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Thursday, 22 March 2012 20:03
Joel Phillips, owner of
American Coast Title

Cease and Desist

Re: Illegal content on religiousfreedomwatch.org

Joel Phillips
P.O. Box 50744
Pasadena, CA 91115

Dear Mr. Phillips:

It has come to my attention that you have a picture and my name on the front page of your website under the banner “Exposing Religious Intolerance” and mixed in with the pictures and names of convicted felons and notorious anti-religionists, such as the infamous Ted Patrick who was once found guilty and jailed for kidnaping and “deprogramming” people into giving up their religious beliefs and membership.

This is guilt by association, and also libelous.  Nothing in my history remotely qualifies me for this category.  Moreover, my name links to a page filled with false and vicious claims about me, basically calling me psychotic and a liar, a clear attack on my character.  Not only is the information false and libelous, but it is obviously intended to subject me to ridicule and hatred and harm me financially.  I feel physically and financially threatened by it and regard it as a form of extortion designed to silence and harass me for my role in blowing the whistle on the abuses of David Miscavige that I personally witnessed and experienced while a member of the Sea Org at the International Base (“Int Base”) outside Hemet, California.

Recently, yet another former high-ranking Sea Org member has gone public with abuse stories similar to mine. Debbie Cook, a 29-year member of the Sea Org and the Captain of the Flag Service Organization for 17 years, testified under oath in a Texas Court that she witnessed David Miscavige pummel Marc Yager just as I witnessed, one of Scientology’s highest ranking international executives and was herself the brunt of physical abuse by order of Miscavige — as was I.  She told of being taken to “the Hole,” a double-wide trailer with bars on the windows and a guard at the door where she was kept for 7 weeks.  Dozens of other international executives were also imprisoned there and forced to sleep on an ant-infested floor.  She testified that Miscavige beat another staff member and then forced him to lick a bathroom floor for half an hour.

This is the sort of behavior I refuse to tolerate and am working to expose.  Such conduct is not religious, it is not Scientology.  I am a Scientologist myself and am tolerant of other religions.

You may choose not to believe me, Debbie, and many other whistleblowers — all former high-ranking Sea Org members who are making similar claims, but you weren’t there and I was.  You have never contacted me to verify your statements nor obtain my version of the events.  Obviously, you were not present and have no first hand information.  At best, you are relying on information given you.  At worst, you made it up.  

An investigation of the facts and circumstances would clear the air and determine the truth of the matter.  The convening authority for worldwide matters, the Executive Director International, Guilliame LeServe, however, is not on post.  David Miscavige removed him, even though Miscavige lacks the power to do so under LRH policy and corporate bylaws.  I know; I saw Guilliame imprisoned in the same gulag that came to be known at “the Hole.”  There are no internal mechanisms to handle the current situation.  Miscavige has eliminated all the internal checks and balances put in place by LRH.

I chose to go public with my claims rather than remain silent.  The choice was clear: either speak up and use the heart of Scientology — communication and confront — to strike a blow to the cancer killing Scientology or remain silent while people were being harmed and abused through the criminal actions of a corrupt dictator who believes himself to be above the law.

I view your actions to be in retaliation for me speaking out.  I know the game.  Your orders ultimately emanate from OSA Int, which, in turn, is micro-managed by David Miscavige, however the actual channels of communication have been disguised.  Clearly, you are acting on orders, not an independent investigation.  

Not only do the things said about me by you defame me, but, they harass and subject me to hatred and ridicule that put me in fear for my safety.  Because you falsely position me as being anti-Scientology, rather than pro-Scientology/anti-abuses of Miscavige, and because Miscavige has exalted himself as some sort of supreme ruler and savior of Scientology in the eyes of many members who refuse to make independent investigations or think for themselves, I fear that one of your misinformed website visitors may harm me physically as a righteous act.

Perhaps unknown to you, the defamatory and hateful content on your website concerning me — and other whistleblowers against Miscavige’s inhumane treatment of Int Base staff — is just one of many hate websites naming me (and other whistleblowers).  Each and every one of them emanate from Miscavige through whatever channels, however disguised.  As you are fully aware, no Scientologist in good standing would dare make a public statement concerning Scientology without clearance from OSA.

Additional information that may be unknown to you is that the hate websites are only one component of Miscavige’s retaliatory campaign against me and other whistleblowers.  He has directed Scientologists to physically harass whistleblowers in front of their homes.  He has directed private investigators to surveil us.  He has sent teams of Scientologists to badger us, and to contact us by phone and through email making attempts to coerce our silence.  He has tracked the airplane flights of whistleblowers through an in-house travel agency, knowing when we booked a flight and having investigators at the other end waiting for our arrivals.  Apparently he has illegally obtained private information, such as phone records and even had email accounts illegally hacked into.

Your actions against me are part of a pattern of conduct which combine to make a credible threat that I will be physically and otherwise harmed unless and until I discontinue my efforts to expose Miscavige’s criminal actions and abuses.

Therefore, your conduct violates state and federal cyberstalking laws, 18 USC Sec. 2261A and California Penal Code Sec. 653, as well as California Code Sec. 646.9.  Section 646.9 defines “credible threat” to include a “threat implied by a pattern of conduct or a combination of verbal, written, or electronically communicated statements and conduct. (Emphasis added.)

Your crimes constitute “hate crimes” under both California and federal law.  See, e.g., California Penal Code Secs. 422.55 & 422.6 because they are clearly motivated by hatred toward the exercise of my religion.  I am an independent Scientologist and am associated with persons who have also left the Church of Scientology to practice their religion independently of the Church.

Please take special note: California law also creates a right of action in Civil Code Sec. 1708.7.  

I request that you immediately cease and desist carrying my name or image on your website.  Otherwise, I intend to seek legal redress.

Mr. Phillips, we don’t know each other.  I have asked around about you and have learned that you are, as I am, a Scientologist, a professional, and a successful businessman.  I have been persuaded that your criminal actions against me are atypical of your character and personality.  

Let me point out what I believe are applicable LRH references.  

You seem to be unaware of my lengthy service in the Sea Org, and my substantial contributions to Scientology.  Please see the attached.  I encourage you to investigate my record and compare it to the contributions of other Scientologists you know, including your own.

I am in a different category by LRH policy than a person such as Ted Patrick, who was never a Scientologist and even publicly called Scientology a fraud.  Unlike me, he was truly religiously intolerant.  You cannot honestly compare me to him.

Furthermore, LRH warned us not to treat Scientologists who leave or are let go as though they have evil intentions.  See, the lecture entitled “Attitude & Conduct of Scientology,” dated 3 November 1955 from the 4th London ACC.  In that lecture he said, among other things, the following:

“It’s because they are people of good intention.  And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude.  This is not true.  It’s never true.  You got it?”

● “Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier.  The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie.  Got it?

“So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention.  That’s what enturbulates the situation.  That makes a lie.

“The situation then becomes unsolvable.  Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.”

Note: This explains why we have a growing independent movement in Scientology, bad press and Internet, governmental investigations.  The situation isn’t resolving and won’t resolve by falsely labeling, attacking, and harassing whistleblowers.

“This guy says he’s been hurt, he’s screaming to high heaven, let’s try and give him a hand.

“In view of the fact that he’s in Scientology the probability is that he’s – actually has been hurt.  See?  He probably...that’s the... the probabilities are very in favor of that.  And he isn’t just standing there screaming, or she isn’t just standing there screaming and saying, “I’ve been done in,” just to stand there and say, “I’ve been done in,” see?”

Note: Precisely.  When I learned the correct legal definitions of words like “assault” and “battery” I understood for the first time that I myself had clearly been assaulted and battered by David Miscavige on multiple occasions in addition to being falsely imprisoned at the Int Base on numerous occasions. So were others. It really happened, and is probably continuing to happen, Mr. Phillips. I witnessed many others being assaulted and battered by David Miscavige. The single instance that you site on your website, although you were not even there, happened not in November 2003 but in the first part of December and the assailant, David Miscavige, was there.  

“Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it.  But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through.  That’s the only way it ever does solve. And it never solves by being tough.”

● “But we do not, I repeat, do not, separate them from Scientology or Scientology organizations, nor at any moment fail to give them organizational support or cooperation in the starting of any new activity in which they wish to engage for the benefit of Scientology.  You got that?

“In other words, the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only – not only difficult to do but does not work.  That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work.  It’s for the sea gulls.  That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology.  Got that?”

As LRH also said in this lecture, people who leave the Church “seldom go off and suck their thumbs dismally.”  We are former Sea Org members.  We will not rest until the crimes and inhumane treatment by David Miscavige are brought to light for one significant reason: others are still at risk.

Second, I refer you to The Third Party Law, which I contend is at play here.  You don’t know me or what I witnessed at Int Base.  You have been “told” that I am a bad guy, a liar who falsely claims that Miscavige committed crimes.  Today in Scientology, we have a fractured membership, each side pitted against the other.

Consider a third party at work.  Consider the possibility that Miscavige is really brutal and, in the words of Debbie Cook, “vicious beyond belief.”

You are a businessman.  If you were accused of torturing and assaulting your employees, what would you do?  Try to defame, harass and subject your accusers to hatred and ridicule that put them in fear for their safety? If dozens of parties came forward over a period substantiating those same charges, would the co-owners of your business continue to ignore their allegations if you slandered them?  What if those charges were being made against one of your employees?  Would you not investigate?

I know the answer to those questions.  You/they would independently investigate the charges.  If the accusers really were liars, lawful action would be taken against them.  If there was merit to the charges, you or the employee would be let go.  Professionals and responsible people don’t rely on intimidation and slander as defenses to serious charges; they investigate and handle the underlying situations.  In your job, you wouldn’t accept your employees using against their critics the same kind of tactics and invective you have used against me.  

I suggest that an honest investigation by you or others would reveal a third party at work and lead to a resolution of the overall situation, blowing charge for the group and allowing us to establish ARC (affinity + reality + communication = understanding) and join together to take Scientology’s true message to the world.

Apparently Miscavige is afraid of an honest investigation and would rather hide in the chaos created by engaging in a campaign of libel and other illegal retaliatory actions.

I am not against the Church; I am a loyal Scientologist against criminality, abuse, intolerance and corruption.

A copy of this letter is being directed to your company’s co-owners and its underwriter for their roles and legal responsibility in the website.

A copy of this letter is also being sent to David Miscavige. He bears ultimate responsibility for the overall, multi-pronged retaliatory program against me and others who have blown the whistle on his own criminal actions and inhuman treatment of staff members.

Regardless of what David Miscavige does, I insist that you comply with the law.

I hereby demand that you cease and desist your online attacks against me.  Please remove my name and photograph, as well as the offensive, demeaning, degrading, false, scandalous, harassing, threatening statements, from any and all web pages on your site, and links to pages containing them, and notify me that you have done so.


Steve Hall
March 22, 2012

West Coast Internet
34700 Pacific Coast Hwy. Ste. 308
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624
Attention: Paul Quaranto

Joel Phillips
American Coast Title
1119 W. Glenoaks Blvd
Glendale, CA 91202

Linda Blood
American Coast Title
1119 W. Glenoaks Blvd
Glendale, CA 91202

Frank Berriz
American Coast Title
1119 W. Glenoaks Blvd
Glendale, CA 91202

Legal Department
Stewart Title Co.
525 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203

David Miscavige
c/o Elliot Abelson, Attorney at Law
8491 W. Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California 90069-1911



Steve Hall
My Scientology Production Record

I am a 20-year Sea Org veteran, posted for 15 years at the Int base.  

I joined Church staff at a Class IV organization in 1982, training as an auditor and auditing in the Hubbard Guidance Center (“HGC”). While in LA to do advanced auditor training on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (“SHSBC”)  and advanced auditing (“OT levels”) at the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (“AOLA”) in 1984, I joined the Sea Org after completing OT I.  Due to exemplary qualifications (which included having a flawless ethics record, excellent production record, high IQ and “no glaring outpoints” in character, I was recruited directly into the Commodore’s Messenger Organization International (“CMOI”) which is part of the Church’s “international management.”

Needing to complete the OT levels myself, I was transferred to Flag to head Solo–OT III delivery. In exchange, CMOI received a Class XII auditor which might give you an idea of my perceived value even as a new Sea Org member. While getting through the OT levels myself, I got 100 others through OT III, launched a marketing campaign that resulted in record numbers on Solo training, trained up as a Class IV auditor and interned in Flag’s Case Cracking HGC.

Because of my 10-year professional background in visual merchandising and displays, in 1987 I transferred back to Int Management level for the formation of the new Central Marketing Unit under Ronnie Miscavige (David’s brother).

I underwent another round of security checks in 1989 after David Miscavige ordered the Central Marketing Unit be moved to the Int base so all of International management was in one location. Every detail of my qualifications for post was examined in detail and I not only passed with flying colors, I was invited and fully cleared to join RTC in 1989. I turned them down.

Soon I was heading up Dianetics marketing for the Church. By 1991 my creative abilities were discovered and a new post was created for me, Senior Writer. Throughout the next decade I coined dozens of successful marketing slogans and tag lines (some still in use). Maybe you recall seeing some of them.

  • "Know yourself. Know life." general Scientology (still in use)
  • "You're on an adventure. Here's the map" Basics books and lectures (still in use)
  • "Destination OT" Flag World Tour
  • "Uncle Sam wants YOU to go up the Bridge." Donations
  • “Whatever problem you bring to Flag, it won’t follow you home.” (best ad in Flag’s history)
  • “The Read Magnifier” Quantum E-Meter
  • "When life's a battleground, your mind is the best weapon." DMSMH book
  • "You always loved the great explorers. Now you can be one." DMSMH book
  • “Say goodbye to the inside of your head” Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures
  • “Scientology will open your eyes. And you’re going to like what you see.” NSOL book
  • “Your search is over, but the adventure has just begun” FOT book
  • “Searching for the ultimate answers to life? Welcome to the finish line.” FOT book
  • “Because the most powerful force of nature, is you.” Scientology 8-8008 book
  • “You won’t believe what the past can teach you.” History of Man book
  • “At Flag, every room comes with a beautiful view (the back of your head.)” Flag
  • "Welcome to the new world of Scientology" Orientation film
  • “What really happens when we’re unconscious?” Evolution of a Science film
  • “Can honesty repair what secrets destroyed?” Married Couple film
  • "Once upon a time you had your own universe. What makes you think its not still there?" Admiration Lectures
  • “Misconceptions can be deadly” New OT V
  • “What do you say when you’ve just expanded to the size of the universe? End of Session.” Solo NOTs
  • “All the things you think you can't remember aren't even what you've actually forgotten.” New OT VIII
  • "Earth was colonized 35,000 years ago. You arrived in an ice cube." History of Man
  • “Scientology makes sense. Literally.” Scientology IQ ad
  • “When the Scarecrow asked for brains, he had the right idea.” Scientology IQ ad
  • "The dirtiest word in Scientology: spectator." Become an FSM
  • “If you saw someone in a life or death situation, would you help? What if it was a whole planet instead?” Recruitment
  • “If Scientology could really improve intelligence and rehabilitate spiritual abilities, it would be the greatest breakthrough the world had ever known. Exactly.” What is Scientology? book

In 1992, I designed and built the Preservation of the Tech Exhibit at Flag which earned more than $2 million for Church of Spiritual Technology (“CST”). For 10 years I built large displays to launch new releases at all of Scientology’s major events around the world, six times a year. I was also the person who introduced the concept of using displays for dissemination and the result of that is now in every Ideal Org’s Division 6.

I was the only advertising person in history able to get an existing LRH Scientology book (not Dianetics) onto trade bestseller lists. In 1998 I did it with both New Slant on Life (“NSOL”) and Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought (“FOT”).  

All in all, I had 110,000 words published by the Church to promote all 286 LRH products and services on the Bridge — every book, auditing level, rundown and course for 44 separate Church corporations, including 150 brochures, 125 films and videos, 40 TV spots airing on national TV, 37 tech film ads, 4 complete Church websites (including dianetics.org 2002 - 2008 through which I sold more Dianetics Kits than anyone in history). I scripted numerous Scientology Public Films and even portions of LRH Tech Films; eleven videos for Flag, Freewinds and Sea Org World Tours (two of which bumped International Gross Income (“Int GI”) by $65 million); 18 International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”) Winner Videos; scores of event videos (1997-2001). I wrote ads (and also articles) printed in hundreds of Church magazines, including: Source, Freewinds, Advance!, Auditor, Celebrity, Ability, Int Scientology News, KSW News and Impact. I created the Adventure Newsletter which sold out volume after volume of the Research and Discovery Series. I wrote back matter, more info cards and cover copy for trade paperbacks, hard cover and mass market books including multiple editions of Dianetics. Besides writing scripts, I created the marketing for numerous Scientology Public films including Evolution of a Science, Dynamics of Life, Married Couple, Orientation, and more. I also wrote the marketing copy for the Classics, Premier Series, Basics, Congresses and Milestones.

To write about every Scientology service I had to learn everything about it including reading everything LRH wrote about each service. I am a Volunteer Minister, an ordained Scientology minister, a Book One auditor, Happiness Rundown (“HRD”)  Auditor, Class IV Auditor, and a Hubbard Senior Security Checker. I’m Flag trained, Sea Org trained, Exec trained, Tech trained, PTS-SP trained, Ethics trained, trained on Organization Executive Course (“OEC”) policy, trained on LRH management tech, trained to be a student and trained as an auditor. I’m trained in marketing and trained in public relations. My Flag OK to operate an E-Meter is good for life, I’m OT V, KTL/LOC, OT Doctorate, Pro TRs, fully hatted as a Flag D of P, Advanced Courses Solo I/C, Scientology project engineer, programs ops, marketing manager, copywriter, and scriptwriter. I’ve trained dozens of Book One auditors and led Book One workshops and seminars. I’ve delivered assists in emergency situations. I’m trained on the Art Series, Marketing Series, PR Series, Admin Know-How Series, Data Series, Org Series, Target Series, Computer Series and more.

And all the above I did either to help others or to make myself more able to help others. So, as you can see, far from being religiously intolerant, I am a dedicated Scientologist with a long list of contributions, more than most. Per LRH,

“If almost any person in the Sea Organization were to appear in a Scientology group or Org he would be lionized, red-carpeted and Very-Important-Personed beyond belief. For the Sea Organization is composed of the ‘aristocracy’ of Scientology.

“These people, alone and on their own are all stars in the sky of their areas. It is like one of the old regiments of gentlemen where any private would be, in another but common regiment, a colonel...

“The Sea Organization is composed of people who alone would excite great admiration but who together, well organized, can actually get the job done. And although our lowest deck hand could be a ‘duke’ only all of us together could get on with the job.” — LRH

The Sea Org is the aristocracy of Scientology and the aristocracy of the Sea Org was at the Int base. With the exception of a few orgs such as ASI and CST, any Sea Org members not at the Int base didn’t qualify for the Int base.

Therefore, the true facts do not support the false vilifications about me on your website.


Steve Hall
March 22, 2012



+11 # Karen#1 2012-03-22 21:06
They have gotten away with this too damned long.
They even put up a hate site on Debbie Cook with before and after images, carefully leaving out what was done to Debbie in the Hole and what precipitated her condition.
While whining about the Internet being used alongside litigation, The "Church' creates a Hate site on Debbie. !
+12 # Thoughtful 2012-03-22 21:27
I've known Debbie since 1984 and she is truly beautiful in every way. Debbie stayed in the CoS too long — until her health suffered. She got sick and could have died as so many in that mess do because they are connected to the most toxic person on the face of the Earth: David Miscavige. Thankfully she and Wayne escaped and, now outside, have displayed extraordinary bravery by speaking out — unlike so many others who SHOULD BE SPEAKING OUT and who so far have said nothing.
+12 # theakman 2012-03-22 22:08
Very very well done Steve! Nail the slime bastards with truth.

As for Little Dave and his evil little minions, we are taking back our Church, it's happening right in front of your noses, more so everyday, even as you read this. For every declare you issue, another Scientologist is set free to live again... and to act.
+9 # Califa 2012-03-23 00:07
Beautiful! I am so incensed by Phillips' and CoS's despicable hate campaign. This slime has got to stop.
+9 # Nao 2012-03-23 00:09
Steve - GREAT response here. In fact after reading this, I, and a few freinds would seriously like to GO over to where you are and be your bodyguards. And if need be to sock it to this brown nosed, robot, follower, hypnotized, jack ass, no mind, other-determined, - "tell me what to do next", "Thank you sir can I have another... ! ", idiot.

And then have him stagger back to MR SP David Misc shit vich, and say - "sir, they won't put up with any more of our stuff...". As his swollen head goes to twice it's regular size.

And the little midget begins to realize who he's messing with.
+9 # Thoughtful 2012-03-23 17:32
I've got a lot of friends here in Dallas who feel the same way. I have briefed them on DM's dirty tricks in case anyone ever shows up to cause trouble.
+9 # Nao 2012-03-23 00:26
Oh, by the way. Joel's business is connected up with the Real Estate/Mortgage, Land Speculator business (That LRH talks about as - out exchange). Yes, I KNOW American Title !

It focuses on things like hard working people working their guts out to buy property and eventually after several years pay it off and then own it. But ending up paying several times it's advertized amount due to long term payments with outrageous interest sewn into the deal(and out exchange elements like property taxes, and insurance as well). There's a lot more I could say about the out ethics and corruption in those lines of work, but trust me, despite it being "legal", it IS corrupt and criminal. It gets it's "Product" by mirrors, and deception, and words on paper. And Joel is involved in it.
+8 # Conan 2012-03-23 08:17
Well done! It is time these bigots be taught a lesson. This is clearly a nasty cult masquerading as a universal religion. Totally betraying Scientology's spiritual philosophy.
You have my humble financial support if you proceed with legal action against this creep.
+8 # Ron Minor 2012-03-23 08:28
Steve, Great post and letter. Not only can this be used to handle Hate sites, but could be used for handling the rigid COS members. Great references.

ron minor
+10 # Bluebonnet 2012-03-23 08:37
What a sledgehammer of ARC! You are a Scientologist.
+7 # Thoughtful 2012-03-23 17:34
Wow, I love that. You should be a copywriter too! "Sledgehammer of ARC"! For anyone who doesn't know, "ARC" stands for Affinity Reality and Communication — the three component parts that together equate to understanding.
+9 # rf 2012-03-23 09:06
Dear Steve,

So you are the creative genius behind the book adverts which caused me to reread all the LRH books a decade or two ago. Thank you!

I had already read these books multiple times over the years. Then I started seeing these adverts in the Scientology magazines for individual books which create a want and need in me to read each book again. The message in each advert was like an arrow hitting a bullseye. Seldom, if ever, did the message in an advert communicate so directly to me.

How great to share planet earth with the likes of you.


+9 # Thoughtful 2012-03-23 11:52
Richard, You're welcomed and the feeling is mutual. Yes, what happened was I got hooked up with a real copywriting pro in LA named Mike Whitlow — not a Scientologist — in 1994. He taught me how to come up with the all-important concepts that drive any successful marketing campaign. Sounds easy, but it took me two and a half years mentoring, studying, working and practicing under this beautiful genius. Finally I “got it” and he said I'd turned the corner — having reached the point where I could serve up something spectacular every time.

At that point, the Scientology world was my oyster. The creativity revolutionized Scientology marketing. Instead of illiterate headlines like “Gain OT states!” it became “Say goodbye to the inside of your head.” With every new ad I wrote I'd wind up with ideas for other ads. Meanwhile I spent all my free time listening LRH's OT lectures — everything that had been published. By 1995 I was in Power as a writer and I started to receive fan mail — because Scientology was becoming fun again; of course real Scientology IS fun.

Incidentally I was also the one who proposed we encourage Scientologists to listen to all the books and lectures. DM turned that into his pathetic "Golden Age of Knowledge" golden method for pulling people off the Bridge. Listening to the lectures is an adjunct that can make you more powerful, like doing the Ls. It was a successful action and I was the only person at the Int base who ever did it.

So yes, I have brought some good things to the Scientology table over the years mainly through a lot of hard work. And DM has nothing on me because I never committed any crimes. So he resorts to pure defamation saying I claim to be God, Jesus and I guess Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live. Maybe that's how tiny-mite Sluggo sees a normal person. I don't know what else would make him say this bullshit. It isn't what I see when I look into the mirror and it isn't the name I see on my driver's license. So my own personal theory is it’s like what they say about dogs and cats. Cat’s think they‘re God, and dogs think you are God. Below them, there is DM. He thinks you are God and so he fears, hates and does everything in his lame power to unmock and destroy you. Whoa, haha.

But I had to learn my chops in the face of DM’s relentless blunderings and hostilities and his relentless efforts to sabotage marketing and public relations. I became a master at dealing with the worst-case scenario (anyone who can market Scientology despite David Miscavige can market anything. Really). But my specialty became positioning… and repositioning — how to change or reinvent something after it had already been botched by someone else. There is always a way to fix a marketing problem.

Scientologists wrote in to say they had gotten inspired or had scotch-taped my ad for NOTs on their bathroom mirror. Flag registrars wrote in to say people were coming in with ads torn out of magazines wanting the service. People said they had started to actually read Scientology magazines because the ads were so creative.

Soon everything I touched turned to gold. There was no campaign I could not bring to life because I knew how to look for and find the intrinsic drama within every product. I knew how to isolate the benefit it represented, and I knew how to push the creativity to the very edge to communicate that benefit to the public in a fresh unexpected way. And I knew every tool of copywriting. Campaigns that were the "dogs" of marketing — repeated failures — suddenly came to life and sold out. An example was the Research and Discovery Series volumes. Originally published in the '80s Bridge Publications couldn't give them away.

I did a new campaign for the R&D Series and I read the damn things and found all these incredible secrets nobody knew — practical stuff you could use. Like ways to exteriorize, how to find things you’d lost by doing something with your mind — you name it. I created the Adventure Newsletter. Those R and D Volumes sold out. Bridge reprinted and the 2nd printing sold out. And the 3rd.

My goal was to de-cultify Scientology and make it “the hip, in thing to do.” And by 1997 we were well on the way there. TV shows like E! reflected that exact marketing strategy. Scientology was becoming the hip, in thing to do. I did a campaign for Scientology involving about 14 different books, dozens of print ads, 28 TV ads. It was huge. That was when I coined the slogan, “Know yourself. Know life.” It was the largest Scientology dissemination campaign anyone had ever done — red hot!


And it was all made possible by a single massive survey done by, guess who — Suzette Hubbard (who with her husband Guy White ran their own marketing company). She did a remarkable survey that opened doors to take Scientology to the next level. I spent hours getting into the molecules of that research because it was pure gold. After that I knew how to reach people who had never heard of Scientology before. I could talk much more about what I learned from Suzette’s marketing research and one day I will. But is anyone surprised that such a gem came from another Hubbard? Give credit where credit is due and the Hubbard family — they gave us everything they had to give. It was their family sacrifice and sweat. Their personal sorrows, endured in silence, the sabotage and betrayals they suffered due to David Miscavige and the bank-dominated mob who enabled him, are a massive group engram we must run out. I was lucky enough to be directly associated with the Hubbard family through my friendship with Diana during my darkest years at the Int base. She is still there. We owe them eternal gratitude, love and support.

That entire campaign was made possible and stemmed from Suzette Hubbard’s marketing research. When New Slant on Life and Fundamentals of Thought made it onto trade bestseller lists, those books were already 40 years old. Though Jeff Hawkins did it for Dianetics, no one had ever done it for a Scientology title. An executive for Penguin Books or Ballantine saw the 28 TV spots I’d done for Scientology 8-8008 and other titles (they were playing at Bridge Publications booth in the American Bookseller’s convention) and he said they were the best TV ads ever made for any books. By anyone. In history. He tried to hire me to do TV spots for him — he called Marc Headley at Golden Era Productions and offered us $200,000 per ad. We had spent $10,000 each on the 28 ads I wrote.

It made me sad to realize I could be making a fortune outside the Church, while inside my life was made a living hell of assault, battery and torture. But I didn’t yet know going outside was a way (the only way) I could help improve the scene and accomplish my purposes.

In the process of creating that campaign David Miscavige learned that I was receiving fan mail — unheard of. And boom, he pulled the plug on everything. He declared Manu Spencer (who was executing the marketing campaign) to be “out ethics” (total bullshit generality) and pulled all funding after running ads for only two months. Yet already two LRH books had been made into National Bestsellers! Could anything have been more evil? I had created enough ads to last for 3 or 4 years. Those ads would have taken Scientology into a new place. Marketing builds bridges between people and products, and thereby it can also build a brighter future for a company or organization. Miscavige unmocked and destroyed that bright future for Scientology we could have had.

He ordered me transferred — while in a condition of Power — to another division where I was forced to learn scriptwriting, a field that is not even remotely related to copywriting (advertising writing). Basically I had to start over from scratch, despising every minute of it because all I was doing was writing DM's stinking awful brag-and-boast propaganda video embarrassments that he micromanages. His videos were horrifically stinking bad (not the proper character for anything Scientology) and there was nothing I could do about it. Meanwhile he told my peers in the Cine division that I was "out ethics" and they'd better "get my ethics in or else" so overnight I went from being lionized and red-carpeted to being the prince of darkness. Literally overnight. Justice actions, lower conditions, 20-minute meal breaks, no privileges, no pay, beans and rice, assault, battery, and DM’s own patented 100% squirrel “group confessions” where people were humiliated in front of hundreds of people. For the next six years I was treated like pond scum and I'm not exaggerating. I was assaulted so many times I grew armor plate thinking that kind of treatment was normal. But I never gave up.

This kind of shit Joel Phillips is pulling is nothing new. This was everyday life at the Int base. Remember the Exorcist? It’s rough hanging around someone like DM and some people (like Mike Rinder and Heber) had it even worse. I learned that no one can stop you if you refuse to give up.

DM annihilated marketing because we threatened to out-create his empire. I went from inspired to despairing in May 1997 and by 1998 I hit rock bottom where I stayed for six more years until I engineered my escape (using LRH tech) and routed out in 2004. It took a few years to establish a new life but I have never diverted from my original purpose. All I'm doing now is handling the blocks and barriers with ethics, and that requires bulldozing straight over DM - a black clinker who can't audit, can't lead, can't write, can't produce any art, can't do anything except beat and deceive people. That he does expertly.

The problem with Scientology's marketing before I came along was (with the exception of Jeff Hawkins who worked miracles with Dianetics in the 1980s until he too was personally demolished by the Miscavige wrecking ball) nobody understood what marketing was. Or they didn't know Scientology. Or both. So their efforts to market Scientology failed.

For me, it's the job I was born for. And DM is powerless to stop the wheels we have put into motion.

My greatest achievement in Scientology marketing is not even on the list above. In 2008 I went undercover, back on lines in the Church to see what it was like to be a public Scientologist (doing my homework). I evaluated the scene and found the WHY. Based on my research I launched my own simple marketing campaign in December 2008 (starting with this very website) to reposition the Church of Scientology and make it broadly known for what it actually is. Marty independently came to the same conclusions, as did others before and since (we're not the only ones). We are now 4 years into the Marketing campaign. Scientology is coming back to life thanks to the hard work of many people who's efforts are being flanked by a marketing campaign designed to restore Scientology to its former and rightful position as the keeper, protector and bastion of the Road to Truth.

And that is what I call marketing. Currently the CoS under DM is the sewer to delusion, so we have to fix that.

But frankly I will never give up. I don't care how many lifetimes it takes. Some of us are truly here for the duration. You know who you are.

I have written tons of ads that have yet to see the light of day — for training and everything. One of them encapsulates how I feel about the game we are playing in Scientology: “If breaking out of a prison planet doesn’t sound exciting, you’ve been here too long.”
+4 # Jewel 2012-03-28 19:37
Your story is amazing. I actually didn't know all your bio. Very well done to you and I fully support your position and applaud your persistance.

Also, I tried to email you before, as my husband could use some auditing from you.Could you email me?
+3 # Karen B 2012-04-11 10:59
Fascinating bio! As I read how DM destroyed all the successful marketing strategies you had implemented, I couldn't help think about Jeff's story. Learning of DMs pattern of crushing brilliance is one of the saddest parts of learning the truth. I am so glad that it did not destroy you.

I love your undercover work and had thought of doing that myself mostly to discover what a new person's viewpoint of Scientology would be. I'm glad you took that journey and were inspired to create this blog. It is a powerful weapon...as are you!
+8 # Les Warren 2012-03-23 09:52
A true example of poetic justice.

Brilliant writing.

I guess we'll to hire you someday to spruce up our website.

Les Warren
+7 # Ann Howe 2012-03-23 10:05
Great demand letter Steve
+7 # Tara 2012-03-23 13:16
Excellent and Amen brother!
+6 # Michael Moore 2012-03-23 15:27
When the International freezone Association (Now the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists) started 8 years ago I was peresonally included on a hate site that, to my knowledge, still exists. I and the then IFA was attacked both legally and illegally.

My response for the hate site and every attack was to put up more websites, including a tribute to MarySue.

The Association now has more websites, about 10, a Facebook page of almost 4 thousand followers and much much more.

The answer is to expand in the face of suppression and flourish and prosper even more.
+6 # Thoughtful 2012-03-23 16:52
For some time we have been collecting and documenting the full list of all of DM's cyber-stalking hate sites — there are quite a few of them. And each one is a nail in DM's own coffin. Nobody believes their insane gibberish because people are not actually idiots.
+7 # Rob Thomas 2012-03-23 16:38
Steve, I am grateful for your example of how to use Scientology in confronting Joel above. As you recall Siouxie Boshoff was libeling and slandering me to other in Clearwater until I confronted her with your help. I hope these dependent Scientologists really start to understand that order or no order libel and slander are illegal, immoral and unethical and to use Scientologese "alter-issing" the real scene. Joel I hope for your sake you take that stuff down. I also hope you are seeking the proper ethics help.
+6 # Thoughtful 2012-03-23 17:35
Rob, you set a great example yourself of what real Scientology is all about. I loved your handling of Siouxie Boshoff. As Theodore Roosevelt wrote, "I have always been fond of the West African proverb: 'Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.'"

If words don't cut it, meet my stick.
+8 # Phil de Fontenay 2012-04-01 02:56
Excellent write-up Steve!

You are an excellent writer and a person
of high value and integrity.

+8 # Betsy Reppen 2012-04-01 14:21
Steve, I did not know all that about you, truly some remarkable accomplishments. DM is so evil it's unbelievable that he tried to destroy such talent, just imagine where Scn could be at this day if it weren't for him. It's crazy. Thank you for what you do.
+7 # Nao 2012-04-05 22:17
Message to JOEL :

Joel, you are not a real Scientologist. I can tell by a number of clues. You're attacking someone who's done more for Scientology in this life than you ever will in your next ten lives. Or 20.

Steve got into Scientology, grasped it, and went to town on PRODUCTION. He saw how much it worked and realized that it took precidence over his former religious beliefs, so he moved forward and became a Scientologist.

But you "JOEL". You're still stuck in your former beliefs. And you know exactly what I'm talkng about. Because I know exactly where you're at. I used to be a - myself. I was brought up in that "faith", that "religion" myself. But when I found Scientology and really cogged, and went up the bridge, and shed my false valences and false data, I really decided that a being is only as valuable as he can serve others (as LRH would say). And after a while I really saw where my former friends and aquaintances were at.


Look it up JOEL.

The "Chosen People". The "special" ones.

You still believe that self centered garbage, don't you. You're still stuck in it. Deep down I never did. I'm one of the few that truly shed myself from that CRAP and really became a Scientologist. I have a real urge for the other dynamics in addition to my own.

Steve has a real amazing track record, and has helped God knows how many people.

When I say God I don't mean you, or your people, as you think of yourself as Gods don't you. After all you're so special, aren't you ?

You think this because you were given all that $$$ at birth, and when becoming a teenager also. Did you EARN it ???
No. And you know it. It's called CRIMINALITY in Scientology, Joel.

Joel, your Dynamics read as follows:

1st Dynamic - MEEEEE
2nd Dynamic - Myselfffff
3rd Dynamic - I
4th Dynamic - People around me that
work to make MEEEE rich
5th Dynamic - MY animals
6th Dynamic - MEST for MEEEEE
7th Dynamic - MY soul
8th Dynamic - I am God
+3 # LT 2012-05-29 11:44
Thoughtfull, my husband and I haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you're dong OK . Hope to read your next article soon.
+4 # Thoughtful 2012-05-30 09:36
Yes, I'm alive and doing well — just wrapping up a project or two and then I will be back with a new article. A good one I've been working on for more than a year.

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