed it up with the correct LRH references.

You are right! DM is intentionally keeping public and staff blind so they are not able to see the obvious and detect the outpoints.

Fortunately, those aware ones are the one leaving or already left the C of M.

Thank you!
0 # Virgil Samms 2010-04-12 09:05
Silvia; I am constantly impressed on your admin and tech knowlege and how you apply KSW. I think you are one of the most standard people out here in the indie network.

Thank you for all of your work. I know you do this because you care so much for others. I love you.

Virgil Samms
0 # Sinar 2010-04-12 19:46

Thanks very much for a great article & great LRH references.

On the other swing or spectrum as regards studying - how about having to do OEC Vol 0, KTL numerous times? OEC Vol 0 is part of SO Basics and having to re-do basics and then do it again when the new volumes came out is part of the scene for Int Staff. Also did the St Hat 3 different times as well with GAT as the latest version.

It's like riding an exercise bike or treadmill!

+1 # Mr. Webb 2010-04-13 17:46
Hello all. I was an SO member and left recently. Data Series were the reason I left.

I was a strange Sea Org member. I wanted to study. As soon as I finished the EPF, I started going on course. Guess what???? Basics after Staff Statuses!!!! Yay!!! No OEC 0, no hatting, no admin or tech till at least Basic Books are done.

Some has been on them since they came out. No other study since. You have to finish them even to get auditing, except sec checks of course.

It is hard to read those things with 5 hours of sleep and nobody really gets thru them.

I did them and the lectures. I was a special breed, remember? I also left post at 11 regardless. So I got my sleep. Then, I started doing all of the SO basics to see what SO is like really. What I read didnt match with what I saw.

I continued. I did OEC 0 and 1. Well, that didnt match either.

Then, I did PTS/SP and Ethics Spec. That didnt really look like what was being done in the HCO's and SCN in general.

Then, I did Stat Analysis, Well, a true, unbiased stat analysis on FSO. Shock. No bueno.

Lastly, I started Data Series. I started asking questions. Sticking my nose where it didnt belong. More questions... More outpoints. More KR's on me for looking.

Ethics interview... Question 1: Why do you ask questions? 2: Why?? 3: Do you think mgmt not doing well? 4: Are you a plant?

After this interview, I went back to Data Series. Finished it did an eval on an area that had been struggling for years. Found WHY. It made sense to many who worked in the area but not to those who run the area and more.

People who said that made sense got ethics interviews. I got taken off my post and assigned MEST work.

I was gone two weeks later, letting them swim in their own outpoints.


0 # gordon 2012-06-06 22:27
Good on you. Little by little the good guys leave.
0 # Alex de Valera 2015-03-24 17:29
Thak you Silvia for your excellent essay. When I was on staff I did the Vol 0 and the Data Series and the Data Evaluator course. The Office I was in was fine, nice people, study time, sense of humour. I always got free time to take care of my daughter and things in general were as they should be except for the pay.
The problem were the new ideas coming down from Int Management like The basics, Gat II, I started to see the gap between propaganda and reality and the empty course room with some staff doing the basics only and no co-audit and all trained auditors invalidated and in a situation were they could not audit any more because they had to retrain and to get a new meter.
0 # Moving Forward 2010-04-16 11:10
Great article. The Data Series is truly fantastic. It is definitely 'lost tech' in the Church. I tried to figure out for the longest time why it wasn't being used (orgs, for example, are supposed to be managed on *individual* org evals and that never happens), but now it's pretty clear. There are far too many outpoints because the Whys and the Whos are at the very tippy top, perverting the tech.

Mr. Webb, great post. I also got into trouble because I noticed and reported too many things that were happening which were off-policy.

I'm mainly an admin person, not tech trained really at all. I once had a conversation with a tech trained person about which was more harmful -- out-admin or out-tech. He didn't think that out-admin (including Flag Orders and all of the tech of management, not just staff statuses) was really much of an issue. I disagree(d) wholeheartedly. The whole delivery system is entirely dependent on the admin system. If that gets perverted, the tech can't even be delivered and the whole system gets crushed, which is what has been happening.
0 # dave 2011-11-16 12:20
Silvia- Grat job here. And you have the experience to KNOW what is going on at Flag as well.

You're definetely a theta babe to me.

0 # Sepp 2013-04-14 10:48
Hi -

does anyone know if the Data Series exists anywhere on line - the whole thing - all of the PLs there to read?

I know it's in the volumes, but on line?
0 # Cece 2013-11-30 08:22
A link to a PDF of all MS Vol 2 was posted on John P's (capitalist)site a few days ago.
It looks just like the vol pages - perfect.

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