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Monday, 20 February 2012 15:20

Letter of Resignation by Carol Christie

I have been a Scientologist since 1978 when I first read DMSMH and I am still a Scientologist but do not have a common reality with the organized churches of Scientology anymore.

Unfortunately those organizations are no longer delivering the standard LRH tech that I was trained in when I did the NED Course & internship, some Academy Levels and most of the BC at ASHO in the early 1980's, and finished the Academy Levels and BC at Flag in the early 90's.  

How do I know I was trained standardly?  Because my PCs had fabulous wins and gains and were delighted to be getting the auditing.  And they didn't fall on their head in life, afterward.  They continued winning.  I also moved up the Bridge through OT IV having excellent wins and was delighted with the results.  Yes, there were errors along they way, but they ALWAYS got corrected and you were winning when it was completed.

Even at that time there were some attempts to alter tech, because an HCOB came out (with LRH's initials on it) that obviously did not fit in with the other tech my twin and I were learning on the BC.  We went to the cramming officer to get it clarified and he couldn't help us, so we wrote up reports on it and the issue was soon withdrawn.  Who issued it and how it got approved is beyond me, but the point is, the issue WAS withdrawn when it became obvious that it was out-tech.

How do I know the tech is no longer standard in the Churches?  Because I received some of the “New Golden Age of Tech” auditing, trying to get onto OTV at Flag and found out just how far they had strayed, as I was unable to get through the auditing program.  I also observed many, many other PCs who were definitely NOT winning and had many upsets during their auditing programs.  And I know a number of people who had accidents, injuries or illnesses during, or soon after receiving auditing.

This is DEFINITELY not standard LRH tech.  And as others have pointed out, if you look around at the organizations that still exist and check their stats or even look at how many people are actually in the buildings, you'll find them practically empty and stats are quite feeble.  LRH does state that people will stay away in droves when the Churches deliver some other version of tech than Ron's version, so they are definitely getting the results of what they are delivering.

What amazes me is that I have seen highly trained technical staff (who were trained correctly years ago) walk around with what I call, the “glee of irresponsibility” on their faces as they contemplate their beautiful new world where red-tags don't count, PC indicators and what happens to the PC AFTER the session is unimportant, AND they don't have to worry about having standard tech anymore, because it's all been handled by a robotic system delivered to them by the savior (DM).

I know that most staff feel they don't have a choice, because the altered tech is being ordered from the top (DM).  But they DO have a choice!  It may not be one they want to make, but they can route off staff if nothing else works.  And if they don't refuse to deliver altered tech, they are doing themselves in, as well as letting LRH and the rest of the world down.

If there is any auditor that would care to look LRH in the eye and tell him that he didn't know why all these bad things happened to his PC's OR that he had no choice because it was ordered from Int Management, I'm afraid I wouldn't want to be around to hear LRH's response!

My contact information:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Carol Christie



+1 # Captain Bob 2012-02-20 20:52
Thanks Carol.

I can handle and understand mistakes. I can no longer tolerate out-tech as in 3 swing F/N to end off a process or at the examiner. My god, when one connects some dots. IE, going to Flag and getting auditing, and after session why one goes to the examiner. And while one goes to the examiner, why the auditor takes you to the canteen to eat, and eat some protein. Mind you maybe you ate lunch just one hour ago. And so you get to the examiner, and why you must remove your shoes, your belt, anything tight, warm up your hands, have a blanket around you. Now mind you, you didn't have to do these things while in session. And while the auditor called the F/N. So why in god's earth does one have to do these things at the examiner?

Why...........you must have 3 swings of the needle----------somehow, somewhy. And the poor auditor at Flag must do these things, which are not in policy or tech. But it is survival for the auditor to have the PC do these things, eat, warm up, remove belts and shoes, poor auditor at Flag. Doesn't even know out-tech, but has heard you do these things. No talking allowed at the examiner line. it might upset the F/N. And lo and behold, why this has now been standard practice at orgs - why, the new guys are trained on GAT.

It gods name, really, what is that all about? Anybody looking here have an answer to my untrained point of view, and I am. these are just my observations thru the years.

And I post this question. If all those things I mention above, are what is needed to get an F/N at the examiner, why it seems fleeting. Why is that?

I suggest because the tech is so altered that gains are fleeting, and thus under GAT, gains are make believe, and one toes the line as old PC. But what about new guys coming in this year, or a few years ago?aac3

Yes, indeed, unbelievable. That's my take on it.
+1 # Poet13c 2012-03-09 20:58
Yes, Captain Bob, that's my take on it, too - unbelievable! The whole experience seems to be your auditing or gains are for their benefit and approval. Somehow, the pc or student is not part of the game, but is an intruder into some kind of secret agenda.
In the church, it's not about you anymore: it's about their current programme. We're sheeple being moved from one pen into another, Purif, Basics, Objectives, sec checks, Reg, Ethics. And signing waivers every inch of the way.
Richard Kaminski
+1 # Captain Bob 2012-02-20 21:20

you said

"I know that most staff feel they don't have a choice, because the altered tech is being ordered from the top (DM). But they DO have a choice! It may not be one they want to make, but they can route off staff if nothing else works. And if they don't refuse to deliver altered tech, they are doing themselves in, as well as letting LRH and the rest of the world down."

Fortunately what you write is very true. But unfortunately, what you write is untrue for new scientologists just getting in or being in since mid 1980's. Because they have no KNOWLEDGE of the tech being altered. And it is a slow process. One can't just make an abrupt change, everybody would notice. The altering has to be done slowly over time. But until the new guys have some knowledge of the real tech, PL and Red on white wise, and can compare it to NEW tech, well I'm afraid it do not communicate to the NEW guys. But it certainly does communicate to the old guys.

Yes, it is surreal, yes it is unbelievable. Yes, one asks him/herself, I don't believe it. It can't be?

It is a maybe. Remove the maybes, tilt the scales to mostly yes, or mostly no, and decide upon the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics for yourself. That is what I am doing. that involves looking, and research and reading and comparing the old with the new.
+1 # Ed Rhett 2012-02-21 16:37
Well done, Carole!
I left for exactly the same reason, but much earlier. I saw the tech change, and I noticed that it wasn't getting better, so I had no reason for hanging around.
+3 # Karen#1 2012-02-22 01:48
Thank you Christie.
Good job on your announcement.
I shake my head when I hear the current condition of "Flag" and what it has morphed into.
The TRUTH is so much more than those glossy magazines proclaiming fluff and froth and falsehoods.
All good wishes on your continuing journey and welcome to the happy world of
us SPs !
+2 # Les Warren 2012-02-22 10:46
"If there is any auditor that would care to look LRH in the eye and tell him that he didn't know why all these bad things happened to his PC's OR that he had no choice because it was ordered from Int Management, I'm afraid I wouldn't want to be around to hear LRH's response!"

After being ripped off for 100K from the so-called mecca of technical perfection, and after hearing some of the most unbelievable BS excuses from flag tech termials as to why my wife was getting NOWHERE on the bridge, and when RTC refused to even look into it, we decided to get extreme.

We demanded a refund.

They actually didn't seem to care. Gave us our APs back and their lawyer told us that the Co$ has no legal obligation to refund our money per the auditors code.

What a sham. What unmitigated gall these people have to call anyone else a squirrel, when THEY are in actual fact the guilty party.

Oh well, isn't independence great?

Thanks for your excellent and accurate


Les Warren
+1 # Brian Radio FKA RJ 2012-02-22 14:23
"They actually didn't seem to care. Gave us our APs back and their lawyer told us that the Co$ has no legal obligation to refund our money per the auditors code."

Actually per the Auditors Code they are supposed to refund the money when requested within three months of receiving the service.

There is no policy written by Ron that modifies the above.

The policy they are probably misapplying is a *Board* Policy Letter regarding the Claims Verification Board.

Again another example of how the current Church of Scientology only applies or more accurately misapplies policies, directives and orders that support its current group service fac and ignores those policies and HCOBs that don't.

Like the above or the Cancellation of Disconnection or the one regarding what drills are allowed in training etc.

The PL Seniority of Orders has been completely turned on its head.

Meaning any arbitrary order that is imposed by some "authority" is senior to actual policy or tech.
+1 # Captain Bob 2012-02-22 23:24
There's those words again - "legal obligation".

What on god's earth does that have to do do with Scientology????????????

legal, legal, legal, legal.

It's all legal, and it ain't what's right or wrong. And it ain't what is in LRH policy and it ain't was is Scientology.
It's legal, legal, legal.

The legal legal legal is supposed to protect us, Scientology, from the Government, not protect Scientology from it's own members. Contracts members sign to leave. OMG. What is that all about?
+1 # Brian Radio FKA RJ 2012-02-23 14:11
The current CoS is obsessed with being "legal" these days especially when it is in their financial interest to be so.

For instance under the IRS code 501ciii the Church is legally not under legal obligation to refund any money received for services because it is now considered a "donation".

According to the law a donation is something that one can expect no tangible benefit or personal gain from.

Thus they can be completely "legal" while totally ignoring policies regarding refunds ,exchange and Standard Tech about having to deliver *results*.

Welcome to the Tax Exempt, Government Approved "Scientology".
+1 # Brian Radio FKA RJ 2012-02-23 19:04
"The legal legal legal is supposed to protect us, Scientology, from the Government, not protect Scientology from it's own members. Contracts members sign to leave. OMG. What is that all about?"

That was a good point that I missed when viewing your comment earlier that I'd like to take up now.

Having been there myself.

I can tell you when there was a shift from targeting the Government to going after the public in general and that was with the creation of OSA.

First it started with the "Squirrels" who were in fact mostly splinter groups who were upset by the Sea Org "moving in" and destroying the Mission Network.

Then it became anyone who disagreed with management.
+1 # Captain Bob 2012-03-03 23:24

"Then it became anyone who disagreed with management."

Why on earth do you need legal involved if you are dealing with truth. Legal is just legal, what it says in the laws and UCC's. What does this have to do with the TRUTH and why must you bring in legal via contracts or gag orders. Doesn't make sense unless there is a hidden agenda. But must if not all Scientologists no nothing about legal. They just sign on the dotted line, sort of like a credit card agreement.
+2 # Eileen Haworth Clark 2012-03-03 00:33
Brilliant, Carol. Good on you for taking a stand against the blatant erosion of LRH Tech. You may not remember me, but I remember you very well from when you were at the FSO doing training. Welcome to the Bright Side. Love, Eileen
+2 # Poet13c 2012-03-09 20:24
I completely agree, Carol.
Well done for saying what you think is right.
At the end of the day, that is all we have.
Best wishes,
Richard Kaminski
+1 # well its been an adventure 2012-07-21 17:35
Regarding choice.

While in, you DON'T feel like you have a choice. You can't read the internet. You can't voice your doubts to any friends. They can't voice their doubts to you. You don't feel like their are options.

Occasionally it happens someone who you are attempting to avoid op-terming with gets declared. Then you feel real relief, because it was a right indication. Then this new upset comes along, and it is too ominous; all the options are blocked. So you think "I'll wait it out. Surely ethics will catch up with it eventually. I did my part, I sent my KRs in!
But years go by, the situation gets worse.

The key here is that years go by. WHEN do you take that step toward the internet? Toward the door?

Me, it took 20 years! Of sitting in this awareness, waiting for truth to catch up. Sigh.
# Thoughtful 2012-08-17 09:47
Hi Carol, Great write up! What was the issue, by the way, that got cancelled? I think it is good to expose the particulars of this kind of thing so others are not tripped up.

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