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Monday, 25 April 2011 20:25

Any Scientologist who was around during the 1970s will fondly remember the old HQS Course.

It cost $75, took forever to do and cost orgs and missions the earth to deliver. It was the all-time loss leader, and if organizations had been allowed to deliver no other services they would have gone broke in no time.

But there was great wisdom in that HQS Course and great results: nearly everyone who did it became a Scientologist and considered themselves firmly on the Bridge and went on to other auditing and training services. That course made Scientologists by the thousands and had far fewer drop outs than the Div 6 TRs Course that usually preceded it.

In the 1980s, the course was revised in its entirety based on no evaluation and no review of the tremendous results of the 1970s course. The new course contained much less co-auditing, cost many times more and was not piloted to any extent, certainly not enough to determine how it would affect the lineup of Div 6 services for people newly interested in Scientology. In that regard the new HQS Course was a disaster.

As the RTRC compiler of that 1987 pile of crap* I am helping to right that wrong now with a new--well, actually old--HQS Course for use in the Independent field. The successful 1970s HQS was compiled by perhaps the most successful, visionary Div 6 Scientologist of all besides LRH himself, his daughter, Diana. For years, Diana was Commodore’s Staff over Div 6 and developed several big think strategies for the field. She compiled the HQS Course in 1972 and this is the basis of the course we are making available again today. The 1972 course contained a survey of Scientology basics and included training on TRs and lots of co-auditing on Objective Processes as well as Self Analysis Lists which made brand new Scientologists into experienced co-auditors. All this has been resurrected on this new course. Her 1972 course had a section at the end that oriented the student to Scientology organizations and we have broadened that in this new version to orient the student to life as a Scientologist.

The basic principles presented on the course and the incredible co-auditing that a student gives and receives, definitely enable anyone to make up his or her mind about Scientology. If a person only did this course and no other, they would know for certain either a) that Scientology is something that is beneficial in their life or else b) that it isn’t, and can move on knowing they had invested enough of their effort and time to have made an honest assessment.

From my experience, though, nearly everybody concludes the former.

Best of luck to everyone who downloads and avails themselves of the new Independent Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course.

Click here to download Dan's new IHQS Checksheet.

Dan Koon
John Aaron Williams

*Note: While Dan compiled the 1987 version of Diana’s original course from the 1970s, what actually happened was this: David Miscavige (who else?) “knew best” and decided the original HQS Course took too long. So, Miscavige ordered the old course be replaced and the dirty work fell to Dan. — Thoughtful



+1 # PlainOldThetan 2011-04-27 01:38
In 1988 or 89 I took a pilot of the revamped HQS course. It was one of the first Scientology courses I took this lifetime. I didn't know what the old HQS looked like, so I didn't have a basis of comparison.

I thought that the course was just fine. I especially liked the TRs and SA co-audit.

What I'm seeing with Miscavology is that courses are issued with the OLD name. (In computer-programming terms, this is called "over-loading".) There was really nothing wrong with the 1987-89 HQS course EXCEPT THIS: It shouldn't have been called "HQS". This whole problem would have been totally avoided if the course issued on the 1987-89 checksheet were the "HNS" or "HBS" (novice or beginner), leaving the old HQS intact.

I suspect that "too long" is a DM aberration. HQS used to be a prerequisite for Solo I. Ohmigod! If it took 3 years to do HQS, that meant 3 years delay in getting OT-level income. That, by god, had to be fixed!

Of course, we're suffering the legacy of quickied OT-level eligibility now. We have a whole crew of OTs who can't audit, and are firmly jammed into the First Dynamic (meeeeeeeeee!)

Didn't one also do the SRD (Survival Rundown) on the HQS checksheet? With a twin?

The "old" HQS was an AUDITING course.

Scientology has been perverted into something that no longer requires AUDITING. If you don't require AUDITING, you no longer have use for AUDITORS.

As a result, we get OT 8's that don't know what auditing is about, and aren't cleared on the third dynamic. And questionably cleared on the First.
# Thoughtful 2011-04-27 11:50
I agree fully. And by the way, the Survival Rundown was a magnificent course. I did it and co-audited through all the objectives. We did them rough, tough and hard and my GOD the wins! That course was solid and very thorough. I did the co-audit in Austin Org and I had some of the best wins in my life including going exterior with full perception at one point.

When I got to Int, and read the old traffic regarding the Survival Rundown, I saw that LRH blew a gasket when he saw the "horrible" marketing for the SRD because it had a couple of Indian braves aiming at a buffalo with a bow and arrow. Somehow that was all about killing to LRH. It didn't communicate that to me. Everyone knows the Indians couldn't run down to Kroger and buy some hamburger meat.

The SRD was demolished and replaced by quickie CRAP in my opinion -- a new introductory "co-audit" that has never taken off. The old SRD included many objective processes that are not included now. For example, there was something called spanning attention. Ever look in the rear view mirror and watch the road ahead at the same time? That skill is useful! What idiot took the SRD off the line? As far as I know, it was LRH.

All I can say is we all make mistakes. Or perhaps LRH was misinformed. Either way, it is the responsibility of the group to step in when one member errs and point out the error and one day set things right no matter what.

Today, because we are operating on personal integrity instead of being robots, we are in a position to do that with aplomb and I think someone ought to recover that Survival Rundown Co-Audit in all it's former glory and make it available to people.

Perhaps Dan Koon might step up to the plate!
# Joe Howard 2011-04-27 12:13
it is a dinner plate, I will be there!
Seriously, Diana's HQS Course version contains much of what Melanie Murray included in the SRD. LRH was off the lines and she executed his advices to come up with a biophysical handling after the biochemical handling that was the Purification Rd. I will try and locate a copy of the SRD and see what is what.
# RJ 2011-04-28 23:02
Personally I don't think the decision to remove it from the line up was all that "idiotic".

Frankly I found the section on Order vs Disorder which included the Expanded Confusion Formula rather evaluative.

Especially if you weren't in confusion.

Otherwise it was a nice action.

However most of the objectives such as R2-22 Spanning Attention and R2-69 Please Pass the Object could have been added to the PC's program by the C/S at his or her discretion.

Unlike the HQS Course it really didn't have much as Scientology basics were concerned.

Also I agree with Ron.

Positioning the course with two Indians hunting buffalo could give people the wrong impression about the course.

That said.

I think Diana's HQS Course was probably the best Div 6 course ever delivered in Scientology.

It's the course that convinced me that I should get *trained* and I started my Dianetics Course right after it.

Not to mention all the other wins that I had on the course which are too numerous to list.
# thoughtful 2011-04-29 10:40
Well, we each had different routes. I'm not suggesting the SRD replace the HQS. I'm not suggesting the SRD be restored and use the old hunt. Times change. And marketing is a live subject that continues to evolve as our culture evolves.

I did the Comm Course followed by the Volunteer Minister's Course (in full) where I learned every basic tool of Scientology. That was a great course because it actually got you out in the community applying Scientology -- in the emergency room of a hospital doing assists, doing a 3P handling, applying ARC in an old folk's home, doing conditions by dynamics and exchange by dynamics on people, etc. After that, I did Hard TRs, some objectives in a mission and some NED auditing. But the objectives on the SRD went far beyond the objectives I got from the C/S.

As I recall, the Order vs. Disorder was only done where applicable. And if the student didn't need it (since the twin was required to go and inspect the person's living quarters and work area) then the action was not done. So it was not evaluative for me. I didn't do that step. My area was in good shape already.

Regarding what impression people might get from the buffalo, the only valid opinion is the opinion of the public. My own opinion doesn't matter, except in what impression I got from the art as a consumer.

The first time I heard about the course was in my local mission, and my response was "Cool!" I'm not a hunter, but everyone knows if you were an Indian, hunting for food was all about survival, not brutality. And in the SRD art, they were clearly Indian braves.

Today, instead of the SRD we have the "TRs and Objectives" course which is a total nothing and is totally unappealing insofar as marketing.

If I were to redo the marketing for a TRs and Objectives course, I don't know that I would go with Indians and buffalo. Positioning tech was in its infancy in 1979 and many efforts to apply that technology were clumsy at best, robotic and unsophisticated.

I'm sure we could do better today. But marketing as a whole has advanced light years from that time.

In 1979, the SRD was one of the first applications of marketing to Scientology services and gave a glimmer of hope, showing what could be done to represent the most exciting services in the world in their true light.

That the course was taken off the line up and eventually replaced with a total zero marketing product thanks to David Miscavige -- that was idiotic. Can you even say off the top of your head what the position is for that new course? If you can, you are an exception. It's got zero marketing and that's a crime.
+1 # Joe Howard 2011-04-29 11:28
If there is a current campaign for that course I am positive it shows two hedge fund managers kicking a family out of their home.
+1 # RJ 2011-05-01 13:59
Ya got me there Thoughtful Steve.

I don't know of any marketing tech that is used in the Tax Exempt Government Approved Squirrel Group today.

Unless it's right at the bottom of the tone scale like this "cold chrome, hard steel" "recruiting" campaign used to recruit hard core idiots.

Not much of one for the "Golden Age of Tech" except maybe the not so veiled threat of either do GAT or loose your certs.

Gee where can I sign up?!

Which is very similar to the "Basics".

Only in this case it's "no basics no bridge".

I guess you could call it SRA marketing.

Nothing about it in the PR or Marketing series or even on Mad Ave where at least they try to entice you with sex.

True low scale but more fun than being threatened.

You're right of course the SURVIVAL RUNDOWN has more pull then.....yawn...the...snore ... TRs and Objectives Course.

Yeah that should have been a keeper.

But I was pretty much on Tech Lines then and I don't remember an HCOPL that cancelled the SRD.

Like I don't remember one canceling several OT Levels.

Both of them just kinda faded out of use...

There's a word for that...let me see..

Oh yeah...

Tech Degrade.

How nice?
+1 # Seeking As Isness 2011-04-28 06:29

Thanks for posting the checksheet. Sounds like a good idea. Where do I find the Indpendent HQS Course Pack?

-1 # Thoughtful 2011-04-28 07:22
In the column to the right side of this page is a section that says, "FREE Independent Scientology Training Checksheets Released!" with links to Dan's free checksheets.
+1 # Seeking As Isness 2011-04-30 06:18

Thanks for your direction.

I downloaded the checksheet. But the checksheet says that the "Independent HQS Course Pack" is required for the course. Do you know were I can find the Course Pack?

# Thetabuddy 2011-04-28 14:57
Awesome for us Indies
Thank you so much for making these available. It great to know that I can continue on with standard LRH training, which is no longer available in the Church of DM.
# David LaCroix 2011-04-30 20:59
I did the HQS in '71 and it had all the obj's & SA and all you are talking about. So I'm a bit confused about Diana's credit for a new checksheet in '72?
Also, I did it part time as a staff member and I don't really remember it taking that long. 1 or 2 months.
Of course I was in a booming org with tons of twins and people to co-audit with...and there weren't all the arbitrary's and interference from sups then.
I can attest that old HQS is a winner tho. Good luck with it!
+1 # RJ 2011-05-01 17:23
Yeah I'm with ya there Dave.

It took me and my twin exactly 10 days to complete the HQS and even then the course supe thought we were dawdling gold bricks.

(I guess that's what happens when ya put an Academy Course Super in Basic Courses.

Think "Full Metal Jacket" only without the M-16s :) )

Despite that I won won won on the course.

Some of my biggest wins in Scientology!

Despite the Marine Corp sergeant posing as a Course Supervisor.

Word was it was either Diana or Mary Sue who put the course together.

What I remember was the course came in a very nice marbled green (what else 'cept maybe red) hard covered book in legal size (back then there was no such thing as A4) with pretty little Green on White Policies like Keeping Scientology Working and Tech Degrades at the beginning which were a real blast to get through if you're a neophyte but we managed to get through it after clearing the word "disabused" and those red on white thingies called "HCOBs" and a bunch of Books written by some guy everyone called "Ron" who we wrote our weekly reports to.

What I also remember was the exceptionally fast learning curve that went from ....duh!!!....to being able to understand what the staff were actually saying but most importantly being able to help another being improve their ability.

Not to mention the extra added bonus of going exterior with full perception!

In other words if you don't grasp the concept of being a spiritual being after doing the HQS Course...

You misewell turn in your Thetan!

Glad you and Dan are putting this course back on the line up.

Thoughtful Steve.

You guys deserve props for just doing that.


# robert earle 2011-05-07 21:04
Dave ,
As I recall there was an HQS course which was replaced by another in late 72 early 73. The second one did have more on it than the prior one. at the Denver Mission we had that course grow to 110 enrolled with over eighty of them on course daily within a year or so of its release. everything stated about the great wins on that course were present then as well as nearly all of them became scienologists for real on that course.any ways the point is there was a new checksheet which I believe was out at the end of 72 or beginning of 73. Bob Earle
# Flaoting Needle 2011-05-07 21:31
Thanks Dan!
# solal Snitt 2011-06-04 13:17
The checksheets are great. Just a note. The student hat has 12 tapes and not 9. this is another alter is of the true tech. Dan please add the last 3 tapes onto your checksheet. That would be great. NOt sure if they are still around though.
# Pascal Dorion 2012-02-23 01:36
Anyone have a checksheet for the SRD?
# Espiritu 2013-04-04 22:03
Hi Joe,

Dan, this is very useful to anyone who wants to start a group to introduce others to real Scientology.

But I wanted you to know that the PDF file does not download for me. I use xp and firefox. Should I try with IE?
# Thoughtful 2013-04-05 07:26
Hi Espiritu, Sorry, the link had changed. It's now fixed and you can download from there. There is also a list of all the checksheets in the right column from which you can download. — Steve

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