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Tuesday, 31 January 2012 12:46

At what cost silence?

by Thoughtful

I wonder what would happen if all those people out there who perhaps made deals with the devil (accepted money for silence) would come to their senses and speak out anyway?

Making a deal with criminal is a mistake. When you realize the mistake, the deal is off. You are no longer bound by the "deal" because it wasn't a fair deal in the first place — it was a cheat and a fraud!

A “deal” made under false pretenses is a no deal.

When one makes a “deal” with malignant person or group one is immediately enslaved by that group. One's future becomes degradation, disease, death. It is a matter of self preservation to cauterize the wound, and you do that by speaking out.

Publicly exposing any conspiracy is part of the first step of A to E — how an individual ceases to be part of a suppressive group. People who make deals with suppressives instantly become themselves members of a suppressive group. They are suppressive group members because they are in fact supporting and condoning suppression. And if that isn't a suicidal route to cancer, heart attacks, stroke and death then I don't know what is.

Annie Tidman just died. So have many more. The list goes on and on and on. Staying quiet, staying under the radar… at what cost?

Tough love: All those who are keeping quiet because you have family inside the Church or because you accepted money... I care about you and that’s why I’m telling you now that you'd better wake up. While many of you write and post here and secretly support the Indie movement which is a step in the right direction, you are still following a treacherous (maybe even suicidal) path. Do you know that? The best thing you can do for your "family members" who are really not your family anymore (but traitors) is to shake off the suppression entirely and speak out loud and clear. That is called setting a good example. Maybe some people may take this as incendiary, but it is a kindness to warn people of danger. I am warning you of self destruction at your own hands.

Destroying yourself in the name of help doesn't do your "family members" inside the CoS any good does it?  Destroying yourself for any reason is not a solution.

It's no different than Annie Tidman quietly dying inside the CoS. She stayed connected and she died like every single person does. And she actually betrayed her own purposes and helped DM by doing so.

To stay quiet is to help the CoS and help David Miscavige.

If you haven't fully left the CoS, then you are still inside to a degree (it's a gradient scale) and you ARE in fact killing yourself by staying connected to a source of toxicity.

However, back to the main point of our human resources — there are many more people who have not spoken out and who need to come forward. With every new voice we stretch DM's resources. Any deal made with a suppressive person or group is OFF the instant you realize the error of your ways. Really people. The reason for that is because PURPOSE is senior to Policy.  (LRH's Admin Scale):


But it's even sillier than that. Does anyone remember the placards that were posted on the walls of every org in the world starting in 1969? It was called Counterespionage. That Church Policy stated it was perfectly permissible to accept money from those forwarding the subversion of Scientology. It said you may keep the money, but you must also report the full particulars:


As Industrial espionage is an ordinary occurrence in most companies, the staff is requested to be alert for

1. Any theft of documents or materials.
2. Orders or directions which will result destructively.
3. Any disturbance of files, bills or addresses.
4. False reports or advices to staff or customers or preached defeatism.
5. Willful corruption of tech.

Anyone detecting any of the above should report the matter at once to the nearest Guardian's Office with names and full particulars. Should further investigation result in the disclosure and apprehension or arrest of persons attempting willful harm to this organization A REWARD OF $250 will be paid by the Guardian's Office. Should a staff member be approached and asked to attempt any of the above actions he should promptly seem to agree, should accept any money offered (which he may keep) and should quickly and quietly report the matter to the nearest Guardian's Office so that the instigators can be traced and arrested, at which time the $250 reward will be paid.

Another reward of $100 will be paid any staff member or person in the field who should hear of or be subjected to any provocative anti-organization activity in the field and who then forwards the criminal background and connections of the provocative person in such form that it may be given to the police by the Guardian's Office.


Should any staff member have knowledge of any financial irregularity within the organization and furnish proof of it to the Guardian's Office promptly along with evidence sufficient to prosecute he shall be given 25% of all monies recovered.



Any person or agency attempting to accomplish any of the above five points by reason of attempted BLACKMAIL of a staff member is liable to arrest. In this case the reward is also paid to the staff member on the arrest and conviction of those attempting it and the Guardian's Office will defend the person even before law and excuse the misdemeanor or crime being used in the blackmail attempt.   


The Policy was updated in 1983 to replace the Guardian’s Office with RTC (yuk, yuk) and to increase the reward. Of course it does no good to report espionage crimes to RTC when RTC is the source of the criminality and abuse. Every lower organization has been subverted. It is idiocy itself to think that reporting the matter to RTC is going to do anything other than tell DM who his enemies are — since all reports to RTC go to DM and he is the one doing the subversion.

When everyone inside is gone, that leaves the outside world.

But the route out is even clearer than that. If you ever did anything to support David Miscavige, you were (mistakenly or not) a member of a group which is itself suppressive. The first step to distance yourself from that group is obviously #1 stop supporting the group. Supporting and even condoning DM's "church" would have amounted to a continuous overt act for you. The second step LRH gives is for you to make a public announcement to the effect that you realize your actions were ignorant and unfounded and stating, where possible, the influences or motivations which caused you to attempt to support David Miscavige and his malignant empire. LRH goes on to say "the letter should be calculated to expose any conspiracy to suppress Scientology or the preclear or Scientologist if such existed." Is there a conspiracy? Hell, yes: DM is the heart of it. Thus LRH says clearly to expose the conspiracy to the outside world.

Where is all this written? In the Scientology Ethics book under the steps laying out how to recover yourself if you ever mistakenly become a member of a suppressive group. DM attempted to use this last reference in reverse to force allegiance to him. But that would only leave you degraded and enslaved, back in DM's trap.

LRH said keep the money!

So Debbie, Wayne and all others you know who you are — it's not only the principle of the matter that will protect you, it's even in LRH Policy. The right thing to do is keep the money and expose those guilty of points (1 to 5) above. And just to be specific,

1. Any theft of documents or materials. David Miscavige stole LRH's OT materials from Pat Broeker by tricking Pat into thinking an FBI raid was en route. Miscavige had all the materials loaded into vehicles and the theft was complete. Marty already wrote all about that incident. There was also the destruction of the 1978 CBO (Central Bureaux Order) in which LRH outlawed "international events" because they knock people off post, disrupt normal wearing of hats in orgs and thereby depress stats. Miscavige is also responsible for denying the upper OT levels above OT VIII to the world despite promising their release as "eminent" since 1985.

2. Orders or directions which will result destructively. Miscavige has issued practically nothing but destructive orders including ordering individual staff members to keep quiet about legalities in clear violation of LRH's most basic Policy, Keeping Scientology Working. Through various intermediaries, Miscavige has approached ex-staff (victims and eye witnesses) and attempted to buy their silence with bribes and money. Miscavige also authored the New Era of Mismanagement (which destroyed the Flag-Folo-Org line). He destroyed the Eval Corps (the body responsible for issuing programs to orgs). He destroyed the Watch Dog Committee and the Exec Strata, and the Central Marketing Unit. Miscavige's "Golden Age of Tech" destroyed the training Bridge, mis-assigning the standard of perfection to beginning auditors instead of to Class VIII which is how LRH designed it to be. Miscavige is the source of numerous Tech Degrades such as boasting to the speed of delivery in sessions at Flag on the Grades. Acting in ways calculated to lose the technology of Dianetics and Scientology such as blaming his own criminal actions on Tech and Policy. Miscavgie also is the single person ordering continual "international events" since 1986 all of which knock staff off post particularly in the Public Divisions, rob the orgs of cash, and propagandize his own persona as the replacement of LRH. Miscavige implemented the IAS as a fundraising activity in direct violation of LRH orders forbidding ALL straight fundraising activities because they are a rip off and deliver nothing in exchange (exchange condition one — "rip off"). Further destructive orders from David Miscavige include his 1986 order (issued through Miscavige's patsy, ED Int) banning children from the Sea Org, thus cross ordering the most basic ideals of fundamental of Scientology — that a being lives across 8 dynamics, not one. Further illegal orders including blanket C/Sing of cases, ordering everyone onto Key to Life course, etc.

3. Any disturbance of files, bills or addresses. Ordering the destruction of vast volumes of files containing Tech such as org and continental mimeo offices; destroying reel to reel tapes in Qual Libraries in orgs; destroying the marketing files in Central Marketing and the Dissem Bureaux FCB; destroying old book stocks; ordering the destruction of all older editions of LRH books; illegally saddling veteran Sea Org members who who were witnesses to felonies or who left in protest of forced abortion, human trafficking, torture, false imprisonment and abuse, huge "freeloader" bills to bury them so they stay quiet — an example being my own debt for $82,000 (which I published in the St Petersburg Times — the first actual illegal Freeloader's bill ever exposed in in a newspaper), which incidentally was date coincident with the DM changing CoS policy — a good example of getting Ethics in).  Central files were disturbed through the centralization of all names so that public now get junk email from orgs they've never even been to instead of their own local org.

4. False reports or advices to staff or customers or preached defeatism. Of course this includes ordering individual staff to silence to stop them from blowing the whistle on criminal activities that are rampant in David Miscavige's "church." Miscavige is guilty of false reports circulated on whistle blowers to media attempting to assassinate their character by falsely labeling them as "adulterers," "kooks," "bitter apostates," etc. Such false reports are also combined with falsely labeling ex staff who leave due to abuse as "suppressive persons." He has labeled more than 60% of ex staff who worked for LRH at Saint Hill and ex-staff who worked at the Int base as "suppressives" — yet nearly all these staff had spectacular production records, gave years of dedicated service (in many cases the best years of their health), in which they sacrificed families and fortune in order to help make a better world. False reports, and falsely labeling staff is also combined with gross and flagrant abuse of disconnection policy — a policy that LRH himself cancelled, to produce an atmosphere of defeatism. Added to that is the intentional misapplication of tech in reverse — assigning wrong and blanket conditions to willing staff, continual heavy ethics, inspection before the fact, org board scrambles, cross orders, unintelligible orders, setting himself up as "command intention" and "Department 21" instead of LRH; Using heavy ethics to come down on any and all political enemies and even those imagined as being capable of becoming political enemies one day.

5. Willful corruption of tech. This is almost too rife to mention, but includes obfuscating the simplicity of being able to read an E-Meter by adding in the false datum that it can be seen in slow motion (a fact which LRH outlaws in the SHSBC lectures). Corrupting the perception of floating needles with the 3-swing rule, ignoring basic LRH tech on "fleeting FNs" ala "Are you waiting for the meter to play Dixie?" Blanket declaring of Clears who have validly attained the state as "not clear." Forcing OTs to run Solo NOTs twice. Forcing Scientologists to run the same rundown twice. Running Clears on Dianetics. Invalidating the state of OT. Forcing OTs and Clears to run objectives. Interrupting the "No Interference Zone" of Solo NOTs with extensive and frivolous security checks designed to introvert OTs into non-existent ethics issues. Invalidating auditors who were personally trained by LRH including as Class VIs, Class VIIIs and Class XII auditors and Case Supervisors as "the blind leading the blind" and then actually falsely cancelling their certificates and banning them from auditing people. Corrupting policy such as the system of Missions that LRH set up to spread Scientology delivery, sending in Finance Police to destroy reputations and verbally declaring people without recourse without proper justice procedures. So he is also guilty of corrupting the entire Scientology justice system and turning it into his own personal secret police force. Ditto with the old Guardians Office, throwing Mary Sue Hubbard out and burying the #1 person who helped LRH make Scientology what it is and helped it survive through it's formative years. DM's corruption of tech also includes the alteration of "freeloader" policy to create a political weapon in clear violation of state labor laws, billing veteran staff training and auditing they earned or were ordered to undergo.

Ex-staff and public who accepted hush money from Miscavige flunkies need to take back ownership of their lives.

You guys have a huge group — the entire power base of the Sea Org — who left in a mass exodus are now outside and ready to support you. All the movers and shakers — your old friends — are here and nearly all of them except a few are willing to help.

Annie Tidman died and died hard — why? Her purpose was with LRH. Below that, at the level of Policy, she agreed to keep quiet (agreements = policy). So she corrupted her own life and sent herself off purpose. The definition of living is “having and following a purpose.” No longer following her purpose, she died — first by definition and then the real thing.

Will you be next?

Dying to protect your son, daughter, parents, or a prevent a court battle isn’t any way to live.

Please, throw off suppression and come back to LIFE.




# Rafael Sanchez Nuñez 2012-01-31 16:24
What you do or not hits you back sooner or latter, i guess.
+2 # Worsel 2012-01-31 23:08
"It is more than policy that one gets the condition he fails to correctly and promptly assign and enforce.
It's a sort of natural law. If you let your executives goof off and stay in, let us say, a Danger condition, yet you don't assign and enforce one, they will surely put YOU in a Danger condition whether it gets assigned or not.
Remember that when your finger falters "on the trigger." "
(HCOPL 30 Oct 67-I, CONDITIONS, HOW TO ASSIGN, OEC Vol 1, p. 566ff)
+1 # Karen#1 2012-02-02 16:54
After their donkey overt actions "Squirrel busters" and "Making a Documentary" was a colossal failure, they have retreated into a stealth mode. Human intelligence ! More Intel and predatory extortion of funds than auditing !
Religious Cloaking and 501C3 tax exemption for "Religious" intelligence and Fair Game.
1st amendment rights !
# Brian Radio FKA RJ 2012-02-06 14:36
Thoughtful Steve,

I remember having a WTF? moment myself when I read the above PL replacing the GO with RTC back in the day.

I mean what did RTC know about CI (that's spook speak for Counter Intel or Espionage.)?

Obviously nothing!

This is obvious by the fact that they appointed David Miscavige as their Chairman!
# Cindy Pinsonnault 2012-02-13 20:47
Thanks for this article. I had been trying to find a way to express some of these ideas myself and you really got it.

Great article.
+1 # Jo 2012-02-22 11:19
Thoughtful, you forgot the - "Arbitraries cancelled" speech DM gave back in the 1990's. The problem is that he did not SPECIFY what was meant by that statement he made. My spouse and I went crazy trying to get someone in tech to give specifics on WHAT DM meant by "arbitraries" being cancelled. NO one knew. (Maybe it meant not being CS'd for 8 million special rundowns before doing OT levels). But since no clear data or examples were given, here's what happened. People started to DUB IN what it could mean, and verbal data spread. Then, we both noticed SQUIRREL actions, like skipped grade chart steps galore. "Oh, Mr pc, you don't have to run too much NED to go clear, just the one session you had should suffice. After all, that big win you had yesterday... We'll push you through your CCRD and get you onto your OT's real quick." Or - "You feel you went Clear on the comm course, or Grade 0 ? ... well we wouldn't want to introduce arbitraries like having to run NED, after all they've been cancelled...
so now let's start you on your CCRD and push you along..." Then DM went the other way and found some hadn't made it and then declared a majority had to go back... what a mess...
+1 # Jo 2012-02-22 12:19
My spouse is stuck between 2 feelings for this DM fellow. #1- is almost feeling sorry for this jack ass. He's put himself in a living hell, probably for eternity. Just like any other SP. And he's obviously gone so far that he could not get himself salvaged. No matter what help he gets from others. The few good things, if any, are far outweighed by his crimes.

The other feeling is of pure animosity for the crimes he has committed. And the tech getting more altered each decade will make next lifetime's return for us all a ... what ? chamber of horrors ? What next in 2025 ? All having DM's computer chips put in our child's skin at church birth ceremonies ??? A sec check before every session ? Retina and DNA checks before entrance to AO or Flag ??? RTC cameras installed in our homes ???

And then my spouse would really like to punch DM as hard as is humanely possible right in the head. At which point I have to give locationals and walk taking in order to help dispell the enturbulance.

I'm personally just still in shock at what is happening to our church.
# Ruthless 2012-03-12 04:31
Hi Steve,
I felt a little alone when I tried to get that point across in different postings on the internet. I'm glad you are with me now. Not reporting the crimes you have witnessed in the SO and on the Int. Base and not doing anything against them is criminal itself. It is not just up to you if you report it or not. Not reporting such things is against the law and of course a betrayal of all the other members of the group that don't know anything about it.
# Rachel Lambert 2012-03-21 00:53
I have just very recently found out about what has been going on, before that in 2007 I had become disaffected after attempts to achieve the completion of OT5. At that period I had also been checked for Clear which i did in 1986 which meant I had to do the NOTS style auditing. Finding out about DM has been a very right indication. thank you from this side of the planet. You guys in the SO and up the top end must have had quite a flack. I have been on org staff for many years not quite fully grasping how come this or that???

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