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Friday, 02 July 2010 17:41

A builder asked me recently about the Scientologists he’s seen on TV -- Tom Cruise, Tommy Davis and the ESI Inspection Sisters (Every Square Inch). I told him “Scientology is like a pump. You can get water out of your basement with a pump. But use it in reverse, and that same pump will flood your house. The pump is not the problem. The pump is simply technology."

“And so is Scientology. Used properly, it makes people more free. Used in reverse, it can turn people into robots.”

He got the point. Any technology can be used for good or for bad.

Thirty years ago when David Miscavige set out to grab control of Scientology he excused his illegal actions by pretending he was “saving Scientology” when actually he was hooking up the pumps to run them in reverse.

When the flood waters started to rise, Savior Miscavige said it was all due to the enemy attacking the Church! True enough. But few realized he was the “enemy.”  And so came more illegal, off-policy and off-purpose actions... and the flood rose higher still.

Those treading water pondered how would they ever go free? They could purchase auditing, but all their hours would be wasted on sec checks. Or their F/N killed because “it didn’t swing three times.” Or they would be run on wrong processes. Or made to repeat the same rundown twice. Today, they can’t even purchase auditing. They have to donate their money to the IAS!

Afraid of consequences, they clapped and cheered and did everything they were told... coughed up every last dime. And still the waters rose.

“Ah-ha!” Miscavige said. The problem is YOU!  YOU don’t apply ethics/YOU are blind/YOU never really 'got' Scientology/YOU aren’t really Clear/YOU must disconnect/YOU aren’t giving enough cash..."

Thus public enthusiasm gave way to frustration. Frustration gave way to desperation. Desperation gave way to apathy. And still the waters rose.

At one time spiritual freedom seemed so close. But now... so far.

A few months before I left the Int base, I happened to read a book that said, “The victim cannot be rescued, but must pull himself up by his own boot straps and rescue himself by being responsible for his own rescue.  The problem with Earth is it is a planet of victims. Stop being a victim and take responsibility for yourself.”  That one hit me right between the eyes and I woke up.


LRH had much to say about entrapment. “If one wants to understand existence and his unhappiness with it, he must understand entrapment and its mechanisms. In what can a person become entrapped? Basically and foremost, he can become entrapped in ideas.” (LRH - Dianetics 55!)

One of the key ideas Scientologists are entrapped by is the idea that they cannot move up the Bridge outside the Church. Or they think it might be an “overt” to attack the church even after it has been subverted into making “totally enslaved victims” instead of “free beings.”

Their attention is fixed on penalties like disconnection and on seeming loopholes in policy such as the threat of being forever barred from auditing and training within the Church.“Examining freedom, then, we have to examine why people do not attain it easily or understand it. They do not attain freedom because their attention is fixed upon barriers.” (Dianetics 55!) Another barrier is that their reputations will be ruined by the Ministry of Propaganda that OSA has become. “It is fascinating that blackmail and punishment are the keynotes of all dark operations.” (HCOPL Honest People Have Rights, Too)  “Black propaganda was a Nazi specialty.” (HCO PL Justice--Correct Application) But frankly, people with integrity see right through the lies. It is very clear that we are telling the truth and as LRH said, “SANITY is basically HONESTY and TRUTH” (HCOB Word Clearing OCAs). And virtually no one believes or trusts the Church of Miscavology anymore.

The key, in our case, is to remedy reality and communication. What is reality? That is what Scientology-cult set out to handle -- to lay out clearly what IS. “The component parts of freedom, as we first gaze upon it, are then affinity, reality, and communication -- which summate into understanding. Once understanding is attained freedom is obtained.” (Dianetics 55!)

And so, the pursuit of reality brings us to truth. And on that subject, LRH was explicit: “Truth is by definition -- is what is.” (Class VIII lectures, #4)

Whereas Miscavige in true 1984 style has redefined “truth” to mean “acceptable truth” then redefined even that to mean “any blatant lie to cover up unseemly truth.” Where as LRH said “Truth is the exact consideration. Truth is the exact time, place, form and event.” (Phoenix Lectures)

Silver lining

The enigma of Scientology for the last few decades as been how to walk the road to “truth” in a church that deals in lies. The Church today has become a grand jigsaw puzzle with a single, but indispensable, missing piece--TRUTH.

Along the way, some bright individuals actually did solve the problem for themselves. But the Internet was not yet in its prime. And so they had no effective way to disseminate their observations. Most were simply victimized.

The fact is, you can’t walk the road to truth in a church that deals in lies.

It’s impossible to hold onto case gain when one is connected to a suppressive person or group. And in the Church you have both. Those who have left the Church have experienced an enormous resurgence in cause level, in OT, in their postulates working, in freedom from illness and roller coaster, in stability, in “good luck” and more. They flourish and prosper because they are no longer PTS. The counter intention may literally be killing those who continue to hold onto the charade. NOTHING good will come from staying connected to genuine suppressive persons.

In our lifetime, with LRH off the line, we have seen the Bridge to freedom destroyed... but only in orgs.

Outside of the orgs, the Bridge to OT is open at least through New OT VII. And what’s more, one can do the original OT Levels IIIx, IV, V, VI and VII and VIII -- technology which has been lost. The only thing that to my knowledge isn’t available is New OT VIII and I may be mistaken about that. Even the Ls are available outside the Church.

And eventually, like all thugs, criminals and gangsters before him, Miscavige will come to an end and we will get our church back. Disconnection will be cancelled and we will restore the checks and balances that LRH intended.

Missing jigsaw piece

master-white-iThe road to truth begins when one actually starts to deal in truth. If you are reading this website, you are dealing in truth. And that opens the door to honor and integrity.

So, the missing jigsaw piece on the road to total freedom was independence symbolized by the letter “I”.

Independent means free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority;
self governing; capable of thinking or acting for oneself; not depending on something else for strength of effectiveness.

Foi-and-earthr America, freedom came through a Declaration of Independence. A document celebrated on July 4th. But Independent Scientology is worldwide. So perhaps we’d better replace the dot on that “I” with our planet.

In the independent field you can throw off the PTSness by leaving the Church, save your money from IAS racketeers, save your children from the Miscavige’s body snatchers, and make real Bridge progress right at home. You won’t believe how easily your needle will F/N in the comfort of your own home, where you are under no stress, (i.e., with secret video cameras and crazy executives looking in and even telling the auditor what to do via microphones in their ears). At home where auditor + pc IS greater than the bank; at home where no one is going to send you to Ethics where you must bring a checkbook and credit cards for “amends”; at home where no one is going to censor your friendships or disconnect your family auditing... you are safe.

“Scientology is a body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.” (Creation of Human Ability)

And now that we are dealing in truth again, and able to produce freedom, we are fit to call ourselves Scientologists, so there is the letter “S”

If the entire goal of Scientology is freedom: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint; absence of subjection to domination or despotic rule; the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved; being physically unrestricted and able to move easily.

That’s freedom!  And that is what we have with INDEPENDENCE.
lone-s copyFor those moving up to OT, the missing ingredient was independence.

Like an auditing process that asks questions but leaves it to you to find the answer, we as a group have been asked by life itself and finally we have answered. Today Independent Scientology IS.

And what appropriate letters those are ... IS.

I have no doubt that long before next July 4th, our Indie 500 list will be complete and the back of disconnection will be broken. Our websites are important because they are the vanguard and a venue for reality and communication on a broad scale. In fact, Scientology-cult is itself a “multiple viewpoint system” enabling one to see Scientology from multiple viewpoints for an accurate analysis of the existing scene.

And beyond there is the Freezone where for years thousands have been quietly getting on with the job of helping people go free. That’s where you will find many of those who saw through the smoke and mirrors years ago, but were not yet in a position to deal directly with Miscavige though many tried.

So in fact, it is independence that completes many original postulates of Scientology. Here we have finally come full circle, from being independent but Effect when we first came in, to being dependent on the church for help, to being enslaved by a corrupted church, back to being independent again but now at Cause.

isOnly by going independent can one counter, utter or write upon the opinion of David Miscavige without being buried under a dog pile of ethics officers, yet that is basic Scientology. "We of the Church believe... That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others."

Only independent Scientologists have fundamental human rights, such as the right to communicate anything their heart desires. "Perhaps the most fundamental right of any being is the right to communicate. Without this freedom, other rights deteriorate." (L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology Ethics, PTSness and Disconnection, pg 205)  

Only the Indie Scientologists are living breathing examples of free speech. We practice what we preach, whereas Church robots are a crude hypocrisy, uttering only carefully approved, and rehearsed canned messages. "As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the good of all... To work for freedom of speech in the world." (L. Ron Hubbard, HCO PL 5 Feb 1969R, Code of a Scientologist)

OSA operatives run programs to destroy Freezone Scientologists and the Independent Scientologists movement. Indie Scientologists intervene only in matters of criminality, abuse and victimization. Otherwise people are free to believe at they choose. If someone doesn’t want to be a Scientologist any longer, we are still happy to stay friends. "We of the Church believe...That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments." You can read OSA's program to destroy the Freezone earlier published on this website and on Marty’s.

"We of the Church believe... That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance." Okay, try walking into the Church and saying "I don't want to be a Scientologist anymore."

It is not possible to be self-determined and be in the Church of Scientology. They only allow one to be other-determined. You must follow without question “Command Intention” and forget LRH. "Q1  The common denominator of all life impulses is self-determinism." (L. Ron Hubbard, The Qs Lecture 10 Nov 1952) But outside the Church we are entirely self determined, so much so that we often act in concert without even trying.

Miscavige himself reinstated disconnection, countermanding LRH who cancelled it in 1968. When I came into Scientology in 1979, disconnection was still cancelled and it was NOT allowed. "Since we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is canceled." (L. Ron Hubbard, HCO PL 15 November 1968, CANCELLATION OF DISCONNECTION) Today we are breaking the back of disconnection by getting enough people to ignore Miscavige and have some decency.

LRH found one single suppressive person in seven years at St Hill. On the other hand, David Miscavige finds himself surrounded by suppressives everywhere he goes (Type III -- “crazy”) including 98% of LRH’s personal staff at Old St Hill. "But you don’t have somebody that’s been around three years and [...] turn up suddenly to be an SP... In all the time we’ve been around here we’ve only had one SP that I know of… Now whether he was an SP or PTS I’ve not made up my mind to this date because I haven’t investigated the case enough." -- L. Ron Hubbard, LRH Recorded Lecture "About Rhodesia," July 18, 1966

Miscavige and the IAS are merchants of chaos, for who in their right mind would donate to a “war chest” if there was no war?  Likely it is the Church’s battle against Anonymous was intentionally stirred up by David Miscavige because he NEEDS a threat to convince Scientologists to violate Policy and part with their cash so he can live the life of a wealthy man. “They deal in confusion and upset. Their daily bread is made by creating chaos. If chaos were to lessen, so would their incomes.” (OEC Vol 7, pg 1039)

Outside in the independent field we DO deal in affinity, reality and communication. And we are THRIVING as a result because we DO hold ARC sacred. “A true group must have a management which deals in affinity, reality and communication, and any group is totally within it’s rights, when a full and reasonable examination discloses management in fault of perverting or cutting ARC, of slaughtering, exiling or suspending that management. ARC is sacred.” – L. Ron Hubbard, Essay on Management

Who we are now

And so, these two things, independence and the technology of LRH’s legacy complete each other to bring Scientology back into alignment with itself.

In the final image below, the "S" (front side of the infinity symbol) isn't really complete without the "I” (back side of the infinity symbol). And in real life, strangely enough to our surprise, that is exactly how it is.

And while anyone can declare themselves “independent,” without the knowledge, training and auditing of Scientology, IMHO they will never be as truly independent or free as they could be with the ability to freely use the tech as they see fit.


Design copyrighted by SteveHallCreative, LLC. Contact me if you would like to reproduce it as an Indie and I will gladly give free permission.

Written by Thoughtful



# Marta 2010-07-02 20:30
Simple and Brilliant - like Theta.
# Hugh T. 2010-07-02 20:33
In 1978, at 19 years old, I had the wonderful good fortune to meet an osteopathic physician who treasured Scientology. He was elderly, in his 80s, and full of life and purpose. Before going to Austin to study Scientology (this after a year of studying the books and discussing the principles with Dr. C.) he clearly told me I would meet people who had the words, but had no understanding of their depth.

I feel Ron Hubbard foresaw precisely what would happen to the "church." Ron fought the battle every moment of his life. He foresaw what was likely to happen to him, as he took on the beasts of "the human mind" as Dr. C. called it, and the "hell monitors" of this lowly corner of the galaxy. Ron foresaw it, and from a great Heart of endless compassion he proceeded. Full speed ahead.

This website has resurrected my desire to "proudly" once again call myself a Scientologist. Thank you !! I'm forever grateful.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-03 03:08
Dear Hugh,

What a beautiful post. I feel the same way. And perhaps we know each other -- I started studying in Austin in 1979. What a great way to describe the gentleman who introduced you to Scientology.

Have you gotten flat on the word "cult" -- strangely I have and today I feel more proud of being a Scientologist than ever before. Because now we are on ethical foundation.

I have a friend who has become a Scientologist simply from reading this website. He's now making his way through the books one by one in sequence.

# Michael Brown 2010-07-02 21:05
I really enjoyed reading this, Steve. I know that personally my life has been much better since I decided to stop supporting the current version of the Church (this was after reading Haydn's declaration late last year). I'm getting married and am doing better in every area. I've communicated with my Scientology contacts about the problems with Miscavology - so far they have tended to respond far better to a selected copied-and-pasted article than to a list of links. I think the quotes you give above about free speech in Scientology are well worth citing.

And I think the design of your logo is beautiful.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 23:06
and keep up the good work! Thanks for the props...
# craog houchin 2010-07-02 21:27
Steve, that's a beautiful image and a great logo. Nice work.
# Li Po 2010-07-03 03:07
Wow boy! Steve, this logo is a real masterpiece! Thanks!
# Obnosis 2010-07-03 03:59
# LO 2010-07-03 04:17

Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pure Theta..........
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
# Guest 2010-07-03 06:45
I love both the symbol and the message behind it. Thanks!
# Mary Jo 2010-07-03 07:34
Wow Steve, just brilliant! And so effortless and aesthetic. Just the way it should be!
Thank you for EVERYTHING you do!
Mary Jo
# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 23:15
Cookie master! I hear you have created the ultimate cookie of knowledge...
# magnolia 2010-07-03 09:34
Another brilliant article Steve. I really love your clearly expressed observations and well placed, pertinent LRH quotes. You are an excellent communicator. The fact that you care about those inside and out, and your love of LRH comes shining through.

Thanks again for your organized website. It makes it easy to find articles for this "enlightenment" evolution we're on. I'm planning on bringing at least a few out with me, and you and the rest of the gang are helping make that possible. Keep up the great work!
# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 23:08
You're VERY welcomed. It's a lot of work, but it's a total pleasure!
# Axiom38 2010-07-03 12:08
Fantastic article Steve.
It is wonderful to have a true Scientologist, with a great ability to communicate through the written word,disseminate the truth such as you do.
I always look forward to reading the latest posts here as they give me a great boost of theta and prompt me to become more active.
Two big thumbs up!!!
# Old Cuff 2010-07-03 13:17

Your article and logo design are brilliant, powerful and simple -- like native state thetans. Thank you!
# Worsel 2010-07-03 16:24
Congratulations, Steve,
you've made it again! I was wondering how to not get into a game like „fighting suppression“ because that would not end the suppession but be a new game.

„And the game called Unmaking Games results in a game.“ (GAME PROCESSING, 12 December 1952, PDC-39)

„Now, necessity to have a new game coded, before one ends the old game, otherwise everyone else becomes a maker of games with no game. Every guy’s trying to make his own game. And you just get a general wild scramble. Well, you start ending a game, you kill something without putting something in its place. And the darn thing won’t die. Not worth a nickel. It just won’t die. What exists has a persistency in its existence. If you’ve ever tried to knock a group off you would recognize how unwilling that group is to die. ...

Well the way you do that, you have to get a more interesting game, before you end an old game...

So, we have then as far as the group is concerned, quite a wide variety of choices. What does a group do which has in its hands the capability of making games? Ending games? Umpiring games? You found the rules, you see? I mean, here you sit, you’ve got a good group, and what do you do? Well if you want this to be a group, you want to cohese, you kind of have to get together and put your heads together and get some kind of agreement on what you’re doing."
(GAMES/GOALS, 12 December 1952, PDC-40)

As I see it, indicating the correct source of suppression, whistle-blowing as well as setting an example of courage and initiative and an example that it can be done are all means to get the players together so that we can get some agreement and start a new game that is more interesting. In fact, it has already started. And THIS will end the old aberrated DM game for real.

„“There’s a game called freedom,” which is what you’re playing right at this minute.“ (GAME PROCESSING, 12 December 1952, PDC-39)

Have a wonderful 4th July.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 23:18
And that is a wonderful set of quotes! I had a great 4th celebration at Mike and Christie's home in Florida. More news and photos coming tomorrow!!!
# Sinar 2010-07-03 16:38
Simply Brilliant, Steve!
-1 # Les Warren 2010-07-03 17:03
Brilliant, Steve. The logo is spectacular. I would like to formally ask your permission to use it.
My wife and I have been operating in the freezone for nearly four years now. The difference between then and now is amazing.
One of the first things I noticed when we got "out" was that there are FAR more competent class VIII C/Ss in the Independent Field than there are in the Co$.

Thanks for your website and your high-class comm.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 18:54
Hi Les, If you are an Independent Scientologist, you can use it. But keep the copyright (circle c) there. Can we add you and your wife's names to the "Indie 500" list? Steve
# Thought Provoking 2010-07-03 18:55

The symbol is perfect!

Way to go, Steve!
# Boyd H. 2010-07-03 19:34
"LRH found one single suppressive person in seven years at St Hill. On the other hand, David Miscavige finds himself surrounded by suppressives everywhere he goes (Type III -- “crazy”) including 98% of LRH’s personal staff at Old St Hill."

And many of these people worked with him LRH for 30 plus years. Here's my comment from Marty's blog today:

DM isn’t gone yet and that’s in progress, but we can rest on the laurel of LRH writings being again senior to what’s being pushed forward by others today.

In the long term this is even more important IMO, and we can say that’s a done product pretty much, given how widely disseminated Steve’s and Marty’s blogs are. Oh and friendsoflrh.org too.(More accurately, the seed of that, now grown enough so it won’t die, is a done product.)

I think that’s truly a rock solid laurel which many of you can rest on, and that’ll ‘racket on up through the ages’ even if we walked away today. But no ones going anywhere.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 23:29
Hi Boyd, Please tell us more about those important seeds when the time is right! ~ Steve
# Inky 2010-07-04 02:34
Great job! I love the symbol!

"I feel more proud of being a Scientologist than ever before. Because now we are on ethical foundation."

Me too. This is the third comment I've seen today that has really stood out from the crowd. Nicely put.
# RenegadeX 2010-07-04 08:52
Great Article! Love all the key references throughout. And the logo etc. is cool. Thanks Steve!
# Packman 2010-07-04 16:38
Great post and great Logo!

Your writing is genius. I enjoy how you present a theme, elaborate step-by-step, and culminate with the finale. Wonderful talent!
I enjoy reading all your posts.
# freescn.com 2010-07-05 07:38
Wow - I didn't see where you were going with the logo, but wow! Nice job!

I think it is simply brilliant!

You summarized quite succinctly our collective feelings.

I gave up my independence of sorts when I joined the group. I had spent several years independently looking at the religious/ philosophical/ metaphysical scene, then found Scientology and joined the group. I recall thinking that "if that's what it takes" as groups and I had not really come to terms :-)

Now my independence is back, WITH Scientology and I have this "group" of Independent Scientologists - wherein our independent natures are lauded and preserved while offering a true group of similar minded beings.

Full circle indeed!

LRH is smiling somewhere if he knows of the goings on here.

Doesn't it seem to all of you that perhaps this - all of this - is part of the greater plan toward total freedom? It seems obvious to me as I look at it now. Just as the Auditor's job is to take over the control of the PC so that the PC may then take back full knowing control of himself, shouldn't that same thing occur on a 3rd Dynamic level?

Isn't that what we are doing?

# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 23:32
Fantastic insight and a hearty welcome to your new blog -- freescn.com!
# Jack Airey 2010-07-05 09:03
Hi Steve;

When you emailed me the art for the new Independent logo I did not know the whole "WHY" that led you to this design.


I was very excited to meet you and your wife at Marty's wedding.


Is is an honor to know you.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 23:35
Jack, the feeling is mutual. It was great to finally meet you in person at the first annual Independent's Day Celebration and thanks v. much for the compliments. :-)))
# Barney Rubble 2010-07-05 11:43

What an awesome symbol, looks like you copyrighted it too.

I am flat on the cult term, obviously it's too steep a gradient for many, but you have the other website to ease the gradient.

Thanks for having this website available as well as having so many good writers that have contributed numerous interesting articles over time.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 23:50
Hi Barny, Yeah, the Church does NOT have permission to use my design. Sucks to be PTS to a real suppressive. ~ Steve
# Misha 2010-07-05 11:58
Thank you, Steve. You are a philosopher, you take huge responsibility and you are a great artist which makes you a true Scientologist.

Life IS tons better on the outside and so is auditing. I am co-auditing with my twin, we probably had a bit over one intensive each way so far--our sessions are pretty short. We did not have to flow ruds except in the very first session briefly. We both always F/N at session start, sessions are great and we are winning and cogniting and VGIting exactly as we should!
# Thoughtful 2010-07-05 23:56
Welcome to the safe environment well off the crossroads of the world and untouched by David Miscavige's toxicity... Your own home. You guys will make it up the Bridge.
# nefertiti 2010-07-05 14:50
Absolutely gorgeous this logo
carry on
# one of those who see 2010-07-05 16:18
I am continually awed by the intelligent concepts communicated on the independent blogs. This is wonderful Steve. I LOVE the LOGO!!!!!

You wrote:"So in fact, it is independence that completes many original postulates of Scientology. Here we have finally come full circle, from being independent but Effect when we first came in, to being dependent on the church for help, to being enslaved by a corrupted church, back to being independent again but now at Cause" Wow!! You are exactly right - the Independence was the missing piece!

Another application of "the way out is the way through."

Thank you for being brave enough to look and communicate!

I posted a poem on Marty's Blog the other day.
I thought it appropriate to repost here.

I dream
Goodness prevails
Adventure begins
Freedom is here

Simple and True
Most are friends, I believe
there is little to fear
from each other

We are in this together
Beautiful beings all
I can see it so clear
We will rise from the fall

Freedom to look
Freedom to learn
No longer afraid
Eyes open

A true group we have here
Artists abound
intelligence, mirth and love
free to shine

You are who I found
many years ago, now
when I first read a book
from a friend

Then the light was obscured
I could not perceive your presence
All trudging our way through
So many suffering - the madness!

Although the threat is not past
the darkness is lifting
and I cry tears of joy...
for there you are.

Thanks again Steve, for all you do.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-06 00:06
You know, Miscavige is doomed and the power of Scientology has already been transferred. Not everyone has found out about it yet, but they will. Miscavige thinks power belongs to the side with the most money. No. Power belongs to the side with the deepest understanding and that is us. Thank you kindly for your comm.
# Andy 2010-07-05 17:39

What an absolute affirmation!! I love your writings, but this one is profound and signifies the future of Scientology. So hopeful and positive, rising out of the decay and destruction left by the powers that be.

Thank you so much for this expression of hope and future.

Beautiful! THANK YOU!

# Thoughtful 2010-07-06 00:13
Thanks to everyone -- I'm very pleased that everyone likes this little symbol!
# jbtrendy 2010-07-06 05:59
Thanks Mate for this wonderfull write-up.

This is very refreshing, true and inspiring.

You can count me as a Friend.

ALL2U jbtrendy
The 4th D auditor formely known as Jean Tox
Honorary LRH Pers Public Relation and Loyal Officer

Until CofS is properly Reformed the independant Field and the Freezone is where Scientology is still alive.
# What do you think 2010-07-06 09:16

That was amazing! I love how the symbol and concept came together at the end! It is a beautiful peice of art!

It was very nice to meet you and your wife on the 4th. I hope you will come and visit us in the wild, wild west!

And, again, we loved your one year anniversary piece. Thanks for all that you are doing to expose the lies of the church and for all those that are willing to Look and not Listen.
# Polymath 2010-07-06 10:11
Steve, I should like to use the independent symbol, if I may. What a great design!

By the way, if you email me, can you please use plain text or whatever you have to do to make your email software talk to my lowly webmail, as your last attempt came through as random characters.

# Worsel 2010-07-06 14:13
I would like to add another one:

"Scientology" minus cult = Scientology
# Axiom38 2010-07-06 19:33
Hi Steve,
I read your response to Les Warren and am happy to see you have given him permission to use the logo with the copyright symbol. If you don't know Les he runs an auditing retreat in WA with his wife and he is hosting a Freezone Standard Tech conference this fall.His website is http://community.freezone-tech.info/lifeimprovement/
Les is a bit of a legend in B.C. Canada. He boomed the Vancouver Org in the 70's and early 80's but was caught up in the Mayo "cleansing"in 82.I don't have the details but would love to get them from Les.I arrived after him but all the staff I knew had nothing but praise and respect for Les.He went into the SO in the 80's.
I hope to make it to his convention and would encourage all to check out his website and get in comm with Les and his wife.
They are totally theta!
ARC Axiom 38

BTW: Do I need a copyright symbol if I get a tattoo of your Logo? It would go well with my other Scn tattoo! My understanding when I got my Scn tattoo many years ago is that tattoo's fall outside copyright law.
# Thoughtful 2010-07-06 22:07
Yes, the only reason for the copyright is to block the Church of Miscavology from messing with it. I want Independent Scientologists to be able to use it freely by all means. Anyone can contact me for a high res version, also. No copyright required for tattoos! This is fantastic news about Les -- thanks so much for telling us about him. ~ Steve
# Jim Logan 2010-07-07 09:41
I'd only gotten to the 'i' and thought; what a perfect symbol. It is a beingness, the upright, with an infinity above it, the Static.

I then carried on reading and was unable to even complete the article at this time. I was too blown away to maintain a contact on perception lines as they as-ised when I looked.

I haven't a clue what I read, save this concept I can hold onto (barely, as it is so near the wavelength of theta and moves into nothing easily. It is KNOWING, in the fullest sense): I am in the company of the most able beings I have ever known, aligned on the most theta purpose I have ever had, and it is expressed so masterfully by your art of living that I am, ineffably, in the presence of Ultimate Truth.

Steve, this one, this article, this work of the finest, is a new term, coined by my friend, 'amazable'. Wow, dude, Holy Cats!!!
# Worsel 2010-07-08 00:22
Jim, thank you for finding those words to describe your perception of this group. I would like you, and you all, to know that I perceive similarly and that you do have my complete admiration.

God, by definition would be self-determinism.“ (520625 Technique 88: Overt acts, Motivators and DEDs continued)
# Deirdre 2010-07-07 20:34
I'd love to get this in pendant form! It's a great logo.
# Ceileen 2010-07-10 00:18

Deidre, that was a great idea.

Who here can make jewelry or knows somebody who can do it?

I would definitely love to have that design in a pendant.

# Ceileen 2010-07-10 00:15
I am awed by your ability to so accurately duplicate an LRH concept and then bring it into the realm of aesthetics so the idea can be viewed and understood.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

# Fellow Traveller 2010-07-10 08:42
Dude --

Gonna have to start taking your defense with Dan.

The hardest working independent scientologist may be the smartest.

This is incredible. Is it a Mobius strip in 3 dimensions? It could be, as that would be a wickedly cool path with the self evident - to me anyhow - implications.

It is a honor and privilege to have met you @ Indie Day.

Bruce Pratt
# Thoughtful 2010-07-10 14:48
Eileen, Bruce, thanks very much. I'm glad you guys liked the design... and the privilege is mine.
# DFB 2010-07-13 08:36
That was exactly, precisely what I needed to read right this moment.

Awesome, thanks.
# Tara 2010-07-23 13:05
Incredibly inspiring and spot on!
# Anonymous 2011-03-26 10:04
I see and applaud you. I believe what you are doing is right. The person should have the right to decide to believe in.

Personally, I do not believe in Scientology. I think that it works in a very clever way:

By Combining basic Psychiatric treatment, with community and the ability to verify statements Scientology is nothing more than a genius new method of psychiatric treatment.

And although I do believe it could be even better with governmental support I have nothing against it.

The thing is that as long as you do not market yourself as a science (Because science itself depends on heavy verification with multiple sources) but as a religeon you are doing nothing wrong. Im fighting against the Cult. Not the religeon.

And most importantly by allowing me to post this post you are showing that you are willing to listen to criticism. That you are not a cult. That you are better than just yelling LIES! and willing to debate. Best of luck to you. =D

Sorry, but you do not have the right to post comments.

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