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Saturday, 24 April 2010 11:10

The problem with admitting the truth is that there is a responsibility that goes with its perception and admission.

I have no doubt that many Scientologists, whether they would dare admit it or not, are quite aware of some or many of the same things that many of us are seeing and talking about. The entire difference comes down to being unwilling to allow anything from hindering Scientology (total responsibility) and the permeation of its truths in this world. Unfortunately, it is taking those of us from the outside to force the issue into the light, because those within the Scientology circle are not willing to step up to the line and admit it or to defy the authorities within:. What are these things?

1. That the “ideal orgs” that are being pandered off on the Scientology world are in fact a lie. Anyone who has stepped into Buffalo org, Tampa, London, or any number of these orgs that represent the acme of current management accomplishments will know that they stand largely empty. The MEST may be very nice, and it is. But that is not what LRH meant by an Ideal Org. A truly Idea Org is built on people, real booming fields, booming basic courses, big academies and lots of releases – not fancy quarters and hype.

2. There have been hardly any NEW orgs made in nearly two decades. In the 70s and early 80s under the then management and LRH, we made close to half of the orgs that exist today.

3. There is no major Dianetics campaign running to drive people into Scientology. In the 1980s we had major Dn campaigns going that made countless new Scientologists.

4. Flag used to make the OTs, orgs made the releases. Check the stats of your local org for the last years and ask them how many releases and Clears they have made. Just ask. Then go out and have a smoke and ask yourself – why?

5. Scientology statistics overall, in spite of the hype you hear at events, have been on a long-term downtrend since 1990.

6. Many of the executives who built Scientology and expanded it through the 70s, 80s and even 90s are now outside of the Sea Org, some or many of those are labeled as “enemies” because they object to the current management regime and its tactics, yet, statistically speaking, it was these executives who actually were there and helped to build Scientology – when it was VERIFIABLY expanding. Many of YOU at this moment are experiencing the truths and benefits of Scientology because these very executives and people (not all were execs) helped to build that Bridge you are standing on.

7. International events, in the main, were considered by LRH as counterproductive to Scientology, yet what do you see, get calls about, and are demanded to attend throughout the year? On the other hand, is anyone screaming for you to get out to the local hospital and do assists, or to help your local community with Scientology? Or are they asking you for donations, to buy your next set of Basics or donate them to a library somewhere? Are you being asked to go out and audit someone, help the man down the street who has arthritis, or just do a good deed without also reporting back what you did – just because THAT IS what Scientology is ALL about – CHANGING CONDITIONS!

8. In your city, are you hearing about Scientology? See lots of activity in the community by local Scientologists? No? Why?

9. Take the IAS war chest away from current management (your donations) and ask them to manage Scientology ENTIRELY based on the income they are SUPPOSED to produce by expanding orgs. Maybe you won´t be seeing so many lavish and expensive events.

10. Why do staff have all this time to call the field and demand money, demand they buy books etc? Those staff have posts and yet someone has found fit to create an “all-hands” org board to make constant calls to public. What happened to the standard org board of Scientology?

11. The church PR is telling the press that Scientology does not endorse disconnection, yet we all know this is false. We absolutely know that it is done, practiced and permitted and that in the event of any SP declares, all Scientologists are required (including families) to disconnect – it is mandated – not even optional – unless of course you prefer to be put in the same boat and denied further Scientology. Why the lies? Why not just admit it and fix it?

12. Why are those who speak up against the mismanagement of Scientology labeled as disaffected, subversive, suppressive, liars, criminals and generally excommunicated from the movement? Does this mean that absolutism and authoritarianism have taken the place of freedom of thought, freedom of speech or just plain FREEDOM? Hell, even in the United States of America ANY citizen can stand on a soapbox and demand reforms and changes to things that are wrong and they are not labeled or excommunicated from society – so why is this happening in Scientology?

There is no attempt to malign anyone here. But we need to grow up as Scientologists, become ACTUALLY responsible for what we know, and face the truth. Scientology is being obscured, obfuscated, under a mantle of false PR and lies intended to smokescreen the truth – that in spite of what people are being told, it is being suppressed. It is nearly impossible to have this movement contracting when it offers the ultimate truths to our existence – and it DOES. So why is it contracting? In truth, if it was being lead, instead of “campaigned” – or if it was left ALONE – it would expand because LIFE seeks out LIFE and that is Scientology.

If you are reading this and denying it, then just go look at what is THERE, not what you see in the pulp, in the events or what you are told. To go free, you HAVE to deal with truth and that IS the road to OT. If we cannot see the truth of what is happening right in our own camp, how on earth are we supposed to free people? This is not a call for rebellion – it is a wake-up call.

Written by Outside the Box



+2 # Idle Org 2010-04-24 10:56
Very good. Very to the point. Very true.

The "genius" of DM is in PR, creating fear and brain-washing.

And make no mistake. He IS a genius. He has succeeded longer than most known SP's throughout history.

A long, insidious culture of thought-control and a swapping of actual source are his games.

People are hungry for leaders. And he knows it.

People are naive in that they tend to want to see the best in people. And he knows that, too.

People can't confront true evil easily. He damn well knows that.

And people can so easily be convinced that they have been "bad" that they cave-in and become robots. He knows this and uses it every day.

But people will always wipe out true evil in the end.

It's the most popular story in this universe: Good vs Evil.

What is the price of freedom, afterall?
+1 # OTB 2010-04-25 02:52
Well put. DM is smart and he has tremendous power on his side, but as you say, in the end, evil is always overcome. I always loved the LRH datum from Essay on Management, (paraphrased) where he says that anyone who tampers with a theta-line will eventually have that line blow up in his or her face. It´s just a matter of time before DM and his camp have committed so many wrongs against the pure theta of Scientology that the kick back will knock them from Hemet to China. We´ll still have to pick up the pieces, but at least we won´t have to deal with him and even if one of his mindless "numbies" take charge, they won´t be able to stand up to the crowd that starts to wake up!
+1 # PackMan 2010-04-25 04:13
The Price of Freedom:
"Constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price, actually.” LRH

"The difference between good management and poor management can be the loss or gain of the entire organization." - LRH HCOPL 10 Nov. 1966

Obviously, DM's intention is the loss of the entire organization. I disagree with DM's intention.
# TA 2010-04-26 06:57
I find it highly intriquing to see a forum where the principles of Scientology rise above the organization of Scientology. What is it in human nature that sells out to organizations and "gangs"?

In about 1979, I was approached at one of the Scientology orgs to take out a loan to buy courses. Someone else from the Guardian's office "spotted" me as an "ideal" candidate to move to Philadelphia and infiltrate some psychological organization.

These tactics by people lost to principles have indeed betrayed Scientology. It appears to have grown much worse since then. Interesting though that my affinity to the writings of LRH have always been there. Please, keep up the great work and I'll keep reading.

# Lady Lancelot 2010-04-26 22:11
Well said. Keep up the good work
+1 # LivesWell 2010-05-03 04:03
"Look Don't Listen"!"You Know Them by their Product(s)"
In '76,'77 '78 '79, the orgs, FCDC, ASHO,AOLA, the Manor, were full of life. Theta with purpose, clears, OTs, (original OT 5s,6s,and Full OT 7s, thetans training, helping. In '8o when I was on staff, our academy, div 6 crs. rm, full, 80% of our comps joined the SO.
'85, Pro-TRs, hmmm, who is this DM? so many non LRH issues? Mayo bit the bullet.
'88-89, Solo Nots in the trailers, hmmmmm, a "dm" at the bottom of an issue? Sir? Mayo?Miscavige? not LRH for sure. Never did see if it got correctly written, it was a complete reversal, meant to key-in not to release charge. So many other stories! But these get the point across of now and then. and obnosis!
Outside the Box, I think a whole lot of Flags and eye brows raised and waved at the "blind leading the blind" comment, but many "old timers" had been through out tech and various corrections and "the days of Mayo, Franks, etc." so ok, lets see wtf, let's look, see, maybe even test out the goods, oops, not LRH, no product, ok bye. Some needed wanted to study, experience , extrapolate the data and check out the workability, evaluate for themselves, then choose, accept or reject.
I think Marty's blog helps a lot of public as well as ex S.O. to feel safe, have R, maybe share some comm, affinity, exchange a point of view or two, learn from a known and trusted being, wtf happened to MY church, group, yeah, he and others helped the scene as SO, but also let us know truth, not just general bs and "route the particle" handling of the current CoS.
TA, in '79 'take out a loan to buy courses', pretty normal, now, take out a loan, not for Bridge, but for a different agenda. Huge difference, go free, free others, go clear, go OT intents of then, and now, invest in mest and mest and mest.
+1 # disillusiond 2010-05-10 15:30
I will always have the fabulous gains I got when Scientology was still Scientology. I will never do anything to hurt Ron. I have been in Scientology for 30 years and it isn't IT anymore. THE MANAGEMENT (S.P.s) have altered it, ignored it, abused it to the point where I say if Ron were here - heads would roll! The so called Golden Age is a horror. The treatment of people and staff by the effete snobs that "run the show" (and that is a quote)is a disgrace. The cost of auditing and services is so expensive that the average Joe on the street - who RON wanted to help cant afford it! Many times I have fought and lost with off policy actions. Regrettably - I have also kept my mouth shut and bowed to their inval on more occasions. NO MORE!

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